Dissertations in Progress

"A Great Honor to the Womanhood": The Local and National Activism of Irene McCoy Gaines, 1940-1958. Theresa Pfister

"The Patient: Hospitals, Hospitalization, and a Political Economy of Sympathy in Chicago, 1870-1930."
Hiroshi Maeda

A Denunciation in the Lyon Region, 1940-1953.
Benn E. Williams

Muslims and Politics in Accra, Ghana: 1954-1966
Misbahudeen Ahmed-Rufai

A Greater Sacrifice: Northern Black Families and Their Civil War Experiences.
James Mendez

Cold War Anti-Communism and the Domestic Opposition to N. Khrushchev's 1959 Visit to America
E. Arnesen
Aaron Berkowitz

"Transpacific Revolutionaries: The Chinese Revolution in Latin America".
Matthew Rothwell

A Bishop and his World before the Gregorian Reform: Vulgrinus of Vendome, 1000-1065
Diane Adams

The Formation of the CUC in Guatemala: a Popular Movement in its Historical Context
William Malone

I Play for the King: Ghanaian Musicians and the state in the 20th Century Peter Jones "Coal and Combination: Antitrust in the United States and Canada."
Daniel Harper

"Strangers in a Familiar Land: Italians and the Project for Southern Rural Colonization, 1884-1926."
Lauren H. Braun

Beyond the Strike Kitchen: Working-Class Housewives, Women’s Labor Union Auxiliaries, and Political Citizenship in Post World War II America
Emily E. LaBarbera Twarog

A Protestant Patriotism: Anti-Catholicism and the Rise of Nationhood in North America, 1830-1871
Allison O. Malcom

Redeeming Yorktown: Revolutionary Memory and the Politics of Commemoration in Tidewater Virginia, 1824-1907.
Sarah Goldberg

Wasted Opportunities: Deindustrialization, Environmental Politics, and Community in Southeast Chicago, 1970-1992
Christopher Wonderlich

On the Wings of the Revolution: Depression, Deportation, and the Making of a Mexican American Political Identity in Chicago, 1920-1954
John H. Flores

Before AIDS: Gay and Lesbian Health in the 1970s
Catherine P. Batza

Beyond the Pale: Parnellism, Politics, and Public Opinion West of the River Shannon
Mark Podlesnik

Roman Policy towards Foreign Cults
Thomas Rohn

Builder's Biography: The Life and Times of Daniel Augustus Tompkins
Joshua Fennell

Policing the Color Line: Race, Power, and the Politics of Policing Post-War Chicago, 1940-1988.
B. Ransby
J. Lipari

Before AIDS: Gay and Lesbian Community Health in the 1970s
C. Batza

"Clio's Foot Soldiers: American Social Movements and the Use of Collective Memory in the Production of Political Identities"
L. Kelland

Carl McIntire, the American Council of Christian Churches, and the Politics of Fundamentalism
W. Ratzlaff

"Health Promotion Campaigns in Oaxaca, Mexico, 1940-1960."
S. Baker

PhDs Awarded 1972-2009

PhD Awarded 2009

Lapsley, Joseph
Rethinking Sex and Gender: The Intellectual Upheavals of the Sexual Revolution
J. D’Emilio

Mitrani, Sam
Order in the Metropolis: The Origins of the Chicago Police Department, 1850-1890
R. John

Reda, John
Joining The Union: Land, Race and Sovereignty in the Illinois Country, 1763-1825
R. John

Rosen, Rhoda
Mapping Dystopia: Maps, Museums and the Nation
L. Hostetler

Popovich, Matthew T.
Boundaries of Progress: The Politics of Urban Annexation and Anti-Annexation, 1870-1930
P. Duis

PhD Awarded 2008

Helgeson, Jeffery
Striving in Black Chicago: Migration, Work and the Politics of Neighborhood Change, 1935-1965
E. Arnesen

Hunter, Robert E.
Fingers on the Button: American Atomic Policy in Mainstream File, Radio, and Television, 1945-1960
R. Fried

