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You do not need to register with Indigo to browse collections. See Help for directions on searching collections.

Registered users can subscribe to a collection (to receive e-mail when new items become available) and can be authorized to submit items to a collection. If you are a member of the UIC community and youíre interested in having a collection in Indigo, or in being authorized to submit to one, email indigo@uic.edu

To Register:

1. click on any of the buttons under "Sign on to:" on the left side of the screen.

signon screen

2. click on "New user? Click here to register."

login screen

3. If you are a UIC student or faculty member, please use your @uic.edu email address as we will be implementing UIC authentication in the future and your account can be upgraded. Another advantage of using your uic.edu email address is that you will have access to collections restricted to the UIC community. If you are not affiliated with UIC, please use your email address and supply a password.

register screen

4. You will be sent an email message containing a special URL, or "token". When you visit this URL, you will need to fill out some simple information:

register information screen

Note: If you are a UIC student or faculty member, do not use your UIC Common Password, choose a different password. When UIC Authentication is enabled, your account will be authenticated and then you will be able to use your Common Password.

Having trouble or a question? Please contact indigo@uic.edu.
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