Chicago Federation of Settlements and Neighborhood Centers collection

 An inventory of the collection at the University of Illinois at Chicago

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Richard J. Daley Library Special Collections and University Archives
Chicago Federation of Settlements and Neighborhood Centers.
Chicago Federation of Settlements and Neighborhood Centers collection
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19.0 Linear feet
The collection contains minutes, speeches, annual reports, studies, reports, and correspondence dating from 1900 to the present. The materials pertain to Chicago area settlement houses, social work, childcare, public housing, poverty, Jane Addams, and Louise de Koven Bowen.

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Chicago Federation of Settlements and Neighborhood Centers collection, Special Collections and University Archives, University of Illinois at Chicago

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Administrative History of Chicago Federation of Settlements and Neighborhood Centers

The Chicago Federation of Settlements and Neighborhood Centers (CFSNC) was founded at Hull-House in 1894 by representatives from Hull-House, Northwestern University Settlement, Maxwell Street Settlement, University of Chicago Settlement, Epworth House and Chicago Commons. The Federation brought together settlement workers, social work professionals, and supporters of the settlement house movement from all around the City of Chicago. As part of its mission, the CFSNC provided settlement workers with a forum to share objectives and ideas, organized and conducted studies of local economic conditions, planned charitable events, coordinated activities of area settlements, and cooperated with outside social service agencies.

From 1894-1921, the Federation grew to include thirty-six members and opened an office in downtown Chicago. In 1922, the Chicago Federation of Settlements was incorporated by the State of Illinois. The charter named six prominent Chicago settlement workers as directors: Jane Addams, Hull-House; Harriet E. Vittum, Northwestern University Settlement; Lea D. Taylor, Chicago Commons; Ruth Austin, Gad's Hill Center; Mrs. Beryl T. Gould, House of Happiness; and Winifred Salisbury. The enumerated objectives of the Federation were: "to act as a clearing house for information about settlements and their work; a placement bureau for settlement workers; to provide information and advice regarding training and to co-ordinate the activities of the settlement houses of the City of Chicago."

The bulk of the CFSNC Collection chronicles the years between 1961-1980 during the Executive Directorship of Clarence W. Boebel. During Boebel's tenure the CFSNC expanded the national Volunteers in Service to America (VISTA) program, founded pre-Kindergarten education programs (i.e. Head Start and Day Care), and created the United Settlement Appeal as a fund-raising mechanism for social service agencies. The CFSNC also cooperated with outside social service agencies such as the National Federation of Settlement and Neighborhood Centers, Welfare Council of Metropolitan Chicago, Chicago Committee on Urban Opportunity, the Model Cities project, and the Illinois Commission on Children.

Though the Federation served as an umbrella organization for the settlement movement, Boebel's leadership style privileged local autonomy over centralized decision-making. In 1980, Boebel reflected on his career and the necessity for social workers to continue to settle in Chicago's lower-income neighborhoods. Boebel instructed the next generation of social workers: "The only [approach] that really worked was the simplest one. That was: regardless of your culture or ethnic differences, you settled in the neighborhood and said - What is it we can do together?"

Supporting Boebel was a cadre of staff including: Mary De Johnette, Director of Education services; Gladys Hilton, Coordinator of Social Action; Mattie Wright, Director of Finance, and Althea Murray, Director of the summer youth employment program. Hilton served as Director of the Social Education and Action committee (SEA) that lobbied state and city legislators to improve child care and welfare policymaking. De Johnette helped found Head Start and Day Care programs in Chicago in the early 1960s. In 1980, De Johnette replaced Boebel as Executive Director of the CFSNC.

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Scope and Contents

This collection reflects the history, activity, leadership, and mission of the CFSNC and its relationship with outside service agencies, government bodies, and the public. The bulk of the collection consists of material about social work in Chicago between the years 1960-1980. The collection illustrates the CFSNC's efforts to improve child care, education, housing, and access to health care in lower-income neighborhoods in the City of Chicago. The files contain correspondence, photographs, newsletters, articles, brochures, professional journals, newspaper clippings, legal publications, handbooks, meeting minutes, and annual reports.

The collection is divided into four series reflecting the administrative organization of the CFSNC. The committee file series illustrates the day-to-day operations of the CFSNC through meeting minutes, budget reports, and correspondence. The reference file series reveals the myriad community issues that Chicago social workers addressed from 1960-1980 and consists of reports, surveys, and studies conducted by local, state, and national social service agencies. The member agency series includes organizational records of over thirty Chicago settlements and neighborhood centers between the years 1950-1970. The member agency photograph series contains photographs of Chicago area settlements between the years 1905-1975.

