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Office for Access and Equity

The UIC Chancellor's Status Committees are administered through the Office for Access and Equity:
Office for Access and Equity: 809 South Marshfield Avenue, Room 717 (M/C 602), Chicago, Illinois 60612-7207, Telephone: (312) 996-8670 Fax: (312) 413-0055 TTY: (312) 413-3035.

  • Represents the campus to federal and state agencies as well as to the higher education community on issues related to affirmative action, equal opportunity, harassment, and diversity.
  • Collaborates in the development of the campus's Affirmative Action Plan.
  • Assists in the recruitment and retention of women, men and women of color, persons with disabilities, and other under-represented groups.
  • Offers training in sexual harassment awareness, AA/OAE, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and other related topics as needed.
  • Provides administrative support to the Chancellor's Status Committees.
  • Extends technical advice to faculty, students, staff, and administrators on diversity issues as well as on problems regarding discrimination and harassment.
  • Counsels faculty, staff, and students who believe they may have been subjected to harassment or discrimination.
  • Investigates complaints of unlawful discrimination in admission, employment, and access as well as treatment in UIC-sponsored programs and activities; also investigates claims of sexual harassment where a formal complaint is filed; makes recommendations to responsible University representatives as appropriate.

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