Forest Preserve District of Cook County records, series V

 An inventory of the collection at the University of Illinois at Chicago

Summary Information

Richard J. Daley Library Special Collections and University Archives
Forest Preserve District of Cook County, Illinois (Ill.).
Forest Preserve District of Cook County records, Series V: Planning, Development, and Construction records,
Date [inclusive]
ca. 1911-2001
331.25 Linear feet
The Forest Preserve District of Cook County was created in 1914 with a mandate to “protect and preserve” the forests of Cook County. By 2004, the district had acquired more than 67,000 acres of forest lands. This collection contains the records of the district and other records that are relevant for the district’s history.

Preferred Citation

Forest Preserve District of Cook County records, Special Collections and University Archives, University of Illinois at Chicago

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Scope and Contents

Planning, Development, and Construction records

The records in this series deal with the strategic planning and construction projects for the Forest Preserve District of Cook County. They include the records of the office of the landscape architect, of the office of the engineer, and of the district's advisory committee. They also include general files on construction and development projects.

Researchers interested in construction and development projects might also wish to consult Series VI, "Construction Blueprints and Other Large Blueprints," and Series 0 (zero), "Photographs and Illustrations."

This series has six sub-series:

Sub-series 1: General Construction and Development records, 1918-1994

Sub-series 2: Records from the Office of the Landscape Architect, 1948-2001

Sub-series 3: Advisory Committee Records from the Office of the Landscape Architect, 1923-1984

Sub-series 4: Advisory Committee records, 1929-1965

Sub-series 5: Department of Engineering records, 1940-1997

Sub-series 6: Blueprints and Bids, 1914-1967

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Richard J. Daley Library Special Collections and University Archives September 2011

801 S. Morgan Street
Chicago, Illinois, 60607

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Processing and encoding of this collection was made possible by a generous grant from the Gaylord and Dorothy Donnelley Foundation (

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Controlled Access Headings

Corporate Name(s)

  • Civilian Conservation Corps (U.S.).
  • Forest Preserve District of Cook County, Illinois (Ill.).
  • Forest Preserve District of Cook County, Illinois (Ill.). -- Archives

Personal Name(s)

  • Jensen, Jens, 1860-1951
  • Morrill, John Barstow
  • Sauers, Chas. G. (Charles G)


  • County forests -- Illinois.
  • Forest reserves -- Illinois -- Cook County.
  • Natural areas.

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Collection Inventory

Series V: Planning, Development, and Construction Records, 1911-2001 

Sub-series 1: General Construction and Development records, 1918-1994  (Bulk, 1929-1960)   10.5 linear ft.

Scope and Contents note

The records of this sub-series concern construction projects and the development of FPDCC land.

A large number of the files in this sub-series date from before World War II (1939-1945), and most of those deal with the emergency relief efforts of the Illinois and Federal governments during the Great Depression, and in particular with the development of the Skokie Lagoons. The Skokie Lagoons project began in the late 1920s, and with the influx of money and personnel from President Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal programs, especially the Civilian Conservation Corps, it quickly became one of the largest relief projects in the 1930s.

This sub-series also includes a smaller number of files on projects from the late into the mid-1990s.

The provenance of most of these items is uncertain and the original order was impossible to determine. The files have been organized alphabetically and thematically.

Box Folder

Academic Related Materials on City and Regional Planning and Landscape Architecture, 1938-1954 

V-1 V-1

Airport Design, 1931 

V-1 V-2

American Institute of Park Executives [Alfred B. La Gasse to Charles G. Sauers], December, 1960 

V-1 V-3

American Society of landscape Architects, Inc., 1937-1952 

V-1 V-4

American Society of landscape Architects, John Barstow Morrill, 1940-1943, 1953 

V-1 V-5

American Society of landscape Architects, Chicago Chapter Examining Board, 1950-1951 

V-1 V-6

American Society of landscape Architects, National and State Parks and Forests committee, 1952 

V-1 V-7

American Society of landscape Architects, 1952-1955; Protest of Upper Colorado Development, 1954 

V-1 V-8

American Society of landscape Architects, 1958-1959 

V-1 V-9

American Society of landscape Architects, 1959-1960 

V-1 V-10

American Society of landscape Architects, membership rosters, 1960, 1961 

V-1 V-11

American Society of landscape Architects, 1960, 1961 

V-2 V-12

Anti-Billboard Material, ca. 1940s 

V-2 V-13

Appraisal--Archer and Kean Avenue, 1958 

V-2 V-14

Appraisal--Michael M. Cure, 1939 

V-2 V-15

Appraisal--Toll Road Authority Land, 1959 

V-2 V-16

Arboretum News, Pamphlets, and Correspondence, 1925-1955 

V-2 V-17

Audit Report, 1941 

V-2 V-18

Audit Report to Federal Emergency Administration--Green Lake Swimming Area, 1933 

V-2 V-19

Aviation File, 1925-1932 

V-2 V-20

Barrington Acquisition, 1955-1952 

V-2 V-21

Barrington Acquisition, 1956-1957 

V-2 V-22

Barrington Acquisition, 1957 

V-2 V-23

Base Maps, ca. 1935 

V-3 V-24

Boating, 1945-1950 

V-3 V-25

Botanic Garden Fund and Special Account, 1966 

V-3 V-26

Calumet-Sag File, undated 

V-3 V-27

Cemetery Planning, undated 

V-3 V-28

Camp Reinberg, 1938-1939 

V-3 V-29

Campground Planning, 1934 

V-3 V-30

Camps, 1938-1939 

V-3 V-31

Camp St. Charles--State Parkway, 1934 

V-3 V-32

Camp Sullivan, 1936 

V-3 V-33

The Central South Area Plan, 1960 

V-3 V-34

Central Warehouse Design, 1957 

V-3 V-35

Century of Progress Planning and Reports, 1932-1934 

V-3 V-36

Cermak Park Water Supply--Construction and Contracts, 1929 

V-3 V-37

Cermak Pool--Construction and contractor Contracts, 1930 

V-3 V-38

[Certificate of Test, 6 kilowatt electric heater, American Electric Unit Heater], 1931 

V-3 V-39

Chicago Academy of Sciences, 1931-1932 

V-3 V-40

Chicago Annexation--Robinson Preserve, 1958 

V-3 V-41

Chicago Area Expressway Plans and Reports, 1944-1956 

V-3 V-42

Chicago Drainage Plan, 1968 

V-4 V-43

Chicago Regional Planning Association, 1934-1937 

V-4 V-44

Chicago Society of Landscape Architects, 1934-1937 

V-4 V-45

Chicago Society of Landscape Architects, 1934-1946 

V-4 V-46

Chicago Society of Landscape Architects, 1936-1937 

V-4 V-47

Chicago Society of Landscape Architects, 1944-1963 

V-4 V-48

Chief Engineer File, 1930 

V-4 V-49

Chief Engineer--Charles C. Estes, 1931-1932 

V-4 V-50

Chief Construction Engineer--C. C. Estes, 1932 

V-4 V-51

Chief Construction Engineer, 1934 

V-4 V-52

Chief Construction Engineer, 1935 

V-5 V-53

Chief Engineer, 1936 

V-5 V-54

Chief Construction Engineer, 1936-1938 

V-5 V-55

Chief Engineer--Charles Estes, 1940-1941 

V-5 V-56

Chief Engineer, Charles Estes and C. N. Dunlap, 1946-1951 

V-5 V-57

City Center Redesign, 1958-1959 

V-5 V-58

City Planning and Landscape Architecture University Programs, 1931-1957 

V-5 V-59

Civil Works Administration--Employees and Correspondence, 1934 

V-5 V-60

Civil Works Administration Projects, 1934 

V-5 V-61

Civil Works Administration--Transport Bus Contracts, 1933-1936 

V-5 V-62

Civilian Conservation Corps--Employment and Correspondence, 1933-1934 

V-5 V-63

Civilian Conservation Corps-- Employment and Correspondence, 1934 

V-5 V-64

Civilian Conservation Corps--[Application for approval of construction projects, Des Plaines Camp], 1934-1935 

V-6 V-65

Civilian Conservation Corps--Employees and Correspondence, 1935 

V-6 V-66

Civilian Conservation Corps, 1936-1937 

V-6 V-67

Civilian Conservation Corps--Personnel, 1938-1942 

V-6 V-68

Civilian Conservation Corps--Personnel, undated 

V-6 V-69

Civilian Defense, 1942-1943 

V-6 V-70

[Civilian Defense--miscellaneous civil defense material], 1941-1942 

V-6 V-71

[Clay Hole--Plan of Diving Float of Clay Hole Development Swimming Area], 1931 

V-6 V-72

[Clay Hole Development--Pump Efficiency Test], 1931 

V-6 V-73

Clay Hole Development, 1931-1932 

V-6 V-74

Cleans Streams Committee, 1931 

V-6 V-75

[Cleans Streams Committee] Final Clean Streams Cases, area #100, 1986-1995 

V-6 V-76

[Cleans Streams Committee] Final Clean Streams Cases, area #200, 1986-1993 

V-6 V-77

[Cleans Streams Committee] Final Clean Streams Cases, area #300, 1990-1994 

V-6 V-78

[Cleans Streams Committee] Final Clean Streams Cases, area #400, as of January 1992, 3-459-91, 3-460-91, 1991-1995 

V-6 V-79

[Cleans Streams Committee] Final Clean Streams Cases, area #500, 1984-1994 

V-6 V-80

[Cleans Streams Committee] Final Clean Streams Cases, area #600, 1979-1993 

V-6 V-81

[Cleans Streams Committee] Final Clean Streams Cases, area #700, 1983-1991 

V-6 V-82

Commission Bobrytzke Communication, 1953 

V-6 V-83

Comfort Stations, 1936 

V-6 V-84

Comptroller Reports, 1934 

V-7 V-85

Construction Bulletin and Forest Preserve Advertisement, 1936, 1944 

V-7 V-86

Construction Department, 1930 

V-7 V-87

Superintendent of Construction--Peter Hoffman, 1932 

V-7 V-88

Construction and Maintenance Brochures and Correspondence, 1957-1959 

V-7 V-89

Construction and Development Program, 1962 

V-7 V-90

[Corps of Army Engineers, Chicago River Area Map], ca. 1911 

V-7 V-91

Correspondence--Consultant Data and Graphs, 1945 

V-7 V-92

Dempster Street Widening, 1955-1964 

V-7 V-93

Design Study, the Chicago Portage and Laughton Trading Post Are, 1975 

V-7 V-94

Des Plaines river Dams Reports and Newspaper Clippings, 1947-1949 

V-7 V-95

District Superintendent Communication, 1930-1931 

V-7 V-96

Documentary History of the Illinois and Michigan Cana, 1956 

V-7 V-97

Dutchman's Slough, 1953 

V-7 V-98

E.D. 5 Progress Photos /Thatcher Woods Shelter House, 1930-1931 

V-7 V-99

Eggers Grove, 1938 

V-7 V-100

Emergency Conservation Work, 1935-1936 

V-8 V-101

Emergency Conservation Work, 1936-1937 

V-8 V-102

Engineering and Construction Material, 1964 

V-8 V-103

Engineering and Structure Rosters, ca. 1940 

V-8 V-104

Engineering Department--Charlds C. Estes, 1938-1939 

V-8 V-105

Engineering Department--Charles C. Estes, 1958-1959 

V-8 V-106

Engineering--Correspondence, 1960-1961 

V-8 V-107

Engineering Department, 1962 

V-8 V-108

Engineering Department, 1965-1966 

V-8 V-109

Evaluation of Sewage Collection and Treatment--Metropolitan Sanitary District of Greater Chicago, 1968 

V-8 V-110

Excess land Sale, 1964 

V-8 V-111

Expansion Agenda, 1963 

V-8 V-112

Expansion and Improvement Plans; Higgins Strip, Spring Creek, and Wolf Lake, 1955-1957 

V-8 V-113

Federal Emergency Administration, 1934 

V-8 V-114

Federal Emergency Administration, 1934-1935 

V-8 V-115

Federal File, 1934 

V-8 V-116

Forest Preserve Map, 1940 

V-8 V-117

F.P.D.C.C., Annual Appropriation Bill, 1957 

V-8 V-118

[Frasz, Ignatius] Superintendent of Banks and Properties, 1930 

V-8 V-119

[Frasz, Ignatius] Superintendent of Properties, 1930-1931 

V-8 V-120

[Frasz, Ignatius] Superintendent of Properties, 1933 

V-8 V-121

[Frasz, Ignatius] Superintendent of Properties, 1933-1934 

V-8 V-122

[Frasz, Ignatius] Superintendent of Properties, 1935 

V-8 V-123

[Frasz, Ignatius] Superintendent of Properties, 1936-1937 

V-9 V-124

[Frasz, Ignatius] Superintendent of Properties, 1938 

V-9 V-125

[Frasz, Ignatius] Property Management, 1939 

V-9 V-126

[Frasz, Ignatius] Superintendent of Finances, 1941 

V-9 V-127

[Frasz, Ignatius] Financial Reports of Properties and Tenants, 1942-1944 

V-9 V-128

[Frasz, Ignatius] Correspondence--Ignatius Frasz, Superintendent of Properties, 1946 

V-9 V-129

[Gallonage chart--Camp Reinberg], undated 

V-9 V-130

Guides and Symbols for Plans--National Park Service, ca. 1930 

V-9 V-131

[Headquarters] new Headquarters Building Correspondence, 1931-1932 

V-9 V-132

[Headquarters] New Edition [sic] to General Headquarters, 1950 

V-9 V-133

[Headquarters] Headquarters Expansion, River Forest, 1951 

V-9 V-134

Highway Landscaping--Tree and Shrub Planting, 1930-1932 

V-9 V-135

[Holabird and Root, "A Record of Practice since 1882"], undated 

V-9 V-136

House Demolition and Utility Memos, 1952 

V-9 V-137

Illinois Emergency Relief Commission, 1934 

V-9 V-138

Illinois Emergency Relief Commission, Report and Inventory, 1935-1936 

V-9 V-139

Illinois Bell Telephone Company, 1934 

V-9 V-140

Illinois Public Works and Buildings--Director Robert Kingery, 1933 

V-9 V-141

Illinois Public Works and Buildings--Director Robert Kingery, 1934 

V-9 V-142

Illinois Public Works and Buildings--Director Robert Kingery, 1935 

V-10 V-143

Illinois Public Works and Buildings--Director Robert Kingery, 1936 

V-10 V-144

Illinois Public Works and Buildings--Director Carter Jenkins, Chief Engineer, 1938 

V-10 V-145

Indian Boundary Golf Course, Construction and Contractor Contracts, 1931 

V-10 V-146

[Kingery] Robert Kingery, 1940-1941 

V-10 V-147

[Kickappoo Golf Course--Topographic Map, Sil Sample Analysis, Correspondence], ca. 1932 

V-10 V-148

Lake Calumet Harbor Development, 1953-1954 

V-10 V-149

Land Acquisitions, Permits, and Disputes, 1943-1950 

V-10 V-150

Land Survey--McGinnis Slough, undated 

V-10 V-151

Landscape Architect Civil Service Exam, 1938 

V-10 V-152

Legal Contract--Service Bridge near Northwestern Golf Course, 1954 

V-10 V-153

[List of Benchmarks on Des Plaines river Birdges, Dundee Rd. to 47th St.], undated 

