DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION             c January 1 if requesting financial aid

(PLEASE CHECK BOX):              c February 15 if not requesting financial aid


NAME OF APPLICANT:            _______________________________________________________


Contact information:            Address            __________________________________________


                                    City, State, Zip            __________________________________________


                                    e-mail               __________________________________________


Degree Program:           o  Ph.D.           o  Doctoral        o  MA               o  MAT


Area(s) of Specialty:      o  Africa           o  Europe         o  Gender         o  Latin America


                        o  Science/Medicine   o Encounters       o  WRGUW      o  US


                                    o  Other (Specify) _______________________________________


I waive the right to inspect this confidential recommendation when it becomes part of my file at the University of Illinois at Chicago. I understand that according to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 this waiver is optional.




Signature of Applicant                        Date


Instructions for Evaluators:


Please provide a letter on departmental letterhead in which you evaluate the applicant’s preparation and aptitude for graduate study in history and the particular area(s) of specialty the applicant has indicated above. Your letter should explain how long and in what capacity you have known the applicant and provide a detailed assessment of his or her qualifications for carrying out advanced research, study, and writing. It would be particularly helpful if you could elaborate on the rankings below by assessing the applicant’s academic strengths and weaknesses relative to other students who have pursued advanced studies. Pleas attach your letter to this coversheet and mail to the address above. Thank you.


Please check the boxes below, comparing the student to his or her peers at your institution.


Overall Preparation:        o  Top 5%       o  Top 10%      o  Top 20%      o  Top 35%      o  Top 50%


Analytic Ability:             o Top 5%        o  Top 10%      o  Top 20%      o  Top 35%      o  Top 50%


Written Expression:       o  Top 5%       o  Top 10%      o  Top 20%      o  Top 35%      o  Top 50%




Signature of Evaluator                        Printed Name of Evaluator




Date                        Institution and Title