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Chicago Urban League.
Chicago Urban League records
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Founded in 1910, the National Urban League is one of the oldest African American social service, research, and advocacy organizations in the United States. A group of sociologists, social workers, and philanthropists founded the Chicago League in 1916 to address the rapidly increasing needs of the African American community during a time of voluminous migration. The specific focus of the Chicago League's programs has changed over time from the provision of social services to advocacy and leadership on citywide efforts to open jobs, housing, and public accommodations to black citizens. As a reform organization, the League has attracted criticism from the right and the left. Conservatives have often suggested that the League was pushing for too much change too quickly, and have especially criticized individual League leaders for being overly aggressive. On the other hand, the more militant labor and civil rights leaders have criticized the League for protecting the interests of its white supporters rather than the needs of black workers. With its connections to the University of Chicago's School of Sociology, the CUL was at the heart of efforts to use community studies and statistics to shape public policy.

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Chicago Urban League records, Special Collections and University Archives, University of Illinois at Chicago

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Richard J. Daley Library Special Collections and University Archives 2006-02-08

801 S. Morgan Street
Chicago, Illinois, 60607

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Collection Inventory

Series I: Administrative Files 

Scope and Content: The Administrative Files Series pertains to the operations, organization, and decision making of the Chicago Urban League. In addition to financial records and interdepartmental correspondence, this series also contains some information on the internal functioning of the organization and correspondence without groups and individuals outside the organization pertaining to planning or administration. The Administrative Series consists of six subseries: Financial, Administration, Departmental, Correspondence, Reference, and National Urban League. There may be items in any of these subseries which properly belong in one of the other subseries. However, wherever possible the archivists have made every attempt to retain original locations of materials. The Administrative Files Series spans the Chicago Urban League's origins in 1917-2000. 

Subseries 1: Financial Subseries 

Scope and Content: The Financial Subseries contains annual and program reports, audits, budgets, fund raising materials, tax returns, correspondence, budget analyses, receipts, contribution reports, minutes, pledge and expense sheets, and staffing reports spanning the twentieth century, 1917-2000. The bulk of the materials are from the postwar period and address exclusively financial transactions and financial planning of the organization. 

Box Folder

Chicago Urban League report, 1917 

I-1 I-1

Chicago Urban League report, 1919 

I-1 I-2

Chicago Urban League report, 1920 

I-1 I-3

Chicago Urban League report, 1921 

I-1 I-4

Chicago Urban League report, 1923 

I-1 I-5

Chicago Urban League report, 1926 

I-1 I-6

Chicago Urban League report, 1927 

I-1 I-7

Chicago Urban League report, 1928 

I-1 I-8

Chicago Urban League report, 1929 

I-1 I-9

Chicago Urban League report, 1932 

I-1 I-10

Chicago Urban League report, 1933 

I-1 I-11

Chicago Urban League report, 1936 

I-1 I-12

Chicago Urban League report, 1938 

I-1 I-13

Chicago Urban League report, 1941 

I-1 I-14

Chicago Urban League report, 1942 

I-1 I-15

Chicago Urban League report, 1943 

I-1 I-16

Chicago Urban League report, 1946 

I-1 I-17

Three Decades of Social Engineering and Action, 1947 

I-1 I-18

Chicago Urban League report, 1947 

I-1 I-19

Chicago Urban League report-American Teamwork Works, 1948 

I-1 I-20

Chicago Urban League report, 1949 

I-1 I-21

Chicago Urban League report, 1950 

I-1 I-22

Chicago Urban League report, 1951 

I-1 I-23

Chicago Urban League report, 1952 

I-1 I-24

Chicago Urban League report, 1953 

I-1 I-25

Chicago Urban League report, 1954 

I-1 I-26

Chicago Urban League Season, 1930-1931 

I-1 I-27

Statistical Picture of the Chicago Urban League, 1942 

I-1 I-28

Chicago Urban League Annual Meeting Press Release, 1944 

I-1 I-29

Promotional materials, undated 

I-1 I-30

Annual Reports, 1937-1949 

I-2 I-31

Annual Reports, 1950-1954 

I-2 I-32

Annual Reports, 1958-1968 

I-2 I-33

Chicago Urban League report, 1981 

I-2 I-34

Annual Reports, 1982-1999 

I-2 I-35

Compton Report, 1997-1999 

I-2 I-36

Auditor's Annual Report, 1932 

I-3 I-37

Auditor's Annual Report, 1933 

I-3 I-38

Auditor's Annual Report, 1934 

I-3 I-39

Auditor's Annual Report, 1935 

I-3 I-40

Auditor's Annual Report, 1936 

I-3 I-41

Auditor's Annual Report, 1937 

I-3 I-42

Auditor's Annual Report, 1938 

I-3 I-43

Auditor's Annual Report, 1939 

I-3 I-44

Auditor's Annual Report, 1940 

I-3 I-45

Auditor's Annual Report, 1941 

I-3 I-46

Auditor's Annual Report, 1942 

I-3 I-47

Auditor's Annual Report, 1943 

I-3 I-48

Auditor's Annual Report, 1944 

I-3 I-49

Auditor's Annual Report, 1945 

I-3 I-50

Auditor's Annual Report, 1946 

I-3 I-51

Auditor's Annual Report, 1948 

I-3 I-52

Auditor's Annual Report, 1949 

I-3 I-53

Auditor's Annual Report, 1950 

I-3 I-54

Auditor's Annual Report, 1951 

I-3 I-55

Auditor's Annual Report, 1952 

I-3 I-56

Budget and Finance Committees - Agendas and Minutes, 1951-1957 

I-3 I-57

Child Care Reviewing Committee, 1951 

I-3 I-58

Budget and finance materials, 1952-1954 

I-3 I-59

Annual solicitation of contributions, 1947-1959 

I-3 I-60

Financial Department - Budgets, 1947-1961 

I-4 I-61

Financial Department - Budget reports, 1949-1953 

I-4 I-62

Financial Department - Budget comparisons, 1945-1960 

I-4 I-63

Financial Department - Budget info for Community Fund, 1949 

I-4 I-64

Financial Department - Budget info for Community Fund, 1952 

I-4 I-65

Financial Department - Budget info for Community Fund, 1952 

I-4 I-66

Financial Department - Budgets, 1945-1948 

I-4 I-67

Financial Department - Budgets, 1949-1950 

I-4 I-68

Financial Department - Budgets, 1950-1953 

I-4 I-69

Financial Department - Budgets, 1952-1953 

I-4 I-70

Financial Department - Budgets, 1954-1957 

I-4 I-71

Financial Department - Budgets, 1954-1961 

I-4 I-72

CUL Annual report, 1953 

I-5 I-73

Fund-raising campaign, 1953-1954 

I-5 I-74

Fund-raising campaign, 1954 

I-5 I-75

Fund-raising campaign, 1954 

I-5 I-76

Fund-raising campaign, 1954 

I-5 I-77

Fund-raising campaign, 1954 

I-5 I-78

Fund-raising campaign, 1954 

I-5 I-79

Fund-raising campaign, 1952-1954 

I-5 I-80

Fund-raising campaign, 1954 

I-5 I-81

Fund-raising campaign, 1954 

I-5 I-82

Comparative Personnel Practices, 1947-1952 

I-5 I-83

CUL budget comparisons, 1951-1958 

I-6 I-84

Finances - correspondence, 1954 

I-6 I-85

Fund-raising campaign, 1954 

I-6 I-86

Fund-raising campaign newsletters, 1954 

I-6 I-87

Miscellaneous financial items, 1949-1959 

I-6 I-88

Miscellaneous financial items, 1959-1961 

I-6 I-89

Miscellaneous financial items, 1961 

I-6 I-90

Miscellaneous financial items, 1961-1962 

I-6 I-91

Monthly financial reports, 1960-1961 

I-6 I-92

CUL income taxes, 1948-1958 

I-6 I-93

B'Nai B'rith, 1953-1959 

I-6 I-94

Bottle and Cork Club, 1955 

I-6 I-95

Building Service Employees International Union, 1951 

I-6 I-96

Vocational Opportunity Campaign, 1952 

I-6 I-97

Carver High School Career Conferences, 1952-1954 

I-6 I-98

DuSable Career Conferences, 1948 

I-6 I-99

Wendell Phillips Career Conference, 1951 

I-6 I-100

Chicago Association of Commerce and Industry annual reports, 1951-1953 

I-6 I-101

Chicago Association of Commerce and Industry bulletins, 1953-1955 

I-6 I-102

Chicago Board of Education report on mentally handicapped children, 1952 

I-6 I-103

Chicago Federation of Labor resolution on milk, 1953 

I-6 I-104

Chicago high schools vocational conference, 1949 

I-6 I-105

Chicago Industrial Union Council, 1953 

I-6 I-106

Chicago Negro Chamber of Commerce, 1953-1954 

I-6 I-107

Industrial Committee minutes, 1947-1955 

I-6 I-108

Year-End Report, 1955 

I-7 I-109

Year-End Report, 1956 

I-7 I-110

Year-End Report, 1957 

I-7 I-111

Budget, 1958 

I-7 I-112

Year-End Statements, 1958 

I-7 I-113

Year-End Statements, 1960 

I-7 I-115

Financial reports to Community Fund, 1961 

I-7 I-116

Financial reports to Community Fund, 1961 

I-7 I-117

Financial reports to Community Fund, 1961 

I-7 I-118

CUL stocks, 1953-1954 

I-7 I-119

Swift Family Realty Trust, 1950-1955 

I-7 I-120

Employees Tax Forms, 1956-1958 

I-7 I-121

Tax forms, 1947-1957 

I-7 I-122

United Packinghouse Workers of America, 1957 

I-7 I-123

Correspondence - The Division Fund, 1960-1962 

I-7 I-124

Budget Material, 1963 

I-7 I-125

Audits, 1964-1967 

I-8 I-126

Financial Audits, 1965 

I-8 I-127

Budget, 1964 

I-8 I-128

Budget Materials, 1964 

I-8 I-129

Employers Quarterly Federal Tax Return, 1968 

I-8 I-130

IRS, 1968 

I-8 I-131

IRS Quarterly - December, 1969 

I-8 I-132

Quarterly Finances, 1969 

I-8 I-133

Taxes, 1969 

I-8 I-134

Quarterly Returns - finances, 1968 

I-8 I-135

Official Receipts, 1970 

I-8 I-136

Audit material, 1969 

I-8 I-137

Pledge Sheets, 1968 

I-8 I-138

Quarterly Tax Return, 1969 

I-8 I-139

Treasury Department - Quarterly Reports, 1967 

I-8 I-140

Monthly report on employment, 1968 

I-8 I-141

Quarterly Employer's Tax Return, 1969 

I-8 I-142

Illinois State Taxes, 1969 

I-8 I-143

Preliminary budget, 1967 

I-9 I-144

Salary schedule, 1967 

I-9 I-145

Community Fund budget proposals, 1966 

I-9 I-146

Annual Meeting expenses, 1967 

I-9 I-147

Annual Meeting - Checks and Cash received, 1967 

I-9 I-148

Audit letter, 1968 

I-9 I-149

Budget, 1968 

I-9 I-150

Monthly finances, 1970 

I-9 I-151

Annual Report, 1971 

I-9 I-152

Annual Luncheon, 1971 

I-9 I-153

Budget Analysis, 1968-1969 

I-9 I-154

Taxes, 1967 

I-9 I-155

Community Seminar on Local Control of Schools, 1968 

I-9 I-156

Back-to-School/Stay in School finances, 1968 

I-9 I-157

Finances - December, 1969 

I-9 I-158

State Taxes, 1967-1969 

I-9 I-159

Financial reports, 1967 

I-10 I-160

Budget, 1966-1968 

I-10 I-161

Finances, 1967-1970 

I-10 I-162

Analysis of operating costs, ca, 1972 

I-10 I-163

Audit, 1967 

I-10 I-164

Memorandum and salaries, 1969 

I-10 I-165

Budget proposal, 1970 

I-10 I-166

Income and expense forms, 1968 

I-10 I-167

Budget worksheets, 1968 

I-10 I-168

Quarterly Reports, 1969 

I-11 I-169

Budget Analysis, 1969 

I-11 I-170

Summary of Financial Activities, 1969 

I-11 I-171

Budget sheets, 1970 

I-11 I-172

Staff directory, 1969 

I-11 I-173
Box Folder

Year-End Statements, 1959 

7 I-114

Tax exempt information, 1968 

I-11 I-174

Line budget sheets, 1970 

I-11 I-175

Income and Expense Sheets, 1968-1970 

I-11 I-176

Income and expenses, 1970 

I-11 I-177

Line budget, 1970 

I-11 I-178

Expenses, 1969-1970 

I-11 I-179

Financial report - January, 1970 

I-11 I-180

Budget Revisions, 1971 

I-11 I-181

Crusade of Mercy pledges, 1968 

I-11 I-182

Income and expense sheets, 1969 

I-11 I-183

Contribution confirmation letter, 1969 

I-12 I-184

Financial statements, 1969 

I-12 I-185

Financial statements - November and December, 1970 

I-12 I-186

Financial statements - January through October, 1970 

I-12 I-187

Financial statements - December, 1971 

I-12 I-188

Financial statements - October, 1971 

I-12 I-189

Financial statements - September, 1971 

I-12 I-190

Financial statements - August, 1971 

I-12 I-191

Financial statements - July, 1971 

I-12 I-192

Financial statements - May, 1971 

I-12 I-193

Financial statements - April, 1971 

I-12 I-194

Financial statements - March, 1971 

I-12 I-195

Financial statements, 1971 

I-12 I-196

Andersen Consulting, 1971-1973 

I-12 I-197

Audits, 1973 

I-12 I-198

Audits, 1973 

I-12 I-199

Correspondence - budget, 1975 

I-13 I-200

Program Reports, 1974 

I-13 I-201

Financial statements, 1972-1973 

I-13 I-202

West Side Brach - budget, 1968-1970 

I-13 I-203

Accounting - correspondence, 1971-1972 

I-13 I-204

Personnel salary descriptions, 1971-1972 

I-13 I-205

Recommended Salary Ranges, 1971 

I-14 I-206

Schedule of Annual Salaries, 1970 

I-14 I-207

Government Contracts - Financials, 1972 

I-14 I-208

Audit, 1971 

I-14 I-209

Finances, 1972 

I-14 I-210

Financial Reports to Labor Department, 1972-1974 

I-14 I-211

Finances, 1972 

I-14 I-212

Financial Records, 1973 

I-14 I-213

Tax Exemption, 1956-1966 

I-14 I-214

Annual Report, 1977 

I-14 I-215

Statement of Expense, 1974-1977 

I-14 I-216

Budget Meetings, 1977 

I-14 I-217

Comparative Analysis - budget process, 1978 

I-14 I-218

Finance - correspondence, 1975 

I-14 I-219

Annual Report, 1975 

I-14 I-220

Monthly Reports, 1978 

I-14 I-221

B15A Audit, 1975 

I-14 I-222

Funds for Fun, 1973 

I-14 I-223

Receipts, 1973 

I-14 I-224

Financial statements and auditor's report, 1970 

I-15 I-225

Contributions, 1971-1972 

I-15 I-226

Year-End Report, 1974 

I-15 I-227

IRS, 1974 

I-15 I-228

Taxes - correspondence, 1972-1973 

I-15 I-229

Andersen Consulting - correspondence, 1974 

I-15 I-230

Finances, 1973 

I-15 I-231

Investments, 1974-1975 

I-15 I-232

Comparative Balance Sheets, 1972-1973 

I-16 I-233

Audit Report, 1973 

I-16 I-234

West Side Office Year-End Report, 1973 

I-16 I-235

West Side Office Year-End Report, 1973 

I-16 I-236

Goal and program management, 1974 

I-16 I-237

Quarterly Budget Meeting, 1974 

I-16 I-238

Report, 1974 

I-16 I-239

Report, 1975 

I-16 I-240

Taxes, 1975 

I-16 I-241

Budget proposal, 1975 

I-16 I-242

Administrative budget analysis, 1976 

I-16 I-243

Audits, 1974-1976 

I-17 I-244

Annual meetings, 1978-1981 

I-17 I-245

June monthly, 1975 

I-17 I-246

June monthly, 1975 

I-17 I-247

August monthly, 1975 

I-17 I-248

Budget, 1975-1977 

I-17 I-249

Budget, 1975-1977 

I-17 I-250

Proposed and final budgets, 1976 

I-17 I-251

Fiscal Report Third Quarter, 1975 

I-18 I-252

Fiscal Year Review, 1976 

I-18 I-253

Budget, 1976 

I-18 I-254

Program review, 1976 

I-18 I-255

April report, 1977 

I-18 I-256

ESAA report, 1977 

I-18 I-257

Budgeting, 1977 

I-18 I-258

Staffing, 1977 

I-18 I-259

Budget Planning, 1977 

I-18 I-260

Fiscal Planning, 1977 

I-18 I-261

Short-term budget planning, 1976-1977 

I-19 I-262

Fourth Quarter budget review, 1977 

I-19 I-263

First Quarter budget review, 1977 

I-19 I-264

Finances, 1976-1979 

I-19 I-265

Budgeting, 1979-1980 

I-19 I-266

Third Quarter budget review, 1978 

I-19 I-267

Education budget objectives, 1977 

I-19 I-268

Communications budget, 1977 

I-19 I-269

Business office budget, 1977 

I-19 I-270

Development Department budget objectives, 1977 

I-19 I-271

Community Development budget, 1977 

I-19 I-272

Government programs budget, 1978 

I-19 I-273

Mayor's Office for Senior Citizens budget, 1977 

I-19 I-274

Proposed Budget, 1977 

I-20 I-275

Tax Laws, 1977 

I-20 I-276

Budget, 1976 

I-20 I-277

Budget, 1978 

I-20 I-278

Quarterly Budget Review, 1977 

I-20 I-279

Budget planning, 1977 

I-21 I-280

Fourth Quarter budget review, 1977 

I-21 I-281

Community Service Contract Budgets, 1978 

I-21 I-282

Budget Review meeting, 1978 

I-21 I-283

Annual Report, 1977 

I-21 I-284

Research and Planning Funding, 1978 

I-21 I-285

Planning and Budgeting, 1978 

I-21 I-286

Department of Labor audit, 1978 

I-21 I-287

Payroll analysis, 1977-1978 

I-21 I-288

Quarterly program review, 1977 

I-22 I-289

Quarterly program review, 1977 

I-22 I-290

Quarterly program review, 1978 

I-22 I-291

Quarterly program review, 1978 

I-22 I-292

Quarterly program review, 1978 

I-22 I-293

Quarterly program review, 1978-1979 

I-22 I-294

Quarterly program review, 1979 

I-22 I-295

Quarterly program review, 1979 

I-23 I-296

Quarterly program review, 1979 

I-23 I-297

Quarterly program review, 1979 

I-23 I-298

Quarterly program review, 1980 

I-23 I-299

Revenue projections - budget plan, 1981 

I-23 I-300

Quarterly program review, 1981 

I-23 I-301

Mayor's office for Senior Citizens budget, 1978 

I-24 I-302

Mayor's office for Senior Citizens budget, 1978 

I-24 I-303

Budget Review, 1978 

I-24 I-304

Program and Budget material planning, 1979 

I-24 I-305

Audit report, 1980 

I-24 I-306

Andersen Review, undated 

I-24 I-307

Budget Packet, 1980 

I-24 I-308

Budget, 1980 

I-24 I-309

Budget, 1981 

I-24 I-310

MOSCH proposal and budget, 1980 

I-24 I-311

First quarter Budget Review, 1979 

I-25 I-312

Second Quarter review, 1979 

I-25 I-313

Third Quarter review, 1980 

I-25 I-314

Budget, 1980-1981 

I-26 I-315

September report, 1980 

I-26 I-316

Third Quarterly Report, 1980 

I-26 I-317

September and October Monthly Reports, 1981 

I-26 I-318

July and August Monthly Reports, 1981 

I-26 I-319

Budget summary, 1981 

I-26 I-320

Budget Material, 1981 

I-26 I-321

Administrative Departments quarterly reports, 1985 

I-27 I-322

Support Departments budget and objectives, 1985 

I-27 I-323

Budget planning, 1984-1988 

I-27 I-324

Third Quarter review, 1988 

I-27 I-325

Quarterly budget review, 1987-1988 

I-27 I-326

Quarterly budget review, 1986 

I-27 I-327

Quarterly budget review, 1984 

I-27 I-328

Support Departments budgets and objectives, 1986 

I-28 I-329

Third Quarter Budget review, 1989 

I-28 I-330

First and Second Quarter Budget Review, 1988 

I-28 I-331

November and December monthly reports, 1987 

I-28 I-332

September and October monthly reports, 1987 

I-29 I-333

Bi-Monthly Reports, 1985 

I-29 I-334

Bi-Monthly Reports, 1988-1989 

I-29 I-335

Bi-Monthly Reports, 1987-1988 

I-29 I-336

Bi-Monthly Reports, 1986-1987 

I-29 I-337

Bi-Monthly Reports, 1985-1986 

I-29 I-338

March and April reports, 1987 

I-29 I-339

July and August reports, 1987 

I-30 I-340

July and August reports, 1987 

I-30 I-341

March and April reports, 1988 

I-30 I-342

March and April reports, 1988 

I-30 I-343

March and April reports, 1988 

I-30 I-344

January and February reports, 1988 

I-30 I-345

Support Departments objectives, 1988 

I-31 I-346

Administrative Departments reports, 1988 

I-31 I-347

Quarterly reviews, 1987 

I-31 I-348

Support Department's budget and objectives, 1988 

I-31 I-349

Support Department's budget and objectives, 1988 

I-31 I-350

Quarterly reports, 1988 

I-31 I-351

January and February report, 1987 

I-32 I-352

May and June report, 1987 

I-32 I-353

January and February report, 1987 

I-32 I-354

May and June report, 1988 

I-32 I-355

May and June report, 1988 

I-32 I-356

Lobbying expenses, 1986-1987 

I-32 I-357

Budget cuts, 1986 

I-32 I-358

Budget correspondence, 1985 

I-32 I-359

Budget balance sheets, 1986-1988 

I-32 I-360

Contract service income, 1987 

I-32 I-361

Budget summary, 1987-1988 

I-33 I-362

Accounting history, 1976-1990 

I-33 I-363

Budget review, 1988 

I-33 I-364

Financial and budget information, 1989 

I-33 I-365

Annual audit, 1989 

I-33 I-366

Advocacy Department Year-End Report, 1989 

I-33 I-367

Budget Summary, 1989 

I-33 I-368

Department Budgets, 1990 

I-33 I-369

Three-Year Strategic Plan 

I-34 I-370

Budget summaries, 1990-1991 

I-34 I-371

Budget, 1991 

I-34 I-372

Year-End fiscal analysis, 1991 

I-34 I-373

Revenue Projections, 1990 

I-34 I-374

Financial narrative, 1991 

I-34 I-375

Budget, 1993 

I-34 I-376

Subseries 2: Administration Subseries 

Scope and Content 

Decision-making and planning materials constitute the Administration Subseries. These files contain program reports and reviews, satellite office reports, correspondence, agendas, minutes, reports, memoranda, job descriptions, evaluations, schedules and calendars, biographies, personnel and procedural manuals, by-laws, membership lists, proposals, newsletters, testimonies, press releases, contracts, Compton diaries, summaries and legal documents. Files compiled from several organization directors are also contained here. The subseries spans 1946-1999. A bulk of the materials covers the 1960s through the 1980s. 

