Neil C. Sturchio

Research Interests

Argonne National Laboratory
Aerial view of the Advanced Photon Source at Argonne National Laboratory (35 km west of UIC)

Microscopy images of orthoclase (001) surface reacting with flowing pH 12.9 solution
Atomic force microscopy images of orthoclase (001) surface reacting with flowing pH 12.9 solution

Current research activities of my research group include assorted basic and applied geochemical and isotopic studies in the laboratory and the field, over a wide range of scales from atomic to continental. These activities involve many students and collaborators. Ongoing studies include: (1) development of applications of noble gas radionuclides in studies of groundwaters and natural gases; (2) investigations of perchlorate isotopic compositions in groundwaters, Great Lakes, and seawater; (3) synchrotron radiation studies of mineral-fluid interfaces at the Advanced Photon Source; (4) investigations of carbon cycle using natural and fallout radionuclide profiles in Arctic soils; (5) sedimentation rate determinations for EPA's Great Lakes Sediment Surveillance Program; (6) isotope effects of RDX biodegradation by various microbial strains; (7) greenhouse gas emissions from wastewater treatment plants in the Chicago region; (8) C isotopes and natural radionuclides in carbonaceous aerosols; and (9) incorporation of isotopes into a SWAT model of nitrate inventory in the Upper Illinois River watershed.

Personal Information
Environmental Isotope
Geochemistry Laboratory

Selected recent publications (2008-2011):

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