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Chicago Urban League.
Chicago Urban League records
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Founded in 1910, the National Urban League is one of the oldest African American social service, research, and advocacy organizations in the United States. A group of sociologists, social workers, and philanthropists founded the Chicago League in 1916 to address the rapidly increasing needs of the African American community during a time of voluminous migration. The specific focus of the Chicago League's programs has changed over time from the provision of social services to advocacy and leadership on citywide efforts to open jobs, housing, and public accommodations to black citizens. As a reform organization, the League has attracted criticism from the right and the left. Conservatives have often suggested that the League was pushing for too much change too quickly, and have especially criticized individual League leaders for being overly aggressive. On the other hand, the more militant labor and civil rights leaders have criticized the League for protecting the interests of its white supporters rather than the needs of black workers. With its connections to the University of Chicago's School of Sociology, the CUL was at the heart of efforts to use community studies and statistics to shape public policy.

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Collection Inventory

Series II: Programs Series 

Over the course of the twentieth century the Chicago Urban League created and administered - often coordinating with outside agencies - a broad array of programs, from job training and placement to healthcare, housing, disabilities, and women's programs. The Programs Series contains the records for individual programs. The series is divided into six sub-series, which are further divided into Sub-sub-series. Materials within the Sub-sub-series are arranged in chronological order. The Programs Series covers the early 1960s to the early 1990s. 

Subseries 1: Employment and Economic Development Subseries 

Scope and Content: 

This sub-series contains records of all Chicago Urban League economic development, employment initiatives and professional development projects between the early 1960s and the early 1990s. Most of these programs developed work skills or improved access to jobs for minority youths, or within minority communities, on Chicago's South Side. Some programs focused specifically on groups such as women and veterans. The Chicago Urban League administered a large number of such programs that varied wildly in breadth and scope. Over the course of four decades the Chicago Urban League's economic development programs changed as some ended and newer programs emerged in their place. This sub-series includes internal and external correspondence, especially with employers; marketing materials; federal compliance records; meeting minutes; candidate employment records; instruction forms; speeches; memoranda; reports; photographs; administrative forms; job ads; lists; notes; contracts; program proposals; pamphlets; financial records; manuals; time sheets; schedules; program evaluations; and referrals. The Employment and Economic Developments Sub-Series spans from 1962 through 1991. 

Sub-Subseries 1.A: On-the-Job Training (OJT) 

Scope and Content 

In June 1965, the Chicago Urban League became a Prime Contactor for On-The-Job Training (OJT) programs under the provisions of the Manpower Development and Training Act of 1962. This Act enabled the US Department of Labor to contract for services serving disadvantaged communities, which would provide groundwork for future employment and occupational advancement. Spanning the years from 1962 through 1990, this Sub-subseries includes photographs, forms, proposals, progress reports, correspondence, and contract information. 

Box Folder

Photograph - Mercy Hospital, undated 

II-1 II-1

Photographs, undated 

II-1 II-2

Photographs, undated 

II-1 II-3

Photographs - IBM, undated 

II-1 II-4

Forms, undated 

II-1 II-5

Link Printers [Restricted], undated 

II-1 II-6

North American Van Lines - Employment, undated 

II-1 II-7

TWO Trainees Outside the Woodlawn Area, undated 

II-1 II-8

Forms - Training Proposal, undated 

II-1 II-9

Forms - Verification of Employment, undated 

II-1 II-10

Centers' Two, Three, and Four - Addresses and Names, undated 

II-1 II-11

TWO - Woodlawn Organization Background, undated 

II-1 II-12

Manpower Development Goals, undated 

II-1 II-13

Contracts With Subcontractors - Sample, undated 

II-1 II-14

Training Descriptions, undated 

II-1 II-15

TWO Youth Program - Curriculum for Centers, undated 

II-1 II-16

ISES Contact List, undated 

II-1 II-17

Fact Sheet, undated 

II-1 II-18

TWO - Job Referral Sheets, undated 

II-1 II-19

Subcontract Invoice - Number 15, undated 

II-1 II-20

Milwaukee Railroad Program, undated 

II-1 II-21

Blank Forms, undated 

II-1 II-22

On-the-Job Training, undated 

II-1 II-23

MA-2 Contracting Procedures, 1962 

II-1 II-24

Sample Forms, 1962 

II-1 II-25

Manpower Development and Training Act, 1964-1967 

II-2 II-26

NUL Manual, 1965 

II-2 II-27

Project Report, 1965-1967 

II-2 II-28

Project Report, 1965-1967 

II-2 II-29

BAT Training Sessions, 1965 

II-2 II-30

Correspondence, 1965-1966 

II-2 II-31

Budget, 1965-1966 

II-2 II-32

Audit, 1966 

II-2 II-33

Correspondence, Pamphlets, and Reports, 1966 

II-2 II-34

Subcontracts with Companies Participating in the Program, 1966-1967 

II-2 II-35

Forms, 1966 

II-3 II-36

National Cash Register, 1966-1967 

II-3 II-37

National Associations of Music Merchants, 1966 

II-3 II-38

Ministerial Council on Race Relations, 1966 

II-3 II-39

Major Employees, 1966 

II-3 II-40

Master Engine Exchange, 1966 

II-3 II-41

Metal Craft Corporation, 1966 

II-3 II-42

Mastercraft Cleaners Applications - Forms [Restricted], 1966 

II-3 II-43

Program-Trainee Information, 1966 

II-3 II-44

Made-Rite Manufacturing, 1966 

II-3 II-45

On-the-Job Training Opportunities, 1966 

II-3 II-46

On-the-Job Training Contract, 1966 

II-3 II-47

Sponsorship Form, 1967 

II-3 II-48

IIT, 1967 

II-3 II-49

News Clippings, 1967 

II-3 II-50

Gary UL Report, 1967 

II-3 II-51

Correspondences, 1967 

II-3 II-52

Final Report, 1967 

II-3 II-53

Contracts - Budgets, 1967-1968 

II-3 II-54

Projection of Expenses, 1967-1968 

II-3 II-55

Contract Reports, 1967-1968 

II-3 II-56

Transportation, 1967 

II-3 II-57

Conference Materials, 1967 

II-3 II-58

Subcontracts With Companies Participating in the Program, 1966-1967 

II-4 II-59

Introduction Letter, 1966 

II-4 II-60

Correspondence With ISES, 1966 

II-4 II-61

Contract IL - J - 59, 1966-1967 

II-4 II-62

ISES - Correspondence/Regulations and Training, 1966-1969 

II-4 II-63

Progress Reports Sub-Contractor, 1967-1968 

II-4 II-64

On-the-Job Training, 1967 

II-4 II-65

TWO - Illinois State Job Opportunities, 1967 

II-4 II-66

Correspondence - Introduction Letters, 1967 

II-4 II-67

Company Contracts, 1967 

II-4 II-68

ISES - Defense Manpower Policy - #4, 1967 

II-4 II-69

Fact Sheet and Training Opportunities, 1967 

II-4 II-70

Monthly Report and Contract, 1967 

II-4 II-71

Monthly Report, 1967 

II-4 II-72

Personnel - Dudley A Emmons, 1967 

II-4 II-73

TWO - Clerical Daily Time Sheet, 1967 

II-4 II-74

IBM Workshop - Report, 1967 

II-4 II-75

Professional Staff Sheet Schedule, 1967-1968 

II-4 II-76

TWO - Project Expenses, 1967 

II-4 II-77

Job Order Forms, 1967 

II-5 II-78

Subcontract With Woodlawn Organization, 1967 

II-5 II-79

Veterans and Selective Service Systems, 1967-1968 

II-5 II-80

Mailing List - Potential Contributors, 1967 

II-5 II-81

Occupations, Wage data and Suggestions for Prepping Applications, 1967 

II-5 II-82

TWO - University of Chicago - Evaluation Team, 1967 

II-5 II-83

Howard Foundry, 1967 

II-5 II-84

Arthur Anderson and Company - Correspondence, 1967 

II-5 II-85

Dressel Bakerus, 1967 

II-5 II-86

Coca-Cola, 1967 

II-5 II-87

Central Mobile Trailor Corp, 1967 

II-5 II-88

Canfield Beverages Company, 1967 

II-5 II-89

TWO - Statistics, 1967 

II-5 II-90

TWO - Contract Amendments, 1967 

II-5 II-91

TWO - Youth Project - Reports, 1967-1968 

II-5 II-92

TWO -Correspondence, 1967-1968 

II-5 II-93

Union Tank Car Company - Annual Report, 1967 

II-5 II-94

TWO - Referrals, 1967 

II-5 II-95

TWO - Suggestions for Procedures, 1967 

II-5 II-96

Participation Sheets and Reports, 1967-1968 

II-5 II-97

TWO - Youth Project - Project Control Sheet, 1967 

II-5 II-98

Subcontractor - University of Chicago, 1967-1968 

II-6 II-99

Individual Trainee Termination Form [Restricted], 1967-1968 

II-6 II-100

Characteristics of Trainees Applications [Restricted], 1967-1968 

II-6 II-101

Amendment #2 - Contract, undated 

II-6 II-102

Original Contract - US Department of Labor, 1967 

II-6 II-103

Amendment to Present Contract, 1967 

II-6 II-104

Correspondence, 1967 

II-6 II-105

Contract - Correspondence - Lease, 1967 

II-6 II-106

Invoices, 1967 

II-6 II-107

Amendments to Contract, 1967 

II-7 II-108

Proposals Correspondence and Staff Activities, 1967 

II-7 II-109

Personal Information - Studies - Reports and Contracts, 1967 

II-7 II-110

Final Written Report for Year 1967, 1967 

II-7 II-111

Reports - Composition of Trainees - Days Absent - Final Report, 1967 

II-7 II-112

Reports and Numbers, 1968 

II-7 II-113

Department of Labor Contract - Amendment # 6, 1967 

II-7 II-114

Department of Labor Contract - Amendment # 5, 1967 

II-7 II-115

Department of Labor Contract - Amendment # 4, 1967 

II-7 II-116

Department of Labor Contract - Amendment # 3, 1967 

II-7 II-117

Miscellaneous, 1967 

II-8 II-118

Response to Introduction Letter, 1967 

II-8 II-119

TWO - Conference - Washington D.C., 1967 

II-8 II-120

TWO - Position Statement - Welfare Council, 1967 

II-8 II-121

TWO - Trainee Applications, 1967 

II-8 II-122

Tests - Firefighters Examination, 1967 

II-8 II-123

Job Order Forms, 1967 

II-8 II-124

Memorandum, 1967 

II-8 II-125

Correspondence - Job Training, 1967 

II-8 II-126

Proposal and Forms, 1967 

II-8 II-127

Correspondence From Companies, 1967 

II-8 II-128

Correspondence, 1968 

II-8 II-129

Correspondence, 1968 

II-8 II-130

Memorandum, 1968 

II-8 II-131

Memorandum, 1968 

II-8 II-132

Woodlawn Project, 1968 

II-8 II-133

TWO - Youth Project Proposal, 1968 

II-8 II-134

TWO - Youth Project - News Clippings, 1968 

II-8 II-135

General Reports, 1968 

II-9 II-136

Reports, 1968 

II-9 II-137

Monthly Reports, 1968 

II-9 II-138

Job Development - Monthly Reports, 1968 

II-9 II-139

Memoranda, 1968 

II-9 II-140

Job Development - Correspondence, 1968 

II-9 II-141

Monthly Report, 1968 

II-9 II-142

Job Development - Correspondence, 1968 

II-9 II-143

West Side Project - May Correspondence, 1968 

II-9 II-144

Correspondence, 1968 

II-9 II-145

Job Development - Monthly Reports, 1968 

II-9 II-146

Job Development - Memorandums, 1968 

II-9 II-147

Correspondence, 1968 

II-9 II-148

Job Development - Monthly Reports, 1968 

II-9 II-149

Correspondence, 1968 

II-9 II-150

Job Development - Monthly Reports, 1968 

II-9 II-151

June Memorandum, 1968 

II-9 II-152

Job Development - Monthly Reports, 1968 

II-9 II-153

Photos, 1968 

II-9 II-154

Monthly Reports, 1968 

II-10 II-155

Opportunities, 1968 

II-10 II-156

Job Descriptions, 1968 

II-10 II-157

Memorandum, 1968 

II-10 II-158

Training Entry Schedule, 1968 

II-10 II-159

General Provision Clause, 1968 

II-10 II-160

List of Companies, 1968 

II-10 II-161

Trainee Applicant Sign in Sheet, 1968 

II-10 II-162

Characteristics of Trainees Forms, 1968 

II-10 II-163

Correspondence - William Harmon, 1968 

II-10 II-164

Community Seminar - Jon Kelley, 1968-1969 

II-10 II-165

Konrad J. Rayford - Correspondence - Monthly Reports, 1968 

II-10 II-166

Correspondence - Hyde Park Federal Savings and Loan Association, 1968 

II-10 II-167

Correspondence with Jewel, 1968 

II-10 II-168

Illinois Tool Works Training, 1968 

II-10 II-169

National Safety Council - Positions, 1968 

II-10 II-170

Moore Business Forms Inc - Correspondence, 1968 

II-10 II-171

Voucher - Subcontractors B-M, 1968 

II-11 II-172

Voucher - Subcontractors N-Z, 1968 

II-11 II-173

Memoranda - William Harmon, 1968 

II-11 II-174

Correspondence, 1968 

II-11 II-175

Western Electric, 1968 

II-11 II-176

U.S. Steel, 1968 

II-11 II-177

Apprenticeship Program - Monthly Statistical Report, 1968 

II-11 II-178

Memoranda - Monthly Reports, 1968 

II-11 II-179

Correspondence - Reports - Marcellus Slater, 1968 

II-11 II-180

Fund Analysis - Audit, 1968 

II-11 II-181

Contract, 1968 

II-12 II-182

Reports and Correspondence, 1968 

II-12 II-183

Personnel - Cora Kirby, 1968 

II-12 II-184

Personnel - Rufus Medley, 1968 

II-12 II-185

Report - Speech - Federal Program, 1968 

II-12 II-186

Job Orders, 1968 

II-12 II-187

Mayor's Committee on Cultural and Economic Development, 1968 

II-12 II-188

Monthly Statistical Reports and Job Orders, 1968 

II-12 II-189

Monthly Reports, 1968 

II-12 II-190

OEO and TWO Newspaper Clippings, 1968 

II-12 II-191

Subcontracts - P-U, 1968 

II-13 II-192

Protectoseal Company, 1968 

II-13 II-193

Poly-Synthetix, 1968 

II-13 II-194

Meyer Thread Corporation, 1968 

II-13 II-195

Master Electric Service Co, 1968 

II-13 II-196

Kat Pak Products, 1968 

II-13 II-197

Personnel - Dolores Eggleston, 1968 

II-13 II-198

Personnel - Tony Boykins, 1968 

II-13 II-199

Miscellaneous Personnel, 1968 

II-13 II-200

Job Order Forms, 1968 

II-13 II-201

Argonne National Laboratory, 1968 

II-13 II-202

Woodlawn Organization, 1968 

II-13 II-203

Weekly Staff Activity, 1968 

II-13 II-204

Opportunities, 1968 

II-13 II-205

U.S. Civil Service Commission, 1968 

II-13 II-206

Civil Rights - Employment, 1968 

II-13 II-207

Office Supplies, 1968 

II-13 II-208

Procedures, 1968 

II-14 II-209

Contract, 1968 

II-14 II-210

Employment - Reports - Resources - State Federal, 1968 

II-14 II-211

Berkshire Foods, 1968 

II-14 II-212

General Food Corporation - Kool-Aid Division, 1968 

II-14 II-213

Hotpoint, 1968 

II-14 II-214

Jewel Tea Corporation, 1968 

II-14 II-215

Karl Printing Corporation, 1968 

II-14 II-216

Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, 1968 

II-14 II-217

Filmack, 1968 

II-14 II-218

Crane Company, 1968 

II-14 II-219

Continental Cans, 1968 

II-14 II-220

Consolidated Freightways, 1968 

II-14 II-221

Krack Corporation, 1968 

II-14 II-222

Chicago Title and Trust, 1968 

II-14 II-223

Chicago Light House for the Blind, 1968 

II-14 II-224

Berkshire Foods, 1968 

II-14 II-225

TWO - Center # 1 - Training Sheets, 1968 

II-14 II-226

Memorandum of Agreement Between TWO and the CUL, 1968 

II-14 II-227

TWO - Training Subcontract, 1968 

II-14 II-228

TWO - Company Subcontracts, 1968 

II-14 II-229

TWO - Subcontract, 1968 

II-14 II-230

TWO - News Clippings, 1968 

II-14 II-231

News Releases, 1968 

II-14 II-232

TWO - Youth Project - Speech - Report, 1968 

II-14 II-233

TWO - Youth Project - Budget, 1968 

II-14 II-234

TWO - Youth Project - Reports - Memoranda, 1968 

II-14 II-235

TWO - Memoranda and Correspondence, 1968 

II-15 II-236

TWO - Notes, 1968 

II-15 II-237

TWO - Termination Lists, 1968 

II-15 II-238

TWO - Youth Project - Job Placements, 1968 

II-15 II-239

TWO - Youth Project - OEO Inspection, 1968 

II-15 II-240

TWO - Youth Project - Placement Sheets, 1968 

II-15 II-241

Subcontractor's Weekly Report, 1968 

II-15 II-242

TWO - Attendance Sheets, 1968 

II-15 II-243

TWO - Office Supplies and Interviews, 1968 

II-15 II-244

TWO - Youth Project - Program and Subcontractor Recruitment, 1968 

II-15 II-245

Xerox Corporation, 1968 

II-15 II-246

U.S. Department of Labor - News, 1968 

II-15 II-247

Memorandum - Seminars to Establish Training Programs for the "Hardcore" Disadvantaged Unemployed, 1968 