Box Folder

Quarterly meeting, 1980 

I-35 I-377

Long-Range planning supplementary data, 1974 

I-35 I-378

Quarter year-end report, 1976 

I-35 I-379

Quarter year-end report, 1977 

I-35 I-380

Quarter year-end report, 1978 

I-35 I-381

Quarterly report meeting, 1978 

I-35 I-382

Quarter year-end report, 1979 

I-35 I-383

Quarterly program reviews, 1982 

I-35 I-384

Quarterly program reviews, 1982 

I-35 I-385

Board of Directors meeting minutes, 1973-1977 

I-35 I-386

Board meeting - affirmative action resolution, 1988 

I-35 I-387

Monthly reports, 1983 

I-35 I-388

Monthly reports, 1983 

I-36 I-389

Monthly reports, 1983 

I-36 I-390

Annual reports, 1991-1992 

I-36 I-391

Visitor Registers, 1974 

I-37 I-392

Visitor Registers, 1975 

I-37 I-393

The Group - committee, 1971 

I-38 I-394

The Group, 1972-1973 

I-38 I-395

The Group - Job Task Force recommendations, 1972 

I-38 I-396

The Group - correspondence, agendas, minutes, 1971 

I-38 I-397

The Group - correspondence, agendas, minutes, 1972 

I-38 I-398

The Group - meetings, 1974 

I-38 I-399

Deacon's meeting, 1974-1975 

I-38 I-400

The Group - minutes, 1975 

I-39 I-401

The Group - minutes, 1976 

I-39 I-402

The Group - minutes, 1977 

I-39 I-403

Woman's Board, 1971 

I-40 I-404

Woman's Board - meeting, 1972 

I-40 I-405

Woman's Board - meeting, minutes, 1974 

I-40 I-406

Woman's Auxiliaries, 1974-1978 

I-40 I-407

Woman's Board, 1981 

I-40 I-408

Woman's Board, 1981 

I-40 I-409

Woman's Board, 1981 

I-40 I-410

Woman's Board finances, 1981 

I-40 I-411

Woman's Board, 1982 

I-41 I-412

Woman's Board, 1982 

I-41 I-413

Woman's Board, 1982 

I-41 I-414

Woman's Board, 1982 

I-41 I-415

Woman's Board, 1982 

I-41 I-416

Woman's Board, 1982 

I-41 I-417

Woman's Board, 1982 

I-41 I-418

West Side Urban League - annual reports, 1946-1948 

I-42 I-419

West Side Urban League - annual reports, 1949-1951 

I-42 I-420

West Side Women's Division - Etta Moten's Concert, 1951 

I-42 I-421

West Side Women's Division - lists, 1954-1955 

I-42 I-422

West Side Women's Division - lists, 1954-1955 

I-42 I-423

West Side Women's Division, 1944-1955 

I-42 I-424

West Side Women's Division - reports, 1943 

I-42 I-425

West Side Women's Division - special reports, 1954 

I-42 I-426

West Side Office, 1968-1973 

I-42 I-427

West Side Office, 1968-1971 

I-42 I-428

West Side Office, 1968-1971 

I-42 I-429

West Side Office - year-end report, 1973 

I-42 I-430

West Side Office - year-end reports, 1973-1974 

I-42 I-431

West Side Office, 1974 

I-42 I-432

North Side Office, 1970-1971 

I-43 I-433

North Side Office - budget, 1970 

I-43 I-434

North Side Office - staff, 1971 

I-43 I-435

North Side Office - monthly reports, 1971 

I-43 I-436

North Side Office - reports, 1971-1972 

I-43 I-437

North Side Office, 1973-1975 

I-43 I-438

North Side Office - issues, 1975 

I-43 I-439

North Side Office, 1971 

I-43 I-440

North Side Office, 1972 

I-43 I-441

North Side Office, 1972 

I-43 I-442

North Side Office, 1972 

I-43 I-443

North Side Office - issues, 1975 

I-43 I-444

North Side Office - 1974-1976 

I-43 I-445

Executive Staff - minutes, 1970 

I-44 I-446

Executive Staff - minutes, 1973 

I-44 I-447

Executive Committee - minutes, 1976 

I-44 I-448

Executive Committee - minutes, 1977 

I-44 I-449

Executive Committee - minutes, 1978 

I-44 I-450

Executive Committee - minutes, 1981 

I-44 I-451

Executive Committee - minutes, 1982 

I-44 I-452

Executive Committee - minutes, 1983 

I-44 I-453

Executive Committee - minutes, 1984 

I-44 I-454

Executive Committee - minutes, 1985 

I-44 I-455

Executive Committee - minutes, 1986 

I-44 I-456

Executive Committee - minutes, 1987 

I-44 I-457

Executive Committee - minutes, 1988 

I-44 I-458

Executive Committee - minutes, 1989 

I-44 I-459

Executive Committee - minutes, 1990 

I-44 I-460

Board of Directors - minutes, 1968 

I-44 I-461

Board of Directors - minutes, 1969 

I-44 I-462

Chicago Urban League resolutions, 1972-1974 

I-44 I-463

Board of Directors - minutes, 1980 

I-44 I-464

Board of Directors - minutes, 1981 

I-44 I-465

Board of Directors - minutes, 1982 

I-44 I-466

Board of Directors - minutes, 1983 

I-45 I-467

Board of Directors - minutes, 1984 

I-45 I-468

Board of Directors - minutes, 1985 

I-45 I-469

Board of Directors - minutes, 1986 

I-45 I-470

Board of Directors - minutes, 1987 

I-45 I-471

Board of Directors - minutes, 1988 

I-45 I-472

Board of Directors - minutes, 1989 

I-45 I-473

Board of Directors - minutes, 1990 

I-45 I-474

Board of Directors - minutes, 1991 

I-45 I-475

Board of Directors - minutes, 1992 

I-45 I-476

Board of Directors - minutes, 1993 

I-45 I-477

Board of Directors - minutes, 1994 

I-45 I-478

Board of Directors - minutes, 1995 

I-45 I-479

Board of Directors - minutes, 1996 

I-45 I-480

Board of Directors - minutes, 1997 

I-45 I-481

Board of Directors - minutes, 1998 

I-45 I-482

Board of Directors - minutes, 1999 

I-45 I-483

Miscellaneous administration, 1946-1953 

I-46 I-484

Miscellaneous administration, 1954-1962 

I-46 I-485

Board of Directors minutes, 1946 

I-46 I-486

Board of Directors minutes, 1946 

I-46 I-487

Board of Directors minutes, 1947 

I-46 I-488

Board of Directors minutes, 1947 

I-46 I-489

Board of Directors minutes, 1948 

I-46 I-490

Board of Directors minutes, 1949 

I-46 I-491

Board of Directors minutes, 1950 

I-46 I-492

Board of Directors minutes, 1951 

I-46 I-493

Board of Directors minutes, 1951 

I-46 I-494

Board of Directors minutes, 1952 

I-46 I-495

Board of Directors minutes, 1952 

I-46 I-496

Board of Directors minutes, 1952 

I-46 I-497

Administration, 1949-1952 

I-47 I-498

Administration, 1952-1964 

I-47 I-499

Administration - announcements, 1951-1955 

I-47 I-500

Board of Directors service charts, 1957-1960 

I-47 I-501

Board of Directors - correspondence, 1947-1955 

I-47 I-502

Board of Directors, 1946-1959 

I-47 I-503

Board of Directors - Staff Institute recordings, 1951 

I-47 I-504

Board of Directors - terms of directors, 1952-1958 

I-47 I-505

By-Laws and Constitution, 1948 

I-47 I-506

Chicago Negro Community - statistical description, undated 

I-47 I-507

The Board Standards Committee reports, 1958 

I-47 I-508

Building Committee, 1954 

I-47 I-509

Citizens Advisory Committee, 1945-1950 

I-47 I-510

Nominating Committee, 1951-1953 

I-47 I-511

Nominating Committee, 1958 

I-47 I-512

Personnel Committee - Report on the UTSE, 1949 

I-47 I-513

Special Review Committee, 1950 

I-47 I-514

Community Fund annual reports, 1953 

I-47 I-515

Community Fund budget policies, 1951-1955 

I-47 I-516

Community Fund - correspondence, 1953-1961 

I-47 I-517

Community Fund, 1949-1959 

I-47 I-518

National Urban League reports and memoranda, 1954-1955 

I-48 I-519

National Urban League reports and memoranda, 1955-1964 

I-48 I-520

Evanston Urban League organization, 1961 

I-48 I-521

Announcements and publications, 1951-1953 

I-48 I-522

Departmental reports, 1952-1953 

I-48 I-523

Rachel Ridley file, 1950 

I-48 I-524

Luncheons of school principals, 1946-1950 

I-48 I-525

South East Chicago Commission, 1952 

I-48 I-526

Southside Conservation Association - correspondence, 1953-1954 

I-48 I-527

Southside Conservation Association agendas and minutes, 1953-1954 

I-48 I-528

Southside Conservation Association lists, 1953-1954 

I-48 I-529

Southside Conservation Association committee membership, undated 

I-48 I-530

Southside Conservation Association memoranda, 1953-1954 

I-48 I-531

Southside Conservation Association, 1950-1954 

I-48 I-532

Southside Conservation Association public relations, 1954 

I-48 I-533

Southside Conservation Association reports, 1953-1954 

I-48 I-534

Executive Secretary general - correspondence, 1954 

I-49 I-535

Executive Secretary general - correspondence, 1954 

I-49 I-536

Executive Secretary general - correspondence, 1954 

I-49 I-537

Executive Secretary general - correspondence, 1955 

I-49 I-538

Job specifications for CUL positions, 1949 

I-49 I-539

Job specifications for CUL positions, 1948-1949 

I-49 I-540

Legislative - correspondence, 1953-1954 

I-49 I-541

Inter-office memoranda, 1947-1953 

I-49 I-542

Inter-office memoranda, 1953-1962 

I-49 I-543

Proposed programs and policies of league and other agencies, 1947-1951 

I-49 I-544

Proposed programs and policies of league and other agencies, 1952-1954 

I-49 I-545

Activities and reports of CUL, 1952 

I-49 I-546

Presidents - correspondence, 1949-1955 

I-49 I-547

Switchboard operators' reports on visitors and telephone calls, 1949-1953 

I-49 I-548

F.T. Lane - personal file, 1953 

I-50 I-549

F.T. Lane - activities, 1950-1956 

I-50 I-550

Board of Directors minutes. 1953 

I-50 I-551

Board of Directors minutes, 1954 

I-50 I-552

Board of Directors minutes, 1956 

I-50 I-553

Board of Directors minutes, 1961 

I-50 I-554

Board of Directors miscellaneous, 1944-1947 

I-50 I-555

Board of Directors miscellaneous, 1947 

I-50 I-556

Board of Directors miscellaneous, 1948-1949 

I-50 I-557

Board of Directors miscellaneous, 1951-1952 

I-50 I-558

Board of Directors miscellaneous, 1952 

I-50 I-559

Board of Directors miscellaneous, 1953-1962 

I-50 I-560

Citizens Advisory Committee, 1955 

I-51 I-561

Citizens Advisory Committee, 1955 

I-51 I-562

Citizens Advisory Committee, 1955 

I-51 I-563

Executive Committee's Agenda and Minutes, 1945-1951 

I-51 I-564

CUL Committees miscellaneous, 1954 

I-51 I-565

Morale Committee, 1953 

I-51 I-566

Nominating Committee's Lists and - correspondence, 1947-1955 

I-51 I-567

Nominating Committee's Lists and - correspondence, 1947-1955 

I-51 I-568

Nominating Committee's Minutes and Reports, 1951-1959 

I-51 I-569

Personnel Committee, 1948-1951 

I-51 I-570

Personnel Committee, 1951-1954 

I-51 I-571

Special Review Committee, 1950 

I-51 I-572

Standards Committee's Reports, 1958-1959 

I-51 I-573

Annual meeting, 1959 

I-52 I-574

Annual meeting, 1959 

I-52 I-575

Annual meeting, 1959 

I-52 I-576

Annual meeting, 1959 

I-52 I-577

Annual meeting - correspondence, 1959 

I-53 I-578

Annual meeting - correspondence, 1959 

I-53 I-579

Annual meeting, 1959 

I-53 I-580

Edwin Berry - speeches, 1959 

I-53 I-581

N.O. Calloway, 1960-1961 

I-53 I-582

Annual meeting, 1960 

I-53 I-583

Annual meeting - correspondence, 1960 

I-53 I-584

Annual meeting - correspondence, 1960 

I-53 I-585

Annual meeting, 1960 

I-53 I-586

Annual meeting, 1961 

I-53 I-587

Edwin Berry - speaking engagements, 1961 

I-53 I-588

Norman Ross, 1961 

I-53 I-589

National Urban League - Secretariat, 1962-1964 

I-53 I-590

Robert Geocaris - photos, 1963 

I-53 I-591

Hank Schwab file, 1963-1964 

I-53 I-592

Angelo Geocaris, 1965 

I-54 I-593

Quarterly reports, 1965 

I-54 I-594

Annual meeting - photos, 1966 

I-54 I-595

John Lhotka file, 1966 

I-54 I-596

Staff training, 1965-1966 

I-54 I-597

Administrative memoranda, 1966-1969 

I-54 I-598

Gertrude Evans, undated 

I-54 I-599

Kale Williams - biography, 1966 

I-54 I-600

Clara Williams - clippings, 1966 

I-54 I-601

Allison Davis - biography, 1966 

I-54 I-602

John Roof - biography, 1966 

I-54 I-603

William McCurdy - biography, 1966 

I-54 I-604

Staff correspondence, 1967 

I-54 I-605

Robert Dreves, 1967 

I-54 I-606

Rev. Joseph H. Evers, 1967 

I-54 I-607

American Library Association - note, 1967 

I-54 I-608

Dr. S.S. Morgan - clipping, 1967 

I-54 I-609

Youth Action - meeting, 1967 

I-54 I-610

Memoranda - miscellaneous, 1967 

I-54 I-611

Woman's Board - meetings and lists, 1967-1968 

I-54 I-612

Gregory Nelson Report, 1967 

I-55 I-613

Sherman Abrams, 1967 

I-55 I-614

Service Report, 1967 

I-55 I-615

Community Education development, 1968 

I-55 I-616

Service Report, 1968 

I-55 I-617

Service Report, 1968 

I-55 I-618

West Side Project report, 1968 

I-55 I-619

Retreat, 1968 

I-55 I-620

Woman's Board, 1968 

I-55 I-621

Ruth Wilson - biographical, 1968 

I-55 I-622

Board of Directors - meeting, agenda, minutes, 1968 

I-55 I-623

Henry Fort, 1968 

I-55 I-624

Business Advisory Council members, undated 

I-55 I-625

Board of Directors list, 1968 

I-55 I-626

Annual meeting report, 1968 

I-55 I-627

Staff retreat, 1968 

I-55 I-628

Service report, 1968 

I-55 I-629

Fact Sheet, 1968 

I-55 I-630

Retreat, 1968 

I-55 I-631

Correspondence, 1968 

I-55 I-632

Board of Director's list, 1968 

I-55 I-633

NUL directory, undated 

I-55 I-634

Definition and percentage of department services, 1968 

I-55 I-635

Position paper, 1968 

I-55 I-636

Staff directory and pledges, 1969 

I-56 I-637

Annual meeting - agenda and sign-in, 1969 

I-56 I-638

Board member - Beverly effort, 1969 

I-56 I-639

Sidney Johnson - CUL consultant, 1969 

I-56 I-640

Board of Directors minutes, 1969 

I-56 I-641

Business Advisory Committee, 1966-1969 

I-56 I-642

Woman's Division - members, 1969 

I-56 I-643

Administrative communication, 1969 

I-56 I-644

Miscellaneous information, 1969 

I-56 I-645

Miscellaneous information and statements, 1969 

I-56 I-646

Community Development Department, 1969 

I-56 I-647

Daily Activity Sheets, 1969 

I-56 I-648

Richard C. Johnson - weekly schedule, 1969 

I-56 I-649

Marion Henley - memoranda, 1969 

I-56 I-650

Board of Directors meeting - memoranda, minutes, agendas, 1969 

I-56 I-651

Board of Directors, 1968-1969 

I-56 I-652

Office job sheets, 1967 

I-57 I-653

Office job sheets, 1967 

I-57 I-654

Office job sheets, 1967 

I-57 I-655

Office job sheets, 1967 

I-57 I-656

Leonard Chess, 1917-1967 

I-58 I-657

Board of Directors - meetings - 1967-1971 

I-58 I-658

Board of Directors - meetings, 1967-1971 

I-58 I-659

Board of Directors - meetings, 1967-1971 

I-58 I-660

Business Advisory Council members, 1968 

I-58 I-661

Executive Director job description, 1969 

I-58 I-662

Board of Directors information, 1969 

I-58 I-663

Board members memoranda, 1969 

I-58 I-664

Procedural manual, 1969 

I-58 I-665

Board meeting - minutes, 1969 

I-58 I-666

Staff Directory, 1969 

I-58 I-667

Personnel code, 1969 

I-58 I-668

Service report, 1969 

I-59 I-669

Quarterly reports, 1969 

I-59 I-670

Board of Directors - meetings, 1969-1971 

I-59 I-671

Welfare council membership certificate, 1969-1970 

I-59 I-672

Executive Director Search - correspondence, 1969-1970 

I-59 I-673

Board of Directors list, 1968-1970 

I-59 I-674

Annual luncheon meeting, 1971 

I-59 I-675

Staff meeting - minutes, 1970-1971 

I-59 I-676

Curtis Morris - monthly report, 1970 

I-59 I-677

Service report, 1970 

I-59 I-678

Monthly reports, 1971 

I-59 I-679

Laplois Ashford - correspondence, 1970 

I-60 I-680

Executive search, 1970 

I-60 I-681

Administrative memorandum, 1970 

I-60 I-682

Administrative memorandum, 1970 

I-60 I-683

Janitorial plans, 1971 

I-60 I-684

Service reports, 1970-1971 

I-60 I-685

Finance committee, 1971 

I-60 I-686

Urban League - New Thrust, undated 

I-60 I-687

Urban League - New Thrust, undated 

I-60 I-688

Joanna Martin - quarterly report, 1970 

I-60 I-689

Monthly report - October, 1970 

I-60 I-690

Ashford - monthly reports, 1970 

I-60 I-691

Administrative, 1970-1971 

I-60 I-692

Planning conference, 1970 

I-60 I-693

James Compton - interdepartmental correspondence, 1971 

I-60 I-694

Reports, 1971 

I-60 I-695

Service Reports - race relations, 1971 

I-60 I-696

Memoranda, proposals, minutes, 1970-1971 

I-60 I-697

Meeting minutes, 1970-1972 

I-60 I-698

Business Advisory Council meeting, 1972 

I-60 I-699

Personnel information, 1972 

I-60 I-700

West Side Office Report, 1974 

I-61 I-701

Monthly reports, 1975 

I-61 I-702

Monthly reports, 1975 

I-61 I-703

Monthly reports, 1976 

I-61 I-704

Annual Business Meeting, 1970 

I-62 I-705

Annual Report Luncheon - photos, 1970 

I-62 I-706

Annual Report Meeting - photos, 1970 

I-62 I-707

Monthly reports, 1970 

I-62 I-708

Kenneth Anderson file, 1970 

I-62 I-709

Wesley South, 1970 

I-62 I-710

Staff and administration, 1970 

I-62 I-711

Reorganization, 1970 

I-62 I-712

Staff retreat, 1970 

I-62 I-713

Curtis Heaton, 1970-1971 

I-62 I-714

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1970 

I-62 I-715

Raymond Mack file, 1970 

I-62 I-716

Samuel Whitwer file, 1970 

I-62 I-717

Leonard Chess, 1970 

I-62 I-718

William Walker, a970 

I-62 I-719

Nominating Committee, 1970 

I-62 I-720

Staff Agenda Committee, 1970 

I-62 I-721

Advisory Committees, 1970 

I-62 I-722

Administrative memoranda, 1970 

I-62 I-723

Chicago Business Opportunity Fair, 1970 

I-62 I-724

Women's Board, 1970-1971 

I-62 I-725

Executive Staff Retreat, 1970 

I-62 I-726

Executive Staff meeting, 1970-1971 

I-63 I-727

Eastern region orientation seminar, 1970 

I-63 I-728

New Employee orientation, undated 

I-63 I-729

Community organization meeting, 1971 

I-63 I-730

Board member attendance, 1971 

I-63 I-731

Whitney Young, Jr., 1971 

I-63 I-732

Samuel Whitwer, 1971 

I-63 I-733

Fannie Woodley, 1971 

I-63 I-734

Jack Ringer, 1971 

I-63 I-735

Joseph Rosen, 1971 

I-63 I-736

Bernardine Washington, 1971 

I-63 I-737

James Wright, 1970-1971 

I-63 I-738

Woman's Board - Diane Cohen, 1971 

I-63 I-739

Personnel Manual, 1971 

I-63 I-740

Executive Committee hearing, 1971 

I-63 I-741

Executive committee reports and correspondence, 1971 

I-63 I-742

Nominating committee, 1971 

I-63 I-743

Welfare Cuts crisis, 1971 

I-63 I-744

FDA contract, program development, 1971 

I-64 I-745

Annual luncheon - photos, 1971 

I-64 I-746

By-laws and potential board members, 1971 

I-64 I-747

Snowden, 1971 

I-64 I-748

Staff personnel committee, 1971 

I-64 I-749

Activities report, 1972 

I-64 I-750

Activities report, 1972 

I-64 I-751

Activities report, 1972 

I-64 I-752

Compton biography, ca. 1972 

I-64 I-753

Board meeting, 1972 

I-64 I-754

Economic and Manpower Development - Advisory Committee, 1972 

I-64 I-755

Nominating Committee, 1972 

I-64 I-756

Urban League Report, 1956 

I-65 I-757

Memoranda to cabinet, 1977-1982 

I-65 I-758

Cabinet meetings, 1974-1982 

I-65 I-759

Report from Communications Department, 1960-1969 

I-65 I-760

Committees, 1966-1970 

I-65 I-761

Reports and biographical information, 1960-1977 

I-65 I-762

Staff roster and board meeting, 1975-1978 

I-65 I-763

Fact sheet, 1979-1981 

I-65 I-764

Board lists, 1958-1970 

I-65 I-765

Publicity Club of Chicago - photos, 1959-1967 

I-65 I-766

Jefferson Alison III, 1967-1969 

I-65 I-767

Staff training, 1966-1972 

I-65 I-768

Lester Asher, 1964-1970 

I-65 I-769

Board correspondence, 1968-1970 

I-65 I-770

Man of the Year - press releases, 1968-1971 

I-65 I-771

Charles Davis, 1967-1971 

I-65 I-772

Narcissa King, 1970-1972 

I-65 I-773

Testimonies and reports, 1972 

I-66 I-774

Tri-County Urban League (Peoria), 1973 

I-66 I-775

Health Facilities and Manpower Resources Survey, 1972 

I-66 I-776

Black advocates for children, 1973 

I-66 I-777

Oliver-Harvey College, 1973 

I-66 I-778

Monthly reports, 1973 

I-66 I-779

Staff retreat, 1973 

I-66 I-780

Correspondence, 1973 

I-66 I-781

Correspondence, 1973 

I-66 I-782

Staff meetings - agendas, 1973 

I-67 I-783

Outgoing correspondence, 1973 

I-67 I-784

Incoming memoranda to Deputy Executive Director, 1972-1973 

I-67 I-785

Incoming memoranda to Deputy Executive Director, 1972-1973 

I-67 I-786

Outgoing memoranda to Deputy Executive Director, 1972-1973 

I-67 I-787

Outgoing memoranda to Deputy Executive Director, 1972-1973 

I-67 I-788

James Taylor - staff meeting notices, 1973 

I-67 I-789

Quarterly Report, 1972 

I-68 I-790

Corporate public relations, 1972 

I-68 I-791

Bylaws, undated 

I-68 I-792

Urban League history, undated 

I-68 I-793

Policy statements, undated 

I-68 I-794

Mailing lists, 1972 

I-68 I-795

Retreat, undated 

I-68 I-796

Possible funding sources, undated 

I-68 I-797

Housing Committee minutes, 1972 

I-68 I-798

Deputy Director Administrator, 1972-1973 

I-68 I-799

West Side Office year-end report, 1972 

I-68 I-800

Staff orientation packet, 1972 

I-68 I-801

Laplois Ashford resignation, 1972 

I-68 I-802

Housing Testimony by Urban League, 1972 

I-68 I-803

Reorganization, 1972 

I-69 I-804

General information, 1972 

I-69 I-805

Executive Director search committee, 1972 

I-69 I-806

Executive Director search committee, 1972 

I-69 I-807

Executive Director search, 1972 

I-69 I-808

Annual luncheon - correspondence/budget, 1972 

I-69 I-809

Annual luncheon - correspondence, 1972 

I-69 I-810

Changes in the New Chicago Plan Contract, 1972 

I-70 I-811

Development Department - correspondence, 1972 

I-70 I-812

Urban League Day, 1972 

I-70 I-813

North Side - advisory board, 1972 

I-70 I-814

Government projects, 1972 

I-70 I-815

National Urban League - progress report, 1972 

I-70 I-816

Employee orientation, 1972 

I-70 I-817

Committee evaluation, 1972 

I-70 I-818

North Side Office, 1972 

I-70 I-819

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1972 

I-70 I-820

Staff meeting, 1972-1973 

I-71 I-821

Economic development and employment, 1972-1973 

I-71 I-822

Executive staff and salaries, 1971-1974 

I-71 I-823

AIMS report, 197-1974 

I-71 I-824

Council of Religious Leaders, 1973 

I-71 I-825

Communications, undated 

I-71 I-826

Monthly reports, 1973 

I-71 I-827

Research Department - objectives, 1973 

I-71 I-828

Program report, 1973 

I-71 I-829

Meeting agendas, 1973 

I-71 I-830

Board and committee lists, 1973 

I-71 I-831

Year-end program report, 1973 

I-71 I-832

Open House Lists, 1971-1973 

I-71 I-833

Board of Directors meetings, 1970-1972 

I-71 I-834

Communication - administrative, 1970-1972 

I-71 I-835

Women's Division, 1973 

I-71 I-836

Staff retreat, 1973 

I-71 I-837

Personnel manual, 1973 

I-71 I-838

Job vacancy descriptions, 1971 

I-72 I-839

Job vacancy descriptions, 1972-1974 

I-72 I-840

James Taylor - correspondence, 1973 

I-72 I-841

James Taylor - correspondence, 1973 

I-72 I-842

James Taylor - correspondence, 1973 

I-72 I-843

Beverly Hurst - work progress, 1973 

I-73 I-844

Annual meeting - photos, 1973 

I-73 I-845

Annual report meeting, 1973 

I-73 I-846

Annual report luncheon - communication, 1973 

I-73 I-847

Annual luncheon meetings - photos, 1973 

I-73 I-848

Business Advisory Council, 1973 

I-73 I-849

Business Advisory Council, 1973 

I-73 I-850

West Side Office report, 1973 

I-73 I-851

Lawsuit material, 1973 

I-73 I-852

Referral committee - minutes, 1973 

I-73 I-853

Board of Directors - minutes, reports, 1973 

I-74 I-854

Betty Edwards, 1973 

I-74 I-855

Personnel manual, undated 

I-74 I-856

James Taylor - profiles, 1973 

I-74 I-857

Executive Staff meeting, 1973 

I-74 I-858

Annual program report, 1974 

I-74 I-859

Annual program report, 1974 

I-74 I-860

Annual business meeting, 1974 

I-74 I-861

Hurst file, 1973-1974 

I-74 I-862

James Compton - correspondence, 1973-1974 

I-75 I-863

James Compton - correspondence, 1973 

I-75 I-864

James Compton - correspondence, 1973 

I-75 I-865

James Compton - correspondence, 1974 

I-75 I-866

James Compton - correspondence, 1974 

I-75 I-867

James Compton - day planner, 1974 

I-76 I-868

James Compton - day planner, 1974 

I-76 I-869

James Compton - day planner, 1973 

I-76 I-870

James Compton - events, 1974-1975 

I-76 I-871

Membership drive, 1973 

I-77 I-872

Weekly schedules, 1974 

I-77 I-873

Membership, 1974 

I-77 I-874

Membership drive, 1974 

I-77 I-875

Reports, 1973-1974 

I-77 I-876

James Buckner, 1973-1974 

I-77 I-877

Year-End Program Reports, 1973 

I-77 I-878

Correspondence and reports, 1974 

I-77 I-879

Monthly departmental reports, 1974 

I-78 I-880

Hampton McKinney - monthly reports, 1970 

I-78 I-881

James Taylor - monthly reports, 1974 

I-78 I-882

James Taylor - monthly reports, 1974 

I-78 I-883

James Taylor - monthly reports, 1974 

I-78 I-884

Monthly reports - community development, 1974-1975 

I-79 I-885

Monthly reports - community development, 1975 

I-79 I-886

Memoranda, 1975 

I-79 I-887

Bertram Mims - memoranda, 1974-1975 

I-79 I-888

Bertram Mims - correspondence, 1974 

I-79 I-889

Pat Knight - memoranda, 1974-1975 

I-79 I-890

Monthly reports - community development, 1974 

I-79 I-891

Monthly reports - scholarship services, 1974 

I-79 I-892

Monthly reports - scholarship services, 1975 

I-79 I-893

Community organization - advisory committee, 1974 

I-79 I-894

Programmatic meetings conference - schedules, 1974 

I-80 I-895

Safety, security and building violations, 1974 

I-80 I-896

Personnel - photos, 1974 

I-80 I-897

Program objectives, 1974 

I-80 I-898

Membership drive, 1974 

I-80 I-899

Organizational chart, 1974 

