November 2001

**Late-Breaking News Flashes**

Prof. INA ZWEINIGER-BARGIELOWSKA has been awarded the 2001 British Council Prize by the North American Conference on British Studies for the best book published anywhere by a North American scholar on any aspect of British studies dealing with the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The prize-winning book is Austerity in Britain: Rationing, Controls and Consumption, 1939-1955 (Oxford University Press, 2000).

Prof. MICHAEL PERMAN has been appointed to the John Adams Chair in American History at the University of Utrecht, Netherlands, in 2002-2003, under the Fulbright Distinguished Chairs Program.

The History E-book project of the American Council of Learned Societies seeks to make available on-line to participating libraries "a cohort of classic history titles", chosen by a distinguished group of foundation heads and historians from among books deemed vital for both scholars and students and including those frequently cited. The list, whose titles were published between the 1930s and last year, covers ancient, European, American, Middle Eastern history, and the history of technology. It includes books by such luminaries as Sir Ronald Syme, E.R. Dodds, Arnaldo Momigliano, Marc Bloch, Lucien Febvre, Carolyn Walker Bynum, Erwin Panofsky, Sir Richard Southern, Richard Hofstadter, Edmund Morgan, Mary Beth Norton, Laurel Ulrich, and C. Vann Woodward. The UIC History Department can boast two titles on the prestigious list: NICOLE JORDAN's The Popular Front and Central Europe: the Dilemmas of French Impotence 1919-1940 (1992) and MICHAEL PERMAN's The Road to Redemption (1984).

And now, more good news....

Grad student LEE BAKER gave a paper (Nov. 2) before the Western Society for French History on "The Survival of Elites: Municipal Elections in Dijon during the French Revolution, 1790-1799." At the Ohio Valley History Conference at Western Kentucky University on Oct. 19, he presented the paper "Local Elites and Political Power: Municipal Elections in Dijon, 1790-1795." He has three entries in The Encyclopedia of Land Warfare (Stanley Sandler, ed.) forthcoming spring 2002, on "The Siege of Paris, 1870-1871," "The Siege of Metz, 1870," and "Sedan, 1870."

RAY BROD (Ph.D., 2000) gave a lecture on "Oscar Wilde in Illinois" at the Illinois State Preservation Agency Convention in Springfield, IL Oct 3 and will present a paper at the Illinois State Historical Society Symposium on Dec. 1 on "Interpreting Richard Chandler's 'Lead Mines Map on the Upper Mississippi River.'"

NORMAN EDER (Ph.D., 1980) reports from Portland that the firm of which he is a partner, Conkling Fiskum & McCormick, Inc., is now the largest public affairs, communications and research firm in Oregon. He continues to do work with higher education institutions and local government and is now in his 21st year of teaching part time at Pacific Northwst College of Art. His and Sher’s twin sons are soon to start law school.

Prof. STEVEN FANNING’s book Mystics of the Christian Tradition was published in the UK in April and in the US in September. His article “Tacitus, Beowulf and the Comitatus” appeared in the Haskins Society Journal (9 for 1997, 2001). And in October he gave the plenary address, “Reflections on the Historical Study of Mysticism,” at the 32nd annual conference of the Committee for the Advancement of Early Studies, at Ball State University.

Prof. RICHARD FRIED has a chapter in the form of an interview on the McCarthy era in Rick Phalen, Events That Shaped the Nation (2001). Other interviewees include David Halberstam, David McCullough, Stephen Ambrose, Adam Ulam and William F. Buckley (who offers counterpoint on McCarthy). Fried also held forth on Ch. 11's “Chicago Tonight” in October on a panel devoted to “Fear” in the aftermath of 9/11.

Prof. ARNOLD HIRSCH (Ph.D. 1978) is currently in the second year of a three-year tenure of the Ethel and Herman L. Midlo Endowed Chair for New Orleans Studies. He also continues (permanently) as University Research Professor of History at the University of New Orleans.

Prof. Eric Arnesen's scholarly controversy essays, "Whiteness and the Historians' Imagination" and "Assessing Whiteness Scholarship," appeared in International Labor and Working-Class History 60 (Fall 2001); his review of Thaddeus Russell's Out of the Jungle appeared as "Jimmy Hoffa and the Teamsters" in the Chicago Tribune (Sunday Book section) on October 28, 2001.

Prof. MELVIN HOLLI delivered a paper at the Social Science History Conference on Nov. 17 on “Emil Hurja, Franklin Roosevelt and the Birth of Presidential Polling.”

Prof. GEORGE HUPPERT published “A matter of quality: the Pasquier family between bourgeoisie and noblesse" in HISTORICAL REFLECTIONS , vol 27, #2. He has been invited to present a lecture at Boston University, November 30, as part of a symposium in which Arthur M. Schlesinger,Jr., George Steiner and Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer will participate.