Aranda, Ted
Democracy and Revolution: The Athenian Political System and the Anglo-American Constitutional Struggle
J. Sack

Rose, Sarah F.
No Right to be Idle: The Invention of Disability, 1850-1930
S. Levine

Salzmann, Joshua A.T.
Safe Harbor: Chicago’s Waterfront and the Political Economy of the Built Environment, 1847-1918
R. John

Williams, Gloria-Yvonne
A Passion for Social Equality: Mary McLeod Bethune’s Race Woman Leadership and the New Deal
M. Strobel/B. Ransby

Collins, Elizabeth A.
Red-baiting Public Women: Gender, Loyalty, and Red Scare Politics
R. Fried

PhD Awarded 2007

2007 Smith, Eric R.
Anti-Fascism, The United Front, and Spanish Republican Aid in the United States, 1936-1940.
R. Fried

Lohne, Raymond A.
Founded at the Bier of Lincoln: A History of the Germania Club of Chicago, 1865-1986.
P. Duis

Harris, Sean J.
Found Insane in ‘The Holy Land’: Psychiatry and the African American Experience in Illinois, 1870-1910.
L. Schelbert

PhD Awarded 2006

Kollenbroich, James
Our Hour Has Come: The Homosexual Rights Movement in the Weimar Republic
R. Levy

Faulk, Josephine
Bishop Fulbert of Chartres (1006-1028): A Political Biography
S. Fanning

Drame, Aly
Planting the Seeds of Islam: Karantaba, A Mandinka Muslim Center in the Casamance, Senegal
J. Searing

Chapman-Adisho, Annette R.
Patriotic Priests: Constitutional Clery in the Department of the Cote D’Or during the French Revolution
D. Jordan

Ufland, Peter
The Politics of Race in the Midwest, 1864-1890.
M. Perman

Rinehart, John M.
The Making of a Christian Statesman: Woodrow Wilson’s Religious Thought and Practice, 1856-1910
R. Messer

Schneidhorst, Amy C.
It Wasn’t Just the Young: Mature Women’s Fight for Peace and Justice in Chicago During the Sixties.
J. D’Emilio

PhD Awarded 2005

Ganz, Cheryl R. A New Deal for Progress: The 1933 Chicago World's Fair
P. Duis

Green, Keith R. A Fairy Tale World: The Myth of Childhood in Imperial Germany
R. Levy

Johnson, Michael W. Imperial Commission or Orthodox Mission: Nikolai Il'minskii's Work Among the Tartars of Kazan, 1862-1891
J. Cracraft

Lingenfelter, Scott V. Tradition & Modernity: Segei Bulgakov's Quest for a Christian Civil Society in Late Imperial Russia
J. Cracraft

Veenstra, David W. The Civil Presidency: Gerald R. Ford and the Politics of Renewal
R. Fried

PhD Awarded 2004

Carla Burnett, "Are We Slaves or Free Men?: Labor, Race, Garveyism, and the 1920 Panama Canal Strike" (2004)
Dissertation Advisor: Bruce Calder

Gwen Hoerr Jordan, "Creating A Women's Legal Culture: Women Lawyers in Illinois, 1855-1939" (2004)
Dissertation Advisor: Eric Arnesen

Marek Suszko, "The Zielona Gora Region, 1945-1956. A Communist Dumping Ground" (2004)
Dissertation Advisor: John Kulczycki

Leonid T. Trofimov, "The Soviet Media at the Onset of the Cold War, 1945-1950" (2004)
Dissertation Advisor: Jonathan Daly

Adrian S. Capehart, "The Migration of Africans to the United States since 1960: Contexts, Responses, and Communities" (2004)
Dissertation Advisor: Leo Schelbert

Karl E. Wood, "Spa Culture and the Social History of Medicine in Germany" (2004)
Dissertation Advisor: Richard Levy

Nancy L. Turpin, "The Blue Ticket: Local Response to State Nationalism at the 1900 Paris Universal Exposition" (2004)
Dissertation Advisor: David Jordan