I-80 I-900

Staff, 1974 

I-80 I-901

Organizational staff, 1974 

I-80 I-902

Professional staff roster, 1974 

I-80 I-903

Board of Directors meeting - minutes, 1974 

I-80 I-904

Assorted administrative documents, 1974 

I-80 I-905

Annual meeting, 1974 

I-80 I-906

Weekly progress report, 1974 

I-80 I-907

Statement of purpose, undated 

I-80 I-908

National Urban League, 1974-1975 

I-80 I-909

Building committee, 1974 

I-80 I-910

Budget material, 1974 

I-80 I-911

Membership and funding, 1972-1974 

I-81 I-912

Luncheon meeting assignments, 1974 

I-81 I-913

Building project rationale, 1974-1976 

I-81 I-914

May monthly report, 1974 

I-81 I-915

Chicago caucus annual meeting, 1974 

I-81 I-916

Statement of purpose, 1974 

I-81 I-917

November report, 1974 

I-81 I-918

Monthly reporting - special education projects, 1974 

I-81 I-919

Monthly reports, 1973-1974 

I-81 I-920

Supervisory conference, 1974 

I-81 I-921

Federal Contract Compliance Act, 1974 

I-81 I-922

Personnel manual, undated 

I-81 I-923

Nominating committee, 1974 

I-81 I-924

Nominating committee, 1974 

I-81 I-925

Nominating committee, 1974 

I-81 I-926

Year-end report, 1973 

I-82 I-927

Community development and services questionnaire, 1973 

I-82 I-928

Alex Gabbin - monthly report, 1973 

I-82 I-929

Quarterly report - July-September, 1974 

I-82 I-930

James Compton - weekly schedule, 1974 

I-82 I-931

Annual business meeting, 1974 

I-82 I-932

Activity summary, 1973-1974 

I-82 I-933

Membership drive, 1974 

I-82 I-934

Taxi cab incident, 1974 

I-82 I-935

Reports and affiliates, 1974-1975 

I-82 I-936

Annual report, 1974 

I-82 I-937

Board of Education, 1974 

I-82 I-938

Advocacy - final report, 1974 

I-82 I-939

AISMA - budget, 1974 

I-82 I-940

Annual report, 1974 

I-82 I-941

Monthly reports - community development, 1974 

I-82 I-942

Operating effectiveness committee, 1974 

I-83 I-943

Monthly reports - community development, 1974 

I-83 I-944

Monthly reports, 1974-1975 

I-83 I-945

Planning and research committee, 1974-1975 

I-83 I-946

Memoranda to cabinet, 1974-1976 

I-83 I-947

Monthly report, 1975 

I-83 I-948

Objectives, 1975 

I-83 I-949

Reports to central regional office, 1975 

I-84 I-950

Reports to central regional office, 1975 

I-84 I-951

Housing proposal, 1975 

I-84 I-952

Quarterly report - January-March, 1975 

I-84 I-953

North Side Office - Welfare Rights issue, 1975 

I-84 I-954

Calendar of events, 1975 

I-84 I-955

Monthly reports, 1975 

I-84 I-956

Management by objectives, undated 

I-84 I-957

Staff affiliation roster, 1975 

I-84 I-958

Property description, 1975 

I-85 I-959

Weekly review, 1975 

I-85 I-960

Youth research and planning project, 1975 

I-85 I-961

Annual program report, 1975 

I-85 I-962

Departmental program reports, 1970-1975 

I-85 I-963

Program evaluations, 1975 

I-85 I-964

Program objectives for 1976, 1975 

I-85 I-965

Monthly reports - community development, 1975 

I-85 I-966

Monthly reports - community development, 1975 

I-85 I-967

Management Effectiveness Committee, 1975 

I-86 I-968

Operating Effectiveness Committee, 1975 

I-86 I-969

Qualitative Measurement Subcommittee, 1975 

I-86 I-970

Qualitative Measurement Subcommittee, 1975 

I-86 I-971

Operating Effectiveness Committee, 1975 

I-86 I-972

Weekly Schedule, 1975-1976 

I-86 I-973

Sanford Kanter files, 1975-1976 

I-86 I-974

Agenda, 1976-1977 

I-86 I-975

Operating Effectiveness Committee, 1975 

I-86 I-976

Operating Effectiveness Committee, 1975 

I-86 I-977

Operating Effectiveness Committee, 1975 

I-86 I-978

Operating Effectiveness Committee, 1975 

I-86 I-979

Operating Effectiveness Committee, 1975 

I-86 I-980

Qualitative Measurement Review, 1976 

I-86 I-981

Operating Effectiveness Committee, 1975 

I-86 I-982

Summary of Activities, 1975 

I-86 I-983

Operating Effectiveness Committee, 1975 

I-86 I-984

Qualitative Review Subcommittee, 1975 

I-86 I-985

Comparative Budgets, 1975-1976 

I-87 I-986

Year-End Program Review, 1976 

I-87 I-987

Annual report - correspondence, 1976 

I-87 I-988

Program and project directors meeting, 1976 

I-87 I-989

New Voluntary Plan, 1976 

I-87 I-990

Program objectives, 1976 

I-87 I-991

Planning and programming review, 1976 

I-87 I-992

Program planning, 1976 

I-87 I-993

Planning, 1976 

I-87 I-994

Appeals committee, 1976 

I-87 I-995

Operating Effectiveness Committee, 1976 

I-87 I-996

Operating Effectiveness Committee, 1976 

I-87 I-997

Appeal committee, 1976 

I-87 I-998

Operating Effectiveness Committee, 1976 

I-87 I-999

Operating Effectiveness Committee, 1976 

I-87 I-1000

Operating Effectiveness Committee, 1976 

I-87 I-1001

Qualitative Measurement Committee, 1976 

I-87 I-1002

Operating Effectiveness Committee, 1976 

I-87 I-1003

Operating Effectiveness Committee, 1976 

I-87 I-1004

Staff meetings, 1976-1977 

I-87 I-1005

Planning materials, 1977 

I-88 I-1006

Compton letter to Bilandic, 1977 

I-88 I-1007

Interdepartmental memoranda, 1977 

I-88 I-1008

James Taylor materials, 1977 

I-88 I-1009

James Taylor - correspondence, 1977 

I-88 I-1010

Memoranda to cabinet, 1977 

I-88 I-1011

Events schedule, 1977 

I-88 I-1012

Operation Outreach, 1977 

I-88 I-1013

National Urban League, 1977 

I-89 I-1014

Social Service Department, 1977 

I-89 I-1015

Staff meetings, 1977 

I-89 I-1016

Insurance, 1977 

I-89 I-1017

Membership Drive, 1977 

I-89 I-1018

Operating Effectiveness Committee, 1976 

I-89 I-1019

Operating Effectiveness Committee, 1976 

I-89 I-1020

Operating Effectiveness Committee, 1976 

I-89 I-1021

Qualitative Measurement Subcommittee, 1976 

I-89 I-1022

Operating Effectiveness Committee, 1977 

I-89 I-1023

Operating Effectiveness Committee, 1977 

I-89 I-1024

Operating Effectiveness Committee, 1977 

I-89 I-1025

Appeals Committee, 1977 

I-89 I-1026

Qualitative Measurement Committee, 1977 

I-89 I-1027

Narrative report, 1979 

I-90 I-1028

Narrative report, 1978 

I-90 I-1029

Narrative report, 1977 

I-90 I-1030

Narrative report, 1976 

I-90 I-1031

Narrative report, 1975 

I-90 I-1032

Quarterly year-end report, 1975 

I-90 I-1033

Program and report information, 1974-1975 

I-91 I-1034

Beverly Hurst - press statement and materials, 1975 

I-91 I-1035

Report and follow-up activities, 1975 

I-91 I-1036

Monthly report - March, 1975 

I-91 I-1037

Community Development and Services - monthly report, 1975 

I-92 I-1038

Monthly report - April, 1975 

I-92 I-1039

Monthly report - May, 1975 

I-92 I-1040

Monthly report, 1975 

I-92 I-1041

Cabinet meeting, 1975 

I-92 I-1042

Financial correspondence, 1975 

I-92 I-1043

Miscellaneous administration materials, 1975 

I-92 I-1044

Compton to Case - correspondence, 1975 

I-92 I-1045

Operating Effectiveness Committee, 1975 

I-92 I-1046

Personnel issues, 1975 

I-92 I-1047

Copies to be made, 1975 

I-93 I-1048

Tyler file, 1975 

I-93 I-1049

Tyler file, 1975 

I-93 I-1050

Annual report, 1975 

I-93 I-1051

North Side Office, 1975 

I-93 I-1052

Emergency Retirement Income, 1974-1976 

I-93 I-1053

Patterson, 1975-1976 

I-94 I-1054

Patterson, 1975-1976 

I-94 I-1055

Auxiliary training format, 1975 

I-94 I-1056

Staff meetings, 1975 

I-94 I-1057

Finances, 1975 

I-94 I-1058

Administration, 1975 

I-94 I-1059

Development Department - correspondence, 1975 

I-94 I-1060

North Side office staff, 1971 

I-94 I-1061

Board of Directors meeting, 1975 

I-94 I-1062

Correspondence and documents, 1975 

I-94 I-1063

Volunteer worker kit, 1975 

I-95 I-1064

Nominating committee, 1975 

I-95 I-1065

December 1974 report, 1975 

I-95 I-1066

National Urban League conference, 1975-1977 

I-95 I-1067

Special Projects administrator - memoranda, 1974-1975 

I-95 I-1068

Special Projects administrator - memoranda, 1974-1976 

I-95 I-1069

City of Chicago - personal services contract, 1975 

I-96 I-1070

Statement of Purpose, undated 

I-96 I-1071

Monthly reports - administrative services, 1975 

I-96 I-1072

Monthly reports - Community development and services, 1975 

I-96 I-1073

Monthly reports - Community development and services, 1975 

I-96 I-1074

Monthly reports - Community development and services, 1975 

I-96 I-1075

Monthly reports - Community development and services, 1975 

I-96 I-1076

Budget, 1975 

I-97 I-1077

Voter education project, 1975 

I-97 I-1078

Monthly report, 1975-1976 

I-97 I-1079

Monthly report - January, 1976 

I-97 I-1080

Monthly report - December, 1976 

I-97 I-1081

Monthly report - November, 1976 

I-97 I-1082

Monthly report - October, 1976 

I-97 I-1083

Monthly report - September, 1976 

I-97 I-1084

James Compton diary, 1972 

I-98 I-1085

Planning process, 1976 

I-98 I-1086

Board of Directors, 1976 

I-98 I-1087

Annual business meeting, 1976 

I-98 I-1088

Budget review, 1976 

I-98 I-1089

Program objectives, 1976 

I-98 I-1090

Nominating committee, 1976 

I-98 I-1091

Budget review, 1976 

I-98 I-1092

Monthly reports - Research and Planning, 1976 

I-98 I-1093

Monthly reports - Research and Planning, 1976 

I-98 I-1094

1975 Report, 1976 

I-98 I-1095

1975 Report, 1976 

I-98 I-1096

Pat Knight meeting, 1976 

I-98 I-1097

John Howard Association, 1968 

I-99 I-1098

Welfare Council, 1972 

I-99 I-1099

Membership Drive, 1976 

I-99 I-1100

Chicago Delegate Agency Report, 1976 

I-99 I-1101

Leaguers - rosters, 1976 

I-99 I-1102

Program monthly report - August, 1976 

I-99 I-1103

Program monthly report - February, 1976 

I-99 I-1104

Mid-year report, 1976 

I-99 I-1105

Compton taxes [RESTRICTED], 1976 

I-99 I-1106

Wieboldt Foundation - correspondence, 1976 

I-99 I-1107

Jaycee Foundation - letter, 1976 

I-99 I-1108

Program objectives, 1976 

I-99 I-1109

Reorganization, 1976 

I-99 I-1110

Building project, 1976 

I-99 I-1111

Reorganization, 1976 

I-100 I-1112

Think Tank, 1976 

I-100 I-1113

Theft, 1976 

I-100 I-1114

Program objectives, 1976 

I-100 I-1115

Objective achievement reported to United Way, 1977 

I-100 I-1116

Program objectives, 1976 

I-100 I-1117

Jerry Szatan, 1977 

I-100 I-1118

Ellen Gray, 1976-1977 

I-100 I-1119

Pamela James, 1976 

I-100 I-1120

Operational Plan, 1975 

I-101 I-1121

Operational Plan, 1976 

I-101 I-1122

Operational Plan, 1977 

I-101 I-1123

Operational Plan, 1979 

I-101 I-1124

Operational Plan, 1978 

I-101 I-1125

Research and Planning Department - monthly reports, 1975 

I-102 I-1126

Research and Planning Department - monthly reports, 1975 

I-102 I-1127

Monthly reports, 1975 

I-102 I-1128

Monthly reports, 1976 

I-102 I-1129

Department Budgets, 1977 

I-102 I-1130

Monthly reports, 1977 

I-103 I-1131

Social Services Department, 1977 

I-103 I-1132

Economic and Manpower Development - objectives, 1977 

I-103 I-1133

Research and Planning Department - budget and objectives, 1977 

I-103 I-1134

Housing Department - budget, 1977 

I-103 I-1135

Program Review, 1978 

I-103 I-1136

Program Review, 1978 

I-103 I-1137

Memoranda and performance report, 1976 

I-104 I-1138

Performance report and planning, 1976 

I-104 I-1139

Manpower entry objectives, 1977 

I-104 I-1140

Program objectives, 1977 

I-104 I-1141

Building project, 1976 

I-104 I-1142

Kitchen cabinet, 1976 

I-104 I-1143

Guidelines and procedures, 1976 

I-104 I-1144

Property acquisition, 1976 

I-104 I-1145

Computer training center, 1977 

I-105 I-1146

James Compton - Who's who in America, 1977 

I-105 I-1147

Staff orientation, affiliate mission, planning process, 1978 

I-105 I-1148

Quarterly program review, 1977 

I-105 I-1149

Quarterly program review, 1977 

I-105 I-1150

Correspondence - October, 1977 

I-105 I-1151

Quarterly program review, 1977 

I-105 I-1152

Quarterly program review, 1977 

I-105 I-1153

Income correspondence, 1977-1978 

I-105 I-1154

Quarterly reports, 1978 

I-105 I-1155

Program and project directors, 1977-1978 

I-105 I-1156

Flower McCormick estate, 1977 

I-106 I-1157

Operating effectiveness committee, 1977 

I-106 I-1158

Operating effectiveness committee, 1975 

I-106 I-1159

Annual reports, 1977 

I-106 I-1160

Annual reports, 1977 

I-106 I-1161

Annual reports, 1977 

I-106 I-1162

Questionnaires, 1977 

I-106 I-1163

Reports, 1977 

I-106 I-1164

Roger Fox, 1977 

I-107 I-1165

Marilyn Epps, 1977 

I-107 I-1166

Landmark building project, 1977 

I-107 I-1167

Landmark building project, 1977 

I-107 I-1168

Internal correspondence, 1977 

I-107 I-1169

Quarterly program reviews, 1977 

I-107 I-1170

Letters of commendation, 1977 

I-108 I-1171

Analysis of 1978 objectives, 1977 

I-108 I-1172

Planning meeting, 1977 

I-108 I-1173

Joan Majeune file, 1977-1978 

I-108 I-1174

Board meeting, 1978 

I-108 I-1175

By-laws, 1978 

I-108 I-1176

Business Advisory Council, 1978 

I-108 I-1177

Cabinet meetings, 1978 

I-108 I-1178

Management objectives, 1978 

I-108 I-1179

Long-term planning conference, 1978 

I-109 I-1180

Procedures, 1978 

I-109 I-1181

Staff of symposium, 1978 

I-109 I-1182

Administrative services, 1978 

I-109 I-1183

Internal correspondence, 1978 

I-109 I-1184

Roger Fox - internal correspondence, 1978 

I-109 I-1185

Quarterly program reviews, 1978 

I-109 I-1186

Quarterly program reviews, 1978 

I-109 I-1187

Quarterly program reviews, 1978 

I-109 I-1188

Long-term planning conference ("Think Tank"), 1978 

I-109 I-1189

Mayor's Office for Senior Citizens, 1977-1978 

I-110 I-1190

Program Review minutes, 1978 

I-110 I-1191

Vice-President's Meeting with President, 1978 

I-110 I-1192

Program and Project Directors meeting, 1978 

I-110 I-1193

LEAP Budget proposal, 1978 

I-110 I-1194

Quarterly report, 1978 

I-110 I-1195

Hold for Review with Business Office, 1978 

I-110 I-1196

Material for meetings with James Compton, 1978 

I-110 I-1197

Statistical report, 1978 

I-110 I-1198

Agency proposal for CETA, 1978 

I-110 I-1199

Quarterly report meeting, 1978 

I-110 I-1200

Title III evaluation, 1978 

I-110 I-1201

Operating procedures, 1978 

I-110 I-1202

Jean Oden, 1978 

I-110 I-1203

Office procedures, 1978 

I-110 I-1204

Social Service monthly report, 1978 

I-110 I-1205

Advisory Committee, 1978 

I-110 I-1206

Advisory Committee, 1978 

I-110 I-1207

Director's Objectives, 1978 

I-110 I-1208

All Staff memoranda, 1978 

I-110 I-1209

By-laws, 1978 

I-111 I-1210

By-laws, 1978 

I-111 I-1211

DCFS, 1979 

I-111 I-1212

Collins file, 1979-1980 

I-111 I-1213

Annual program report, 1974 

I-111 I-1214

Personnel manual, 1978 

I-111 I-1215

Economic and Manpower Development - program evaluation, 1978 

I-111 I-1216

Board of Directors' Meeting, 1978 

I-111 I-1217

Development Reminders, 1978 

I-111 I-1218

Business Office Reminders, 1978 

I-111 I-1219

Administrative Services, 1978 

I-111 I-1220

Development - business-administrative reports, 1978 

I-111 I-1221

Program items, 1978 

I-112 I-1222

Access to excellence, 1978 

I-112 I-1223

Program objectives, 1978 

I-112 I-1224

Monthly report, 1978 

I-112 I-1225

Monthly report, 1978 

I-112 I-1226

Monthly report, 1978 

I-112 I-1227

Monthly report, 1978 

I-112 I-1228

Union Bank, 1978 

I-112 I-1229

Monthly report, 1978 

I-112 I-1230

Departmental plans, 1978 

I-113 I-1231

Business Office Operations, 1978 

I-113 I-1232

Business Office, 1978 

I-113 I-1233

Business Manager, 1978 

I-113 I-1234

Computerization project, 1978 

I-113 I-1235

Organizational charts, 1978 

I-113 I-1236

Program and project directors, 1978 

I-113 I-1237

Frank Reed, 1978 

I-113 I-1238

Advisory Committees, 1978 

I-113 I-1239

Mike Cook, 1978 

I-113 I-1240

Quarterly report, 1978 

I-113 I-1241

Quarterly report, 1981 

I-113 I-1242

Quarterly report, 1981 

I-113 I-1243

James Compton - meeting, 1976-1978 

I-114 I-1244

Objectives, 1978 

I-114 I-1245

Objectives, 1978 

I-114 I-1246

Objectives, 1978 

I-114 I-1247

Objectives, 1978 

I-114 I-1248

Objectives, 1978 

I-114 I-1249

Marguerite Young, 1978-1979 

I-114 I-1250

All Staff, 1979-1980 

I-114 I-1251

Programs and project directors, 1979 

I-114 I-1252

All staff meeting and memoranda, 1978-1979 

I-114 I-1253

Staff directory, 1978-1979 

I-114 I-1254

Administrative memoranda, 1978-1979 

I-114 I-1255

I and R Center staff meetings, 1978-1979 

I-114 I-1256

Program fact sheet, 1979 

I-114 I-1257

Program fact sheet, 1979 

I-114 I-1258

Assessment and re-assessment policy, 1979 

I-115 I-1259

1979 planning, 1978 

I-115 I-1260

All staff meetings and memoranda, 1979 

I-115 I-1261

Roger Fox - correspondence, 1979 

I-115 I-1262

I and R Center evaluation, 1979 

I-115 I-1263

Human Resources Center Planning, 1979 

I-115 I-1264

Internal Ad Hoc Manpower Committee, 1979 

I-115 I-1265

Program and Project Directors, 1979 

I-115 I-1266

Joint Action, 1979 

I-115 I-1267

Fiscal Year, 1979 

I-115 I-1268

Fiscal Year 1979 revised budget summary, 1979 

I-115 I-1269

Fiscal Year 1979 planning, 1978 

I-115 I-1270

Economic and Manpower Development, 1979 

I-115 I-1271

Program and project director's meeting, 1979 

I-116 I-1272

Project directors, 1979 

I-116 I-1273

Program and project director's meeting, 1979 

I-116 I-1274

Program and project director's meeting, 1979 

I-116 I-1275

Work Plan, 1980 

I-116 I-1276

President's Schedule, 1979 

I-116 I-1277

MBO plan, 1980 

I-116 I-1278

Planning materials, 1980 

I-116 I-1279

Planning materials, 1980 

I-116 I-1280

Planning materials, 1980 

I-116 I-1281

Return After Holidays to James Taylor, 1979 

I-116 I-1282

IDPA contracts and procedures, 1978-1979 

I-117 I-1283

Quarterly reports, 1981 

I-117 I-1284

Quarterly reports, 1981 

I-117 I-1285

Quarterly program meeting, 1981 

I-117 I-1286

Illinois Department of Public Aid - technical assistance materials, undated 

I-117 I-1287

Illinois Department of Public Aid - administrative procedures manual, 1978 

I-117 I-1288

Accounting audit, 1979 

I-117 I-1289

Planning, 1978 

I-117 I-1290

Objective Planning, 1977 

I-117 I-1291

Fiscal planning, 1976 

I-117 I-1292

On the Job Training - FBI investigation [RESTRICTED], 1973-1975 

I-117 I-1293

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1974-1980 

I-117 I-1294

Correspondence to ComEd, 1975-1977 

I-117 I-1295

On the Job Training contract, 1978 

I-117 I-1296

Administrative service manager, 1979 

I-118 I-1297

Symposium, 1979 

I-118 I-1298

Community Development, 1979 

I-118 I-1299

Five-Year Plan, 1978-1979 

I-118 I-1300

May Activity Report, 1979 

I-118 I-1301

Annual meeting, 1979 

I-118 I-1302

Taylor Cotton meeting, 1979 

I-118 I-1303

Compton memoranda, 1979-1980 

I-118 I-1304

Compton memoranda, 1979-1980 

I-118 I-1305

New Offices, 1980 

I-118 I-1306

Memoranda, 1980 

I-118 I-1307

Taylor - memoranda, 1980 

I-118 I-1308

E and ED Advisory Committee meeting, 1979-1980 

I-119 I-1309

Memoranda to program and project directors, 1979-1981 

I-119 I-1310

Scholarship and loan committee, 1979-1980 

I-119 I-1311

Program and project directors, 1979-1981 

I-119 I-1312

Priscilla Metoyer - Young Parents Center, 1979-1981 

I-119 I-1313

Priscilla Metoyer - Young Parents Center, 1979-1981 

I-119 I-1314

Manpower Planning Development, 1979-1980 

I-119 I-1315

Planning materials, 1980 

I-120 I-1316

Planning materials, 1980 

I-120 I-1317

Reports, 1980 

I-120 I-1318

All Staff Meeting and Memos, 1980 

I-120 I-1319

Denise Jordan - WPARAP, 1980 

I-120 I-1320

Herb Ketn affair, 1980 

I-120 I-1321

Frank Reed, 1980 

I-120 I-1322

Planning Comments, 1979 

I-121 I-1323

Eric Hyde, 1979 

I-121 I-1324

Conference - correspondence, 1979 

I-121 I-1325

Program information folder, 1979 

I-121 I-1326

Roger Fox presentation, 1979 

I-121 I-1327

Conference, 1979 

I-121 I-1328

Communication Department assignment - annual luncheon, 1979 

I-121 I-1329

Council luncheon awards, 1979 

I-121 I-1330

Social services report, 1979 

I-121 I-1331

Planning, 1980 

I-122 I-1332

Program fact sheet, 1980 

I-122 I-1333

Program and project directors meeting, 1980 

I-122 I-1334

Program and project directors meeting, 1980 

I-122 I-1335

Accounting office, 1980 

I-122 I-1336

All staff committee meetings, 1980 

I-122 I-1337

Five-Year plan, 1980 

I-122 I-1338

Fact sheet, 1980 

I-122 I-1339

Pam Hewitt, 1980 

I-122 I-1340

Board of Directors, 1980 

I-122 I-1341

Planning, 1981 

I-122 I-1342

Vicki Marshall, 1980 

I-123 I-1343

Annual business meeting, 1980 

I-123 I-1344

Meeting, 1980 

I-123 I-1345

Planning Ideas, 1980 

I-123 I-1346

Phillip Donaldson,1 980 

I-123 I-1347

James E. Taylor correspondence, 1978-1980 

I-123 I-1348

James E. Taylor correspondence, 1978-1980 

I-123 I-1349

Staff directory, 1980 

I-123 I-1350

Evaluation of prevention program, undated 

I-124 I-1351

"The Unskilled Negro Worker in the Chicago Labor Market", undated 

I-124 I-1352

NUL publications, 1964-1976 

I-124 I-1353

Five-Year Plan, 1976 

I-124 I-1354

Position papers, 1977 

I-124 I-1355

Minority labor force conditions in Chicago, 1979 

I-124 I-1356

Housing Court Handbook, ca.1980 

I-124 I-1357

Inter-office memoranda, 1980-1981 

I-125 I-1358

Five-Year Plan, 1981 

I-125 I-1359

John Files, 1981 

I-125 I-1360

John Files, 1981 

I-125 I-1361

John Files, 1981 

I-125 I-1362

Advocacy planning, 1981 

I-126 I-1363

Planning process narrative, 1982 

I-126 I-1364

Year-End report, 1981 

I-126 I-1365

CUL policy, [ca. 1982], undated 

I-126 I-1366

Program and project directors meeting, 1980 

I-126 I-1367

Special meeting and NUL executive staff, 1981 

I-126 I-1368

Personnel manual, 1981 

I-126 I-1369

All Staff meetings and memoranda, 1981 

I-126 I-1370

F.S. Green - social services, 1981 

I-126 I-1371

Annual business meeting, 1981 

I-126 I-1372

Vice Presidents' retreat packing, 1981 

I-126 I-1373

Transaction Cost Reduction Initiative Initial Report, 1981 

I-127 I-1374

MOSCH, 1980 

I-127 I-1375

Szatan File, 1980 

I-127 I-1376

Five-Year Plan, 1981 

I-127 I-1377

Staff rosters, 1981 

I-127 I-1378

Program monthly reports, 1982 

I-127 I-1379

Program monthly reports, 1982 

I-127 I-1380

Program operations update, 1982 

I-127 I-1381

Programs Project Directors meeting, 1980 

I-127 I-1382

Staff Directory and Rosters, 1981 

I-127 I-1383

Summary on inter-group communications, 1980-1982 

I-128 I-1384

Board of Directors' meeting, 1982 

I-128 I-1385

Personal information, 1982 

I-128 I-1386

Meeting, 1982 

I-128 I-1387

Inter-office memoranda, 1982 

I-128 I-1388

Central regional delegate assembly, 1982 

I-128 I-1389

Inter-group committee meeting, 1982 

I-128 I-1390

Proposed trail ways, 1981 

I-129 I-1391

Compton documents, 1981 

I-129 I-1392

Board of directors, 1981 

I-129 I-1393

Education planning, 1981 

I-129 I-1394

Education advisory committee, 1981 

I-129 I-1395

National Urban League convention, 1982 

I-129 I-1396

Charles Forester, 1981 

I-129 I-1397

Charles Forester, 1981 

I-129 I-1398

Retreat materials, 1981 

I-129 I-1399

Five-year plan, 1981 

I-129 I-1400

Five-year plan, 1981 

I-129 I-1401

Program Review, 1981 

I-130 I-1402

Presentation on State Title I funds, 1981 

I-130 I-1403

Five-Year plan, 1981 

I-130 I-1404

Review, 1981-1982 

I-130 I-1405

Assessment of desegregation plan, 1982 

I-130 I-1406

Five-Year plan, 1983 

I-130 I-1407

Urban League History, ca. 1982 

I-131 I-1408

Three-year assessment - Young Parent Center 

I-131 I-1409

Review, 1983 

I-131 I-1410

Review, 1981 

I-131 I-1411

Review, 1982 

I-131 I-1412

Review, 1982 

I-131 I-1413

Monthly report, 1982 

I-132 I-1414

Monthly report, 1982 

I-132 I-1415

Monthly report, 1982 

I-132 I-1416

Monthly report, 1982 

I-132 I-1417

Monthly report, 1982 

I-132 I-1418

Monthly report, 1982 

I-132 I-1419

Monthly report, 1982 

I-132 I-1420

Taylor file, 1982 

I-133 I-1421

Administrative minutes, 1981-1982 

I-133 I-1422

Planning, 1983 

I-133 I-1423

Review, 1982 

I-134 I-1424

Review, 1982 

I-134 I-1425

Review, 1982 

I-134 I-1426

Monthly reports, 1983 

I-134 I-1427

Monthly report, 1983 

I-135 I-1428

Monthly report, 1983 

I-135 I-1429

Monthly report, 1983 

I-135 I-1430

Monthly report, 1983 

I-135 I-1431

Monthly report, 1983 

I-135 I-1432

Review, 1983 

I-136 I-1433

Proposal, 1983 

I-136 I-1434

Proposal, 1983 

I-136 I-1435

Proposal, 1983 

I-136 I-1436

Program Monthly report, 1983-1984 

I-136 I-1437

Research and Planning Monthly report, 1982-1984 

I-136 I-1438

New Building Education, 1983-1984 

I-136 I-1439

Monthly report, 1983 

I-137 I-1440

Monthly report, 1983 

I-137 I-1441

Monthly report, 1984 

I-137 I-1442

Monthly report, 1984 

I-137 I-1443

Monthly report, 1984 

I-137 I-1444

Monthly report, 1984 

I-137 I-1445

Monthly report, 1984 

I-137 I-1446

Calendar of events, 1984 

I-137 I-1447