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Administrative Information

Publication Information

Richard J. Daley Library Special Collections and University Archives 2004-06-07

801 S. Morgan Street
Chicago, Illinois, 60607

Acquisition Information

Materials in this collection were donated to the University of Illinois at Chicago, Main Library, Special Collections, in two accessions in 1982 and 1983. Ernie Farir, President of the CFSNC, donated CFSNC's organizational files in 1982. In 1983, Farir donated the photograph collection that comprises the member agency photograph series. Many of the folder titles were assigned by the CFSNC, in these cases the folder is labeled with its original title. In 2003, the accessions were combined and arranged into series and subseries by the cataloger.

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Controlled Access Headings

Corporate Name(s)

  • Chicago Federation of Settlements and Neighborhood Centers. -- Archives

Personal Name(s)

  • Addams, Jane, 1860-1935
  • Bowen, Louise de Koven, b.1859


  • Chicago Community Organizations.
  • Chicago Neighborhoods.
  • Hull-House and Settlement House History.
  • Midwest Women's History.
  • Social settlements -- Illinois -- Chicago.

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Collection Inventory

Series I: Reference Files 

Scope and Content:

Series I contains material pertaining to the history of social work and settlement houses in Chicago, current welfare and reform initiatives in Chicago, national professional social work organizations, and contemporary files of Chicago-based social work and welfare committees. The files contain correspondence, professional journals, reports, published material, legal publications, pamphlets, brochures, handbooks, and annual reports. Subseries are arranged chronologically and include material generated between 1896-1981, with the years 1960-1975 predominant. This series comprises 7.25 ft. of textual records (14.5 boxes).

Subseries A: Social Work in Chicago 

Subseries A contains reference files related to Chicago social service agencies and social work. The files contain correspondence, pamphlets, reports, annual reports, published material, and legal publications. The bulk of the series consists of reports on low-income housing, public health and welfare, child care, and community activism in Chicago. Reports are written by institutions involved in forming Chicago's welfare and housing policies in the 1960s and 1970s. Reports and studies included in the files were conducted by the Chicago Housing Authority, the Welfare Council of Metropolitan Chicago, the Chicago Committee on Urban Opportunity, and the State of Illinois. This subseries includes material generated between 1926-1975, with the years 1960-1975 predominant. Subseries comprises 2 ft. of textual records (4 boxes). 

Box Folder

Settlements in Chicago, 1921-1947 

1 1

"Study of Aid to Dependent Children Programs of Cook County, Illinois", 1960 

1 2

Welfare Council of Metropolitan Chicago reports, 1960-1963 

1 3

White House Conference on Aging reports, 1961 

1 4

Background Documents - Chicago Housing Authority statistics, housing, human relations, 1963-1964 

1 5

Housing Code Amendments, 1964 

1 6

City of Chicago Community Renewal Program Report, 1964 

1 7

City of Chicago Mayor's Office. "Improving Neighborhoods: Its 'In the Works' - A Look at Chicago's Model Cities Program", 28 April 1967 

1 8

Tutoring Projects, 1963-1965 

2 9

VISTA proposal, 1968 

2 10

Chicago Health and Welfare Agency reports, 1968 

2 11

Educational Programs for the Blind and Deaf, 1969 

2 12

CFSNC history and by-laws, 1965-1975 

2 13

Chicago Committee on Urban Opportunity reports, 1970 

2 14

Industrial Areas Foundation report by Executive Director Saul D. Alinksy, 1969 1962 

2 15

Chicago Committee of Urban Opportunity report, 1970 

2 16

Chicago Community Coordinated Child Care Committee report, 1972 

3 17

Chicaog Community Coordinated Child Car Committee report, 1972 

3 18

Chicago Committee on Urban Opportunity report, 1970 1970 

3 19

Child Care Resources, 1970-1973 

3 20

Chicago Community Trust Annual Reports, 1968-1971 

3 21

United Settlement Appeal Review and Summary, 1974 

3 22

Correspondence, Mr. William R. Hammond, President of CFSNC to Lea D. Taylor of Chicago Commons, 1974 1953 

4 23

Community Fund of Chicago executive meeting minutes and correspondence, 1968-1970 

4 24

Chicago Committee on Urban Opportunity Head Start Program, 1968-1969 

4 25

"Criteria For Admission to Membership in the CFSNC," CFSNC by-laws, 1973 

4 26

Day Care and Child Development Council of America report, 1974 1977 

4 27

Model Cities / Committee on Urban Opportunity Report, n.d. 

4 28

CFSNC newsletters, 1974 1980 

4 29

Illinois White House Conference on Children report, 1980 

4 30

President's Report, CFSNC Annual Meeting, 1980 

5 31

"Redistricting," Illinois Issues. Vol. VIII, No. 4, August 1982 April 1982 

5 32

Subseries B: Professional Resouce Files 

Subseries B contains reference files relevant to nationwide social service issues in the United States including child care, education, care for the aging, and community organizing. The files contain handbooks, pamphlets, published material, and annual reports. The bulk of the subseries consists of material related to child care published by national and local social service agencies. Subseries is arranged chronologically and includes material generated between 1955-1981. This subseries comprises 2 linear ft. of textual records (4 boxes). 

