Timeline for Ph.D. students

This is a list of time-sensitive steps in the process of acquiring a Ph.D. in the UIC Dept. of History.  It is not a list of all degree requirements.  It is intended for a student who already has an M.A. in History, whether awarded by UIC or another institution.  Italics indicate that this is a logical semester in which to complete this item, although it is not necessary to do it during this semester.  All calendar dates are approximate.  For exact dates for each academic year, see Important Dates, which is distributed each year.

First semester: 
Take Hist 501 (if not taken previously)
Take colloquium in major field.  If U.S. History student, take Hist 551(a)
Last opportunity to apply for foreign language examination:  Oct. 5.  Must fulfill foreign language requirement this semester.

Second semester: 
Take Hist 591.
If U.S. History student, take Hist 551(b)
Take seminar in major field.*
Apply for preliminary exams:  Feb. 1.
Take preliminary exams:  March 20.
Begin work on prospectus.
Apply for teaching assistantships:  April 1.

Third semester:
Take second seminar (if no seminar from M.A. work).*
Defend prospectus.
Become doctoral candidate.
Begin writing dissertation.

Fourth semester and after:
Apply for university fellowships:  Jan. 1.
Apply for teaching assistantships:  April 1.
Apply for departmental fellowships:  April 1.


Semester ? (no more than 7 years after entering Ph.D. program):
Complete dissertation.
File for graduation:  Fall:  Sept. 14, or Spring: Feb. 1.
Submit defended, formatted, and approved dissertation:  Fall: Nov. 2, or Spring: March 21.

*Students should be aware that the combination of a colloquium and a seminar taken in the same semester involves a lot of work, although it may be doable, depending on other commitments.

May 2008