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Train the Trainer Evaluations

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Evaluations of the Train the Trainer Sessions:

Evidence base public health nursing (EBPHN) "Train the Trainer" sessions occurred at five regions of the Advancing Public Health Nursing Education (APHNE) Consortia (Chicago, Peoria, Quad-Cities, Rockford, and Urbana). Participants included public health nurses from practice and academia attending the APHNE Consortia meeting. At the Train the Trainer sessions the EBPHN objectives and sub-objectives were evaluated by participants using a Likert Scale from 1 to 5 with 1 indicating a need to be taught and 5 indicating knowledge and an ability to teach the skill to another. In the pretest, participants indicated their lack of knowledge about EBPHN and their lack of proficiency for locating and accessing the evidence; however, by the end of the session their level of expertise increased as recorded in the initial post test. The Train the Trainer sessions included the introduction of three of the six modules from the EBPHN Online Tutorial located on the EBPHN website (http://ebphn.lib.uic.edu). During the next round of APHNE consortia meetings (three months later) participants of the Train the Trainer session recorded an even greater understanding. When asked what they were doing to increase their knowledge, they stated they had been using their new skills and reinforcing what they had learned in the prior meeting. Train the Trainer participants experienced a 60% increase in their knowledge of EBPHN and became proficient for locating and accessing the evidence.

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Dorsch, J., Lyons, R., DeGroote, S., Hitchcock, K.., Baldwin, K., Behm, K., Beaman, M., & Chesley, T. (2005). Train the Trainer: Introducing the evidence base public health nursing online tutorial. (Unpublished)


Agenda for Train the Trainer Sessions

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