Box Folder

Peck Harris B. "Our Young Citizens: Promise and Problem." The American Journal of Orthopsychiatry. Symposium, 1955 

5 33

Job Skills Training resources, 1960 

5 34

Early Childhood Development resources, 1964 

5 35

Early Childhood Development resources, 1964 

5 36

Head Start and Early Childhood Development resources, 1964 

6 37

Research Guide for Community Organizing, 1962 

6 38

Administrative Skill Development Program resources, n.d. 

6 39

Early Childhood Development resources, "For Children's Sake What are We Doing" 1972-1973 

6 40

Disability and Early Childhood Development resources, 1974 

6 41

"Resource For the Aging: An Action Handbook", 1969 

7 42

Caring For Children. Publication of U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare, nos. 1-5, 1970 

7 43

Caring For Children. Publication of U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare, nos. 6-9, 1973 

7 44

"Effectiveness of Social Work with Acting Out Youth: Seventh Year Progress Report," Seattle Atlantic Street Center, 1969 

7 45

"Effectiveness of Social Work with Acting Out Youth: Seventh Year Progress Report," Seattle Atlantic Street Center, 1969 

7 46

Early Childhood Development resources and handbooks, 1972-1975 

7 47

Resource Materials for pre-kindergarten teachers and Head Start Staff, 1973 

8 48

Social Work: The Journal of the National Association of Social Workers, Vol. 26, No. 1, January 1981 

8 49

Head Start Matching Grant Applications, 1978 

8 50

Report on Juvenile Delinquency Act of 1968, n.d. 

8 51

Report on Juvenile Delinquency Act of 1968, n.d. 

8 52

Subseries C: History of Social Work and Settlement Houses 

Subseries C contains material related to the history of social work and settlement houses in Chicago. The files contain magazines, newspaper clipping, photographs, and correspondence. Subseries is arranged chronologically and includes material generated between 1897-1973, with the years 1897-1954 predominant. This subseries comprises 1.5 linear ft. of textual and photographic records (3 boxes). 

Box Folder

The Commons: A Monthly Record Devoted to Aspects of Life and Labor from the Social Settlement Point of View, Vol. II, No. 5, September 1897 

9 53

The Commons, Vol. IV, No. 43, Februrary 1900 

9 54

The Commons, Vol. VI, No. 66, January 1902 

9 55

The Commons, Vol. IX, No. 2, Februrary 1904 

9 56

The Commons, Vol. IX, No. 8 - Vol. X, No. 1, August 1904 - January 1905 

9 57

The Commons, Vol. X, No. 2 - Vol. X, No. 9, Februray 1905 - September 1905 

9 58

Fellowship and Onward Neighborhood Center, photographs, November 1938 n.d. 

10 59

Sixty Year Anniversary of Settlement Houses in Chicago newspaper clippings and photographs, 1954 

10 60

Correspondence, Sixty Year Anniversary of Settlement Houses in Chicago, 1954 

10 61

Correspondence, Sixty Year Anniversary of Settlement Houses in Chicago, 1954 

10 62

Chicago Committee On Urban Opportunity Report, October 1938 1967 

10 63

U.S.A. Annual Report to Attorney General, 1967 

10 64

Newspaper Clippings about Hull-House and Jane Addams, n.d. 

10 65

Historical: Chicago Commons Association, photographs; Olivet House Summer Camp, photographs; South Chicago Community Center; Marcy Center, n.d. 

11 66

Subseries D: National Social Service Organization Records 

Subseries D contains material related to national professional social work organizations including the National Federation of Settlements and Neighborhood Centers (NFSNC). The files contain correspondence, annual reports, pamphlets, newsletters, and newspaper clippings. Subseries is arranged chronologically and includes material between 1965-1981, with 1968-1970 predominant. Subseries comprises 1 linear ft. of textual material (2 boxes). 

Box Folder

Newspaper Clippings, Chicago Defender, 1963-1973 

11 67

Reports on Cost Analysis and Analysis of Neighborhood Need; Youth Opportunity Committee, 1963 

11 68

United Christian Community Services, 1967-1971 

11 69

National Federation of Settlement and Neighborhood Centers annual report, 1968 

11 70

College Financil Aid resources, 1969-1970 

11 71

National Federation of Settlement and Neighborhood Centers, photographs of Chicago settlements, n.d. 

