Latino Committee on University Affairs

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Statement of Purpose

The Latino Committee on University Affairs (LCUA) has been established to promote the development of educational, professional and career opportunities for all Latinos at UIC and to work within the university on campus-wide issues of general concern. The LCUA serves to advise the various offices of the UIC administration on all matters affecting Latinos.


In 1978, a group of Latino faculty and staff formed the Association of Latino Workers and began meeting to discuss issues of importance to Latinos at the then University of Illinois at Chicago Circle (UICC). In 1982, vice Chancellor Richard Johnson appointed several members of this organization and other concerned faculty and staff to the Committee on Hispanic Education.

More recently a group of Latino faculty and staff (including members of the aforementioned organization and committee) formed the Latino Committee on University Affairs (LCUA). In addition to working with different community groups and university offices, representatives from the LCUA meet on an ongoing basis with UIC administrators to discuss relevant issues and to develop strategies to enhance the opportunities of all Latinos on campus.

LCUA Subcommittees

Retention and Recruitment of Students subcommittee

This subcommittee oversees issues that concern the recruitment, admission, retention and academic enrichment of Latino students at the undergraduate, graduate and professional levels at UIC.

Special Events subcommittee

This subcommittee coordinates different events which not only develop but enhance the relationship between Latinos at UIC. The biggest event organized by this subcommittee is the annual LCUA Recognition Dinner which is held at the end of the Spring Semester. The event which was first held in 1987 at Tania's has grown immensely. In 1995 the dinner was held at the Hilton and in 1996 at the Hyatt and was attended by more than 700 people, of which about 200 were Latino graduates, and the rest were family and friends. Some UIC dignitaries and community leaders were also present. The purpose of this event is, of course, to recognize the students' achievements, and act as an encouragement for families and friends of successful students; it promotes UIC as a supportive educational environment.

Parents Organization

Founded in 1989, this subcommittee has as its primary goal to work with Latino parents to facilitate the education of their children. The subcommittee keeps parents informed on issues that may affect their sons and daughters here at UIC. These issues range from scholarships, grants and other funds available critical changes in the application process, financial aid and admission requirements.


This subcommittee reviews the status of all academic and civil service workers at UIC. The committee's goals are to increase the representation of Latinos in the campus workforce and improve the environmental conditions so more Latinos will be encouraged to remain at UIC. Over the years, the LCUA has sponsored programs related to bilingualism in the workplace and is considering future reforms related to employee benefits and retirement planning. The employment subcommittee welcomes the ideas, participation and energy of students, staff and faculty in order to continue its efforts on behalf of the working community at UIC.

Goals of the LCUA

Development of university programs designed to improve the quality of quality of educational opportunities available to Latinos in the Chicago Metropolitan Area.

Recruitment, admission, retention and academic enrichment of Latino students at the undergraduate and professional levels.

Recruitment, employment, retention and promotion of Latino faculty, staff and non-academic employees at all levels of the university.

Continuing development and enhancement of UIC's relationship with and commitment to the Latino communities of Chicago and Illinois.

Development of the leadership potential of Latinos on campus, especially LCUA members.

1996-97 Executive Committee

Office: Suite 2640

Student Services Building M/C 220

(312) 996-3356

Contact: Maria Ramos, Coordinator