of the Department of History of the
University of Illinois at Chicago

January 2003

SPECIAL Post-AHA Edition

On Saturday, Jan. 4, UIC’s History Department hosted a well-attended reception for friends and alums in the suite of Prof. LEON FINK, chair of the Local Arrangements Committee of this year’s AHA Convention. Along with a sizable contingent of faculty, grad students, spouses, emeriti and friends, veterans of History at UIC who were present included Debbie White (Rutgers), Roger Biles (East Carolina), Kurt Leichtle (UW River Falls), Les Tischauser (Prairie State), Dominic Pacyga (Columbia College), Mary Todd (Concordia U.), Greg Schneider (Emporia State), Ed Behrend-Martinez (Clarion U., but see below), Marian Rubchak (Valparaiso), Virgil Krapauskas (Chowan College), and Ben Harshman (Illinois Institute of Art). Spotted at the convention were Hasia Diner (NYU), Margaret Power (IIT), Paul Buelow (Butler University).

Missing from these precincts but spotted hard at work by your enquiring reporter in the National Archives later in the week was Dave Beck (U. of Montana).
The contributions of these and others in the scholarly business of the convention are detailed below.


Prof. MICHAEL ALEXANDER’s book, The Case for the Prosecution in the Ciceronian Era, has just been published by University of Michigan Press.

Prof. EDWARD BEHREND-MARTINEZ (Ph.D., 2002) has accepted a tenure-track position at Appalachian State University in North Carolina. He gave a paper at the AHA on “The Limits of Domestic Patriarchy in an Early Modern Spanish Court.”

Prof. PAUL BUELOW of Butler University (UIC Ph.D., 1997) gave a paper at the AHA on “Teaching World History Using World Maps: Inculcating Global Perspectives.”

Prof. FRED BEUTTLER (Adjunct and Office of UIC Historian) presented a paper at the AHA on "Making America Protestant, Catholic and Jewish: 'Spiritual Federalism' and America's Third Democratic Faith."

Prof. ELSPETH CARRUTHERS chaired a panel at the AHA on “New Perspectives on the Medieval Peasantry.”

Prof. PETER D’AGOSTINO (History and Catholic Studies) gave two papers recently: “Lonely and Stubborn: Father Giuseppi Ciarrocchi, an Anti-Fascist Priest,” at the American Italian Historical Association conference in October; and “‘Unwop the Wops’: The Fascist State’s Role in Italian American Anti-Defamation in Chicago” at the recent AHA convention. And most importantly, he notes, he married Mary Mapes on Sept. 7, 2002.

On Nov. 20, Prof. JOHN D’EMILIO did a reading from his essay collection, The World Turned, at 57th Street Books. In January he gave the keynote address at a conference held at Smith College: "Homeland Insecurities: Civil Liberties, Repression, and dsCitizenship in the 1950s."

Prof. HASIA DINER of NYU (UIC Ph.D., 1975) presided at a joint American Conference for Irish Studies/AHA panel on “Women Religion and Power: Reexamining Gender, Culture, and Community in Modern Ireland.”

Prof. PERRY DUIS appeared multiply in the PBS/American Experience three-part documentary series, “Chicago: City of the Century,” which was first aired January 13-15.

Prof. RICK FRIED’s cumbersomely titled chapter “Voting Against the Hammer and Sickle: Communism as an Issue in American Politics,” appears in William H. Chafe, ed., The Achievement of American Liberalism: The New Deal and Its Legacies (Columbia Univ., 2003).

CHERYL R. GANZ, Ph.D. candidate, presented "The Hull-House Kilns: Between Worlds for Mexicans in Chicago in the Great Depression" at the AHA Convention.

Prof. LAURA HOSTETLER participated in a History of Science workshop at Princeton: "Science Across the Seas, Part 1: Global Science and Comparative History: Jesuits, Science and Philology in China and Europe, 1550-1850" on December 6, 2002.

On Nov. 14, Prof. RICHARD JOHN “appeared” on WGN’s Extension 720 regarding the new textbook, Inventing America. In December he gave a seminar at the Newberry Library on "Rich Man's Mail: Western Union's Gilded Age."

Prof. VIRGIL KRAPAUSKAS (UIC Ph.D., 1998) was appointed Interim Department Chair at Chowan College.