V-10 V-154

[List of Projects], ca. 1932 

V-10 V-155

[Log of well near 119th St. and 80th Ave, Chicago, IL, Div. 5], 1936 

V-10 V-156

[Log of well--Bertleson Place (Girls Scout Camp)], 1935 

V-10 V-157

[Log of well--Schiller Woods], 1940 

V-10 V-158

[Logs of Wells--near Brookfield Zoo, Stoney Ford, South Cantigny Woods], 1938 

V-10 V-159

[Log of well--nursery Salt Creek Camp], 1941 

V-10 V-160

[Logs of wells--Mannheim Woods, Riverside Woods, camp Bemis Woods], 1937 

V-10 V-161

[Log of well--No. 151A, Div. 4, Sp. 47, Camp Bemis Woods], 1936 

V-10 V-162

[Log of well--No. 5171], 1945 

V-10 V-163

[Log of well at Snell's Woods], 1936 

V-10 V-164

[Log of well--near Lawrence Ave. and Des Plaines river], undated 

V-10 V-165

[Log of well--No. 6261, Thornton Woods], 1940 

V-10 V-166

[Log of well--No. 6271, Camp Harrison in Shabonna Woods], 1941 

V-10 V-167

[Log of well--No. 5011, Flynn House, Calumet Grove Area], 1941 

V-10 V-168

[Log of well--No. 5166, Hidden Pond Woods], 1940 

V-10 V-169

[Log of well--No. 5165, Crooked Creek Woods], 1940 

V-10 V-170

[Log of well--Orland Lake Woods], 1941 

V-10 V-171

[Log of well--No. 6271, Camp Harrison in Shabonna Woods], 1941 

V-10 V-172

[Log of well--No. S-39 / Orland Lake Woods], 1941 

V-10 V-173

[Log of well--No. 5011, Flynn House, F.P.D. Division 5A, Calumet Grove Area], 1941 

V-10 V-174

[Log of well--No. 6270, Shabonna woods], 1940 

V-10 V-175

Log of well--Miami Woods], 1937 

V-10 V-176

Lower Des Plaines Valley Refuge Project, 1942-1947 

V-10 V-177

[Map of proposed changes in Illinois and Michigan Canal, Illinois department of Purchases and Construction], 1928 

V-10 V-178

[Map] Survey maps, 1935 

V-10 V-179

[Map] Maps--Foldable Forest Preserve Trails, undated 

V-11 V-180

[Map] Forest Preserve Map, 3' x 5' [folded], ca. 1930 

V-11 V-181

[Maple Hill Lake, contour map--proposed sewage treatment plant], 1931 

V-11 V-182

[Master Plan--Camp Grant, S. P. 37, Rockford, Illinois], 1934 

V-11 V-183

McGinnis Slough, 1932 

V-11 V-184

McGinnis Slough, 1932-1937 

V-11 V-185

McGinnis Slough, 1934 

V-11 V-186

McGinnis Slough, 1935 

V-11 V-187

[McGinnis Slough] Airplane Hazards--McGinnis Slough, 1949 

V-11 V-188

Memorials that Live, brochures and pamphlets, ca. 1945 

V-11 V-189

[Method for computation of curve data], 1932 

V-11 V-190

Milwaukee Ave. and Devon Ave.--Construction and Contractor Contracts, 1931 

V-11 V-191

Miscellaneous Vender Materials, ca. 1930s 

V-11 V-192

M. K. S. Property, Inc., lease, 1962-1966 

V-11 V-193

[Morrill, John Barstow] Correspondence--John Barstow Morrill, Landscape engineer, 1942-1952 

V-11 V-194

[Morrill, John Barstow] Correspondence--John Barstow Morrill, Chief Landscape Engineer (Walden Pond Controversy), 1957 

V-11 V-195

National Committee for Economic Development, "Guiding Metropolitan Growth", 1960 

V-11 V-196

Natural History Survey, 1960-1961 

V-11 V-197

New Property Acquired, 1940-1946 

V-11 V-198

Newspaper Clippings--Negotiations with U.S. Military, 1951-1954 

V-11 V-199

Northeastern Illinois Metropolitan Area Planning commission, 1960-1961 

V-11 V-200

Northwestern golf Course--Construction and Contractor contracts, 1930-1931 

V-12 V-201

Official Vacating of Streets, ca. 1960 

V-12 V-202

Operation of Swimming Pools and Beaches, 1932 

V-12 V-203

Original Copy of fox Testimony Hearing Held May 19, 1948, 1948 

V-12 V-204

Outdoor Recreation Resources Review Commission [pamphlet], 1960 

V-12 V-205

Park Designs and Forest Park Master Plan, 1931-1937 

V-12 V-206

Park Pavilion Design, 1920s 

V-12 V-207

Park Shelter Designs, 1932, 1951, 1959 

V-12 V-208

Pending Acquisitions, 1965 

V-12 V-209

[Permit to H. V. Von Holst to build waterline through F.P.D. property], 1930s 

V-12 V-210

Physical Property Inventory, Division #3, 1942 

V-12 V-211

A Planning Commission for Cook County, proposed by President John J. Duffy, undated 

V-12 V-212

[Plan of development near "British Old People's Home"], 1940 

V-12 V-213

[Portage Lagoons--Mosquito Abatement Notes], 1939 

V-12 V-214

Preserve Planning Report, 1929 

V-12 V-215

Program Proposal for Fish Preserve and Bird Sanctuary, ca. 1931 

V-13 V-216

Progress Reports, 1929-1931 

V-13 V-217

Progress Report, 1931 

V-13 V-218

Progress Report, 1931 

V-13 V-219

Project Outlines, 1935 

V-13 V-220

Proposal--Eggers Grove--Comfort Station, 1937 

V-13 V-221

Proposal--Thatcher Woods--Plumbing Fixtures, 1931 

V-13 V-222

Proposed Preserve Administration School, 1930s 

V-13 V-223

[Proposed comprehensive amendment to the Cook County zoning ordinance], 1957 

V-13 V-224

[Proposed comprehensive amendment to the Cook County zoning ordinance], 1958 

V-13 V-225

[Proposed comprehensive amendment to the Cook County zoning ordinance], 1959 

V-13 V-226

[Public Service Company] Utility Services, 1932 

V-13 V-227

Public Service, 1935 

V-13 V-228

Public Service Company, 1937 

V-13 V-229

Real Estate Department, 1929-1930 

V-14 V-230

Real Estate Correspondence, 1930, 1936 

V-14 V-231

Real Estate Department--B. J. Kewin, 1931-1932 

V-14 V-232

Real Estate File, 1934-1935 

V-14 V-233

Real Estate, 1934 

V-14 V-234

Real Estate, 1934-1936 

V-14 V-235

Real Estate, 1937 

V-14 V-236

Real Estate File, 1937-1938 

V-14 V-237

Real Estate--Ignacio Frascz, 1938 

V-14 V-238

Real Estate, 1939 

V-15 V-239

Real Estate, 1939 

V-15 V-240

Real Estate File, 1940-1941 

V-15 V-241

Real Estate File, 1942 

V-15 V-242

Real Estate File, 1958-1959 

V-15 V-243

Real Estate Department, 1962 

V-15 V-244

Real Estate--Paul Robertson and Maynard Hokanson, 1962 

V-15 V-245

[Real Estate Department] correspondence / lists, re real estate acquisition, 1960-1961 

V-15 V-246

Real Estate File--Acquisitions, 1964 

V-15 V-247

Real Estate Department, 1966 

V-16 V-248

Regional Plan Association, 1941 

V-16 V-249

[Report of investigation of flood conditions--North Creek and Lincoln Lansing], 1939 

V-16 V-250

Report on School Facilities in river forest, Illinois, 1947-1949 

V-16 V-251

Reports, 1929-1930 

V-16 V-252

[Reports] General Reports and Statistics, 1940 

V-16 V-253

[Reports] General Reports and Statistics, 1940 

V-16 V-254

[Reports] General Reports and Statistics, 1941 

V-16 V-255

Road Maps, 1928-1947 

V-16 V-256

Roadside landscape Design, 1931-1957 

V-16 V-257

St. Louis Map, 1963 

V-16 V-258

[Salt Creek] American Legions, 1960 

V-16 V-259

[Salt Creek] ?clippings--Salt Creek, 1960 

V-16 V-260

[Salt Creek] Salt Creek correspondence [part 1 of 3], 1960 

V-17 V-261

[Salt Creek] Salt Creek correspondence [part 2 of 3], 1960 

V-17 V-262

[Salt Creek] Salt Creek correspondence [part 3 of 3], 1960 

V-17 V-263

Salt Creek Development, 1959 

V-17 V-264

[Salt Creek] Salt Creek Flood Control Project, 1959-1960 

V-17 V-265

[Salt Creek] Salt Creek Flood Control, 1960 

V-17 V-266

[Salt Creek] Garden Club of Illinois, 1960 

V-17 V-267

[Salt Creek] Illinois Federation of Women's Clubs, 1960 

V-17 V-268

[Salt Creek] Individuals, 1960 

V-17 V-269

[Salt Creek] Izaak Walton Leagues, 1959 

V-17 V-270

[Salt Creek] Kiwanis Clubs, 1960 

V-17 V-271

[Salt Creek] Letters to Governor Stratton, 1960 

V-17 V-272

[Salt Creek] Miscellaneous groups and organizations, 1960 

V-17 V-273

[Salt Creek] Photocopies of letters--Scribner, Dean, Chester r. Davis, 1960 

V-18 V-274

[Salt Creek] VFW, 1960 

V-18 V-275

[Salt Creek] YMCA's, 1959 

V-18 V-276

Santa Fe Railroad, 1953-1955 

V-18 V-277

Sauk Trail Preserve Trail--construction and contractor contracts, 1931 

V-18 V-278

[Sauk Trail] Great Sauk Trail, 1950 

V-18 V-279

Schiller Woods, Notes and Aerial Design, undated 

V-18 V-280

Sign creation--correspondence, 1930 

V-18 V-281

Shabbona Woods--Construction and contracts for bathhouse and pumping station, 1931 

V-18 V-282

[Skokie] Skokie Marsh Project, 1932-1934 

V-18 V-283

[Skokie] Skokie Valley Personnel, 1933-1934 

V-18 V-284

[Skokie] Skokie Valley and Lagoon Project, 1933-1934 

V-18 V-285

[Skokie] Superintendent of Skokie Valley--Hugh Kent, 1934 

V-18 V-286

[Skokie] Camp Skokie Valley, personnel and newspaper clippings, 1934 

V-19 V-287

[Skokie--Camp Skokie newspaper clippings], 1934, 1994 

V-19 V-288

[Skokie] Skokie Development and Blueprints, 1934-1935, 1940 

V-19 V-289

[Skokie] "The Review" Newspaper--Skokie and Glenview Projects, 1934-1936 

V-19 V-290

[Skokie] Skokie Camps, 1935 

V-19 V-291

[Skokie] Skokie Project--Hugh Kent, General Superintendent, 1935 

V-19 V-292

[Skokie] Camp Skokie Newspaper clippings and personnel, 1936 

V-19 V-293

[Skokie] Camp Skokie Project and Personnel, 1937 

V-19 V-294

[Skokie] Skokie Project, 1940-1942 

V-19 V-295

[Skokie] Skokie Lagoons, 1960 

V-19 V-296

Soldier Memorial Proposals, 1930-1931 

V-19 V-297

[Standard fire tower], 1934 

V-19 V-298

[Standard specification for stone masonry (handwritten)], undated 

V-19 V-299

State Government: Are we Maintaining Our Federal System?, 1949 

V-19 V-300

Study of Traffic in River Forest and Forest Preserve Headquarters, 1951 

V-19 V-301

Suggested Planting Schedule, 1930s, 1960 

V-20 V-302

Suggested Work Program Reports, 1939-1940 

V-20 V-303

[Survey of 945 Circle Ave., forest Park, by Newton Young Alvis], 1941 

V-20 V-304

Thatcher Woods--Construction and Contractor Contracts, 1930 

V-20 V-305

Thatcher Woods--Construction and Contractor Contracts, 1930-1931 

V-20 V-306

Thatcher Woods--Construction and Contractor Contracts, 1930-1931 

V-20 V-307

[Time distribution in man hours for Nov. / Dec. 1942; F.P.D. Engineering Department], 1942 

V-20 V-308

Toilet Dispute, 1935-1945 

V-20 V-309

Toilet Controversy--Dorothy Waugh, 1935-1945 

V-20 V-310

Toilet Design--Correspondence, 1935 

V-20 V-311

Tower Rod. Sewer and Storage of Flood Waters, undated 

V-20 V-312

Traffic Line Marking, 1950-1952 

V-20 V-313

Triplex Industries, Inc. (land dispute), 1961 

V-20 V-314

Urban Freeway Planning Report, 1945 

V-20 V-315

[Wagner, Harold] Regional and Urban Planning--Harold Wagner, 1962 

V-20 V-316

War Memorials Use as Recreational Spots, 1930, 1945 

V-20 V-317

Washington Boulevard Street Lighting--Midwest Lighting Corporation Contract, 1929-1930 

V-20 V-318

West Chicago Park Commissions and Park Design, 1912-1914 

V-20 V-319

Wolf Lake, 1940 

V-20 V-320

[Works Progress Administration--sketch of 4 inch tees in water main, Irving Park Boulevard], 1930s 

V-21 V-321

Works Progress Administration, 1935-1937 

V-21 V-322

Works Progress Administration, 1936 

V-21 V-323

Works Progress Administration, District 2, E. P. Romilly, supervisor, 1937-1938 

V-21 V-324

Works Progress Administration, District 3, Oscar Knop, Supervisor, 1937-1938 

V-21 V-325

Works Progress Administration, 1938 

V-21 V-326

Works Progress Administration, 1940-1942 

V-21 V-327

Zoological Society materials, Brookfield Zoo, 1918-1951 

V-21 V-328

Zoological Garden--John T. McCutcheon, Chairman, 1930-1931 

V-21 V-329

Sub-series 2: Records of the Office of the Landscape Architect, 1948-2001  (Bulk, 1950-1990)   11.0 linear ft.

Scope and Contents note

This sub-series contains files from the Office of the Landscape Architect of the FPDCC.

Box Folder

1976 Budget Cover, 1976 

V-22 V-330

Annual Report and Annual Message," Landscape Architect's Annual Reports, 1966-Present", 1966-1988 

V-22 V-331

Annual Report, Landscape Architect, 1989 

V-22 V-332

Annual Report and Annual Message, Landscape Architect, 1990 

V-22 V-333

Annual Report and Annual Message, Landscape Architect, 1991 

V-22 V-334

Annual Report and Annual Message, Landscape Architect and President, 1991-1993 

V-22 V-335

Aerial Photographs [invoices], ca. 1977 

V-22 V-336

[Aerial Photographs] "Photo Index USDA", undated 

V-22 V-337

[Aerial Photographs] "Chicago Ar. Ind. [Chicago Aerial Index] Old Photos Befores [sic] on file", ca. 1948, 1978 

V-22 V-338

[Aerial Photographs] "Chicago Aerial SurveyCL-5-8160", 1956-1988 

V-22 V-339

[Bicycles] "ASLA Award Application 1991 Bicycle Trail Network", 1991 

V-22 V-340

[Bicycles] "Bicycle Trail Legislation--with Kane Co.", 1987-1990 

V-22 V-341

[Bicycles] "Bike Trails" [part 1 of 2], 1959-1992 

V-22 V-342

[Bicycles] "Bike Trails" [part 2 of 2], 1959-1992 

V-22 V-343

[Bicycles] Bike Trails and Highways, 1974 

V-23 V-344

[Bicycles] Bike Trail Panel, 1962-1970 

V-23 V-345

[Bicycles] "Bike Trail Survey 1989", 1989 

V-23 V-346

[Bicycles] Chicago Bicycle Federation, 1985-1988 

V-23 V-347

[Bicycles] "Cycling in Illinois Meetings, Sept. 27-30", 1966-1970 

V-23 V-348

[Bicycles] "Fap 340", 1993 

V-23 V-349

Board Letters By. L. A. Dept., 1985-1986 

V-23 V-350

Boating and Water Recreation--Boat access sites on Cook Co. streams; State of Illinois request, 1984 

V-23 V-351

Boating and Water Recreation Study, 1958 

V-23 V-352

Busse Reservoir undated, 

V-23 V-353

Camping, ca. 1969-1970 

V-23 V-354

Cap Sauers, ca. 1958-1970 

V-23 V-355

Chicago River, 1993 

V-23 V-356

Chicago's Comeback, U.S. News and World Report, May 27, 1955 

V-23 V-357

City Planning Magazine article, 1948 

V-23 V-358

City of Chicago--Vac. Real Estate--1988, 1988 

V-23 V-359

City Space, 1993 

V-23 V-360

Civil Defense and F.P.D., 1951 

V-23 V-361

Commissioners--1975, 1975 

V-23 V-362

[Comprehensive Plan of Park and Play Areas of Chicago, with correspondence], 1945 

