Department Seminars

Spring 2014

Date Speaker Topic Host
1/16/2014 Trudy Bolin, Argonne Iron sulfide transformations as a function of pyrolysis in Argonne Premium Coals Kathy Nagy
1/23/2014 Jennifer Biddle, IODP speaker Microbial Life in the Subsurface: Letting the Sequences Tell the Story D'Arcy Meyer-Dombard
1/30/2014 Max Berkelhammer, UIC Quantifying terrestrial gross primary production using carbonyl sulfide fluxes EAES
2/06/2014 Julie Libarkin, MSU Communicating Science: Best Practices for Visualizations Stefany Sit
2/13/2014 TBD
2/20/2014 Chris McKay, NASA Ames Perchlorate and organics on Mars Peter Doran
2/27/2014 Debra Buczkowski, Johns Hopkins U/Applied Physics Lab Andrew Dombard
3/6/2014 Andrew Jackson, Texas Tech Production, Occurrence and Stability of ClO4-, ClO3- and NO3- in Terrestrial Hyper Arid Regions Neil Sturchio
3/13/2014 Tony Martin, Emory U Dinosaurs Without Bones: Revealing Dinosaur Lives through Their Trace Fossils Roy Plotnick
3/20/2014 Liz Moyer, U Chicago Max Berkelhammer
3/27/2014   No Seminar - Spring Break  
4/3/2014 Lynda Williams, ASU Applicaton of boron and lithium isotopes for tracing bitumen in black shales Steve Guggenheim
4/10/2014 Karlis Muehlenbachs, U Alberta The secular variation of d13C of amber and resins as a proxy for changes in paleo-atmospheric pO2 Neil Sturchio
4/11/2014* Karlis Muehlenbachs, U Alberta Using stable isotope geochemistry to identify the sources of fugitive gases from hydraulically fractured shale gas wells Neil Sturchio
4/17/2014 Jessica Hawthorne, Caltech An investigation of aseismic slip associated with small earthquakes Stefany Sit
4/24/2014 Nita Sahai, MSA Visiting Lecturer Kathy Nagy

Seminars are on Thursdays at 3:30PM in Rm 130 SES and are preceded by refreshments at 3:00PM in Rm 2460 SES.

*Note: Special time and place for 4/11/14 seminar -- 12:00 noon, SEL 1280.