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WARNING: This page will be removed by AUGUST 31, 2004.

UICCAT Instructions and Tips

UICCAT is University of Illinois at Chicago's Library catalog. By searching it, you will discover what books, journals, magazines and other materials that UIC owns in all of its libraries.

Search Options

Keywords | Author | Title | Journal Title | Subject |Call Number | Any Word Anywhere |Other


The default search is by Any Word, Anywhere. To search for keywords, type in one or more words about your topic (search terms) into the Any Word Anywhere or the Boolean Search. In the Boolean Search, terms must be combined with words called operators (AND, OR, NOT) or quotation marks can be used when searching for phrases.

AND - searches for terms anywhere in the same record and will narrow your search

OR - searches for the records with either word in them and will broaden your search

NOT - searches for occurrences of the first term and will match only if the second term is NOT in the same record

Operators allow the combination of terms in a variety of ways. For example:

· virus and animals (finds all of the records with the word virus that also have the word animals)

· rain or precipitation (finds all of the records with either the word rain or the word precipitation)

· Shakespeare not Hamlet (finds all of the records with the word Shakespeare but not the word Hamlet)

Tips for Keyword searching: