Executive Board and Subcommittees

The Chancellor's Committee on the Status of Latinos (CCSL) plays an important role addressing issues that impact Latinos. CCSL works proactively on the recruitment/retention of Latino students, faculty and staff, and support of Latino efforts on campus and in our communities. The Committee has taken a leadership position in enhancing cultural diversity on campus and bringing about a greater awareness of Latino assets through cultural, educational and political events.

We plan to welcome our new 2014-2015 Executive Board in Summer 2014, stay tuned!


CCSL CO-CHAIR 2013-2014
Aixa Alfonso, aalfonso@uic.edu

Lorena Garcia, lorena@uic.edu

Student Recruitment and Retention Co-Chairs:

Diana Soriano-Yanez, dianasoriano3@gmail.com

Kendy Olaguez, olaguez@uic.edu

Coalition of Latino Students Co-Chair:
Juanita Del Toro, jdelto1@uic.edu

Community Liaison Co-Chair:
Marty Gutierrez, martyq@uic.edu
Marta Ayala, martae@uic.edu


Employment Affairs Co-Chair:
Marta Ayala, martae@uic.edu
Jennifer Juarez, jjuare2@uic.edu

Latina Network Co-Chairs:
Inés Sahagún-Bahena- isahag1@uic.edu
Elizabeth Herrera - eherre3@uic.edu

Faculty Recruitment, Retention and Promotion: Open


Sara Agate, sagate2@uic.edu

The Chancellor's Committee  Sub-Committees:
  • Faculty Sub-Committee: Addresses issues such as the inclusion of Latinos within academic and administrative searches, employment, promotion and tenure.
  • Student Recruitment and Retention Sub-Committee:  Contributes to increasing access to higher education opportunities for Latinos and the inclusion of the Latino perspective in the curriculum leading toward successful graduation.
  • Employment Sub-Committee: Serves to improve employment and advancement opportunities for Latinos.
  • Community Liaison Sub-Committee: Develops and enhances relationships and commitment between UIC and Latino communities of Chicago and Illinois
  • Latina Network Sub-Committee:  Serves to improve employment and advancement opportunities for Latinas.


Each Sub-Committee is charged with coordinating the Committee's work in its area.