PhD Awarded 2003

Justin P. Coffey, "Spiro Agnew and the Suburbanization of American Politics, 1918-1968" (2003)
Dissertation Advisor: Richard Fried

Ralph Ashby, "Napoleon and the Defenders of France" (2003)
Dissertation Advisor: David Jordan

Robert P. Arnoldt, "After the War: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and the Vietnam Veteran in American Society" (2003)
Dissertation Advisor: Robert Messer

Pamela L. Baker, "The National Road and the Promise of Improvement, 1802-1850" (2003)
Dissertation Advisor: Daniel Scott Smith

Eva Becsei Kilborn, "Going Against the Grain: Francis Peyton Rous (1876-1970) and the Search for the Cancer Virus" (2003)
Dissertation Advisor: Leo Schelbert

PhD Awarded 2002

Ana Maria Kapelusz-Poppi, "Provincial Intellectuals from Michoacan and the Professionalization of the
Post-Revolutionary Mexican State" (2002)
Dissertation Advisor: Mary Kay Vaughan

Steven McNeel, "Behold the Temple of Janus Shut in this Western World: Colonel Henri Bouquet Frontier Office, 1756-1765" (2002)
Dissertation Advisor: Leo Schelbert

Edward J.Behrend-Martinez, "'She Wanted To Be Her Own Maste': Women’s Suits Against Impotent and Abusive
Husbands in a Spanish Church Court 1650-1750" (2002)
Dissertation Advisor: Renato Barahona

Lawrence Eldridge,"Chronicles of a Two-Front War: The African-American Press and the Vietnam War" (2002)
Dissertation Advisor: Robert Messer

Larry Lee Baker, Jr., "Politics, Privilege, and Political Culture: Dijon During the French Revolution" (2002)
Dissertation Advisor: David Jordan

Barbara L. Dobschuetz, "Fundamentalism and American Urban Culture: Community and Religious Identity in Dwight L. Moody’s Chicago, 1864-1914" (2002)
Dissertation Advisors: Leo Schelbert & Rima Schultz

Paul B. Siegel, "Uptown Chicago: The Origins and Emergence of a Movement Against Displacement,
1947-1972" (2002)
Dissertation Advisor: Eric Arnesen

PhD Awarded 2001

Anthony R. Maravillas, “Nixon in the Fifties” (2001)
Dissertation Advisor: Richard Fried

Jason C. Digman, “Which Way to the Promised Land? Changing Patterns in Southern Migration, 1865-1920" (2001)
”Dissertation Advisor: Eirc Arnesen

Stanley Rose, “Urbanization in Seventeenth-Century Ghana” (2001)
Dissertation Advisor: James Searing

Sean J. Labat, “Creating Consensus: Chicago and United States Foreign Relations During The Early Cold War,
1945-1950” (2001)
Dissertation Advisor: Robert Messer

Christopher J. Young, "Contests of Opinion: The Public Sphere in Post-Revolutionary America" (2001)
Dissertation Advisor: Richard John

PhD Awarded 2000

Raymond M. Brod, “Maps as Weapons in the Conquest of Old American Northwest 1608 to 1829" (2000)
Dissertation Advisor: Gerald Danzer

John C. Kinney, “Alcoholic Inebriety: A Study of Its Perceived Nature, Causation, and Treatment in America,
1857-1914" (2000)
Dissertation Advisor: Perry Duis

John Menet, “Aviation and the American Imagination During World War II” (2000)
Dissertation Advisor: Perry Duis

John Abbott, “Peasants in the Rural Public: The Bavarian Bauernbund, 1893-1933” (2000)
Dissertation Advisor: Richard Levy

Maria Teresa Fernandez-Aceves, “The Political Mobilization of Women in Revolutionary Guadalajara, 1910-1940” (2000)
Dissertation Advisor: Mary Kae Vaughan

Frederic M. Kopp, “Rocking the Federal Republic: Rebellious Youth and Music in West Germany, 1945-1990" (2000)
Dissertation Advisor: Richard Levy

