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Submitting Content GuideUIC Indigo

This guide outlines the steps for submitting content to Indigo (UIC's online repository - powered by DSpace).

  • You must be the copyright owner or have permission of the copyright owner to put material in Indigo.
  • Use the progress bar found at the top of the Indigo submission screen (describe, upload, verify) to naviagate between the screens. This will allow you to move back to previous screens or move forward as you are loading content.
  • You may stop the submission process at any time. By clicking on Cancel/Save you will be prompted to select whether you want to remove the submission or save and return at a later time to continue. Click Next if you have entered information on a screen before clicking Cancel/Save if you want the information just entered to be saved before you exit.
  • By clicking Next on the bottom of the screens, your information is saved and you will be moved onto the screen and prompted for further information.
  • The Library encourages you to submit as much information as possible about the content being submitted.

  • Having trouble or have a question about your submission? Please contact indigo@uic.edu.

1: Log In to Indigo (DSpace)

  • Point your browser to: http://indigo.lib.uic.edu
  • Select My Indigo on the left side of the screen.
  • Enter your netid@uic.edu and Indigo password. If you don't have one, see the Getting Started guide.
  • Click Log In

login screen

Once logged-in, you will be taken through a series of screens prompting you for information about the content you are submitting. This guide outlines these screens.

2: Select Community and Collection
In the navigation area on the left, click on "Communities and Collections." (There will be many collections found within the communities.) Click on the specific collection within the community to which you intend to submit content. Click on "Submit to This Collection." (This button will appear only if you have permissions to submit to the collection.) A new screen appears.

Step 3: Describe the Item
Subsequent screens are used to describe the item you are about to submit. Please read the questions carefully and click on the box next to statements that apply to your submission. These will impact the questions you are asked as you move through the screens.

  • If an item has more than one title, such as an abbreviation, acronym, or a title in another language then please click in the first box (doing this will prompt for a second title)
  • If the document has already been published or publicly distributed before or in general if it already has a date (e.g. power point presented at a conference, a thesis with a date, basically anything with a date) then please click the second box (doing this will prompt for a date of distribution or publishing).
  • An item can consist of more than one file (e.g. perhaps there is a talk with an accompanying power point; an article with accompanying sound or image files). If you are going to submit more than one file, then please click the third box (doing this will prompt for additional files to be uploaded).

submit screen

4: Describe Your Item (continued)
On the next screen, you will begin to describe the item. The article used as an example has multiple authors. Click the Add More button if you need additional text boxes for additional authors.

Enter the title and date of issue (publication date, presentation date, distribution date) and other prompted information as appropriate.

author text boxes

Note: If you selected the check box indicating that the material has been published or publicly distributed (on the previous screen), additional boxes appear prompting for information such as publisher and citation that do not otherwise appear. You do not need to fill in all of these boxes if they are not appropriate.

date textbox

Fill in the rest as appropriate. Please indicate the "Type of content" if at all possible (e.g. article, book, map). Once the appropriate information is filled in - click Next.

futher identifiers

5: Describe Your Item (continued)
On the next page - you continue to describe your Item (Keywords, Abstract). Please fill in as much content as possible such as useful subject keywords, the abstract, sponsors. Any other additional information you be placed in the description box.

Subject Keywords: Keywords most helpful are words that do not appear in the title or abstract. Click the Add More button if you need additional boxes for additional subject keywords.

Description: Any other additional informaiton may be placed in the description box.


6: Submit/ Upload Your File(s)
The next step is to upload the File(s). Click on "Browse" to access the folder the file is in. Click on the file once it has been located and click "open."


After you upload the first file, you will be sent to a screen listing what has just been uploaded. If you indicated in step 3 that you were going to submit more than one File, an additional button will appear. Click Add Another File to add another file.

If you did not indicate at the very beginning that you were going to upload more than one File - but in fact you are - click on the first Describe Button found in the progress bar at the top of the screen. Here you will be taken back to the check boxes where you indicated if there would be more than one file. If there is more than one file, click on the check box and next click on the Upload button. Now you should have the "Add Another File" Button.

upload files

Click Next when you are done uploading your files.

7: Verify Your Submission
On the next page verify your submission. If everything looks good - click Next.

verify submission

8: Licensing
On the next page, you select a Creative Commons License. The University Library encourages you to adopt the Create Commons License. After reading the information, you may click Skip Create Commons if you do not wish to grant the license. Please read the information on the page carefully before deciding whether or not to select a Creative Commons License.

create commons liscense

9: Licensing (continued)
Grant DSpace Distribution License - Please read this page carefully prior to clicking I Grant the License. You must be the copyright owner or have permission of the copyright owner to put material in Indigo.

If you do not click to Grant the License, the submission will not be lost, but it will not go forward for review to be made available in Indigo. You may return at a later time to Grant the License.

Once you click I Grant the License the submission is complete. Once you have successfully submitted content, it will go through a review process. Indigo administrators will be notified of the submission and review the submission for appropriateness. You will be notified by the Indigo administrators when the submission has been approved or if there are any problems with the submission.

Once you have completed all the screens and clicked on I Grant the License, the submission is Complete. Click on My Indigo on the left side of the screen to continue to submit more Content.
Having trouble or a question? Please contact indigo@uic.edu.
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