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An inventory of the collection at the University of Illinois at Chicago

Collection Summary

Creator:College of Architecture and Art
Title: Department of Art and Design -- Faculty Papers -- Esther Parada Papers
Abstract: Artist/photographer Esther Parada was a faculty member at the School of Art and Design, University of Illinois at Chicago from 1974 to 2004. Collection consists of correspondence, research materials, project files, materials related to other professional work and activities, and academic and teaching materials.
Quantity: 12.5 Linear Feet
Identification: 006-03-20-04

Biographical Sketch

Artist/photographer Esther Parada was a faculty member at the School of Art and Design, University of Illinois at Chicago from 1974 to 2004. In the mid-60s she served with the U.S. Peace Corps as art instructor at the Escuela de Artes Plasticas, Universidad de San Francisco Xavier, in Sucre, Bolivia, where she learned to speak fluent Spanish.

Parada has written critical articles on Latin American photography and cultural politics for Afterimage, Aperture, and Exposure magazines. Her essay C/Overt Ideology: Two Images of Revolution is anthologized in The Contest of Meaning, published by MIT Press (1989); and her long-term concern with U.S. media and documentary practice in relation to Third World countries led to the creation of a multi-media essay To Make All Mankind Acquaintances, published as part of the CD-ROM Three Works by the California Museum of Photography in 1996. The piece may be seen at the Contact Zones web site (

Parada's earlier multiple-frame photographic works, Past Recovery (1979) and Memory Warp (1980), which layer images and text related to family history, are represented in the permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art, New York; the Art Institute of Chicago; and the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. Since 1986 she has used digital technology to create a number of photo-montage and photo-text works which reflect on the relationship between historical/cultural representation and power. These works, which include The Monroe Doctrine: Theme and Variations, Define/Defy the Frame, A Thousand Centuries, Native Fruits, and At the Margin, may be seen in various publications such as In Our Own Image: The Coming Revolution in Photography (1990, Aperture Press); Iterations: The New Image, (1993, International Center of Photography with MIT Press); History of Women Photographers (1994, Abbeville Press); Reframings:New American Feminist Photographies (1995, Temple University Press); and A World History of Photography (1996, Abbeville Press). They may also be seen on the Digital Imaging Forum web site (

Since 1995, Parada has explored connections between horticultural and cultural history, leading to a 1996 website Transplant: A Tale of Three Continents, and her recent work titled When the Bough Breaks. This multi-media installation at Gallery 312 in Chicago (2004) was a memorial to the loss of urban elm trees, and an exploration of their significance culturally and as a methapor in American life. An earlier version of this work, titled Canopy: A Meditation on the Demise of the American Elm, was developed by Parada during her year as a Bunting Fellow at Radcliffe College, Cambridge, MA (1997-98).

Parada was named Society of Photographic Education Honored Educator in 1994, and was the recipient of The National Endowment for the Arts Photography Fellowships in 1982 and 1988.

Scope and Contents

The collection has an extensive amount of exhibition material (postcards, posters, pamphlets, catalogues, and correspondence) that provide physical support for Parada's Curriculum Vitae.

There are approximately 11, 000 slides in the collection, 150 of processed 35mm film (approximately 4,500 individual negatives), and hundreds of medium and large format negatives. The subject matter and context of this photographic material ranges from primary visual research to more personal images from trips taken abroad. True photographic gems exist within this collection that rest on a plane tangent to Parada's more extensively exhibited work. Approximately 300 audio cassettes, videocassettes, videotapes, micro disks, and CDs are also in the collection, which provide unique documentation of conferences as well as radio and television programs. The work of Parada's students, materials from her classes and seminars, and a 1984 portfolio box with prints by graduate students, faculty members and invited photographers represent some of Parada's contributions to UIC.

There is a broad range of research materials which are critical to her major projects and of significant research value. These seminal projects are also represented in the collection by sketches and drafts, large scale prints, and installation documentation. Numerous envelopes with sliced and manipulated 4"x5" film and negatives give insight to her early processes prior to her use of image-based computer software such as Adobe Photoshop. This foundational material provides an opportunity to investigate the methodologies Parada utilized to develop a photographic language which confronted social and political issues yet spoke to the human desire for love and remembrance.

There is a substanial amount of personal history material within the collection. Documentation of family trips abroad, hundreds of photographs, as well as meticulous logs of audio cassettes that capture seminal and unique family moments are included. Since a large portion of Parada's proffesional work aims to link personal family history with larger societal history through memory, these materials are significant as a source of research.


The arrangement of this collection varied greatly. The creator was meticulous in labeling and organizing many of her files. All the personal correspondence files remained as they were delivered to this institution, in alphabetical order by last name. Many of them were re-foldered and re-labeled due to missing adhesive labels. The general research files also were re-labeled and the information transcribed to archival folders. Many of the correspondence and research files were weeded of duplicate copies of articles and some exhibition material. Photographic material and negatives in these folders were housed in archival quality sleeves and newspaper clippings were placed between acid-free paper. The sheer quantity of newspaper within the folders led to a decision not to copy, but just to protect within the folder. Miscellaneous art pieces and other delicate ephemera were housed in acid-free envelopes and labeled with a description of the material as well as any indication of author or intended recipient. While all the teaching and research material was housed together, the method of arrangement varied. Some folders were organized by year and some alphabetically and chronologically by subject matter. Some of the materials is arranged based on type, such as workshops and lectures, and some materials is based on date. Parada's seminal project materials are filed together and include any combination of the following--research material, correspondence, exhibition documentation and press regarding these projects and their exhibits (solo only). Group exhibits are documented together by name of exhibit with Parada's work in parenthesis (if noted). Workshops and lectures are housed by date with name of Parada's own contribution, then the name of the workshop or conference following. Parada belonged to numerous professional groups and was involved with a variety of other professional activities. These are arranged together by group or panel name, and then by date. Parada's personal academic history was not organized in any clear fashion, therefore it was grouped together based on date and filed with other academic and teaching material. Miscellaneous design work and other photographic for-profit submissions and inquiries were also housed together based on date and filed with other professional work.