Prof. ROBERT JOHNSTON, newly arrived on campus, reports that his upper-elementary/middle-school U.S. history textbook, The Making of America (National Geographic) was named one of the 60 best children's books of 2002 by the School Library Journal. He notes that his forthcoming book (see the November GNB for the major prize of the Social Science History Association which it won) will have blurb from no less than Ralph Nader.

Prof. EDWARD JURKOWITZ has published an article, "Helmholtz and the Liberal Unification of Science," in Historical Studies in the Physical and Biological Sciences, vol. 32, part 2 (2002).

Prof. SUSAN B. LEVINE commented on a panel at the AHA on “Creating the ‘Cost of Living’: Consumption and American Political Economy.”

On Nov. 13 Prof. DEIRDRE McCLOSKEY was featured (with photo) in the Chicago Tribune’s WN/Woman News section in an article “Life on the Other Side.”

Dr. ANTHONY R. MARAVILLAS (Ph.D., 2002) has an article “Nixon in Nixonland” in the Summer 2002 issue (v. 84) of the Southern California Quarterly.

Prof. JOHN MORELLO (Ph.D., 1998) of DeVry University headlined a one-day seminar in October for high school teachers in the western and southern suburbs on the teaching of the Vietnam War.

Prof. DOMINIC PACYGA's book, Polish Immigrants and Industrial Chicago, Workers on the South Side, 1880-1991, originally published by Ohio State University Press (1991) will be reissued with a new Forward by University of Chicago Press next fall. Dominic (Ph.D., 1981) was triply busy at the recent AHA. He gave two papers: “The Murder of Alvin Palmer: Polish Americans, Assimilation, Juvenile Delinquency, and Racial Violence in 1950s Chicago.” for Polish American Historical Association Annual Conference; and "Crossing the Boundary between Academia and the Neighborhood: Steel Mills, Stockyards, Bungalows, and the Public Historian." He also took part in a session for graduate students on interviewing in the job market.

Prof. MARGARET POWER (UIC Ph.D., 1997) of IIT recently published two(!) books. Her Right-Wing Women in Chile: Feminine Power and the Struggle against Allende, 1964-1973 came out in June under the Penn State Press imprint. She co-edited Right-Wing Women around the World: From Conservatives to Extremists, which Routledge brought out last August. She presented a paper at the AHA convention on “North Americans and Chile: Building and Sustaining a Transnational Solidarity Movement” (at a session presided over by former UIC colleague Prof. Mary Kay Vaughan).

Prof. Emeritus (and Historian of the House of Representatives) BOB REMINI will have will have a chapter of his new book, Andrew Jackson and His Indian Wars, published in the June issue of American Heritage. (The book comes out in July.)

MARIAN RUBCHAK (UIC PhD 1987) has been promoted to (full) professor of history at Valparaiso University. She also recently published her edition-translation of S. M. Soloviev, Religious Struggle in Poland-Lithuania in the Reign of Tsar Alexis (1654-1676) (Academic International Press, 2002).

Dr. RIMA LUNIN SCHULTZ (Interim Director, Urban Experience Web Site Project) participated on a panel on “Public History Projects in and about Chicago” at the AHA Convention.

A chapter by Prof. DAN SMITH, “Surnames and the Structuring of Community in Massachusetts Towns in 1771" appears in David Postles, ed., Naming, Society and Regional Identity (Oxford, Eng.: Leopard’s Head Press, 2002).

Prof. PEG STROBEL (Adjunct and Director of Jane Addams Hull House Museum) chaired a session on “Mexicans, Reformers, and the Hull-House Kilns, 1920-1940” at the AHA Convention. With Rima Lunin Schultz she made a presentation on “Writing Women Building Chicago, 1790-1990: A Biographical Dictionary

Grad student BENN WILLIAMS, currently “Doctorant associé at the Institut d’histoire du temps présent (CNRS), was the invited respondent to Patrice Betbeder's presentation "Dénoncer à Paris sous l’’occupation: quelques pistes de recherche" in the History of the Second World War Research and Teaching Seminar at the aforesaid Institut in November.

Professor JACKIE WOLF of Ohio University (UIC PhD 1998) just received a contract from the Johns Hopkins University Press for her second book, Birth Pangs: A Social History of Obstetric Anesthesia.

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