V-23 V-363

[Conferences] "1966 Construction and Development Seminar", 1966 

V-23 V-364

[Conferences] "1968 Construction and Development Seminar", 1968 

V-23 V-365

[Conferences] "1974 Oikus [sic] Meeting", 1974 

V-23 V-366

[Conferences] "1975 Great Lakes Conference Program, Feb. 23-27", 1975 

V-24 V-367

[Conferences] "1979 Trails Symposium", 1979 

V-24 V-368

[Conferences] "Buck--Ill. Technical Forestry Association, Leland Hotel, Springfield Speech--Jan. 21, 1965", 1963-1970 

V-24 V-369

[Conferences] "Conservation Congress", 1993 

V-24 V-370

[Conferences] "Great Lakes Park Training Ins. Meeting", 1966 

V-24 V-371

[Conferences] "Seminars, Meetings, Talks" [folder 1 of 3]--"Interim Advisory Group on Open Space--NIMAPC", 1960-1963 

V-24 V-372

[Conferences] "Seminars, Meetings, Talks" [folder 2 of 3]--"O.R.R.R.C.--1960", 1960 

V-24 V-373

[Conferences] "Seminars, Meetings, Talks" [folder 3 of 3]--"Seminar", 1963 

V-24 V-374

[Conferences] "Urban For. Con. [Urban Forestry Conference]", 1982 

V-24 V-375

Consultants, 1978 

V-24 V-376

Corps of Engineers, 1972-1976 

V-25 V-377

Correspondence [Richard Buck, folder 1 of 7]--"Memos from Roland Eisenbeis", 1960-1964 

V-25 V-378

Correspondence [Richard Buck, folder 2 of 7]--"Memos from Arthur Janura", 1959-1970 

V-25 V-379

Correspondence [Richard Buck, folder 3 of 7]--"Memos from Chas. G. Sauers", 1962-1963 

V-25 V-380

Correspondence [Richard Buck, folder 4 of 7]--"Memos from Chas. C. Estes", 1959-1968 

V-25 V-381

Correspondence [Richard Buck, folder 5 of 7]--"Memos to Chas. G. Sauers", 1960-1965 

V-25 V-382

Correspondence [Richard Buck, folder 6 of 7]--"Memos to Chas. C. Estes", 1960-1965 

V-25 V-383

Correspondence [Richard Buck, folder 7 of 7]--"Memos to Arthur Janura", 1959-1969 

V-25 V-384

Correspondence 1968 (1969) [folder 1 of 2], 1963-1967 

V-25 V-385

Correspondence 1968 (1969) [folder 2 of 2], 1968-1969 

V-25 V-386

[Correspondence Richard Buck], 1979-1980 

V-25 V-387

Correspondence 1988, 1988-1990 

V-25 V-388

[Correspondence] R. L. Buck-Gladstone, 1977-1978 

V-25 V-389

[Correspondence--Richard Buck with Albert D. Hosler], 1968 

V-25 V-390

[Correspondence] "Letters Supporting Forest Service--Yates", 1984-1991 

V-26 V-391

[Correspondence] Texas Tech--R. Buck, 1972 

V-26 V-392

[Correspondence] "'Thank You' file", 1983-1991 

V-26 V-393

Development Potentials, 1965-1975 

V-26 V-394

Development Potential; Construction and Development; 5 Year Cost Estimate, 1973 

V-26 V-395

DuPont Magazine, 1962 

V-26 V-396

Employment, 1985 

V-26 V-397

Equestrian Trails [folder 1 of 3], 1974-1985 

V-26 V-398

Equestrian Trails [folder 2 of 3], 1972-1992 

V-26 V-399

Equestrian Trails [folder 3 of 3], 1972-1991 

V-26 V-400

Field Book [surveyor's diary], 1984 

V-26 V-401

[Floods] Flooding, 1990 

V-27 V-402

[Floods] Flood Maps, 1960-1970 

V-27 V-403

[Floods] Flood Plain Regulations North Branch Chicago River Clean-Up [part 1 of 2], 1964, 1973 

V-27 V-404

[Floods] Flood Plain Regulations North Branch Chicago River Clean-Up [part 2 of 2], 1960, 1972 

V-27 V-405

[Floods] Flood Zoning Ordinance, 1964, 1973 

V-27 V-406

[Floods] Illinois Flood Plain management; Illinois Department of Transportation, Division of Waterways, 1975 

V-27 V-407

[Floods] Metropolitan Sanitary District Flood Resolution, 1970 

V-27 V-408

[Floods] Poplar Creek Flood Steering Committee, ca. 1974 

V-27 V-409

[Floods] S. C. S. [Soil Conservation Service] North Branch Flood Study--1973, 1971-1990 

V-27 V-410

FPD Color Book, 1971 

V-27 V-411

The Forest Way, 1957-1972 

V-27 V-412

Freedom of Information Act, 1984 

V-27 V-413

Fox River Conservancy District, 1971 

V-27 V-414

Foreign Visitors, 1992-1993 

V-27 V-415

General Info. Manual (Cover), undated 

V-28 V-416

Geological Study of Forest Preserve District Land; 1969 Request to Geological Survey, 1966-1969 

V-28 V-417

Geological Research, 1945-1975 

V-28 V-418

[Golf] "Golf Course", undated 

V-28 V-419

[Golf] "Golf Course Inventory", 1963-1993 

V-28 V-420

[Golf] "Golf Course Master Plan", 1983 

V-28 V-421

[Golf] "Golf Course Restoration Programs and Planting", 1964-1972 

V-28 V-422

[Golf] "Golf Course Statistics", 1963-1989 

V-28 V-423

[Golf] "Golf Course Study--Master Plans; Evans, Pipe, Ind. Boundary; Nugent; 1984, 

V-28 V-424

[Golf] "Golf Courses Tree Count for Attornies [sic]", undated 

V-28 V-425

[Golf] "Golf Dept. Requests", 1975-1983 

V-28 V-426

[Golf] "Golf Specs and Astro Turf", ca. 1968-1971 

V-28 V-427

[Golf] "Greens--Construction", ca. 1962-1964 

V-28 V-428

[Golf] "Specifications / 10 Hole Remodeling / Pipe O'Peace Golf Course", 1986 

V-28 V-429

Hagensick vs. F.P.D., 1982, 1984 

V-28 V-430

[Highways] "County Highways Long Range Plan Comments 1973", 1973-1974 

V-29 V-431

[Highways] "F. A. U. Fishing Review", 1972 

V-29 V-432

[Highways] "Fox Valley Freeway Corridor Lochner Inc.", 1969-1971 

V-29 V-433

[Highways] "Highways--1968", ca. 1968 

V-29 V-434

[Highways] "Highways", 1972 

V-29 V-435

[Highways] "Highway Alignment Freeway Corridor North Suburban Lochner, Inc.", 1969 

V-29 V-436

[Highways] "Highway Alignment Corridor--South Suburban Freeway Murphy Engineering; copy of Plum Creek Preserve to Richard Miller Oct. 23, 1970", 1970-1971 

V-29 V-437

[Highways] "Highway Department 'Action Plan'", 1973 

V-29 V-438

[Highways] "Highway Legislation--1965; Powers of Eminent Domain against other Public Bodies", 1965 

V-29 V-439

[Highways] "Highway Policy Statements; Supreme Court Decision--Overton", 1971 

V-29 V-440

[Highways] "Policy Freeway Alignments (interoffice use only", 1969-1970 

V-29 V-441

[Highways] "Policy--Freeway Alignments", 1970 

V-29 V-442

[Highways] "Regional Transportation Interim Plan and Program", 1971 

V-29 V-443

[Highways] "toll Road--Construction", undated 

V-29 V-444

Historic Sites and Buildings, 1950, 1970 

V-30 V-445

Historical Preservation: Federal Grants, 1966 

V-30 V-446

Honorary Facility Privilege Pass--1980 Art Work, ca. 1980 

V-30 V-447

Indian Cemetery, 1932 

V-30 V-447B

Klehm--Barrington, 1977-1980 

V-30 V-448

Land Acquisition--Early 1950s, 1950s 

V-30 V-449

Land Acquisition, 1993 

V-30 V-450

Land Acquisition--Memorandum file, 1972 

V-30 V-451

Land Acquisition Status Reports, 1971-1985 

V-30 V-452

[Land Acquisition] Small Plats, 1963-1976 

V-30 V-453

[Legislation] Explanation of Legislation Concerning C and D Fund, 1945 

V-30 V-454

[Legislation] Forest Preserve Legislation, 1963-1971 

V-30 V-455

[Legislation] "Legislature--1975", 1975 

V-30 V-456

Lectures and Tours 1971 Forest Preserve (Student), 1971 

V-30 V-457

[Little Calumet] "Flood Plain Information Report / Little Calumet River and Tributaries / Illinois and Indiana", 1965 

V-31 V-458

[Little Calumet] "Little Calumet River Watershed Illinois", 1978 

V-31 V-459

[Little Calumet] "Little Calumet River Watershed Cook and Will Counties Illinois", 1978 

V-31 V-460

Malls--Oak Park, undated 

V-31 V-461

[Maps] "1962 Cook County Forest Preserve District and Burnham's 1908 Park Plan", 1962 

V-31 V-462

[Maps, part 1 of 3] "Arrows and Key Maps", undated 

V-31 V-463

[Maps, part 2 of 3] "Map Symbols", undated 

V-31 V-464

[Maps, part 3 of 3] "Key to Symbols", undated 

V-31 V-465

[Maps F. P. D.] "N.I.P.C. Map Changes", 1991 

V-31 V-466

[Maps F. P. D.] "Modern Graphics", 1988 

V-31 V-467

[Maps F. P. D.] "Map for George Dunne", 1970 

V-31 V-468

[Maps F. P. D.] "Trib. Map Correction", 1973-1974 

V-31 V-469

[Maps F. P. D.] "Tribune Map Corrections", 1978-1979 

V-31 V-470

[Maps] "Index for Atlas", 1962 

V-31 V-471

Meadow Clearing and Timber Stand Improvement, 1960-1966 

V-31 V-472

Meadow Control and Annual Mowing--District Wide, 1961-1977 

V-31 V-473

Meadow Control, 1973-1979 

V-31 V-474

[Metropolitan Sanitary District] Environmental Impacts, Tunnel MSD, 1976 

V-32 V-475

[Metropolitan Sanitary District] MSD Deep Tunnel, 1974-1976 

V-32 V-476

Miscellaneous, 1991-1993 

V-32 V-477

Model Airplane Fields, 1965 

V-32 V-478

Model Airplane Fields, ca. 1994 

V-32 V-479

Motor Fuel Tax Study, undated 

V-32 V-480

NACPRO [National Association of County Park and Recreation Officials] Award Application, 1992 

V-32 V-481

National Historic Sites, Friendship Hill, undated 

V-32 V-482

[Nature Preserves] Natural Areas Inventory, 1972-1992 

V-32 V-483

[Nature Preserves] Names--FPD, 1948-1971 

V-32 V-484

[Nature Preserves] Names--FPD Land, 1966-1967 

V-32 V-485

[Nature Preserves] Nature Conservancy Resolution, 1989 

V-32 V-486

[Northeastern Illinois Planning Commission] "NIPC Correspondence", 1977 

V-33 V-487

[Northeastern Illinois Planning Commission] "NIPC Correspondence", 1978 

V-33 V-488

[Northeastern Illinois Planning Commission] "NIPC Correspondence", 1979 

V-33 V-489

[Northeastern Illinois Planning Commission] "NIPC Correspondence", 1980 

V-33 V-490

[Northeastern Illinois Planning Commission] "NIPC Correspondence", 1981, 1982 

V-33 V-491

[Northeastern Illinois Planning Commission] "NIPC Correspondence", 1983-1986 

V-33 V-492

[Northeastern Illinois Planning Commission] "NIPC Flood Detection Information Request", 1985 

V-33 V-493

Nursery Inventory--FPD, 1991-2001 

V-33 V-494

Open lands Project, 1963-1987 

V-33 V-495

Open Space--Early treatise on 'Open Space.' Harvard, 1955-1965 

V-33 V-496

Personnel / District Issue, 1993 

V-33 V-497

Photogrammetry, 1964-1966 

V-33 V-498

Photogrammetric--1967--Program, 1967 

V-33 V-499

Photogrammetric, 1969 

V-33 V-500

Picnic Groves--Calumet Div., 1992 

V-34 V-501

Picnic Groves--Des Plaines, 1992-1993 

V-34 V-502

Picnic Groves--Indian Boundary, 1991-1993 

V-34 V-503

Picnic Groves [folder 1 of 2]--"Void--Picnic Maps--Outdated Originals", undated 

V-34 V-504

Picnic Groves [folder 2 of 2]--"Old Picnic Grove Maps", undated 

V-34 V-505

Picnic Groves, Misc., undated 

V-34 V-506

Picnic Groves--New Div., 1992 

V-34 V-507

Picnic Groves--N. Branch, 1992-1993 

V-34 V-508

Picnic Groves--Northwest, 1992-1993 

V-34 V-509

Picnic Groves--Palos, 1992-1993 

V-34 V-510

Picnic Groves--Sag, 1992-1993 

V-34 V-511

Picnic Groves--Salt Creek, 1992 

V-34 V-512

Picnic Groves--Skokie, 1992 

V-34 V-513

Picnic Groves--Thorn Creek, 1992-1193 

V-34 V-514

Picnic Groves--Turkey Creek, undated 

V-34 V-515

Planting--Large Trees [folder 1A of 5]--"Planting Reports F.P.D.", 1952-2003 

V-34 V-516

Planting--Large Trees [folder 1B of 5]--"Planting Reports F.P.D.", 1952-2003 

V-35 V-517

Planting--Large Trees [folder 2 of 5]--"Requisitions and Requests", 1962-1972 

V-35 V-518

Planting--Large Trees [folder 3 of 5]--"Tree Contracts--Completed", 1961, 1975 

V-35 V-519

Planting--Large Trees [folder 4 of 5]--"Tree and Shrub Planting", ca. 1970 

V-35 V-520

Planting--Large Trees [folder 5 of 5]--"Field Progress Report", 1969-1970 

V-35 V-521

Planting--Reforestation Symbols, undated 

V-35 V-522

Policy Report [folder 1 of 2]--"Village Use of FPD--Recommendations by Jr. Staff", 1956-1957 

V-35 V-523

Policy Report [folder 2 of 2]--[Reports of Advisory Committee; Memos on F.P.D. Policy], 1948-1968 

V-35 V-524

Political Issues, 1993 

V-35 V-525

Poplar Creek Forest Preserve Preliminary Application, 1968 

V-35 V-526

Population Studies--"Population Projections Cook County", 1959-1974 

V-35 V-527

Prairies F.P.D. Work File [folder 1 of 3]--"Prairies F.P.D. Work File", 1975-1985 

V-35 V-528

Prairies F.P.D. Work File [folder 2 of 3]--"Prairie Project North Branch", 1978-1985 

V-36 V-529

Prairies F.P.D. Work File [folder 3 of 3]--"...Prairies", 1984-1991 

V-36 V-530

Prairie Path--"Prairie Path Planning Commission", 1968-1986 

V-36 V-531

Press Release Correspondence--"Press Release", 1978 

V-36 V-532

Projects and Programs--Planning and Management, 1968-1969 

V-36 V-533

Public Lands--"Public Lands Metro City U.S.--1960", 1960 

V-36 V-534

Publicity [folder 1 of 2]--"Newspaper Items", 1930-1967 

V-36 V-535

Publicity [folder 2 of 2]--[untitled], 1959-1969 

V-36 V-536

Ranger Reports 1980, 1980 

V-37 V-537

Recreation General [folder 1 of 2]--"Recreational Facilities Map 1976", 1975-1982 