Organization of the Collection

This collection is organized into series:

Series I: Correspondence, 1961-1998

Series II: Research Materials, 1955-2003

Series III: Project Files, 1979-2002

Series IV: Other Professional Work and Activities, 1964-1990

Series V: Academic and Teaching Materials, 1973-2005


Access to Collection

Collection is open for research; restricted records are noted in the detailed container list. Correspondence with immediate family members is closed until 2036 and any health or student records will not be made available before the duration of seventy-five years from the date of creation has expired.

Detailed Description/Box and Folder Listing

Series I: Correspondence, 1961-1998

This series includes incoming personal and professional correspondence to Esther Parada as well as drafts of outgoing correspondence. The series dates from 1961-1998 and is arranged alphabetically by last name. This series includes professional correspondence from colleagues including Gary Minnix, Joe Jachna, and Catherine Lord as well as prominent mentor Aaron Siskind and other professionals from UIC, Swarthmore, and various other institutions where Parada had residency during her professional career. Correspondence from artists such as Pedro Meyer, Jno Cook, Margaret Randall, Peter Schickele discuss professional projects and collaborations. This series also contains personal correspondence from a variety of other artists, Peace Corps colleagues, and friends. Materials include cards, letters, postcards, exhibit posters, invitations and flyers, photographs and slides, photocopied and original reviews, newspaper and journal articles, personal and professional writings, artist's statements, project proposals and press releases, interviews with Parada, and Parada's own personal notes. Of note are Parada's outgoing drafts of correspondence, including laser-printed photographs added to her letters, showcasing her interest in technologically enhancing her personal and professional art and communicating ideas of collective memory.
11Laura Aguilar, 1983-1993
Health records restricted
exhibition postcards, personal/professional writings and work (Aguilar), journal reviews, incoming letter
2Edith Alexander, 1986-1990
Family files restricted until 2036
letters (incoming), postcard
3Edith Altman, 1992-1993
newspaper article, exhibition invitation (w/note)
4Patti Ambrogi, 1985-1992
Access to files containing student or university personnel records are restricted until 2069
cards, exhibition postcards, photographs, letters (incoming), letters of recommendation, professional letters and project proposals, transcripts, exhibition statements, articles, newspaper photocopies, interviews, art reviews, curriculum vitae (Ambrogi)
5Adriana Angel, 1983-1989
photographs, letters (incoming and outgoing), project proposals, resume, book review, photocopied newspaper articles, interview (Parada and Angel), personal notes (Parada), postcards, interviews
6Fran Antmann, 1985-1988
letters (incoming), resume, project proposals, photocopied newspaper articles, press releases, exhibition flyers
7Fatima Auad, 1969-1989
letters (incoming and outgoing), postcards, cards, photographs, comic book
8Karl Baden, 1979-1994
photographs, letters (incoming), exhibition postcards, flyers and brochures, photocopied articles
9Sr. Consuelo Baldivieso, 1961-1978
letters (incoming and outgoing draft)
10Sandra Bartky, 1987-1992
letters (incoming and outgoing), postcards, newspaper article proffesional writing (Bartky)
11Suzanne Batra, 1967-1997
cards, professional writings and journal write-ups, photographs, letters (incoming)
12Howard and Nan Becker, 1973-1987
letters (incoming and outgoing), slides
13Ken and Julie Beckman, 1971-1987
cards, letters (incoming and outgoing drafts), exhibition postcard
14Eileen Berger, 1979-1986
exhibition postcards and poster (draft and final), artistic statement (Berger), photocopied article, project notes (Berger)
15Luis Carlos Bernal, 1981-1982
letters (incoming and outgoing), photograph
16Bruce and Katy Besser, 1980-1989
letters (incoming and outgoing drafts), professional / personal writing (Besser), cards
21Deborah Bright, 1979-1996
Access to files containing student or university personnel records are restricted until 2071
letters (incoming), exhibition posters and flyers, postcards, photocopied articles and write-ups, Graduate Seminar syllabus, slide captions, letters of recommendation, project notes and proposals (Bright), curriculum vitae
2Lynne Brown, 1985-1994
letter (incoming), photographs, exhibit flyer
3Judy Brumm Wedemeier, 1967-1992
letters (incoming and outgoing), cards, photocopied article, personal writing (Brumm), seminar bulletin
4Judy Brumm Wedemeier, 1981-1987
photocopied articles, personal writings (Brumm), project proposals, letters (incoming) graduate study plan
5Bette Childs, 1987-1990
postcard, itinerary
6Jno Cook, 1987-1993
professional artwork and writings, photopcopies of articles and articles by Cook, invoices, resume, slide lists, letters (incoming), exhibition postcards,
7Irene Cotton, 1970-1991
letters (incoming and outgoing), cards, newspaper articles
8Irene Cotton, 1994
letter, last will and testament of Irene Cotton
9Jane Creighton, 1983-1990
presentation flyer, copied article (Creighton), letters (incoming and outgoing draft), newpaper article
10Nelle Curry, 1967-1982
photocopied articles, cards, postcards, letters (incoming and an outgoing draft)
31Barb D'Amato, 1974-1993
letters (incoming), newspaper articles, lecture postcard
2Davion Family, 1987-1990
Family files restricted until 2036
letters of recommendation , newspaper ads, personal writing (s. Davion), postcard, letters (incoming and outgoing), mixed-media collage, cards, photocopied journal article
3Raoul Davion, 1992
Family files restricted until 2036
personal writings (R. Davion)
4Liche Deckers, 1979-1987
letters (incoming), postcards, brochures
5LaRay Denzer, 1974-1986
letters (incoming), postcards, brochures
6Bill Depen Brock, 1986-1989
postcards, wedding announcement, exhibition poster, letters (incoming)
