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Parada explains her concept
in the catalog pages.

3 Acres on the Lake:
DuSable Park Proposal Project
, 2003

Esther Parada was invited to participate in a project commenting on the use of urban space in Chicago. This excerpt describing the project is from the catalog introduction.

3 Acres on the Lake: DuSable Park Proposal Project developed in response to the claustrophobic climate of increasingly privatized urban space and the dwindling of habitats and haunts for opportunistic plans and curious persons. It also was a response to the discriminatory and devastating effects of city policies favoring high-income development. The project invited, without city sanction or authority, speculative proposals for how a small plot of public land in Chicago might be used. There was no jury, no winner, and no prize. It was an invitation to irony, fantasy and utopian imaginings but also an attempt to pry open city planning processes for public scrutiny and participation.              

Laurie Palmer

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