Under Prof. DAVID JORDAN’s direction, the first of four translated volumes of Pierre Nora's monumental collective work, Les Lieux de Mémoire has come out in English translation as Rethinking France: Les Lieux de Memoire: The State (University of Chicago Press, 2001). Prof. Jordan also published a review essay, “‘Barbarism and Religion: Where is Gibbon the Historian?” in History and Theory 40, n. 3 (2001) and was on a Chicago Humanities Festival panel, “Famous Faces and the Stories” on Nov. 4. At the annual meetings of the Western Society for French History he delivered the paper "Napoleonic Paris: The City Imagined."

Prof. Emeritus JOHN KULCZYCKI published "Nauczanie historii Polski na uniwersytecie amerykanskim" [Teaching Polish History at an American University], Postscriptum, 2001, No.½, a quarterly of the Silesian University in Katowice, Poland. In May, at the centennial celebration of the 1901 school strike in Wrzesnia, Poland, he gave a speech on "The Meaning of the Strike of the Children of Wrzesnia" ("Znaczenie strajku dzieci wrzesinskich," translated by Marek Suszko), which was then published in Strajk szkolny we Wrzesni w 1901 r., Boleslaw Swieciochowski, ed. (Wrzesnia: Wrzesinskie Towarzystwo Kulturalne, Muzeum Regionalne we Wrzesni, 2001). His "Strajki szkolny, nacjonalizm i swiadomosc narodowa" [School Strikes, Nationalism, and National Consciousness] was published for the same occasion in Strajk dzieci wrzesinskich z perspektywy wieku, Stanislaw Sierpowski, ed. (Poznan, Wrzesnia: Urzad Miasta i Gminy Wrzesnia, 2001). On another subject, his "The National Identity of the 'Natives' of Poland's 'Recovered Lands'" appeared in National Identities III, No. 3.

Prof. RICHARD S. LEVY addressed the Chicago Area Jewish Studies Group on “Collective Anti-Jewish Violence in Germany, 1819-1938: Lessons Learned, Lessons Ignored” on Nov. 15. He recently published reviews in the AHR and, electronically, H-GERMAN.

Grad student RAYMOND LOHNE recently published German Chicago Revisited (Charleston, S.C., Arcadia Publishing, 2001), a book of photographs. He presented a conference paper which will appear as "Recapturing the Spirit of Nuremberg for the Danube Swabians of Yugoslavia," in Hunt Tooley & Steven Vardy, eds, Ethnic Cleansing in Twentieth Century (Columbia University Press).

In September Prof. ROBERT MESSER delivered a paper titled "Accidental Judgments and Casual Slaughters: Hiroshima and Nagasaki and Total War" at a conference on Total War in Hamburg, Germany, sponsored under Swiss,German and US auspices. Later in September he spoke at a UIC teach-in relating to the Sept 11 bombings on "The New Cold War on Terrorism" and this month he conducted a Global Affairs Forum on "The Role of Education in Cultural Diplomacy" sponsored by the UIC John Nuveen Center as part of International Education Week.

Prof. SONYA MICHEL (History and Women’s and Gender Studies) has been awarded a research grant from the Hagley Museum and Library for her project on “The Benefits of Race and Gender."

Prof. JOHN MORELLO of DeVry Institute (Ph.D., 1988) will present a paper on the financing of the presidential election at the AHA in January. He has just completed two entries for the Dictionary of American History (Stanley Kutler, ed.) to be published by Scribners next year.

Prof. DOMINIC PACYGA of Columbia College (Ph.D., 1981) co-edited The Chicago Bungalow (Arcadia Press and Chicago Architecture Foundation). He is guest curator of the CAF exhibition of the same title, reviewed (quoting Dominic) by architecture critic Blair Kamin in the Nov. 6 Chicago Tribune. The show runs through Jan. 15, 2002. He discussed Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle on CSPAN’s “American Writers Series” last summer and in September visited Vietnam in September as part of a cultural exchange mission, meeting with representatives of Vietnam National University. He appeared in two segments of WTTW’s "Chicago Stories" this past year­on the history of the Chicago Stockyards and the Chicago Bungalow.

Prof. GHADA H. TALHAMI (Ph.D., 1975) gave a talk on November 15 at Grace Lutheran Church (River Forest) on “A New Foreign Policy for the Arab-Israeli Question.”

Grad student BENN WILLIAMS, currently a Liebmann Fellow, has an article, "Letters of Denunciation in the Lyon Region, 1940-1944," in Historical Social Research / Historische Sozialforschung [HSR], Vo. 26, No. 96/97 (2001) 2/3 Sonderheft / Special Issue: Denunziation im 20. Jahrhundert: Zwischen Komparatistik und Interdisziplinaritaet (Denunciation in the 20th Century: Between Comparatistic and Interdisciplinarity).

Ohio State University Press has published Don’t Kill Your Baby: Public Health and the Decline of Breastfeeding in the 19th and 20th Centuries by Prof. JACKIE WOLF of Ohio University (Ph.D., 1998). She recently submitted a chapter on infant and maternal health for a book to be published by Oxford University Press under auspices of the Center for Disease Control. For a year she has been doing monthly hour-long radio shows on assorted medical history topics with a local talk show host on the local public radio; she has now been asked to do her own monthly show on assorted contemporary health and medicine topics. For the latest show­an update on anthrax­listen at A great subject for a sequel or what!