Cadence A. Wynter, “Jamaican Labor Migration to Cuba, 1885-1930 in the Caribbean Context” (2000)
Dissertation Advisor: Bruce Calder

PhD Awarded 1999

Salvador Camacho, “The Modernization of Education and Science in Mexico 1982-1995: The Case of Aguascalientes"
Dissertation Advisor: Mary Kae Vaughan

Ben A. Harshman, “Toward A Commercial Society” (1999)
Dissertation Advisor: James Sack

Wendy Plotkin, “Deeds of Mistrust: Race, Housing, and Restrictive Convenants in Chicago, 1900-1953” (1999)
Dissertation Advisor: Perry Duis

Arthur Christian Repp, “In Search of an Orthodox Way: The Development of Biblical Studies in Late Imperial Russia”
Dissertation Advisor: James Cracraft

Stephen A. Brown, “When Middle-Class Ambition Met Southern Honor: A Cultural History of the Leo Frank Case” (1999)
Dissertation Advisor: Burton Bledstein

Brian Moran, “Prison Reform in the United States Navy and the Dominican Republic: The Military Occupation and
Prisons, 1900-1930” (1999)
Dissertation Advisor: Robert Messer

John L. Glover, “The Hope in this World and the Next: Maam Cerno and the Settlement of Darou Mousty, 1912-1947”
Dissertation Advisor: James Searing

PhD Awarded 1998

Nichalos S. Ceh, "United States-Yugoslav Relations During the Early Cold War, l945-l957" (1998)
Dissertation Advisor: Robert Messer

Thomas H. Cornman, "Securing a Faithful Ministry: Struggles of Ethnicity and Religious Epistemology in Colonial
American Presbyterianism" (1998)
Dissertation Advisors: A. G. Roeber/L. Schelbert

Tadeusz Debski, "A Battlefield of Ideas: Nazi Concentration Camps and Their Polish Prisoners" (1998)
Dissertation Advisors: Richard Levy/John Kulczycki

James Kollros, "Creating a Steel Workers Union in the Calumet Region, 1933 to 1945" (1998)
Dissertation Advisor: P. d'A. Jones

Virgil Krapauskas, "Lithuanian Historiography: A Search for National Identity from Daukanta to 1904" (1998)
Dissertation Advisor: John Kulczycki

John Morello, "Candidates, Consumers and Closers: Albert Lasker, Advertising and Politics: 1900-1920" (1998)
Dissertation Advisor: Richard Jensen

Jacqueline H. Wolf, "Discarding Nature's Plan: A Social History of Infant Feeding in Chicago, 1892-1938" (1998)
Dissertation Advisor: Perry Duis

PhD Awarded 1997

Paul A. Buelow, "The Dispensary Comes to Chicago: Health Care and the Poor Before 1920" (1997)
Dissertation Advisor: Perry Duis

Robin Carre, "The Decline of the Imperial Republic: Colonial Discourse and the Crisis of Liberalism in Interwar France"
Dissertation Advisor: William Hoisington

L. Mara Dodge, "Her Life has Been an Improper One: Women, Crime and Prisons in Illinois, 1935-1933" (1997)
Dissertation Advisor: Leo Schelbert/Margeret Strobel

Thomas K. Murphy, "The Evolving Image of America in Europe: 1780-1850" (1997)
Dissertation Advisor: Stanley Mellon/David Jordan

Margaret Power, "Right Wing Women and Chilean Politics: 1964-1973" (1997)
Dissertation Advisor: Mary Kae Vaughan

Pamela Smith-Irowa, "Great Things are to be Expected: A Look at European Ideas on Indigenous Medicine in Benin,
Nigeria" (1997) Dissertation Advisor: James Searing

Phyllis L. Soybel, "The Necessary Relationship: The Development of Anglo-American Cooperation in Naval Intelligence,
1939-1943" (1997)
Dissertation Advisor: Robert Messer

William B. Whisenhunt, "Mikhail M. Speranskii and the Development of Law in Russia, 1826-1833" (1997)
Dissertation Advisor: James Cracraft

PhD Awarded 1996

George S. Pabis, "Restraining the Muddy Waters: Engineers and Mississippi River Flood Control, 1846-1881" (1996)
Dissertation Advisor: Richard John

Septimus Paul, "Anglo-American Cooperation and the Development
of the British Atomic Bomb, 1941-52" (1996)
Dissertation Advisor: Bentley Gilbert

Padma I. Rangaswamy, "The Imperatives of Choice and Change: Post-1965 Immigrants from India in Metropolitan
Chicago" (1996)
Dissertation Advisor: Leo Schelbert

Gregory L. Schneider, "The Other Sixties: The Young Americans for Freedom and the Politics of Conservatism" (1996)
Dissertation Advisor: Richard Fried

Richard A. Stacewicz, "Winter Soldiers" An Oral History of the Vietnam Veterans Against the War" (1996)
Dissertation Advisor: Robert Messer

Mary Todd, "Not in God's Lifetime": The Question of the Ordination of Women in the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod"
Dissertation Advisor: A. Gregg Roeber

PhD Awarded 1995

Maladho Siddy Balde, "The History of Fuuta-Jallon in the Second Half of the Nineteenth Century According to the Griots and the Elders" (1995)
Dissertation Advisor: Lansine Kaba/ James Searing

Michael Doorley, "The Friends of Irish Freedom: A Study of an Irish-American Diaspora Nationalism" (1995)
Dissertation Advisor: Leo Schelbert

PhD Awarded 1994

David R. M. Beck, "Siege and Survival: Menominee Responses To An Encroaching World" (1994)
Dissertation Advisor: Leo Schelbert

Karen Friedman, "German/Lithuanian Collaboration in the Final Solution 1941-1944" (1994)
Dissertation Advisor: Richard Levy

Joy M. Kammerling, "Andreas Osiander and the Jews of Nuremberg: A Reformation Pastor and Jewish Toleration in
Sixteenth-Century Germany" (1994)
Dissertation Advisor: George Huppert

Andre Partykevich, "My Prayer Went Unanswered": Oleksander Lototsky and Ukrainian Autocephaly, 1917-1939" (1994)
Dissertation Advisor: James Cracraft

Thomas S. Price, “Palmettos and Property: Historical Memory and Political Culture in Early National South Carolina”
Dissertation Advisor: Michael Perman

David Vervaet, "From Assimilation to Independence: The Evolue(e) Novelists and the Recovery of Alerian Identity,
1939-1962" (1994)
Dissertation Advisor: William Hoisington

PhD Awarded 1993

Cynthia K. Kosso, "Public Policy and Agricultural Practices: An Archaeological and Literary Study of Late Roman and
Greece" (1993)
Dissertation Advisor: J. Davis (Classics)

Louis B. Kuppenheimer,
"Albert Gallatin's Vision of Democratic Stability: An Interpretive Profile" (1993)
Dissertation Advisor: Leo Schelbert

Neal R. McCrillis, "The Conservative Party in the Age of Universal Suffrage: Popular Conservatism, 1918-1929" (1993)
Dissertation Advisor: Bentley Gilbert

Michaela Tomaschewsky, "Malwida von Meysenbug and the Cult of Humanism" (1993)
Dissertation Advisor: Marion Miller

PhD Awarded 1992

Eugene Beiriger, "Churchill in the Ministry of Munitions: An Experiment in Government Industrial Policy" (1992)
Dissertation Advisor: Bentley Gilbert

Edward Berggren, "Under the Sign of Enlightenment: Varieties of Reading Rousseau's Pedagogical Texts" (1992)
Dissertation Advisor: David Jordan

Clinton E. Stockwell, "A Better Class of People: Protestants in the Shaping of Early Chicago, 1833-1873" (1992)
Dissertation Advisor: Melvin Holli

