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The CTA Ventra U-PASS is provided to eligible students during enrolled terms. The Ventra U-PASS provides unlimited use of CTA trains and buses. As of January 1' 2009' the U-PASS was no longer valid on PACE. Distribution for new students is conducted in the Student Services Building. You need to bring your valid i-card to pick up your U-Pass.

The U-PASS program is not optional. All eligible students are assessed the $140 CTA Transportation Fee for each of the Fall and Spring semesters. UIC also participates in the Summer U-PASS program. This fee for the summer is less than the academic year due to the condensed schedule which is ($108). The Summer U-PASS is available for the entirety of both portions of the summer term.

Please Note: Per CTA Contract with all Schools participating in the Ventra U-PASS Program, no student achieving full time status beginning 42 days after the beginning of the Term will be eligible to activate Ventra U-Pass Privileges for that current Term. There are no exceptions, and this is strictly been enforced by CTA.

U-PASS Distribution

The CTA Ventra U-PASS is always valid the Wednesday prior to classes starting through the Wednesday following finals week. Your Ventra U- Pass card is valid for five years. Discarding your pass is considered a lost pass and a $50 replacement fee will apply.

If you are registered as a Full-Time Student for Fall 2014 by August 2, 2014, your current Ventra U-Pass will activate effective August 20, 2014. As long as you are enrolled as a full-time student (12 credit hours for undergraduate and 9 credit hours for graduate), your U-Pass privileges will be loaded onto your card automatically. Please note if you do not register by August 2, 2014, you will have to allow extra time for your U-Pass to properly load. You also run the risk of incurring pay per ride fare charges that result in a negative transit account balance. Any outstanding balance will have to be paid to CTA before your UIC Ventra U-PASS will be loaded. You can check the status of your card's transit account balance and U-Pass feature by visiting https://www.ventrachicago.com/balance/ and typing in your card's serial number and expiration date.

If your card is lost, stolen or damaged (due to abuse, misuse, etc.), visit the ID Center to complete a report and request a new card. A non-refundable replacement fee ($50) will be collected for a lost/stolen card. If you have requested that your card is permanently blocked because you were not ready or able to pay the replacement fee at that time, A non-refundable replacement fee ($50) must be collected from you prior to ordering the replacement.

Summer-specific U-PASS Notes

Distribution Policies

Paratransit Service for Eligible Students

Students who are unable to use fixed route public transportation due to a disability, may be eligible for the Paratransit Service, a shared ride program offered by the Regional Transit Authority (RTA).

The U-Pass program at UIC is available to eligible students who are Paratransit riders; however, students must be certified by the RTA in order to use the service. Students may be asked for the certification letter from RTA as proof of their certification to use Paratransit Service. Since the CTA’s U-PASS is not valid for travel on Paratransit, the ID Center and Disability Resource Center will consult with the student to provide an adequate number of PACE ADA One Ride Tickets.

An overview of the ADA Paratransit Service offered by the RTA and the application process can be found at www.rtachicago.com/accessibility/ada-paratransit-service-guidelines.html. Students should allow ample time for certification, as it may take up to a month to complete the process. For additional details, please contact the ID Center (312-413-5940) or the Disability Resource Center (312-413-2183).

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