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Hillman, Arthur, 1909-1985
Arthur Hillman papers
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Part of the Jane Addams Memorial Collection. Arthur Hillman (1910-1985) was a board member and director of the Chicago training office of the National Federation of Settlements and Neighborhood Centers as well as a professor of urban sociology at Roosevelt University. Associated with Roosevelt University since its founding in 1945, Hillman served as dean of the College of Arts and Sciences and chairman of the Sociology Department. In his work with the National Federation of Settlements and Neighborhood Houses, Hillman made a survey of neighborhood and settlement houses in the country, visiting twenty-five cities, and published his findings. The collection contains reports, clippings, correspondence, minutes, pamphlets, articles, speeches, and published material. The materials pertain to urban planning and urban renewal, Chicago neighborhoods, Saul Alinsky, the National Federation of Settlements and Neighborhood Centers, and housing. Finding aid available.

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Arthur Hillman papers, Special Collections and University Archives, University of Illinois at Chicago

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Biography of Arthur Hillman

Professor Arthur Hillman spent his career studying and developing the fields of urban planning, urban renewal, social work, and urban sociology. In 1960 he was selected to direct the National Federation of Settlements' Training Center at Hull-House in Chicago.

Arthur Hillman was born on June 26, 1909, in Nevada City, California. In 1931 he graduated, cum laude, from the University of Washington, Seattle, where he was a member of Phi Betta Kappa. He earned his Master's Degree in Sociology and Education in 1934, also from the University of Washington, Seattle. In 1940 Dr. Hillman earned his Ph.D. in Sociology and Social Service Administration from the University of Chicago.

Professor Hillman held several teaching positions throughout the 1930s and 1940s. He spent the 1936-1937 academic year as an instructor at Bucknell University in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. Hillman taught at the Central YMCA College in Chicago from 1938 until he joined the faculty at the newly established Roosevelt College in Chicago.

Hillman spent most of the remainder of his academic career with Roosevelt University, where he served in various capacities. He was an associate professor of Sociology and part-time chairman of the Sociology department from September, 1945 until February, 1946, when he took over the position full-time. Between 1955 and 1960 Professor Hillman served at the College of Arts and Sciences at Roosevelt University. From 1961-1964 he reoccupied his previous position as Chairman of the Sociology Department. Between 1969 and his retirement in 1974, he served as chairman of the Urban Studies graduate interdepartmental program at Roosevelt University's undergraduate Social Work program.

Hillman's career was not limited to his work at Roosevelt University. In 1936 he participated in the "Urbanism Study" conducted by the National Resources Committee at The University of Chicago. In 1942, Hillman served as the Executive Secretary of Community Council of the Stockyards District in Chicago. From 1943-1945, during World War II, he worked as the Assistant Regional Director for the Office of Community War Service, part of the Federal Security Agency. Hillman also was the first director of the Social Work Labor Project, sponsored by the Council of Social agencies in 1945.

As a Fulbright Scholar in 1950, Hillman resided in Olso, Norway where he studied community and national planning and family life. While in Europe he was appointed to the Committee on Teaching and Training of the International Sociological Association. In 1950, Hillman's book Community Organization and Planning was published.

In 1947 Hillman requested a reduced teaching load at Roosevelt University in order to pursue his desire to, according to his letter to the Dean of Arts and Sciences, "learn by doing" and fulfill his "sense of community responsibility." From 1947-1950 Hillman served as president of the Cooperative Federation of the Chicago Area, steering committee member for the Chicago Council Against Racial and Religious Discrimination, Chairman of the Evaluation Committee of Community Organization Project for the Chicago Urban League, and member of the Board of Directors at the Benton House Neighborhood Center in Bridgeport.

In 1958-1959, Hillman directed the "Neighborhood Goal Project" research survey for the National Federation of Settlements and Neighborhood Centers. Supported by the Fels Foundation of Philadelphia, this project aimed to help neighborhood people manage community affairs, bridge cultural and racial differences between neighborhoods, and reach out to problem youth.