V-37 V-538

Recreation General [folder 2 of 2]--"Recreation in Chicago--Rugg 1974", 1974 

V-37 V-539

Reforestation Signs, ca. 1966 

V-37 V-540

Real Estate Correspondence--1985, 1984-1985 

V-37 V-541

Rossmoore Lands Ordinance, 6 / 19 / 67, 1967 

V-37 V-542

Rules of the civil Service Commission, 1968 

V-37 V-543

Satellite Photo, 1973-1974 

V-37 V-544

Signs B. O. R., 1976-1993 

V-37 V-545

Slides Index, ca. 1973 

V-37 V-546

Snow Dumping Damage Report Winter 1978-1979, ca. 1979 

V-37 V-547

Soccer Field Rewards, 1992-1993 

V-37 V-548

Soil Erosion, ca. 1973-1978 

V-37 V-549

Solid Waste Disposal, undated 

V-37 V-550

Staff Report, 1954 

V-37 V-551

Studies F. P. D. info. to others Argonne lab--Red Gate Woods Radiation Study, 1978 

V-38 V-552

Studies F. P. D. info. to others Des Plaines R. Lower Watershed Study, 1977 

V-38 V-553

Studies F. P. D. info. to others Energy Crisis impact--B. O. R., 1973 

V-38 V-554

Studies F. P. D. info. to others Illinois Dept. of Conservation SCORP--update, 1977-1978, 1980 

V-38 V-555

Studies F. P. D. info. to others Urban Outdoor Rec. Project Dept of Leisure Studies--Univ. of Illinois, 1977 

V-38 V-556

Thorn Creek Preservation, 1970-1971 

V-38 V-557

Toilets F.P.D., 1978 

V-38 V-558

Toilets--Pit Type Site Work, undated 

V-38 V-559

[Topographic Maps], undated 

V-38 V-560

Tornado Relief, ca. 1990 

V-38 V-561

Traffic Line Markings, undated 

V-38 V-562

[Trails] Statewide Inventory Trails Dept. of Conservation, 1979 

V-38 V-563

[Trails] "Trails in Illinois Guide", undated 

V-38 V-564

[Trails] Trail map Revisions, 1989 

V-38 V-565

[Trails] Nature Trails, ca. 1968-1978 

V-38 V-566

[Transition Management] "Reforestation by Contract: 1965 Meeting", ca. 1965-1974 

V-38 V-567

[Transition Management] "1969 Draft Permits", 1967-1969 

V-38 V-568

[Transition Management] [Farm Lease Records], 1968 

V-38 V-569

[Transition Management] [Permits], 1968 

V-38 V-570

[Transition Management] "Transition Management", 1968 

V-38 V-571

[Transition Management] "Grass Program 1969", 1968-1969 

V-38 V-572

[Transition Management] "Transition Management 1973, 1974" [folder 1 of 6] "1968 Farm Permits", 1967-1968 

V-38 V-573

[Transition Management] "Transition Management 1973, 1974" [folder 2 of 6] "Forms (blank)", undated 

V-38 V-574

[Transition Management] "Transition Management 1973, 1974" [folder 3 of 6] "1968 Farm Tabulation (Plats)", 1966, 1968 

V-38 V-575

[Transition Management] "Transition Management 1973, 1974" [folder 4 of 6] "Land Acquisition Forms", undated 

V-38 V-576

[Transition Management] "Transition Management 1973, 1974" [folder 5 of 6] "1970 Transition management--Farm and Grass Areas", 1969-1970 

V-38 V-577

[Transition Management] "Transition Management 1973, 1974" [folder 6 of 6] ""grass Seeing and trans. Managemt [sic]", ca. 1968 

V-38 V-578

[Transition Management] "Transition Management--Grass", 1970-1971 

V-38 V-579

[Transition Management] "Rossmoor Grass", 1971 

V-39 V-580

Transition Management--"1971 Permits", 1970-1972 

V-39 V-581

[Transition Management] "Reforestation Programs Spring lake Addition and Poplar Creek Preserve", 1971-1982 

V-39 V-582

Transition Management 1968, 1969 [folder 1 of 6] "Transition Management", 1971, 1975 

V-39 V-583

Transition Management 1968, 1969 [folder 2 of 6] "Grass Program--1969", 1969 

V-39 V-584

Transition Management 1968, 1969 [folder 3 of 6] "Not Reissued 1974", 1974 

V-39 V-585

Transition Management 1968, 1969 [folder 4 of 6] "1974 Drafts", 1973-1974 

V-39 V-586

Transition Management 1968, 1969 [folder 5 of 6] "1975 Permit", 1975 

V-39 V-587

Transition Management 1968, 1969 [folder 6 of 6] ""Copies of 1974 Permits to Dolezal", 1974 

V-39 V-588

Transition Management--Custom Plowing of Turf Areas For Reforestation, 1972 

V-39 V-589

[Transition Management] "1972 Permits", 1972 

V-39 V-590

Transition Management, ca. 1972 

V-39 V-591

Transition Management--"1973 Drafts", 1973 

V-39 V-592

Transition Management--"Not to be Re-Issued 1973", 1973 

V-39 V-593

[Transition Management] "Copies of Permits to Dolezal", 1973 

V-39 V-594

Transition Management: 1976 Farm Permits, 1976 

V-39 V-595

[Transition Management] "1978 Permits and Reforestation Program", 1978 

V-39 V-596

Transition Management, 1980-1987 

V-39 V-597

Tree Survey 1830, undated 

V-40 V-598

Tree Seals (Tags) from Bosler, 1977-1978 

V-40 V-599

Tube File--Information, 1976 

V-40 V-600

Two Comfort Stations, 1977 

V-40 V-601

Forest Service Research Projects, 1979-1983 

V-40 V-602

[United States Forest Service] "Use Study Busse Woods", 1979-1988 

V-40 V-603

[United States Forest Service] "Busse Woods 1984 Attendance Research, U.S. Forest Service Area--8", 1983-1987 

V-40 V-604

[United States Forest Service] "John Dwyer 1987 Material", 1985-1987 

V-41 V-605

[United States Forest Service] "U.S. Forest Service John Dwyer--1988", 1983-1988 

V-41 V-606

[United States Forest Service] "Busse Wds. 1984 Area 8 Research U.S. Forest Service", 1984-1987 

V-41 V-607

[United States Forest Service] "U.S. Forest Service--Vegetative Base Grant", 1989-1990 

V-41 V-608

[Waste] Garbage and Refuse Site--F. P. D. and Private Correspondence", 1963-1984 

V-41 V-609

[Waste] Garbage and Refuse--Hydrological Data, 1969-1973 

V-42 V-610

[Waste] Metropolitan Sanitary District; Chicagoland Ski Mountain Solid Waste Disposal, ca. 1969-ca. 1970 

V-42 V-611

[Waste] Solid Waste Management Plan N. I. P. C.--Revision, 1975 

V-42 V-612

Water Pollution Water Resources 1968 [folder 1 of 3] "Water Pollution and Water Resources", 1968 

V-42 V-613

Water Pollution Water Resources 1968 [folder 2 of 3] "Water Resources F. P. D.", 1946-1966 

V-42 V-614

Water Pollution Water Resources 1968 [folder 3 of 3] ""Wells and Well Platforms", 1974 

V-42 V-615

Watershed [folder 1 of 2] "Watershed Agreement 1985 / Little Calumet Watershed", 1983-1985 

V-42 V-616

Watershed [folder 2 of 2] "Watershed Agreement 1987 / Lower Des Plaines River Tributaries", 1987 

V-42 V-617

Watchman Residence Sign, undated 

V-42 V-618

"W"--"Wetlands", 1985-1992 

V-42 V-619

"840.5--Nursery Catalogs" [part 1 of 3], ca. 1956 

V-43 V-620

"840.5--Nursery Catalogs" [part 2 of 3], ca. 1956 

V-43 V-621

"840.5--Nursery Catalogs" [part 3 of 3], ca. 1956 

V-43 V-622

"C-840.5--Catalogs" [part 1 of 3], ca. 1961 

V-43 V-623

"C-840.5--Catalogs" [part 2 of 3], ca. 1961 

V-43 V-624

"C-840.5--Catalogs" [part 3 of 3], ca. 1961 

V-43 V-625

Sub-series 3: Advisory Committee Records from the Office of the Landscape Architect, 1923-1984   14.0 linear ft.

Scope and Contents note

The records in this series come from the office of the landscape architect and deal specifically with the FPDCC Advisory Committee. First established in 1926 to replace the district's "Plan Committee," the Advisory Committee was responsible for formulating the district's strategic vision, which involved determining what land to acquire and how and for what purpose to develop that land.

The records in this sub-series include minutes, plans, reports, memoranda and correspondence of the Advisory Committee and the office of the landscape architect.

Researchers who are interested in studying the Advisory Committee might also wish to consult the Advisory Committee records in this collection. These are found in Series V, sub-series 4.

Box Folder

[File 10-7-1, Sanitary District Lands], 1931-1938 

V-44 V-626

10-1 Forest Preserves, 1936 

V-44 V-627

10-1 Forest Preserves, "January-June / May, 1937", 1937 

V-44 V-628

10-1 Forest Preserves [part 1 of 2], 1938 

V-44 V-629

10-1 Forest Preserves [part 2 of 2], 1938 

V-44 V-630

10-1 Co. Forest Preserve, 1939 

V-45 V-631

10-1 Forest Preserves, 1940 

V-45 V-632

10-1 Forest Preserves, 1941 

V-45 V-633

10-1 Forest Preserves, 1942 

V-45 V-634

10-1 Forest Preserves, 1943 

V-45 V-635

10-1 Forest Preserves, 1944 

V-45 V-636

10-1 Forest Preserves, 1945 

V-46 V-637

10-1 Forest Preserves, 1946 

V-46 V-638

10-1 Forest Preserves, 1947 

V-46 V-639

10-1 Forest Preserves Cook County, 1948 

V-46 V-640

10-1 Forest Preserves Cook County, 1949 

V-46 V-641

[10-1 Cook Co. Burnham Golf], 1926-1949 

V-46 V-642

File 10-1 Cook county River Forest High School, 1947-1949 

V-47 V-643

File 10-1 Cook County Bunker Hill, 1940-1949 

V-47 V-644

10-1 forest Preserve Cook Co. A-Z, ca. 1950 

V-47 V-645

Forest Preserve District Advisory Committee Minutes [bound], 1931-1935 

V-47 V-646

Forest Preserve District Advisory Committee Minutes [bound], 1936-1940 

V-47 V-647

Forest Preserve District Advisory Committee Minutes [bound], 1941-1945 

V-47 V-648

Forest Preserve District Advisory Committee Minutes [bound], 1946-1950 

V-48 V-649

FPAC [Forest Preserve Advisory Committee] Minutes, 1946-1950 

V-48 V-650

Forest Preserve District Advisory Committee Minutes [bound], 1951-1955 

V-48 V-651

[Misc. F.P.D. Reports and Publications, part 1 of 2], 1923-1963 

V-48 V-652

[Misc. F.P.D. Reports and Publications, part 2 of 2], 1923-1963 

V-48 V-653

[Advisory Committee], 1926-1928 

V-48 V-654

[Advisory Committee], 1928 

V-49 V-655

[Advisory Committee], 1929 

V-49 V-656

Advisory Committee, 1929-1932 

V-49 V-657

[Advisory Committee], 1930 

V-49 V-658

[Advisory Committee], 1931 

V-49 V-659

[Advisory Committee], 1932 

V-49 V-660

[Advisory Committee], 1933 

V-49 V-661

[Advisory Committee], 1934 

V-49 V-662

[Advisory Committee], 1935-1936 

V-49 V-663

[Advisory Committee], 1937 

V-49 V-664

[Advisory Committee], 1938 

V-49 V-665

[Advisory Committee], 1939 

V-49 V-666

[Advisory Committee], 1940 

V-50 V-667

[Advisory Committee], 1941 

V-50 V-668

[Advisory Committee], 1942 

V-50 V-669

[Advisory Committee], 1943 

V-50 V-670

[Advisory Committee], 1944 

V-50 V-671

Minutes--Advisory Committee to the Forest Preserve District of Cook County, 1946 

V-50 V-672

Cook County Forest Preserve Advisory Committee "Argonne Laboratory", 1946 

V-50 V-673

Cook County Forest Preserve Advisory Committee Correspondence, 1946-1947 

V-50 V-674

[Advisory Committee, miscellaneous], 1945-1947 

V-50 V-675

Cook County Forest Preserve Advisory Committee; Committee Personnel, 1947 

V-50 V-676

[Advisory Committee], 1948 

V-50 V-677

[Advisory Committee], 1949 

V-51 V-678

[Advisory Committee], 1950 

V-51 V-679

[Advisory Committee], 1951 

V-51 V-680

[Advisory Committee], 1952 

V-51 V-681

Advisory Committee Reports and Proposals, 1952-1956 

V-51 V-682

[Advisory Committee], 1953 

V-51 V-683

[Advisory Committee], 1953-1955 

V-52 V-684

[Advisory Committee], 1954 

V-52 V-685

[Advisory Committee], 1955 

V-52 V-686

Miller Meadow--Letters and Newspaper Clippings, 1956 

V-52 V-687

[Advisory Committee, part 1 of 2], 1956 

V-52 V-688

[Advisory Committee, part 2 of 2], 1956 

V-52 V-689

[Advisory Committee], 1957 

V-52 V-690

July 2, 1958 Meeting [Advisory Committee], 1958 

V-52 V-691

[Miscellaneous correspondence and clippings, re: Lake County Forest Preserve], 1958-1961 

V-52 V-692

1958-1959 [Advisory Committee Minutes, part 1 of 2], 1958-1959 

V-53 V-693

1958-1959 [Advisory Committee Minutes, part 2 of 2], 1958-1959 

V-53 V-694

Ohara [sic]--Open Space Request, 1962 

V-53 V-695

Advisory Committee Meeting 6/6/67, 1967 

V-53 V-696

Advisory Committee Minutes, 1961 

V-53 V-697

Advisory Meeting June 8, 1967 

V-53 V-698

Advisory Committee [folder 1 of 4]--"Advisory Committee--1970 May", 1970 

V-53 V-699

Advisory Committee [folder 2 of 4]--Land acquisition studies, 1970 

V-53 V-700

Advisory Committee [folder 3 of 4]--"Office Copies", 1970 

V-53 V-701

Advisory Committee [folder 4 of 4]--"Plat and map Originals", 1970 

V-53 V-702

Advisory Committee [folder 1 of 2], 1971 

V-53 V-703

Advisory Committee [folder 2 of 2]--"Annexation Requests", 1971 

V-53 V-704

Advisory Committee [folder 1 of 3], [Richard Buck's copy of agenda], 1972 

V-54 V-705

Advisory Committee [folder 2 of 3], "Advisory Committee March 1972 Original Maps", 1972 

V-54 V-706

Advisory Committee [folder 3 of 3], "Advisory Committee Meeting March 29, 1972", 1972 

V-54 V-707

September 24, 1973 Advisory Committee Meeting, 1973 

V-54 V-708

Advisory Meeting Preparations, 1973 

V-54 V-709

July 1975 Advisory Committee Meeting [folder 1 of 3]--"Drafts--July 22, 1975 Advisory Committee Meeting", 1975 

V-54 V-710

July 1975 Advisory Committee Meeting [folder 2 of 3]--"Buck--Minutes of Meeting", 1975 

