Transmission Electron Microscopy Laboratory

X-ray Laboratory

The Transmission Electron Microscope Laboratory is housed in the Research Resources Center, which is located adjacent to the Department, and allows access to a JEOL JEM-2010F field emission TEM/STEM (picture) and a JEOL JEM-3010 TEM.

These microscopes are used by the Department for mineralogical research. The 2010F is a 200 kV instrument with a lattice resolution of 0.1 nm in TEM and a minimum STEM spot size of 0.13 nm. It also has a Gatan Imaging Filter which allows Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy (EELS) and Energy Filtered Imaging, and a Thermo Noran Vantage EDX system.

The 3010 is a 300 kV high resolution TEM with a lattice resolution of 0.14 nm and is fitted with a Gatan Slow Scan CCD camera, intensified TV rate camera and a Thermo Noran Vantage EDX system. Heating (1000 EC) and Cooling (-170 EC) double tilt holders are available for both microscopes.