12 72

National Federation of Settlement and Neighborhood Centers meeting minutes, newsletters, correspondence, 1969 

12 73

National Federation of Settlement and Neighborhood Centers meeting minutes, newsletters, correspondence, 1969 

12 74

National Federation of Settlements Regional Conference minutes, 1969 

12 75

National Federation of Settlement and Neighborhood Centers meeting minutes, newsletters, correspondence, 1969 

12 76

National Federation of Settlement and Neighborhood Centers meeting minutes, newsletters, correspondence, 1968-1969 

12 77

United Neighborhood Centers of America national legislative conference meeting minutes, 1973 1981 

13 78

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Series II: Committee Files 

Scope and Content:

Series II contains material generated by the Finance, Planning, Personnel, Special (non-standing), Executive, and Membership and Standards committees of the CFSNC. Subseries are divided by committee and arranged chronologically. The files contain financial records, meeting minutes, annual reports, correspondence, and organizational newsletters. Series includes material generated between 1946-1970, with the years 1960-1970 predominant. Series comprises 5 linear ft. of textual and photographic materials (10 boxes).

Subseries A: Finance Committee Papers (1958-1980) 

Box Folder

Agency - Chicago Federation Public Hearings and Federal Financing, 1958-1959 

13 79

Public Aid; Time Analysis Rochester Accounts, 1962 

13 80

Approved Budgets of Member Houses, 1963 1964 

13 81

CFSNC expense report, 1968 

13 82

Model Cities Carefare Family Centers budget report, 1973 1972 

13 83

Chicago Federation of Settlements - Financial, 1980 

13 84

Subseries B: Programs and Planning Committee Papers (1952-1981) 

Box Folder

Annual Reports, 1952-1957 

14 85

Program Committee: Public Relations Ideas, Annual Reports, 1958-1960 

14 86

Chicago Welfare Agency reports, 1955-1960 

14 87

Federation Study Committee (Statement of Federation); Committee on Headworkers; Nursery School Project; Nursery School Planning Committee; Committee on Inner City Work, 1958-1960 

14 88

Census Material, 1963 1940, 1950, 1960 

14 89

Census Material, 1963 1940, 1950, 1960 

14 90

Public Housing reports, 1961-1963 

14 91

Information on Chicago Public Schools, newspaper clippings and correspondence, 1963 

14 92

Operation Evanston (Public Relations committee); Committee on Rehabilitation and Repairs, 1962 

14 93

CFSNC Annual Meeting reports, 1962-1964 

15 94

CGSNC Annual Meeting Reports, 1964-1965 

15 95

Food For the Needy Project, "Operation Bar Cupboard", 1965 

15 96

Correspondence about Model Cities Program, 1968 

15 97

CFSNC annual meeting report, 1967 

15 98

CHS archivist Archie Motley, Jr. to CFSNC President Clarence Boebel, 1968 1968 

15 99

Community Fund of Chicago Annual Report, 1969 

15 100

Welfare Council of Metropolitan Chicago correspondence and background information, 1968 

15 101

Welfare Council of Metropolitan Chicago correspondence, 1969 

15 102

CFSNC correspondence and newspaper clippings, 1969 

15 103

Youth Development Program budget proposal, 1970 

16 104

Welfare Council of Metropolitan Chicago correspondence, 1970 

16 105

Youth Enrichment Services Program, correspondence and brochure, 1965 1970-1981 1981 

16 106

Head Start program informational packets, 1973 

16 107

News. CFSNC newsletter. Vol. I, No. II - Vol. III, No. II, August 1974 - December 1977 

16 108

News. CFSNC newsletter, December 1979 - May 1980 1968-1977 1977-1980 

16 109

Clarence Boebel papers, 1960s-1970s 

16 110

United Neighborhood Centers of America, Inc. Mid-West Regional Confernce meeting minutes and correspondence, 1981 

17 111

News and Views. "The State of the Child." Illinois Commission on Children. Vol. 18, No. 9, n.d. 1982 September 1981 

17 112

News. CFSNC newsletter, February 1980 1980 

17 113

Chicago Tribune newspaper clippings, 1981 

17 114

Chicago Tribune newspaper clippings, 1981 

17 115

Subseries C: Personnel Committee Papers 

Box Folder

Personnel Committee meeting minutes, 1953 

17 116

Correspondence, Personnel Committee, 1955-1959 1956-1957 1955-1959 

17 117

Personnel Committee meeting minutes, 1955-1959 

18 118

Personnel Committee meeting minutes and correspondence, 1960-1962 

18 119

Employment - Current, n.d. 

18 120

Committee on Agency Personnel, n.d. 

18 121

Committee on Agency Personnel, n.d. 