V-54 V-711

July 1975 Advisory Committee Meeting [folder 3 of 3]--[untitled], 1975 

V-54 V-712

Advisory Committee--Agenda Material--1976, 1976 

V-54 V-713

Advisory Committee Meeting--June 1979 [folder 1 of 3], 1978-1979 

V-54 V-714

Advisory Committee Meeting--June 1979 [folder 2 of 3], 1979 

V-54 V-715

Advisory Committee Meeting--June 1979 [folder 3 of 3], 1979 

V-54 V-716

Advisory C. 1985 [folder 1 of 8]--"Chicago Capital Improvement", 1961-1965 

V-55 V-717

Advisory C. 1985 [folder 2 of 8]--"Chicago Capital Improvement", 1961-1965 

V-55 V-718

Advisory C. 1985 [folder 3 of 8]--"Chicago Capital Improvement", 1961-1965 

V-55 V-719

Advisory C. 1985 [folder 4 of 8]--"Chicago Capital Improvement", 1961-1965 

V-55 V-720

Advisory C. 1985 [folder 5 of 8]--"Advisory Committee 1987" [obituary of Gilbert H. Scribner Jr.], 1987 

V-55 V-721

Advisory C. 1985 [folder 6 of 8]--""Adv. Comm. Material Next Meeting", 1985, 1987 

V-55 V-722

Advisory C. 1985 [folder 7 of 8]--[photographs with handwritten note], ca. 1985 

V-55 V-723

Advisory C. 1985 [folder 8 of 8]--[untitled], ca. 1985 

V-55 V-724

Minutes of meeting for Advisory Board, Sept. 21, 1981, 1981-1982 

V-56 V-725

Advisory Committee--Meeting Sept. 21, 1981 

V-56 V-726

Originals--Adv. Mtg.--Sept. 81 [folder 1 of 2], 1981 

V-56 V-727

Originals--Adv. Mtg.--Sept. 81 [folder 1 of 2], 1976 

V-56 V-728

[Advisory Committee 1982, folder 1 of 10] "Advisory Committee 1982", 1982 

V-56 V-729

[Advisory Committee 1982, folder 2 of 10] "Advisory Committee Meeting Sept. 14, 1982"--"Minutes--Sept. 14 1982", 1982 

V-56 V-730

[Advisory Committee 1982, folder 3 of 10] "Meeting--Sept. 14, 1982--N.I.P.C. [Northern Illinois Planning Commission]--Director's Office", 1982 

V-56 V-731

[Advisory Committee 1982, folder 4 of 10] "Originals--Advisory Mtg.--Sept. 82", 1982 

V-56 V-732

[Advisory Committee 1982, folder 5-10 of 10] [untitled], 1982 

V-56 V-733

Advisory Committee, 1983 

V-56 V-734

Man in the Biosphere Program May 17-20, 1983, 1983 

V-56 V-735

1984 Adv. Meeting, 1984 

V-57 V-736

Advisory Committee Meeting--Aug. 1984 [folder 1 of 2], 1984 

V-57 V-737

Advisory Committee Meeting--Aug. 1984 [folder 2 of 2], 1984 

V-57 V-738

Sub-series 4: Advisory Committee records, 1929-1965   2.5 linear ft.

Scope and Contents note

The records in this sub-series deal specifically with the district's Advisory Committee. First established in 1926 to replace the "Plan Committee," the Advisory Committee was responsible for formulating the district's strategic vision, which involved determining what land to acquire and how and for what purpose to develop that land.

The records in this sub-series include minutes, plans, reports, memoranda and correspondence of the Advisory Committee.

Researchers who are interested in studying the Advisory Committee might also wish to consult the "Advisory Committee Records from the Office of the Landscape ARchitect." These records can be found in Series V, sub-series 3 of this collection.

Box Folder

Advisory Committee, 1929 

V-58 V-739

Advisory Committee, 1929 

V-58 V-740

Advisory Committee, 1929-1949 

V-58 V-741

Advisory Committee, 1930 

V-58 V-742

Advisory Committee, 1931 

V-58 V-743

Advisory Committee, 1931 

V-58 V-744

Advisory Committee--Newspaper clippings, 1932, 1959-1960 

V-58 V-745

Advisory Committee, 1932 

V-58 V-746

Advisory Committee, 1933 

V-58 V-747

Advisory Committee, 1934 

V-58 V-748

Advisory Committee, 1935 

V-59 V-749

Advisory Committee, 1935-1936 

V-59 V-750

Advisory Committee, 1937 

V-59 V-751

Advisory Committee-Robert Kingery, Secretary, 1937-1939 

V-59 V-752

Advisory Committee, 1938 

V-59 V-753

Advisory Committee, 1939-1940 

V-59 V-754

Advisory Committee--Suggested Land Acquisitions, 1943-1955 

V-60 V-755

Advisory Committee--Correspondence, 1947 

V-60 V-756

Advisory Committee--Land Acquisitions, 1947-1951 

V-60 V-757

Advisory Committee--Miscellaneous Correspondence and minutes, 1947-1952 

V-60 V-758

Advisory Committee--Minutes and Correspondence, 1950-1951 

V-60 V-759

Advisory Committee--Records of Expenditures for Operating the Committee, 1950-1959 

V-60 V-760

Advisory Committee--Correspondence and Notes, 1951-1952 

V-60 V-761

Advisory Committee--Draft Reports and Policy Statements, 1952 

V-60 V-762

Advisory Committee--Draft Reports and Policy Statements, 1952 

V-61 V-763

Advisory Committee--Advisory Committee, 1952 

V-61 V-764

Advisory Committee--Correspondence-General, 1955-1960 

V-61 V-765

Advisory Committee--Minutes and Correspondence, 1956-1960 

V-61 V-766

Advisory Committee, 1958-1959 

V-61 V-767

Advisory Committee--Minutes and Correspondence, 1959-1962 

V-61 V-768

Advisory Committee--Sanitary District Lands Binder, 1960 

V-61 V-769

Advisory Committee--Minutes and Correspondence, 1960-1962 

V-62 V-770

Advisory Committee--New Trees High School Expansion, 1961-1962 

V-62 V-771

Advisory Committee--Minutes and Correspondence, 1961-1963 

V-62 V-772

Advisory Committee, 1962 

V-62 V-773

Advisory Committee--Land Appraisal Correspondence, 1962-1963 

V-62 V-774

Advisory Committee--Land Appraisal Correspondence, 1962-1963 

V-62 V-775

Advisory Committee, 1964-1965 

V-62 V-776

Sub-series 5: Department of Engineering records, 1940-1997   8.5 linear ft.

Scope and Contents note

This sub-series contains files from or relating to the FPDCC's Department of Engineering. The files from the first four (4) boxes, box numbers V-63 through V-66, inclusive, pertain to municipalities in Cook County. These have been organized alphabetically by the name o the municipality. The remainder of the files have been organized alphabetically.

Box Folder

[Villages, towns and cities] Arlington Heights, 1969-1980 

V-63 V-777

[Villages, towns and cities] Barrington, 1984-1989 

V-63 V-778

[Villages, towns and cities] City of Blue Island, 13051 Greenwood Ave., Blue Island, IL, 60406, 1989 

V-63 V-779

[Villages, towns and cities] Brookfield, 1958-1988 

V-63 V-780

[Villages, towns and cities] Burnham, 1969-1979 

V-63 V-781

[Villages, towns and cities] Calumet City, 1962-1986 

V-63 V-782

[Villages, towns and cities] Calumet Park (Village of), 1963-1973 

V-63 V-783

[Villages, towns and cities] Chicago Heights, 1955-1986 

V-63 V-784

[Villages, towns and cities] Chicago Heights [Hergonrother v. Forest Preserve District], 1986 

V-63 V-785

[Villages, towns and cities] Country Club Hills, 1977, 1991 

V-63 V-786

[Villages, towns and cities] Countryside, 1975 

V-63 V-787

[Villages, towns and cities] Crestwood Gardens, 1966-1983 

V-63 V-788

[Villages, towns and cities] Deerfield, 1968-1969 

V-63 V-789

[Villages, towns and cities] Des Plaines, 1977-1990 

V-63 V-790

[Villages, towns and cities] Village of Dolton, 1985-1991 

V-63 V-791

[Villages, towns and cities] Elk Grove Village, 1963-1991 

V-63 V-792

[Villages, towns and cities] Elmwood, 1988-1989 

V-63 V-793

[Villages, towns and cities] Evanston, February 7, 1989 

V-63 V-794

[Villages, towns and cities] Franklin Park, 1961, 1964 

V-63 V-795

[Villages, towns and cities] Glencoe Golf Club, 1958-1973 

V-63 V-796

[Villages, towns and cities] Glencoe, 1958-1992 

V-63 V-797

[Villages, towns and cities] Glenview, Illinois, 1971-1991 

V-63 V-798

[Villages, towns and cities] Glenwood, IL, 1963-1977 

V-64 V-799

[Villages, towns and cities] Hammond, Indiana, 1967 

V-64 V-800

[Villages, towns and cities] Harvey, Illinois, 1961 

V-64 V-801

[Villages, towns and cities] Hazelcrest, 1961-1962, 1991 

V-64 V-802

[Villages, towns and cities] Hickory Hills, 1963-1979 

V-64 V-803

[Villages, towns and cities] Highland Park, undated 

V-64 V-804

[Villages, towns and cities] Hinsdale, 1967 

V-64 V-805

[Villages, towns and cities] Village of Hodgkins, 1961-1975 

V-64 V-806

[Villages, towns and cities] Hoffman Estates, 1976-1991 

V-64 V-807

[Villages, towns and cities] Village of Lansing, 1989 

V-64 V-808

[Villages, towns and cities] La Grange Park, Illinois, 1962-1991 

V-64 V-809

[Villages, towns and cities] Libertyville, 1963 

V-64 V-810

[Villages, towns and cities] Village of Lynwood, 1987 

V-64 V-811

[Villages, towns and cities] Lyons, Illinois, 1962-1990 

V-64 V-812

[Villages, towns and cities] Maywood, 1962 

V-64 V-813

[Villages, towns and cities] Midlothian, 1959, 1983 

V-64 V-814

[Villages, towns and cities] Midlothian Creek Detention Reservoir, 1973 Stage III Contract FR. 235, 1966-1985 

V-64 V-815

[Villages, towns and cities] Midlothian Creek Reservoir [part 1 of 3], 1972-1979 

V-64 V-816

[Villages, towns and cities] Midlothian Creek Reservoir [part 2 of 3], 1966-1982 

V-64 V-817

[Villages, towns and cities] Midlothian Creek Reservoir, [part 3 of 3], 1966-1986 

V-65 V-818

[Villages, towns and cities] Morton Grove, 1954-1992 

V-65 V-819

[Villages, towns and cities] Mt. Prospect, 1968 

V-65 V-820

[Villages, towns and cities] Village of Niles, 1963-1980 

V-65 V-821

[Villages, towns and cities] Village of Norridge--1975, 1975-1977 

V-65 V-822

[Villages, towns and cities] Northfield, 1968-1990 

V-65 V-823

[Villages, towns and cities] North Lake, Illinois, 1962, 1992 

V-65 V-824

[Villages, towns and cities] Village of Northbrook, 1955-1992 

V-65 V-825

[Villages, towns and cities] North Riverside, 1953-1992 

V-65 V-826

[Villages, towns and cities] Oak Brook, 1963 

V-65 V-827

[Villages, towns and cities] Village of Oak Forest, 1960-1988 

V-65 V-828

[Villages, towns and cities] Oak Park, 1962-1976\ 

V-65 V-829

[Villages, towns and cities] Village of Oak Lawn, 1977 

V-65 V-830

[Villages, towns and cities] Olympia Fields, 1989 

V-65 V-831

[Villages, towns and cities] Orland Park, 1961-1991 

V-65 V-832

[Villages, towns and cities] Palatine, 1981-1989 

V-65 V-833

[Villages, towns and cities] Palos Heights, 1961-1984 

V-65 V-834

[Villages, towns and cities] Palos Park, 1986 

V-66 V-835

[Villages, towns and cities] Park Forest, 1954-1979 

V-66 V-836

[Villages, towns and cities] Park Ridge, 1966-1989 

V-66 V-837

[Villages, towns and cities] Prospect Heights, 1987 

V-66 V-838

[Villages, towns and cities] River forest, 1954-1992 

V-66 V-839

[Villages, towns and cities] River Grove, 1963-1964 

V-66 V-840

[Villages, towns and cities] Riverdale, 1957-1965 

V-66 V-841

[Villages, towns and cities] Riverside, Illinois, 1967-1987 

V-66 V-842

[Villages, towns and cities] Riverside Lawn, 1969 

V-66 V-843

[Villages, towns and cities] Riverside Lawn Flood Control, 1950-1991 

V-66 V-844

[Villages, towns and cities] Village of Rolling Meadows, 1975-1988 

V-66 V-845

[Villages, towns and cities] Rosemont, 1964, 1981 

V-66 V-846

[Villages, towns and cities] Schaumburg, 1981-1990 

V-66 V-847

[Villages, towns and cities] Schiller Park, 1965-1992 

V-66 V-848

[Villages, towns and cities] Sheboygan, Wisconsin, 1961 

V-66 V-849

[Villages, towns and cities] Skokie, 1962-1992 

V-66 V-850

[Villages, towns and cities] Skokie Lagoons, 1970 

V-66 V-851

[Villages, towns and cities] South Chicago Heights, 1938-1969 

V-66 V-852

[Villages, towns and cities] South Holland, 1957-1961 

V-66 V-853

[Villages, towns and cities] Village of Steger, 1958-1969 

V-66 V-854

[Villages, towns and cities] Streamwood, 1976 

V-66 V-855

[Villages, towns and cities] Thornton, 1965-1967 

V-66 V-856

[Villages, towns and cities] Tinley Park, 1966-1990 

V-66 V-857

[Villages, towns and cities] Westchester, 1958-1989 

V-66 V-858

[Villages, towns and cities] Western Springs, 1984-1985 

V-66 V-859

[Villages, towns and cities] Wheeling, 1963-1980 

V-66 V-860

[Villages, towns and cities] Willow Springs, 1965-1990 

V-66 V-861

[Villages, towns and cities] Wilmette, Illinois, 1962 

V-66 V-862

[Villages, towns and cities] Winnetka, 1957-1991 

V-66 V-863

[Villages, towns and cities] Woodstock, 1967 

V-66 V-864

[Villages, towns and cities] Worth, 1965 

V-66 V-865

[Villages, towns and cities] Miscellaneous, 1955-1962 

V-66 V-866

No. 3. "Regarding Skokie Country Club Claim of Flooding Due to Botanic Garden", 1968-1969 

V-67 V-867

No. 5. Ben Fenger File, 1956-1964 

V-67 V-868

No. 6. Forest Way, 1961 

V-67 V-869

No. 7. "Misc. Inter-Office Memo's [sic] Policy--Personnel, Absent-Leave Req.", 1959-1964 

V-67 V-870

No. 9. "Real Est. Misc ltrs Aug 1952 to Nov. 1961", 1952-1961 

V-67 V-871

No. 10. "R. E. AgentI and II (Advisory Comm.) 1955 to Dec 1960", 1940-1961 

V-67 V-872

1999 Executive Budget Recommendations, 1999 

V-67 V-873

Actual Quantities for Beck Lake, 2004, 

V-67 V-874

Analyses of Existing Conditions and Recommendations for the Rehabilitation of Whealan Swimming Pool, 1971 

V-68 V-875

Analyses of Existing Conditions and Recommendations for the Rehabilitation of Whealan Swimming Pool, 1971 

V-68 V-876

Annual Construction and development Program, 1973-1975 

V-68 V-877

Annual Construction and development Program, 1976, 1978 

V-68 V-878

Annual Construction and development Program, 1970 

V-68 V-879

Bauer Engineering for "Design Studies of Low-Flow Dams", 1961, 1963 

V-68 V-880

Bicycle Trails--From Office of Chief Engineer, 1965-1969 

V-68 V-881

Busse Woods Forest Preserve Reservoir, No. 1 [part 1 of 3], 1962-1968 

V-68 V-882

Busse Woods Forest Preserve Reservoir, No. 1 [part 2 of 3], 1962-1968 

V-69 V-883

Busse Woods Forest Preserve Reservoir, No. 1 [part 3 of 3], 1962-1968 

V-69 V-884

Busse Woods Reservoir No. 2, 1967-1969 

V-69 V-885

Busse Woods forest Preserve Reservoir on Salt Crrek, ca. 1967 

V-69 V-886

Busse Woods Reservoir Pumping Station, 1962 

V-69 V-887

Carver High School Project North of Flatfoot Lake West of Calumet Expressway So. Of 130th St. Pub. Bldg. Comm. of Chicago, 1971 