II-15 II-248

Other Training Programs, 1968 

II-15 II-249

International Harvester's "New Start" Program, 1968 

II-15 II-250

IBM's Free Training School, 1968 

II-15 II-251

List of Job Openings and Other Organizational Training Programs, 1968 

II-15 II-252

Subcontractors - Program Information Sheets, 1968 

II-15 II-253

TWO - Youth Project - Job Development - Openings, 1968 

II-16 II-254

TWO - Bonding Procedures, 1967 

II-16 II-255

TWO - Interview Results and Related Material, 1968 

II-16 II-256

TWO - Centers # 1, 2, 3, 4 Locations, 1968 

II-16 II-257

TWO - Statistical Reports, 1968 

II-16 II-258

Correspondence, William Harmon, 1968 

II-16 II-259

Employer Recruitment and On-the-Job Training Correspondence, 1968 

II-16 II-260

Termination Sheets, 1968 

II-16 II-261

Evaluation, 1968 

II-16 II-262

Individual Trainee Termination Forms - Spiegel, 1968 

II-16 II-263

BAT Meeting in Lansing Illinois, 1968 

II-16 II-264

BAT Circular Number 68-3, 1968 

II-16 II-265

ISES Correspondence, 1968 

II-16 II-266

Chicago Board of Health and Chicago Committee on Urban Opportunity, 1967 

II-16 II-267

TWO - The Woodlawn Organization, 1968 

II-16 II-268

Subcontract - Kap-Pak Products, 1968 

II-17 II-269

Subcontract - T-Par Offset Printing, 1968 

II-17 II-270

Subcontract - Spiegel's, 1968 

II-17 II-271

Subcontract - Spiegel's, 1968 

II-17 II-272

Subcontract - Brodie Advertising Service, 1968 

II-17 II-273

Subcontract - Tiara Corporation [Restricted], 1968 

II-17 II-274

Subcontract - Barkley Corporation [Restricted], 1968 

II-17 II-275

Subcontract - Style Crest [Restricted], 1968 

II-17 II-276

Subcontract - Spiegel's [Restricted], 1968 

II-17 II-277

Subcontract - Tyson and Son [Restricted], 1968 

II-17 II-278

Youth Project - Berkshire Foods, 1968 

II-17 II-279

Characteristics of Trainees Forms [Restricted], 1968 

II-17 II-280

Compliance and Progress Report, 1968 

II-17 II-281

Subcontract - Delany's Enco Service Station [Restricted], 1968 

II-18 II-282

Subcontract - Interstate Bakeries, 1968 

II-18 II-283

Subcontract - Ace Transformer Company [Restricted], 1968 

II-18 II-284

Subcontract - Lee Lumber and Building [Restricted], 1968 

II-18 II-285

Subcontract - Almore Dye House [Restricted], 1968 

II-18 II-286

Subcontract - Continental Baking Company, 1968 

II-18 II-287

Subcontract - United States Building Maintenance, 1968 

II-18 II-288

Subcontract - Xtruim Laboratories [Restricted], 1968 

II-18 II-289

Final Report - Rough Draft, 1968 

II-18 II-290

Proposal for Contract, 1968 

II-18 II-291

Reports, 1968 

II-19 II-292

Statistical Area, 1968 

II-19 II-293

Proposals, 1968 

II-19 II-294

Correspondence and Reports, 1968-1969 

II-19 II-295

Monthly Reports, 1968 

II-20 II-296

Personnel File - Jon Kelley - Correspondence Monthly Reports, 1969 

II-20 II-297

Hamilto Jenkius File - Speeches, 1969 

II-20 II-298

Memorandum, 1969 

II-20 II-299

Correspondence, 1969 

II-20 II-300

Monthly Reports, 1969 

II-20 II-301

Memorandum, 1969 

II-20 II-302

Memorandum - Lucille Craig, 1969 

II-21 II-303

Memorandum - Lucille Craig, 1969 

II-21 II-304

Memorandum, 1969 

II-21 II-305

Correspondence, 1969 

II-21 II-306

Jobs for the People Draft, 1969 

II-21 II-307

Correspondence, 1969 

II-21 II-308

Monthly Reports, 1969 

II-21 II-309

Correspondence - M. Baham, 1969 

II-21 II-310

Memorandum - Reports - Edyth Cole, 1969 

II-21 II-311

Correspondence, 1969 

II-21 II-312

Monthly Reports and Activities, 1969 

II-21 II-313

Memorandum, 1969 

II-21 II-314

Monthly Reports - Job Development, 1969 

II-21 II-315

Agreement to Amend, 1969 

II-21 II-316

Memorandum, 1969 

II-22 II-317

Job Development - Monthly Reports, 1969 

II-22 II-318

Job Development - Monthly Reports, 1969 

II-22 II-319

Memorandum, 1969 

II-22 II-320

Correspondence, 1969 

II-22 II-321

Memorandum, 1969 

II-22 II-322

Memorandum - May 1969 

II-22 II-323

Memorandum, 1969 

II-22 II-324

Correspondence, 1969 

II-22 II-325

Reports, 1969 

II-22 II-326

Memorandum, 1969 

II-22 II-327

Reports, 1969 

II-22 II-328

Correspondence, 1969 

II-22 II-329

Personnel File - Konrad J. Raymond, 1969 

II-22 II-330

Quarterly Reports, 1969 

II-22 II-331

Midwest Community Council, 1969 

II-22 II-332

Training Opportunities, 1969 

II-22 II-333

Correspondence with Nabisco, 1969 

II-22 II-334

Contracts, 1969 

II-22 II-335

Manual for Industrial Instructiors - Johnson and Johnson, 1969 

II-22 II-336

Correspondence - Leaf Brands, 1969 

II-22 II-337

Libby McNeill and Libby, 1969 

II-22 II-338

Personnel File - John Kelley, 1969 

II-22 II-339

Fact Sheet, 1969 

II-22 II-340

Konrad J. Rayford - Correspondence - Monthly Reports, 1969 

II-23 II-341

Article - Hyd-Air, 1968 

II-23 II-342

Personnel File - Thomas Scott, 1969 

II-23 II-343

Deloris Sampson - Monthly Reports and Reimbursements, 1969 

II-23 II-344

Progress and Compliance Reports, 1969 

II-23 II-345

Equipment and Furniture Request, 1969 

II-23 II-346

General Accounting Office Reports, 1969 

II-23 II-347

Contracts, 1969 

II-23 II-348

Cost Contract Invoice Number 18, 1969 

II-23 II-349

Subcontract Invoice Number 17, 1969 

II-23 II-350

Finances, 1969 

II-23 II-351

Memoranda, 1969 

II-24 II-352

TWO - Correspondence and Media, 1969 

II-24 II-353

TWO - Placements, 1969 

II-24 II-354

Subcontract Invoice Number 14, 1969 

II-24 II-355

Correspondence, 1969 

II-24 II-356

Monthly Reports, 1969 

II-24 II-357

Memorandum, 1969 

II-24 II-358

Memorandum - Certification, 1969 

II-24 II-359

Job Descriptions, 1969 

II-24 II-360

Personnel - Rita Joseph, 1969 

II-24 II-361

Personnel - Don Quinn Kelley, 1969 

II-24 II-362

Personnel - Mary Webster, 1969 

II-24 II-363

Personnel - Beatrice Jones, 1969 

II-24 II-364

Memorandum - On-the-Job Training and Evaluation, 1969 

II-25 II-365

Personnel - Judson Mitchell 

II-25 II-366

Supplemental Agreement, 1969 

II-25 II-367

Correspondence - Rufus Medley, 1969 

II-25 II-368

Cost Contractors Invoice - Pencil Drafts, 1969 

II-25 II-369

Memorandums, 1969 

II-25 II-370

Correspondence, 1969 

II-25 II-371

Annual Report, 1969 

II-25 II-372

Reports to Camps, 1970 

II-25 II-373

Correspondence, 1970 

II-25 II-374

Subcontractors Reimbursement, 1970 

II-25 II-375

Cost Contract Invoice Number 20, 1970 

II-25 II-376

Cost Contract Invoice Number 19, 1970 

II-25 II-377

Cost Contract Invoice Number 16, 1970 

II-25 II-378

Contracts, 1970 

II-25 II-379

Correspondence for the Federal Trade Commission, 1970 

II-25 II-380

Cost Contractor's Invoice and Compliance Reports, 1972 

II-26 II-381

Cost Contractor's Invoice and Budget Proposal, 1972 

II-26 II-382

Job Order Form, 1972 

II-26 II-383

Job Order Form, 1972 

II-26 II-384

Subcontract, 1972 

II-27 II-385

Proposal, 1972 

II-27 II-386

Memorandum and Contracts, 1973 

II-27 II-387

Job Order Forms, 1973 

II-27 II-388

Mayor's Office of Manpower, North Lawndale Division, 1973-1974 

II-27 II-389

Progress and Compliance Report, 1974 

II-27 II-390

Interviewer's Cards [Restricted] 

II-27 II-391

OJT - Contracts, 1975 

II-27 2 -- 391a

Employment Opportunities, 1975 

II-27 II-392

Woodlawn Organization, 1978 

II-27 II-393

Correspondence and Service Guidelines, 1981 

II-27 II-394

Training Contract - Enrollment Procedures - Correspondence, 1987 

II-28 II-395

City Contract, 1987 

II-28 II-396

City Contract, 1989 

II-28 II-397

City Contract, 1990 

II-28 II-398

Audits and Disallowances, 1990 

II-28 II-399

Correspondence, 1990 

II-28 II-400

City Contract Amendment, 1990 

II-28 II-401

Sub-Subseries 1.B - Corporation for Public/Private Ventures 

Scope and Content 

The Corporation for Public/Private Ventures Sub-subseries contains correspondence between the CUL and CPPV, a national non-profit organization which works with social services and community groups to maximize their effectiveness. The Chicago Urban League's collaboration with Public/Private Ventures is focused largely on improving the On-the-Job Training program. Spanning from 1980 through 1982, these files include correspondence, contract and subcontract information, On-the-Job Training statistical data, and studies as well as monthly reports. 

Box Folder

Monthly Reports - September - June Invoices, 1980-1981 

II-29 II-402

Subcontract Information, 1980 

II-29 II-403

Meetings and Conversation Notes - Correspondence, 1981-1982 

II-29 II-404

Meetings and Conversation Notes - Correspondence, 1981-1982 

II-29 II-405

Public/Private Venture Forms, 1981 

II-29 II-406

Contract - Statement of Work, 1981 

II-29 II-407

Sub-Subseries 1.C - Human Development Resource Center (HDRC) 

Scope and Content 

Funded by United Way, the Human Development Resource Center was a project implemented by the Chicago Urban League. This organization recruited and tested economically disadvantaged candidates, and provided them with long-term vocational training. This Sub-subseries includes correspondence, funding information, program manuals, referral and client information, and spans from 1989 through 1991. 

Box Folder

Program Participants, undated 

II-30 II-408

Human Capitol Development Project, 1989-1991 

II-30 II-409

Human Capitol Development Project, 1989-1992 

II-30 II-410

Human Capitol Development Project - Project Client Development Project, 1989 

II-30 II-411

Correspondence, 1990 

II-30 II-412

United Way Funding Source, 1990 

II-30 II-413

General - Program Manual - Memorandum, 1990 

II-30 II-414

Illinois Training Resource File, 1990 

II-30 II-415

Delores Jeffrey Documents [Restricted], 1990 

II-30 II-416

Objectives and Overview, 1990 

II-30 II-417

Washburne Trade School, 1990 

II-30 II-418

Washburne Trade School, 1990 

II-30 II-419

Correspondence, 1990-1991 

II-30 II-420

Correspondence, 1990 

II-30 II-421

Priority Grant Program, 1990-1991 

II-30 II-422

Overview, 1990 

II-30 II-423

Tentative Funding Plan, 1990 

II-31 II-424

Priortiy Grant Program - Six Month Report, 1990 

II-31 II-425

Work Experience Program, 1991 

II-31 II-426

Work Experience Program, 1991 

II-31 II-427

Human Capitol Priority Grant Report - 1991 

II-31 II-428

Referrals, 1991 

II-31 II-429

Center Proposal, 1991 

II-31 II-430

Clients, 1991 

II-31 II-431

Priority Grant Program, 1991 

II-31 II-432

Client Information, 1991 

II-31 II-433

Correspondence, 1991 

II-31 II-434

Priority Grants Program, 1991 

II-31 II-435

Budget Summary - FY 1991, 1991 

II-31 II-436

Restricted Material, 1990 

II-31 II-437

Sub-Subseries 1.D - Chicago Economic Development Corporation 

Scope and Content 

The Chicago Economic Development Community Organization (CEDCO) Sub-subseries contains correspondence between the CUL and CEDCO, a citywide organization advocating broad workforce development, between 1977 and 1980. The Urban League encouraged CEDCO to support specific initiatives to increase minority participation and African-American employment in skilled industries. These materials include correspondence and newsletters. 

Box Folder

Komed Health Clinic, 1978 

II-32 II-438

Community Revitalization, 1978 

II-32 II-439

Boswell Correspondence, 1979 

II-32 II-440

Memoranda, 1979 

II-32 II-441

Businesswoman's Educational Forum and Personnel Rosters, 1979 

II-32 II-442

Community Development Programs, 1980 

II-32 II-443

Memoranda - Agendas, 1979 

II-32 II-444

Annual Report - Business Highlights, 1979-1980 

II-32 II-445

"The State of the Black Economy" - Memoranda, 1979 

II-32 II-446

Boswell, 1980 

II-32 II-447

Youth Apprenticeship Publishing Center, 1980 

II-32 II-448

Monthly Reports, 1980 

II-32 II-449

Businesswomen - Newsletters, 1980 

II-32 II-450

Chicago Economic Development Corp, 1977 

II-32 II-451

Sub-Subseries 1.E - Military and Veteran's Affairs 

Scope and Content 

This Sub-subseries reflects the Urban League's involvement in the Military and Veteran's Affairs program. This program provided employment services, including employment counseling and placement (in Gary, IN) to Vietnam Veterans. The files in this Sub-subseries include applications, veteran discharge forms, time sheets, correspondence and reports and span from 1980 through 1981. All private data is closed until 2081. 

Box Folder

Employment Applications [Restricted], 1981 

II-33 - CLOSED II-452

Employment Applications [Restricted], 1981 

II-33 - CLOSED II-453

Employment Applications [Restricted], 1980 

II-33 - CLOSED II-454

Military and Veteran's Affairs Client Data Forms [Restricted], 1981 

II-33 - CLOSED II-455

Veteran Discharge - Change of Contact Forms [Restricted], 1981 

II-33 - CLOSED II-456

Military and Veteran's Affairs Correspondence, 1980 

II-34 II-457

Veterans Discharge - Change in Contact Form [Restricted], 1981 

II-34 II-458

Employment Applications [Restricted], 1981 

II-34 II-459

Veteran's Employment Project, 1981 

II-34 II-460

Veteran's Employment Project - Time Sheets [Restricted], 1981 

II-34 II-461

Sub-Subseries 1.F - Mayor's Office for the Senior Citizens and Handicapped 

Scope and Content 

The Chicago Urban League was a contractor for the Mayor's Office for Senior Citizens and Handicapped, providing information and referrals for the handicapped and elderly. This sub-subseries contains budgets, memos, correspondence, information and statistics on senior citizens and disability, as well as various reports. Files span 1974 through 1978. 

Box Folder

Budgets and Memos, 1974 - 1977 

II-35 II-462

Fact Sheets, 1974-1975 

II-35 II-463

Information Assistance Log, 1977 

II-35 II-464

Service Forms, 1977 

II-35 II-465

Service Forms, 1977 

II-35 II-466

Mayor's Office of Manpower, 1978 

II-35 II-467

Correspondence, 1978 

II-35 II-468

Sub-Subseries 1.G - Marketing Internship Program 

Scope and Content 

The Chicago Urban League Marketing Internship initiative recruited university students, put these candidates through an oral interview process, referred them to various companies and subsequently evaluated their professional performance. Mostly from the late 1970s and the early 1980s, these files include correspondence with various companies and offices, company information, job descriptions, evaluation forms, and reports. 

Box Folder

Student Evaluation Form - Correspondence - Overview of Program, 1980 

II-36 II-469

General Information, 1980 

II-36 II-470

Section Mechanics, 1980 

II-36 II-471

Marketing Careers Programs - Correspondence, 1979-1980 

II-36 II-472

Marketing Careers, 1980 

II-36 II-473

Correspondence - Career Opportunities in McGraw Hill, 1980 

II-36 II-474

Overview - Correspondence, 1980 

II-36 II-475

Reports - Evaluations - Correspondence, 1981 

II-36 II-476

Program Plans - Reports, 1978-1981 

II-36 II-477

Sub-Subseries 1.H - Career Conference 

Scope and Content 

These Chicago Urban League files pertain the Career Training Conferences that the Urban League held for seventh and eighth grade minority students. Spanning the years of 1969 through 1975, these files include planning materials, correspondence, evaluations, and reports. 

Box Folder

Planning, 1975 

II-37 II-478

Voluntary Action Fair, 1975 

II-37 II-479

Program - Budget, 1975 

II-37 II-480

Proposal, 1975 

II-37 II-481

Program - Publications, 1974 

II-37 II-482

Conference Material, 1974 

II-37 II-483

Manpower Planning Conference, 1973 

II-37 II-484

Program, 1974 

II-37 II-485

Correspondence - WMAQ, 1972 

II-37 II-486

Chicago Guidance and Personnel, 1969 

II-37 II-487

Sub-Subseries 1.I - Economic and Manpower Development Department 

Scope and Content 

The CUL Economic and Manpower Development Department focused on the recruitment and professional training of minority candidates, working on various initiatives with minorities and youth, such as On-The-Job Training (OJT). These files cover from the year 1966 through 1989 and contain reports, office information, proposals, legislative information, and correspondence. 