Bi- Monthly report, 1984 

I-138 I-1448

Bi- Monthly report, 1984 

I-138 I-1449

Bi- Monthly report, 1984 

I-138 I-1450

Bi-Monthly report, 1984 

I-138 I-1451

Bi-Monthly report, 1984 

I-139 I-1452

Bi-Monthly report, 1984 

I-139 I-1453

Bi-Monthly report, 1984 

I-139 I-1454

Bi-Monthly report, 1984 

I-139 I-1455

Bi-Monthly report, 1984 

I-139 I-1456

Bi-Monthly report, 1984 

I-139 I-1457

CULDC, 1982-1975 

I-140 I-1458

CULDC, 1984-1985 

I-140 I-1459

New Building Open House, 1984 

I-140 I-1460

Quarter program review, 1985 

I-140 I-1461

Quarter program review, 1985 

I-140 I-1462

Quarter program review, 1984-1985 

I-140 I-1463

Quarter program review, 1984-1985 

I-140 I-1464

Review, 1985 

I-140 I-1465

Annual Business Meeting, 1985 

I-141 I-1466

Bimonthly reports, 1985 

I-141 I-1467

Bimonthly reports, 1985 

I-141 I-1468

Bimonthly reports, 1985 

I-141 I-1469

Bimonthly reports, 1984 

I-141 I-1470

Bimonthly reports, 1984 

I-141 I-1471

Bimonthly reports, 1985-1986 

I-141 I-1472

Specially funded program information, 1987 

I-141 I-1473

Affirmative Action consulting agreement, 1987 

I-141 I-1474

CUL management retreat, 1987 

I-141 I-1475

By-laws, 1986 

I-141 I-1476

CULDC staff meeting, 1987 

I-141 I-1477

Near North Service Center relocation, 1987 

I-141 I-1478

Long-Range Plan, 1985 

I-142 I-1479

Long-Range Plan, 1985 

I-142 I-1480

Quarterly Program Reviews, 1985 

I-142 I-1481

Quarterly Program Reviews, 1985 

I-142 I-1482

Quarterly Program Reviews, 1985 

I-142 I-1483

Revision of long-range report, 1985 

I-142 I-1484

Personnel policy manual, 1985 

I-142 I-1485

Staff directory, 1985 

I-142 I-1486

Personnel policy manual, 1985 

I-142 I-1487

Mission statement draft, 1985 

I-142 I-1488

Quarterly Program Reviews, 1986 

I-143 I-1489

Quarterly Program Reviews, 1986 

I-143 I-1490

Quarterly Program Reviews, 1986 

I-143 I-1491

Legislative issues management committee, 1986 

I-143 I-1492

Wendy Wintermute - correspondence, 1986 

I-143 I-1493

Funding pending, 1986 

I-143 I-1494

Meetings, 1972-1986 

I-143 I-1495

Audits, 1976-1986 

I-144 I-1496

Compton biography, 1986 

I-144 I-1497

Study on Compton, 1987 

I-144 I-1498

Notes on Compton, 1987 

I-144 I-1499

Legislative issues management committee, 1987 

I-144 I-1500

Legislative issues management committee, 1987 

I-144 I-1501

Urban League Archival materials, 1987 

I-144 I-1502

Staff directory, 1987 

I-145 I-1503

Quarterly Program Reviews, 1987 

I-145 I-1504

Quarterly Program Reviews, 1987 

I-145 I-1505

Quarterly Program Reviews, 1987 

I-145 I-1506

Quarterly Program Reviews, 1987 

I-145 I-1507

Quarterly Program Reviews, 1987 

I-145 I-1508

Quarterly Program Reviews, 1987 

I-145 I-1509

Compton study - notes, 1988 

I-146 I-1510

Compton biography, 1978 

I-146 I-1511

Urban League history, 1988 

I-146 I-1512

Policy-making structure, 1988 

I-146 I-1513

Administrative documents, 1988 

I-146 I-1514

Management information systems, 1988 

I-146 I-1515

McCord file, 1988 

I-146 I-1516

Annual meeting, 1988 

I-146 I-1517

Annual reports, 1987-1988 

I-146 I-1518

CUL at a glance, 1988 

I-146 I-1519

Board and minutes, 1988 

I-146 I-1520

Report, 1988 

I-146 I-1521

September report, 1988 

I-146 I-1522

Quarterly reports, 1988 

I-147 I-1523

CUL Fact sheet, 1988 

I-147 I-1524

Legislative issues management committee, 1988 

I-147 I-1525

Budget review, 1988 

I-147 I-1526

Budget review, 1988 

I-147 I-1527

Budget review, 1988 

I-147 I-1528

October report, 1988 

I-147 I-1529

CULDC, 1988 

I-147 I-1530

November report, 1988 

I-148 I-1531

March report, 1989 

I-148 I-1532

January report, 1989 

I-148 I-1533

Annual business meeting, 1989 

I-148 I-1534

April report, 1989 

I-148 I-1535

January report, 1989 

I-148 I-1536

CUL report, 1989 

I-149 I-1537

Employment staff meeting, 1989 

I-149 I-1538

Business advisory council 1989 

I-149 I-1539

Board of Directors meeting, 1989 

I-149 I-1540

April report, 1989 

I-149 I-1541

April report, 1989 

I-149 I-1542

September report, 1989 

I-149 I-1543

January report, 1989 

I-149 I-1544

Staff retreat, 1990 

I-149 I-1545

Monthly responsibility report, 1989 

I-149 I-1546

Salary administration guidelines, undated 

I-149 I-1547

General operating booklet, 1989 

I-149 I-1548

Report on General Operating Funds, 1990 

I-149 I-1549

CUL Boiler Plate, undated 

I-149 I-1550

Compton file - COMED meeting, 1990 

I-149 I-1551

September report, 1989 

I-150 I-1552

July report, 1989 

I-150 I-1553

May report, 1989 

I-150 I-1554

January report, 1990 

I-150 I-1555

Planning workshop, 1989 

I-151 I-1556

Three-year plan, 1989 

I-151 I-1557

November report, 1989 

I-151 I-1558

Monthly responsibility reports, 1989 

I-151 I-1559

Future search conference, 1989 

I-151 I-1560

Board of Directors membership roster, 1989 

I-151 I-1561

Board of Directors meeting, 1989 

I-151 I-1562

Program and project directors meeting, 1989 

I-151 I-1563

Emergency service program guidelines, 1989 

I-151 I-1564

Direct service programs status report, 1989 

I-151 I-1565

Strategic planning retreat, 1989-1990 

I-151 I-1566

Long-range plan, 1989-1990 

I-151 I-1567

Year-end Operating Results, 1990 

I-151 I-1568

Reorganization of Employment Counseling and Training Department, 1990 

I-151 I-1569

Business Advisory Council development, 1990 

I-151 I-1570

External Affairs planning retreat, 1990 

I-151 I-1571

Personnel and Training - memoranda, 1990 

I-151 I-1572

Three-year Plan, 1990 

I-151 I-1573

Program and Field Offices Strategic Plan, 1990 

I-151 I-1574

October report, 1990 

I-152 I-1575

January report, 1990 

I-152 I-1576

April report, 1990 

I-152 I-1577

January report, 1990 

I-152 I-1578

October review, 1990 

I-152 I-1579

March report, 1990 

I-152 I-1580

January review, 1990 

I-152 I-1581

May report, 1990 

I-153 I-1582

March report, 1990 

I-153 I-1583

July report, 1990 

I-153 I-1584

Evaluation, 1990 

I-153 I-1585

Three-year plan, 1990 

I-153 I-1586

Board meeting - May, 1990 

I-154 I-1587

Board meeting - May, 1990 

I-154 I-1588

Board meeting - March, 1990 

I-154 I-1589

Board meeting - March, 1990 

I-154 I-1590

Board meeting - March, 1991 

I-154 I-1591

Board meeting - January, 1990 

I-154 I-1592

Annual business meeting, 1990 

I-155 I-1593

Strategic plan, 1991 

I-155 I-1594

Geography of Opportunity report, 1991 

I-155 I-1595

Board meeting - September, 1991 

I-155 I-1596

Board meeting - November, 1991 

I-155 I-1597

Board meeting - January, 1991 

I-155 I-1598

January reports, 1991 

I-156 I-1599

October report, 1991 

I-156 I-1600

January review, 1991 

I-156 I-1601

April report, 1991 

I-156 I-1602

March report, 1992 

I-156 I-1603

January review, 1992 

I-156 I-1604

October report, 1992 

I-156 I-1605

M15 Department - monthly report, 1990-1992 

I-157 I-1606

Facilities and Support Services - monthly reports, 1990-1992 

I-157 I-1607

Organization Charts, 1987-1992 

I-157 I-1608

Board of Directors - March, 1992 

I-157 I-1609

Board of Directors - May, 1992 

I-157 I-1610

Board of Directors - September, 1992 

I-157 I-1611

Geographic area served, undated 

I-158 I-1612

Annual meeting, 1991 

I-158 I-1613

Mission statement, 1991 

I-158 I-1614

Quarterly reports, 1992 

I-158 I-1615

Vivian Louis Burnett - correspondence, 1991 

I-158 I-1616

Five-Year Plan, 1985 

I-158 I-1617

Expenditure recommendations, 1983-1984 

I-158 I-1618

Capital Funds Campaign, 1992 

I-158 I-1619

Personnel manual, undated 

I-158 I-1620

Operating procedures, undated 

I-158 I-1621

Long-Range planning, 1986-1990 

I-158 I-1622

Strategic plan, undated 

I-159 I-1623

Executive Committee meeting - November, 1990 

I-159 I-1624

Board Meeting - September, 1990 

I-159 I-1625

Board Meeting - September, 1990 

I-159 I-1626

Strategic Plan, 1991-1993 

I-159 I-1627

Board of Directors - May, 1991 

I-159 I-1628

Board of Directors - May, 1991 

I-159 I-1629

Board meeting - November, 1992 

I-160 I-1630

Board meeting - November, 1992 

I-160 I-1631

Board of Directors - January, 1992 

I-160 I-1632

October review, 1992 

I-160 I-1633

April review, 1993 

I-160 I-1634

Staff events, 1993 

I-160 I-1635

Staff directories, 1993 

I-160 I-1636

Annual business meeting, 1993 

I-160 I-1637

Executive committee and board - January, 1993 

I-161 I-1638

Executive committee and board - May, 1993 

I-161 I-1639

Executive committee and board - November, 1993 

I-161 I-1640

Executive committee meetings, 1993 

I-161 I-1641

Board meeting - May, 1994 

I-162 I-1642

Annual business meeting, 1994 

I-162 I-1643

Executive committee and board - March, 1994 

I-162 I-1644

Executive committee and board - September, 1994 

I-162 I-1645

Executive committee and board - November, 1994 

I-162 I-1646

Executive committee and board - January, 1995 

I-162 I-1647

Board meeting - March, 1995 

I-162 I-1648

Records retention policy, 1995 

I-162 I-1649

Executive committee - November, 1995 

I-163 I-1650

Board of Directors - August, 1995 

I-163 I-1651

Executive Committee - May, 1995 

I-163 I-1652

Board of Directors - March, 1996 

I-163 I-1653

Board meeting - November, 1996 

I-163 I-1654

Board of Directors - January, 1997 

I-163 I-1655

Board of Directors - January, 1997 

I-163 I-1656

Employees Handbook, 1999 

I-163 I-1657

West-Side Project -- Petty Cash, 1968 

I-163A I-1657a

West-Side Project -- Memos from Compton, 1969 

I-163A I-1657b

Bill Berry's Weekly Schedule, 1968 

I-163A I-1657c

West-Side Project -- Year End Report, 1968 

I-163A I-1657d

Administrative Memorands, 1968 

I-163A I-1657e

R and P Applicants, 1975 

I-163A I-1657f

Communication, 1978 

I-163A I-1657g

Personnel, 1978 

I-163A I-1657h

Candidates for Controller, 1978 

I-163A I-1657i

Financial Statements -- Auditor's Reprot, 1978 

I-163A I-1657j

CUL Job Descriptions, Undated 

I-163A I-1657k

Organizational procedures, undated 

I-164 I-1658

Evolution of the Chicago Urban League, undated 

I-164 I-1659

Lists, undated 

I-164 I-1660

Board of Education administrative organization, undated 

I-164 I-1661

Restructuring, undated 

I-164 I-1662

Personnel manual, undated 

I-164 I-1663

Volunteers meeting - news releases, undated 

I-164 I-1664

Board Standards Committee, undated 

I-164 I-1665

Statement of Purpose, undated 

I-164 I-1666

Personnel manual, undated 

I-164 I-1667

Agency information, undated 

I-164 I-1668

Mini-orientation, undated 

I-164 I-1669

New employee orientation, undated 

I-164 I-1670

Subseries 3: Departmental Subseries 

Scope and Content 

The Departmental Subseries contains materials related to several units within the Chicago Urban League. The subseries consists of correspondence, campaign materials, speeches, reports, press releases, proposals, minutes, reports, memoranda, publications, newsletters spanning 1945-1991. A bulk of the material covers the Vocational Opportunity Campaign, Industrial Department, Development Department, Community Education Department, Social Services Department, Vocational Department, and the Communications Department. 

Box Folder

Associated Organizations for Vocational Achievement, 1953-1954 

I-165 I-1671

B'nai B'rith - correspondence, 1954-1955 

I-165 I-1672

Bottle and Cork Club, 1950-1955 

I-165 I-1673

Vocational Opportunity Campaign, 1945 

I-165 I-1674

Vocational Opportunity Campaign, 1946 

I-165 I-1675

Vocational Opportunity Campaign, 1947 

I-165 I-1676

Vocational Opportunity Campaign, 1948 

I-165 I-1677

Vocational Opportunity Campaign, 1949 

I-165 I-1678

Vocational Opportunity Campaign, 1950 

I-165 I-1679

Vocational Opportunity Campaign, 1951 

I-165 I-1680

Vocational Opportunity Campaign, 1952 

I-165 I-1681

Vocational Opportunity Campaign, 1952 

I-165 I-1682

Career Conference, 1953 

I-165 I-1683

Career Conference, 1954-1955 

I-165 I-1684

Other cities, 1955 

I-165 I-1685

Career Conference speeches, 1954 

I-165 I-1686

Career Conference, 1951 

I-165 I-1687

Career Conference, 1952 

I-165 I-1688

Career Conference, 1954 

I-165 I-1689

Chicago Association of Commerce and Industry bulletins, 1951-1954 

I-165 I-1690

Chicago Association of Commerce and Industry - correspondence, 1947-1954 

I-165 I-1691

Chicago Association of Commerce and Industry, 1954 

I-165 I-1692

Chicago Council Against Racial and Religious Discrimination, 1952-1953 

I-165 I-1693

CUL Annual Awards, 1952-1955 

I-165 I-1694

Vocational Guidance Advisory Committee, 1953-1955 

I-165 I-1695

Industrial Department education - correspondence, 1952-1955 

I-166 I-1696

Industrial Department tally sheets, 1952-1953 

I-166 I-1697

Industrial Department general - correspondence, 1948-1951 

I-166 I-1698

Industrial Department general - correspondence, 1951 

I-166 I-1699

Industrial Department general - correspondence, 1951 

I-166 I-1700

Industrial Department general - correspondence, 1952 

I-166 I-1701

Industrial Department general - correspondence, 1952 

I-166 I-1702

Industrial Department general - correspondence, 1953 

I-166 I-1703

Industrial Department general - correspondence, 1953 

I-166 I-1704

Industrial Department general - correspondence, 1953 

I-166 I-1705

Industrial Department general - correspondence, 1953 

I-166 I-1706

Industrial Department general - correspondence, 1954-1955 

I-166 I-1707

Industrial Department - correspondence, 1950-1954 

I-167 I-1708

Industrial Department memoranda, 1948-1953 

I-167 I-1709

Industrial Department memoranda, 1953-1955 

I-167 I-1710

Industrial Department lists, 1945-1955 

I-167 I-1711

Industrial Department reports, 1946-1955 

I-167 I-1712

Industrial Department reports, 1950-1955 

I-167 I-1713

Industrial Department reports, 1951-1953 

I-167 I-1714

Industrial Department reports, 1951-1954 

I-167 I-1715

Industrial Department reports, 1950-1955 

I-167 I-1716

Industrial Department reports, 1950-1953 

I-167 I-1717

Industrial Department reports, 1948-1953 

I-167 I-1718

Industrial Department reports, 1953-1955 

I-167 I-1719

Industrial Department press releases, 1946-1951 

I-167 I-1720

Industrial Department proposed programs, 1952-1954 

I-167 I-1721

Industrial Department staff meetings, 1952-1955 

I-167 I-1722

Job Information Bulletin and - correspondence, 1954 

I-168 I-1723

Donald H. Moos - correspondence, 1954-1955 

I-168 I-1724

NAACP - correspondence, 1953 

I-168 I-1725

National Association of Market Developers, 1945-1955 

I-168 I-1726

Negro Alliance of America, 1957 

I-168 I-1727

Sidney Williams - correspondence, 1954-1955 

I-168 I-1728

Negro Workers in Building Trades, 1947 

I-168 I-1729

Outside Meetings and Conferences, 1954 

I-168 I-1730

Pemberton - correspondence, 1950-1954 

I-168 I-1731

Pilot Placement Project, 1955 

I-168 I-1732

Sales Clinic, 1955 

I-168 I-1733

Scholarship - correspondence, 1953-1955 

I-168 I-1734

Testimonial dinners and banquets, 1953-1955 

I-168 I-1735

Vocational Guidance Department tours, 1954-1955 

I-168 I-1736

United Packinghouse Workers of America, 1951-1955 

I-168 I-1737

Vocational Guidance Department bibliography, 19491-951 

I-168 I-1738

Vocational Guidance Department Communications with branches, 1947-1949 

I-168 I-1739

Vocational Guidance Department Communications with branches, 1949-1955 

I-168 I-1740

Vocational Guidance Department general - correspondence, 1949-1953 

I-168 I-1741

Vocational Guidance Department general - correspondence, 1954-1955 

I-168 I-1742

Vocational Guidance Department founding of department, 1953-1954 

I-168 I-1743

Vocational Guidance Department memoranda, 1953-1954 

I-168 I-1744

Vocational Guidance Department out-of-office reports, 1949 

I-168 I-1745

Industrial Department annual and quarterly reports, 1954 

I-169 I-1746

Industrial Department clerical report, 1952 

I-169 I-1747

Industrial Department - correspondence, 1949-1953 

I-169 I-1748

Industrial Department field visits, undated 

I-169 I-1749

Industrial Department firm visits, 1945-1953 

I-169 I-1750

Industrial Department, 1949-1953 

I-169 I-1751

Industrial Department memoranda, 1954-1955 

I-169 I-1752

Industrial Department reports, 1952-1954 

I-169 I-1753

Industrial Department reports, 1954 

I-169 I-1754

Industrial Department minutes, 1953 

I-169 I-1755

International Oil Workers Union, 1946-1947 

I-169 I-1756

Vocational Guidance Department press releases, 1954-1955 

I-169 I-1757

Vocational Guidance Department proposals, 1952 

I-169 I-1758

Vocational Guidance Department publications, 1955 

I-169 I-1759

Vocational Guidance Department reports, 1954-1955 

I-169 I-1760

Vocational Guidance Department lecture engagements, 1954-1955 

I-169 I-1761

Vocational Guidance Department - vocational test scores, 1955 

I-169 I-1762

Vocational Guidance Department - vocational testing service, 1954-1955 

I-169 I-1763

Welfare Council of Metropolitan Chicago - correspondence, 1951-1955 

I-169 I-1764

Welfare Council of Metropolitan Chicago - Proceedings of the Third Annual Counseling Institute, 1952 

I-169 I-1765

Human Relations Department - complaints and investigations, 1953-1954 

I-170 I-1766

Human Relations Department - Milwaukee Commission on Human Rights - correspondence, 1951-1953 

I-170 I-1767

Human Relations Department - FEPC, 1949-1951 

I-170 I-1768

Human Relations Department - FEPC, 1951-1953 

I-170 I-1769

Human Relations Department - FEPC Annual Report, 1952-1953 

I-170 I-1770

Human Relations Department - Studies and reports concerning the treatment of racial in news in Chicago's daily papers, 1950-1958 

I-170 I-1771

National Urban League - affiliated branches annual reports, 1951-1955 

I-170 I-1772

CUL affiliated branches - correspondence, 1951-1953 

I-170 I-1773

CUL affiliated branches - correspondence, 1953-1954 

I-170 I-1774

CUL affiliated branches - correspondence, 1955-1961 

I-170 I-1775

CUL affiliated branches publications, undated 

I-170 I-1776

CUL affiliated branches publications and newsletters, undated 

I-170 I-1777

CUL affiliated branches publications and newsletters, undated 

I-170 I-1778

CUL affiliated branches - Reports of the Executive Secretary, 1952-1953 

I-170 I-1779

Community Organization Council - publications and newsletters, 1950-1951 

I-170 I-1780

National Administrative and Clerical Council, 1952-1955 

I-170 I-1781

Community Education Department - notes from Speakers Bureau, 1970 

I-171 I-1782

Community Education Department - Judson Hixson file, 1976-1978 

I-171 I-1783

Community Education Department - Judson Hixson file, 1977-1978 

I-171 I-1784

Community Education Department - objectives planning form, undated 

I-171 I-1785

Community Organization and Civic Education Departments minutes, 1945-1947 

I-172 I-1786

Community Organization and Civic Education Department minutes, 1948-1949 

I-172 I-1787

Community Organization and Civic Education Department minutes, 1949-1955 

I-172 I-1788

Community Organization Department - correspondence, 1951-1955 

I-172 I-1789

Community Organization Department - correspondence, 1947-1950 

I-172 I-1790

Community Organization Department - correspondence, 1951-1952 

I-172 I-1791

Community Organization Department - correspondence, 1952 

I-172 I-1792

Community Organization Department - correspondence, 1953 

I-172 I-1793

Community Organization Department - correspondence, 1954 

I-172 I-1794

Community Organization Department - correspondence, 1955 

I-172 I-1795

Community Organization Department - correspondence, 1955-1956 

I-172 I-1796

Community Organization Department office procedures, 1949-1950 

I-172 I-1797

Community Organization Department personnel practice, 1948-1955 

I-172 I-1798

Development Department - memoranda, 1972 

I-173 I-1799

Development Department - staff meeting, 1974 

I-173 I-1800

Development Department - staff meetings, 1974-1975 

I-173 I-1801

Development Department - Mike Teer file, 1975 

I-173 I-1802

Development Department - memoranda, 1974 

I-173 I-1803

Development Department - correspondence, 1974 

I-173 I-1804

Development Department - quarterly reports, 1987-1988 

I-173 I-1805

Development Department - year-end reports, 1987-1989 

I-173 I-1806

Development Department - September-October report, 1989 

I-173 I-1807

Development Department - March-April report, 1989 

I-173 I-1808

Development Department - questionnaire, 1988 

I-173 I-1809

Development Department - Compton meeting, 1989 

I-173 I-1810

Development Department - second quarter report, 1989 

I-173 I-1811

Development Department - November-December report, 1990 

I-173 I-1812

Development Department - program objectives, 1990 

I-173 I-1813

Development Department - budget, 1990 

I-173 I-1814

Development Department - interdepartmental correspondence, 1989 

I-174 I-1815

Development Department - interdepartmental correspondence, 1988 

I-174 I-1816

Development Department - interdepartmental correspondence, 1986 

I-174 I-1817

Development Department - interdepartmental correspondence, 1984-1985 

I-174 I-1818

Research Department - files and reports, 1967-1970 

I-175 I-1819

Research Department - memoranda, 1968 

I-175 I-1820

Research Department - report, 1970 

I-175 I-1821

Research Department - general correspondence, 1968-1970 

I-175 I-1822

Research Department - general correspondence, 1968-1970 

I-175 I-1823

Community Development Department - memoranda, 1969 

I-175 I-1824

Community Services Advisory Committee, 1967 

I-176 I-1825

Community Development Department, 1969 

I-176 I-1826

Community Development Department, 1969 

I-176 I-1827

Communication Department - correspondence and memoranda, 1964-1968 

I-177 I-1828

Community Education Department - Betty Edwards correspondence, 1968 

I-177 I-1829

AIC Advisory Committee meeting, 1970 

I-177 I-1830

Communications Department, 1971 

I-177 I-1831

Communications Department, 1974-1975 

I-177 I-1832

Communications Department, 1974 

I-177 I-1833

Olympic Banquet Explorer Committee, 1974 

I-177 I-1834

Communications Department proposal, 1975 

I-177 I-1835

Communications Department - interdepartmental correspondence, 1975 

I-177 I-1836

Communications, 1974-1975 

I-178 I-1837

Manpower and Economic Development, 1974 

I-178 I-1838

Manpower and Economic Development, 1978 

I-178 I-1839

Manpower and Economic Development, 1980 

I-178 I-1840

Manpower and Economic Development, 1979-1980 

I-178 I-1841

Manpower and Economic Development, 1979-1980 

I-179 I-1842

Taylor Cotton file, 1980 

I-179 I-1843

Taylor Cotton file, 1981 

I-179 I-1844

Public Education Department - Public Relations Department memoranda, 1948-1954 

I-179 I-1845

Economic Development and Labor Council, 1980 

I-179 I-1846

Community Development Department - memoranda, 1969 

I-180 I-1847

Community Development - monthly reports, 1969 

I-180 I-1848

Westside Office memoranda, 1970 

I-180 I-1849

Research Information Bulletin, 1972 

I-180 I-1850

Research Department - interdepartmental correspondence, 1973 

I-180 I-1851

Research Department - interdepartmental correspondence, 1973-1975 

I-180 I-1852

Research Department, 1973-1975 

I-180 I-1853

Research and Planning overview and publications, 1988 

I-180 I-1854

Social Services Department Second Quarter Review, 1976 

I-181 I-1855

Social Services Department, 1978 

I-181 I-1856

Social Services Department, 1979 

I-181 I-1857

Social Services Department, 1989 

I-181 I-1858

Social Services Department, 1990 

I-181 I-1859

Social Services Department, 1991 

I-181 I-1860

Social Services Department, 1991 

I-181 I-1861

Social Services Department, 1991 

I-181 I-1862

Civic Education Department, 1947-1949 

I-182 I-1863

Civic Education Department, 1947-1949 

I-182 I-1864

Civic Education Department, 1947-1948 

I-182 I-1865

Civic Education Department, 1938 

I-182 I-1866

West Woodlawn Women's Community Club, 1954-1955 

I-182 I-1867

Agenda and Minutes of Advisory Committee, 1949-1951 

I-182 I-1868

Agenda and Minutes of Advisory Committee, 1952-1955 

I-182 I-1869

Citizen's School Committee, 1951-1955 

I-182 I-1870

Civil Defense Committee, 1953 

I-182 I-1871

Commission on Human Relations Committee, 1953 

I-182 I-1872

Advisory Committee - correspondence, 1949-1950 

I-182 I-1873

Advisory Committee - correspondence, 1951-1953 

I-182 I-1874

Advisory Committee - correspondence, 1953-1955 

I-182 I-1875

Subseries 4: Correspondence Subseries 

Scope and content 

The Correspondence Subseries contains correspondence and memoranda of various leaders, programs, and departments of the Chicago Urban League. The series also contains some mailing lists, invitations and announcements. The subseries cover the years 1948-2000. Most of the material spans the 1970s and 1980s. 

