Sediment Laboratory

The Sediment Laboratory is a departmental resource and is equipped to facilitate research in the Quaternary sciences, sedimentology, limnology and geochemistry. The Laboratory contains equipment (e.g. Nesje Corer) for coring lake and wetland environments. There is also access to cold and freezer storage in the Cold Storage and Experimentation Facility of the Aquatic Sciences Laboratory.
The Sediment Laboratory is well equipped for the study and subsampling of cores. Samples can be pretreated for radiocarbon dating, granulometry and other physical properties, as well as analyses in the Environmental Isotope Geochemistry Laboratory and the Mineral-Water Interface Laboratory and dating in the Luminescence Dating Research Laboratory.
A Malvern Mastersizer 2000 laser particle sizer is available for the measurement of grain-size distributions throughout the clay-silt-sand range (0.02-2000 µm). It includes both a wet dispersion unit (Hydro 2000MU) and a dry powder feeder (Scirocco 2000), for muddy and sandy samples respectively. The system is operated by a PC with peripherals, including software for the processing of grain-size data.