18 122

Subseries D: Special (non-standing) Committees 

Box Folder

Social Education and Action Committee - Special Executive Council, 1954 

18 123

Social Education and Action Committee, Springfield Legislative Seminar, 1959 

18 124

Social Education and Action Committee, 1960 

18 125

Social Education and Action Committee - Family Court, 1961-1963 

18 126

Social Education and Action Committee, 1963 

19 127

Social Legislation Information Service, Inc., Washington Bulletin, 1961 

19 128

Social Education and Action Committee, 1961 

19 129

Social Education and Action Committee - Washington Legislative, 1961 

19 130

Social Education and Action Committee, 1963 

19 131

Social Education and Action Committee, 1964 

19 132

Social Education and Action Committee, 1960-1964 

19 133

Social Education and Action Committee, 1964 

19 134

Clairol Project, Feburary 1962 November-December 1963 

20 135

Food Emergency, May 1963 

20 136

Employment of Youth; Illinois State Employment Service; Executive's Meetings; Instant Settlements; Food Crisis Clippings, 1964 

20 137

Cost Analysis; Federation Activities Outline; Insurance Committee Meeting; South Side Senior Citizens, 1964 

20 138

Camp Training Material for Staff; Food for the Needy; "Operation Bare Cupboard", 1964 

20 139

Chicago Education System, background information, 1949-1971 

20 140

News. CFSNC newsletter, 1945 1980 

20 141

Summer Staff Orientation photographs and textual materials, 1955-1958 

21 142

Summer Staff Orientation, 1959-1964 

21 143

Governor's Advisory Committee on Youth Fitness, 1958-1960 

21 144

Committee on Volunteers, 1959-1960 

21 145

Summer Staff Orientation, 1961-1964 

21 146

CFSNC correspondence vwith Social Education and Action Committee, 1969 

21 147

Social Education and Action Committee Bulletins, 1969 

22 148

Blue Cross files; Correspondence, G. Lewis Penner, Executive Director, Juvenile Protective Association to Donald Rumsfeld, Director, Office of Economic Opportunity, 1970 

22 149

Subseries E: Executive Committee 

Box Folder

Executive Committee meeting minutes and financial reports, 1952-1954 

22 150

Executive Council meeting minutes, 1951 

22 151

Executive Council and other committee meeting minutes, 1952-1958 

22 152

Executive Council meeting minutes, 1951-1954 

22 153

Executive Council reports and meeting minutes, 1955 

22 154

CFSNC Bulletin, CFSNC newsletter, 1956-1962 

22 155

CFSNC Bulletin, CFSNC newsletter, 1959-1965 

22 156

Subseries F: Membership and Standards Committee 

Box Folder

CFSNC by-laws and NFSNC membership standards, 1959 

23 157

Membership and Standards Committee meeting minutes, 1957 1956-1957 

23 158

Correspondence, Membership and Standards Committee, 1955 

23 159

CFSNC Criteria for Admission and Membership, 1966 n.d. 

23 160

U.S.A. Distribution of Funds, 1967 

23 161

Economic Opportunity Report, n.d. n.d. 1972 

23 162

CFSNC Criteria for Admission; CFSNC by-laws, 1971 

23 163

Correspondence, Erie Neighborhood House and Association House of Chicago to Membership and Standards Committee, 1975 1981 

23 164

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Series III: Member Agency Files 

Scope and Content:

Series III contains informational packets on the settlements and neighborhood centers that comprised the CFSNC. The files consist of correspondence, photographs, pamphlets, organizational newsletters, and newspaper clippings. Series includes material generated between the 1946 and 1971. Series comprises 4.5 linear ft. of textual and photographic materials

Box Folder

Olivet Community Center, 1946-1963 

24 165

Assocation House of Chicago background information; Howell Neighborhood House background information, 1947 n.d. 

24 166

Mary McDowell Settlement, 1945-1963 

24 167

Onward Neighborhood House, 1951-1964 

24 168

Association House, n.d. 

24 169

Marcy Center, 1953-1963 

24 170

Hull-House Association, 1948-1959 

24 171

Hyde Park Neighborhood Club, 1948-1963 

25 172

Hyde Park Neighborhood Club, 1948-1963 

25 173

South Chicago Community Center, 1949-1964 

25 174

Chicago Commons Association, 1947-1963 

25 175

Gads Hill Center, 1947-1963 

25 176

Abraham Lincoln Center, 1948-1963 

25 177

Abraham Lincoln Center, n.d. 

25 178

Erie Neighborhood House, 1951-1963 

26 179

Parkway Community House, 1950-1963 

26 180

Neighborhood Service (Howell and Bethlehem), 1955-1963 

26 181

Salvation Army Settlement, 1957-1963 

26 182

Newberry Avenue Center, 1952-1963 

26 183

Neighborhood House Association, 1958-1963 

27 184

Northwestern University Settlement, 1959-1965 

27 185

Neighborhood House Association, 1964-1967 

26 186

Harold Colbert Jones Memorial Community Center, 1963 

26 187

Newberry House Groundbreaking photographs, n.d. 