Box Folder

Manpower Department User's Manual, undated 

II-38 II-488

Manpower Delivery Service Systems, undated 

II-38 II-489

Photographs - Economic Development, undated 

II-38 II-490

Women's Pre-Employment Program, undated 

II-38 II-491

Manpower Development - Management Information System, undated 

II-38 II-492

Training Manual, undated 

II-38 II-493

Economic and Development Manpower Committee Organization Chart, undated 

II-38 II-494

Employment and Guidance Committee, 1966 

II-38 II-495

Employment Guidance Program - Memos, 1966 

II-38 II-496

Memorandum - Hamilton Jenkins, 1968 

II-38 II-497

Memoranda, 1968 

II-38 II-498

Manpower Development and Training, 1968 

II-38 II-499

Correspondence, undated 

II-38 II-500

Work Incentive News Release, 1968 

II-38 II-501

Help Wanted - Newspaper Clippings, 1968 

II-38 II-502

Illinois State Employment Service Information, 1968-1969 

II-39 II-503

Job Descriptions, 1968 

II-39 II-504

Programs - Economics - Policy, 1968 

II-39 II-505

Correspondence - Hamilton Jenkins/Edwin C. Berry Resignation Letter, 1969 

II-39 II-506

Correspondence - Hamilton Jenkins, 1969 

II-39 II-507

Nellie Owen Jacks, 1969 

II-39 II-508

Monthly Reports, 1969 

II-39 II-509

Correspondence, 1970 

II-39 II-510

Illinois Department of Labor, 1970-1971 

II-39 II-511

Correspondence, 1970-1972 

II-39 II-512

Correspondence, 1970-1972 

II-40 II-513

Youth Guidance, 1970 

II-40 II-514

Black Expo Staff, 1970 

II-40 II-515

Correspondence, 1970 

II-40 II-516

National Vocational Guidance Week Responses, 1970 

II-40 II-517

Chicago Guidance and Personnel Association - Vocational Guidance Week, 1970 

II-40 II-518

Executive Summaries, 1971-1979 

II-40 II-519

Correspondence, 1971 

II-40 II-520

Correspondence, 1971 

II-40 II-521

Correspondence - Clotee Y Best, 1971 

II-40 II-522

Correspondence - Clotee Y Best, 1971 

II-40 II-523

Correspondence - Ollice C. Holden, 1971 

II-40 II-524

Work Correspondence, 1971 

II-40 II-525

Correspondence - Grant Ward, 1971 

II-40 II-526

Program Correspondence, 1971 

II-40 II-527

Correspondence, 1971-1972 

II-41 II-528

Outline - Program Activity, 1972 

II-41 II-529

Correspondence - Ollice C. Holden 

II-41 II-530

The Chicago National Alliance of Businessmen, 1972-1974 

II-41 II-531

Deacon's Meeting, 1972-1974 

II-41 II-532

Advisory Committee, 1972-1976 

II-41 II-533

GTE Guidelines, 1972 

II-41 II-534

Monthly Reports, 1972 

II-42 II-535

Monthly Reports, 1972 

II-42 II-536

CBS - Bell and Howell Schools, 1972 

II-42 II-537

North-side Business Meetings, 1972 

II-42 II-538

Monthly Reports, 1972 

II-42 II-539

Zenith Correspondence, 1972 

II-42 II-540

National Alliance of Businessmen, 1972-1974 

II-42 II-541

Manpower Services, 1973-1974 

II-42 II-542

Construction Meeting, 1973 

II-42 II-543

Chicago Alliance of Commerce and Industry, 1973 

II-42 II-544

Construction, 1973-1975 

II-42 II-545

Construction Manpower, 1973 

II-42 II-545a

Correspondence, 1973 

II-42 II-546

Media Action Team Project, 1973 

II-43 II-547

Affirmative Action - Contract for Services, 1973-1975 

II-43 II-548

Statistical Reports, 1973 

II-43 II-548a

Program Activity, 1973 

II-43 II-549

Cook County CETA, 1973 

II-43 II-549a

Chicago Alliance of Businessmen, 1972-1974 

II-43 II-550

Chicago Alliance of Businessmen, 1973-1974 

II-43 II-551

Supervisory Development Program, 1973 

II-43 II-552

Economic and Manpower Development - General, 1973-1974 

II-43 II-553

Craft Committee Meetings, 1973 

II-43 II-554

Job Placements, 1973-1975 

II-44 II-555

Voluntary Hometown Affirmative Action Program [Restricted], 1972 

II-44 II-556

Chicago Police Board - "Do the Poor Want to Work" Committee, 1973-1974 

II-44 II-557

Job Placements, 1973-1976 

II-44 II-558

Affirmative Action Committee - Advisory Committee, 1971-1973 

II-44 II-559

Diesel Construction - Monthly Meeting, 1973 

II-44 II-560

Bricklayers, 1973 

II-44 II-561

March Report - Coalition, 1973 

II-44 II-562

Presentation to the Board of Directors, 1974 

II-44 II-563

Construction - Correspondence, 1974 

II-45 II-564

Minority Business Program, 1974-1975 

II-45 II-565

Minority Contractors Project, 1974-1975 

II-45 II-566

Macro-Manpower Planning and Utilization Project Proposal, 1974-1975 

II-45 II-567

Macro-Manpower Planning and Utilization Project, 1974-1975 

II-45 II-568

Correspondence - Reports, 1974-1975 

II-45 II-569

Correspondence - Minority Contractors Report, 1974 

II-45 II-570

Reports - Manpower Training - Education in Chicago Schools, 1974 

II-45 II-571

Program Objectives, 1974-1975 

II-45 II-572

Service Questionnaire, 1974 

II-45 II-573

Chicago Alliance of Businessmen, 1974 

II-46 II-574

Macro-Manpower Planning and Utilization Project - Proposal - Priorities, 1974-1975 

II-46 II-575

Special Projects, 1974 

II-46 II-576

Correspondence, 1974-1975 

II-46 II-577

Military and Veterans Affairs Program, 1974 

II-46 II-578

Monthly Highway Construction Contracts Project, 1974 

II-46 II-579

Discrimination Complaint - Latin American Task Force, 1974 

II-46 II-580

Program Reports, 1974-1975 

II-46 II-581

Mayor's Office of Manpower Contract, 1974 

II-46 II-582

Fiscal Year-End Reports, 1974 

II-47 II-583

Comprehensive Employment Training Act - Performance Contract, 1974 

II-47 II-584

Manpower Planning, 1974-1975 

II-47 II-585

Correspondence, 1974-1977 

II-47 II-586

Administrative, 1974-1976 

II-47 II-587

Administrative, 1974-1976 

II-47 II-588

Minority Construction Contracts, 1974-1975 

II-48 II-589

Correspondence, 1974-1977 

II-48 II-590

Compliance Committee Meeting, 1974 

II-48 II-591

Advisory Committee Meeting, 1974 

II-48 II-592

Memos, 1975 

II-48 II-593

Mayor's Office of Manpower, 1975 

II-48 II-594

Manpower Proposal, 1975 

II-49 II-595

Administrative Reporting Form, 1975 

II-49 II-596

Proposal, 1975 

II-49 II-597

Questionnaire, 1975 

II-49 II-598

Job Listing - CPC International Foods, 1975 

II-49 II-598a

Construction Manpower Report, 1975 

II-49 II-598b

Manpower Delivery System, 1975-1977 

II-49 II-599

Compliance and Affirmative Action Committee - Advisory Committee, 1975- 1977 

II-49 II-600

Testimony Before Congress - Reports, 1975 

II-49 II-601

Chicago Manpower Planning Council, 1975-1976 

II-49 II-602

New York City Program, 1975 

II-50 II-603

Work-Study, 1975 

II-50 II-604

Special Assignment, 1975 

II-50 II-605

Special Projects, 1975 

II-50 II-606

Manpower Delivery System, 1976 

II-50 II-607

Administrative Reporting Form, 1976 

II-50 II-608

Employment Coordinator - Jacob Haywood - Correspondence, 1976 

II-50 II-609

Budget, 1976 

II-50 II-610

Construction Manpower Analyst - Ben Bekoe, 1976 

II-50 II-611

Program Funding, 1976-1977 

II-50 II-612

Budget and Reports, 1976 

II-50 II-613

Correspondence - Sanford Kanter, 1976 

II-50 II-614

Correspondence from Sanford Kanter, 1976 

II-51 II-615

Manpower Management Information System - Equal Opportunity Employers, 1976 

II-51 II-616

Minority Construction Contractors, 1976 

II-51 II-616a

Proposal, 1976-1978 

II-51 II-617

Redeveloping an Urban Economy - Chicago Capital Base Project - Administrative Reporting Forms, 1976 

II-51 II-618

Objectives and Proposals, 1976 

II-51 II-619

Objectives, 1976-1977 

II-51 II-620

Job Opportunities, 1976-1979 

II-52 II-621

Job Solicitation Letters, 1976-1977 

II-52 II-621a

Illinois Council of Executive Directors Meetings - Job Placement Services - Fair Employment, 1976 

II-52 II-622

1st and 2nd Quarterly Review, 1977 

II-52 II-623

Staff Meeting - Year End Report, 1977 

II-52 II-624

Programs, 1977-1981 

II-52 II-625

Economic Priorities for Survival - FY 1976 

II-52 II-626

Summer Youth Program, 1976 

II-52 II-627

Community Fund Service Categories, 1976 

II-52 II-628

Invitations for Construction Bidders, 1977 

II-53 II-629

Miscellaneous - Employment Services, 1977 

II-53 II-629a

Bids - Apprentice Program - CHA Information, 1977 

II-53 II-630

Construction Bids, 1977 

II-53 II-631

Current Building Project, 1977 

II-53 II-631a

Correspondence, 1977 

II-53 II-632

Outline of Intake Procedures, 1977 

II-53 II-633

Proposals, 1977 

II-53 II-634

Job Requisition Form, 1977-1979 

II-53 II-635

Program Monthly Reporting Format, 1977 

II-53 II-636

Program Objectives, 1977 

II-53 II-637

Correspondence - Marguerite Young - Reports, 1977 

II-54 II-638

Monthly Reporting Format - Service Effectiveness Questionnaires, 1977 

II-54 II-639

Economic Development, 1977 

II-54 II-640

Job Requisition Forms, 1978 

II-54 II-641

Correspondence Regarding Clients, 1978 

II-54 II-642

Service Contract Discrimination, 1978 

II-54 II-643

Employment Program Applicants, 1978 

II-54 II-644

Manpower Planning Council, 1978 

II-54 II-645

Manpower Planning Council, 1978 

II-54 II-646

Work Experience Program, 1978 

II-55 II-647

Manpower Planning Council, 1978 

II-55 II-648

Youth, 1978 

II-55 II-649

Illinois National Guard, 1979 

II-55 II-650

National Economic Association, 1978 

II-55 II-651

Contract for Programming for Long Term Unemployment, 1979 

II-55 II-652

Job Orders, 1979 

II-55 II-653

Admittance Procedures, 1979 

II-55 II-654

Various Training and Placement Programs, 1979 

II-56 II-655

Advisory Committee, 1979-1980 

II-56 II-656

Memos, 1979 

II-56 II-657

Chicago Hook-Up, 1980 

II-56 II-658

Employment Training Services - Monthly Participant Report, 1980 

II-56 II-659

Marilyn Skipper - Green Women - Affairs Coordinator, 1980 

II-56 II-660

Minority Business Management Development Services, 1980 

II-56 II-661

Senior Environment Employment Project Proposal, 1980-1981 

II-56 II-662

Income Guidelines from the Mayor's Summer Youth Employment Program - NUL's Revised Office of Management and Budget Poverty Guidelines, 1980-1981 

II-56 II-663

Advisory Committee, 1980 

II-56 II-664

White House Conference on Small Business, 1980 

II-56 II-665

Correspondence, 1981-1982 

II-57 II-666

Manpower and Planning, 1981 

II-57 II-667

Jazz Comes Home, 1981 

II-57 II-668

Memos - Correspondence, 1981 

II-57 II-669

Occupational Safety and Health, 1982 

II-57 II-670

Housing - Correspondence - Taylor Colton, 1982 

II-57 II-671

Housing - Interdepartmental Correspondence, 1982 

II-57 II-672

Community Renewal Society, 1982 

II-57 II-673

Recruitments, 1983 

II-57 II-674

Correspondence, 1984-1985 

II-58 II-675

Overview, 1985 

II-58 II-676

Correspondence - Reports, 1985 

II-58 II-677

Hotel and Hospitality Training, 1988 

II-58 II-678

Serving the Hard to Employ Project, 1989 

II-58 II-679

Sub-Subseries 1.J - Computer Training Center 

Scope and Content 

Beginning in 1973, the Chicago Urban League instituted the Computer Training Center (CTC) to educate African Americans in technology skills increasingly necessary in the white-collar service sector. The CTC was funded through an IBM Basic Skills initiative. Spanning three decades, this series contains a wide range of materials, including funding information and requests, correspondence, staff documentation and educational aids from a wide variety of coursework. 

Box Folder

IBM Basic Skills Proposal, undated 

II-59 II-680

Typing Program, 1972 

II-59 II-681

Job Placement - Reports, 1974 

II-59 II-682

Business Advisory Council - Executive Summary - Budget - Correspondence, 1974 

II-59 II-683

IBM Proposal, 1974 

II-59 II-684

Fund Raising, 1974 

II-59 II-685

Program Description, 1974 

II-59 II-686

Computer Skills Program, 1974-1976 

II-59 II-687

Computer Training Center - Opening, 1975 

II-59 II-688

IBM - Montgomery Ward, 1976-1977 

II-59 II-689

General Information, 1976-1977 

II-60 II-690

Lease Information - Arthur Anderson and Co, 1976 

II-60 II-691

Correspondence - Budget Proposal, 1976 

II-60 II-692

Grant Proposal - Executive Summary, 1976 

II-60 II-693

Preparation - Ribbon Cutting, 1976-1977 

II-60 II-694

Budgets - Proposals - Fund Raising - Graduates, 1976-1977 

II-60 II-695

Course Objectives - Leasing Information - IBM Proposal, 1976 

II-60 II-696

General Information, 1976-1977 

II-60 II-697

Employment Statistics, 1977 

II-61 II-698

The Output - Expense Requests, 1977 

II-61 II-699

Budget - Agenda - Work Program, 1977-1978 

II-61 II-700

Fund Raising - Invoice Vouchers - Status Reports, 1977 

II-61 II-701

Planning - Corporate Sponsors, 1975-1976 

II-61 II-702

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, 1977 

II-61 II-703

Grant Proposal Funding, 1977 

II-61 II-704

Correspondence - Reports - James E Taylor, 1977 

II-61 II-705

Tour - Luncheon, 1977 

II-61 II-706

Curriculum Overview - Correspondence - Trainees, 1977 

II-62 II-707

General Information, 1977 

II-62 II-708

Correspondence - Expenses Requests - Reports, 1977 

II-62 II-709

Advisory Council, 1977 

II-62 II-710

Reports, 1977 

II-62 II-711

Referral - Employment Statistics, 1977 

II-62 II-712

Graduation, 1977 

II-62 II-713

Report - September, 1977 

II-62 II-714

Report - August, 1977 

II-62 II-715

Graduation - 1978 

II-62 II-716

Statistics - Student Evaluation, 1978 

II-62 II-717

Twenty Month Report - Employment Statistics, 1978 

II-62 II-718

Financial Report, 1978 

II-63 II-719

Report to Community Trust, 1978 

II-63 II-720

Correspondence, 1978 

II-63 II-721

Reports - Correspondence, 1978 

II-63 II-722

Correspondence, 1980 

II-63 II-723

Graduate Complaints, 1981 

II-63 II-724

Curriculum, 1981 

II-63 II-725

Correspondence - Expenditure Request, 1981 

II-64 II-726

Technical Assistance, 1988 

II-64 II-727

Basic Skills - Literacy Program - IBM Loan Agreement, 1989 

II-64 II-728

Correspondence, 1987-1989 

II-64 II-729

Breakfast Meeting, 1988 

II-64 II-730

Basic Skills - Literacy Program, 1989 

II-64 II-731

City Contracts, 1990-1991 

II-64 II-732

Closeout Reports, 1991 

II-64 II-733

Internal Correspondence, 1991 

II-64 II-734

Telemarketing, 1993 

II-64 II-735

Sub-Subseries 1.K - Women's Economic Development and Employment Initiatives 

Scope and Content 

This sub-sub series includes information on women's professional networks, including black female business networks. Includes conference information, correspondence, business information, and brochures. Spans 1971 through 1981. 

Box Folder

One Day Women's Conference, 1971 

II-65 II-736

Secretarial Workshops, 1971 

II-65 II-737

Women's Conference, 1974 

II-65 II-738

Women's Employment - LEAP - General, 1976-1977 

II-65 II-739

Women's Employment - LEAP - General, 1976-1977 

II-65 II-740

Women's Employment - LEAP - General, 1976-1977 

II-65 II-741

Business Women's Organization, 1978 

II-65 II-742

Black Women's Businesses, 1978 

II-66 II-743

Black Women's Education Forum - CEDCO, 1978 

II-66 II-744

Black Women's Education Forum, 1978 

II-66 II-745

Black Women's Education Forum - Correspondence, 1978 

II-66 II-746

University of Chicago, 1978 

II-66 II-747

Women's Pre-Apprenticeship Project, 1979 

II-66 II-748

Pre-Apprenticeship Project, 1979 

II-66 II-749

Black Women's Education Forum, 1979 

II-66 II-750

Trade Fair, 1979 

II-66 II-751

Businesswomen's Education Forum, 1979 

II-66 II-752

Women's Career Fairs, 1979-1980 

II-66 II-753

Businesswomen's Education Forum, 1979 

II-66 II-754

Referral Guide, 1979-1981 

II-66 II-755

Hook-up, 1979-1980 

II-66 II-756

Correspondence, 1979 

II-67 II-757

Women's Issues, 1979 

II-67 II-758

Reports - Pamphlets, 1979 

II-67 II-759

Midwest Women's Center, 1979-1980 

II-67 II-760

Women's Pre-Apprenticeship Program, 1980 

II-67 II-761

Women in Business, 1980 

II-67 II-762

Women's Technical Assistance - CEDCO, 1980 

II-67 II-763

Women's Technical Assistance, 1980 

II-67 II-764

The Women's Pre-Apprenticeship Readiness and Advocacy Project - Photographs, 1980 

II-68 II-765

Diane Curry - Tharpe - Job Specialist - Women's Apprenticeship, 1980 

II-68 II-766

Minority Women's Employment Conference, 1980 

II-68 II-767

The Women's Pre-Apprenticeship Readiness and Advocacy Project - Kimberly Carroll - Women's Apprenticeship, 1980 

II-68 II-768

Women's Pre-Apprenticeship Project - Participant Notification of Absenteeism - Tardiness - Termination, 1981 

II-68 II-769

Sub-Subseries 1.L - Affirmative Action Programs 

Scope and Content 

The Chicago Urban League worked to ensure affirmative action compliance by collaborating with companies to test, recruit, and train employees. This sub-sub-series spans 1967 through 1991 and contains photos, news releases, reports, meeting information, correspondence, and conference information. 