7Evelyn Dorin, 1978-1995
letters (incoming and outgoing draft), poster, postcards, personal writings
8Betsy Emdin (Kaylor)(Schreiber/Schwartz), 1987-1994
Family files restricted until 2036
letters (incoming and outgoing drafts), cards, photocopied newspaper articles, magazine article, personal writing
9Peggy Emigh, 1970-1986
letters (incoming and outgoing drafts), cards, personal notes
10Peter Filene, 1981
postcard, letters (incoming and outgoing), photographs
11Geoffrey Fox, 1983-1984
letter (incoming), photocopied and original articles
12Vern Geisel, 1975-1986
postcards, letters (incoming and outgoing), newspaper clippings, professional writings
13Martha Gever, 1987
letters(incoming and outgoing), postcard
14Ben Glaser, 1981-1992
Family files restricted until 2036
letters (incoming and outgoing), magazine, paper fan, last will and testament, photographs
15Ben Glaser [bank statements], 1987-1989
Family files restricted until 2036
banks statements
16Leah Glaser, 1984-1988
Family files restricted until 2036
letters (incoming and outgoing), will preparations, contract
17Tom Glaser, 1985-1992
Family files restricted until 2036
letters (incoming and outgoing), photocopied newspaper articles, pamphlets, personal notes
18Misc Family - Glaser / Emdin / Wolfson, 1973-1990
Family files restricted until 2036
letters (incoming and outgoing), cards, postcards, photograph, wedding announcement
41Nancy Gonchar, 1984-1991
letters (incoming and outgoing), postcard, resume
2Janice Zita Grover, 1982-1992
resume, letters (incoming and outgoing), postcard
3David Haas, 1984-1994
letters (incoming and outgoing), cards, postcards, photographs, newsletters from the Phildelphia Independent Film/Video Association's Express Exchange and Independence Public Media of Philadelphia, exhibition flyers, newspaper clippings, personal notes, professional writings (Haas), term papers (Haas), project proposals (Haas)
4David Haas, 1987-1993
applications, bulletins, newsletters
5Carole Harmel, 1976-1982
letters (incoming and outgoing), exhibition flyers (including drafts), seminar schedule, exhibition booklet, resume (Harmel), photocopied articles and reviews
6Mike Hudson, 1980-1985
letters (incoming and outgoing), postcard
7David Jacobs, 1985-1993
letters (incoming and outgoing), postcard
8Barbara Jaffe, 1979-1991
letters (incoming and outgoing), postcards
9Catherine Janson,
letters (incoming)
10Joe and Virginia Jachna, 1975-1993
letters (incoming and outgoing), resume (V. Jachna), postcard, exhibition pamphlet, newspaper clipping
11Michiko Kasahara, 1985-1987
Access to files containing student or university personnel records are restricted until 2060
postcards, exhibition flyers, letter of recommendation
12Dorothy Kahn, 1975-1986
postcard, letters (incoming), cards
13Diane Kirkpatrick, 1972-1993
letters (incoming and outgoing), postcards, holiday cards
14Chuck Kleinhans, 1988-1995
postcard, scanned photographs, Xeroxed copy of Postmodern Times Journal, draft versions on Postmodern Times graphics, copy of Media Anxiety Journal
15Margaret (Peg) Carlson Lauber, 1976-1992
postcards, letters (incoming and outgoing), curriculum vitae (Lauber), professional writings "In a Territory like Grand Rapids", "Locked Away in the Wayne County Courthouse", family photographs, holiday cards and notes
16Peg and Sid Lewis, 1979-1988
postcards, holiday cards, photographs
17Judy Levy, 1984-1994
letters (incoming), draft syllabus with notes
18Yolanda Lopez, 1988-1990
exhibition poster San Fransisco Musuem of Modern Art, exhibition flyer from Celia Munoz, drawing, letters (incoming), short biography (Lopez), copy of news article and official letter from La Raza Organization
19Catherine Lord, 1980-1993
Access to files containing student or university personnel records are restricted until 2068
letters of recommendation, curriculum vita (Lord), postcards, letters (incoming and outgoing), copied newspaper article, reproductions of articles on the California Institute of the Arts (one from Vogue 1989, one from the New York Times 1989 {oversized}), exhibition pamphlets, Xerowed copy of Alt., a newsletter published by the CalArts Student Council
20Joan and Nathan Lyons, 1980-1998
letters (incoming and outgoing)
51Margaret Macpherson, 1973-1987
letters (incoming and outgoing), letters from the St. Cecilia Music Society in Grand Rapids, MI (scholarship to Interlochen), family photos, Interlochen music camp program
2Martha Madigan, 1979-1990
letters (incoming and outgoing drafts), postcards, photographs, exhibit flyers. Artist call, wedding invitation, art review
3Silvia Malagrino and Maria Martinez-Canas, 1982-1997
Access to files containing student or university personnel records are restricted until 2063
letters (incoming and outgoing), exhibit flyers and posters, photocopied writings (Eduardo Soleanis?), letters of recommendation, original poetry (Miguel Hernandez), professional notes, workshop notes, photocopied articles, program proposal, exhibit statements, art review, laser printed photos
4Mike Mandel, 1993-1997
Access to files containing student or university personnel records are restricted until 2070
letters of recommendation, copy of speech (Mandel), project/research proposal, curriculum vitae (Mandel), incoming email
5Sam Manno, 1983-1992
Access to files containing student or university personnel records are restricted until 2060
photograph, letter of recommendation, letters (incoming and outgoing)
6Ann and Brian Mangrum, 1967-1975
letters (incoming), cards, photographs
7David Matteson, 1985-1996
letters (incoming)
8Sandy Matthews, 1984-1992
Access to files containing student or university personnel records are restricted until 2064
letters (incoming), letters of recommendation, artist statement, exhibit synopsis, postcard
9Joe Miller, 1987
Syllabus, photocopied articles, letter (incoming)
10Pedro Meyer, 1979-1994
letters (incoming and outgoing), transcript of conversation held on 7/18/87, original writing (Meyer), exhibit flyers, postcards and posters, faxed copy of photographs and articles sent to Bob Check, photocopied articles