PhD Awarded 1991

Shirley Burton, "Obscenity in Victorian Chicago: Prosecution in the Federal Court for the Northern District of Illinois,
1873-1913" (1991)
Dissertation Advisor: Leo Schelbert

Thekla Caldwell, "Women, Men and Revival: Gender in the Third Awakening.”(1991)
Dissertation Advisor: Daniel Scott Smith

PhD Awarded 1990

Andrew A. Wiest, "The Dominance of the Flanders Coast in British Strategic Planning in World War I" (1989)
Dissertation Advisor: Bentley Gilbert

Jared Clark, “Industry, Society and Policies in the Ruhr: National Liberalism in Dartmund, 1848-1913" (1990)
Dissertation Advisor: Richard Levy

David Goodlett, "Proletarians on the Merry-Go-Round: The Yugoslav Press and Official Policy on Workers Emigration,
1963-1973" (1990)
Dissertation Advisor: Edward Thaden

Steven McNeel, "Behold the Temple of Janus Shut in this Western World: Colonel Henri Bouquet Frontier Office,
1756-1765" (1990) Dissertation Advisor: Leo Schelbert

Claiborne Skinner, "The Sinews of Empire: The Voyageurs and the Carrying Trade of the Pays d'en Haut, 1681-1754"
Dissertation Advisor: Leo Schelbert

PhD Awarded 1989

Douglas Bukowski, "According to Image: William Hale Thompson and tile Politics of Chicago, 1915-1931" (1989)
Dissertation Advisor: Melvin Holli

Andrew R. Sarvis, "The Krefeld Silk Entrepreneurs: A Study in Bourgeois Solidarity" (1989)
Dissertation Advisor: Richard Levy

PhD Awarded 1988

James E. Jennings, "Aeginetan Trade 650-457 B.C.: A Re-Examination" (1988)
Dissertation Advisor: R. Legon

PhD Awarded 1987

Donald J. McKay, "Soviet Jewish Emigration to Chicago, 1970-1980" (1987)
Dissertation Advisor: Edward Thaden

James C. Mott, "Change and Continuity in American Voting Behavior, 1948-1952" (1987)
Dissertation Advisor: Richard Jensen

Gersham Nelson, "The Origin and Development of the Jamaican Peasants and Working Class, 1838-1979" (1987)
Dissertation Advisor: Bruce Calder

Gary K. Pranger, "Philip Schoff (1819-1893): Portrait of an Immigrant Theologian" (1987)
Dissertation Advisor: Leo Schelbert

Wayne P. Schaefer, "Education in Morocco to Libya, 1925-1945" (1987)
Dissertation Advisor: William Hoisington

Marian J. Rubchak, "A Wellspring of Ukrainian National Consciousness: The Formation of the Lviv
StavropgyriaBrotherhood, 1585-1632" (1987)
Dissertation Advisor: James Cracraft

PhD Awarded 1986

Janine C. Hartman, "The Politics of Decadence: The Social and Political Ideas of Sade, Gautier, Baudelaire, and Flaubert, 1789-1871" (1986)
Dissertation Advisor: Stanley Mellon

Robert N. Narty, "From Slave to Servical: Labor in the Plantation Economy of Sao Teme and Principe" (1986)
Dissertation Advisor: I.Sundiata

Rita M. Rhodes, "Women and the Family in Post-Famine Ireland: Status and Opportunity in a Patriarchal Society"
Dissertation Advisor: Marion Miller/Leo Schelbert

PhD Awarded 1985

Milan Andrejevich, "The Cultural Evolution of Bosnia-Hercegovina Conflict and Development during Kallay Era, 1882 --1903" (1985)
Dissertation Advisor: Edward Thaden

Thomas C. Hendrix, "'The Love of Liberty': A Study of the Religious Factor in the 19th Century Settlement of
Afro/Americans in Liberia" (1985)
Dissertation Advisor: I.Sundiata

Mark A. Lause, "Some Degree of Power: From Hired Hand to Union Craftsman in Preindustrial American Printing Trades, 1778-1815" (1985)
Dissertation Advisor: Robert Remini

