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EBPHN Tutorial
Note about these tutorials. The tutorial is made up of six training modules that were develop by librarians in order to enhance the search skills of public health nurses as they search for evidence based public health nursing. The tutorial originally provided contact hours to nurses who completed all 6 assessments and who also completed an evaluation. We are no longer providing CE Credit for the tutorial. Feel free to complete the Assessments to test your knowledge gained.

Module 1
Module 1: Introduction to Evidence Based Public Health Nursing
Module 1 describes the paradigm shift from individual to population-based public health nursing. Finding and creating evidence in public health nursing is also discussed.
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Module 2
Module 2: Introduction to PubMed
Module 2 introduces PubMed. View "Searching PubMed 1" through to "Searching PubMed 7".
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Module 3
Module 3: Evidence Based Resources for Public Health
Module 3 provides an orientation to resources for federal, state, and local statistics including CDC Wonder at the Center for Disease Control.
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Module 4
Module 4: Critical Appraisal of the Literature (Part 1)
Module 4 introduces strategies for finding the best evidence-based literature and discusses critical analysis of the journal literature.
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Module 5
Module 5: Critical Appraisal of the Literature (Part 2)
Module 5 instroduces the best resources for finding pre-evaluated secondary evidence-based literature including systematic reviews and practice guidelines.
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Module 6
Module 6: Strategies for Staying Current
Module 6 describes methods for keeping current in public health and nursing including email alerts and RSS feeds.
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This project has been funded in part or in whole with federal funds from the 
National Library of Medicine, National Institutes for Health, under Contract
No. NO1-LM-6-3503.

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