Box Folder

Correspondence A, 1976 

I-183 I-1876

Correspondence B, 1976 

I-183 I-1877

Correspondence C, 1976 

I-183 I-1878

Correspondence D, 1976 

I-183 I-1879

Correspondence E, 1976 

I-183 I-1880

Correspondence F, 1976 

I-183 I-1881

Correspondence G, 1976 

I-183 I-1882

Correspondence H, 1976 

I-183 I-1883

Correspondence I, 1976 

I-183 I-1884

Correspondence J and K, 1976 

I-183 I-1885

Correspondence L-P, 1976 

I-183 I-1886

Correspondence Q-V, 1976 

I-183 I-1887

Correspondence W-Z, 1976 

I-183 I-1888

MOSCH memoranda, 1981 

I-184 I-1889

MOSCH memoranda, 1981 

I-184 I-1890

MOSCH memoranda, 1981 

I-184 I-1891

MOSCH memoranda, 1982 

I-184 I-1892

MOSCH correspondence, 1979 

I-184 I-1893

MOSCH correspondence, 1979-1980 

I-184 I-1894

MOSCH, 1979 

I-184 I-1895

MOSCH, 1979 

I-184 I-1896

MOSCH, 1978-1979 

I-184 I-1897

MOSCH staff memoranda, 1979 

I-184 I-1898

MOSCH staff memoranda, 1979 

I-184 I-1899

MOSCH correspondence, 1980-1981 

I-184 I-1900

Laplois Ashford, 1971 

I-185 I-1901

Laplois Ashford, 1970 

I-185 I-1902

Laplois Ashford, 1971 

I-185 I-1903

Laplois Ashford, 1970-1971 

I-185 I-1904

Laplois Ashford, 1971 

I-185 I-1905

Laplois Ashford, 1971 

I-186 I-1906

Laplois Ashford, 1972 

I-186 I-1907

Laplois Ashford, 1968-1971 

I-186 I-1908

Laplois Ashford, 1970-1971 

I-186 I-1909

Laplois Ashford,1971 

I-187 I-1910

Laplois Ashford, 1971 

I-187 I-1911

Laplois Ashford, 1970 

I-187 I-1912

James Compton, 1974-1975 

I-188 I-1913

James Compton, 1974 

I-188 I-1914

James Compton, 1973-1974 

I-188 I-1915

James Compton and Waldo Tyler, 1975 

I-188 I-1916

James Compton, 1975 

I-188 I-1917

James Compton, 1974-1975 

I-188 I-1918

James Compton, 1974-1975 

I-188 I-1919

James Compton, 1975 

I-189 I-1920

James Compton, 1975 

I-189 I-1921

James Compton, 1970 

I-189 I-1922

James Compton, 1972 

I-189 I-1923

James Compton, 1971-1972 

I-189 I-1924

James Compton, 1970-1972 

I-189 I-1925

James Compton, 1989 

I-189 I-1926

James Compton, 1991-1992 

I-189 I-1927

James Compton, 1980 

I-190 I-1928

James Compton, 1977-1978 

I-190 I-1929

James Compton, 1974 

I-190 I-1930

James Compton, 1974-1975 

I-190 I-1931

James Compton, 1975 

I-190 I-1932

James Compton, 1973-1975 

I-190 I-1933

James Compton, 1975 

I-191 I-1934

James Compton, 1976-1977 

I-191 I-1935

James Compton, 1976 

I-191 I-1936

James Compton, 1975-1977 

I-191 I-1937

James Compton, 1976-1978 

I-191 I-1938

James Compton, 1978-1979 

I-191 I-1939

James Compton, 1981 

I-191 I-1940

James Compton, 1976-1979 

I-191 I-1941

James Compton, 1975 

I-191 I-1942

James Compton, 1999 

I-191 I-1943

James Compton and James Taylor correspondence, 1974 

I-192 I-1944

James Compton and James Taylor correspondence, 1974 

I-192 I-1945

James Compton and James Taylor correspondence, 1974 

I-192 I-1946

James Compton and James Taylor correspondence, 1974-1975 

I-193 I-1947

James Taylor, 1975 

I-193 I-1948

James Taylor, 1974 

I-193 I-1949

James Taylor, 1978-1979 

I-193 I-1950

James Taylor - outgoing correspondence, 1975 

I-193 I-1951

James Taylor - outgoing correspondence, 1975 

I-193 I-1952

James Taylor, 1973 

I-194 I-1953

James Taylor, 1972 

I-194 I-1954

James Taylor, 1976 

I-194 I-1955

James Taylor, 1976 

I-194 I-1956

Joanna Martin, 1969 

I-195 I-1957

Joanna Martin, 1969 

I-195 I-1958

Joanna Martin, 1969 

I-195 I-1959

Joanna Martin, 1967 

I-195 I-1960

Waldo Tyler, 1975 

I-196 I-1961

Waldo Tyler, 1975 

I-196 I-1962

Waldo Tyler and James Compton, 1975 

I-196 I-1963

Waldo Tyler, 1975 

I-196 I-1964

Waldo Tyler, 1975 

I-196 I-1965

Waldo Tyler and James Compton, 1975 

I-196 I-1966

Waldo Tyler, 1975 

I-197 I-1967

Waldo Tyler, 1975 

I-197 I-1968

Waldo Tyler, 1975 

I-197 I-1969

Waldo Tyler, 1975 

I-197 I-1970

Waldo Tyler, 1975 

I-197 I-1971

Waldo Tyler, 1975 

I-197 I-1972

Waldo Tyler, 1975 

I-197 I-1973

Roger Fox, 1977 

I-198 I-1974

Roger Fox, 1977 

I-198 I-1975

Roger Fox, 1977 

I-198 I-1976

Roger Fox, 1977 

I-198 I-1977

Milton Gardner, 1974 

I-199 I-1978

Milton Gardner, 1974 

I-199 I-1979

Marion Henley, 1970 

I-200 I-1980

Marion Henley, 1969-1970 

I-200 I-1981

Marion Henley, 1970 

I-200 I-1982

Marion Henley, 1960-1970 

I-200 I-1983

Mayor Daley correspondence, 1970 

I-200 I-1984

National Urban League conference memoranda, 1968 

I-200 I-1985

Hampton McKinney, 1970 

I-200 I-1986

Chicago Economic Development Corporation, 1970 

I-201 I-1987

Chicago Economic Development Corporation, 1970 

I-201 I-1988

Chicago Economic Development Corporation, 1970 

I-201 I-1989

Hampton McKinney, 1969 

I-201 I-1990

Hampton McKinney, 1970 

I-201 I-1991

Hampton McKinney, 1970 

I-201 I-1992

Chicago Economic Development Corporation, 1970 

I-201 I-1993

Chicago Economic Development Corporation, 1970 

I-201 I-1994

Memoranda, 1967 

I-202 I-1995

Memoranda, 1968 

I-202 I-1996

Memoranda, 1969 

I-202 I-1997

Memoranda, 1969 

I-202 I-1998

Memoranda, 1970 

I-202 I-1999

Memoranda, 1970 

I-202 I-2000

Memoranda - executive staff, 1971 

I-202 I-2001

Communications Department, 1972 

I-203 I-2002

Laplois Ashford, 1972-1973 

I-203 I-2003

Communications Department, 1973 

I-203 I-2004

Communications Department, 1973 

I-203 I-2005

Communications Department, 1973 

I-203 I-2006

Communications Department, 1973 

I-203 I-2007

Communications Department, 1973 

I-204 I-2008

Communications Department, 1973 

I-204 I-2009

Communications Department, 1973 

I-204 I-2010

Communications Department, 1973 

I-204 I-2011

Communications Department, 1973 

I-204 I-2012

Communications Department, 1973 

I-204 I-2013

Administrative memoranda, 1965 

I-205 I-2014

All Staff memoranda, 1965 

I-205 I-2015

All Staff memoranda, 1969 

I-205 I-2016

All Staff memoranda, 1969 

I-205 I-2017

All Staff memoranda, 1969 

I-205 I-2018

All Staff memoranda, 1968 

I-205 I-2019

All Staff memoranda, 1968 

I-205 I-2020

All Staff memoranda, 1968 

I-205 I-2021

All Staff memoranda, 1968 

I-205 I-2022

All Staff memoranda, 1968 

I-205 I-2023

All Staff memoranda, 1968 

I-205 I-2024

All Staff memoranda, 1970 

I-205 I-2025

All Staff memoranda, 1970 

I-205 I-2026

All Staff memoranda, 1970-1972 

I-205 I-2027

Executive Staff memoranda, 1970-1973 

I-206 I-2028

Advancement Through Clinical Training, 1971 

I-206 I-2029

Board and City of Chicago correspondence, 1971 

I-206 I-2030

Correspondence, 1970-1972 

I-206 I-2031

Memoranda, 1971 

I-206 I-2032

North Side Office, 1971 

I-206 I-2033

North Side Office, 1971 

I-206 I-2034

North Side Office, 1971 

I-206 I-2035

North Side Office - Advisory Committee, 1971 

I-206 I-2036

Burke correspondence, 1971 

I-206 I-2037

James Compton correspondence, 1972-1973 

I-206 I-2038

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1974 

I-207 I-2039

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1974 

I-207 I-2040

Administrative memoranda, 1978 

I-207 I-2041

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1985-1986 

I-207 I-2042

Interdepartmental correspondence - personnel policies, 1989-1991 

I-207 I-2043

Interdepartmental correspondence - security system, 1988 

I-207 I-2044

Interdepartmental correspondence - program staff meetings, 1990 

I-207 I-2045

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1989 

I-207 I-2046

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1990 

I-207 I-2047

Interdepartmental correspondence - Chicago Housing Action Grant, 1989-1990 

I-207 I-2048

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1989-1990 

I-207 I-2049

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1976 

I-207 I-2050

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1974 

I-207 I-2051

Interdepartmental correspondence - LEAP, 1974 

I-207 I-2052

Interdepartmental correspondence and invoices, 1982 

I-207 I-2053

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1980 

I-207 I-2054

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1975-1976 

I-207 I-2055

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1975 

I-208 I-2056

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1970 

I-208 I-2057

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1971 

I-208 I-2058

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1990 

I-208 I-2059

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1979 

I-208 I-2060

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1978-1979 

I-208 I-2061

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1972 

I-208 I-2062

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1976 

I-208 I-2063

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1975 

I-208 I-2064

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1964 

I-208 I-2065

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1974-1975 

I-208 I-2066

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1976 

I-208 I-2067

Interdepartmental correspondence - Funds for Fun, 1970 

I-209 I-2068

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1971 

I-209 I-2069

Interdepartmental correspondence - Micheal Teer, 1975 

I-209 I-2070

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1975 

I-209 I-2071

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1972 

I-209 I-2072

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1973 

I-209 I-2073

Law Suit Against Police Department, 1972 

I-209 I-2074

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1974 

I-209 I-2075

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1974 

I-209 I-2076

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1973 

I-210 I-2077

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1973 

I-210 I-2078

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1974 

I-210 I-2079

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1974 

I-210 I-2080

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1974 

I-210 I-2081

Incoming correspondence, 1974 

I-210 I-2082

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1975 

I-211 I-2083

Interdepartmental correspondence - Press Releases, 1975 

I-211 I-2084

Interdepartmental correspondence - Speeches, 1975 

I-211 I-2085

Interdepartmental correspondence - Testimony and Press Releases, 1965-1972 

I-211 I-2086

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1975 

I-211 I-2087

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1975 

I-211 I-2088

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1975 

I-211 I-2089

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1975 

I-211 I-2090

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1975 

I-211 I-2091

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1973 

I-212 I-2092

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1973 

I-212 I-2093

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1973 

I-212 I-2094

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1975 

I-212 I-2095

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1975 

I-212 I-2096

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1971-1974 

I-212 I-2097

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1972 

I-213 I-2098

Interdepartmental correspondence - Hurst file, 1974 

I-213 I-2099

Interdepartmental correspondence - staff correspondence, 1973 

I-213 I-2100

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1973 

I-213 I-2101

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1975 

I-213 I-2102

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1975 

I-213 I-2103

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1974 

I-213 I-2104

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1974 

I-213 I-2105

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1974 

I-213 I-2106

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1973 

I-213 I-2107

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1972-1975 

I-213 I-2108

Interdepartmental correspondence - black adoption and foster care, 1977 

I-213 I-2109

Interdepartmental correspondence - PR, 1970 

I-213 I-2110

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1976 

I-213 I-2111

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1977 

I-213 I-2112

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1974 

I-214 I-2113

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1975 

I-214 I-2114

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1985 

I-214 I-2115

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1987 

I-214 I-2116

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1985 

I-214 I-2117

Interdepartmental correspondence - Abolition of Housing Department, 1986 

I-214 I-2118

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1975 

I-214 I-2119

Interdepartmental correspondence - Veterans Affairs, 1975 

I-214 I-2120

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1974 

I-214 I-2121

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1975 

I-214 I-2122

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1976 

I-215 I-2123

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1976 

I-215 I-2124

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1976 

I-215 I-2125

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1976 

I-215 I-2126

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1976 

I-215 I-2127

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1976 

I-215 I-2128

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1976 

I-216 I-2129

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1976 

I-216 I-2130

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1977 

I-216 I-2131

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1977 

I-216 I-2132

Memoranda, 1971 

I-216 I-2133

Interdepartmental correspondence - bios, memoranda, photos, 1970 

I-216 I-2134

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1974 

I-216 I-2135

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1975 

I-217 I-2136

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1975 

I-217 I-2137

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1975 

I-217 I-2138

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1975 

I-217 I-2139

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1976 

I-217 I-2140

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1975 

I-217 I-2141

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1975 

I-217 I-2142

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1975 

I-217 I-2143

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1975 

I-217 I-2144

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1975 

I-217 I-2145

F.T. Lane memoranda, 1956 

I-218 I-2146

Welfare Council of Metropolitan Chicago, 1948-1953 

I-218 I-2147

Welfare Council of Metropolitan Chicago, 1953-1953 

I-218 I-2148

Sidney Williams letters, 1954 

I-218 I-2149

Sidney Williams letters, 1954 

I-218 I-2150

YMCA correspondence, 1950-1954 

I-218 I-2151

F.T. Lane speech, 1956 

I-218 I-2152

Magazines correspondence, 1952-1953 

I-218 I-2153

Martin Kennelly correspondence, 1948-1954 

I-218 I-2154

NAACP correspondence, 1948-1954 

I-218 I-2155

National Conference of Christians and Jews, 1952-1955 

I-218 I-2156

National Council on Family Relations, 1950-1954 

I-218 I-2157

Announcements and invitations, 1946-1953 

I-218 I-2158

Announcements and invitations, 1954-1955 

I-218 I-2159

Announcements and invitations, 1955-1956 

I-218 I-2160

Invitations, 1952-1953 

I-218 I-2161

Invitations, 1953-1954 

I-218 I-2162

Parkway Community House, 1953-1954 

I-218 I-2163

F.T. Lane and Berry correspondence, 1954-1962 

I-219 I-2164

Executive Secretary Reports, 1947-1954 

I-219 I-2165

Williams correspondence, 1947-1951 

I-219 I-2166

Williams correspondence on contributions, 1952-1953 

I-219 I-2167

Williams correspondence on contributions, 1954 

I-219 I-2168

Williams correspondence on contributions, 1954 

I-219 I-2169

Williams correspondence on contributions, 1947 

I-219 I-2170

Williams correspondence, 1948-1949 

I-219 I-2171

Williams correspondence, 1950-1951 

I-219 I-2172

Williams correspondence, 1952 

I-219 I-2173

Williams correspondence, 1952 

I-219 I-2174

Williams correspondence, 1953 

I-219 I-2175

Williams correspondence, 1953 

I-219 I-2176

Williams correspondence, 1954 

I-219 I-2177

Williams correspondence, 1954 

I-219 I-2178

Parker Council - correspondence, 1951-1954 

I-220 I-2179

Park Manor Council - correspondence and reports, 1950-1955 

I-220 I-2180

Princeton-Wells Council - correspondence, 1954-1955 

I-220 I-2181

Snowdenville Council - correspondence, 1948-1955 

I-220 I-2182

Westside Community Improvement Council, 1950 

I-220 I-2183

Westside Community Improvement Council, 1950-1952 

I-220 I-2184

Westside Community Improvement Council, 1953 

I-220 I-2185

Westside Community Improvement Council, 1954-1955 

I-220 I-2186

Abbottsford Council lists, 1953-1954 

I-220 I-2187

DuSable Council, 1953-1954 

I-220 I-2188

Parker Council mailing lists, 1954 

I-220 I-2189

Snowdenville Council, 1954 

I-220 I-2190

Area Councils meetings, 1950-1955 

I-220 I-2191

Douglas Area Council meetings, 1945-1955 

I-220 I-2192

Abbottsville Council Executive Committee minutes, 1948 

I-220 I-2193

Mid-South Chicago Council, 1954-1956 

I-220 I-2194

Organization Council, 1947-1948 

I-220 I-2195

Midwest Community Council, 1951-1955 

I-220 I-2196

Frontiers of America, 1951-1955 

I-221 I-2197

Illinois Public Aid Commission - correspondence, 1951-1952 

I-221 I-2198

Information and Referral Department primer on services, 1956 

I-221 I-2199

Information and Referral Department - correspondence, 1949-1952 

I-221 I-2200

Information and Referral Department - correspondence, 1952-1956 

I-221 I-2201

Information and Referral Department - correspondence, 1956-1957 

I-221 I-2202

Information and Referral Department - correspondence, 1957 

I-221 I-2203

Johnson Publishing Company - correspondence, 1952 

I-221 I-2204

F.T. Lane articles in Chicago Bee, 1939 

I-221 I-2205

F.T. Lane - correspondence, 1951-1952 

I-221 I-2206

F. T. Lane - correspondence, 1952-1957 

I-221 I-2207

F.T. Lane - correspondence, 1951-1956 

I-221 I-2208

F.T. Lane letters of condolence, 1952-1953 

I-221 I-2209

F.T. Lane monthly report of South Side Community Art Center, 1957 

I-221 I-2210

F.T. Lane personal file, 1956 

I-221 I-2211

F.T. Lane - social problems, 1956 

I-221 I-2212

F.T. Lane - social problems, 1956-1957 

I-221 I-2213

Correspondence, 1959 

I-222 I-2214

Correspondence and speeches, 1962 

I-222 I-2215

Education correspondence, 1963 

I-222 I-2216

Administrative memorandum, 1965 

I-222 I-2217

National Urban League conference, 1965 

I-222 I-2218

National Piano Manufacturers Association,1966 

I-222 I-2219

Hot Point correspondence, 1966 

I-222 I-2220

Board of Directors list, 1966 

I-222 I-2221

Memorandum, 1967 

I-222 I-2222

Community Education Department memorandum, 1967 

I-222 I-2223

All Staff Memorandum, 1968 

I-222 I-2224

Employment and Guidance Department memorandum, 1968 

I-222 I-2225

Memorandum, 1968 

I-222 I-2226

Other Urban Leagues, 1968 

I-222 I-2227

Business Advisory Council, 1968 

I-222 I-2228

Library Bibliography, 1969 

I-222 I-2229

Volunteers, undated 

I-222 I-2230

Board of Directors meeting, 1969 

I-222 I-2231

West Side office, 1965 

I-222 I-2232

Staff Directory, undated 

I-222 I-2233

Vista Volunteer proposal, 1968 

I-222 I-2234

Race violence alert memorandum, 1968 

I-222 I-2235

Women's Council, 1964 

I-222 I-2236

Memorandum, 1970 

I-222 I-2237

Woman's Board, 1968 

I-222 I-2238

Community Organization Department - advisory committee meeting, 1972 

I-222 I-2239

Objection to taxes, 1967 

I-222 I-2240

Connie Seals correspondence, 1967 

I-223 I-2241

Consumer Action Program memorandum, 1969 

I-223 I-2242

Correspondence, 1962-1972 

I-223 I-2243

Correspondence and memoranda, 1968-1976 

I-223 I-2244

General American Transportation Corporation correspondence, 1967 

I-223 I-2245

Hamilton Jenkins correspondence, 1968 

I-223 I-2246

Chesapeake and Ohio Railway and Baltimore and Ohio Railway correspondence, 1968 

I-223 I-2247

Jobs For People memorandum, 1968 

I-223 I-2248

Administrative memoranda, 1968 

I-223 I-2249

Hubert Humphrey correspondence, 1968 

I-223 I-2250

Research Department memoranda, 1968 

I-223 I-2251

Riot Control, 1967 

I-223 I-2252

Juanita Haskens, 1969 

I-223 I-2253

Janice Buckley correspondence, 1969 

I-223 I-2254

Annual Meeting, 1969 

I-223 I-2255

Annual meeting, 1969 

I-223 I-2256

Joanna Martin correspondence, 1969 

I-223 I-2257

Correspondence, 1969 

I-223 I-2258

Connie Seals correspondence, 1967 

I-224 I-2259

