Corey Capers
Assistant Professor
History Department


Corey Capers teaches Early American History from the Seventeenth to the mid-Nineteenth Century. Among the courses he has recently taught are: Ritual, Print and Politics in Eighteenth-Century Anglo-America; Authority, Resistance and Power in Early America; Black Lives in Revolution; and A History of Punishment: From Early Modern Europe to the Nineteenth-Century U.S. His primary areas of interest are in popular politics, cultural practice and race during the Revolution and Early Republic as reflected in his dissertation, Black Voices/White Print: Race-making, Print Politics and the Rhetoric of Disorder in the Early National U.S. North. He is currently revising the manuscript and working on two articles: “Race, Printing and Society in Boston 's Early Republic” and “Beyond the Blackness of Bobalition: Racial Publicity and the Struggle for Order in the North, 1816 – 1824.”