The "Neighborhood Goal Project" resulted in the founding of the National Federation of Settlements Training Center in Chicago in 1960. Hillman resigned as Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at Roosevelt University to accept the position. The Training Center opened at Hull-House in October 1960. Social workers were sent to the Training Center from Neighborhood Centers nationwide to receive instruction in juvenile delinquency, assisting mobile population groups, and urban renewal and planning research.

Professor Hillman taught at Roosevelt University until 1974. He was honored for his work in 1961 when he was elected Fellow of the International Institute of Arts and Letters. Hillman spent his retirement in California and Chicago. He died on 10 April 1985.

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Scope and Contents

The Arthur Hillman Papers document Hillman's involvement with the National Federation of Settlements as member and director of the Federation's Training Center. Other topics documented in the collection include the redevelopment of the Hyde Park Kenwood and Woodlawn neighborhoods, the philosophy and work of organizer Saul Alinsky, juvenile delinquency, and urban housing patterns.

The collection consists of annual reports, maps, publications, pamphlets, correspondence, and newspaper clippings, training manuals, reports, and speeches.

This collection is divided into five series:

Series 1: The National Federation of Settlements - primarily documents the founding and operation of the National Federation of Settlements Training Center at Hull-House. The series consists of reports, training manuals, publications, maps, speeches, and newsletters.

Series 2: Chicago Urban Planning and Urban Renewal - contains information pertaining to Chicago organizations concerned with Urban planning and renewal, including: The Commission on Human Relations, The Department of City Planning, the Welfare Council of Metropolitan Chicago, and the Chicago Housing Authority. This collection includes annual reports, speeches, publications, maps, notes, and newsletters.

Series 3: Other Urban Planning and Urban Renewal - documents urban housing programs elsewhere in the United States. This series consists of published works.

Series 4: Saul Alinsky - documents the philosophies of Saul Alinsky and his involvement with the Back of the Yards Council. Alinsky organized the Back of the Yards Council in the 1930s. This series includes publications, newsletters, notes, and clippings.

Series 5: Personal Papers - contains Arthur Hillman's personal papers including his research files. This series includes notes, newspaper clippings, reports, and pamphlets.

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Administrative Information

Publication Information

Richard J. Daley Library Special Collections and University Archives 2003-10-07

801 S. Morgan Street
Chicago, Illinois, 60607

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Acquisition Information

The Arthur Hillman papers were donated by Arthur Hillman to the University of Illinois at Chicago, Main Library, Special Collections, in eight accessions between 1966-1985. In 2003, the accessions were combined and the collection was arranged into series by the cataloger.

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Related Materials

Separated Material

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Vieg, John Albert. The Government of Education in Metropolitan Chicago. University of Chicago, 1939

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Controlled Access Headings

Corporate Name(s)

  • National Federation of Settlements and Neighborhood Centers.

Personal Name(s)

  • Alinsky, Saul David, 1909-1972
  • Hillman, Arthur, 1909-1985 -- Archives


  • City planning.
  • Housing.
  • Hull-House and Settlement House History.
  • Neighborhoods -- Illinois -- Chicago.
  • Urban renewal.

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Collection Inventory

Series I: The National Federation of Settlements 

Box Folder

The Commons Index, Vol. I-X, April 1896-October 1905 

1 1

Census Tracts of Chicago, "Percentage of Total Population Negro," (1930); Chicago Board of Health Maps, "Infant Mortality Rate," & Tuberculosis," (1931-1937); Department of Citizen Education and Action Church Federation of Greater Chicago, "A Study Program on 'Religion, Community Life, and Chicago's Housing,'"(1960), 1930, 1931-1937, 1960 

1 2

Annual Report, Chicago Commons Association (1944) and Chicago Federation of Neighborhoods and Settlement Houses. Seminar on Community Organization (1945) 1944-1945 