11Pedro Meyer, 1993
personal notes, faxed letters, photocopied articles in relation to a 1993 cd-rom photography exhibit
12Pedro Meyer, 1980-1989
letters (incoming and outgoing in Spanish and English), letters regarding mutual exchange between the Society for Photographic Education (SPE) and Consejo Mexicano de Fotografia
13Gary Minnix, 1983-1990
Access to files containing student or university personnel records are restricted until 2065
letters (incoming and outgoing), letters of recommendation, exhibition postcards, professional work / artistic statements (Minnix), notes
14Marie and Bill Mundt, 1971-1980
Christmas cards, letters (incoming)
15Mary Patten, 1991-1997
Access to files containing student or university personnel records are restricted until 2071
articles, professional abstracts, project plan notices, exhibition reviews, teaching history and philosophy (Patten), project notes (Patten), curator's statements, resume (Patten), exhibition postcard, letters of recommendation
61Pavloff Family (George)(Eleanor-Elli)(Elena), 1972-1990
letters (incoming and outgoing), holiday cards, photographs, scanned photographs
2Peacecorps Friends [Judy (?) Bissell, Sandy Nathan, Sheila Parsons, Tom Perardi, Roger Wolf (Nancy)], 1970-1981
letters (incoming and outgoing), cards, photographs
3Janet Pietsch, 1980-1987
letters (incoming and outgoing), obituary (Pietsch), exhibition postcards, resume, thesis exhibition pamphlet, personal notes (Parada)
4Sheila Pinkel, 1981-1996
Access to files containing student or university personnel records are restricted until 2066
letters (incoming and outgoing), exhibition posters and postcards, laser printed photos, copied articles, project statements (Pinkel), postcards, writings (Pinkel), copies of published articles (Pinkel), resume (Pinkel), letters of recommendation, personal notes
5Linda Plotkin, 1975-1993
exhibition postcards and pamphlets, letters (incoming and outgoing)
6Margaret Randall, 1984-1989
published writings (Randall), advertisements, letters (incoming and outgoing), copied articles about Randall's possible deportation and freedom of speech issues, letters from the Margaret Randall Legal Defense Committee, magazine and newspaper articles, exhibition flyers
7Stephanie Regen, 1988-1991
Access to files containing student or university personnel records are restricted until 2064
invitation to thesis exhibition, personal notes, cards (incoming), lecture schedule, exhibition postcards, letter of recommendation
8Mel Rosenthal, 1984-1987
exhibition postcard, letters (incoming and outgoing), outgoing letter drafts, copied newspaper article
9Connie Samaras, 1986-1992
Access to files containing student or university personnel records are restricted until 2066
letters (incoming), letters of recommendation, exhibition flyers, project proposals and outlines (Samaras), postcards, exhibition posters, artistic statements (Samaras)
10David Schickele, 1984-1992
letters (incoming and outgoing drafts), exhibition flyers, postcards
11Peter Schickele, 1969-1990
postcards, family holiday photographs, letters (incoming and outgoing), Chicago Symphony Orchestra program, concert posters and flyers, original poetry (S. Schickele), newspaper clippings, magazine articles (PDQ Bach), original music 'Wedding Present', Swarthmore College bulletin article
12Elizabeth Sisco, 1985-1991
Access to files containing student or university personnel records are restricted until 2063
letters (incoming and outgoing), exhibit letter, flyers and postcards, photocopied artist collective statements and art reviews, letter of recommendation, cards and notes (incoming)
13Aaron Siskind, 1972-1976
postcards, photocopied obituary (Siskind), cards, letters (outgoing drafts)
14Clarissa Sligh, 1987-1992
exhibit flyers and posters, postcards, letters (incoming and outgoing), artistic statement (Sligh), draft of original writing (Sligh), presentation slide checklist (Parada), project consent and proposal form, photocopied Ebony article (2/90), photocopied art reviews, workshop invitations
71Keith Smith/Scott McCarney, 1985-1993
Access to files containing student or university personnel records are restricted until 2065
letters (incoming and outgoing), exhibit flyers, postcards, letter of recommendation (Minnix), laserprinted photograph
2Abigail Solomon-Godeau, 1984
letter (incoming), notes (incoming), personal notes
3Claudio Spies, 1969-1980
wedding invitation, letters (incoming and outgoing), cards
4Ida and Aaron Stolorow, 1984-1993
letter (incoming and outgoing draft) synagogue bulletin, card
5Swarthmore Faculty, 1964-1982
alumni donations receipt, Ted Nelson (lecture invitation), Peter van de Kamp (letters and cards, lecture notes, Clothier Memorial speech 1972, "The Philosophical Man" Symposium lecture 1967, obituary of Olga Petruschka van de Kamp 1974), Susan Cobbs (card and outgoing letter draft), Daniel Hoffman (letters, incoming and outgoing draft), Nancy ? (incoming letters), Dorothy March (incoming letter), David Baltimore (incoming letter), Charles ? (incoming letter and hand-drawn map)
6Marsha Swiss, 1969-1980
letters (incoming), photographs
7Nicolina (Zingali) Tack, 1975-1996
letters (incoming), writing (Tack), photographs, cards and notes, bookmarks, exhibition poster (Parada)
8Nicolina (Zingali) Tack, 1975-1976
Access to financial records restricted
IRS forms
9Nicolina (Zingali) Tack, 1975-1985
personal writings (Tack)
10NIcolina (Zingali) Tack, 1981-1982
personal writings (Tack)
11Nicolina (Zingali) Tack, 1978-1980
personal writings (Tack)
12Patricia (Ellis) Tugas, 1983-1992
wedding invitation, postcard, letter (incoming), original poetry (Tugas), card
13Carol Vognsen, 1970-1974
letters (incoming), cards
14Miscellaneous, 1964-1996
John Wood, Sandy, Diane, Ed Wepman, Rosa Thomson, letter to Susan / Barbara Stamberg, Deborah Small, Leah Siegel, D. Rasmussen, Irene Siegel, Naomi Lazard, Rosalind Solomon, Blanche Mullen, Norma Depenbrock, Nancy M., Nelli Wieghardt, Antonella Pelizzari, Helen and Don Russell/Brunner