Executive Director correspondence, 1971 

I-224 I-2260

Correspondence, 1971 

I-224 I-2261

Correspondence, 1971 

I-224 I-2262

Departmental secretaries memorandum, 1969 

I-224 I-2263

Outgoing telegrams, 1967 

I-224 I-2264

Outgoing telegrams, 1968 

I-224 I-2265

Outgoing telegrams, 1969 

I-224 I-2266

Outgoing telegrams, 1970 

I-224 I-2267

Outgoing telegrams, 1971-1972 

I-224 I-2268

Alderman Leon Despres correspondence, 1968 

I-225 I-2269

Urban Leagues correspondence, 1969-1973 

I-225 I-2270

Bill Berry correspondence and statements, 1968-1969 

I-225 I-2271

Cook County Department of Aid, 1969 

I-225 I-2272

Metropolitan Crusade of Mercy lists, 1968 

I-225 I-2273

Model Cities, 1969 

I-225 I-2274

Model Cities Program correspondence, 1969 

I-225 I-2275

National Conference of Christians and Jews, 1969 

I-225 I-2276

National Council of the Churches of Christ, 1968 

I-225 I-2277

Illinois Rehabilitation Association, 1969 

I-225 I-2278

Crusade of Mercy Pledge Cards, 1969 

I-225 I-2279

Business office memorandum, 1969 

I-225 I-2280

Prejan memorandum, 1969 

I-225 I-2281

Marion Henley memorandum, 1969 

I-226 I-2282

Marion Henley memorandum, 1969 

I-226 I-2283

Marion Henley memorandum, 1969 

I-226 I-2284

Rosie Simpson Weekly schedules and memoranda, 1969 

I-226 I-2285

Joel Brookes Weekly schedules and memoranda, 1969 

I-226 I-2286

Bill Brandon monthly reports, 1969 

I-226 I-2287

Bill Brandon Weekly schedules0, 1969 

I-226 I-2288

Community Development Department memoranda and resources, 1969-1970 

I-227 I-2289

Hampton McKinney correspondence, 1969 

I-227 I-2290

Al Prejan correspondence, 1969 

I-227 I-2291

Intra-Agency News, 1969 

I-227 I-2292

Berry correspondence, 1969 

I-227 I-2293

Best correspondence, 1968 

I-228 I-2294

Best outgoing memoranda, 1969 

I-228 I-2295

Best incoming memoranda, 1968 

I-228 I-2296

Best incoming memoranda, 1969 

I-228 I-2297

Best outgoing memoranda, 1968 

I-228 I-2298

Clotee Best correspondence, 1969 

I-228 I-2299

Correspondence, 1968 

I-229 I-2300

Staff memorandum, 1969 

I-229 I-2301

Richard Johnson memoranda, 1969 

I-229 I-2302

Betty Edwards correspondence, 1968 

I-229 I-2303

Betty Edwards correspondence, 1968 

I-229 I-2304

Contributors correspondence, 1969 

I-229 I-2305

"The Great White Hope" correspondence, 1969 

I-230 I-2306

Equality Pins, 1968-1970 

I-230 I-2307

Bill Berry correspondence, 1969 

I-230 I-2308

Media Department correspondence, 1969 

I-230 I-2309

Connie Seals correspondence, 1967 

I-230 I-2310

Teconic Foundation, Inc. correspondence, 1970 

I-231 I-2311

Staff memoranda, 1970 

I-231 I-2312

Marion Henley correspondence, 1970 

I-231 I-2313

Correspondence and minutes, 1970 

I-231 I-2314

Marion Henley community services memoranda, 1969 

I-231 I-2315

Health and Welfare correspondence, 1970 

I-231 I-2316

Organizational correspondence and memoranda, 1970 

I-231 I-2317

Executive Staff memoranda, 1970 

I-231 I-2318

Joel Brooks memoranda, 1970 

I-231 I-2319

Staff memoranda, 1970 

I-232 I-2320

Betty Edwards memoranda, 1970-1971 

I-232 I-2321

Hampton McKinney correspondence, 1970 

I-232 I-2322

Alvin Prejan memoranda, 1970-1971 

I-232 I-2323

The Leaguers, undated 

I-232 I-2324

Betty Edwards correspondence, 1971 

I-232 I-2325

Laplois Ashford correspondence, 1971 

I-232 I-2326

Betty Edwards correspondence, 1971 

I-232 I-2327

Betty Edwards memoranda, 1971 

I-232 I-2328

Task Force Committee, 1970 

I-233 I-2329

Peter Meyer memoranda, 1971 

I-233 I-2330

Memoranda, 1970-1971 

I-233 I-2331

Pete Meyer correspondence, 1971 

I-233 I-2332

Finance memoranda, 1970 

I-233 I-2333

Pre-fab housing memorandum, 1970 

I-233 I-2334

Prairie State College correspondence, 1970 

I-233 I-2335

National Urban League New Thrust Program, correspondence, 1971 

I-233 I-2336

Correspondence, 1970 

I-233 I-2337

Connie Seals memoranda, 1970 

I-233 I-2338

Beacon Neighborhood House correspondence, 1970-1971 

I-234 I-2339

Correspondence, 1970 

I-234 I-2340

Personnel correspondence, 1972-1974 

I-234 I-2341

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1972 

I-234 I-2342

Correspondence and photos, 1971-1972 

I-234 I-2343

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1973 

I-234 I-2344

West Point Academy correspondence, 1973 

I-234 I-2345

Memoranda to Executive Director, 1973 

I-235 I-2346

Development Specialist correspondence, 1973 

I-235 I-2347

The Leaguers, 1972 

I-235 I-2348

Memoranda from Executive Director, 1973 

I-235 I-2349

Outgoing correspondence, 1971-1972 

I-235 I-2350

Ollice Holden correspondence, 1971 

I-235 I-2351

Betty Russell, 1970 

I-235 I-2352

Business Advisory Council, 1970 

I-235 I-2353

Louis Burke correspondence, 1973 

I-235 I-2354

Contemporaries of CUL, 1971 

I-235 I-2355

Financial Reports, 1970 

I-235 I-2356

Monthly Reports, 1971-1972 

I-235 I-2357

Gloria Higgins, 1973 

I-235 I-2358

Laplois Ashford, 1970 

I-235 I-2359

Correspondence, 1973 

I-235 I-2360

Correspondence, 1973 

I-235 I-2361

Staff attire, 1971 

I-236 I-2362

Employment and Manpower Development correspondence, 1970 

I-236 I-2363

Health and Social Services, 1971 

I-236 I-2364

Health and Social Services, 1971 

I-236 I-2365

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1972 

I-236 I-2366

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1972 

I-236 I-2367

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1972 

I-236 I-2368

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1972 

I-236 I-2369

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1972 

I-236 I-2370

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1971 

I-236 I-2371

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1972 

I-236 I-2372

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1972 

I-236 I-2373

Council of Religious Leaders minutes, 1972 

I-236 I-2374

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1971 

I-236 I-2375

1970 Budget, 1970 

I-237 I-2376

Correspondence and memoranda, 1970-1974 

I-237 I-2377

Richard Johnson correspondence, 1972-1973 

I-237 I-2378

Economic and Manpower Development, 1972 

I-237 I-2379

Football Classic correspondence and memoranda, 1971 

I-237 I-2380

Research Department, 1972 

I-237 I-2381

Cabinet meeting correspondence, 1970 

I-237 I-2382

Business manager correspondence, 1973 

I-237 I-2383

Complaint letters and responses, 1973 

I-238 I-2384

Communication correspondence, 1973 

I-238 I-2385

Laplois Ashford correspondence, 1971 

I-238 I-2386

Executive Committee memoranda, 1971 

I-238 I-2387

Executive Committee meetings memoranda, 1970 

I-238 I-2388

Program Reviews, 1978 

I-239 I-2389

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1979 

I-239 I-2390

Outside correspondence, 1979 

I-239 I-2391

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1978-1979 

I-239 I-2392

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1973 

I-239 I-2393

Roosevelt University correspondence, 1974 

I-239 I-2394

Marion Henley correspondence, 1973 

I-239 I-2395

Correspondence, 1971 

I-240 I-2396

Correspondence, 1971 

I-240 I-2397

Business office correspondence, 1964-1973 

I-240 I-2398

Roger Dusberger correspondence, 1975-1976 

I-240 I-2399

New Chicago Plan correspondence, 1973 

I-240 I-2400

Betty Edwards correspondence, 1974 

I-240 I-2401

Membership correspondence, 1974 

I-240 I-2402

Outgoing correspondence, 1974 

I-240 I-2403

Edwards - Development Department memoranda, 1974 

I-240 I-2404

BAC financial fact sheet, 1971-1975 

I-240 I-2405

Creative Arts Studio, 1975 

I-240 I-2406

Eve Evans, 1975 

I-240 I-2407

Clyde Proctor correspondence, 1975 

I-240 I-2408

All Staff meeting memoranda, 1970-1975 

I-240 I-2409

Alumni Reunion, 1972 

I-241 I-2410

Annual Luncheon meeting, 1971 

I-241 I-2411

Organizational chart, 1972 

I-241 I-2412

Fact Sheet, 1973 

I-241 I-2413

The Group correspondence, 1970-1971 

I-241 I-2414

Organizational correspondence, 1970-1972 

I-241 I-2415

Action For Survival, 1971 

I-241 I-2416

Correspondence, 1971-1972 

I-241 I-2417

Executive Director, 1972 

I-242 I-2418

CUL correspondence, 1974-1975 

I-242 I-2419

Correspondence, 1975 

I-242 I-2420

Cabinet Meeting, 1975 

I-242 I-2421

Business Office correspondence, 1972 

I-242 I-2422

James Taylor meetings correspondence, 1974 

I-242 I-2423

West Side Health Planning Organization, 1974 

I-243 I-2424

Outgoing correspondence, 1974 

I-243 I-2425

Development Secretary job description, 1974 

I-243 I-2426

West Side relocation memoranda, 1975-1976 

I-243 I-2427

Proctor business files, 1974-1975 

I-243 I-2428

Jake Haywood, 1976-1977 

I-243 I-2429

Correspondence, 1976 

I-243 I-2430

MOSCH correspondence, 1975-1976 

I-243 I-2431

Correspondence, 1976-1977 

I-243 I-2432

MOSCH correspondence, 1978 

I-243 I-2433

MOSCH correspondence, 1977 

I-243 I-2434

Housing, 1975 

I-244 I-2435

Housing, 1973-1974 

I-244 I-2436

Correspondence, 1976 

I-244 I-2437

Correspondence, 1978-1979 

I-244 I-2438

Correspondence, 1979-1980 

I-244 I-2439

Housing Department, 1980-1981 

I-244 I-2440

Correspondence, 1981 

I-244 I-2441

Correspondence, 1980-1981 

I-244 I-2442

James Compton correspondence, 1972 

I-245 I-2443

James Compton correspondence, 1972 

I-245 I-2444

Contributions correspondence, 1972 

I-245 I-2445

Cable television mailing, 1973 

I-245 I-2446

West Point Society correspondence, 1973 

I-245 I-2447

Department of the Army, 1973 

I-245 I-2448

Incoming correspondence, 1973 

I-245 I-2449

Weekly agendas, 1973 

I-245 I-2450

National Urban League conference, 1974 

I-245 I-2451

Annual Business Meeting correspondence, 1973 

I-245 I-2452

Ben Bekoe, 1974 

I-246 I-2453

Correspondence, 1973 

I-246 I-2454

Housing organizations, 1973 

I-246 I-2455

Housing committee, 1973 

I-246 I-2456

Chicago Public Television trustees meeting, 1974 

I-246 I-2457

Service pins and membership, 1974 

I-246 I-2458

Memoranda, 1972 

I-246 I-2459

Correspondence, 1971 

I-246 I-2460

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1973 

I-246 I-2461

Outgoing correspondence, 1974 

I-247 I-2462

Milton Gardner correspondence, 1974 

I-247 I-2463

Milton Gardner correspondence, 1974 

I-247 I-2464

Milton Gardner correspondence, 1974 

I-247 I-2465

Milton Gardner correspondence, 1974 

I-247 I-2466

Milton Gardner correspondence, 1974 

I-247 I-2467

Milton Gardner correspondence, 1974 

I-247 I-2468

Milton Gardner correspondence, 1974 

I-247 I-2469

Commonwealth Edison correspondence, 1976 

I-247 I-2470

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1974-1975 

I-248 I-2471

Chicago Council of Lawyers, 1974 

I-248 I-2472

Summary Service stats, 1974 

I-248 I-2473

Summary Service stats, 1975 

I-248 I-2474

Urban League affiliates, 1974 

I-248 I-2475

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1975 

I-248 I-2476

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1974-1975 

I-248 I-2477

Correspondence, 1975 

I-248 I-2478

Interoffice communication, 1975 

I-248 I-2479

Correspondence, 1974-1976 

I-248 I-2480

Correspondence, 1977 

I-249 I-2481

Correspondence, 1976 

I-249 I-2482

Correspondence, 1973 

I-249 I-2483

Correspondence, 1973 

I-249 I-2484

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1974 

I-249 I-2485

Correspondence, 1974 

I-249 I-2486

Correspondence, 1974 

I-249 I-2487

Correspondence, 1974 

I-249 I-2488

Cross Town Expressway, 1975 

I-249 I-2489

Meetings, 1975 

I-249 I-2490

Correspondence, 1976 

I-249 I-2491

Correspondence, 1976 

I-249 I-2492

Correspondence, 1976 

I-249 I-2493

Correspondence, 1976 

I-249 I-2494

Correspondence, 1976 

I-249 I-2495

Correspondence, 1976-1977 

I-249 I-2496

All Staff memoranda, 1975-1976 

I-250 I-2497

All Staff memoranda, 1975-1976 

I-250 I-2498

Correspondence and memoranda, 1975-1976 

I-250 I-2499

Correspondence, 1976 

I-250 I-2500

Reorganization meeting, 1976 

I-250 I-2501

Correspondence, 1976-1977 

I-250 I-2502

Outgoing programs correspondence, 1976-1978 

I-250 I-2503

Outgoing programs correspondence, 1976-1978 

I-251 I-2504

Correspondence, 1977-1978 

I-251 I-2505

Correspondence, 1977 

I-251 I-2506

Fox files, 1976-1977 

I-251 I-2507

Urban Fair Housing Proposal, 1977 

I-251 I-2508

Correspondence, 1977 

I-251 I-2509

Research and planning funding, 1978 

I-251 I-2510

Bernard Lacour file, 1978-1979 

I-251 I-2511

Bernard Lacour file, 1978-1979 

I-251 I-2512

Bernard Lacour file, 1978-1979 

I-252 I-2513

Joann Howard, 1979 

I-252 I-2514

Memoranda correspondence, 1978 

I-252 I-2515

Correspondence from other agencies, 1978 

I-252 I-2516

Correspondence, 1978 

I-252 I-2517

Parrish-Johnson file, 1979 

I-252 I-2518

Parrish-Johnson file, 1979 

I-252 I-2519

Correspondence, 1978 

I-253 I-2520

CETA memoranda, 1978-1979 

I-253 I-2521

CETA memoranda, 1978-1979 

I-253 I-2522

CETA - staff reports, 1978 

I-253 I-2523

Outgoing memoranda, 1979 

I-253 I-2524

CETA - Taylor and Compton correspondence, 1979 

I-253 I-2525

MOSCH correspondence, 1979 

I-253 I-2526

Correspondence, 1979 

I-253 I-2527

Correspondence, 1977-1978 

I-254 I-2528

Correspondence, 1978 

I-254 I-2529

West Side Community Organizations correspondence, 1978 

I-254 I-2530

Correspondence, 1978 

I-254 I-2531

Administrative memoranda, 1978 

I-254 I-2532

Internal correspondence, 1978 

I-254 I-2533

Correspondence and memorandum, 1978 

I-254 I-2534

Correspondence, 1978 

I-254 I-2535

Parrish-Johnson, 1979 

I-255 I-2536

Affirmative Marketing Concerns, 1978 

I-255 I-2537

Social Services, 1979-1981 

I-255 I-2538

City of Chicago correspondence, 1977-1979 

I-255 I-2539

Research correspondence, 1978-1979 

I-255 I-2540

Boswell - correspondence on unions, 1978 

I-255 I-2541

Correspondence, 1978 

I-255 I-2542

Carolyn Rooks correspondence, 1977-1978 

I-255 I-2543

Outgoing memoranda, 1978 

I-255 I-2544

Outgoing memoranda, 1979 

I-255 I-2545

Outgoing memoranda, 1979 

I-255 I-2546

General correspondence, 1979 

I-255 I-2547

C. Rooks correspondence, 1978 

I-255 I-2548

Congressional correspondence, 1979-1981 

I-255 I-2549

Bonita Hobbs, 1979 

I-256 I-2550

Presentation on Title I funds, 1980 

I-256 I-2551

Urban League memoranda, 1978 

I-256 I-2552

Staff Memoranda, 1980 

I-256 I-2553

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1980 

I-256 I-2554

Memoranda from James Compton, 1980 

I-256 I-2555

Memoranda from James Taylor, 1981 

I-256 I-2556

Staff memoranda, 1979 

I-256 I-2557

James Compton memoranda, 1980 

I-256 I-2558

James Taylor memoranda, 1980-1981 

I-256 I-2559

Taylor Cotton memoranda, 1980 

I-257 I-2560

Interagency memoranda, 1980 

I-257 I-2561

D. Taylor correspondence, 1980 

I-257 I-2562

Memoranda, 1980 

I-257 I-2563

Taylor Cotton memoranda, 1979-1981 

I-257 I-2564

Incoming Correspondence, 1980 

I-257 I-2565

Outgoing correspondence, 1980 

I-257 I-2566

Correspondence and reports, 1982 

I-258 I-2567

Correspondence, 1982 

I-258 I-2568

Correspondence, 1982 

I-258 I-2569

Correspondence, 1980-1982 

I-258 I-2570

Johnson correspondence, 1981-1982 

I-258 I-2571

Taylor Cotton - interdepartmental correspondence, 1982-1983 

I-258 I-2572

Roger Fox - correspondence, 1985 

I-258 I-2573

Beadle correspondence, 1985 

I-258 I-2574

Robert Evans correspondence, 1984-1985 

I-258 I-2575

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1981 

I-259 I-2576

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1981 

I-259 I-2577

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1981 

I-259 I-2578

Correspondence, 1981 

I-259 I-2579

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1980-1981 

I-259 I-2580

Correspondence, 1982 

I-259 I-2581

Pinkterton Security, 1985-1986 

I-259 I-2582

Thefts - correspondence, 1985-1986 

I-259 I-2583

Clyde Proctor, 1985-1986 

I-259 I-2584

Maintenance correspondence, 1985 

I-259 I-2585

Social Services, 1988 

I-260 I-2586

Gil Baker correspondence, 1986-1989 

I-260 I-2587

Gil Baker correspondence, 1987-1988 

I-260 I-2588

Keith Burton correspondence, 1988 

I-260 I-2589

Noma Richardson correspondence, 1989 

I-260 I-2590

Development Department-Secretarial Staff, 1988-1989 

I-260 I-2591

Wayne Molek correspondence, 1989-1990 

I-260 I-2592

Robert Simmons correspondence, 1988 

I-260 I-2593

Robert Simmons correspondence, 1988 

I-260 I-2594

Robert Simmons - meeting agendas, 1988-1989 

I-260 I-2595

Urban League affiliates correspondence, 1990 

I-260 I-2596

Nike boycott - correspondence, 1990 

I-260 I-2597

Chicago State University correspondence, 1989-1990 

I-260 I-2598

Clyde Proctor correspondence, 1988 

I-260 I-2599

Gil Baker correspondence, 1986-1988 

I-260 I-2600

Colette Thomas correspondence, 1990 

I-260 I-2601

Colette Thomas correspondence, 1990 

I-260 I-2602

Richard DeShields correspondence, 1990-1991 

I-260 I-2603

Incoming memoranda, 2000 

I-260 I-2604

Subseries 5: Reference Subseries 

Scope and Content: 

The Reference Subseries is a collection of materials covering the range of activities and organizations the Chicago Urban League was involved with. This subseries includes public relations materials, publications, correspondence, reports, minutes, newsletters, financial statements, by-laws, contracts, indexes, bulletins, and mailing lists. The materials span the years 1943-1999 with a bulk of the materials covering the 1970s. 

Box Folder

Southside Planning Board, 1949-1955 

I-261 I-2605

Urban League Branches - correspondence, 1947-1954 

I-261 I-2606

Urban League Branches - correspondence, 1947-1954 

I-261 I-2607

Volunteers, 1950-1953 

I-261 I-2608

Washington Park Improvement Association - bulletins, 1954 

I-261 I-2609

Welfare Council of Metropolitan Chicago - committee on Extension Services, 1951-1953 

I-261 I-2610

Welfare Council of Metropolitan Chicago - minutes, 1951-1953 

I-261 I-2611

Welfare Council of Metropolitan Chicago, 1947-1956 

I-261 I-2612

Welfare Council of Metropolitan Chicago - reports, 1953 

I-261 I-2613

West Chesterfield Home Owners League, 1950 

I-261 I-2614

West Side Relocation and Medical Center, 1954-1955 

I-261 I-2615

Public Relations - Citizens of Greater Chicago, 1957 

I-262 I-2616

Public Relations - Civic and Public Education Departments, 1945 

I-262 I-2617

Public Relations - Frontiers of America, 1954-1955 

I-262 I-2618

Public Relations - Joint Committee on Reappointment, 1953 

I-262 I-2619

Public Relations - NAACP, 1952-1956 

I-262 I-2620

Public Relations - publications, 1952-1953 

I-262 I-2621

Public Relations - books, 1955 

I-262 I-2622

Public Relations - Parkway Community House, 1954 

I-262 I-2623

Public Relations - Parkway Community House, 1954 

I-262 I-2624

Public Relations - Public Education Department, 1953-1956 

I-262 I-2625

Public Relations - social work publicity council, 1939 

I-262 I-2626

Public Relations - YMCA and YWCA, 1951-1955 

I-262 I-2627

Human Relations Department - Chicago Council Against Racial and Religious Discrimination, 1950-1954 

I-263 I-2628

Human Relations Department - Chicago Council Against Racial and Religious Discrimination, 1947-1950 

I-263 I-2629

Human Relations Department - Chicago Council Against Racial and Religious Discrimination, 1950-1954 

I-263 I-2630

Human Relations Department - Chicago Council Against Racial and Religious Discrimination, 1954 

I-263 I-2631

Human Relations Department - Chicago Council Against Racial and Religious Discrimination, 1952-1954 

I-263 I-2632

Human Relations Department - Chicago Council Against Racial and Religious Discrimination, 1950 

I-263 I-2633

Human Relations Department - Chicago Council Against Racial and Religious Discrimination,1957 

I-263 I-2634

Chicago Council Against Racial and Religious Discrimination, 1949-1954 

I-263 I-2635

Chicago Council Against Racial and Religious Discrimination, 1953-1954 

I-263 I-2636

Chicago Council Against Racial and Religious Discrimination, 1949-1953 

I-263 I-2637

Chicago Council Against Racial and Religious Discrimination Chicago, 1950-1954 

I-263 I-2638

Chicago Council Against Racial and Religious Discrimination newsletters and publications, 1949-1953 

I-263 I-2639

Chicago Council Against Racial and Religious Discrimination newsletters and publications, 1953 

I-263 I-2640

Chicago Council Against Racial and Religious Discrimination newsletters and publications, 1953-1954 

I-263 I-2641

Chicago Council Against Racial and Religious Discrimination press releases and published articles, 1950-1954 

I-263 I-2642

Chicago Council Against Racial and Religious Discrimination - Trumbull Park Homes Committee, 1953-1954 