1 3

Juvenile Delinquency reports, 1946 

1 4

Speeches delivered at national social work conferences, 1953-1962 

1 5

National Federation of Settlements and Neighborhood Centers brochures for Training Center, 1964-1965 

1 6

Glick, Ronald. "Protest Organizations of the Urban Poor" (thesis). Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, Princeton University, 15 April 1965 

1 7

Speeches and papers presented at National Federation of Settlements and Neighborhood Centers conferences, 1962-1969 

2 8

National Federation of Settlements training manuals, 1964-1968 

2 9

National Federation of Settlements brochures and training manuals, 1965 

2 10

International Federation of Settlements and Neighborhood Centers newsletters, 1976-1977 

2 11

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Series II: Chicago Urban Planning and Urban Renewal 

Box Folder

Chicago Census Maps, "Percentage of Total Population on Relief February Through May 1935" 1935 

3 12

"Re-Thinking Chicago: A New Philosophy and Statesmanship for Chicago," 1936 

3 13

Chicago housing brochures and magazine, 1944-1947 

3 14

Reports from Chicago Housing Authority, Welfare Council of Metropolitan Chicago, Chicago Area Project, Chicago Land Clearance Commission, 1939-1962 

3 15

Proceedings of the Institute on Race Relation and Community Organization, 1945 

3 16

Chicago Plan Commission, "Woodlawn: A Study in Community Conservation," July 1946 

3 17

Reports/Newsletters by Committee on Racial Tensions in Housing Projects including the Department of City Planning, Englewood Committee for Community Action and the South Side Planning Board, 1952-1965 

3 18

Newsletter - Urban Land Institute, Urban Land, Chicago, 1949-1950 

3 19

Newsletters from Chicago Housing Authority, Department of City Planning, National Association of Social Workers, Department of Urban Renewal, 1962-1968 

3 20

Housing and Redevelopment Coordinator City of Chicago, "Neighborhood Conservation," (1956); Department of Urban Renewal City of Chicago. "Uptown Conservation Project I," (1968), 1956, 1968 

3 21

Maps of Hyde Park-Kenwood, Chicago Urban League, Urban Renewal, 1953-1960 

3 22

University of Chicago. The University of Chicago Magazine. v. 47:no.1 October 1954 and v. 51: no. 3, December 1958, October 1954, December 1958 

3 23

Newsletter of the Welfare Council of Metropolitan Chicago and Newspaper Clippings, 1959 

3 24

Fletcher, Verne and Alvin Fletcher. "Patterns of Residence: Some Problems and Prospects of Urban Housing." October 1959 

3 25

Chicago Land Clearance Commission reports, 1950-1953 

4 26

Reports about Hyde Park-Kenwood Neighborhood renewal, 1951-1964 

4 27

Welfare Council of Metropolitan Chicago reports and meeting minutes, 1955-1956 

4 28

Annual Reports - Chicago Housing Authority, Chicago Planning Commission, Community Conservation Board of Chicago, 1953-1959 

4 29

Newsletter from Metropolitan Housing and Planning Council - Tomorrow's Chicago, 1954-1960 

4 30

Special reports from the Chicago Planning Commission, 1957-1959 

4 31

Chicago Community Council newsletters, 1958-1961 

5 32

Chicago planning reports, 1955-1962 

5 33

Department of City Planning, Chicago capital improvements program report, 1965 

5 34

Chicago Missionary Society, "Chicago Report: Barriers to Adequate Medical Care in Chicago's Inner City," March 1962 

5 35

Annual reports - Welfare Council of Metropolitan Chicago, Council For Community Services, 1970-1974 

5 36

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Series III: Other Urban Planning and Renewal 

Box Folder

Washington State Planning Council, "Public Welfare in Washington," (1934) and Lutheran Social Welfare Conference of America. Lutheran Social Welfare Quarterly (v.1:no.3 Fall 1967), 1934, 1967 