Box Folder

Division Program Development, undated 

II-69 II-770

Affirmative Action - Photographs - Jobs, 1967-1973 

II-69 II-771

"Buy Black" Business Directory, 1969 

II-69 II-772

Blacks in the Service Industry, 1969 

II-69 II-773

Affirmative Action - General, 1970-1974 

II-69 II-774

Apprenticeship Selection Procedure Program, 1970-1974 

II-69 II-775

Personnel, 1974 

II-69 II-776

E15 Objectives, 1974 

II-69 II-777

Committee on Urban Opportunity, 1974 

II-69 II-778

Policies - Reports, 1974-1976 

II-69 II-779

Reports - Correspondence, 1974 

II-70 II-780

Black Trades, 1975 

II-70 II-781

Reports, 1976 

II-70 II-782

Midwest Program for Minorities in Engineering, 1976-1977 

II-70 II-783

Minority Hiring, 1976 

II-70 II-784

Midwest Program for Minorities in Engineering - Board of Governor's Meetings, 1977-1978 

II-71 II-785

Midwest Program for Minorities in Engineering - Minuets, 1977 

II-71 II-786

Midwest Program for Minorities in Engineering - Annual Report - Executive Director's Report, 1977 

II-71 II-787

Minority Business Conference, 1978 

II-71 II-788

Manpower Planning Council, 1976 

II-71 II-789

Black Contractors United - Photographs, 1983-1987 

II-72 II-790

Correspondence, 1984 

II-72 II-791

C-FATT Dispute, 1987 

II-72 II-792

Recruitment Activities, 1988 

II-72 II-793

Projects Updates, 1988-1989 

II-72 II-794

Dan Ryan Rehabilitation Correspondence, 1988-1989 

II-72 II-795

Dan Ryan Rehabilitation Contracts and Subcontracts, 1988-1989 

II-72 II-796

Federal Express Contract, 1989 

II-72 II-797

Personnel Allocation, 1989 

II-72 II-798

Dan Ryan Project - FY Items, 1990 

II-72 II-799

AT and T Corporate Center Contract, 1990 

II-72 II-800

IDOT Contract, 1990 

II-72 II-801

Chicago Title Trust Contract, 1990 

II-72 II-802

Black Contractors United - Photographs, 1990-1991 

II-72 II-803

Sub-Subseries 1.M - Summer Jobs Programs and Summer Occupational Awareness Program (SOAP) 

Scope and Content 

The National Urban League spearheaded several youth summer programs, including leadership programs for black college students and employment workshops for high school students. This sub-sub series includes correspondence, reports, proposals, curriculum manuals, and spans 1968 through 1985. 

Box Folder

Summer Job Development Program - Contacts, 1968 

II-73 II-804

Summer Job Development Program - Forms, 1968 

II-73 II-805

Room for One More - Youth Summer Jobs Program, 1970 

II-73 II-806

Black Student Summer Program - General, 1971 

II-73 II-807

Black Student Summer Program - Applicants [Restricted], 1971 

II-73 II-808

Summer Youth Employment Program - Job Orders, 1974-1976 

II-73 II-809

Correspondence, 1974 

II-73 II-810

Summer Jobs for Youth Program - Reports, 1974 

II-73 II-811

Correspondence - Job Orders, 1975 

II-73 II-812

Mayor's Summer Youth Employment Program, 1975 

II-73 II-813

SOAP Project Proposal, 1978 

II-74 II-814

Summer Jobs for Youth - US Post Office, 1978 

II-74 II-815

SOAP Subcontract, 1979 

II-74 II-816

SOAP Sample Forms - Letters, 1979 

II-74 II-817

SOAP Curriculum Manual, 1980 

II-74 II-818

SOAP - Photographs - Reports, 1980 

II-74 II-819

SOAP Activity Report, 1980 

II-74 II-820

SOAP Proposal, 1980 

II-74 II-821

SOAP Activity Report, 1981 

II-74 II-822

SOAP - General Information, 1980 

II-74 II-823

SOAP Report, 1980 

II-75 II-824

SOAP - Reports - General Information, 1980 

II-75 II-825

SOAP - Student Manual - Correspondence - Reports, 1980-1981 

II-75 II-826

SOAP - Biweekly Reports, 1981 

II-75 II-827

SOAP - Invoices, 1981 

II-75 II-828

SOAP - Monthly Activity Reports for May and June - Correspondence, 1981 

II-75 II-829

Summer Youth Employment Program, 1981 

II-75 II-830

Summer Jobs Project Report, 1982 

II-75 II-831

Summer Jobs Subcommittee, 1982 

II-75 II-832

Summer Youth Employment Program - Activity Summary, 1983 

II-75 II-833

Summer Jobs Program - Summer Jobs Proposal to the City, 1985 

II-75 II-834

Summer Jobs Program - General Information, 1985 

II-76 II-835

Sub-Subseries 1.N - Miscellaneous Job Training 

Scope and Content 

This sub-sub series includes miscellaneous documents pertaining to CUL job training initiatives. It contains placement information sample examinations, applicant information, company directories, and job fair information. This section contains the years of 1962 through 1990. 

Box Folder

Testing Materials, undated 

II-77 II-836

Job Placement, undated 

II-77 II-837

Employment and Training Agencies, undated 

II-77 II-838

Job Development Reference Manual, undated 

II-77 II-839

Jobs Program, undated 

II-77 II-840

Job Development - TWO Youth Project, undated 

II-77 II-841

Directory, undated 

II-77 II-842

Building Trades, undated 

II-77 II-843

Resumes [Restricted], 1962-1969 

II-77 II-844

Economic Development - Job Skills and Bank Information, 1966 

II-78 II-845

Correspondence - Johnson and Johnson, 1965 

II-78 II-846

Education - Employment Conference, 1966 

II-78 II-847

Jewish Labor Committee of Chicago, 1966 

II-78 II-848

Jobs Now Project - Open Positions, 1966 

II-78 II-849

Opportunity Please Knock - Information, 1967 

II-78 II-850

Consumer Credit - Programs - Flyers, 1967 

II-78 II-851

Job Training Programs - Correspondence,1967 

II-78 II-852

Job Training - Computer Management Consultants Inc, 1968 

II-78 II-853

Project Enable - Information, 1968 

II-78 II-854

Economic Development - IBM Free Training School, 1968 

II-78 II-855

Veteran's Affairs, 1968 

II-78 II-856

IDLA Ed and Training Program - Apprenticeship Program, 1969 

II-78 II-857

Illinois Consumer Action, 1969 

II-78 II-858

Jobs Now Project, 1969 

II-78 II-859

Industrial Relations Association of Chicago, 1969 

II-78 II-860

Job Placement - Sears, 1969 

II-78 II-861

Suppliers Mart Opportunity - Photographs, undated 

II-78 II-862

Chicago Business Opportunity Fair, 1970 

II-79 II-863

Male Security Committee, 1970 

II-79 II-864

Work/Study Program with Central YMCA Financial, 1972 

II-79 II-865

Youth Training - Employment Programs, 1972 

II-79 II-866

Neighborhood Youth Corps, 1972 

II-79 II-867

Latin American Task Force, 1972 

II-79 II-868

Letters Regarding Jobs, 1972-1976 

II-79 II-869

Minority Entrepreneur Registry, 1972 

II-79 II-870

Aurora Letter, 1972 

II-79 II-871

Jewel Employment, 1972 

II-79 II-872

Job Orders, 1973 

II-79 II-873

"Do the Poor Want to Work" Conference, 1973 

II-79 II-874

Chicago Business Opportunity Fair, 1973-1974 

II-80 II-875

Letters from Companies Seeking Employees, 1973-1976 

II-80 II-876

Employment Statistics, 1973 

II-80 II-877

Job Training Fair Photographs, 1973 

II-80 II-878

Career Conference, 1974 

II-80 II-879

Secretarial Program, 1974 

II-80 II-880

Proposal - Supervisory Development Program, 1974 

II-80 II-881

Firefighters Employment, 1974 

II-80 II-882

B15A Program, 1974 

II-80 II-883

Job 70 Program, 1974 

II-80 II-884

Gary Job Placement Program, 1974 

II-80 II-885

Career Conference Follow-up, 1974 

II-81 II-886

Air Traffic Controller Training, 1974 

II-81 II-887

Chicago Urban Skills Institute, 1975 

II-81 II-888

Career Conference, 1975 

II-81 II-889

Work Program Materials for FY, 1976 

II-81 II-890

Proposals - Job Counseling and Placement, 1975 

II-81 II-891

Minority Highway Construction Contractors Project, 1975 

II-81 II-892

Job Corps Trainee Termination Notices, 1976 

II-81 II-893

Employers working with CETA 

II-81 II-894

Business Opportunity Fair, 1976 

II-81 II-895

Career Conference Packet, 1976 

II-81 II-896

Manpower Standard for Project Design, 1976 

II-81 II-897

Management - Training and Development National Conference, 1976 

II-81 II-898

Voluntary Action Fair, 1976 

II-81 II-899

Youth Projects - Job Search, 1977 

II-82 II-900

Proposal for Industrial Readiness Pre-Employment, 1978 

II-82 II-901

Business/Youth Co-op Employment, 1978 

II-82 II-902

Teen Employment, 1978 

II-82 II-903

Human Resources - Internships and Opportunities, 1979-1980 

II-82 II-904

Consumer Office Programs, 1980 

II-82 II-905

Chicago Urban Skills Institute, 1981 

II-83 II-906

Human Resources - Chicago Employment Policy Conference, 1981 

II-83 II-907

Training Graduates - Grievances, 1981 

II-83 II-908

Employment Training Construction Management, 1983 

II-83 II-909

Employment and Counseling Planning, 1985 

II-83 II-910

Mayor's Office of Employment and Training, 1986-1987 

II-83 II-911

Basic Skills / Literacy Support Program, 1989 

II-83 II-912

Job Training - G-Tech Corporation, 1989 

II-83 II-913

Basic Skills / Literacy Support Program, 1990 

II-83 II-914

Job Placement Program - CDBG Contract, 1990 

II-83 II-915

Sub-Subseries 1.O - New Chicago Plan 

Scope and Content 

The New Chicago Plan was an economic development initiative administered by the Chicago Urban League as a consortium of contractors and labor groups on Chicago's South Side to encourage workforce development among African Americans and place them in skilled labor positions. These records run between 1971 and 1974 and contain correspondence, documentation on specific labor groups participating, and compliance with the federal Comprehensive Employment and Training Act (CETA). 

Box Folder

Recruitment Reports, undated 

II-84 II-916

Explanation of Goal Ranges, undated 

II-84 II-917

Fact Sheet, undated 

II-84 II-918

Correspondence - Fact Sheets - Work Assignments - Advertisements, undated 

II-84 II-919

US Department of Labor, 1970-1973 

II-84 II-920

Memorandum, 1970 

II-84 II-921

Correspondence, 1972 

II-84 II-922

Reports - Fact Sheets, 1972-1973 

II-84 II-923

Jobs Status Report, 1972 

II-84 II-924

Contract with the Department of Labor, 1972 

II-84 II-925

Contract - Correspondence - Report, 1972 

II-85 II-926

Schedule of Craft Committee Meetings, 1973 

II-85 II-927

Reports - Statements - Agreements, 1972 

II-85 II-928

Plumbers' Craft Committee Letters of Reminders, 1973 

II-85 II-929

Glaziers' Craft Committee Letters of Reminders, 1973 

II-85 II-930

Operating Engineers' Craft Committee Letters of Reminders, 1973 

II-85 II-931

Electricians' Craft Committee Letters of Reminders, 1973 

II-85 II-932

Plasterers' Craft Committee Letters of Reminders, 1973 

II-85 II-933

New Chicago Plan Placements, 1973 

II-85 II-934

Recruitment Report, 1973 

II-85 II-935

Minorities in Construction, 1973 

II-85 II-936

Lathers' Craft Committee Minuets, 1973 

II-86 II-937

Carpenters' Craft Committee Letters of Reminder, 1973 

II-86 II-938

Cement Masons' Minuets, 1973 

II-86 II-939

Pipe fitters' Minuets, 1973 

II-86 II-940

Advisory Committee Meeting, 1973 

II-86 II-941

Correspondence, 1973 

II-86 II-942

Recruitment Report, 1973 

II-86 II-943

Craft Committees Information, 1973 

II-86 II-944

Apprenticeship, 1973 

II-86 II-945

Recruitment, 1973 

II-86 II-946

Recruitment [Restricted], 1973 

II-86 II-947

Craft Committee Reports and Summaries, 1973 

II-86 II-948

Electrician Apprenticeship - Schedule of Meetings, 1973 

II-87 II-949

Correspondence, 1973 

II-87 II-950

Recruitment Figures, 1973 

II-87 II-951

Qualification Forms, 1973 

II-87 II-952

New Chicago Plan Document, 1973 

II-87 II-953

Media Coverage - Fact Sheets, 1973-1976 

II-87 II-954

Placements - Proposals - Contracts, 1973-1974 

II-87 II-955

General Information, 1973 

II-87 II-956

Craft Committee Report, 1973 

II-87 II-957

Correspondence, 1973-1977 

II-88 II-958

Correspondence, 1973-1977 

II-88 II-959

Craft Meetings, 1973 

II-88 II-960

Carpenters' Meeting, 1973 

II-88 II-961

Craft Committee Reports and Summaries, 1973 

II-88 II-962

Memos and Letters, 1973 

II-88 II-963

RTP Journeymen Candidates, 1973 

II-88 II-964

Operating Engineers Correspondence, 1973 

II-88 II-965

Pipe Fitters' Correspondence, 1973 

II-88 II-966

Cement Masons, 1973 

II-89 II-967

Plasterers, 1973 

II-89 II-968

Status Reports - Goals - Timelines, 1973 

II-89 II-969

Training Programs, 1973 

II-89 II-970

Department of Labor, 1973 

II-89 II-971

Trades not on Agreement, 1973 

II-89 II-972

Bricklayers, 1973 

II-89 II-973

Weekly Recruitments, 1973 

II-89 II-974

Weekly Recruitments, 1973 

II-89 II-975

Bricklayers, 1973 

II-89 II-976

Carpenters, 1973 

II-89 II-977

Pipe Fitters, 1973 

II-89 II-978

Correspondence - Data Reports - Blank Forms, 1973 

II-89 II-979

Placements - Staff Meetings, 1973 

II-89 II-980

Individual Contact Sheets - Correspondence - Representatives, 1973 

II-89 II-981

Program Objectives - Staff Directory - Correspondence, 1973 

II-89 II-982

Lathers' Committee, 1973 

II-90 II-983

Glaziers' Committee, 1973 

II-90 II-984

Monthly Recruitment Report - January and February, 1973 

II-90 II-985

General Information, 1973 

II-90 II-986

Cement Masons, 1973 

II-90 II-987

Craft Committee Meetings, 1973 

II-90 II-988

Statistics, 1973 

II-90 II-989

Carpenters, 1973 

II-90 II-990

Meeting Schedules, 1973 

II-90 II-991

Suggested Agendas, 1973 

II-90 II-992

Reports - Correspondence, 1973 

II-91 II-993

Miscellaneous Information, 1973 

II-91 II-994

Jobs Program, 1973 

II-91 II-995

Plasterers' Minuets, 1973 

II-91 II-996

Operating Engineers' Minuets, 1973 

II-91 II-997

Carpenters' Minuets, 1973 

II-91 II-998

Pipe fitters Letters of Reminder, 1973 

II-91 II-999

Lathers' Craft Committee Letters of Reminder, 1973 

II-91 II-1000

Bricklayers' Craft Committee Letters of Reminder, 1973 

II-91 II-1001

Stone Masons, 1973 

II-91 II-1002

Manpower Development, 1973 

II-91 II-1003

Imposed Chicago Plan, 1974 

II-91 II-1004

Sub-Subseries 1.P - Chicago Committee on Urban Opportunity - Model Cities Programs 

Scope and Content 

The Model Cities Sub-sub series documents Chicago Urban League participation in the Model Cities program, a community-wide consortium of non-profits advocating economic development. Materials include meeting notes, correspondence and marketing materials between 1973 and 1975. 

Box Folder

Manpower Subcommittee Meeting, undated 

II-92 II-1005

Firefighters, undated 

II-92 II-1006

Miscellaneous Information, 1973-1974 

II-92 II-1007

Program Information - Committee Report, 1973 

II-92 II-1008

Full Committee Meeting, 1974 

II-92 II-1009

Committee Meetings, 1974 

II-93 II-1010

Miscellaneous Program Material - Garfield Community Service, 1975- 1977 

II-93 II-1011

Sub-Subseries 1.Q - Chicago United 

Scope and Content 

Chicago United was a coalition of Chicago organizations that worked for improvement in the Chicago Public Schools. This sub-sub series contains correspondence, meeting info, news clippings, reports, and memos. Includes the years of 1974 through 1989. 

Box Folder

Manpower - CETA, 1974-1975 

II-94 II-1012

Deacons' Meetings - Reports - Articles, 1975 

II-94 II-1013

Programs - General Information, 1975 

II-94 II-1014

Reports - Correspondence - Meetings, 1975 

II-94 II-1015

Miscellaneous Information, 1975 

II-94 II-1016

Chicago United Workshop, 1975 

II-95 II-1017

Education Task Force, 1976-1977 

II-95 II-1018

Chicago Regional Purchasing Council, 1976 

II-95 II-1019

Reports - "Chicago Report Card", 1976 

II-95 II-1020

Miscellaneous Reports, 1976 

II-95 II-1021

Joint Economic Committee Meeting, 1977 

II-95 II-1022

Group Meeting - September, 1976 

II-96 II-1023

Chicago Lawn-West Englewood, 1976 

II-96 II-1024

Correspondence - Marquet Park, 1976 

II-96 II-1025

Miscellaneous Meeting Notes, 1977 

II-96 II-1026

General Information, 1977 

II-96 II-1027

Banking Committee, 1977 

II-96 II-1028

Deacons and Members, 1979-1980 

II-96 II-1029

Committee on Minority Banking Summaries - Job Strategies Committee, 1978-1982 

II-97 II-1030

Memos, 1980 

II-97 II-1031

Minuets - Correspondence, 1980 

II-97 II-1032

Meetings and Task Forces, 1980 

II-97 II-1033

Summer Jobs Committee, 1980-1985 

II-97 II-1034

Deacon's Meeting, 1980 

II-97 II-1035

Discussion Topics for Meeting with Rooks and Hixson, 1985 

II-97 II-1036

Minority Construction Contractor Directory, 1981 

II-98 II-1037

Special Task Force Education Report, 1981 

II-98 II-1038

Reports, 1982 

II-98 II-1039

Reports, 1982 

II-98 II-1040

Reports, 1982 

II-98 II-1041

Professional Services Committee of the Minority Business Development Task Force, 1982 

II-98 II-1042

Members - Meeting Schedules - Reports, 1982 

II-98 II-1043

Executive Director's Report, 1982 

II-99 II-1044

Deacon's Meeting, 1982 

II-99 II-1045

Summer Jobs, 1982-1984 

II-99 II-1046

Report, 1982 

II-99 II-1047

Meeting on Cabet, 1982 

II-99 II-1048

Summer Job Project, 1982 

II-99 II-1049

Summer Job Project, 1982 

II-99 II-1050

Education Task Force, 1983 

II-99 II-1051

Annual Report, 1983 

II-99 II-1052

Summer Youth Employment, 1983 

II-99 II-1053

Miscellaneous Committee Correspondence, 1984-1985 

II-100 II-1054

Employment Information, 1985 

II-100 II-1055

Retreat Planning Meeting - October, 1988 

II-100 II-1056

Hire the Future, 1988-1989 

II-100 II-1057

Sub-Subseries 1.R - Comprehensive Employment and Training Act (CETA) 

Scope and Contents 

As a result of the Comprehensive Employment and Training Act of 1973, the Chicago Urban League established a Manpower Delivery Service System, which worked on outreach, recruitment, intake, assessment, job development, referral and placement for disadvantaged, unemployed and under-employed individuals. This sub-sub series spans 1970 through 1979 and contains memos, contacts, correspondence, and proposals. 

