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Toned silver print, 11” x 14”

Memory Warp installation, 1980

Top: a detail from the series.

Memory Warp Portrait Series, 1980

A photograph of my father made in 1972, about a year before his death, is the matrix for this Memory Warp portrait series.

Although that (1972) picture is prominent in my memory and in the work, it hardly begins to capture the variety of his life. Therefore I have used the single photograph as a warp, interweaving many fragments from his business ledgers, sheet music, photographs, homilies, newspaper clippings, etc.
They are my selection of what he himself chose to collect.

I have also added material from my grandparents’ generation and from my own, to form a kind of family palimpsest. The page from the Talmud used in Memory Warp II, for example, refers specifically to my grandfather’s life. It can also be seen as a paradigm for a certain Talmudic quality in the entire work—a layering of visual “commentary” on the basic portrait image.

The series is comprised of three photo-composites, in an edition of two. Each photo-composite measures 30” x 30” (twenty-five 6” x 6” silver prints).

—Excerpt from Artist Statement

In the collections of The Art Institute of Chicago and The Museum of Modern Art, New York.

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