Richard S. Levy
Director of Undergraduate Studies
History Department


Richard S. Levy teaches a variety of courses on modern German history, 1740-1945, and on the history of the Holocaust. His writing has gradually expanded from analysis of German antisemitism before World War I to the study of antisemitism worldwide, treating the subject in its cultural context and examining its function in politics and society. He has most recently completed the two-volume Antisemitism: Historical Encyclopedia of Prejudice and Persecution (Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-Clio Press, 2005) Levy has also devoted considerable effort to utilizing the Internet for schlolarly and pedagogical purposes, having moderated the H-Net discussion network, H-Antisemitism (1994-2004), and contributed annotated translations and introductions of key German documents for H-German. He is currently co-editing an anthology for Oxford University Press on the history of antisemitism from ancient times to the present.