Box Folder

Title I, undated 

II-101 II-1058

Title II, undated 

II-101 II-1059

Title III, undated 

II-101 II-1060

Manpower Service Proposal, undated 

II-101 II-1061

Placement Sample Tests, undated 

II-101 II-1062

Department of Labor Correspondence, 1970-1971 

II-101 II-1063

Manpower, 1973-1977 

II-101 II-1064

Manpower, 1973-1977 

II-101 II-1065

Memos, 1973-1975 

II-101 II-1066

Meeting Minuets, 1973-1976 

II-101 II-1067

Labor Education Programs, 1974-1975 

II-102 II-1068

Manpower, 1974 

II-102 II-1069

Contracts, 1974 

II-102 II-1070

Correspondence - November- January, 1974 

II-102 II-1071

Source Materials - Participant Flow Chart, 1974-1975 

II-102 II-1072

Correspondence - Reports, 1974-1975 

II-102 II-1073

Rejected Grant Proposals, 1974 

II-102 II-1074

Correspondence - Manpower Delivery System Proposal, 1975 

II-102 II-1075

Slots, 1975 

II-102 II-1076

Client Activities, 1975 

II-102 II-1077

Memos, 1975 

II-102 II-1078

Monthly Report, 1975 

II-102 II-1079

Correspondence, 1975 

II-102 II-1080

Reimbursements, 1975 

II-103 II-1081

Interdepartmental Correspondence - Reports, 1975 

II-103 II-1082

Interdepartmental Correspondence - Reports - Employee Expenses, 1975 

II-103 II-1083

Award Contract, 1975 

II-103 II-1084

Reports - Interdepartmental Correspondence, 1975 

II-103 II-1085

City Contract, 1975-1976 

II-103 II-1086

Slots - Program Information, 1975 

II-103 II-1087

Project Reports - Contracts, 1975 

II-103 II-1088

Contract, 1975 

II-103 II-1089

Programs under Bob Williams, 1975-1976 

II-103 II-1090

Summer Programs, 1976 

II-103 II-1091

October Report, 1976 

II-103 II-1092

November Report, 1976 

II-103 II-1093

December Report, 1976 

II-103 II-1094

Memos - Contracts, 1976-1977 

II-104. II-1095

Memos - Contracts, 1976-1977 

II-104. II-1096

Mayor's Office of Manpower, 1976 

II-104. II-1097

Forms - Procedures - Correspondence, 1976 

II-104. II-1098

Miscellaneous Information, 1976-1978 

II-105 II-1099

Contract, 1976 

II-105 II-1100

Contract, 1976 

II-105 II-1101

Monthly Reports, 1976 

II-105 II-1102

Performance and Retention Data - Quarterly Report - January, 1977 

II-105 II-1103

Budgets, 1976 

II-105 II-1104

Budget Information - Reimbursement Vouchers - Contracts, 1976 

II-105 II-1105

Monthly Reports, 1976 

II-106 II-1106

Title VI Contract - Interdepartmental Correspondence, 1976-1977 

II-106 II-1107

Correspondence - Status of Work Experience Program, 1977 

II-106 II-1108

Miscellaneous Interdepartmental Correspondence, 1977 

II-106 II-1109

Manpower, 1977 

II-106 II-1110

January Report, 1977 

II-106 II-1111

February Report, 1977 

II-106 II-1112

March Report, 1977 

II-106 II-1113

April Report, 1977 

II-106 II-1114

May Report, 1977 

II-106 II-1115

June Report, 1977 

II-106 II-1116

July Report, 1977 

II-106 II-1117

August Report, 1977 

II-106 II-1118

September Report, 1977 

II-106 II-1119

Correspondence, 1977-1978 

II-106 II-1120

Award Contract, 1977-1978 

II-107 II-1121

Rejected Grant Proposal, 1977 

II-107 II-1122

Administrative Documents, 1977 

II-107 II-1123

Reports, 1977-1978 

II-107 II-1124

Correspondence, 1977 

II-107 II-1125

Expense Report, 1977-1978 

II-107 II-1126

Project Assessment - Objective Accomplishments, 1977-1978 

II-107 II-1127

Job Training, 1977-1978 

II-108 II-1128

Contracts, 1977 

II-108 II-1129

Placement Program, 1977 

II-108 II-1130

Award - Contract, 1977-1978 

II-108 II-1131

Administrative Procedures, 1977 

II-108 II-1132

Memos, 1978 

II-108 II-1133

Administrative - Fact Sheet, 1978 

II-108 II-1134

Contract, 1977 

II-108 II-1135

Interdepartmental Correspondence - Reports, 1978 

II-108 II-1136

Contract, 1978 

II-108 II-1137

Memos, 1978-1979 

II-108 II-1138

Outgoing Correspondence, 1978 

II-108 II-1139

Polity and Procedure, 1978 

II-109 II-1140

Budget, 1978 

II-109 II-1141

Budget, 1978 

II-109 II-1142

Budget, 1978 

II-109 II-1143

Budget, 1978 

II-109 II-1144

Contract, 1978 

II-109 II-1145

Contract, 1978 

II-109 II-1146

"A - Par Contract" - Marguerite Young, 1978 

II-109 II-1147

Invoices, 1978 

II-110 II-1148

Par Program, 1978 

II-110 II-1149

1979 Contract, 1978 

II-110 II-1150

Rejected Grant Proposals, 1978 

II-110 II-1151

Training Materials, 1978 

II-110 II-1152

Contract, 1978 

II-110 II-1153

Title VI Program Application Abstracts, 1978 

II-110 II-1154

Mayor's Office of Manpower, 1978-1979 

II-110 II-1155

Title VI Status Reports, 1979 

II-111 II-1156

Monthly Reports, undated 

II-111 II-1157

Job Descriptions, 1979 

II-111 II-1158

Sam Bernstein, 1980 

II-111 II-1159

OPDT Bulletin - Miscellaneous Reports, 1980 

II-111 II-1160

Worksite Agreement, 1980 

II-111 II-1161

Title VI Budget, 1981 

II-111 II-1162

Title VI Program for the Long-term Unemployed, 1978 

II-111 II-1163

PAR, 1979 

II-111 II-1164

PAR, 1979 

II-111 II-1165

Mayor's Office of Employment and Training, 1979 

II-111 II-1166

Miscellaneous Interdepartmental Correspondence, 1979 

II-111 II-1167

Memorandum and Correspondence, 1981 

II-111 II-1168

Income Sheets and Applications, 1979 

II-112 II-1169

Incoming Correspondence, 1979 

II-112 II-1170

Extra Monthly Reports, 1979 

II-112 II-1171

Budget Revision - August, 1979 

II-112 II-1172

Reports, 1979 

II-112 II-1173

DCFS Budget, 1979 

II-112 II-1174

PAR Placement and Retention, 1979 

II-112 II-1175

PAR Program, 1979 

II-112 II-1176

PAR Program, 1979 

II-112 II-1177

Memos - MOSCH Staff, 1979 

II-112 II-1178

Sub-Subseries 1.S - Labor Education Advance Program (LEAP), Apprenticeship Training Program 

Scope and Content 

The Chicago Urban League worked on recruiting, training, and placing economically disadvantaged individuals in apprenticeships. This sub-sub series contains proposals, memos, reports, correspondence, tests and spans 1963 through 1981. 

Box Folder

Apprenticeship Kit, undated 

II-113 II-1179

Apprenticeship Manual, undated 

II-113 II-1180

Caterpillar Apprenticeship, undated 

II-113 II-1181

Apprenticeship Announcements, undated 

II-113 II-1182

Journeymen Advance Training Program, undated 

II-113 II-1183

Special Project, undated 

II-113 II-1184

Guidelines, 1963 

II-113 II-1185

Communication, 1964 

II-113 II-1186

Opportunities for Apprenticeship Program - Naval Ordnance Station, 1965-1967 

II-113 II-1187

LEAP - Miscellaneous Information, 1966-1975 

II-113 II-1188

Unemployment/Apprenticeship, 1966-1967 

II-114 II-1189

Project 110 - Correspondence, 1967 

II-114 II-1190

News Clippings and Releases, 1967 

II-114 II-1191

Reports and Vouchers, 1967 

II-114 II-1192

Guidelines and Contracts, 1967 

II-114 II-1193

Loan Project, 1967-1969 

II-114 II-1194

News Releases, 1968 

II-114 II-1195

US Department of Labor - Correspondence - Contract, 1968 

II-115 II-1196

Apprenticeship Loans - Memorandum, 1968 

II-115 II-1197

Building Apprentices - Photographs and News Clippings, 1968 

II-115 II-1198

LEAP Skills Test, 1968 

II-115 II-1199

Apprenticeship Program Reports, 1968 

II-115 II-1200

Tradesmen - Apprenticeship Project 110, 1968 

II-115 II-1201

Guidelines, 1969 

II-115 II-1202

Reports and Miscellaneous Letters, 1970 

II-116 II-1203

Contract, 1970 

II-116 II-1204

LEAP - Correspondence and Contracts, 1971 

II-116 II-1205

Interdepartmental Correspondence, 1971 

II-116 II-1206

LEAP - Contracts, 1971 

II-116 II-1207

LEAP - Contracts, 1971 

II-116 II-1208

Proposal and Contract, 1971 

II-116 II-1209

Proposals and Budgets, 1971 

II-117 II-1210

Weekly Activity Reports, 1971 

II-117 II-1211

Photographs - Consortium Agreement - Turner Construction Company, 1971 

II-117 II-1212

Weekly Activity Reports, 1971 

II-117 II-1213

Weekly Activity Reports, 1971 

II-117 II-1214

Reports - Correspondence, 1972 

II-117 II-1215

Correspondence - Contracts, 1972 

II-117 II-1216

Job Development - Sears Tower, 1972 

II-117 II-1217

Correspondence, 1972 

II-118 II-1218

Correspondence, 1972 

II-118 II-1219

Miscellaneous Information, 1972-1973 

II-118 II-1220

Weekly Reports, 1972-1973 

II-118 II-1221

Proposals and Budgets, 1972 

II-118 II-1222

Apprenticeship Program Operations, 1972 

II-118 II-1223

Photographs - Miscellaneous Reports - Agreements - Correspondence, 1972 

II-118 II-1224

Newspaper Clippings, 1972 

II-118 II-1225

Correspondence - Contracts, 1972 

II-118 II-1226

Woodlawn Community Development Corporation, 1973 

II-119 II-1227

Weekly Reports, 1973 

II-119 II-1228

Operations - Activities, 1973 

II-119 II-1229

Contract - Descriptions, 1973-1974 

II-119 II-1230

Correspondence, 1973 

II-119 II-1231

Audit - Proposal, 1973 

II-119 II-1232

Apprenticeship Information Center Advisory Committee, 1973 

II-119 II-1233

Miscellaneous Documents, 1973-1975 

II-119 II-1234

Miscellaneous Documents, 1973-1975 

II-120 II-1235

Memos - Funding - Program Information, 1973 

II-120 II-1236

Advisory Committee Meeting - February, 1973 

II-120 II-1237

Chicago Apprenticeship Advisory Committee, 1973 

II-120 II-1238

Title VI Grant - Miscellaneous Documents, 1973 

II-120 II-1239

Award Contracts, 1973-1974 

II-120 II-1240

Miscellaneous Documents, 1973-1975 

II-120 II-1241

Various Apprenticeship Program Information, 1973 

II-120 II-1242

Contracts, 1973 

II-120 II-1243

US Department of Labor Contract, 1973 

II-120 II-1244

List of Federally Funded Special Projects, 1974 

II-120 II-1245

Interdepartmental Correspondence, 1973 

II-121 II-1246

Weekly Reports, 1973 

II-121 II-1247

News Clippings, 1973 

II-121 II-1248

Apprenticeship Monthly Reports, 1974 

II-121 II-1249

Portfolio of Urban League Affiliate, 1974 

II-121 II-1250

Apprenticeship Advisory Committee, 1974-1975 

II-121 II-1251

Interdepartmental Correspondence, 1974 

II-121 II-1252

Outside Correspondence, 1974-1976 

II-121 II-1253

Boilermakers' Unions 1974-1979 

II-121 II-1254

News Clippings, 1974 

II-121 II-1255

Chicago 21 Plan, 1974-1975 

II-122 II-1256

Correspondence, 1974 

II-122 II-1257

Manpower Program - Apprenticeship Outreach Program, 1975 

II-122 II-1258

Apprenticeship Reports, 1975 

II-122 II-1259

Pamphlets, 1975 

II-122 II-1260

Award Contract, 1975 

II-122 II-1261

Correspondence, 1975 

II-122 II-1262

Correspondence, 1975 

II-122 II-1263

Washburn Grade School, 1975 

II-122 II-1264

Contract, 1975-1976 

II-123 II-1265

Contract Award, 1975 

II-123 II-1266

Building Trades, 1975-1976 

II-123 II-1267

Correspondence - Proposal for Women in Non-Tradtitional Employment Program, 1975 

II-123 II-1268

Interdepartmental Correspondence, 1975 

II-123 II-1269

Memos, 1976-1977 

II-123 II-1270

Job Descriptions, undated 

II-124 II-1271

Reports, 1977 

II-124 II-1272

Correspondence, Reports, 1976-1977 

II-124 II-1273

Correspondence, 1975 

II-124 II-1274

Modification and New Proposal Outline, 1975-1976 

II-124 II-1275

Advisory Committee Meetings, 1976 

II-124 II-1276

Award Contracts, 1976-1977 

II-124 II-1277

Invoices, 1976-1977 

II-124 II-1278

Program Report, 1977 

II-125 II-1279

Correspondence - Grant Records, 1977 

II-125 II-1280

Correspondence, 1977 

II-125 II-1281

Apprenticeship Statistics, 1977 

II-125 II-1282

Contract, 1978 

II-125 II-1283

Correspondence, 1977 

II-125 II-1284

Reports, 1977-1980 

II-126 II-1285

Correspondence, 1978 

II-126 II-1286

Regional Training Institute, 1978 

II-126 II-1287

Correspondence - Taylor Cotton, 1978 

II-126 II-1288

Contract, 1978 

II-126 II-1289

Award Contract, 1978 

II-126 II-1290

Budget Modification, 1977-1978 

II-126 II-1291

National Urban League, 1979 

II-126 II-1292

Memos, 1979 

II-126 II-1293

McDonalds, 1979-1981 

II-127 II-1294

Frito-Lay, 1979-1981 

II-127 II-1295

Bell and Howell 1979 

II-127 II-1296

Monroe Merchandise and Loyola, 1979 

II-127 II-1297

Walgreen's 1979 

II-127 II-1298

Correspondence, 1979 

II-127 II-1299

Correspondence, 1979 

II-127 II-1300

Interdepartmental Correspondence, 1979-1980 

II-127 II-1301

Apprenticeship Outreach Reports, 1979-1981 

II-127 II-1302

Correspondence, 1979 

II-127 II-1303

Reports, 1978-1979 

II-127 II-1304

Memos, 1980-1981 

II-127 II-1305

Miscellaneous Documents, 1980 

II-128 II-1306

Apprentice Information Center, 1980 

II-128 II-1307

Computer Sciences Corporation, 1980-1981 

II-128 II-1308

Trainings, 1980 

II-128 II-1309

United Food and Commercial Worker's Union, 1980 

II-128 II-1310

Handwritten Notes, 1980 

II-128 II-1311

Oxford Chemicals, 1980 

II-128 II-1312

Ryder Truck Rental, 1980 

II-128 II-1313

Searle, 1980 

II-128 II-1314

Metropolitan Lite, 1980 

II-128 II-1315

Hyatt, 1980 

II-128 II-1316

Hyatt, 1980 

II-128 II-1317

Plumber's Union, 1980 

II-128 II-1318

Correspondence, 1980 

II-128 II-1319

National Youth Pilgrimage for Jobs, Peace and Justice, 1980 

II-128 II-1320

General Information, 1978 

II-129 II-1321

Monthly Report, 1980 

II-129 II-1322

Apprenticeship Center Advisory Meeting, 1981 

II-129 II-1323

Kemper Insurance and Counselor Position, 1981 

II-129 II-1324

New York Life Insurance Company, Underwritten Position, 1981 

II-129 II-1325

Annual Progress Report FY 1980 - Miscellaneous Correspondence - Reports, 1981 

II-129 II-1326

Tribune Printing Plant Report, 1981 

II-129 II-1327

Subcontractors Report, Correspondence Regarding Budget, 1981 

II-129 II-1328

Salem Summer Street Scenes, 1981 

II-129 II-1329

Special Meeting of CEOs and National Urban League Executive Staff - Guidelines for Absorbing Costs in LEAP Budget, 1980-1981 

II-129 II-1330

Phase-Out, 1981 

II-129 II-1331

Sub-Subseries 1.T - Talent and Skills Bank [Restricted] 

Scope and Content 

The Chicago Urban League maintained a job bank of applicants, and would aid these candidates find work. Contains job bank applications, which are closed until 2074. Also contains photographs, correspondence and news releases and spans from 1968 through 1979. 