6 37

National Association of Housing Officials. "A Housing Program for the United States," (November 1934) and The Journal of Educational Sociology, (November 1949 November 1934, November 1949 

6 38

Community development and organization reports, 1954-1960 

6 39

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Series IV: Saul Alinsky Files 

Box Folder

Correspondence and reports re: Back of the Yard Council, Saul Alinsky's writings, 1946-1975 

6 40

Alinsky, Saul. "Community Analysis and Organization." American Journal of Sociology, Vol. XLVI No. 6, May 1941 

6 41

Hillman, Arthur. "Note on the Back of the Yards Neighborhood Council and Industrial Areas Foundation." June 1982 

6 42

Background on work and philosophy of Saul Alinsky compiled by National Federation of Settlements, 1967 

6 43

Kisor, Henry. "Saul Alinsky, Who Stirred up Hornet's Nest in the Slums." Chicago Sun-Times, 22 July 1984 

6 44

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Series V: Personal Papers 

Box Folder

Arthur Hillman's research file - translations of foreign language newspaper articles regarding social welfare and Work Progress Administration, 1871-1937 

7 45

Clarence Darrow-Frederick Starr Debates, "Is the Human Race Getting Anywhere," 1920 

7 46

Pamphlets from National Federation of Settlements offices, 1938-1945 

7 47

Personal papers, notes, correspondence, meeting minutes, reports, 1935-1960 

7 48

Pamphlet - "Fifty Years at the University of Chicago Settlement," 1894-1944 

7 49

Office of Community War Services Chicago report - "Seneca, Illinois: 'The Prairie Shipyard,'" 1 February 1944 

7 50

Chicago Urban League History (undated); Notes and correspondence (1940s); Annual Report. Statement by the Board of Directors of the Unversity of Chicago Settlement to Friends of the Settlement (1945), 1930-1965 

7 51

Chicago Bar Association: The War Activities Committee. "Brief on the Subject of Prostitution-Venereal Disease Control Program." and Office of Community War Services, "A Directory of Services to Veterans in Chicago," 1944 

7 52

Notes, correspondence, newspaper clippings, 1940s 

7 53

Baker, Helen Cody. "What Settlement Seeks to Achieve," Chicago Daily News (1943) and Dedmon, Emmett. "The Flowering of Chicago." The Saturday Review (1953), 1943, 1953 

7 54

Hillman, Arthur. "Urbanization and The Organization of Welfare Activities in the Metropolitan Community of Chicago" (Ph.D. dissertation) (1943) and notes and correspondence related to the dissertation (1940s), 1940s 

8 55

Pamphlets and photo of Lake Meadows development, IIT booklets, Chicago Association of Commerce and Industry booklet, 1955-1977 

8 56

Minutes, notes, article, correspondence - Back of the Yards Council and Industrial Areas Foundation, 1940-1942 

8 57

Speeches delivered at national and Chicago social work conventions by Arthur Hillman and others, 1945-1970 

8 58

Correspondence, notes, missions statement for The Work-Study Training Program of the Mutual Security Agency, Arthur Hillman, Supervisor, 1952-1953 

8 59

Annual reports, newspaper clippings, brochures - Kenwood-Ellis Community Center, 1956 

8 60

Chicago Daily News articles on blockbusting panic peddlers, October 1959 

8 61

Conference on Community Life and Chicago's Housing, 11 May 1960 

8 62

Social work and religion file, 1960s 

8 63

Brochure - National Federation of Settlements training center (1960) and Arthur Hillman's vita (1977), 1960, 1977 

8 64

Simmons, Charitey. "City, Country? It's Point of View." Chicago Tribune, 22 October 1978 

8 65

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Oversized Material 


Newspaper Clippings - Chicago Renewal for Communities, population shifts, urban renewal, urban planning, personal and The Saturday Evening Post Council of Social Agencies - The Fort Dearborn Project, undated 

Folder 66

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