Exporting References to Endnote from Beilstein for Windows PC Users

By Chad L. Landrie and Matthew S. Burge - UIC Department of Chemistry

1. Open Beilstein Crossfire Commander and execute a citation, substance, or reaction search.

2. Display the hitset in any view of your choice.

3. Observe the hitset tree to the left of the displayed hits in the Display Hits window. This tree will contain all of your recent and saved queries. Behind each query in parentheses will be one of three descriptors: citation, substance, or reaction.

4. Right click on the desired query in the hitset tree and select convert.

5. Choose convert the entire hitset and convert to citations. Now observe the new query with the indicator, citations, in parentheses.

6. Select this query with a left click and observe the citations text to the right in the Display Hits window. There will be no structures or reaction details.

7. Left click on those citations you wish to export (highlighting them in gray) or select none of them if you wish to export all.

8. Select Export from the File menu in the Display Hits window.

9. Select Procite/Endnote/Reference Manager and click on Start export.

10. Choose your desired export setting and click on Start.

11. Choose an appropriate filename and folder location (preferably not the default) for the citations file in the Define Export Target window and click save.


12. Open an appropriate Endnote library.

13. Select Import from the File menu.

14. Select Reference Manager (RIS) as the Import option.

15. Click Choose File in the Import window, find the file from step eleven, and open this file.

16. Finally, click Import in the Import window.

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