Box Folder

Talent and Skills Bank Redacted Applications - Sampled at Ten Percent Veterans, 1968-1974 

II-130 II-1332

Talent and Skills Bank Redacted Applications - Sampled at Ten Percent Veterans, 1967-1972 

II-130 II-1333

Talent and Skills Bank Redacted Applications - Sampled at Ten Percent Veterans, 1969-1973 

II-130 II-1334

Talent and Skills Bank Redacted Applications - Sampled at Ten Percent Veterans, 1969-1976 

II-130 II-1335

Talent and Skills Bank Redacted Applications - Sampled at Ten Percent Veterans, 1975-1976 

II-130 II-1336

Talent and Skills Bank Redacted Applications - Sampled at Ten Percent Veterans, 1967-1976 

II-131 II-1337

Talent and Skills Bank Redacted Applications - Sampled at Ten Percent Veterans, 1967-1976 

II-131 II-1338

Talent and Skills Bank Original Applications [Restricted], 1968-1974 

II-132 [Restricted] II-1339

Talent and Skills Bank Original Applications [Restricted], 1968-1973 

II-132 [Restricted] II-1340

Talent and Skills Bank Original Applications [Restricted], 1969-1973 

II-132 [Restricted] II-1341

Talent and Skills Bank Original Applications [Restricted], 1968-1973 

II-132 [Restricted] II-1342

Talent and Skills Bank Original Applications [Restricted], 1973-1975 

II-132 [Restricted] II-1343

Talent and Skills Bank Original Applications [Restricted], 1975-1976 

II-132 [Restricted] II-1344

Talent and Skills Bank Original Applications [Restricted], 1973-1974 

II-133 [Restricted] II-1345

Talent and Skills Bank Original Applications [Restricted], 1972-1974 

II-133 [Restricted] II-1346

Talent and Skills Bank Original Applications [Restricted], 1968-1972 

II-133 [Restricted] II-1347

Talent and Skills Bank Original Applications [Restricted], 1968-1972 

II-133 [Restricted] II-1348

Talent and Skills Bank Original Applications [Restricted], 1968-1972 

II-133 [Restricted] II-1349

Talent and Skills Bank Original Applications [Restricted], 1974-1976 

II-134 [Restricted] II-1350

Talent and Skills Bank Original Applications [Restricted], 1973-1976 

II-134 [Restricted] II-1351

Requests for Assistance [Restricted], 1972 

II-135 II-1352

Job Order Forms, 1964-1975 

II-135 II-1353

Job Order Forms, 1972-1973 

II-135 II-1354

Veteran Interviews [Restricted], 1972 

II-135 II-1355

Scholarship and Loan Applications [Restricted], 1970 

II-135 II-1356

Talent and Skills Bank Application [Restricted], 1966 

II-136 [Restricted] II-1357

Talent and Skills Bank Application [Restricted], 1968 

II-136 [Restricted] II-1358

Talent and Skills Bank Application [Restricted], 1968 

II-136 [Restricted] II-1359

Talent and Skills Bank Application [Restricted], 1968 

II-136 [Restricted] II-1360

Talent and Skills Bank Application [Restricted], 1968 

II-136 [Restricted] II-1361

Talent and Skills Bank Application [Restricted], 1968 

II-136 [Restricted] II-1362

Talent and Skills Bank Application [Restricted], 1968 

II-136 [Restricted] II-1363

Talent and Skills Bank Application [Restricted], 1969 

II-136 [Restricted] II-1364

Talent and Skills Bank Application [Restricted], 1969 

II-136 [Restricted] II-1365

Talent and Skills Bank - Photographs, undated 

II-137 II-1366

Talent and Skills Bank - Photographs, 1966 

II-137 II-1367

General Information, 1965-1966 

II-137 II-1368

Job Order Form - Male or Female, 1969 

II-137 II-1369

Job Order Form, 1969 

II-137 II-1370

Filled Positions, 1969 

II-137 II-1371

Job Order Form - Male, 1969 

II-137 II-1372

Job Order Form - Female, 1969 

II-137 II-1373

Talent and Skills Bank - Photographs, 1970 

II-137 II-1374

Employment Positions Available, 1974-1975 

II-138 II-1375

Employment Positions Available, 1974-1975 

II-138 II-1376

Employment Positions Available, 1974-1975 

II-138 II-1377

Employment Positions Available, 1974-1975 

II-138 II-1378

Employment Positions Available, 1975 

II-138 II-1379

Job Order Forms, 1976-1978 

II-139 II-1380

Employer Hiring Requirements, 1976 

II-139 II-1381

Job Order Forms - Correspondence with Participating Companies, 1977-1979 

II-139 II-1382

Job Order Forms - Correspondence with Participating Companies, 1977-1978 

II-139 II-1383

Vocational Work Experience Program, 1977 

II-139 II-1384

Job Order Forms - 1978 

II-139 II-1385

Miscellaneous Job Information, 1979 

II-139 II-1386

Job Order Forms, 1979 

II-139 II-1387

Job Order Forms, 1979 

II-139 II-1388

Job Order Forms, 1979 

II-139 II-1389

Sub-Subseries 1.U - Just Jobs 

Scope and Content 

Just Jobs was an youth employment program for which the Chicago Urban League recruited, tested, and placed candidates. Contains intake forms, applications and tests. The intake forms are closed until 2081. This sub-sub series spans 1980 through 1982. 

Box Folder

Intake Forms, Applications and Tests [Restricted], 1981-1982 

II-140 [Restricted] II-1390

Intake Forms, Applications and Tests [Restricted], 1981 

II-140 [Restricted] II-1391

Intake Forms, Applications and Tests [Restricted], 1981 

II-140 [Restricted] II-1392

Intake Forms, Applications and Tests [Restricted], 1981-1982 

II-140 [Restricted] II-1393

Intake Forms, Applications and Tests [Restricted], 1981 

II-140 [Restricted] II-1394

Intake Forms, Applications and Tests [Restricted], 1981 

II-140 [Restricted] II-1395

Intake Forms, Applications and Tests [Restricted], 1981 

II-141 [Restricted] II-1396

Intake Forms, Applications and Tests [Restricted], 1981 

II-141 [Restricted] II-1397

Intake Forms, Applications and Tests [Restricted], 1981 

II-141 [Restricted] II-1398

Intake Forms, Applications and Tests [Restricted], 1981 

II-141 [Restricted] II-1399

Intake Forms, Applications and Tests [Restricted], 1981 

II-141 [Restricted] II-1400

Intake Forms, Applications and Tests [Restricted], 1981 

II-141 [Restricted] II-1401

TRC Demonstration Project Follow-up Study - Interviewer's Manual, 1981 

II-142 II-1402

Blank Intake Forms, Testing Booklets and Employment Evaluation Questionnaires, undated 

II-142 II-1403

Blank Intake Forms, Testing Booklets and Employment Evaluation Questionnaires, undated 

II-142 II-1404

Schedule I - Statement of Work and CPPV Private Sector Proposal Guidelines, 1979 

II-142 II-1405

Just Jobs Manual, 1980 

II-142 II-1406

Ibid, undated 

II-143 [Restricted] II-1407

Accounting Receipts, 1981 

II-143 [Restricted] II-1408

CPPV Youth Three Month Follow-up Questionnaire and CUL Data Review Corrections, 1980 

II-143 [Restricted] II-1409

Job Proposals, 1980 

II-143 [Restricted] II-1410

Recruitment, Research, and Referral Project, 1980 

II-143 [Restricted] II-1411

Miscellaneous Forms, 1981 

II-143 [Restricted] II-1412

Computer Printouts, undated 

II-143 [Restricted] II-1413

Ibid, undated 

II-143 [Restricted] II-1414

Ibid, undated 

II-143 [Restricted] II-1415

Intake Forms, Applications and Tests [Restricted], 1981 

II-144 [Restricted] II-1416

Intake Forms, Applications and Tests [Restricted], 1981 

II-144 [Restricted] II-1417

Intake Forms, Applications and Tests [Restricted], 1981 

II-144 [Restricted] II-1418

Intake Forms, Applications and Tests [Restricted], 1981 

II-144 [Restricted] II-1419

Intake Forms, Applications and Tests [Restricted], 1981 

II-144 [Restricted] II-1420

Intake Forms, Applications and Tests [Restricted], 1981-1982 

II-144 [Restricted] II-1421

Intake Forms, Applications and Tests [Restricted], 1981 

II-145 [Restricted] II-1422

Intake Forms, Applications and Tests [Restricted], 1981 

II-145 [Restricted] II-1423

Intake Forms, Applications and Tests [Restricted], 1981 

II-145 [Restricted] II-1424

Intake Forms, Applications and Tests [Restricted], 1981 

II-145 [Restricted] II-1425

Intake Forms, Applications and Tests [Restricted], 1981 

II-145 [Restricted] II-1426

Intake Forms, Applications and Tests [Restricted], 1981 

II-145 [Restricted] II-1427

Intake Forms, Applications and Tests [Restricted], 1980-1981 

II-146 [Restricted] II-1428

Intake Forms, Applications and Tests [Restricted], 1980-1981 

II-146 [Restricted] II-1429

Intake Forms, Applications and Tests [Restricted], 1980-1981 

II-146 [Restricted] II-1430

Intake Forms, Applications and Tests [Restricted], 1980-1981 

II-146 [Restricted] II-1431

Intake Forms, Applications and Tests [Restricted], 1981 

II-147 [Restricted] II-1432

Intake Forms, Applications and Tests [Restricted], 1981 

II-147 [Restricted] II-1433

Intake Forms, Applications and Tests [Restricted], 1981-1982 

II-147 [Restricted] II-1434

Intake Forms, Applications and Tests [Restricted], 1981 

II-147 [Restricted] II-1435

Intake Forms, Applications and Tests [Restricted], 1981 

II-147 [Restricted] II-1436

Intake Forms, Applications and Tests [Restricted], 1981 

II-147 [Restricted] II-1437

Intake Forms, Applications, Tests, Termination Forms [Restricted], 1981 

II-148 [Restricted] II-1438

Intake Forms, Applications, Tests, Termination Forms [Restricted], 1981 

II-148 [Restricted] II-1439

Intake Forms, Applications, Tests, Termination Forms [Restricted], 1981 

II-148 [Restricted] II-1440

Intake Forms, Applications, Tests, Termination Forms [Restricted], 1981 

II-148 [Restricted] II-1441

Intake Forms, Applications, Tests, Termination Forms [Restricted], 1981 

II-148 [Restricted] II-1442

Miscellaneous Forms [Restricted], 1981 

II-149 [Restricted] II-1443

Miscellaneous Forms [Restricted], 1981 

II-149 [Restricted] II-1444

Miscellaneous Forms [Restricted], 1981 

II-149 [Restricted] II-1445

Intake Forms, Applications and Tests [Restricted], 1981 

II-150 [Restricted] II-1446

Intake Forms, Applications and Tests [Restricted], 1981-1982 

II-150 [Restricted] II-1447

Intake Forms, Applications and Tests [Restricted], 1981 

II-150 [Restricted] II-1448

Intake Forms, Applications and Tests [Restricted], 1981 

II-150 [Restricted] II-1449

Intake Forms, Applications and Tests [Restricted], 1981 

II-150 [Restricted] II-1450

Intake Forms, Applications and Tests [Restricted], 1981 

II-150 [Restricted] II-1451

Intake Forms, Applications and Tests [Restricted], 1981 

II-151 [Restricted] II-1452

Intake Forms, Applications and Tests [Restricted], 1980-1981 

II-151 [Restricted] II-1453

Intake Forms, Applications and Tests [Restricted], 1981 

II-151 [Restricted] II-1454

Intake Forms, Applications and Tests [Restricted], 1981 

II-151 [Restricted] II-1455

Intake Forms, Applications and Tests [Restricted], 1981 

II-151 [Restricted] II-1456

Intake Forms, Applications and Tests [Restricted], 1981-1982 

II-152 [Restricted] II-1457

Intake Forms, Applications and Tests [Restricted], 1981-1982 

II-152 [Restricted] II-1458

Intake Forms, Applications and Tests [Restricted], 1981-1982 

II-152 [Restricted] II-1459

Intake Forms, Applications and Tests [Restricted], 1981-1982 

II-152 [Restricted] II-1460

Intake Forms, Applications and Tests [Restricted], 1981 

II-152 [Restricted] II-1461

Intake Forms, Applications and Tests [Restricted], 1981-1982 

II-153 [Restricted] II-1462

Miscellaneous Forms [Restricted], 1981 

II-153 [Restricted] II-1463

Intake Forms, Applications and Tests [Restricted], 1980-1981 

II-153 [Restricted] II-1464

Miscellaneous Forms [Restricted], 1981 

II-153 [Restricted] II-1465

Intake Forms, Applications, Tests, Completion Forms and Termination Forms [Restricted]. 1981 

II-153 [Restricted] II-1466

Intake Forms, Applications, Tests and Termination Forms [Restricted], 1981 

II-154 [Restricted] II-1467

Intake Forms, Applications, Tests and Termination Forms [Restricted], 1981 

II-154 [Restricted] II-1468

Intake Forms, Applications and Tests [Restricted], 1981 

II-154 [Restricted] II-1469

Intake Forms, Applications, Tests and Termination Forms [Restricted], 1981 

II-154 [Restricted] II-1470

Miscellaneous Forms [Restricted], 1981 

II-154 [Restricted] II-1471

Miscellaneous Forms [Restricted], 1981 

II-154 [Restricted] II-1472

Intake Forms, Applications and Tests [Restricted], 1981 

II-155 [Restricted] II-1473

Intake Forms, Applications and Tests [Restricted], 1981 

II-155 [Restricted] II-1474

Intake Forms, Applications, Tests and Termination Forms, 1981 

II-155 [Restricted] II-1475

Intake Forms, Applications, Tests and Termination Forms, 1981 

II-155 [Restricted] II-1476

Intake Forms, Applications, Tests and Termination Forms, 1981 

II-155 [Restricted] II-1477

Intake Forms, Applications, Tests and Termination Forms, 1981 

II-155 [Restricted] II-1478

Intake Forms, Applications and Tests [Restricted], 1981 

II-156 [Restricted] II-1479

Intake Forms, Applications and Tests [Restricted], 1981 

II-156 [Restricted] II-1480

Intake Forms, Applications and Tests [Restricted], 1981 

II-156 [Restricted] II-1481

Intake Forms, Applications and Tests [Restricted], 1981 

II-156 [Restricted] II-1482

Intake Forms, Applications and Tests [Restricted], 1981 

II-156 [Restricted] II-1483

Intake Forms, Applications and Tests [Restricted], 1981 

II-156 [Restricted] II-1484

Subseries 2: Reports Subseries 

The Chicago Urban League maintained meticulous reports for its programs both internally and in compliance with major grant writing organizations. CUL kept reports for every department and some programs both quarterly and bimonthly. This sub-series is a chronological collection of those reports from the mid-1960s through the early 1990s. Each folder contains one report, whether quarterly or bimonthly, along with any supporting materials relevant to that particular report, including memoranda and evaluations. Reports have been arranged chronologically, rather than by program or department. 