V-69 V-888

Calumet City Flood and Pollution Control Committee Report, 1966 

V-69 V-889

Calumet Union Dr. Ditch Markham Flood study, 1966-1969 

V-69 V-890

Chicago Area Flood Control, 1962 

V-69 V-891

[Chief Engineer correspondence], 1970 

V-69 V-892

[Chief Engineer correspondence], 1970-1971 

V-69 V-893

Cook County [folder 1 of 4]--"Richard W. Prendergast", 1959-1964 

V-69 V-894

Cook County [folder 2 of 4]--"Chicago Regional Plan. Comm. (Olson", 1931-1957 

V-70 V-895

Cook County [folder 3 of 4]--"Zoning Board of Appeals County of Cook", 1964 

V-70 V-896

Cook County [folder 4 of 4]--"Cook County Highway Department", 1952-1969 

V-70 V-897

[Concrete delivery tickets, with handwritten note on hazardous materials], 1999 

V-70 V-898

Des Plaines River, ca. 1950-1968 

V-70 V-899

[Engineering Department--Computation sheet, Parking Area, Willow Springs Woods], undated 

V-70 V-900

Final Report and Recommendation for the Rehabilitation of Whealan Swimming Pool, 1971 

V-70 V-901

Final Report and Recommendation for the Rehabilitation of Whealan Swimming Pool, 1971 

V-70 V-902

Final report to Dept. of Conservation State Park Plan for Fox River Valley and Northeastern Illinois, 1961 

V-70 V-903

["Flood Control Reservoir Worked Into Development"], 1972 

V-70 V-904

Flood Control Survey and Report for Des Plaines River, 1960 

V-71 V-905

Floods in Harvey Quadrangle, By Howard E. Allen and V. Jeff May, 1964 

V-71 V-906

General [Flood Control, part 1 of 2], 1956-1962 

V-71 V-907

General [Flood Control, part 2 of 2], 1956-1962 

V-71 V-908

General Information Manual, 1973 

V-71 V-909

Golf Courses, Misc. Correspondence, 1986-1988 

V-71 V-910

Heating and Air Conditioning Report Concerning General Headquarters, 1972 

V-71 V-911

Illinois State Geological Survey Report--Sand and Gravel Deposits, Forest Preserve Lands, 1968-1969 

V-71 V-912

Individuals In Cook County, 1960-1961 

V-72 V-913

Individuals--Cook County, 1962-1964 

V-72 V-914

Individuals--Cook County, 1965-1967 

V-72 V-915

Individuals--Cook County, 1967-1968 

V-72 V-916

Individuals--2, 1967-1968 

V-72 V-917

Individuals--Cook County, 1965-1969 

V-72 V-918

[Individuals] Miscellaneous Letters, 1984 

V-72 V-919

Intergovernmental Relationships in the Administration of Water Resources, 1968 

V-72 V-920

Inter-Office Memo's [sic] ltrs, dealing with Land Acq., etc. and Notes on F.P.D. affairs, 1938-1960 

V-72 V-921

Lakes--Misc., 1964-1969 

V-72 V-922

Little Calumet River, 1960-1965 

V-72 V-923

Little Red School House Nature Center; Schematic Design Report, 2006, 

V-72 V-924

Manual of Highway Maintenance Procedure, undated 

V-72 V-925

Master Plan of Residential land Use of Chicago, 1943 

V-73 V-926

Miscellaneous Folder [part 1 of 3], 1992-1997 

V-73 V-927

Miscellaneous Folder [part 2 of 3], 1992-1997 

V-73 V-928

Miscellaneous Folder [part 3 of 3], 1992-1997 

V-73 V-929

Miscellaneous letters, 1962-1963 

V-73 V-930

[Miscellaneous Reports, Engineering Department], 1954-1963 

V-73 V-931

Midlothian Reservoir File #1 [part 1 of 2], 1965-1967 

V-73 V-932

Midlothian Reservoir File #1 [part 2 of 2], 1965-1967 

V-73 V-933

Midlothian Reservoir File #2, 1964-1969 

V-73 V-934

North Branch and Three Forks, 1960-1962 

V-74 V-935

North Branch--Chicago River Clean Up--Sanitary Dist., 1965 

V-74 V-936

Parks and Recreation, August 10, 1964 

V-74 V-937

People and the River, 1990s 

V-74 V-938

Pepper Tree Farms Deer Grove, File 1 [part 1 of 3], 1995-1997 

V-74 V-939

Pepper Tree Farms Deer Grove, File 1 [part 2 of 3], 1995-1997 

V-74 V-940

Pepper Tree Farms Deer Grove, File 1 [part 3 of 3], 1995-1997 

V-74 V-941

Pepper Tree Farms Deer Grove, File 2 [part 1 of 2], 1991-1996 

V-74 V-942

Pepper Tree Farms Deer Grove, File 2 [part 2 of 2], 1991-1996 

V-74 V-943

Planning for Development--Busse Woods Reservoir, 1963-1969 

V-74 V-944

[Proposal; Paul Douglas/Crabtree Preserve Bicycle Trail; Ciorba Group, Inc.], 1994 

V-75 V-945

[Proposal; Paul Douglas/Crabtree Preserve Bicycle Trail; Civiltech Engineering], 1994 

V-75 V-946

[Proposal; Paul Douglas/Crabtree Preserve Bicycle Trail; Consoer Townsend Envirodyne Engineer, Inc.], 1994 

V-75 V-947

[Proposal; Paul Douglas/Crabtree Preserve Bicycle Trail; Globetrotters Engineering Corporation], 1994 

V-75 V-948

[Proposal; Paul Douglas/Crabtree Preserve Bicycle Trail; Kudrna and Associates], 1994 

V-75 V-949

[Proposal; Paul Douglas/Crabtree Preserve Bicycle Trail; Louis Berger and Associates, Inc. of Illinois], 1994 

V-75 V-950

[Proposal; Paul Douglas/Crabtree Preserve Bicycle Trail; Peter F. Olesen and Associates, Inc.], 1994 

V-75 V-951

[Proposal; Paul Douglas/Crabtree Preserve Bicycle Trail; Triton Consulting engineers], 1994 

V-76 V-952

Proposal; Paul Douglas/Crabtree Preserve Bicycle Trail [Wilbur Smith Associates], 1994 

V-76 V-953

[Proposal; Poplar Creek Preserve Bicycle Trail; Beam, Longest and Neff, Inc.], 1994 

V-76 V-954

[Proposal; Poplar Creek Preserve Bicycle Trail; JJR, Johnson, Johnson and Roy Inc.], 1994 

V-76 V-955

[Proposal; Poplar Creek Preserve Bicycle Trail; Knight Architects Engineers Planners, Inc.], 1994 

V-76 V-956

[Proposal; Poplar Creek Preserve Bicycle Trail; correspondence, Mohammad S. Hassan, Dames and Moore, to Kathleen M. Cassens], 1994 

V-76 V-957

[Proposal; Poplar Creek Preserve Bicycle Trail; Rubinos and Mesia Engineers, Inc.], 1994 

V-76 V-958

[Proposal; Poplar Creek Preserve Bicycle Trail; Teng and Associates], 1994 

V-76 V-959

Recreational Uses of Concrete, undated 

V-76 V-960

Report on Proposed Sanitary Landfill, 1972 

V-76 V-961

Salt Creek Watershed, Cook an Du Page counties, Illinois, 1966, 1968 

V-76 V-962

[Salt Creek] Re--Salt Creek Estes file, 1959-1960 

V-77 V-963

[Salt Creek] Re--Salt., 1960-1961 

V-77 V-964

[Salt Creek] Re--Salt Creek, 1961-1964 

V-77 V-965

State's Attorney, 1960-1962 

V-77 V-966

State of Illinois [folder 1 of 5] "Illinois Highway right of Way Account", 1959 

V-77 V-967

State of Illinois [folder 2 of 5] "State Highway Department--I.M. Canal Expressway Cantigny Woods--72nd Street and Mannheim Road", 1955-1963 

V-77 V-968

State of Illinois [folder 3 of 5] "Legislature", ca. 1963 

V-77 V-969

State of Illinois [folder 4 of 5] "State Highway Department--General", 1959-1969 

V-77 V-970

State of Illinois [folder 5 of 5] "Division of Waterways", 1951-1969 

V-77 V-971

State Hwy. Dept.--Freeway Corridors and Consultants, 1969-1970 

V-78 V-972

Survey Report for Busse Woods Forest preserve Reservoir on Salt Creek, 1962, Addendum to 1958 Salt Creek report, 1962 

V-78 V-973

Swimming Pools--Whealan Pool, Cermak Pool, 1966-1968 

V-78 V-974

Toll Road Lakes Progress Pictures, ca. 1957-1961 

V-78 V-975

Toward Comprehensive Water Resource Management in the Calumet Union Drainage System, 1966 

V-78 V-976

USGS [United States Geological Survey] File--Quadrangle Notices, 

V-78 V-977

Weller Creek [part 1 of 2], 1961-1964 

V-78 V-978

Weller Creek [part 2 of 2], 1960-1962 

V-78 V-979

Wet Foot Lake, 1966, 1969 

V-78 V-980

Wet Foot Lake Development; Paul Douglas Preserve; Phase 1, Preliminary Design volume 1 [part 1 of 2], 1994 

V-78 V-981

Wet Foot Lake Development; Paul Douglas Preserve; Phase 1, Preliminary Design volume 1 [part 2 of 2], 1994 

V-79 V-982

Wet Foot Lake Development; Paul Douglas Preserve; Phase 1, Preliminary Design volume 2 [part 1 of 2], 1994 

V-79 V-983

Wet Foot Lake Development; Paul Douglas Preserve; Phase 1, Preliminary Design volume 2 [part 2 of 2], 1994 

V-79 V-984

Sub-series 6: Bids and Blueprints, 1914-1967  (Bulk, 1929-1940)   11.0 linear ft.

Scope and Contents note

This sub-series contains a selection of blueprints, plans, bid specifications, and instructions to bidders for some of the FPDCC’s many construction projects. Most of these projects concern the building of facilities, such as bathhouses and buildings located on FPDCC property, and structures, such as well platforms or lighting fixtures. A smaller number of the items in this series deal with much larger projects, such as the construction of the Northwestern Golf Course or sketch plans for the project to develop what later became known as the “Skokie Lagoons.” For larger projects, especially, researchers are advised to also consult Series VI, "Large Blueprints."

Some of the projects included in this sub-series were done in counties other than Cook County.

The provenance appears to have been the FPDCC’s engineering department. The original order, however, was impossible to determine, and almost all the items in this sub-series are now organized into one of three broad categories: bid specifications, blueprints, and instructions to bidders. Items within those categories are organized alphabetically.

Restrictions on Use

Some items in this sub-series are currently being digitized to ensure broader access and may not be immediately available. Patrons are advised to call ahead to ensure that the boxes they would like to consult will be available.

Box Folder

Accepted Bids--Checks Sent, 1953 

V-80 V-985

Bid--Sewage pump proposal (Chicago Pump Co.), undated 

V-80 V-986

[Bids for Northwestern Golf Course, Project No. ED4, ca.1930 

V-80 V-987

[Bids] Specifications for bids, 1967 

V-80 V-988

Bid specifications--Alterations to Bath House at Green Lake Pool, 1956 

V-80 V-989

[Bid specifications--Billy Caldwell Golf Course Service Entrance and Walks, Chief Attorney's copy], 1954 

V-80 V-990

[Bid specifications--Bituminous Macadam Paving--Various Locations], 1955 

V-80 V-991

[Bid specifications--Bituminous Macadam Paving--Various Locations], 1955 

V-80 V-992

[Bid specifications--Bituminous Surfaces], ca. 1937 

V-80 V-993

[Bid specifications--Specifications for Cedar Shake bolts, ND], ca. 1930s 

V-81 V-994

Bid specifications--[Central Warehouse], 1955 

V-81 V-995

[Bid specifications--Concrete Trail Bridge Superstructure--McCoy Woods], 1955 

V-81 V-996

Bid specifications--Concrete Trail Bridge Superstructure, McCoy Woods, 1955 

V-81 V-997

Bid specifications--Concrete Walk, adjacent to Swimming Pool, Cermak Park, 1956 

V-81 V-998

[Bid specifications--Concrete Walk of Integral Curb--So. of 87th St., E. of Western Ave.,], 1954 

V-81 V-999

Bid specifications--Construction Jobs--1955, various locations, 1955 

V-81 V-1000

[Bid specifications--Dan Ryan Woods, Toboggan Slides, Chief Attorney's Copy], 1954 

V-81 V-1001

[Bid specifications--Drainage Structures at Thornton Lake--Chief Attorney's Copy], 1954 

V-81 V-1002

Bid specifications--Drainage Work Existing West Diversion Ditch at Skokie Lagoons, 1955 

V-81 V-1003

[Bid specifications--Drainage Work Existing, West Diversion Ditch at Skokie Lagoons, Chief attorney's copy], 1955 

V-81 V-1004

[Bid specifications--Drive and Parking Area, Schubert's Woods], ca. 1950s 

V-81 V-1005

Bid specifications--Earthwork, Green Lake Woods, 1955 

V-81 V-1006

[Bid specifications--Specifications for Electrical Work--Central Warehouse, Maywood], 1955 

V-81 V-1007

Bid specifications--Excavation--Grading, Dan Ryan Woods [office copy], 1955 

V-81 V-1008

Bid Specifications--Excavation-Grading, Maple Lake--South and Indian Woods, 1955 

V-82 V-1009

Bid Specifications--Excavation-Grading, Maple Lake--South and Indian Road Woods, 1955 

V-82 V-1010

Bid Specifications--Fifteen Concrete Dance Floors--Various Locations, 1955 

V-82 V-1011

[Bid Specifications--Fifteen Concrete Dance Floors--Various Locations], 1955 

V-82 V-1012

[Bid Specifications--Specifications for General Work, Service Buildings, Divisional Headquarters], 1955 

V-82 V-1013

Bid Specifications--Imhoff Toilet Buildings, Maple Lake South], 1950s, 1950s 

V-82 V-1014

[Bid Specifications--Storm Sewers--Maple Lake Woods--South--Indian Road Woods--Chief Attorney's Copy], ca. 1955 

V-82 V-1015

Bid Specifications--Metal Service Building at Salt Creek Nursery, 1955 

V-82 V-1016

Bid Specifications--Metal Service Building at Salt Creek Nursery, 1955 

V-82 V-1017

[Bid Specifications--Northwestern Golf Course Service Bridge, Chief Attorney's Copy], 1954 

V-82 V-1018

[Bid Specifications--Northwestern Golf Course, Superstructure for Foot Bridge, Chief Attorney's Copy], 1954 

V-82 V-1019

Bid Specifications--Playfield, Cumberland and Irving Park, 1955 

V-82 V-1020

[Bid Specifications--Removal and Disposal of Concrete Sidewalk and Bituminous Surface Dan Ryan Woods], ca. 1955 

V-82 V-1021

Concrete Pavement at Dan Ryan Woods, 1955. 

V-82 V-1022

Bid Specifications--Service Bridge, Caldwell Woods, 1955 

V-83 V-1023

Bid Specifications--Service Buildings at Palos Division HQ, Calumet Division HQ, Tinley Creek Division HQ, 1955 

V-83 V-1024

Bid Specifications--Sixteen Well Platforms, 1955 

V-83 V-1025

[Bid Specifications--Sixteen Well Platforms, Various Locations], 1955 

V-83 V-1026

Bid Specifications--Storm Sewers and Culverts, Maple Lake Woods and Indian Road Woods, 1955 

V-83 V-1027

Bid Specifications--Storm Sewers at Dan Ryan Woods, 1955 

V-83 V-1028

Bid Specifications--Toboggan Slide at Dan Ryan Woods, 1954 

V-83 V-1029

Bid Specifications--Twelve Drilled Wells, Various Locations, 1955 

V-83 V-1030

Instructions to Bidders--Bathhouse and Pumping Station--Shabbona Woods, 1931 

V-83 V-1031

Instructions to Bidders--Billy Caldwell Golf Course--Chain Link Fencing, 1932 

V-83 V-1032

Instructions to Bidders--Billy Caldwell Golf Course--Sewer and Water Lines, 1949 

V-84 V-1033

Instructions to Bidders--Caldwell Wood--Chain Link Fencing, 1932 

V-84 V-1034

Instructions to Bidders--Caldwell Woods--Service Bridge, 1955 

V-84 V-1035

Instructions to Bidders--Caldwell Woods West--Toboggan Slides, 1948 

V-84 V-1036

Instructions to Bidders--Camp Reinberg--Deep Well Turbine Pump, 1934 

V-84 V-1037

Instructions to Bidders--Central Warehouse--Garage Addition, 1955 

V-84 V-1038

Instructions to Bidders--Central Warehouse--General and Electrical Work, 1954 

V-84 V-1039

Instructions to Bidders--Cermak Park--Parking Area, 1930 

V-84 V-1040

Instructions to Bidders--Central Warehouse--Plumbing, Heating, and Ventilating Work, 1955 

V-84 V-1041

Instructions to Bidders--Cermak Pool--Bathhouse Roof Replacement, 1954 

V-84 V-1042

Instructions to Bidders--Clay Hole Development, 1931 

V-84 V-1043

Instructions to Bidders--Clay Hole Development--Circulating System, 1931 

V-84 V-1044

Instructions to Bidders--Clay Hole Development--Electrical, 1931 

V-84 V-1045

Instructions to Bidders--Clay Hole Development--Electrical Work, 1931 

V-85 V-1046

Instructions to Bidders--Concrete Superstructures for Trail Bridges, 1948 

V-85 V-1047

Instructions to Bidders--Concrete Trail Bridges, 1948 

V-85 V-1048

[Instructions to Bidders (partial)--Dam and spillway, Deer Grove Development], undated 

V-85 V-1049

Instructions to Bidders--Dam No. 2 North--Driveway and Parking Area, 1954 

V-85 V-1050

Instructions to Bidders--Dam No. 4 Woods (East)--Driveway and Parking Areas, 1948 

V-85 V-1051

Instructions to Bidders--Dan Ryan Woods--Chain Link Fence, 1949 

V-85 V-1052

Instructions to Bidders--Dan Ryan Woods--Excavation, 1955 

V-85 V-1053

Instructions to Bidders--Dan Ryan Woods--Shelter House and comfort Station, 1948 

V-85 V-1054

Instructions to Bidders--Dan Ryan Woods--Shelter House and comfort Station 1948, 1948 

V-85 V-1055

Instructions to Bidders--Dan Ryan Wood--Storm Sewers, 1955 

V-85 V-1056

Instructions to Bidders--Drilled Wells, 1954 

V-85 V-1057

Instructions to Bidders--Driveways and Parking Areas, 1948 

V-85 V-1058

Instructions to Bidders--Driveways and Parking Areas, 1949 

V-86 V-1059

Instructions to Bidders--Driveway at Dan Ryan woods, 1954 

V-86 V-1060

Instructions to Bidders--Edgebrook Golf Course--Chain Link Fence, 1948 

V-86 V-1061

Instructions to Bidders--Edgebrook Golf Course--Food Concession License, 1948 

V-86 V-1062

Instructions to Bidders--Edgebrook Woods--Driveway and Parking Areas, 1954 

V-86 V-1063

Instructions to Bidders--Eggers Grove Tract--Sanitary Sewer and Water Supply System, 1937 

V-86 V-1064

Instructions to Bidders--Eggers Grove Tract--Storm Sewers and Ditches, 1949 

V-86 V-1065

Instructions to Bidders--First and Fullerton Avenues--Terrace for Shelter Building, 1949 

V-86 V-1066

Instructions to Bidders--General Warehouse--Paint Storage Building, 1954 

V-86 V-1067

Instructions to Bidders--Green Lake Pool (Clay Hole)--Floodlight System, 1930s 

V-86 V-1068

Instructions to Bidders--Green Lake Pool (Clay Hole)--Floodlight System, ca. 1931 

V-86 V-1069

Instructions to Bidders--Green Lake Pool (Clay Hole)--Wade Pool Drain Line, 1930s 

V-87 V-1070

Instructions to Bidders--Green Lake Woods--Earthwork, 1955 

V-87 V-1071

Instructions to Bidders--Harms Woods--Imhoff Toilet Building, 1947-1949 

V-87 V-1072

Instructions to Bidders--Lawrence Avenue Drainage Ditch, 1949 

V-87 V-1073

Instructions to Bidders--McGinnis Slough Channel, 1955 

V-87 V-1074

Instructions to Bidders--Maple Woods and Indian Road Woods (Excavation and Grading), 1955 

V-87 V-1075

Instructions to Bidders--Northwestern Golf Course--Footbridge, 1950 

V-87 V-1076

Instructions to Bidders--Northwestern Golf Club House--Electric Cable, 1930s 

V-87 V-1077

Instructions to Bidders--Ottawa Trail Woods--Driveway and Parking Areas, 1948 

V-87 V-1078

Instructions to Bidders--Palos Division Headquarters--Electric Cable, 1955 

V-87 V-1079

Instructions to Bidders--Picnic Shelters, 1955 

V-87 V-1080

Instructions to Bidders--Pipe-O-Peace and Billy Caldwell Golf Course, 1949 

V-87 V-1081

Instructions to Bidders--Pipe-O-Peace Golf Course--Sewer and Water Lines, 1949 

V-88 V-1082

Instructions to Bidders--Pipe-O-Peace Golf Course--Shelter and Concession Building, 1949 

V-88 V-1083

Instructions to Bidders--Playfield at Cumberland and Irving Park, 1955 

V-88 V-1084

[Instructions to Bidders--Rehabilitation Work, Cermak Pool Bath House and Pool], ca. 1954 

V-88 V-1085

Instructions to Bidders--Whealan Pool--Repairs to Bathhouse, 1949 

V-88 V-1086

Instructions to Bidders--Residence of Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Sauers, ca. 1940 

V-88 V-1087

Instructions to Bidders--Roadside Parking Areas and Driveways, 1949 

V-88 V-1088

Instructions to Bidders--Salt Creek Nursery--Metal Service Building, 1955 

V-88 V-1089

Instructions to Bidders--Shabbona Woods (Clay Hole Tract)--Bath House and Pumping Station, 1931 

V-88 V-1090

[Instructions to Bidders] Bid Proposals--Sidewalks on Carpenter Road and Lehigh Avenue, 1930 

V-88 V-1091

Instructions to Bidders--Skokie Lagoons--Entrance to Parking Area, 1954 

V-88 V-1092

Instructions to Bidders--Skokie Channel--Low Dam and Protection Walls, 1948 

V-88 V-1093

Instructions to Bidders--Thatcher Woods--Hardware for Shelter and Comfort Station, 1930 

V-89 V-1094

Instructions to Bidders--Three Agricultural Tractors, 1953 

V-89 V-1095

Instructions to Bidders--Twelve Drilled Wells, 1955 

V-89 V-1096

Instructions to Bidders--Two Waiting Shelters, 1948 

V-89 V-1097

Instructions to Bidders--Upper Des Plaines Intercepting Sewer, 1937 

V-89 V-1098

Instructions to Bidders--Water Supply System for Camp Reinberg, 1934 

V-89 V-1099

Instructions to Bidders--Whealan Pool--Bath House Alterations, 1954 

V-89 V-1100

Instructions to Bidders--Whealan Pool--Foot Bridge, 1954 

V-89 V-1101

Instructions to Bidders--Whealan Pool Macadam Pavement, 1931 

V-89 V-1102

Instructions to Bidders--Whealan Pool--Pavement, 1932 

V-90 V-1103

Instructions to Bidders--White Eagle Woods--Parking Area and Driveway, 1949 

V-90 V-1104

Instructions to Bidders--Wolf Road and Brainard Avenue--Driveways and Parking Areas, 1954 

V-90 V-1105

Instructions to Bidders--Woodrow Wilson Woods--Comfort Station, 1931 

V-90 V-1106

Legal Notices for Bids in Chicago Daily News, 1953 

V-90 V-1107

Blueprint and letter--Connecting Link, Skokie Valley and North Branch of Chicago River, 1931 

V-90 V-1108

Blueprint--Crocker Wheeler Motor, Single Stage Pump, undated 

V-90 V-1109

Blueprint--Deodo Filter, 1931 

V-90 V-1110

Blueprint--Details for Iron Works, 1934 

V-90 V-1111

Blueprint--Development Scheme for Skokie Lagoons, 1936 

V-90 V-1112

Blueprint--Division No. 4, water service, location of meter, 1932 

V-90 V-1113

Blueprint--Efficiency Estimates for cntrifugal pumps, 1931 

V-90 V-1114

Blueprint--Efficiency estimate for Forest Preserve Pump, 1931 

V-90 V-1115

Blueprint--Efficiency Estimate for Pump at city of Port Arthur, 1927 

V-90 V-1116

Blueprint--Efficiency Estimate, single stage pump, 1931 

V-90 V-1117

Blueprint--Efficiency Estimate and plan for deep well turbine pump, undated 

V-90 V-1118

Blueprint--Entrance Barricade at 119th Street and Route 45, 1936 

V-90 V-1119

Blueprint--Flood Waters Study--Willow Road Dam and Skokie Lagoons, 1936-1937 

V-90 V-1120

Blueprint--Garage Extension--Hinsdale Parkway, 1935 

V-90 V-1121

Blueprint--Graver Iron Removal Filters, undated 

V-90 V-1122

Blueprint--Golf Course at Indian Boundary, 1931 

V-90 V-1123

Blueprint--Efficiency Estimate for Water Pump, 1930s 

V-90 V-1124

Blueprint--Green Lake Pool, Door and Stone Coping, undated 

V-90 V-1125

Blueprints--Efficiency Estimate for Centrifuagal Pump, 1931 

V-90 V-1126

Blueprint--Efficiency Estimate for Centrfucal Pump, ca. 1931 

V-90 V-1127

Blueprints and porposal--General Headquarters, 1931 

V-90 V-1128

Blueprints--Headquarters, sewages, ca. 1933 

V-90 V-1129

Blueprint--Illinois and Michicagn Canal, Du Page Dam Project, 1934 

V-90 V-1130

Blueprints--Installation of MJL Fllow Indicator, undated 

V-90 V-1131

Blueprints--Instructions for Surveys--Symbols, Personnel, and Examples, undated 

V-90 V-1132

Blueprints--Maple Hill Plans--Parking, Roads, Sewers, 1935 

V-90 V-1133

Blueprints--Master Plans Camp Harrison Vicinity, 1937 

V-90 V-1134

Blueprints--Maywood; and near Des Plaines River, 1936 

V-91 V-1135

Blueprints--Meter Box A 2600, undated 

V-91 V-1136

Blueprints--New York Central Railroad Grant of Easement for Thorn Creek Bridge Path, 1942 

V-91 V-1137

Blueprints--No. 2 "B" Type Shelter--Glenwood and Camp Area, 1935 

V-91 V-1138

Blueprints--No. 21--Drainage at Wentworth Avenue and Michigan City Road, undated 

V-91 V-1139

Blueprints--Northwestern Golf Course, 1931 

V-91 V-1140

Blueprints--Northwestern Golf Course, Basin, 1931 

V-91 V-1141

Blueprints--Northwestern Golf Course, General Electric Motor, 1931 

V-91 V-1142

Blueprints--Orland Park Development Map and Supplement, 1930s 

V-91 V-1143

Blueprints--Paved Garden on 87th Street, 1934 

V-91 V-1144

Blueprints--Pavement / Concret Plans, 1919 

V-91 V-1145

Blueprints--Pedestrian Parking Overlook,North Wall and Seats, 1941 

V-91 V-1146

Blueprints--Pine St. Dam--Steel Sheet Piling, undated 

V-91 V-1147

Blueprints--Plans for Bath house and swimming pool at Milwaukee and Devon Avenues, 1931 

V-91 V-1148

Blueprints--Plat of Poposed Ditch, East Skokie Drainage District, Lake County, IL, 1932 

V-91 V-1149

Blueprints--Proposed Boat Dock on Little Calumet River, 1932 

V-91 V-1150

Proposd Breakwater Extension at Lake Forest, 1926 

V-91 V-1151

Blueprints--Proposed Location of Chain Link Fence, 1932 

V-91 V-1152

Blueprints--Proposed Water Meter Recorders, 1930 

V-91 V-1153

Blueprints--Pump Test File I-6 Well Data Division 3, 1935 

V-91 V-1154

Blueprints--Revised Standard for Type "A" Stone Masonry Headwall, 1937 

V-91 V-1155

Blueprints--Revisions of Post-Barrier Assemblies, 1936 

V-91 V-1156

Blueprints--Salt Creek Foot and Horse Bridge, 1937 

V-91 V-1157

Blueprints--Salt Creek Intercepting Sewer, 1933 

V-91 V-1158

Blueprints--Salt Creek Intercepting Sewer, 1933 

V-91 V-1159

Blueprints--Salt Creek Intercepting Sewer Contract no. 3, 1933 

V-91 V-1160

Blueprints--Sectional View of Burhing System Purifier, undated 

V-91 V-1161

Bluerpints--Sewer Catch Basins, Sewer Manholes, Electric Manholes, 1930s 

V-91 V-1162

Blueprints--Sketches for Bathhouse, Clay Hole Development, with letter from Eric E. Hall to Charlge G. Sauers, 1931 

V-91 V-1163

Blueprints--Sketch of Proposed Pedestrian Openings in Guard Rail, undated 

V-91 V-1164

Blueprints--Sketch of Layout of Returns, Station 22 and 93.6, Carpenter Road, 1933 

V-91 V-1165

Blueprints--Skokie Lagoon Stove Installation and Garage Addition, 1936 

V-91 V-1166

Blueprints--Standard Arch Bridge, undated 

V-91 V-1167

Blueprints--Standard Stone Masonry Headwalls, 1934-1938 

V-91 V-1168

Blueprints--Standard Stpone Masonry Headwals, 1934-1938 

V-92 V-1169

Blueprints--Stem Guide Bracket, Skokie Lagoons, 1927 

V-92 V-1170

Blueprints--Sluice Gate Connection, Willow Road Dam, Skokie Lagoons, 1936 

V-92 V-1171

Blueprints--Smulski Center Bath House, 1931 

V-92 V-1172

Blueprints--Swallow Cliff--Tobbogan Slides, undated 

V-92 V-1173

Blueprints--Thatcger Woods Shelter and Comfort Stations; Bid Acceptance, 1930 

V-92 V-1174

Blueprints--Universal Pipe Tapping Bosses, 1925-1929 

V-92 V-1175

Blueprints--U.S. Electric Motor, centrifugal pump, 1930 

V-92 V-1176

Blueprints--Wakefield Sheet Piling vs. Steel Piling, undated 

V-92 V-1177

Blueprints--Water Pump, job no. 31454, 1931 

V-92 V-1178

Blueprints--Water Service Near North Riverside, undated 

V-92 V-1179

Blueprints--Western Avenue and 87th St. Parking Entrance, 1934 

V-92 V-1180

Blueprints--Whealan Pool--Tunnel, undated 

V-92 V-1181

Blueprints--Whealan Pool Tunnel, undated 

V-92 V-1182

Blueprints--Willow Road Dam, Skokie Lagon Project, 1936 

V-92 V-1183

Blueprints--Willow Road Dam, Winnetka, Il, 1936 

V-92 V-1184

Blueprints--Zoological Society--Concrete Wals, 1933 

V-92 V-1185

[Guides to Project Bids, folder 1 of 2 folders], 1920s-1940s  (Bulk, 1930-1939)