Series II: Research Materials, 1955-2001

The materials in this series range from general to very specific in nature. Since Parada's personal and professional life did overlap, these files document general interests as well as more detailed notes regarding specific projects. It is unknown whether the general research files were used for academic work or for artistic endeavors. There is correspondence within several of the folders documenting scholarly conversation and research. The sub-series of general research contains magazine and newspaper articles, lectures and syllabi, interviews, and artist statements. The subject matter ranges from philosophy to politcal activism, from photojournalism to cultural identity, and from fairy tales to labor struggles.
81Adams, Dennis 1992
Slow Provocation (Interview from Views Journal of Photography, New England)
2Ades, Dawn undated
3Atwood, Margaret 1979
Interview (American Poetry Review, 1979); Two-Headed Poems; The Puppet of The Wolf
4Baldwin, James 1955
The Crux of Our Solitude; Notes of A Native Son; Carmen Jones: The Dark is Light Enough
5Bardnt, Deborah undated
6Bardnt, Deborah undated
7Barthes, Roland undated
Camera Lucida; Rhetoric of the Image "The Denoted Image"
8Bartky, S., Bordo, Susan, Martin, Emily 1994
Sexuality and the Body Seminar readings
9Becker, Carol 1990
Artist and Society
10Behar, Ruth 1992
Translated Woman: Crossing the Border; Correspondences; "Co-Madres" El Salvador Human Rights Watch; Photographing Mexican Women; Interview transcripts - Yampolsky and Iturbide; The Body in the Woman, the Story in the Woman: A Book Review and Personal Essay; Arroz con MacArthur (Chronicle of Higher Education, Nov. 1992)
11Behar, Ruth 1990
The Life Story of A Mexican Marketing Woman; The Female Body
12Benjamin, Walter undated
The Author as Producer
13Berger, John
14Bettelheim, Bruno undated
The Uses of Enchantment: The Meaning and Importance of Fairy Tales
15Bey, Dawoud 1995
Artist Statement
16Blake, William undated
Songs of Innocence; "Little Black Boy"
17Brecht, Bertolt undated
The Sources and Function of Art; Brecht:The Man and His Work
18Brock, Lisa 1998
Contributions in Black Studies; Between Race and Empire; Money, Art and Politics
19Brush, Gloria DeFilipps 1981-1987
20Byatt, A.S. 1992
The Chinese Lobster
21Carroll, Patty 1991-1992
newspaper clippings, correspondence
22Carver, Raymond 1989
Had His Cake and Ate It Too
23Chicago, Judy 1993
Planet Holocaust: From Feminism to Judaism
24Chomsky, Noam 1986-1991
Disinformation; US Empire and Ourselves; 500-Year System: New World Order
25Ciardi, John undated
How Does A Poem Mean?
26Chave, Anna 1994
Demoiselles d'Avignon
27Citron, Michelle 1980-1994
?Daughter Rite, Living with our Pain and Love (Jump Cut); "The Fight of Re-Vision" (Film Quarterly 1981); Speaking the Unspeakable: How We Talk When Words Fail
28Clifford, James 1985-1988
The Politics of Representations; Histories of the Tribal and the Modern; On Ethnographic Authority
29Cockroft, Eva undated
Framing the News in our own image; Abstract Expressionism, Weapon of the Cold War
30Coleman, A.D. 1981
Fotofest / "Testimonies" : Texts; The Directorial Mode; Hybridization: A Photographic Tradition
91Crimp, Douglas undated
AIDS: Cultural Analysis, Cultural Activism; The Politics of Postmodern Photography
2Davis, Douglas 1975
Art Politics: Thoughts Against the Prevailing Fantasies
3Dean, John 1979-2000
Some Variations on the Philadelphia Row House; slides; Time Maps of the Urban Landscape
4Dean, John undated
Jan Dibbets' Poetic Structuralism in the Dutch Tradition
5Desnoes, Edmundo 1985
The Photographic Image of Underdevelopment (see also: On Signs edited by Marshall Blanksy); "Cuba Made Me So"; "The Death System"; "Will You Ever Shave Your Beard?"
6Dorfman, Ariel 1983
The Empire's Old Clothes
7Edelson, Mary Beth 1975-1988
Storybox: The Spirituality Question; Correspondence, Great Goddess; The Shaman is a Gifted Artist; Speaking for Myself; photocopied articles
8Ehrenreich, Barbara 1988
Drug Frenzy
9Enzenberger, Hans Magnus undated
the Industrialization of the Mind
10Eskildsen, Ute 1980
The AIZ and the Arbiter; Fotograf: Working Class Photographers in Weimar
11Ewen, Stuart and Elizabeth undated
Images of Democracy, Channels of Desire
12Fernandes, Joyce 1998
Community Re-Investment: A Project for Artists?
13Fessler, Ann 1987
14Fish, Stanley 2001
Condemnation Without Absolutes (NYTimes, 2001)
15Flax, Carol 1992
16Fontcuberta, Joan 1991
17Forche, Carolyn 1981
El Salvador: An Aide Memoire; "The Colonel" and "Photograph of My Room" from the Country between Us;
18Frampton, Hollis undated
Incisions in History
19Freeman, Craig 1989-1991
Operation Greenrun II, correspondence
20Friel, Howard 1984
Covert Propaganda in Time and Newsweek
21Frueh, Joanna 1989-1990
Vapiric Strategies; Has the Body Lost Its Mind?
22Fuentes, Carlos 1983-1986
Epilogue: Farewell, Monroe Doctrine; High Noon in Latin America; artists call; newspaper article
23Fuller, R. Buckminster 1977
Voices in the Wind (NPR)
24Fusco, Coco / Gomez-Pena, Guillermo 1992-1995
The Year of the White Bear; Passionate Irreverence: The Cultural Politics of Identity
25Gablik, Suzi 1985-1990
Changing Paradigms: Is the Ladder of success a dead end for artists?; Cultural Imperatives in the Ecological Age