Box Folder

Economic and Manpower Development Report, undated 

II-157 II-1485

Advocacy Department Objectives, undated 

II-157 II-1486

Organizational Structure of Programs, undated 

II-157 II-1487

Memo - Programs, 1972-1974 

II-157 II-1488

Program Development, 1969-1971 

II-157 II-1489

Community Development and Services, undated 

II-157 II-1490

Year-End Program Report, 1973 

II-157 II-1491

Service Evaluations, 1973-1974 

II-157 II-1492

Program Objectives, 1973 

II-157 II-1493

Community Development and Services, undated 

II-157 II-1494

Monthly Report - March, 1973 

II-157 II-1495

Chicago Urban League Program Objectives, 1974 

II-158. II-1496

Program Activity Summary, 1974 

II-158. II-1497

Special Project Quarterly Reports, 1974 

II-158. II-1498

Special Projects Summary, 1974 

II-158. II-1499

Special Projects Status Report, 1974 

II-158. II-1500

Community Development and Services, 1974 

II-158. II-1501

Economic and Manpower Development Report - July, 1974 

II-158. II-1502

Economic and Manpower Development Report - August, 1974 

II-158. II-1503

Economic and Manpower Development Report - September, 1974 

II-158. II-1504

Economic and Manpower Development Report - October, 1974 

II-158. II-1505

Economic and Manpower Development Report - November, 1974 

II-158. II-1506

Economic and Manpower Development Report - December, 1974 

II-158. II-1507

Economic and Manpower Development Quarterly Report, 1974 

II-159 II-1508

Economic and Manpower Development Quarterly Report, 1974 

II-159 II-1509

Economic and Manpower Development - Service Summary and Time Record, 1974 

II-159 II-1510

Community Development and Services Report, 1974 

II-159 II-1511

Whitney Young Award Report, 1974 

II-159 II-1512

Program Activity Summary, 1974 

II-159 II-1513

Program and Project Director Memos and Meeting, 1975-1976 

II-159 II-1514

Community Development and Services, 1975 

II-159 II-1515

1976 Program Objectives, 1975 

II-159 II-1516

Economic and Manpower Development Report - November, 1975 

II-159 II-1517

Economic and Manpower Development Report - January, 1975 

II-159 II-1518

Programs - Year End Reports, 1975 

II-160 II-1519

Program Assessment - Reporting, 1975 

II-160 II-1520

Economic and Manpower Development Report - October, 1975 

II-160 II-1521

Economic and Manpower Development Report - February, 1975 

II-160 II-1522

Economic and Manpower Development Report - March, 1975 

II-160 II-1523

Economic and Manpower Development Report - April, 1975 

II-160 II-1524

Economic and Manpower Development Report - May, 1975 

II-160 II-1525

Economic and Manpower Development Report - June, 1975 

II-161 II-1526

Economic and Manpower Development Report - July, 1975 

II-161 II-1527

Economic and Manpower Development Report - August, 1975 

II-161 II-1528

Economic and Manpower Development Report - September, 1975 

II-161 II-1529

Economic and Manpower Development Report - December, 1975 

II-161 II-1530

Quarterly Program Review, 1976 

II-161 II-1531

Fiscal Year Program Goals, 1976 

II-161 II-1532

Program Activity Projection, 1976 

II-161 II-1533

Economic and Manpower Development Quarterly Report, 1976 

II-161 II-1534

Economic and Manpower Development Quarterly Report, 1976 

II-162 II-1535

Economic and Manpower Development Report - March, 1976 

II-162 II-1536

Economic and Manpower Development Report - April, 1976 

II-162 II-1537

Economic and Manpower Development Report - May, 1976 

II-162 II-1538

Economic and Manpower Development Report - June, 1976 

II-162 II-1539

Economic and Manpower Development Objectives for 1977, 1976 

II-162 II-1540

Economic and Manpower Development Objectives for 1977, 1976 

II-162 II-1541

ESAA Final Report, 1976 

II-163 II-1542

ESAA Final Report - Continued, 1976 

II-163 II-1543

Sickle Cell Review, 1976 

II-163 II-1544

Third Quarterly Program Review Meeting, 1977 

II-163 II-1545

Fiscal Year Program Objectives, 1977 

II-163 II-1546

Fourth Quarterly Program Review, 1977 

II-163 II-1547

First Quarterly Program Review, 1977 

II-163 II-1548

Second Quarterly Program Review, 1977 

II-163 II-1549

Miscellaneous Quarterly and Program Reports, 1977-1978 

II-163 II-1550

Strategy for Minority Business, ESAA and Housing, 1978 

II-164 II-1551

LEAP, ESAA, and Program Reports, 1977-1978 

II-164 II-1552

Computer Training Program Review, 1977 

II-164 II-1553

Legal Opportunities Scholarship Program Correspondence, 1977 

II-164 II-1554

Economic and Manpower Development Reports, 1977 

II-164 II-1555

ESAA Final Report - FY 1977, 1977 

II-164 II-1556

ESAA Final Report Continues, 1977 

II-164 II-1557

ESAA Quarterly Report, 1977 

II-164 II-1558

ESAA Quarterly Review Report, 1977 

II-164 II-1559

Quarterly Program Review - General, 1978 

II-164 II-1560

Social Services Department - Second Quarter, 1978 

II-164 II-1561

LEAP Program Review, 1978 

II-164 II-1562

CETA Program Review, 1978 

II-164 II-1563

Education Department Program Review, 1978 

II-164 II-1564

Fiscal Year Program Planning, 1978 

II-164 II-1565

Program Planning Contracts, 1978 

II-164 II-1566

Senior Citizens Project FY 1980 Monthly Reports, 1979-1980 

II-165 II-1567

Young Parents Center Report, 1979 

II-165 II-1568

Program and Project Directors, 1980 

II-165 II-1569

Monthly Objective Analysis, 1980-1981 

II-165 II-1570

Miscellaneous Quarterly Reports, 1980 

II-165 II-1571

Senior Citizens Project Quarterly Reports, 1980 

II-165 II-1572

Sickle Cell Project - April Monthly Report, 1980 

II-165 II-1573

Sickle Cell Project - May Monthly Report, 1980 

II-165 II-1574

Sickle Cell Project - June Monthly Report, 1980 

II-165 II-1575

Sickle Cell Project - July Monthly Report, 1980 

II-165 II-1576

Sickle Cell Project - August Monthly Report, 1980 

II-165 II-1577

Sickle Cell Project - Program Activity Summary, 1980 

II-166 II-1578

Project Directors Meeting, 1980-1981 

II-166 II-1579

Preliminary Planning, 1981 

II-166 II-1580

Program and Project Directors - Miscellaneous, 1980-1981 

II-166 II-1581

Computer Training Center Monthly Report, 1980 

II-166 II-1582

Sickle Cell Project - September - December Reports, 1980 

II-166 II-1583

United Way Report, 1980 

II-166 II-1584

Sickle Cell Project Report, 1980 

II-166 II-1585

Housing Department Monthly Reporting, 1980 

II-166 II-1586

United Way Report, 1980 

II-167 II-1587

Project Directors, 1981 

II-167 II-1588

Department of Commerce and Community Affairs - Quarterly Report, 1981 

II-167 II-1589

Women's Pre-Apprenticeship Program - Quarterly Review Reports, 1981 

II-167 II-1590

Year End Reports - Sickle Cell Project, 1981-1982 

II-167 II-1591

Planning and Evaluation Meeting, 1981 

II-167 II-1592

Sickle Cell Center - May Monthly Report, 1981 

II-167 II-1593

Sickle Cell Project Reports- September/October, 1981 

II-167 II-1594

Sickle Cell Project Reports - January - March, 1981 

II-167 II-1595

Sickle Cell Reports, 1981 

II-167 II-1596

Sickle Cell Project Reports - July - August, 1981 

II-167 II-1597

Sickle Cell Project Reports - April Activity Report, 1981 

II-167 II-1598

Senior Citizens Project - Quarterly Reports, 1981 

II-167 II-1599

Sickle Cell Project - Monthly Reports, 1982 

II-168 II-1600

Sickle Cell Project - First Quarterly Report, 1982 

II-168 II-1601

Sickle Cell Project - April Report, 1982 

II-168 II-1602

Young Parents Center - Third Year Assessment Report, 1982 

II-168 II-1603

Social Services - February Report, 1982 

II-168 II-1604

Employment, Counseling and Training - Monthly Reports, 1982-1983 

II-168 II-1605

Sickle Cell Project - Monthly Reports, 1983 

II-168 II-1606

Young Parents Center - United Way Reports, 1983-1984 

II-168 II-1607

Employment, Counseling and Training - Bi-Monthly Report, 1983 

II-168 II-1608

Computer Training Center - Third Quarterly Report, 1983 

II-168 II-1609

Research and Planning - Program Reporting, 1984-1985 

II-168 II-1610

Chicago Urban League Development Corporation - Quarterly Reports, 1984-1986 

II-169 II-1611

Job Readiness Training Project - Third Quarter Report, 1985 

II-169 II-1612

Research and Planning - Monthly Reports, 1985 

II-169 II-1613

Chicago Urban League Development Corporation- Monthly Reports, 1985 

II-169 II-1614

Grand Boulevard Housing Abandonment Project - Monthly Report - May, 1985 

II-169 II-1615

Grand Boulevard Housing Abandonment Project - Monthly Reports, 1985 

II-169 II-1616

Chicago Urban League Development Corporation - Project and Status Reports, 1985 

II-169 II-1617

Chicago Urban League Development Corporation - Monthly Reports, 1985 

II-169 II-1618

Housing Department - Addendum to Bi-Monthly Report, 1985 

II-169 II-1619

Employment Counseling and Training - Bi-Monthly Report - March/April, 1985 

II-169 II-1620

Young Parents Center - Monthly Activity Report - July, 1986 

II-170 II-1621

Grand Boulevard Housing Abandonment Project, Quarterly Reports, 1986-1987 

II-170 II-1622

Social Services - October Report, 1987 

II-170 II-1623

Southside Infant Health Network - Summary Report, 1987 

II-170 II-1624

Southside Infant Health Network - Program Activity Reports, 1987 

II-170 II-1625

Social Services Department - Objective Planning Reports, 1987-1988 

II-170 II-1626

Chicago Urban League Development Corporation - Monthly Reports, 1987 

II-170 II-1627

Chicago Urban League Development Corporation - Monthly Reports, 1987 

II-170 II-1628

Young Parents Center - July Monthly Activity Report, 1987 

II-170 II-1629

Young Parents Center - October Monthly Activity Report, 1987 

II-170 II-1630

Social Services Department - Overview and Narrative Forum, 1987 

II-170 II-1631

Chicago Urban League Development Corporation - Monthly Report, 1987-1988 

II-171 II-1632

Chicago Urban League Development Corporation - Monthly Report, 1987-1988 

II-171 II-1633

Chicago Urban League Development Corporation - Monthly Report, 1987-1988 

II-171 II-1634

Grand Boulevard Housing Abandonment Project - Monthly Report, 1987 

II-171 II-1635

Grand Boulevard Housing Abandonment Project - Financial Report, 1987 

II-171 II-1636

Young Parents Center - December Monthly Activity Report, 1987 

II-171 II-1637

Young Parents Center - July Monthly Activity Report, 1987 

II-171 II-1638

Training and Counseling Year-End Report, 1988 

II-171 II-1639

Southside Infant Health Network - IDPH Quarterly Reports, 1988-1990 

II-171 II-1640

Southside Infant Health Network - Reports, 1988-1989. 

II-171 II-1641

Social Services Department - FY 1989 Planning Objectives, 1988 

II-172 II-1642

Young Parents Center - April Monthly Activity Report, 1988 

II-172 II-1643

Social Services Department Bi-Monthly Report - September/October, 1988 

II-172 II-1644

Young Parents Center Bi-Monthly Report - September/October, 1988 

II-172 II-1645

Advocacy Department - Overview and Narrative, 1988 

II-172 II-1646

Advocacy Department - Planning Workshop, 1988 

II-172 II-1647

Young Parents Center FY 1989 Objectives, 1988 

II-172 II-1648

Chicago Urban League Development Corporation Monthly Report - February, 1988 

II-172 II-1649

Young Parents Center - Year End Report, 1988 

II-172 II-1650

Young Parents Center Bi-Monthly Report - November/December, 1988 

II-172 II-1651

Young Parents Center Monthly Activity Report - March, 1988 

II-172 II-1652

Young Parents Center Monthly Activity Report - January, 1988 

II-172 II-1653

Young Parents Center Monthly Activity Report - February, 1988 

II-172 II-1654

Lickage Annual Report. 1989 

II-172 II-1655

Community Trust Report, 1989 

II-172 II-1656

Social Services Department Bi-Monthly Report - January/February, 1989 

II-172 II-1657

Future Search Committee, 1989 

II-172 II-1658

Southside Infant Health Network - Quarterly Progress Report, 1989 

II-173 II-1659

Southside Infant Health Network - Reports, 1989 

II-173 II-1660

Social Services Department Bi-Monthly Report - July/August, 1989 

II-173 II-1661

Social Services Department Bi-Monthly Report - May/June, 1989 

II-173 II-1662

Social Services Department Bi-Monthly Report - March/April, 1989 

II-173 II-1663

Facilities and Support Services Second Quarter Report, 1989 

II-173 II-1664

Young Parents Center Quarterly Report, 1988 

II-173 II-1665

Young Parents Center Bi-Monthly Report - November/December, 1989 

II-173 II-1666

Young Parents Center Bi-Monthly Report - July/August, 1989 

II-173 II-1667

Young Parents Center Bi-Monthly Report - September/October, 1989 

II-173 II-1668

Social Services Department Bi-Monthly Report - January/February, 1989 

II-173 II-1669

Social Services Department Bi-Monthly Report - January/February, 1989 

II-173 II-1670

Social Services Department Third Quarter Report, 1989 

II-174 II-1671

Young Parents Center Year End Report, 1989 

II-174 II-1672

Young Parents Center Third Quarter Report, 1988 

II-174 II-1673

Young Parents Center Third Quarter Report, 1989 

II-174 II-1674

Social Services Department Bi-Monthly Report - November/December, 1989 

II-174 II-1675

Young Parents Center Monthly Activity Report, 1989 

II-174 II-1676

Young Parents Center Bi-Monthly Report - May/June, 1989 

II-174 II-1677

Social Services Department Bi-Monthly Report - November/December, 1989 

II-174 II-1678

Social Services Department Reports, 1990-1991 

II-174 II-1679

Social Services Department Reports, 1990 

II-174 II-1680

Young Parents Center Bi-Monthly Report - July/August, 1990 

II-174 II-1681

Social Services Department Bi-Monthly Report - January/February, 1990 

II-174 II-1682

Young Parents Center Bi-Monthly Report - January/February, 1990 

II-174 II-1683

Young Parents Center Bi-Monthly Report - May/June 

II-174 II-1684

Social Services Department Bi-Monthly Report - May/June, 1990 

II-175 II-1685

Social Services Department Bi-Monthly Report - March/April, 1990 

II-175 II-1686

Social Services Department Three Year Strategic Plan, 1990 

II-175 II-1687

Social Services Department Year End Report, 1990 

II-175 II-1688

Advocacy Department Report, 1990 

II-175 II-1689

Social Services Department Three Year Strategic Plan, 1990 

II-175 II-1690

Young Parents Center Year End Report, 1990 

II-175 II-1691

Young Parents Center First Quarter Report, 1990 

II-175 II-1692

Program and Project Directors Meeting December 7th, 1990 

II-175 II-1693

Program and Project Directors Meeting December 14th, 1990 

II-175 II-1694

Young Parents Center Yearly and Quarterly Reports, 1990 

II-175 II-1695

Southside Infant Health Network Reports, 1993 

II-175 II-1696

Southside Infant Health Network Bi-Monthly Reports, 1993 

II-175 II-1697

Southside Infant Health Network Bi-Monthly Reports, 1993 

II-175 II-1698

On-the-Job Training Project - Weekly Job Opportunities, 1969 

II-176 II-1699

On-the-Job Training Progress Reports, 1975 

II-176 II-1700

Subseries 3: Housing and Urban Development Subseries 

The CUL expanded its focus to housing and urban development during the 1980s. This sub-series is a collection of programs related to CUL involvement in encouraging affordable housing development and urban development on Chicago's South Side. At first, the CUL undertook a third-party role as an educator and organizer for tenants facing substandard units or outright discrimination in the housing market, but gradually expanded this role to the direct development and preservation of affordable housing under the direction of the Chicago Urban League Development Corporation (CULDC). Often, the CUL and CULDC collaborated with other community organizations throughout the city. These records include correspondence within CUL and with outside organizations, reports, surveys, financial records, contracts, notes, minutes, proposals, reports, fact sheets, government compliance, and administrative documents relevant to the development and financing of housing. 

The Housing and Urban Development Sub-Series spans 1971-1992. 

Sub-Subseries 3.A - Transitional Housing Demonstration 

Scope and Content 

In 1988 and 1989, the Chicago Urban League staged a demonstration project offering transitional housing to tenants in need. The Transitional Housing Sub-subseries contains program information on that project as well as a proposal to the Department of Housing and Urban Development for funding as an on-going program. 

Box Folder

Procedures and Guidelines Manual, 1988 

II-177 II-1701

Procedures and Guidelines Manual, 1988 

II-177 II-1702

Miscellaneous Documents, 1988 

II-177 II-1703

Miscellaneous Correspondence, Reports and Forms, 1988 

II-177 II-1704

Procedures and Guidelines Manual, 1988 

II-177 II-1705

Professional Consultants Contracts, 1988 

II-177 II-1706

General Information, 1988 

II-177 II-1707

Proposal, 1992 

II-177 II-1708

Termination Letter, 1993 

II-177 II-1709

Grant Request, 1990 

II-177 II-1710

Transitional Housing Manual, 1989 

II-177 II-1711

Sub-Subseries 3.B- Chicago Housing Consortium 

Scope and Content 

The Chicago Housing Consortium Sub-subseries contains records from 1984 and 1985 for the Chicago Housing Consortium, an association of community groups in Chicago interested in affordable housing development. It contains specific Chicago Housing Consortium proposals as well as records pertaining to CUL involvement. 

Box Folder

Chicago Urban League Participation, 1984 

II-178 II-1712

North East Network Proposal, 1985 

II-178 II-1713

Westtown Network Proposal, 1985 

II-178 II-1714

Accounting Services, 1985 

II-178 II-1715

Heat Shut Off Task Force, 1985 

II-178 II-1716

Heat Receivership, 1985 

II-178 II-1717

Woodlawn East Community and Neighbors, 1985 

II-178 II-1718

Legal Assistance Foundation of Chicago - Legal Proposal, 1985 

II-178 II-1719

Data Network Proposal, 1985 

II-178 II-1720

Correspondence, 1985 

II-178 II-1721

Correspondence, 1985 

II-178 II-1722

Letter to Gaines, 1985 

II-178 II-1723

Sub-Subseries 3.C - Tenant Education 

Scope and Content 

The Tenant Education Sub-subseries includes CUL efforts in educating low-income tenants about their rights. It includes research in tenant education in the 1970s as well as a funding proposal for a permanent project in the late 1980s. 

Box Folder

Budget Information, 1973 

II-179 II-1724

Proposed Manual, 1975 

II-179 II-1725

Tenant's Rights, 1983 

II-179 II-1726

Audit, 1988 

II-179 II-1727

Tenant Meeting Report, 1988 

II-179 II-1728

Truants' Alternative and Optional Education Program Proposal, 1989 

II-179 II-1729

Sub-Subseries 3.D - Regional Housing Mobility Program 

Scope and Content 

The Regional Housing Mobility Sub-subseries records span a decade from 1971 to 1981 and document Chicago Urban League efforts to reduce spatial segregation of African-Americans and encourage affordable housing developments and integrated neighborhoods throughout the Chicago metropolitan area. These records include correspondence, program information and reports and investigations concerning the effects of segregation in Chicago. 

Box Folder

Study, undated 

II-180 II-1730

Project Summary and Correspondence, 1979 

II-180 II-1731

Memoranda, 1979 

II-180 II-1732

Summary Recommendations, 1979 

II-180 II-1733

Grant Proposal, 1979 

II-180 II-1734

Executive Office Activity, 1980 

II-180 II-1735

Advisory Council, 1980 

II-180 II-1736

Grant Application, 1980 

II-180 II-1737

Study and Proposal Information, 1980 

II-180 II-1738

Work Contract, 1981 

II-180 II-1739

Miscellaneous Information, 1981 

II-180 II-1740

Guidebook, 1981 

II-180 II-1741

Reviews and Reports, 1981 

II-181 II-1742

Subcontractors Agreement and Reimbursement Forms, 1981 

II-181 II-1743

Miscellaneous Documents, 1981 

II-181 II-1744

Sub-Subseries 3.E - Housing Department 

Scope and Content 

The Housing Department Sub-subseries contains primarily administrative records belonging to the Housing Department that does not concern a particular program or initiative. It primarily contains internal correspondence regarding administrative issues as well as meeting notes and other interoffice records. 

Box Folder

Community Development Program, undated 

II-182 II-1745

Community Design Center, undated 

II-182 II-1746

Revolving Loan Fund, undated 

II-182 II-1747

HAZMAT, 1971 

II-182 II-1748

Community Design Center Conference, 1971 

II-182 II-1749

Community Design Center Conference, 1972 

II-182 II-1750

Community Renewal - Models and Proposals, 1974 

II-182 II-1751

Committee on Urban Opportunity, 1974 

II-182 II-1752

Summary of Activities, 1975 

II-182 II-1753

Grant Proposals and Miscellaneous Documents, 1975 

II-182 II-1754

Staff Correspondence, 1975 

II-182 II-1755

Debbie Haines, 1976 

II-182 II-1756

NCCJ Tours Fact Sheets, 1977-1978 

II-183 II-1757

Output Office Consolidation, 1978 

II-183 II-1758

Willie Sorrells File, 1978 

II-183 II-1759

Correspondence and Reports, 1979 

II-183 II-1760

Social Services Responsibility Reports, 1979 

II-183 II-1761

SOS Program, 1979 

II-183 II-1762

Reports, 1981 

II-183 II-1763

The Gautreaux Housing Demonstration, 1979 

II-183 II-1764

Housing Survey, 1979 

II-183 II-1765

Homeowners Survey, 1979 

II-183 II-1766

Community Development, 1980 

II-184 II-1767

Community Development Block Grant, 1980 

II-184 II-1768

Committee on Urban Opportunity, 1980 

II-184 II-1769

Overview and Narrative Form, 1980 

II-184 II-1770

Correspondence, 1980 

II-184 II-1771

Correspondence - Herman Mathews, 1980 

II-184 II-1772

Correspondence - Herman Mathews, 1980 

II-184 II-1773

Correspondence - Herman Mathews, 1980 

II-184 II-1774

Correspondence - Herman Mathews, 1980 

II-184 II-1775

Correspondence - Herman Mathews, 1980 

II-184 II-1776

Correspondence, 1980 

II-184 II-1777

Application for Federal Assistance, 1980 

II-184 II-1778

Correspondence - Herman Mathews, 1981 

II-184 II-1779

Correspondence - Herman Mathews, 1981 

II-184 II-1780

Correspondence - Herman Mathews, 1981 

II-184 II-1781

Correspondence - Pat Brown Gricran, 1981 

II-184 II-1782

Chicago Housing Authority Re-inspection, 1984 

II-185 II-1783

Citywide Foreclosure Coalition, 1985 

II-185 II-1784

Urban Agenda Commission Meeting, 1987 

II-185 II-1785

Housing Task Force, 1988 

II-185 II-1786

Open Communities, 1989-1990 

II-185 II-1787

Comprehensive Housing Contract, 1990-1991 

II-185 II-1788

Open Communities, 1990 

II-185 II-1789

Sub-Subseries 3.F - Grand Boulevard Housing Abandonment Project 

Scope and Content 

Between 1984 and 1987, the Chicago Urban League Development Corporation participated in the Grand Boulevard Housing Abandonment Task Force with the Chicago Housing Consortium and other community organizations on Chicago's South Side. The task force focused on property acquisition and rehabilitation to reduce property abandonment. The Grand Blvd Sub-subseries includes meeting notes and task force information pertaining to CUL involvement, as well as development records for specific properties. Between 1982 and 1991, the Chicago Urban League acted as a delegate agency for the National Home Improvement Program. 

