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Alpha Psi Lambda, Inc.

Alpha Psi Lambda was created with the following purposes: To bring forth an a scholastic level Latinos(as)/hispanics and others at the university on the basis of friendship, To provide a supplementary, educational, social, and cultural experience for the mutual cultivation of its members, To enhance the educational experiences through social and cultural activities and to assist in the development of members leadership abilities.

Arquitectos Student Chapter at UIC

The objective of Arquitectos is to guide and support Latino students, in the study of architecture, based on the current demand and issues in the professional world. At the same time, Arquitectos provides a friendly environment for Latinos in a competitive institution.

The Confederation of Latin American Students

Confederation of Latin American Students is a student organization established in 1974 a the University of Illinois at Chicago. C.L.A.S. grew out of a group of students that created a sense of community among Latinos at UIC by tutoring each other in subjects in which help was hard to find and together affirming their Latino roots. Since then, C.L.A.S. has been functioning under those same principles of service to the Latino student community at UIC and commitment to promoting culture, education, and consciousness of the societal problems that Latino Face.

Latinos Exploring South American Culture (formerly EcuaSur-Andino)

The purpose of EcuaSur-Andino shall be to expose the unique cultures of South America to the diverse population of the University of Illinois at Chicago by participating in, and conducting, cultural, social, and educational events.

Gamma Phi Omega

Gamma Phi Omega was founded in early 1991 and one year later, expanded into the UIC campus as the Beta Chapter. It was founded with the purpose of promoting an ever expanding Latino presence on university campuses, a vehicle for charitable events, academic excellence, and unity in sisterhood. There are four principles we stand by: academic excellence, philanthropy, sisterhood, and cultural awareness, Gamma Phi Omega was founded by women who were proud of their Latino culture, wanting to share it with others. "Unity and Sisterhood, Now and Forever, One and Inseparable"

Health Oriented Latino Association

The purpose of HOLA is to foster and encourage students of Hispanic origin in their pursuit of health oriented professions thereby increasing their numbers in such practices.

Hermandad de Sigma Iota Alpha, Inc.

Sigma Iota Alpha, Inc. Is a Latin cultural based sorority that hopes to educate and unify those of diverse cultures. Our goals are to constantly strive toward the expansion of the awareness of diverse cultures especially the Latin culture to the community at large; to promote sisterhood and leadership amongst ourselves and to stand for excellence in academics and achievements among women.

Latino Association of Business Students

To enhance the education of Latino students by providing information and activities which promote growth in personal development. LABS has been able to accomplish its mission by providing Latino students with the opportunity to partake in local as well as national conferences, Lately, we have organized a business forum which included professional Latino representative from various banking entities as well as accounting firms, Guest speakers have also contributed to our mission by sharing their expertise and experiences with us. Lastly, various social events including fund-raising dances have enabled LABS members to network and thus create newer sources of information.

Latin American Student Communication Organization

LASCO was established on August 16, 1994 with the support of Hugo Teruel, LARES, Advisor. Our organization's purpose is to establish networks and an academic supportive foundation for all Communication majors & minors at the University of Illinois at Chicago internally and externally within their professional environments

Latino Education Empowerment Resource

LEER is a relatively new organization at the University of Illinois at Chicago. The Latino Education Empowerment Resource was formed for the Latino students who are interested in the field of Education. Our purpose is to guide and support those students as well as providing networking opportunities for them.

Mexican Students de Aztlan

ME.S.A. was established in the fall of 1993. Although there were several Latino student organizations on campus, there was no organization that primarily addressed Mexican issues. As a result ME.S.A. emerged. ME.S.A. has emerged to primarily address pressing problems and issues affecting the Mexican community. Beyond this major role ME.S.A. hopes that at its basic level it will lift the spirits of all UIC Mexicans to be daring and feel free to say, "I'm Mexicano/a." Furthermore, we assure you that our format is democratic and all realms of ideas are welcome. We will not submit individuals to one domineering ideology. If we were to do that we would be doing the same thing that our colonizers did to US.

Midwest Association of Hispanic Accountants:

A professional and student organization dedicated to increasing awareness and sharing accounting/finance information among Hispanic students at UIC. Our goals are to provide opportunities which will help develop and enhance leadership skills; to promote academic advancement; to develop professional relationships; and to participate in the community while serving as Hispanic role models

Mujeres Activas por Cambios Sociales

The purpose of Mujeres Activas por Cambios Sociales is to empower Latinas, help develop leadership skill, to create a dialog between the Latino community and the UIC Latino community. To provide a dialogue between Latinas and Latinos to discuss the effects sexism, classism, and racism, has over our community.

Puerto Rican Student Association

The purpose of the Puerto Rican Student Association shall be to implement Puerto Rican influence onto the broader UIC community both on and off campus by working with and conducting events in the cultural, social, political and educational spectrum.

Sigma Lambda Beta Fraternity

The University of Illinois at Chicago (Xi) Chapter was established on May 17th, 1992 by the founding fathers. Its purpose was to discuss the need and feasibility of creating a new fraternity with an emphasis on promoting Latino culture. The Fraternity strongly believes in promoting brotherhood, scholarship, and leadership within its members. Each member has the responsibility to develop and utilize his own skills and assets in anyway that may contribute to the overall success of the fraternity, and more importantly help society as a whole.

Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers

SHPE-UIC's main objectives are to provide career enhancement with seminars, conferences, workshops and lectures and to provide a support network of upperclassmen and professional engineers. Other objectives include the development of an effective early outreach mechanism to advise and encourage grammar and high school Hispanic student to pursue higher education in engineering, to increase the enrollment of Hispanics entering the engineering curriculum, and to develop and participate in programs with industry and educational institutions such as co-ops and summer internships.

Tau Phi Sigma

On November 11, 1992 the fraternity, which is now known as Tau Phi Sigma was founded. Unsatisfied with what other fraternities had to offer, in terms of ideals, a group of 17 men, now known as Tau Phi Sigma's founding fathers, began their endeavor to form a fraternity that served the community, promoted higher education and provided social and cultural awareness. This was to be accomplished through a strong brotherhood, which bonded them all. With these common ideas as a foundation, they became to establish a new fraternity.

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