Joseph Takougang, "Victoria: An African Township Under British Administration, 1916-1961" (1985)
Dissertation Advisor: I.Sundiata

PhD Awarded 1984

Christian D. Nokkentved, "Danes, Denmark and Racine 1837-1924: A Study of Danish and Overseas Migration" (1984)
Dissertation Advisor: Marion Miller/Leo Scelbert

Gwendolyn Robinson, "Class, Race, and Gender: A Transcultural Theoretical and Sociohistorical Analysis of Cosmetic
Institutions and Practices to 1920" (1984)
Dissertation Advisor: Peter Jones

PhD Awarded 1983

Donald H. Parkerson, "The People of Mid-Nineteenth Century New York: Family, Community and Migration" (1983)
Dissertation Advisor: Bruce Calder

N. Sue Weiler, "The Aged, the Family and the Problems of a Maturing Industrial Society: New York, 1900-1930" (1983)
Dissertation Advisor: Daniel Scott Smith

PhD Awarded 1982

Stanley Gallas, "Lord Lyons and the Civil War, 1859-1864: A British Perspective" (1982)
Dissertation Advisor: Millman

Kurt E. Leichtle, "Edward Coles. An Agrarian on the Frontier" (1982)
Dissertation Advisor: Robert Remini

PhD Awarded 1981

Frances M. Feinerman, "Population and Prosperity: Messance and Expilly Challenge the Physiocrats, 1757-1770" (1981)
Dissertation Advisor: David Jordan

William R. Biles, "Mayor Edward J. Kelly of Chicago: Big City Boss in Depression and War" (1981)
Dissertation Advisor: Melivin Holli

Mansour Hasan Mansour, "The Spread and the Domination of the Maliki School of Law in North and West Africa
Eight-Fourteenth Century" (1981)
Dissertation Advisor: Hess

Aderemi Samuel Olumuyiwa Fatoke, "British Colonial Administration of Somaliland Protectorate, 1920-1960" (1981)
Dissertation Advisor: Hess

Dominic C. Pacyga, "Villages of Packinghouses and Steel Mills: The Polish Worker on Chicago's South Side, 1880 to
1921" (1981)
Dissertation Advisor: Leo Schelbert

Elizabeth A. Payne-Moore, "'Life and Labor': Margaret Drier Robins and the Women's Trade Union League" (1981)
Dissertation Advisor: Burton Bledstein

Leslie Vincent Tischauser, "The Burden of Ethnicity: The German Question in Chicago, 1914-1941" (1981)
Dissertation Advisor: Melvin Holli

Michael R. Trochim, "Retreat from Reform: The Fall of the Brazilian Empire, 1888-1889" (1981)
Dissertation Advisor: Bruce Calder

PhD Awarded 1980

Norman R. Eder, "National Health Insurance, Social Politics and Medical Practices in Britian, 1913-1939" (1980)
Dissertation Advisor: Bentley Gilbert

Barbara Kehoe, "The British Press and Nazi Germany" (1980)
Dissertation Advisor: Bentley Gilbert

Peter J. O'Malley, "Mayor Martin H. Kennelly of Chicago: A Political Biography" (1980)
Dissertation Advisor: Melvin Holli

Jacqueline Peterson, "The People in Between: Indian-White Marriage and the Genesis of a Metis Society and Culture in the Great Lakes Region, 1680-1830" (1980)
Dissertation Advisor: Robert Remini

Michael R. Ralston,"Men in the Middle: Republican Politics in Lorraine During the Third French Republic, 1870-1914"
Dissertation Advisor: William Hoisington

PhD Awarded 1979

Hugo P. Learning, "Hidden Americans Maroons of Virginia and the Carolinas" (1979)
Dissertation Advisor: Leo Schelbert

Barbara Clinchy-Sciacchitano, "The Exile World of Alexander Herzen: A View of Russia and the West" (1979)
Dissertation Advisor: Ed Thaden

