Department Seminars

Spring 2015

Date Speaker Topic Title Host
1/15/15   No Seminar
1/22/15 John P. Craddock, Macalester College The Ellsworth Mountains (Antarctica) and Gondwana Carol Stein
1/29/15 Edwin Kite, University of Chicago Mars and the problem of planetary habitability Andrew Dombard
2/5/15 Nicole LaDue, Northern Illinois University Talent or training?: Student comprehension geoscience visuals Stefany Sit
2/12/15 Danielle Morgan-Smith, Michigan State University Pressure effects on the microbial ecology of the Mid-Cayman Spreading Center Kristin Woycheese
2/19/15 Jonathan Marcot, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Mammalian response to Cenozoic climate change Roy Plotnick
2/26/15 Andrew Campbell, University of Chicago The composition of Earth's core Steve Guggenheim
3/5/15 Jacalyn M. Wittmer, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Stratigraphic Paleobiology: Quantitative bathymetric applications and variable marine community patterns across upper Quaternary sequences of the Po Plain, Italy Roy Plotnick
3/12/15 Jeremy Gouldey, University of Illinois at Chicago The relationship between carbon and sulfur cycling in a Snowball Earth world  
3/19/15 Brent C. Christner, Louisiana State University Microbial ecosystems beneath polar ice sheets Bharathi Vallalar
3/26/15   No Seminar  
4/2/15   No Seminar  
4/9/15 Erika Wise, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Megadrought: What can synoptic dendroclimatology tell us about past extreme events? Max Berkelhammer
4/16/15   TBD  
4/23/15 Ulli Seibt, University of California at Los Angeles Can Carbonyl Sulfide (COS) be utilized as tracer for land CO2 fluxes? Max Berkelhammer
4/30/15   No Seminar  

Seminars are on Thursdays at 3:30PM in Rm 130 SES and are preceded by refreshments at 3:00PM in Rm 2460 SES.