26 188

Madonna Center, 1954-1960 

26 189

Agency Statements of Operations, 1964 

28 190

Neighborhood Service Organization, 1964 

28 191

Chicago Commons Association 16 May 1966 1964 1964, 1971 

28 192

Hyde Park Neighborhood Club, 1964 

28 193

Erie Neighborhood House, 1964 

28 194

Olivet Community Center, 1964 

28 195

Abraham Lincoln Center, n.d. 1964 

28 196

Hull-House Association, 1964 

28 197

Association House, 1964 

28 198

Hull-House Association, 1964 

29 199

Salvation Army Settlement, 1964 

29 200

Newberry Avenue Center, 1964 

29 201

Marcy Center, 1971 1964-1965 

29 202

Gads Hill Center, 1964 

29 203

Henry Booth House, 1958-1965 

29 204

Firman House, 1964 

29 205

Christopher House; Trumbull Park Community House, 1955-1966 

30 206

South Chicago Neighborhood House, 1957-1967 

30 207

Jones Memorial Community Center, 1960-1970 

30 208

Correspondence, Joseph E. Reynolds, Executive Director of Christopher House, to Rev. William D. Watkins, Crerar Memorial Presbyterian Church. 5 June 1966. 

30 209

Beacon House, 1963-1967 

30 210

Ada S. McKinley Community House, 1951-1967 

30 211

Marcy Center Employee Training Program, 1968 

30 212

Clarence Boebel, Executive Director of CFSNC, correspondence, 1968-1970 

31 213

Clarence Boebel, Executive Director of CFSNC, correspondence, 1969 

31 214

Head Start program information for CFSNC member agencies, 1969 

31 215

Clarence Darrow Community Center, 1963-1970 

31 216

Correspondence. Clarence Boebel, Executive Director of CFSNC, 1968-1970 

31 217

Beacon House brochure, n.d. 

31 218

South Chicago Community Center, 1971 

31 219

Trumbull Park Photographs, n.d. 

31 220

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Series IV: Member Agency Photographs 1905-1980  (Bulk, 1960-1980)

Series contains photographs of settlements in Chicago, CFSNC board and committee meetings, local residents, settlement workers, and dignitaries. The series contains photographs of prominent figures in U.S. social work and politics in the twentieth century including Clarence Boebel, Executive Director of CFSNC; Jane Addams, founder of Hull-House; Hubert Humphrey, Vice President of the United States (1964-1968); Robert Kennedy, U.S. Attorney General (1960-1964); and William Heinsimer, President of CFSNC. The bulk of the photographs depict job training workshops, sporting events, summer camps, vocational programs, language lessons, and day care programs conducted by Chicago social service agencies. The series consists of photographs taken between 1905-1980, with the years 1960-1980 predominant. This series comprises 4 linear feet of photographic and textual materials (8 boxes). 1905-1980  (Bulk, 1960-1980)

Box Folder

Photos, ink drawing (brochure proof), and award certificate, undated 

32 221

Photos, undated 

32 222

Photos, contact sheet, undated 

32 223

Contact Sheets (Northwestern University Settlement, Jane Addams Center, Abraham Lincoln Center and area south and north), Uptown Center, Gads Hill activities, unidentified settlement house) Photo (circus elephants), undated 

32 224

Photos (Senator Charles Percy and two men, Gads Hill Center, unidentified apartment building, Hubert Humphrey, Hubert Humphrey and others, two men at construction site, man carrying leopard, acrobats at Daley Plaza) and food stamps news clipping, undated 

32 225

Photos (children and adults in a gym, Richard Daley and others, children in auditorium, construction worker George Alexander, construction worker, Clarence Boebel and unidentified man) Contact Sheet (unidentified neighborhood center, Abraham Lincoln Center and area south), Negatives (unidentified), undated 

32 226

Photos (boys on monkey bars, three unidentified men, two children, child on swing, children) Contact Sheets (Una Puerta Abierta area, Abe Lincoln Center, miscellaneous), undated 

32 227

Photos (burnt house, boy with building blocks, metal shop, classroom, woman at switchboard, children at circus), undated 

32 228

Photos (children at school, people eating lunch, Christopher House, children at play, Northwestern University settlement people and building, three men), undated 

32 229

Photos (construction workers, child on swing, young man being fitted for clothing, karate class, children seated on lawn, West Town mural (1977), two men conversing, International Federation of Settlements Conference in Rome 1961), Jane Addams - Chicago 1960 booklet, mostly undated 

    Box Folder
Graphic materials   32 230
    Box Folder
Mixed materials   32 230

Box Folder

Photos (classroom, an unidentified man, two men talking, circus at Daley Plaza, Santa Claus and child, Santa Claus, mother and child, boy doing acrobatics, CTA bus with advertisement "We're nothing but people getting together..."), undated 