Deborah G. White, "Ain't I A Women? Female Slaves in the Antebellum South" (1979)
Dissertation Advisor: Robert Remini

PhD Awarded 1978

Kristen E. A. Borg, "Princess Lieven: A New Interpretation of Her Role and Image" (1978)
Dissertation Advisor: Stanley Mellon

Stephen L. Hansen, "Principles, Politics, and Personalities: Voter and Party Identification in Illinois: 1850 to 1876"
Dissertation Advisor: Robert Remini

Arnold R. Hirsch, "Making the Second Ghetto: Race and Housing in Chicago, 1940-1960" (1978)
Dissertation Advisor: Robert Remini

Judith-Rae Ross, "Anglo-French Encounters: Images of the English Civil War in France, 1789-1848" (1978)
Dissertation Advisor: Stanley Mellon

PhD Awarded 1977

Rosemary Skinner-Keller, "Abigail Adams and the American Revolution: A Personal History” (1977)
Dissertation Advisor: Robert Remini

Christine McHugh, "Edward Bellamy and the Populists: The Agrarion Response to Utophia, 1888-1898" (1977)
Dissertation Advisor: Burton Bledstein

Doris Racich, "Planning and Politics: British Reactions to the Economic Depression of the Interwar Years" (1977)
Dissertation Advisor: Bentley Gilbert

PhD Awarded 1976

Paul F. Barrett, "Mass Transit, the Automobile, and Public Policy in Chicago, 1900-1930. " Vols. I and II (1976)
Dissertation Advisor: Melvin Holli

Charles J. Balesi, "From Adversary to Comrade-In-Arms: West Africans and the French MilitaryX 1885-1919" (1976)
Dissertation Advisor: R. Hess

Barbara Kuhn-Campbell, "Prominent women in the Progressive Era: A Study of Life Histories" (1976)
Dissertation Advisor: Robert Remini

Barbara L. Farr, "The Development and Impact of Right-Wing Politics in Great Britian 1903-1932" (1976)
Dissertation Advisor: Bentley Gilbert

Richard D. Holbrook, "Baron D'Oppede and Cardinal Mazarin: The Politics of Provence from 1641 to 1660" (1976)
Dissertation Advisor: J.Wolf

PhD Awarded 1975

Hasia R. Diner, "In the Almost Promised Land: Jewish Leaders and Blacks, 1915-1935" (1975)
Dissertation Advisor: Leo Schelbert

Blanche G. Hersh, "'The Slavery of Sex' Feminist-Abolitionists in Nineteenth-Century America” (1975)
Dissertation Advisor: Robert Remini

Alberto Sbacchi, "Italian Colonialism in Ethiopia, 1936-1940" (1975)
Dissertation Advisor: R. Hess

Ghada Hoshem, "Egypt's Civilizing Mission: Khedive Isma'il's Red Sea Province, 1865-1885" (1975)
Dissertation Advisor: R. Hess

Zdenko Zlatar, "The Anti-Turkish Opposition in Seventeenth-Century Ragusa and Its Prohabsburg Policy in the Morean War." Vols. I and II (1975)
Dissertation Advisor: George Huppert

PhD Awarded 1973

Thomas R. Bullard, "From Businessman to Congressman, the Careers of Martin B. Madden” (1973)
Dissertation Advisor: Melvin Holli

R. David Cudaback, "Victor DeBroglie and the French Constitutional Monarchy--A Liberal Peer and DiplomaticUnder
Louis-Philippe" (1973)
Dissertation Advisor: J. Wolf

Mark W. Friedberger, "Cornbelt and River City: Social Change in a Midwest Community, 1885-1930" (1973)
Dissertation Advisor: Richard Jensen

Dennis H.O'Brien, "Louis XIV's Diplomatic Corps, 1648-1671" (1973)
Dissertation Advisor: J.Wolf

PhD Awarded 1972

Richard B. Bingham, "Louis XIV and the War for Peace: The Genesis of a Peace Offensive 1686-1690." Vols. I and II
Dissertation Advisor: J. Wolf