I-263 I-2643

Illinois Inter-racial Commission annual reports, 1944 

I-264 I-2644

Illinois Youth Commission conference, 1955 

I-264 I-2645

Lincoln Dental Society, 1945 

I-264 I-2646

Mayor's Commission on Human Relations annual reports, 1946 

I-264 I-2647

Milwaukee Mayor's Commission on Human Rights annual reports, 1953-1955 

I-264 I-2648

Mayor's Conference on Race Relations minutes, 1944 

I-264 I-2649

Municipal Court of Chicago - statement on supervision in Boys' Court, 1956 

I-264 I-2650

National Conference of Christians and Jews, 1952-1956 

I-264 I-2651

Opportunity, 1940-1947 

I-264 I-2652

Peoria Street disturbances, 1950 

I-264 I-2653

Paper on prejudice, 1949 

I-264 I-2654

Tri-County High School Conference on Human Relations, 1954 

I-264 I-2655

United Lutheran Mission Society of Illinois report, undated 

I-264 I-2656

United Negro Organizations newsletters, 1951-1952 

I-264 I-2657

Welfare Council of Metropolitan Chicago annual reports, 1949-1955 

I-264 I-2658

Welfare Council of Metropolitan Chicago, 1948-1950 

I-264 I-2659

Welfare Council of Metropolitan Chicago, 1952-1954 

I-264 I-2660

Welfare Council of Metropolitan Chicago, 1955-1958 

I-264 I-2661

Welfare Council of Metropolitan Chicago reports, 1950-1951 

I-264 I-2662

National Urban League affiliates annual reports, 1951-1954 

I-264 I-2663

Community Organization Council, 1948-1951 

I-265 I-2664

Abbotsford Area Council - correspondence, 1947-1951 

I-265 I-2665

Abbotsford Area Council - correspondence, 1951-1952 

I-265 I-2666

Abbottsford Area Council - correspondence, 1953-1954 

I-265 I-2667

Douglas Area Council - correspondence, 1953-1955 

I-265 I-2668

DuSable Area Council - correspondence, 1949-1954 

I-265 I-2669

North Lawndale Citizens Council - correspondence and newsletters, 1949-1954 

I-265 I-2670

North Side Auxiliary - correspondence, 1949-1950 

I-265 I-2671

Council Meetings monthly reports, 1949 

I-265 I-2672

Abbottsford Council reports, 1948-1954 

I-265 I-2673

DuSable Council reports, 1950-1954 

I-265 I-2674

Parker Council reports, 1952-1954 

I-265 I-2675

Snowdenville Council reports, 1949-1954 

I-265 I-2676

Special Projects of Westside Community Improvement Council, 1951-1953 

I-265 I-2677

Westside Planning Council, 1954-1955 

I-265 I-2678

Drafts of Constitution, undated 

I-265 I-2679

Handbook of Operations for Urban League Personnel, undated 

I-265 I-2680

Thomas Jenkins file, 1951-1953 

I-265 I-2681

Selection of a new Executive Secretary, 1946 

I-266 I-2682

CUL Social functions and meetings, 1951-1955 

I-266 I-2683

Staff and Board lists, 1944-1954 

I-266 I-2684

Union activities, 1946-1948 

I-266 I-2685

Union activities, 1948-1949 

I-266 I-2686

Union activities, 1949 

I-266 I-2687

Union activities, 1949 

I-266 I-2688

Union activities, 1949 

I-266 I-2689

Union activities, 1950-1953 

I-266 I-2690

Union activities, 1950 

I-266 I-2691

Union agreements, 1947-1950 

I-266 I-2692

Union agreements, 1947-1950 

I-266 I-2693

Urbanaides - correspondence, 1951-1953 

I-266 I-2694

Chicago Defender - correspondence, 1948-1949 

I-266 I-2695

Executive Secretary file, 1950-1954 

I-266 I-2696

Contributions report, 1962 

I-266 I-2697

Sheriff's office, 1956-1957 

I-266 I-2698

Area Councils' Meetings agendas and minutes, 1945-1953 

I-266 I-2699

Citizens Civic Committees, 1953 

I-267 I-2700

Citizens Committee for a New Dunbar Trade School, undated 

I-267 I-2701

Congress of Industrial Organizations - The Negro in 1944 pamphlet, 1944 

I-267 I-2702

Cook County Industrial Union Council, 1954 

I-267 I-2703

Defense Industries, 1952-1954 

I-267 I-2704

Discriminatory hiring practices complaints, 1949-1954 

I-267 I-2705

Dunbar Trade School, 1951-1955 

I-267 I-2706

Employment Digest and Reports, 1952-1955 

I-267 I-2707

Employment Services, 1946-1954 

I-267 I-2708

Fair Employment Practice Committee, 1949-1952 

I-267 I-2709

Fair Employment Practices, 1943-1952 

I-267 I-2710

Firms served for the first time, 1952-1953 

I-267 I-2711

Gary, Indiana Fair Employment Practice Commission annual reports, 1953 

I-267 I-2712

Greater Chicago Negro Labor Council Conference, 1953 

I-267 I-2713

Illinois Committee for Equal Job Opportunity, 1953 

I-267 I-2714

Illinois Committee for Equal Job Opportunity minutes, 1953 

I-267 I-2715

Constitution of the West Side Community Council, undated 

I-268 I-2716

Douglas Area Community Council, 1953-1954 

I-268 I-2717

Drafts of Constitution, undated 

I-268 I-2718

Park Manor Council formation, undated 

I-268 I-2719

Lower North Community Council, 1954 

I-268 I-2720

Lower North Side Auxiliary Council - correspondence, 1949-1950 

I-268 I-2721

Mid-South Chicago Council, 1949-1959 

I-268 I-2722

Midwest Community Council, 1952 

I-268 I-2723

Snowdenville Council minutes, 1950 

I-268 I-2724

West Side Community Improvement Council, 1950 

I-268 I-2725

Abbottsford Council, 1950-1951 

I-268 I-2726

Community Improvement Council, 1951-1954 

I-268 I-2727

DuSable Council, 1952-1954 

I-268 I-2728

Parker Council, 1952 

I-268 I-2729

Snowdenville Council, 1951-1952 

I-268 I-2730

Near West Side Community Council, 1951-1954 

I-268 I-2731

Community Improvement Council newsletters, 1955 

I-268 I-2732

Near West Side Community Council newsletters, 1955 

I-268 I-2733

Westside Community Council newsletters, undated 

I-268 I-2734

Park Lake Council, 1948 

I-268 I-2735

Filing System plan, undated 

I-268 I-2736

Press Releases, 1949-1955 

I-268 I-2737

CUL publications, 1945-1954 

I-268 I-2738

Staff and Board lists, 1946-1953 

I-268 I-2739

Union activities, 1949-1950 

I-268 I-2740

Union agreements, undated 

I-268 I-2741

Urbanaides, 1951 

I-268 I-2742

Work Shop Conference recordings, 1951 

I-268 I-2743

Chicago Department of Public Works, 1955 

I-268 I-2744

Public Housing Association of Chicago, 1947-1950 

I-269 I-2745

Chicago Housing Authority - Elizabeth Wood, 1952-1954 

I-269 I-2746

Chicago Housing Authority, 1946-1953 

I-269 I-2747

Chicago Housing Authority, 1946-1953 

I-269 I-2748

Housing - correspondence, 1947-1955 

I-269 I-2749

Citizen's Committee to Fight Slums Housing Action Report, 1954 

I-269 I-2750

Communications and Housing, 1953-1955 

I-269 I-2751

National Urban League-Program Aids Nos. 5 and 6, 1953 

I-269 I-2752

National Public Housing Conference, 1946-1949 

I-270 I-2753

Department of Housing memoranda, 1953-1954 

I-270 I-2754

Parkway Community Center - Report on Conference to End Mob Violence, 1950 

I-270 I-2755

Opposition to CUL housing activities, 1950-1954 

I-270 I-2756

Southside Planning Board - correspondence and newsletters, 1947-1955 

I-270 I-2757

U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics, 1949-1953 

I-270 I-2758

Women's Joint Committee on Adequate Housing minutes, 1951-1954 

I-270 I-2759

Women's Joint Committee on Adequate Housing, 1949-1954 

I-270 I-2760

American Jewish Congress, 1951-1954 

I-270 I-2761

American Jewish Congress newsletters, 1952-1953 

I-270 I-2762

City Council's Committee on Housing, 1950-1954 

I-270 I-2763

CUL's Housing Committee, 1948-1950 

I-270 I-2764

Miscellaneous housing materials, 1947-1949 

I-270 I-2765

Miscellaneous housing materials, 1949-1955 

I-270 I-2766

Industrial Committee minutes, 1949-1953 

I-271 I-2767

Industrial Committee minutes, 1953-1955 

I-271 I-2768

Industrial Committee, 1952-1955 

I-271 I-2769

Vocational Guidance Committee, 1945 

I-271 I-2770

National Urban League Annual Conference papers, 1944 

I-271 I-2771

Chicago Transit Authority discriminatory practices, 1952-1953 

I-271 I-2772

Yellow Cab Company discriminatory practices, 1949-1952 

I-271 I-2773

Dunbar Vocational High School, 1952-1962 

I-271 I-2774

Employment Digest, 1952-1954 

I-271 I-2775

Executive Council, 1954 

I-271 I-2776

Fair employment groups - correspondence, 1952-1955 

I-271 I-2777

Guidance Association, 1950-1954 

I-271 I-2778

Guidance Association, 1955 

I-271 I-2779

Industrial Department clerical reports, 1952-1953 

I-271 I-2780

Industrial Department - correspondence, 1945-1954 

I-271 I-2781

Industrial Department - correspondence, 1954-1955 

I-271 I-2782

Industrial Department - correspondence, 1949-1951 

I-271 I-2783

Chicago Council Against Racial and Religious Discrimination bulletins, 1950-1953 

I-272 I-2784

Chicago Council Against Racial and Religious Discrimination committees, 1953-1954 

I-272 I-2785

Youth Guidance Project, 1957-1958 

I-272 I-2786

Chicago Commission on Human Relations - correspondence, 1947-1954 

I-272 I-2787

Chicago Commission on Human Relations Executive Director reports, 1948-1949 

I-272 I-2788

Chicago Commission on Human Relations Executive Director reports, 1950 

I-272 I-2789

Chicago Commission on Human Relations Executive Director reports, 1950 

I-272 I-2790

Chicago Commission on Human Relations Executive Director reports, 1951 

I-272 I-2791

Chicago Commission on Human Relations Executive Director reports, 1951 

I-272 I-2792

Chicago Commission on Human Relations Executive Director reports, 1951 

I-272 I-2793

Chicago Commission on Human Relations Executive Director reports, 1951 

I-272 I-2794

Chicago Commission on Human Relations Executive Director reports, 1954-1955 

I-272 I-2795

Chicago Commission on Human Relations, 1951 

I-273 I-2796

Chicago Commission on Human Relations, 1952-1955 

I-273 I-2797

Chicago Commission on Human Relations, 1953 

I-273 I-2798

Chicago Commission on Human Relations, 1954 

I-273 I-2799

Chicago Commission on Human Relations, 1955 

I-273 I-2800

Chicago Conference for Brotherhood, 1955 

I-273 I-2801

Chicago Conference on Civic Unity, 1949 

I-273 I-2802

Chicago Conference on Civic Unity, 1952 

I-273 I-2803

Chicago Council Against Racial and Religious Discrimination, 1952 

I-273 I-2804

Chicago Council Against Racial and Religious Discrimination, 1950-1955 

I-273 I-2805

Chicago Crime Commission report, 1957 

I-273 I-2806

Chicago Resettlers Committee - preamble, 1954 

I-273 I-2807

Citizens Conference on the Cook County Jail and Correctional Treatment, 1956 

I-273 I-2808

Claude Lightfoot Defense Committee, undated 

I-273 I-2809

Committee to End Discrimination at Woodlawn Hospital, undated 

I-273 I-2810

Council of Social Agencies of Chicago, 1938 

I-273 I-2811

Fair Employment Practices Committee, 1948 

I-273 I-2812

Illinois Fair Employment Practice Law, 1949-1953 

I-273 I-2813

Parkway Community House - minutes, 1952-1954 

I-274 I-2814

Political groups - literature, 1953-1956 

I-274 I-2815

Protest letters to newspapers, 1953 

I-274 I-2816

Public agencies concerned with helping newcomers to Chicago, 1954-1957 

I-274 I-2817

Public agencies concerned with helping newcomers to Chicago, 1957 

I-274 I-2818

Public Education Department Advisory Committee, 1951-1952 

I-274 I-2819

Public Education Department Staff Meeting minutes, 1953 

I-274 I-2820

Public Education Department, 1950-1955 

I-274 I-2821

Public Education Department Lane's schedules, 1955 

I-274 I-2822

Gwendolyn Blistad - correspondence, 1951-1953 

I-274 I-2823

Mary Norris case, 1953 

I-274 I-2824

Chicago Council of Negro Organizations, 1951-1956 

I-274 I-2825

Chicago Ethical Society, 1953 

I-274 I-2826

Chicago Ethical Society newsletters, 1952-1955 

I-274 I-2827

Chicago Ethical Society newsletters, 1952-1954 

I-274 I-2828

Church Federation of Greater Chicago, 1951-1952 

I-274 I-2829

Church Federation of Greater Chicago minutes, 1951-1952 

I-274 I-2830

Church Federation of Greater Chicago, 1950-1952 

I-274 I-2831

Church Federation of Greater Chicago, 1952-1956 

I-274 I-2832

Citizens Advisory Committee to the Board of Health minutes, 1951-1952 

I-274 I-2833

Citizens Advisory Committee to the Board of Health, 1951-1954 

I-274 I-2834

Citizens of Greater Chicago Annual Report of the Executive Director, 1953 

I-274 I-2835

Citizens of Greater Chicago, 1953-1955 

I-274 I-2836

Citizens of Greater Chicago recommended by-laws, 1951-1954 

I-274 I-2837

Citizens of Greater Chicago minutes, 1953 

I-274 I-2838

Civic Education Department - correspondence, 1947 

I-274 I-2839

Commission on Human Relations - subcommittee on public services, 1956 

I-274 I-2840

Cook County Department of Welfare, 1951-1953 

I-275 I-2841

Cook County Welfare Services Committee minutes, 1951-1952 

I-275 I-2842

Public Education Department educational tour, 1952-1957 

I-275 I-2843

Industrial Department lists, undated 

I-275 I-2844

Industrial Department lists, undated 

I-275 I-2845

Industrial Department lists, undated 

I-275 I-2846

Industrial Department lists, undated 

I-275 I-2847

Industrial Department schedule, 1955 

I-275 I-2848

Industrial Department information on colleges, 1953 

I-275 I-2849

Industrial Department - ILGWU, 1948 

I-275 I-2850

Industrial Department - International Oil Workers Union, 1944-1945 

I-275 I-2851

Industrial Department - employment discrimination investigations, 1951-1955 

I-275 I-2852

Industrial Department - government employment discrimination investigations, 1953-1955 

I-275 I-2853

Isaac Myers Memorial Citations, 1953 

I-275 I-2854

Isaac Myers Program - correspondence, 1953 

I-275 I-2855

Isaac Myers Program, 1953 

I-275 I-2856

Isaac Myers Program, 1953 

I-275 I-2857

Isaac Myers Program, 1953 

I-276 I-2858

Isaac Myers Program, 1953 

I-276 I-2859

Jewish organizations - correspondence, 1950-1955 

I-276 I-2860

Advisory Committee membership lists, 1952-1955 

I-276 I-2861

Westside Committee on Mobilization, 1954-1955 

I-276 I-2862

Southside Community Committee, 1949 

I-276 I-2863

Street Cleaning Committee, 1953-1955 

I-276 I-2864

Community Leadership Training Workshop, 1954-1956 

I-276 I-2865

Parkway Community House - Financial Statements and Treasurer's Reports, 1953-1954 