32 231

Photos (includes party scene, circus scenes, Clarence Boebel with unidentified man, theater entrance outdoor scene) Negatives (unidentified group shots), undated 

33 232

Photos, undated 

33 233

Photos (includes several of Clarence Boebel), undated 

33 234

Photos, (adult and youth, group scenes, construction workers), Contact Sheet (Trumbull Park), undated 

33 235

Contact Sheets (McKinley Job Training Center, South Chicago Neighborhood House, South Chicago Community Services, Neighborhood Service Organizations, undated 

33 236

Contact Sheets (McKinley Job Training Center, Neighborhood Service Organization), Photos (man seated at desk, group of men talking, man playing basketball with kids, boy with dog), undated 

33 237

Financial appeal correspondence, Contact Sheets (Jane Addams Center, Hyde Park Neighborhood Club, Christopher House, Gads Hill, McKinley Job Training Center, Trumbull Park), Photo (unidentified building exterior), undated 

33 238

Contact Sheets (Abe Lincoln Center, Marcy Center, Northwestern University Settlement), Photo (Junked Car in Vacant Lot, 1961), Chicago Federation of Settlements and Neighborhood Centers booklet, mostly undated 

33 239

Contact Sheets (Trumbull Park, Lincoln Center), Negatives (Lincoln Center), Northwestern University Settlement House news clipping from 1978, Photos, mostly undated 

33 240

Photos, Contact Sheets (Uptown Center, Una Puerta Abierta English classes, Abraham Lincoln Center, Neighborhood Service Organizations), Community Center flyer, undated 

33 241

Contact Sheets (Northwestern Unversity Settlement, Jane Addams Center, Christopher House, Uptown Center, Una Puerta Abierta, Nettlehorst School), undated 

33 242

Contact Sheets (Una Puerta Abierta, Abe Lincoln Center teen scene & area, Olivet, Marcy Center), Photo (group of people boarding bus), undated 

33 243

Contact Sheets (McKinley Job Training Center, Trumbull Park, South Chicago Neighborhood House, Marcy Center, Aztlan, Gads Hill, Northwestern Unversity Settlement), Photos (Clarence Boebel in center of group, construction worker), undated 

33 244

Photos, Chicago Federation of Settlements and Neighborhood Centers newsletter (1977), Contact Sheet (Christopher House), mostly undated 

34 245

Photos, Contact Sheets (includes Gads Hill), undated 

34 246

Contact Sheets (Neighborhood Services Organizations, Christopher House), Photo (man and woman talking), undated 

34 247

Photos (Hubert Humphrey, Hubert Humphrey and Paul Jans), Contact Sheets (Olivet), undated 

34 248

Contact Sheets (Gads Hill, Marcy Center, Aztlan, Olivet, Mckinley Job Training Center), Photo (unidentified building exterior), undated 

34 249

Contact Sheets (Northwestern University Settlment, Abe Lincoln Center, Chicago Federation of Settlements, Gads Hill, Aztlan, McKinley Center), undated 

34 250

Contact Sheets (Aztlan Community Center, Hyde Park, Una Puerta Abierta, Jane Addams Center, Uptown Center, Chicago Federation of Settlements Office, undated 

34 251

Contact Sheets (Abe Lincoln Center) , Negatives (unidentified), Photos (Benton House, group of unidentified people, child tumbling through air, group of people eating, group shot at Benton House), undated 

34 252

Photos (group outside Benton House, Hubert Humphrey shaking hands with unidentified woman, group shot of three women and a girl behind desk, Benton House exterior, group of people around conference table, Hubert Humphrey speaking at outdoor event, Hubert Humphrey group shot, undated 

34 253

Photos (various group shots, circus scenes, switchboard operator) Contact Sheet (Neighborhood Service Organizations), undated 

34 254

Photos (various scenes of children playing, side view of Northwestern University Settlement in winter), Clarence W. Boebel's resume (c. 1962), mostly undated 

34 255

Photos (martial arts class, news clipping about the Community Center in Chinatown, Community Center of Chinatown flyer, scrapbook, undated 

34 256

Community Center of Chinatown brochure (1949), Photos (scouts group photo, children activities), Scrapbook pages (children outdoor and indoor activities), 1949-1950 

35 257

Photos (Mildred Wood conducting family counseling at Assocation House, settlement house youth activities, street scene, English class, craft class, Parkway House side exterior, 1958 aerial view of central Chicago, settlement directors greeting boys), mostly undated 

35 258

Photos (Alton Linford, 1964 interview by William Braden of Robert H. MacRae and James Brown, children activities), 1960s 

35 259

Photos (settlement house gatherings, exterior building scenes), undated 

35 260

Photos (children activities, Erie House health clinic and dental school, 1963 deportment training class), mostly undated 