Folder V-1186

[Guides to Project Bids, folder 2 of 2 folders], 1920s-1940s  (Bulk, 1930-1939)

Folder V-1187

Blueprints--60 Foot Flood Light Towers, 1930 

Folder V-1188

Blueprints--American Marsh Dry Pit--sump pump, 1931 

Folder V-1188

Blueprints--Arch Type Culvert, Beverly Hills, undated 

Folder V-1188

Blueprints--Assembly and Details of Pothead Cabinet, 1929 

Folder V-1188

Blueprints--Assembly of Constant Velocity Nozzle for F.P.D. , 1931 

Folder V-1188

Blueprints--Assembly of 4-Pole Fuse Cabinet, 1930 

Folder V-1188

Blueprints--Assembly of Jennings D33E Double Suction Centrifugal Pump, 1920s-1930s 

Folder V-1188

Blueprints--Assembly of Jennings Double Suction Sent--Priming Centrifugal Pump, 1931 

Folder V-1188

Blueprints--Aux Sable, Foot Bridge, 1936 

Folder V-1188

Blueprints--Bath House, Cermak Park, 1930 

Folder V-1188

Blueprints--Barnes Dorrco Plunger Sludge Pump, 1931 

Folder V-1188

Blueprints--Bids for Water System for Northwestern Golf Course, 1930s 

Folder V-1188

Blueprints--Billy Caldwell Golf Course--Underground Electric Service, 1933 

Folder V-1188

Blueprints--Light and Plumbing Fixtures, 1930s 

Folder V-1189

Blueprints--Cabinet for 3 Current Trans., undated 

Folder V-1189

Blueprints--Camp Bemis, 1932 

Folder V-1189

Blueprints--Camp Bemis, sketch of proposed shelter and comfort station, 1932 

Folder V-1189

Blueprints--Camp Fullersburg--Boat House and Skaters' Shelter, 1930s 

Folder V-1189

Blueprints--Camp Fullersburg--Steel Box for Bridge, 1936 

Folder V-1189

Blueprints--Camp Thornton, 8 Car Garage, 1936 

Folder V-1189

Blueprints--Camp McDowell, Foot Bridge, 1935 

Folder V-1189

Blueprints--Carpenter Road and Lehigh Avenue--sidewalks, 1930 

Folder V-1189

Blueprints--Centrifugal Pumps for Maple Lake Development, 1931 

Folder V-1189

Blueprints--Cermak Park, lighting fixtures [2 items], 1930 

Folder V-1189

Blueprints--Cermak Park, schemes for Street Car Arrangement, undated 

Folder V-1190

Blueprints--Cermak Plant Development--sprinking system, 1931 

Folder V-1190

Blueprints--Cermak Park Bath House, 1930 

Folder V-1190

Blueprints--Cermak Park Bath House and swimming pool, 1930 

Folder V-1190

Blueprints--Cermak Park Bath House and swimming pool, 1929 

Folder V-1190

Blueprints--Cermak Park--wading pool, 1930 

Folder V-1190

Blueprints--Chicago Park District--drawing of flood lighitng methods, 1939 

Folder V-1190

Blueprints--Clay Hole Development--proposed electrict service station / pumping control station, 1931 

Folder V-1190

Blueprints--Clay Hole Development sketch of method of instilling pipe, ED-8, 1930s 

Folder V-1190

Blueprints--Clay Hole Tract Development, 1931-1932 

Folder V-1190

Blueprints--Concrete Pouring Specifications, 1930-1940 

Folder V-1190

Blueprints--Cummings Memorial Tract, undated 

Folder V-1191

Blueprints--Deer Grove Camp, base and project map, 1936 

Folder V-1191

Blueprints--Department of highways, Cook County, culvert and spillway, 1916-1929 

Folder V-1191

Blueprints--Department of highways, Pavement and railings on Forest Way, undated 

Folder V-1191

Blueprints--District 1, Dam 2--Electric Service Conduit, 1932 

Folder V-1191

Blueprints--Drawing of flood light tower, 1929 

Folder V-1191

Blueprints--Drawings of light systems, the Electric Railway Equipment Company, 1939 

Folder V-1191

Blueprints--Du Page River, Charnahon, Ill., Foot Bridge, 1935 

Folder V-1191

Blueprints--Du Page State Project No. 34, 1935 

Folder V-1191

Blueprints--Eggers Grove River and Parking, undated 

Folder V-1191

Blueprints--Eggers Grove Parking Area, 1937 

Folder V-1191

Blueprints--Eggers Grove Parking and Surfacing, 1938 

Folder V-1191

Blueprints--Eggers Grove Reforestation Plan, 1937 

Folder V-1192

Blueprints--Eggers Grove Sanitary Sewer and Water Main, undated 

Folder V-1192

Blueprints--Eggers Grove Shelter, 1936 

Folder V-1192

Blueprints--Eggers Grove Walks and Grading, 1937 

Folder V-1192

Blueprints--Fireplace Details--Type A, B, and C shelters, 1934 

Folder V-1192

Blueprints--floor and curb design, undated 

Folder V-1192

Blueprints--Forest Glen--landscape planting plan, 1939 

Folder V-1192

Blueprints--Fullersburg Preserve--parking area, 1942 

Folder V-1192

Blueprints--Fullerton Woods--prairie shelter, drawings of structures and headwalls, 1949 

Folder V-1192

Blueprints--General Electric Motor, 1929 

Folder V-1192

Blueprints--Filtering and damage equipment for pool, undated 

Folder V-1193

Blueprints--Fire door and frame, 1934 

Folder V-1193

Blueprints--General Headquarters, 1931 

Folder V-1193

Blueprints--General Plan for Cermak Park, 1935 

Folder V-1193

Blueprints--Gleason's Grove, Lake Street--Des Plaines River Bridge, 1939 

Folder V-1193

Blueprints--Glenview, outfall sewer, 1930s 

Folder V-1193

Blueprints--Heating plant for repair shop, 1936 

Folder V-1193

Blueprints--Horse trails; Shabbona Woods, 1939 

Folder V-1193

Blueprints--Indian Boundary Golf Course, 1931-1932 

Folder V-1193

Blueprints--Indian Boundary Golf Course--Fencing and Bid analysis, 1932 

Folder V-1193

Blueprints--Illinois and Michigan Canal, base and project map, 1936 

Folder V-1193

Blueprints--Indian Hills Estates sub-division--vault for transformer, 1929 

Folder V-1194

Blueprints--Kickapoo Tract Mess Hall, undated 

Folder V-1194

Blueprints--Kinnear Steel Rolling Door for F.P.D., Palos Park, IL, 1941 

Folder V-1194

Blueprints--Lighting layout for warming shelter at Palos Hills Winter Sports Area, 1939 

Folder V-1194

Blueprints--Log Barrier for Highways, undated 

Folder V-1194

Blueprints--Log Barrier for Highways, undated 

Folder V-1194

Blueprints--Lyons, Il, bath house and swimming pool, 1929 

Folder V-1194

Blueprints--Map of Drainage, Clay Hole Development, project ED-8, 1930s 

Folder V-1194

Blueprints--Maple Avenue and 24th place--water service, 1932 

Folder V-1194

Blueprints--Maple Lake Development, 1931 

Folder V-1194

Blueprints--Master Plan Eggers Grove, 1937 

Folder V-1194

Blueprints--Master Plans, Marseilles, State Park No. 4, 1934 

Folder V-1194

Blueprints--Maywood Street lighting system, 1932 

Folder V-1195

Blueprints--National Park Service--State Park Emergency Conservation Work--Improvements on Illinois and Michigan Canal, 1934 

Folder V-1195

Blueprints--No. 1 "C" Type Shelter--Sauk Lake, 1934-1935 

Folder V-1195

Blueprints--Near Winnetka Ave. and Skokie River, shop drawing for pipe with gate, undated 

Folder V-1195

Blueprints--No. 4 Iron Grate for shelters, 1935 

Folder V-1195

Blueprints--No. 7, 607A, Trail Bridge, East of Torrence Ave., 1934 

Folder V-1195

Blueprints--No. 10, 607D, Trail Bridge, WEst of Sauk Lake, 1934 

Folder V-1196

Blueprints--No. 12, 607F, Trail Bridge at Storey Island Ave. and Power LIne, 1934 

Folder V-1196

Blueprints--No. 13, 607H, Fork Bridge, North of Sauk parking area,, 1935 

Folder V-1196

Blueprints--No. 14, 607I, Fort Bridge Camp Area, 1935 

Folder V-1196

Blueprints--No. 16, barrier designs, 1934-1936 

Folder V-1196

Blueprints--No. 17, Well Platform, 1936 

Folder V-1197

Blueprints--No. 18, Camp Harrison Parking, 1939 

Folder V-1197

Blueprints--No. 23, planting plans, 1936-1937 

Folder V-1197

Blueprints--No. 38, Flagstone stair (foot bridge), 1936 

Folder V-1197

Blueprints--No. 43, parking area, 159th and Torrence Ave., 1934-1937 

Folder V-1198

Blueprints--No. 52, Kickapoo Area parking space, 1940 

Folder V-1198

Blueprints--Cast Iron Pipe, undated 

Folder V-1198

Blueprints--North and South of Thorn Creek Near Glenwood, 1940 

Folder V-1198

Blueprints--Northwestern Golf Course Club House, 1931 

Folder V-1198

Blueprints--Northwestern Golf Course, proposed revision of meter installation, 1932 

Folder V-1198

Blueprints--Northwestern Golf Course, stair rail for club house, 1920s-1930s 

Folder V-1198

Blueprints--Palatine Road accident investigation, 1937 

Folder V-1198

Blueprints--Palos Golf Course, 1934 

Folder V-1198

Blueprints--Park Ridge Camp, base and project map, 1936 

Folder V-1198

Blueprints--Parking area, stabilization, Shabbona Woods, 1939 

Folder V-1198

Blueprints--Parking space and overlook--FPD headquarters building, 1938 

Folder V-1198

Blueprints--Plan and profiles for south parking space, Thachter Woods, ca. 1931 

Folder V-1198

Blueprints--Plan for additional water supply, near Mr. Wm. Gleason's House, 1933 

Folder V-1198

Blueprints--Plan no. 611A, type "C" shelter, 1935 

Folder V-1199

Blueprints--Plans and maps, Glencoe and Northbrook, 1936 

Folder V-1199

Blueprints--Plans and maps, Kickapoo Area, ca. 1940 

Folder V-1199

Blueprints--Plans for Du Page County Forest Preserves, numbers 1 and 5, 1934 

Folder V-1200

Blueprints--Plans showing West Skokie lands to be annexed by Lake County, 1938 

Folder V-1200

Blueprints--Planting plans, state park no. 1, Cantigny, 1935-1936 

Folder V-1200

Blueprints--Plat of easement to the Forest Preserve District of Cook County, North Branch of Chicago River, East Fork, 1934 

Folder V-1200

Blueprints--Pottowatamie Woods (also Shabbona Woods) plans, 1939 

Folder V-1200

Blueprints--Proposed levees and dams, Fox River, 1931 

Folder V-1200

Blueprints--Proposed levee, near St. Joseph's Academy, La Grange, IL, 1940 

Folder V-1200

Blueprints--Proposed track for railroad, near intersecton of Carpenter and Devon avenues, undated 

Folder V-1200

Blueprints--Road parking speaces, Jurgenson Tract, 1934 

Folder V-1201

Blueprints--Road grading at Skokie and Dundee Road, undated 

Folder V-1201

Blueprints--Rotary distributor and dosing siphon, undated 

Folder V-1201

Blueprints--Sanitary District of Chicago--Upper Des Plaines intercepting sewer, no. 9, index map, 1941 

Folder V-1201

Blueprints--Sag Forest Camp, base and project map, 1936 

Folder V-1201

Blueprints--Salt Creek Camp, base and project map, 1936 

Folder V-1201

Blueprints--Sanitary District of Chicago--Prelminary sketch, proposed pumping station south of North Avenue, 1935 

Folder V-1201

Blueprints--Sauk Trail Preserve Drive, bid analysis, undated 

Folder V-1201

Blueprints--Schoth Grove concession shelter, undated 

Folder V-1202

Blueprints--Section plat, undated 

Folder V-1202

Blueprints--Sewer ejector, 1932 

Folder V-1202

Blueprints--Sewage, undated 

Folder V-1202

Blueprints--Sewage system, 1931 

Folder V-1202

Blueprints--Shabbona Woods, camp construction, 1939 

Folder V-1202

Blueprints--Shabbona Woods, ditch barrier, Michigan City Road and Torrence Avenue, 1939 

Folder V-1202

Blueprints--Sketch of single rail berrier along county and state highway, 1932 

Folder V-1202

Blueprints--Sketch plan, Skokie Lagoons, 1929 

Folder V-1202

Blueprints--Skokie Lagoons, base and project map, 1936 

Folder V-1202

Blueprints--Skokie Lagoons, map of additional project, undated 

Folder V-1202

Blueprints--Skokie Lagoons project, 1933 

Folder V-1202

Blueprints--Standard cylindrical fireplaces, 1936 

Folder V-1202

Blueprints--Standard picnic tables, 1932 

Folder V-1202

Blueprints--Standard pull box, Illinois Bell Telephone, undated 

Folder V-1202

Blueprints--Standard sign mounting specifications, 1940 

Folder V-1203

Blueprints--Standard trail construction, 1943 

Folder V-1203

Blueprints--Standard type inlets, 1936 

Folder V-1203

Blueprints--Standard well platform, 1936 

Folder V-1203

Blueprints--State of Illinois Highway Department, undated 

Folder V-1203

Blueprints--Steam engines, 1931 

Folder V-1203

Blueprints--Street lighting system, Mayood, 1931 

Folder V-1203

Blueprints--Sources of pollution along Salt Creek, undated 

Folder V-1203

Blueprints--Southwest highway crossing, McGinnis Slough, undated 

Folder V-1203

Blueprints--Swallow Cliff Camp, base and project maps, 1936 

Folder V-1203

Blueprints--Thatcher Woods, revised drainage plan, north parking space, 1931 

Folder V-1203

Blueprints--Thornton and Shabbona Woods well location, 1940 

Folder V-1203

Blueprints--Thornton Camp, base and project maps, 1936 

Folder V-1204

Blueprints--Thornton [survey], undated 

Folder V-1204

Blueprints--Thornton Township property, 1931 

Folder V-1204

Blueprints--Thornton Woods plot plan, 1940 

Folder V-1204

Blueprints--Topographic Map--portion of Northwestern Golf links, undated 

Folder V-1204

Blueprints--Topographic suvey, St. Joseph's Academy, La Grange, IL, 1939 

Folder V-1204

Blueprints--Toboggan Slide, undated 

Folder V-1204

Blueprints--Topography map, centered at Monee, undated 

Folder V-1204

Blueprints--Tower Road, undated 

Folder V-1204

Blueprints--Trail Bridge, no. 8, 607B, Jurgenson Tract, 1934 

Folder V-1204

Blueprints--Trail Bridges, 1934-1935 

Folder V-1204

Blueprints--Trail Bridges north of Robinson Reserve, 1948 

Folder V-1204

Blueprints--Trail Bridges south of Sauk Trail, 1934-1936 

Folder V-1205

Blueprints--Wading Pool at Cermak Park, 1930 

Folder V-1205

Blueprints--Water mains, north side warehouse, George "B" Blue Island, 1929 

Folder V-1205

Blueprints--Water service and meter vault, Cicero and Foster Avenues, undated 

Folder V-1205

Blueprints--Well platform, 1935 

Folder V-1205

Blueprints--Well platform, 1935 

Folder V-1205

Blueprints--Well platform, 1940 

Folder V-1205

Blueprints--Well platform, 1940 

Folder V-1206

Blueprints--Wood Shelter in Sweet Tract, 1935 

Folder V-1206

Blueprints--Woodrow Wilson Woods, parking spaces and walks, 1932 

Folder V-1206

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