26Gallagher, Tess 1979-1986
A Concert of Tenses; Poem-Time: The Pen in the Hands of Time; Adding to the Unhappiness: Those Poems are Writing You
27Gallop, Jane undated
Observations of a Mother
28Garcia-Marquez, Gabriel 1982
The Crux of Our Solitude
29Gates, H.L. 1999
Muscular Humanism: An Interview with Henry Louis Gates, Jr.
30Gofbarg, Gadi 1986-1992
31Goldbeck, Eugene undated
The Panoramic Photography of Eugene O. Goldbeck (book review)
32Goldman, Shifra 1981-1986
Art of the Americas; correspondence, newspaper articles
33Goldman, Shifra 1984-1986
Latin Americans Aqui/Here; Interviews; Toward a Critique of New Artistic Directions in the United States; Popular Arts; Rewriting the History of Mexican Art; correspondence, newspaper clipping
34Gomez-Pena, Guillermo 1989-1993
The Graywolf Annual Five: Multicultural Literacy; The New World (B)order; Within a Museum rises a stranger museum; The Border is Fashionable; The Multicultural Paradigm
35Gonzalez-Torres, Felix 1987-1989
Quatrenium; correspondence
101Graff, Gerald 1988-1990
Professing Literature (book review)
2Grant, Susan Kae 1986-1992
Correspondence, artist statement
3Gude, Olivia / Pounds, Jon 1988-1995 (?)
letter of recommendation, statement of intent, correspondence, newspaper articles, Roseland-Pullman Mural Project; An Aesthetics of Collaboration; syllabi
4Guerrilla Girls (Gardiner, Judith) 1985-1992
newspaper articles; The Guerrilla Girls and WAC: Strategies of Action and Intervention in the Eighties and Nineties
5Haacke, Hans 1987
Haacke's Surplus Value; Politics, Plumbing in NY Museum; Artiste Provocateur
6The Hackney Flashers undated
Domestic Labor and Visual representation
7Halleck, Dee Dee 1984-1990
correspondence, Notes on Nicaraguan Video LIBRE O MORIR
8Paper Tiger Television (Dee Dee Halleck) 1985
9Hanson, David 1987
10Hare, Chauncey 1985
Correspondence, Artist Journey Workshop, This was Corporate America
11Heartfield, John 1977
Photomontages of the Nazi Period
12Heilbrun, Carolyn 1988
Women Writers: Coming of Age at 50
13Hooks, Bell 1991-1992
My "Style" ain't no fashion; interview
14Hugunin, James 1982-1989
Robert Heinecken's "Neo-Physiognomy"; A Problem of nuclear pfahl-out; Maintaining Photography and the Art of Defensive Perception; The Life and Times of Cadmean Storch; Exploiting de Man
15Jong, Erica 1973
Visionary Anger
16Jussim, Estelle 1983-1984
Observations (also Newhall, Beaumont)
17Kahlo, Frida 1987
Chicano Inspiriation
18Kelly, Angela 1987-1998
letters of recommendation, correspondence; Chrysalis series; syllabus
19Kingsolver, Barbara 2001
A Pure, High Note of Anguish
20Kingston, Maxine Hong 1987
Through the Eyes of Maxine Hong Kingston
21Kleinhaus, Chuck 1985-1989
Learning Together; Lectures; syllabi;
22Kramer, Hilton 1955
Family of Man
23Kramer, Jane 1995-1996
Politics of Memory (Nazism)
24Kroff, Linda 1986-1991
newspaper article; correspondence; Poetics; Discarded Histories, Reclaimed Voices
25Kruger, Barbara / Mariani, Phil 1989
Remaking History
26Larkin, Joan undated
27Le Guin, Ursula 1989
The Hand that Rocks the Cradle Writes the Book
28Leonard, Joanne 1985-1992
correspondence; newspaper article; Distilled Life; Not Losing Her Memory: Stories in Photographs, Words and Collage
111Lesage, Julia 1987-1988
2Link, Lisa 1991-1998
3Lippard, Lucy 1984-1988
4Liteky, Charles 1986-1987
5Lonidier, Fred 1992
6Lord, Catherine 1989-1997
7Lorde, Audre 1977-1992
8Madigan, Martha 1984-1986
9Manual (Bloom, Suzanne and Hill, Ed) 1984-1995
10Margolin, Victor 1986-1987
11Mason, Bobbie Ann 1987
12Mazza, Cristina 1995-1996
Correspondence, university records
13McEvilley, Thomas 1984
14Meiselas, Susan 1983-1992
15Meredith, Ann 1989
16Millner. Sherry 1988
17Minh-Ha, Trinh T. 1982-1986
18Mitchell, Suzanne 1980-1990
correspondence; letters of recommendation; 10- 4x5's in negative preserver sheets, labeled, artwork of Suzanne Mitchell from 1979-81
19Mitchell, W. J. T. 1990
20Morrison, Toni 1989
21Nagatani, Patrick 1981-1987
22Nettles, Bea 1979-1984
23Neumaier, Diane 1985-1998
24Novak, Lorie 1981-1992
121Paley, Grace undated
2Phillips, Christopher 1986
3Piercy, Marge undated
4Parker, Rozsika and Pollack, Griselda 1981
5Pomeroy, Jim 1984-1992
6Poole, Deborah 1988-1990
7Powers, David 1994
8Rahman, Ram 1997
9Rainer, Yvonne 1987
10Renau, Jose 1979
11Ressler, Susan 1982-1995
12Revelle, Barbara Jo 1978-1994
13Colorado Convention Center (Revelle, B.J.) 1988-1991
14Rich, Adrienne 1971-1987
15Rich, Ruby 1982-1987
16Ricketts, Liese 1986-1993
17Riggs, Marlon 1991
18Ritchin, Fred 1987-1997
19Rollins, Tim (K.O.S.) 1990-1991
20Rosenblum, Barbara 1986-1988
21Rosler, Martha 1977-1989
22Rubenstein, Meridel 1981-1999
131Samaras, Connie 1985-1991
2Schama, Simon undated
3Sekula, Allan 1973-1991
4Sendak, Maurice 1991
5Sheridan, Sonia Landy 1972-1985
6Sholette, Greg 1998-1999
7Smith, Keith undated
8Snitow, Ann 1989
9Snyder, Joel 1975
10Solomon-Godeau, Abigail 1989
11Sommer, Frederick 1972
12Sontag, Susan 1964-1988
13Spence, Jo 1985-1992
14Sprague, Stephen 1978
15Steigler, Robert 1976-1983
16Steinem, Gloria 1990
17Stevens, May 1982-1989
18Sultan, Larry 1989-1994
19Sweet Honey in the Rock (Johnson Reagon, Bernice) undated
20Tan, Amy 1991
Mother Tongue
21Tobia, Blaise 1988-1991
22Troeller, Linda 1988-1989