I-276 I-2866

Bulletins and newsletters, 1954-1956 

I-276 I-2867

Church Federation of Greater Chicago - agendas and minutes, 1951 

I-276 I-2868

Ada S. McKinley Community House - annual reports, 1952 

I-276 I-2869

Ada S. McKinley Community House - general, 1955 

I-276 I-2870

American Social Hygiene Association - annual report, 1952 

I-276 I-2871

Chicago Ethical Society, 1953 

I-276 I-2872

Citizens of Greater Chicago, 1953-1954 

I-276 I-2873

Adult Education of Greater Chicago, 1953-1955 

I-276 I-2874

Church Federation of Greater Chicago - general, 1951-1955 

I-276 I-2875

Community Fund, 1954 

I-277 I-2876

Community Fund - suggestions for agencies appearing before review, 1956 

I-277 I-2877

Community Neighbors - correspondence, 1958 

I-277 I-2878

Williams - correspondence file, 1947-1955 

I-277 I-2879

Williams memoranda file, 1949-1951 

I-277 I-2880

Williams personal file, 1951-1952 

I-277 I-2881

Job Specs for CUL positions, undated 

I-277 I-2882

Legislation, 1943-1953 

I-277 I-2883

Material received, 1947-1959 

I-277 I-2884

Meetings, 1950-1954 

I-277 I-2885

Meetings, 1954-1955 

I-277 I-2886

Negro Press Anniversary Dinner, 1952-1954 

I-277 I-2887

International Union of Mine, Mill, and Smelter Workers, 1943-1947 

I-278 I-2888

Isaac Myers program award winners, 1954 

I-278 I-2889

Industrial and Vocational Department, 1952-1954 

I-278 I-2890

Industrial and Vocational Department, 1953-1955 

I-278 I-2891

Jewish Vocational Service and Employment Center, 1953-1954 

I-278 I-2892

Jewish Vocational Service - Vocational Adjustment Center, 1952-1953 

I-278 I-2893

Manufacturers Association of Chicago Heights - Joseph R. Block address, 1953 

I-278 I-2894

Metropolitan Housing Council biennial report, 1945 

I-278 I-2895

National Child Labor Committee, 1954 

I-278 I-2896

National Citizens Commission for Public Schools, 1951 

I-278 I-2897

National Negro Business League, 1953 

I-278 I-2898

United Packinghouse Workers of America, 1955 

I-278 I-2899

Bureau of Labor Statistics, 1949-1955 

I-278 I-2900

U.S. Department of Labor-Calumet Area reports, 1954-1955 

I-278 I-2901

United Steel Workers of America, 1952 

I-278 I-2902

Vocational Guidance Department minutes, 1955 

I-278 I-2903

Vocational Guidance Department - correspondence, 1953 

I-278 I-2904

Vocational Guidance Department, 1948-1955 

I-278 I-2905

Vocational Guidance Department, 1955 

I-278 I-2906

Washburne Trade School, undated 

I-278 I-2907

American Civil Liberties Union, 1953-1955 

I-278 I-2908

American Council on Race Relations, 1949 

I-278 I-2909

American Jewish Congress, 1950-1955 

I-278 I-2910

American Missionary Association Institute on Race Relations, 1953 

I-278 I-2911

Catholics Inter-racial Council of Chicago, 1956 

I-278 I-2912

Chicago Department of Welfare memoranda, 1950-1956 

I-278 I-2913

Chicago Commission on Human Relations minutes, 1953-1955 

I-278 I-2914

Executive Director's Notes, 1956 

I-278 I-2915

Recipients of Urban League Awards, 1959-1999 

I-278 I-2916

Edwin Berry - speaking engagements, 1961 

I-279 I-2917

Edwin Berry - Wilson Junior College, 1961 

I-279 I-2918

Edwin Berry - speaking engagements, 1961-1962 

I-279 I-2919

Edwin Berry - speaking engagements, 1961-1962 

I-279 I-2920

Edwin Berry - speaking engagements, 1961-1962 

I-279 I-2921

Edwin Berry - correspondence, 1961 

I-279 I-2922

Correspondence, 1961 

I-279 I-2923

Champaign-Urbana Urban League, 1962 

I-279 I-2924

Edwin Berry - Notices and Invitations, 1961 

I-279 I-2925

Edwin Berry - speeches, 1961 

I-279 I-2926

William E. Hill Biography - 1962 

I-279 I-2927

NAIRO - correspondence, 1965 

I-280 I-2928

NAIRO, 1967 

I-280 I-2929

NAIRO - annual conference, 1961 

I-280 I-2930

Council of Religious Leaders - membership list, 1963 

I-280 I-2931

Council of Religious Leaders - preference check list, 1963 

I-280 I-2932

Council of Religious Leaders, 1973-1975 

I-280 I-2933

Council of Religious Leaders - steering committee, undated 

I-280 I-2934

Council of Religious Leaders, 1975-1976 

I-280 I-2935

Council of Religious Leaders, 1974-1975 

I-280 I-2936

Albert A. Briggs, undated 

I-281 I-2937

Edward Brooks (Senator) - photo, undated 

I-281 I-2938

Gwendolyn Brooks - clipping, 1968 

I-281 I-2939

Shirley Chisolm - photo and biography, 1969 

I-281 I-2940

Wesley Ted Cobb - photo and biography, ca. 1985 

I-281 I-2941

Rev. George Clements - clipping, 1969 

I-281 I-2942

Senior Citizens, 1974-1978 

I-281 I-2943

Seaway National Bank - correspondence, 1964 

I-282 I-2944

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, 1964 

I-282 I-2945

Information for Chicago Historical Society, 1965 

I-282 I-2946

Urban Renewal - annual report, 1965 

I-282 I-2947

Presentation to the Adams Committee, 1965 

I-282 I-2948

NAIRO - intern correspondence, 1965 

I-282 I-2949

Parker High School committee, 1966 

I-282 I-2950

White House Conference "to fulfill these rights", 1966 

I-282 I-2951

Southern Christian Leadership Conference - registration drive, 1966-1967 

I-282 I-2952

Indiana University - executive program, 1966-1967 

I-282 I-2953

Western Illinois - Atomic Energy Commission, 1967 

I-282 I-2954

Chicago Merit Employment Committee, 1967 

I-282 I-2955

Illinois Federation of Consumers meeting, 1967 

I-282 I-2956

Illinois Federation of Consumers, 1967 

I-283 I-2957

National Convention for New Politics - memoranda, 1967 

I-283 I-2958

National Association of Social Workers - correspondence, 1967 

I-283 I-2959

Model Cities Program, 1967 

I-283 I-2960

West Side Fact Sheet, 1968 

I-283 I-2961

Al Raby Testimonial Committee, 1967 

I-283 I-2962

Education and Desegregation - pamphlets and reports, 1967 

I-283 I-2963

Chicago Riots - memorandum, 1968 

I-283 I-2964

Chicago Riot study committee, 1968 

I-283 I-2965

Student Woodlawn Area Project - reports and correspondence, 1968 

I-284 I-2966

Afro-American Police League, 1968 

I-284 I-2967

Afro-American Police League, undated 

I-284 I-2968

List of Lawndale Community Organizations, 1968 

I-284 I-2969

Church Federation of Greater Chicago, 1968-1969 

I-284 I-2970

Student Woodlawn Area Project - Performance Review, 1967 

I-284 I-2971

Welfare Council handbook, 1968 

I-284 I-2972

Dixmoor riot - correspondence, 1964 

I-284 I-2973

State of Illinois v Leonard Dickerson - correspondence, 1970 

I-284 I-2974

Martin Luther King - correspondence, 1966 

I-285 I-2975

National Conference on Social Welfare - memoranda, 1969 

I-285 I-2976

SCLC - Poor People's Campaign, 1969 

I-285 I-2977

GLCC general meeting, 1968 

I-285 I-2978

Employment and Guidance Committees, 1969 

I-285 I-2979

NOW report on legislation, 1969 

I-285 I-2980

Welfare Council - minutes, 1969 

I-285 I-2981

Welfare Council, 1969 

I-285 I-2982

Chicago Committee on Urban Opportunity, 1969 

I-285 I-2983

Chicago Economic Development Corporation, 1969 

I-285 I-2984

Chicago Economic Development Corporation, 1969 

I-285 I-2985

Parker High School council, undated 

I-286 I-2986

Principal's Conference, 1968 

I-286 I-2987

Thompson Community Singers, 1970 

I-286 I-2988

Thompson Community Singers, 1970 

I-286 I-2989

Westinghouse Vocational High School, 1968 

I-286 I-2990

Chicago Vocational High School, 1968-1971 

I-286 I-2991

Chicago Economic Development Corporation, 1970 

I-286 I-2992

Staff memoranda, 1970 

I-287 I-2993

Staff memoranda, 1970 

I-287 I-2994

Board Meeting - agenda and minutes, 1969 

I-287 I-2995

National Urban League press release, 1969 

I-287 I-2996

Thank you letters, 1970 

I-287 I-2997

Chicago Economic Development Corporation, 1970 

I-287 I-2998

Contract Buyers League, 1970 

I-287 I-2999

Englewood Community Congress, 1970 

I-287 I-3000

Community Education Department, 1970 

I-287 I-3001

Legal Education Clinic, 1970 

I-287 I-3002

SCLC, 1970 

I-287 I-3003

Welfare Council - memoranda, 1970 

I-287 I-3004

National Conference of Christians and Jews - correspondence, 1970 

I-287 I-3005

Miscellaneous correspondence, 1973 

I-288 I-3006

National Conference of Christians and Jews, 1972 

I-288 I-3007

Operation PUSH, 1972 

I-288 I-3008

Chicago Committee on Urban Opportunity, 1970-1973 

I-288 I-3009

Chicago Committee on Urban Opportunity, 1973 

I-288 I-3010

Chicago Committee on Urban Opportunity, 1973 

I-288 I-3011

Ad Hoc Committee on Welfare Crisis, 1971 

I-289 I-3012

Community Organization Fall Conference Schedule, 1971 

I-289 I-3013

AFL-CIO position on the proposed State Constitution, 1970 

I-289 I-3014

Welfare Council - correspondence, 1970 

I-289 I-3015

Leadership Council for Metropolitan Open Communities, 1969 

I-289 I-3016

Correspondence and reporting, 1969-1970 

I-289 I-3017

Direct Action for Rehab and Employment (DARE), 1969-1971 

I-289 I-3018

Chicago Committee on Urban Opportunity, 1971 

I-290 I-3019

Gage Park High School Agreement, 1972 

I-290 I-3020

Apprenticeship Advisory Committee minutes, 197-1972 

I-290 I-3021

Urban League information, ca. 1970 

I-290 I-3022

Streets and Sanitation - annual report, 1970 

I-290 I-3023

Whitney Young tributes, 1971-1974 

I-290 I-3024

Whitney Young tributes, 1971 

I-290 I-3025

Whitney Young, undated 

I-290 I-3026

Whitney Young fund, ca. 1971 

I-290 I-3027

Whitney Young eulogies and photos, 1971 

I-290 I-3028

Whitney Young tributes, 1971 

I-290 I-3029

Male Security Committee, 1970 

I-290 I-3030

Action for Survival Committee, 1970 

I-290 I-3031

Leadership Council for Metropolitan Open Communities, 1972 

I-291 I-3032

Council for Community Service, 1972 

I-291 I-3033

IBM, 1971 

I-291 I-3034

Planned Parenthood Association, 1971-1972 

I-291 I-3035

Chicago Law Enforcement Study Group, 1972 

I-291 I-3036

Urban Dynamics - Inner City Fund, 1971-1972 

I-292 I-3037

Leadership Council for Metropolitan Open Communities, 1971-1972 

I-292 I-3038

PUSH economic bill of rights, 1972 

I-292 I-3039

Welfare Council of Metropolitan Chicago, 1971-1972 

I-292 I-3040

Parker High Community Council, 1971 

I-293 I-3041

American Youth Hostel's Open Road Program, 1971 

I-293 I-3042

Welfare Crisis ad hoc committee, 1971 

I-293 I-3043

Organization Addresses, undated 

I-293 I-3044

Alliance to End Repression, 1971 

I-293 I-3045

Black Panther case, 1971 

I-293 I-3046

Urban Affairs Council, 1972 

I-293 I-3047

Triton College response, 1972 

I-293 I-3048

Shoesmith School Breakfast Program Committee, 1972 

I-293 I-3049

Chicago Law Enforcement Group, 1972 

I-293 I-3050

James Compton call lists, 1973 

I-294 I-3051

Schedules - interdepartmental correspondence, 1972 

I-294 I-3052

No Fault Insurance information, 1972 

I-294 I-3053

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1972 

I-294 I-3054

Other organizations, 1973 

I-294 I-3055

Chicago Business Opportunity Fair, 1972 

I-295 I-3056

Council Community Services Committee, 1973 

I-295 I-3057

Planned Parenthood of Chicago, 1973 

I-295 I-3058

Planned Parenthood of Chicago, 1973 

I-295 I-3059

Planned Parenthood Association, 1973 

I-295 I-3060

Mailing lists, 1973 

I-296 I-3061

Illinois legislative statements, 1973 

I-296 I-3062

Cooperative Area manpower planning system, 1973 

I-296 I-3063

Public Welfare Coalition, 1973 

I-296 I-3064

Standard Oil Building planning committee, 1973 

I-296 I-3065

Latin American Task Force, 1972 

I-296 I-3066

Contracts, 1973 

I-296 I-3067

Chicago Apprenticeship Advisory Committee, 1973 

I-296 I-3068

Cement Masons Craft Committee meeting, 1973 

I-296 I-3069

CUL Board meeting, 1973 

I-296 I-3070

Electricians Craft Committee meeting, 1973 

I-296 I-3071

Lathers Craft Committee meeting, 1973 

I-296 I-3072

Operating Engineer Craft Committee minutes, 1973 

I-296 I-3073

Plasterers Craft Committee minutes, 1973 

I-296 I-3074

Plumbers Craft Committee meeting, 1973 

I-296 I-3075

Council for Community Services, 1973 

I-296 I-3076

Council for Community Services, 1972-1973 

I-296 I-3077

Voter Registration Education, 1972 

I-297 I-3078

Comprehensive Cadre Report, 1972 

I-297 I-3079

Cook County Hospital Committee - lay-offs, 1973 

I-297 I-3080

Planned Parenthood, 1971-1972 

I-297 I-3081

Planned Parenthood, 1971-1972 

I-297 I-3082

Interdepartmental correspondence, 1973 

I-298 I-3083

Woodlawn Organization, 1973 

I-298 I-3084

Urban Dynamics/Inner City Fund Committee, 1973 

I-298 I-3085

Urban Dynamics/Inner City Fund Committee, 1973 

I-298 I-3086

Urban Dynamics/Inner City Fund Committee, 1972-1973 

I-298 I-3087

Illinois State Council of Urban Leagues - bylaws, undated 

I-299 I-3088

H. Seyfarth - correspondence, 1974 

I-299 I-3089

CUL by-laws, undated 

I-299 I-3090

CTA legislation, 1970 

I-299 I-3091

Budget proposal, 1974 

I-299 I-3092

Cabinet conference, 1974 

I-299 I-3093

Cabinet conference, 1974 

I-299 I-3094

Executive Committee meeting finances, 1974 

I-299 I-3095

Rules Committee, 1974 

I-299 I-3096

Executive Committee, 1974 

I-299 I-3097

Executive Committee, 1974 

I-299 I-3098

Papers and presentations, 1975-1976 

I-299 I-3099

CETA, 1974 

I-299 I-3100

List of Board Members, 1974 

I-299 I-3101

Public Building Commission, 1974 

I-300 I-3102

Minority Construction Compliance Committee, 1974 

I-300 I-3103

Coalition for United Community Action, 1975 

I-300 I-3104

Dodge Report, 1974 

I-300 I-3105

Breadbasket Commercial Association, 1974 

I-300 I-3106

CUL pamphlets, undated 

I-300 I-3107

District 20 committee, 1974 

I-300 I-3108

State Education Committees, 1974 

I-300 I-3109

Urban Dynamics/Inner City Fund, 1974 

I-300 I-3110

Urban Dynamics/Inner City Fund, 1973 

I-300 I-3111

Black Expo, 1974 

I-300 I-3112

Justice Seminar, 1975 

I-300 I-3113

U.S. Department of Labor, 1974 

I-300 I-3114

Latin American Task Force, 1974 

I-300 I-3115

Mayors Office for Senior Citizens, 1974 

I-300 I-3116

Building Committee, 1974 

I-300 I-3117

Labor Education Advancement Program, 1974 

I-300 I-3118

Lawndale Association for Social Health, 1974 

I-300 I-3119

Swan and Holden, 1974 

I-300 I-3120

Department of Health, Education and Welfare, 1975 

I-301 I-3121

Sloan File, 1975 

I-301 I-3122

Sloan File, 1975 

I-301 I-3123

Community Development, 1975 

I-301 I-3124

Annual Luncheon, 1975 

I-301 I-3125

Minority Contractors, 1975 

I-301 I-3126

Security Guard Regulations, 1975-1983 

I-301 I-3127

Development and Housing proposals, 1975-1976 

I-301 I-3128

Year-End Report, 1975 

I-301 I-3129

CD and S Race Relations, 1975 

I-301 I-3130

Washburne Trade School, 1974 

I-301 I-3131

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, 1975 

I-301 I-3132

Cross Town Expressway,1975 

I-301 I-3133

Construction and Building, 1976 

I-302 I-3134

Illinois Minority Bicentennial Symposium, 1976 

I-302 I-3135

Illinois Minority Bicentennial Symposium, 1976 

I-302 I-3136

Illinois Minority Bicentennial Symposium, 1976 

I-302 I-3137

Illinois Minority Bicentennial Symposium, 1976 

I-302 I-3138

Illinois Minority Bicentennial Symposium, 1976 

I-302 I-3139

Illinois Minority Bicentennial Symposium, 1976 

I-302 I-3140

Illinois Minority Bicentennial Symposium, 1976 

I-302 I-3141

Illinois Minority Bicentennial Symposium, 1976 

I-302 I-3142

Illinois Minority Bicentennial Symposium, 1976 

I-302 I-3143

Board of Election Commissioners, 1976 

I-303 I-3144

Equal Opportunity Press Conference, 1976 

I-303 I-3145

Miscellaneous Technical Assistance, 1976 

I-303 I-3146

Testimony on Federal Contract Compliance, 1976 

I-303 I-3147

Kanter File, 1976 

I-303 I-3148

Chicago Committee on Urban Opportunity, 1976 

I-303 I-3149

Lorraine Marcus - Northside Office, 1976 

I-303 I-3150

City Contract, 1976 

I-303 I-3151

State's Attorney Commendation, 1976 

I-303 I-3152

Program sub-committee agenda, 1976 

I-304 I-3153

April 20 meeting attendees, 1976 

I-304 I-3154

Senior Agency Exchange Shop, 1976 

I-304 I-3155

Conference on Crime and Justice, 1976 

I-304 I-3156

Illinois Minority Bicentennial Symposium, 1976 

I-304 I-3157

Illinois Minority Bicentennial Symposium, 1976 

I-304 I-3158

Illinois Minority Bicentennial Symposium, 1976 

I-304 I-3159

Status Report on Symposium Planning, 1976 

I-304 I-3160

Advisory Committee meeting attendees, 1976 

I-304 I-3161

Illinois Minority Bicentennial Symposium, 1976 

I-304 I-3162

Illinois Minority Bicentennial Symposium, 1976 

I-304 I-3163

Illinois Minority Bicentennial Symposium, 1976 

I-304 I-3164

Illinois Minority Bicentennial Symposium, 1976 

I-304 I-3165

Illinois Minority Bicentennial Symposium, 1976 

I-304 I-3166

Illinois Minority Bicentennial Symposium, 1976 

I-304 I-3167

Illinois Minority Bicentennial Symposium, 1976 

I-304 I-3168

Illinois Minority Bicentennial Symposium, 1976 

I-305 I-3169

Chicago Coalition of Integrated Communities, 1976 

I-305 I-3170

Illinois Minority Bicentennial Symposium, 1976 

I-305 I-3171

Illinois Minority Bicentennial Symposium, 1976 

I-305 I-3172

Illinois Minority Bicentennial Symposium, 1976 

I-305 I-3173

Illinois Minority Bicentennial Symposium, 1976 

I-305 I-3174

Conference on School Desegregation, 1977 

I-306 I-3175

Service Statistics Material, 1977 

I-306 I-3176

CABMS Contracts, 1977 

I-306 I-3177

Housing, 1976-1977 

I-306 I-3178

Activity Reports, 1977 

I-306 I-3179

People's Coalition for Voter Registration, 1977 

I-306 I-3180

Westside Organization, 1978 

I-306 I-3181

Majeune Case, 1977 

I-306 I-3182

Hixson Tribute to Christopher Smith 

I-306 I-3183

Budget Workshops Material, 1978 

I-307 I-3184

Transitional Assistance Contract, 1978 

I-307 I-3185

Transitional Assistance Contract, 1978 

I-307 I-3186

Education Network, 1978 

I-307 I-3187

Memo on Cook County Hospital, 1979 

I-308 I-3188

Black Leadership Committee meeting notes, 1979 

I-308 I-3189

Chicago Economic Development Corporation, 1979-1980 

I-308 I-3190

Board of Education, 1979 

I-308 I-3191

Special Report, 1979 

I-308 I-3192

Long-Term Planning Conference, 1978 

I-308 I-3193

Community Development Program, 1978 

I-308 I-3194

Community Development Program, undated 

I-308 I-3195

Housing, 1979 

I-308 I-3196

Community Development Program, 1980 

I-308 I-3197

Peggy Gray, 1979 

I-308 I-3198

Black and Jewish Organizations, 1979 

I-308 I-3199

Operation PUSH, 1979 

I-308 I-3200

National Marketing Training Program for Minorities, 1979 

I-308 I-3201

Black Leadership, 1979 

I-308 I-3202

Sears, Roebuck Affirmative Action Suit, 1979 

I-309 I-3203

CET A, 1980 

I-309 I-3204

CETA, 1979 

I-309 I-3205

CETA, 1979 

I-309 I-3206

CETA, 1979-1980 

I-309 I-3207

Jerry Szatan - Overall Economic Development Plan, 1977 

I-309 I-3208

Projects Unplanned but Pursued, 1977-1979 

I-309 I-3209

Sun-Times real estate advertising policy, 1979-1982 

I-309 I-3210

Administrative Service, 1980 

I-310 I-3211

Chicago Forum, 1980 

I-310 I-3212

President's Commission for a National Agenda, 1980 

I-310 I-3213

President's Commission for a National Agenda, 1980 

I-310 I-3214

Corporation for Public and Private Ventures, 1920 

I-310 I-3215

Governor's Transition Committee, 1980 

I-310 I-3216

Governor's Transition Committee, 1980 

I-310 I-3217

Governor's Transition Committee, 1980 

I-310 I-3218

Governor's Transition Committee, 1980 

I-310 I-3219

Political Action Conference of Illinois - meeting center for continuing education, 1980 

I-310 I-3220

Grant Chandler's International Harvester Advisory Commission, 1980 

I-310 I-3221

City Contracts, 1980 

I-310 I-3222

Political Action, 1980 

I-310 I-3223

Government contracts, 1980 

I-311 I-3224

Leadership Council for Metropolitan Open Communities, 1980-1981 

I-311 I-3225

White and Hispanic Recruitment, 1980-1981 

I-311 I-3226

LEAP, 1981 

I-311 I-3227

Housing, 1979-1980 

I-311 I-3228

Housing lawsuit, ca. 1980-1981 

I-311 I-3229

Bill McCloud, 1981 

I-311 I-3230

Office sites, 1981 

I-311 I-3231

Phoenix partnership, 1981 

I-311 I-3232

Black Unity Redirecting Forum, 1981 

I-311 I-3233

Jim Browder, 1981 

I-312 I-3234

Title I program analysis, 1981 

I-312 I-3235

Title I analysis summary, 1980 

I-312 I-3236

Service Planning Advisory Committee, 1972-1974 

I-312 I-3237

Annual Luncheon, 1982 

I-312 I-3238

Chicago Alliance of Business, 1982 

I-312 I-3239

AFDC Hearings, 1982 

I-312 I-3240

Redistricting, 1981 

I-312 I-3241

National Urban League, 1981 

I-312 I-3242

Community Based Organization Partnership Program, 1982 

I-312 I-3243

Tri-Associates Agreement, 1981 

I-312 I-3244

Chicago's 10 Outstanding Young Citizens, 1981 

I-312 I-3245

National Association of Black Accountants, 1981 

I-312 I-3246

Lawrence Phillips, 1981 

I-313 I-3247

Charles Forester, 1982 

I-313 I-3248

Computer Training Center, 1981 

I-313 I-3249

Snow Removal, 1984-1985 

I-313 I-3250

General Foods affirmative action, 1987 

I-313 I-3251

Merchandise Mart affirmative action, 1990 

I-313 I-3252

United Airlines affirmative action, 1988 

I-313 I-3253

Research park affirmative action, 1989-1990 

I-313 I-3254

120 North LaSalle affirmative action, 1989 

I-313 I-3255

One North Franklin affirmative action, 1989 

I-313 I-3256

Illinois Bell affirmative action, 1988 

I-313 I-3257

IDOT affirmative action, 1983 

I-313 I-3258

Jewel affirmative action, 1990-1991 

I-313 I-3259

IDOT subcontracts affirmative action, 1990-1991 

I-313 I-3260

IDOT affirmative action, 1991-1992 

I-313 I-3261

IDOT affirmative action, 1990 

I-313 I-3262

IDOT affirmative action, 1990-1991 

I-314 I-3263

Housing Contract, 1990 

I-314 I-3264

GSA affirmative action, 1989 

I-314 I-3265

Federal Express affirmative action, 1989 

I-314 I-3266

School Financing, 1991 

I-314 I-3267

Tishman Construction affirmative action, 1989 

I-314 I-3268

Life and Safety Project affirmative action, 1989 

I-314 I-3269

ATandT affirmative action, 1989 

I-314 I-3270

Ameritech affirmative action, 1989 

I-314 I-3271

LATF, 1980-1982 

I-314 I-3272

Funding proposal, undated 

I-314 I-3273

Scholarship loan program, undated 

I-314 I-3274

Members and Development, 1987-1989 

I-314 I-3275

Black Church Linkage Project report, 1989 

I-314 I-3276

"The Kid Who Loved Christmas" filming, 1989 

I-314 I-3277

Staff directory, 1986 

I-314 I-3278

Experimental Community index, 1987 

I-314 I-3279

UIC meeting, 1989 

I-314 I-3280

Child Welfare Licensing Review meeting, 1987 

I-314 I-3281

GBHAPP financial records, 1986 

I-314 I-3282

Subseries 6: National Urban League Subseries 

Scope and Content: 

The National Urban League Subseries contains correspondence, reports, memoranda, press releases, lists, published materials, proposals, recommendations, memoranda, and annual reports of both the National Urban League and several other local Urban Leagues. The materials cover 1945-1982. A bulk of the subseries covers the 1950s and 1970s. 

Box Folder

Yearbook, 1950 

I-315 I-3283

Correspondence, 1946-1954 

I-315 I-3284

Critique for evaluating an Urban League affiliate, undated 

I-315 I-3285

Reports and memoranda, 1945-1948 

I-315 I-3286

Reports and memoranda, 1948-1950 

I-315 I-3287

Reports and memoranda, 1950-1951 

I-315 I-3288

Reports and memoranda, 1951-1952 

I-315 I-3289

Reports and memoranda, 1952 

I-315 I-3290

Reports and memoranda, 1952-1953 

I-315 I-3291

Reports and memoranda, 1953 

I-315 I-3292

CUL Workshop, 1950 

I-315 I-3293

Affiliates - correspondence, 1949-1954 

I-316 I-3294

Affiliates - general, 1939-1954 

I-316 I-3295

Affiliates - lists, 1950 

I-316 I-3296

Affiliates - memoranda, 1953-1955 

I-316 I-3297

Affiliates - published materials, 1953-1955 

I-316 I-3298

Affiliates - reports, 1951-1955 

I-316 I-3299

Commission on Community Services, undated 

I-316 I-3300

Community Organization Council minutes, 1945-1953 

I-316 I-3301

Federal Security Agency - Annual Report, 1951 

I-316 I-3302

Federal Security Agency cooperation, 1949 

I-316 I-3303

National Administrative and Clerical Council - Constitution, 1951 

I-316 I-3304

National Administrative and Clerical Council - general, 1953 

I-316 I-3305

National Administrative and Clerical Council - Jottings, 1952-1954 

I-316 I-3306

Career conferences and various universities, 1950-1955 

I-316 I-3307

General file, 1947-1954 

I-316 I-3308

Handbook of operations for personnel, undated 

I-316 I-3309

Lester Granger's news from India, undated 

I-316 I-3310

Memoranda, 1952-1955 

I-316 I-3311

Press releases, 1949-1954 

I-316 I-3312

Guides, undated 

I-316 I-3313

Correspondence, 1947-1953 

I-316 I-3314

Correspondence, 1953-1954 

I-316 I-3315

Correspondence, 1954 

I-316 I-3316

Correspondence, 1954-1957 

I-316 I-3317

Lester Granger's news from India, 1952-1955 

I-317 I-3318

Manual for convention delegates, 1955 

I-317 I-3319

Memoranda, 1947-1953 

I-317 I-3320

Memoranda, 1953-1954 

I-317 I-3321

Memoranda, 1954 

I-317 I-3322

Memoranda, 1954 

I-317 I-3323

Memoranda, 1955-1961 

I-317 I-3324

National Urban League, 1953-1954 

I-317 I-3325

Report on budget procedure, undated 

I-317 I-3326

Suggested terms of agreement between guilds, undated 

I-317 I-3327

Historical Data, undated 

I-317 I-3328

Black Executives Exchange Program, undated 

I-317 I-3329

Community Guide to Chicago, undated 

I-317 I-3330

Field Visit, 1962 

I-317 I-3331

Statements, 1963-1970 

I-317 I-3332

March to the Ballot Box 1 --, undated 

I-317 I-3333

Training seminar, undated 

I-317 I-3334

Correspondence, 1966 

I-318 I-3335

National Democratic Convention, 1968 

I-318 I-3336

Whitney Young "To Be Equal" column 

I-318 I-3337

Whitney Young 

I-318 I-3338

National Urban League, 1962-1967 

I-318 I-3339

National Urban League, 1967 

I-318 I-3340

National Urban League, 1967 

I-318 I-3341

News releases, 1968 

I-318 I-3342

Annual Reports and News Letters, 1969-1971 

I-318 I-3343

Directory for all Urban Leagues, 1969 

I-319 I-3344

Correspondence, 1969 

I-319 I-3345

Administration - Training, 1968 

I-319 I-3346

Administration - Conference, undated 

I-319 I-3347

Administration - Conference, 1968 

I-319 I-3348

Correspondence and reports, 1969 

I-319 I-3349

Fellowship Program Materials, 1969-1972 

I-319 I-3350

Service Award Pins, 1969 

I-319 I-3351

New Thrust for the Urban League, 1968 

I-319 I-3352

Youth Guidance Contact List, 1969 

I-319 I-3353

Directory and Personal Guidelines, 1969 

I-319 I-3354

National Urban League, 1969 

I-319 I-3355

National Urban League, 1969-1970 

I-319 I-3356

Council of Executive Directors, 1970 

I-319 I-3357

Correspondence with affiliate Urban Leagues, 1970 

I-320 I-3358

Administration - Annual Report, 1971 

I-320 I-3359

Task Force Terms of Affiliation, 1971 

I-320 I-3360

Midwestern Training Seminar, 1971 

I-320 I-3361

Administration - Press Releases 1970-1972 

I-320 I-3362

Administration - Conference, 1973 

I-320 I-3363

Administration records - Conference, 1972 

I-320 I-3364

Administration records - Community Development, 1972 

I-320 I-3365

Administration records - Community Development Directory, 1973 

I-320 I-3366

Administration, 1972 

I-320 I-3367

Administration records - Organizational Chart, 1972-1973 

I-320 I-3368

Indianapolis Urban League Pamphlet, 1973 

I-320 I-3369

Response to NUL Transportation Brochure, 1973 

I-320 I-3370

Midwest Regional Conference of Urban League Guides, 1973 

I-320 I-3371

National Urban League, 1971-1973 

I-320 I-3372

Clippings and correspondence, 1966-1975 

I-321 I-3373

Dues, 1966-1974 

I-321 I-3374

National Urban League, 1962-1967 

I-321 I-3375

New Thrust - Proposal summaries, 1968 

I-321 I-3376

Research Committee, 1970 

I-321 I-3377

Administrative memoranda, 1965-1971 

I-321 I-3378

Black G.I.s and veterans briefing, 1969 

I-321 I-3379

Street Academy Program, 1968 

I-322 I-3380

Evaluation of New York Urban League Street Academy program, 1970 

I-322 I-3381

Street Academy Proposal, 1971 

I-322 I-3382

Regional activities, 1971 

I-322 I-3383

National Urban League - Memos, 1970 

I-322 I-3384

Administration Records, 1971 

I-322 I-3385

Proposals and Recommendations, 1971 

I-322 I-3386

Progress Report, 1971 

I-322 I-3387

Black student summer programs, 1971 

I-322 I-3388

Analysis of League operations, 1971 

I-322 I-3389

Urban League, 1968-1970 

I-323 I-3390

Memos and correspondence, 1971 

I-323 I-3391

Memos and correspondence, 1971-1972 

I-323 I-3392

Development Foundations, undated 

I-323 I-3393

News Releases, 1965-1969 

I-323 I-3394

Business Advisory Council Minutes, 1971 

I-324 I-3395

Business Advisory Council Minutes, 1972 

I-324 I-3396

Business Advisory Council Minutes, 1972 

I-324 I-3397

Service Directories, 1970 

I-324 I-3398

Address Lists, undated 

I-324 I-3399

Address Lists, undated 

I-324 I-3400

Research Department - Mailing Lists 

I-324 I-3401

Analysis of Program Activity Sheets, 1972 

I-325 I-3402

Analyses and correspondence, 1972 

I-325 I-3403

National Urban League, 1972 

I-325 I-3404

Funded Programs, 1973 

I-325 I-3405

Memoranda and reports, 1971-1973 

I-325 I-3406

Field Visit Report, 1973 

I-325 I-3407

Strategic Plan, 1973 

I-325 I-3408

Omaha Urban League, 1969-1972 

I-326 I-3409

Progress Report, 1971 

I-326 I-3410

Program Descriptions, 1969-1971 

I-326 I-3411

Funding, 1971 

I-326 I-3412

Administrative Records, 1971-1974 

I-326 I-3413

Reports to Washington, D.C., 1971 

I-326 I-3414

Urban League of Rochester, undated 

I-326 I-3415

Memoranda, 1970 

I-326 I-3416

Memoranda, 1970 

I-326 I-3417

Development fund annual report, 1971 

I-326 I-3418

National Urban League, undated 

I-326 I-3419

State and Local Fiscal Assistance Act of 1972 

I-326 I-3420

National Urban League, 1972-1974 

I-327 I-3421

National Urban League, 1972-1974 

I-327 I-3422

National Urban League, 1972-1974 

I-327 I-3423

National Urban League, 1974 

I-327 I-3424

Progress Report, 1971 

I-328 I-3425

Programs, 1973 

I-328 I-3426

History, undated 

I-328 I-3427

General correspondence, 1973 

I-328 I-3428

Regional correspondence, undated 

I-328 I-3429

Convention materials, 1974 

I-328 I-3430

Population and Economic Profiles 

I-328 I-3431

Newspaper clippings from Senior broadcast print journalist 

I-328 I-3432

MWRO memorandums, 1974 

I-328 I-3433

Manpower Management System, 1974 

I-328 I-3434

Monthly Reports, 1974 

I-328 I-3435

Long-Range planning, 1974 

I-328 I-3436

National Urban League, 1972 

I-329 I-3437

Family planning project, 1971 

I-329 I-3438

Vernon E. Jordan, Jr. Speeches, 1972 

I-329 I-3439

Conference Briefings, 1975 

I-329 I-3440

Conference, 1975 

I-329 I-3441

Conference, 1974 

I-329 I-3442

Conference, 1974 

I-329 I-3443

Conference, 1974 

I-329 I-3444

Conference and progress reports, 1973-1974 

I-329 I-3445

National Urban League, 1974 

I-329 I-3446

National Urban League, 1969 

I-329 I-3447

Staff directory education, undated 

I-330 I-3448

Atlanta conference, 1975 

I-330 I-3449

Trip, 1975 

I-330 I-3450

Correspondence, 1973-1974 

I-330 I-3451

Correspondence, 1973-1974 

I-330 I-3452

Report on services to affiliates, 1975 

I-331 I-3453

Michael Glass files, 1974-1975 

I-331 I-3454

Michael Glass files, 1974-1975 

I-331 I-3455

Monthly Report, 1975 

I-331 I-3456

Dues, 1975-1976 

I-331 I-3457

Regional Office correspondence, 1976 

I-331 I-3458

Correspondence, 1976 

I-331 I-3459

National Urban League, 1975 

I-332 I-3460

National Urban League White House conference - Memorandum, 1977 

I-332 I-3461

Memoranda, 1976-1977 

I-332 I-3462

CETA Memorandum, 1977 

I-332 I-3463

Regional Office correspondence, 1977 

I-332 I-3464

Regional Office correspondence, 1976 

I-332 I-3465

Meeting, 1977 

I-332 I-3466

National Urban League, 1977 

I-332 I-3467

General Correspondence, 1969-1972 

I-333 I-3468

General Correspondence, 1969-1972 

I-333 I-3469

Funding and Finances, 1971 

I-333 I-3470

Council of Executive Directors, 1973 

I-333 I-3471

Programs, 1971 

I-333 I-3472

Newsletters, 1971 

I-333 I-3473

Conference, 1974 

I-333 I-3474

Correspondence indirect costs, 1974 

I-333 I-3475

Affiliate dues, 1974 

I-333 I-3476

Terms of affiliation, 1971 

I-333 I-3477

Urban League Affiliations, 1970-1973 

I-333 I-3478

Bylaws, 1973 

I-333 I-3479

History, 1970s 

I-333 I-3480

MWRO Fiscal audit, undated 

I-333 I-3481

National Urban League, 1977 

I-334 I-3482

National Urban League, 1977 

I-334 I-3483

National Urban League, 1978 

I-334 I-3484

Youth Research Project, 1978 

I-334 I-3485

Administration, 1978 

I-334 I-3486

Board of Trustees, 1978 

I-334 I-3487

Affiliates, 1978 

I-334 I-3488

Survey of affiliate executives, 1979 

I-334 I-3489

Washington Bureau, 1980 

I-334 I-3490

Mid-Winter meeting, 1981 

I-334 I-3491

Correspondence, 1982 

I-334 I-3492

National Urban League, 1979-1982 

I-334 I-3493

Patricia Knight, 1974-1976 

I-335 I-3494

Patricia Knight, 1975-1978 

I-335 I-3495

Memos to/from Patricia Knight, 1976-1977 

I-335 I-3496

Memos to/from Patricia Knight, 1976-1977 

I-335 I-3497

National Urban League - Reports, 1975-1976 

I-335 I-3498

Affiliates, undated 

I-336 I-3499

Regional Office correspondence, 1979 

I-336 I-3500

Report, 1979 

I-336 I-3501

NUL Funded Projects, 1976-1980 

I-336 I-3502

Correspondence, 1980-1981 

I-336 I-3503

Staff quarterly, 1981 

I-336 I-3504

Regional Assembly, 1982 

I-336 I-3505

National Urban League, 1982 

I-337 I-3506

National Urban League, 1983 

I-337 I-3507

Baltimore Urban League, 1984 

I-337 I-3508

Yoshiyama Award, 1988 

I-337 I-3509

National Urban League, 1988-1989 

I-337 I-3510

Affiliate Data Report, undated 

I-337 I-3511

Affiliate directories, 1985 

I-337 I-3512

Local affiliates, 1991 

I-337 I-3513

Guidelines for Protecting Health in Urban League Communities,1982 

I-337 I-3514

National Urban League - Affiliate Data Collection Report, 1981 

I-337 I-3515

National Urban League - Correspondence from National Urban League, 1980-1981 

I-337 I-3516

National Urban League - Social Service Adoptions, 1981 

I-337 I-3517

Press releases, 1967 

I-338 I-3518

Press releases, 1969-1972 

I-338 I-3519

Press releases, 1971 

I-338 I-3520

Career Training and Economic Resources Department, undated 

I-338 I-3521

Bulletins, 1975-1980 

I-338 I-3522

Newsletters, 1974 

I-338 I-3523

Financial Report, 1968 

I-338 I-3524

Job Match, 1976 

I-338 I-3525

Annual Conference, 1948 

I-338 I-3526

Annual Conference, 1954 

I-338 I-3527

Miami Urban League conference program, 1967-1968 

I-338 I-3528

Conference administration file, 1968-1970 

I-338 I-3529

Speeches for Conference, 1970 

I-338 I-3530

Conference materials, 1975 

I-338 I-3531

Planning Conference, 1970 

I-339 I-3532

Conference administration file, 1970 

I-339 I-3533

Delegates and reservations, 1972 

I-339 I-3534

Booking and conference schedules, 1972 

I-339 I-3535

Conference administration file, 1973 

I-339 I-3536

Conference administration file, 1969 

I-339 I-3537

Conference administration file, 1976 

I-339 I-3538

Conference administration file, 1977 

I-339 I-3539

Conference administration file, 1978 

I-339 I-3540

Conference administration file, 1979 

I-339 I-3541

Conference administration file, 1980 

I-339 I-3542

Conference administration file, 1981 

I-339 I-3543

Affiliates, 1975, 1975, 1979 

I-340 I-3544

Conference, 1975 

I-340 I-3545

Conference, 1974 

I-340 I-3546

Project Thrive Conference, 1977 

I-340 I-3547

Conference, 1978 

I-340 I-3548

Conference administration file, 1978 

I-341 I-3549

Conference administration file, 1980 

I-341 I-3550

James E. Taylor, 1979 

I-341 I-3551

Conference administration file, 1984 

I-341 I-3552

Conference administration file, 1988 

I-341 I-3553

Conference administration file, 1990 

I-341 I-3554

Annual Reports and Newsletters, 1964-1969 

I-341 I-3555

The Secretariat, 1966 

I-341 I-3556

The Secretariat, 1966-1968 

I-341 I-3557

Memoranda and newsletters, 1968-1970 

I-341 I-3558

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