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Vol 11, No. 8, March 1984.

C/Overt Ideology: Two Images of Revolution, 1984

This 1984 essay, created for Afterimage, juxtaposes U.S. newspaper coverage of Central American upheaval with Nicaraguan media images of its own revolutionary struggle. Although this is not a traditional, two-dimensional artwork, it could be called a photo-text piece, because it was designed specifically for the Afterimage tabloid format. I positioned the U.S. media perspective (based on my close scrutiny of the issues of the New York Times, The Chicago Tribune and Wall Street Journal, that were published during the time I was in Nicaragua, August 1983) along the top half of each page with the Nicaraguan perspective running along the bottom half. With this parallel or dual track structure, I invited and facilitated an ongoing process of comparison, drawing upon my own first-hand experience in Latin America plus historical research to challenge U.S. media claims of balanced reporting.

—Excerpt from Parada's essay, "Taking Liberties: Digital Revision as Cultural Dialogue," Leonardo, Vol. 26, No. 5, pp. 445-450, 1993

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