35 261

Photos (Christmas gathering, children playing, hearing test, exterior street scenes, man working on pottery bowl), undated 

35 262

Photos (youth activities - puppetry, leaping, reading, basketball, printing newsletter, youth gatherings), undated 

35 263

Photos (South Chicago Community Center children and teen activities) undated 

35 264

Photos (settlement house activities) undated 

35 265

Photos (outdoor produce vendor, Parkway Community House, Jane Addams Center, seniors playing card, Firman House group, woman with baby, undated 

35 266

Photo (Founders of the National Federation of Settlements and Neighborhood Centers), 1908 

35 267

Photos (Maxwell Street Market), c. 1905 

35 268

Photos (settlement house activities including South Side Community Center), undated 

35 269

Photos (cover of 1894 Frank Leslie's Illustrated Weekly, children group activities, woman holding up blouse for sizing, front exterior Jane Addams center, street scene), undated 

35 270

Photos (children, Hull-House mansion exterior drawing, back and side view of Parkway house exterior, exterior shot of Erie Neighborhood House doorway), undated 

36 271

Photos (Hull-House Branch, Community Center of Chinatown cooking, youths playing basketball, exterior shot of Erie Neighborhood House, children crafts, Christopher House), undated 

36 272

Photos (1961 outside shots, Erie Neighborhood House Meals on Wheels, Association House people looking at Neighborhood House Districts map), mostly undated 

36 273

Photos ( group gathering, youth instruction at Christopher House, youths playing basketball, children Christmas crafts, music performance, teens dancing, young men shoveling gravel), undated 

36 274

Photos (children, Chicago City Missionary Society building exterior, teen girls cooking, woman hanging up coat, youths playing pool) undated 

36 275

Photos (senior portraits, youths fixing building exterior, girls in cooking class at Gads Hill, African-American singing group), undated 

36 276

Photos (group activities, kids with games, Clarence Darrow Community Center, 1950 exterior shot of Chicago Commons, Chicago Commons Association group activities), undated 

36 277

Photos (youth dance, children activities, children in Halloween costumes, group of children sleeping on cots), undated 

36 278

Photos and large negatives (group activities), undated 

36 279

Photos and negatives (group activities), undated 

36 280

Photos (Chicago Commons Street Worker Program, portraits of Mrs. Ben Heineman and Al Roth - director of Association House, group activities, Christopher House children playing on a playground), undated 

36 281

Photos (group shots, portrait of Randall S. Hilton and Herbert C. Paschen, children in mostly group activities, men with carts outside tavern, undated 

36 282

Photos (Lincoln Center - craft shop boys building a soap box racer, exterior of building, boys painting stairs, boys playing basketball, small girls playing games with their teacher, young men repairing floor), news clippings, undated 

37 284

News clippings, Photos (portraits of Herbert C. Paschen and Paul Jans, Herbert C. Paschen and Benny Goodman, young men playing pool at Lincoln Center, group shots), undated 

37 285

Clippings, photo caption information sheets, press release, 1962-1964 

37 286

Photos (cover and illustrations from 1894 Frank Leslie's Illustrated Weekly article on the work of the University Settlement in New York City, settlement activities, couple dancing, children playing board game, Clarence Darrow Community Center children painting, Gads Hill exterior seen through cyclone fence), undated 

37 287

Photos (Christopher House boys studying, Erie Neighborhood House Meals on Wheels, group activities, Association House activity, Newberry Center nursery school, 1950 exterior shot of Chicago Commons), undated 

37 288

Photos (settlement house activities, Beth Chapel in 1960, Association House, Jane Addams Center pool, Henry Booth House in 1964), 1960s 

37 289

Photos (exterior view of Parkway House, South Chicago Community Center children playing, Planned Parenthood Associaton House, Paul Jans), undated 

37 290

Photos (Beacon Neighborhood House hearing test and dental test, Association House, map of areas with lowest income and education levels, Erie House mother and baby awaiting checkup, Ben Richardson, Association House carnival setup in gym), undated 

37 291

Photos (portrait of William Heinsimer, Christopher House, little girl shaping clay, group activities), undated 

37 292

Photos (1958 teens dancing, children playing store, Planned Parenthood Association mother feeding baby, boy by radiator, 1963 Erie Neighborhood House parent meeting, children playing in small outdoor pool, Unknown booth), undated 

37 293

Photos (people dancing, group activities), 

37 294

By-laws, notices, membership lists, reports, ballots, 1973 

38 295

Membership dues payment ledger, 1951-1958 

38 296

Invoices, 1957 

38 297

Ballots and nominations, 1976 

38 298

Ballots, 1972 

38 299

Ballots and election materials, 1973-1974 

38 300

1974 financial statement and two 1982 memos, 1974, 1982 

38 301

Standards for Project Design for Child Development Programs, 1976 

38 302

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