Series III: Project Files, 1979-2002

This series documents the most clearly defined and well-supported projects of Parada's professional career. This series includes specific research, exhibition documentation, reviews, lecture and panel discussions, and any other work that specifically documents these important chapters in Parada's work.
141Site Unseen - Dickson Mounds Gravsite Controversy 1990-1991
151Past Recovery - Artemisia Gallery (Chicago) 1979
2Past Recovery - Swarthmore College - Alumni Days 1980
3Past Recovery - The Portrait Extended (group exhibition) - The Museum of Contemporary Art (Chicago) 1980
4Past Recovery - Multiple Images (Wednesday Journal article) - Aaron Lisec 1982
5Past Recovery - In Sequence (group exhibition) - The Museum of Fine Arts (Houston) 1982
6Past Recovery - Correspondence with Anne Tucker (curator, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston) 1980-1990
7Past Recovery - Big Pictures (group exhibition) - The Museum of Modern Art (New York) 1983
8Past Recovery - The Family - Museum of Fine Arts (Houston) (reviews) 1989
9Past Recovery - Time and the Conways (play) - Octagon Theatre (Bolton, England) 1993
161Memory Warp Series - Foto Gallery (New York) 1981
171C/Overt Ideology - Afterimage (responses) 1984
2C/Overt Ideology - Lectures - Subliminal Ideology: US v. Nicaraguan; Views of the Revolution; C/Overt Ideology: Images of Revolution in the US Print Media (various locations) 1983-1984
3C/Overt Ideology - Lecture - Subliminal Ideology - Focal Point Media Center (Seattle) 1984
4C/Overt Ideology - Lecture - Latin America: A Media Mythology (Cuba) 1984
181Who Was Smedley Butler? - Research - Old Gimlet Eye (Thomas Lowell) 1981
2Who Was Smedley Butler? - Village Voice contest 1985
3Who Was Smedley Butler? - Correspondence 1986-1988
4Who Was Smedley Butler? - Artist and Social Commentary (exhibition) - Maryland Institute, College of Art 1986
5Who Was Smedley Butler? - Smedley Butler Brigade 1986-1987
6Who Was Smedley Butler? - F.A.I.R (Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting) 1988
191Monroe Doctrine - Free and Ordered Space, Photography Reconstructed (exhibition)- Trumball Gallery (Chicago) 1989
2Monroe Doctrine - Correspondence - Photo-Triennale - Essingen Am Neckar (W. Germany) 1989
3Monroe Doctrine - Museum of Photographic Arts (Odense, Denmark) 1989
201Canopy - Research - Oak Park Historical Society (newspaper articles) 1902-1995
2Canopy - Research - Oak Leaves (newspaper articles) 1930-1960
3Canopy - Research - Oak Park News (newspaper articles) 1989-1992
4Canopy - Research - Oak Park News (newspaper articles) 1996-1997
5Canopy - Research - Oak Park News (newspaper articles) 1997
6Canopy - Research - Elm Trees - Wednesday Journal articles 1998-2003
7Canopy - Research - Oak Park tree pruning controversy 2001
8Canopy - Research - Schneider Elm Demise 2002
9Canopy - Research - Oak Park Village map; forestry tables undated
10Canopy - Research - Oak Park Historical Society (notes) undated

Series IV: Other Professional Work and Activities, 1964-1990

This series documents a variety of other professional activities from graphic design work, professional conferences and committees, freelance photography work, documentation regarding book and exhibit submissions, essay publication, book reviews, fund-raising programs and correspondence regarding political and environmental causes. Since Parada's personal beliefs and experiences directly correlated to her professional output, this material is of research value. This series documents Parada's other achievements in education, such as participating lecturer in The Washington Project for the Arts and organizer of The Latin American Colloquium. It also documents her writing achievements with essay publication in the anthology 'The Contest of Meaning'. Documentation of The National Endowments for the Arts fellowships in 1982 ($5,000) and 1988 ($15,000) is included. This series also documents Parada's extensive involvement with the Society for Photographic Education (SPE), including material from their annual conference and women's caucus.
211Freelance photography, 1968-1973
Science Research Associates; Chicago State University
2Chicago State Handbook, 1969-1971
3Stock photography, 1969-1979
Tom Stack and Associates
4Freelance photography, 1973-1979
photography business
5Book reviews, 1976-1978
Random House - The Step by Step Guide to Photography (Langford); The Book of Photography (Hedgecoe)
6Slide Archive of Contemporary Women's Photography, 1978-1980
7High Contrast (Seeley), 1979-1980
Image permissions (Site Unseen)
8Freelance photography, 1979-1985
9Photography Task Force, 1980
National Endowment for the Arts
10Latin American Colloquium, 1980
11Political correspondence, 1981
NEA funding
12Quiver Magazine (Tyler School of Art), 1981-1983
Site Unseen #35)
13Telex: Iran / In the Name of Revolution (Peress), 1983
14Camera Work Quarterly, 1984
15Nicaragua Media Project, 1984
exhibit proposal
16Washington Project for the Arts, 1985
Lectures - US Democracy over Central America; Latin America: A Media Mythology
17Fund-raising campaign, 1986
Mexican earthquake relief exhibits; correspondence (The Art Institute of Chicago, Mexican Council of Photography, Pedro Meyer, The Museum of Contemporary Art, Houston Center for Photography, Festa Nazionale dell' Unita)
18Essay publication, 1986
Women and Memory Conference (Michigan Quarterly Review)
19NEA protest, 1986
20Essay publication, 1986-1989
The Contest of Meaning: Critical Histories of Photography; correspondence
21Eureka Fellowship Juror, 1989
Fleishacker Foundation
22Political correspondence, 1998
US Army School of the Americas
23Political correspondence, 1998
Environmental initiatives
221Artemisia Gallery, 1976-1978
Co-Op member document
2Society for Photographic Education (SPE), 1978-1981
International committee
3Illinois Arts Council, 1980-1982
Advisory panel
4National Endowment for the Arts, 1981
Advisory panel
5Chicago Council on Fine Arts, 1982
6Artemisia Gallery, 1985
Critical Messages
7Society for Photographic Education (SPE), 1985
8Society for Photographic Education (SPE), 1986-1989
Exposure editorial board
9Ohio Arts Council, 1987
Aid to Individual Artists Fellowship Panel
10The Friends of Photography, 1987
20th Anniversary Symposium
11Society for Photographic Education (SPE), 1987
Conference - Women's Caucus
12Society for Photographic Education (SPE), 1987
Conference - Women's Caucus; correspondence
13Society for Photographic Education (SPE), 1987
Conference - Women's Caucus (Latin American Women photographers booklet)
14Society for Photographic Education (SPE), 1987
Conference - El Tayacan exhibit
15Society for Photographic Education (SPE), 1987
Conference - The Imperialism of Representation / The Representation of Imperialism (lecture)
16The Friends of Photography, 1988-1990
Peer Review panel; auction correspondence
17Society for Photographic Education (SPE), 1989
Conference - Histories, Public and Private (lecture); From Chemical to Digital Darkroom (lecture)
18Society for Photographic Education (SPE), 1989
Conference - Women's Caucus
19College Art Association, 1989
Distinguished Artist Award committee
231Nonsense Botany article, 1964-1968
School Arts Magazine
2Non-photographic art, 1970-1975
Edward Sherbeyn Gallery
3Miscellaneous, 1976-1983
Time-Life (Kathleen Reeve); transaction documentation
4Past Recovery, 1979
Popular Photography layout (Jim Hughes)
5Fulbright Commision, 1979-1980
application (Peru)
6Book submissions, 1979-1981
Photographic Processes; Portraiture (Nancy Howell-Koehler)
7Past Recovery, 1979-1980
US Eye - 1980 Winter Olympic Games (Lake Placid)
8Illinois Arts Council Grants, 1980-1983
Past Recovery (1980); General (1983)
9Time-Life submissions, 1981-1982
The Art of Photography
10NEA fellowship grants, 1978-1988
$5,000 (1982); $15,000 (1988)
11Howard Foundation Fellowship, 1985-1986
12Guggenheim, 1985
Re-visualizing the American Revolution
13NEH grant, 1987
The American Revolution Re-Visualized (not funded)

Series V: Academic and Teaching Materials, 1974-1990

Both personal and professional materials are included in this series of the collection. Parada's personal academic art, including her graduate thesis from the Illinois Institute of Technology, is represented here. The professional academic material includes a variety of lectures and panel discussions, as well as documentation of several temporary positions. Correspondence regarding these speaking engagements and extended professional appointments are included along with drafts and notes from lectures, exhibit material and student work. There are different iterations of seminal lectures that Parada gave during this time, including The Presence of the Past, Subliminal Ideology and A Knife, A Camera, A Book of Myths. There is a sub-series of material that correlates directly to Parada's work at the University of Illinois, Chicago Circle Campus. This material documents correspondence with department faculty, grant and program submissions, seminars, and material documenting Parada's 'American Revolution Re-Visualized' which was a project begun during a research leave in 1978-1979 and eventually funded by an Insitute for the Humanities Fellowship in 1986-1987. This sub-series also includes projects involving students including the CTA "El" project and 'Color,' an exhibit showcasing student and faculty work with a Canon color laser copier, and the corresponding book of the artwork that accompanied the exhibit.
241La Presencia del Pasado - El Consejo Mexicano, 1981
2Northlight Gallery - Arizona State University, 1981-1987
3Center for Creative Photography - University of Arizona, 1982
4The Presence of the Past - Visual Studies Workshop Summer Institute, 1982
5Rochester Institute of Technology, 1982
correspondence (Patty Ambrogi)
6University of California at San Diego, 1982-1983
temporary appointment
7Mask Metamorphosis - Public and Private Images - Tyler School of Art, 1983
panel discussion (College Art Association conference)
8Tyler School of Art, 1984
temporary appointment
9The Artist and Social Responsibility - Tyler School of Art, 1984
10Double Light (Sequence #4) - Maryland Institute, College of Art, 1984
group exhibition
11Subliminal Ideology, 1984
draft text
12Subliminal Ideology - Ohio State University, 1984
13Presence of the Past - Grand Rapids Art Museum, 1985
14Personal and Political Memories; A Visual Retrospect - University of Michigan, 1986
Women and Memory Conference (Michigan Quarterly Review)
15Subliminal Ideology - McKee Symposium on Social Issues, 1986
16The Photograph as Narrative - Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, 1986
US Democracy over Central America; Circle of Poison (Full Circle); Memory Warp
17Rhode Island School of Design, 1986
Visiting Artist Program; grad student critiques
18A Knife, A Camera, A Book of Myths, 1987
notes; draft versions
19Metamorphosis - Visual Studies Workshop Summer Institute, 1987
20Art, Photography and Representations of the Other - International Center of Photography, 1987
21A Knife, A Camera, A Book of Myths - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1987
22Getting the Picture: Representing Ourselves and Being Represented - Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers, 1988
23A Knife, A Camera, A Book of Myths - Rutgers, 1989
24New Options / Working Solutions - The Boston Center for Photography and Criticism, 1989
25The Pleasure of the Pixel - International Center of Photography, 1989
not held
26Let Photography be Invaded, 1989-1990
Photo-Triennale (Esslingen, GER); SUNY Binghamton; Albequerque, NM; Purdue
27ARTH 511: Representation and the Americas - SUNY Binghamton, 1990
temporary appointment
28ARTH 511: Representation and the Americas - SUNY Binghamton, 1990
Graduate seminar; student work
251Extension Program proposal, 1974
2Grant submission - Curriculum development, 1975-1976
3Research leave, 1978
4Research leave, 1978-1979
5CTA "El" Project (Kelly Saunders), 1979
6Raices Antguas / Visiones Nuevas (Juan Downey), 1979
7Generative Systems grant proposal - Curriculum development, 1980
8A.D. Coleman, 1980
9Latin American Studies Seminar 391, 1982
10Women Studies Program, 1985
Lecture - Doing / Being: Visual Images and Sex Role Socialization
11Faculty Retreat, 1986
12Institute for the Humanities Fellowship, 1986-1987
The American Revolution Re-Visualized (application)
13Institute for the Humanities Fellowship, 1986-1987
Boston Brewing: The American Revolution Re-Visualized (seminar)
14Institute for the Humanities Fellowship, 1986-1987
Boston Brewing: The American Revolution Re-Visualized (digital directory and copies)
15Institute for the Humanities Fellowship, 1986-1987
Boston Brewing: The American Revolution Re-Visualized (notes and bibliographic citations)
16Campus Research Board, 1987-1988
funding correspondence
17Institute for the Humanities Fellowship, 1983-1989
achievements of the fellows correspondence
18Color, 1989
Canon color laser copier exhibit; book correspondence; reviews