Box Folder

Six Month Budget, undated 

II-186 II-1790

Housing Abandonment Task Force - Memos to Mayor Washington, 1984 

II-186 II-1791

Department f Housing Proposals, 1984 

II-186 II-1792

Proposal, 1984 

II-186 II-1793

Board-up Proposal, 1984 

II-186 II-1794

Development Documents, 1984 

II-186 II-1795

Chicago Housing Consortium Meetings, 1985 

II-186 II-1796

5240 S. King Drive, 1985 

II-186 II-1797

4900 S. Forrestville, 1985 

II-186 II-1798

Work Program Budget, 1985 

II-186 II-1799

641 E. 50th Place, 1985 

II-186 II-1800

641 E. 50th Street, 1985 

II-186 II-1801

Correspondence - Reports, 1985 

II-186 II-1802

Property Manager Search, 1985 

II-186 II-1803

Program Proposal, 1985 

II-186 II-1804

City Contract, 1985 

II-186 II-1805

City Contract, 1985 

II-186 II-1806

Status of Contracts, 1985 

II-186 II-1807

City Requests for Proposals, 1985 

II-186 II-1808

Monthly Activity Report, 1985 

II-186 II-1809

Correspondence, 1985 

II-186 II-1810

4801-4803 S. Indiana, 1985 

II-187 II-1811

4801 S. Forrestville, 1985 

II-187 II-1812

4801 S. Forrestville, 1985 

II-187 II-1813

DOH Meetings, 1985 

II-187 II-1814

Target Buildings List, 1985 

II-187 II-1815

Housing Request for Proposal, 1985 

II-187 II-1816

DOH Correspondence, 1985 

II-187 II-1817

Final Proposal, 1985 

II-187 II-1818

Meeting Notes, 1985 

II-187 II-1819

Management Component, 1985 

II-187 II-1820

Contracts, 1985-1986 

II-187 II-1821

Miscellaneous, 1985 

II-187 II-1822

Overview/Current Activities, 1985 

II-187 II-1823

City of Chicago Contracts, 1985 

II-187 II-1824

Proposal, 1985 

II-187 II-1825

Advance Financial Requests, 1985-1986 

II-187 II-1826

Monthly Activity Sheets, 1985-1987 

II-187 II-1827

Project Proposal, 1985 

II-188 II-1828

Contract Payouts, 1985-1986 

II-188 II-1829

City Contract Information, 1985 

II-188 II-1830

641 E. 50th Place, 1985 

II-188 II-1831

Correspondence, 1985-1986 

II-188 II-1832

Meetings, 1985 

II-188 II-1833

Miscellaneous Information, 1985-1987 

II-188 II-1834

Grand Boulevard Housing Improvement Program, 1985-1986 

II-189 II-1835

Grand Boulevard Housing Improvement Program, 1985-1986 

II-189 II-1836

City Compliance Report, 1986 

II-189 II-1837

Meeting Minuets, 1986 

II-189 II-1838

Mansions Program, 1986 

II-189 II-1839

King Drive Project, 1986-1987 

II-189 II-1840

King Drive Project, 1986-1987 

II-189 II-1841

Community Coordinator, 1986-1987 

II-189 II-1842

Program Information, 1986 

II-189 II-1843

General Correspondence, 1986 

II-189 II-1844

Contacts - Grand Boulevard 76, 1986-1987 

II-189 II-1845

Sub-Subseries 3.G - Chicago Energy Saves Fund and National Home Improvement Program 

Scope and Content 

Along with a number of other community organizations, the CUL administered the Energy Savers Fund, which connected homeowners and property owners to resources to increase energy efficiency and reduce energy costs. The Energy Savers Fund/National Home Improvement Program Sub-subseries includes correspondence, program compliance and administrative records pertaining to specific properties and property owners. 

Box Folder

Production Results, undated, 

II-190 II-1846

Energy Saving Measures, undated 

II-190 II-1847

Project Map, undated 

II-190 II-1848

Transcript - p. 27-105, undated 

II-190 II-1849

Remarks of Public Officials, undated 

II-190 II-1850

Grant Proposal - Community Energy Center, undated 

II-190 II-1851

4544 S. Ellis, undated 

II-190 II-1852

Energy Savers, 1982-1988 

II-190 II-1853

6101 S Woodlawn 1983-1985 

II-190 II-1854

Outgoing Correspondence, 1983-1988 

II-190 II-1855

Marketing Plan, 1984 

II-190 II-1856

Reports, 1984 

II-190 II-1857

Monthly Inquiry Reports, 1984-1988 

II-190 II-1858

Neighborhood Housing Services, 1984-1987 

II-190 II-1859

Multifamily Program Totals, 1984 

II-190 II-1860

Federal Program Cuts, 1984-1985 

II-190 II-1861

Inquiry Cards, 1984-1986 

II-190 II-1862

Processing Procedures, 1984-1986 

II-190 II-1863

Marketing Plans, 1984-1985 

II-190 II-1864

Illinois Commerce Commission Approval, 1984-1987 

II-191 II-1865

Seminars and Workshops, 1984-1986 

II-191 II-1866

Marketing Task Force, 1984-1986 

II-191 II-1867

Marketing Task Force, 1984-1985 

II-191 II-1868

Administrative Information, 1984 

II-191 II-1869

Public Relations, 1984-1985 

II-191 II-1870

Fee Schedule Information, 1984-1985 

II-191 II-1871

Consortium Meetings, 1984-1987 

II-191 II-1872

Community Energy Center, 1985-1987 

II-191 II-1873

5001 S. Prairie, 1985-1986 

II-191 II-1874

Multifamily Production Report, 1985 

II-191 II-1875

Technical Services Committee, 1985-1987 

II-191 II-1876

Public Relations Reports, 1985-1988 

II-192 II-1877

6226 S. Ingleside, 1985-1986 

II-192 II-1878

5656 S. King Drive, 1985-1987 

II-192 II-1879

Report of Proceedings, 1985 

II-192 II-1880

4544 S. Ellis, 1985-1986 

II-192 II-1881

6800 S. Dante, 1985-1986 

II-192 II-1882

Before the Residential Conservation Fund Meeting Report, 1985 

II-192 II-1883

Miscellaneous Documents, 1985 

II-192 II-1884

Proposals, 1985-1988 

II-193 II-1885

Correspondence - Center For Neighborhood Technology, 1985-1988 

II-193 II-1886

Policies, 1985 

II-193 II-1887

Marketing Presentations 1985-1986 

II-193 II-1888

6101 S. Woodlawn, 1985 

II-193 II-1889

Pride, Inc, 1985 

II-193 II-1890

6800 S. Dante, 1985 

II-193 II-1891

Construction Payouts, 1985-1987 

II-193 II-1892

Construction Payouts, 1985 

II-193 II-1893

Inter-Energy Center Correspondence, 1985-1986 

II-193 II-1894

Management Issues, 1985-1989 

II-193 II-1895

Community Investment Corporation, 1985-1988 

II-193 II-1896

Outgoing Correspondence, 1985-1988 

II-193 II-1897

NHS Correspondence, 1985-1988 

II-193 II-1898

Illinois Energy Newsletter, 1985-1987 

II-193 II-1899

Manager's Meetings, 1985-1986 

II-193 II-1900

Meeting Notes, 1985-1986 

II-193 II-1901

Technical Services Reports, 1985-1986 

II-194 II-1902

Performance Monitoring, 1986-1987 

II-194 II-1903

Contracts, 1986-1987 

II-194 II-1904

Amended Services Contract, 1986 

II-194 II-1905

Monthly Production Reports, 1986-1990 

II-194 II-1906

5838 S. Michigan, 1986-1987 

II-194 II-1907

Amended Service Agreement, 1986-1987 

II-194 II-1908

4751 S. Vincennes, 1986-1987 

II-194 II-1909

Contractor Applications, 1986 

II-194 II-1910

Proposals, 1986 

II-194 II-1911

5504 S. Wabash/ 21 E. Garfield, 1986 

II-194 II-1912

Loan Applications, 1986-1988 

II-195 II-1913

6611 S. Ingleside, 1986-1988 

II-195 II-1914

148 N. Mayfield, 1986-1988 

II-195 II-1915

6806 S. St. Lawrence, 1986 

II-195 II-1916

Time Analysis, 1986 

II-195 II-1917

5212 S. Cornell, 1986 

II-195 II-1918

5218-5228 S. Woodlawn, 1986-1987 

II-195 II-1919

5200 S. Ingleside, 1986-1987 

II-195 II-1920

5493 S. Cornell, 1986 

II-195 II-1921

6232 S. Woodlawn, 1986 

II-196 II-1922

Consortium Meeting, 1986 

II-196 II-1923

Loan Closing, 1986-1987 

II-196 II-1924

816 E. 48th, 1986-1987 

II-196 II-1925

4847 S. Vincennes, 1986-1987 

II-196 II-1926

Weatherization Program, 1986-1987 

II-196 II-1927

Multi-Family Production Reports, 1987-1988 

II-196 II-1928

6111 S. St. Lawrence, 1987-1988 

II-196 II-1929

Proposals, 1987-1988 

II-196 II-1930

4549 S. Forrestville, 1987 

II-197 II-1931

Marketing Materials, 1987 

II-197 II-1932

Media and Advertising, 1987 

II-197 II-1933

Monthly Energy Reports, 1987-1989 

II-197 II-1934

Monthly Invoices, 1987 

II-197 II-1935

4534 S. Michigan, 1987 

II-197 II-1936

6000 S. King Drive, 1987 

II-197 II-1937

6000 S. King Drive, 1987 

II-197 II-1938

Audits, 1987 

II-197 II-1939

Marketing Committee, 1987 

II-197 II-1940

Evaluation, 1987 

II-197 II-1941

Community Investment Corporation Training, 1987 

II-198 II-1942

Audit and Technical Assistance, 1987-1988 

II-198 II-1943

Miscellaneous Documents, 1987 

II-198 II-1944

Status Reports, 1987-1988 

II-198 II-1945

Request to Serve Applicant Outside Service Area, 1987-1988 

II-198 II-1946

Loan Applications, 1987 

II-198 II-1947

6522 S. Dorchester, 1988-1992 

II-198 II-1948

Summary Client Information, 1988 

II-198 II-1949

Alternative Programs, 1988-1989 

II-198 II-1950

Consortium, 1988 

II-198 II-1951

Earned Reports, 1988 

II-198 II-1952

Public Relations Proposal - Elaine Soloway, 1988 

II-198 II-1953

Public Relations Proposal, 1988 

II-198 II-1954

Redesign, 1988-1989 

II-198 II-1955

Low-Income Energy Conference, 1988 

II-198 II-1956

Contracts, 1988 

II-198 II-1957

Single Family Production Report, 1989 

II-198 II-1958

Fee Payment Changes, 1990 

II-198 II-1959

Procedures Manual, 1991 

II-198 II-1960

Sub-Subseries 3.H - Chicago Urban League Development Corporation 

Scope and Content 

Beginning in 1982 and continuing through 1992, the CULDC developed affordable housing projects on Chicago's South Side. This includes site acquisition, financing, compliance with government programs and standards, projecting ongoing expenses and tenant recruitment. The CUL Development Corporation Sub-subseries contains primarily administrative records pertaining to these tasks, including budgets and compliance records. 

Box Folder

Neighborhood Survey, undated 

II-199 II-1961

Fact Sheets, undated 

II-199 II-1962

Past Experiences - Narratives, undated 

II-199 II-1963

Narratives, undated 

II-199 II-1964

Promotional Materials, undated 

II-199 II-1965

5726 S. King Drive, undated 

II-199 II-1966

Non-Profit Incorporation, 1982 

II-199 II-1967

Legal Development Documents, 1983 

II-199 II-1968

Michigan Boulevard Apartments, 1983 

II-199 II-1969

Correspondence, 1983-1984 

II-199 II-1970

Correspondence, 1983 

II-199 II-1971

Legal Fees, 1983-1984 

II-199 II-1972

Overview and Narrative, 1985 

II-200 II-1973

Correspondence - James Compton, 1984-1985 

II-200 II-1974

Budgets, 1984 

II-200 II-1975

Miscellaneous Information, 1984 

II-200 II-1976

Budget and Expenses, 1984 

II-200 II-1977

Pearadise Productions, 1984-1985 

II-200 II-1978

Administrative Documents, 1984-1985 

II-200 II-1979

Community Development - Grand Boulevard, 1985-1986 

II-201 II-1980

Program Summaries, Meeting Minuets, and Agendas, 1985 

II-201 II-1981

Community Development Block Grant Forms, 1985 

II-201 II-1982

City Community Development Block Grants, 1985 

II-201 II-1983

Correspondence - Elliot Powell, 1985 

II-201 II-1984

Proposal for Construction Trainees, 1985 

II-201 II-1985

Correspondence, 1985 

II-201 II-1986

Business Development, 1985 

II-201 II-1987

Community Development Advisory Committee, 1985 

II-201 II-1988

Pearadise Productions, 1985 

II-201 II-1989

Correspondence, 1985 

II-201 II-1990

Correspondence - James Taylor, 1985 

II-201 II-1991

Program Summaries, 1986-1987 

II-202 II-1992

Outgoing Correspondence, 1986-1987 

II-202 II-1993

South Side Revitalization Tour, 1986 

II-202 II-1994

GREAT Coalition, 1986 

II-202 II-1995

Calendars - August/September, 1986 

II-202 II-1996

Miscellaneous Documents, 1986 

II-202 II-1997

Correspondence, 1986 

II-202 II-1998

21-43 E. Garfield, 1986 

II-202 II-1999

Financial Materials, Meeting Minuets and Reports, 1987 

II-202 II-2000

5118 S. Dorchester, 1986 

II-202 II-2001

Black Contractors United Proposal, 1986 

II-202 II-2002

Handwritten Notes, 1987 

II-203 II-2003

Senior Rehab, 1987 

II-203 II-2004

4500 S. Michigan Contract, 1987 

II-203 II-2005

Globe Glass Site, 1987-1990 

II-203 II-2006

Contractors Information, 1987 

II-203 II-2007

Balance Sheets and Financial Information, 1987 

II-203 II-2008

Meeting Minuets - December, 1987 

II-203 II-2009

Outgoing Correspondence, 1988 

II-203 II-2010

4524-4526 S. Michigan, 1988 

II-203 II-2011

Staff Meetings, 1988 

II-203 II-2012

Overview, 1988 

II-203 II-2013

Miscellaneous Information, 1988 

II-203 II-2014

Lawless Gardens Apartments, 1989 

II-204 II-2015

Casualty Insurance, 1989 

II-204 II-2016

Administrative Documents, 1989-1990 

II-204 II-2017

Financial Statements, 1989-1990 

II-204 II-2018

Advance Funding and Waiver Requests, 1989 

II-204 II-2019

Delegate Agency Forms, 1989 

II-204 II-2020

Service Agreement - Multi-Family, 1990 

II-204 II-2021

Developer Information, 1990 

II-204 II-2022

Memos - Carol Williams, 1990 

II-204 II-2023

Douglas/Grand Boulevard Contract, 1990 

II-204 II-2024

Community Development Block Grant Forms, 1990 

II-204 II-2025

Douglas/Grand Boulevard Community Development Block Grant Report, 1990 

II-204 II-2026

Senior Home Repair Contract, 1990 

II-204 II-2027

Community Development Block Grant Status Report, 1990 

II-204 II-2028

Community Development Block Grant Forms, 1991 

II-204 II-2029

Bethel Apostolic Church of Christ, 1992 

II-204 II-2030

Sub-Subseries 3.I - Michigan Boulevard Garden Apartments 

Scope and Content 

Between 1976 and 1986, the CUL participated in the restoration and administration of the Michigan Boulevard Garden Apartments, a historic and privately-financed affordable housing development built in the first quarter of the 20th century. The Michigan Boulevard Garden Apartments Sub-subseries includes correspondence as well as more specific development records pertaining to the rehabilitation of the property. 

Box Folder

Affirmative Action Program, undated 

II-205 II-2031

Preliminary Report, 1976 

II-205 II-2032

Supplementary Report, 1977 

II-205 II-2033

Miscellaneous Documents, 1982-1987 

II-205 II-2034

Report and Proposed Budget, 1983-1984 

II-205 II-2035

Meeting Minuets, 1983 

II-205 II-2036

Construction Draw, 1983 

II-205 II-2037

Fact Sheet, 1983 

II-205 II-2038

Tenant Information, 1983 

II-205 II-2039

Miscellaneous Statistics, 1984 

II-205 II-2040

Tenant Organization, 1985 

II-205 II-2041

Miscellaneous Documents, 1985-1988 

II-206 II-2042

Liquor License Petition, 1985 

II-206 II-2043

Tenant's Organization, 1985 

II-206 II-2044

Correspondence, 1986 

II-206 II-2045

Subseries 4: Community Organization and Race Relations Subseries 

This sub-series consists of Chicago Urban League programs and community organizing activities from the mid-1960s through the mid-1990s. The focus of each program and activity varies wildly, but most generally the CUL sought the improvement of race relations throughout Chicago as well as the improvement of conditions within specific minority neighborhoods, especially on the city's South Side. Specific activities within this subseries vary between internal programs and initiatives administered solely by the CUL to projects in which the Chicago Urban League coordinated with other community groups in the city. These records have been divided into sub-subseries because the League's role varied dramatically as race relations, conditions in minority neighborhoods and outside actors changed over time. Each sub-subseries contains records for a specific program or a collection of programs related to a particular issue. Generally, sub-subseries include internal and external correspondence, materials from other community organizations, program records and some administrative records. 

Sub-Subseries 4.A - Referral/Intake Forms 

Scope and Content 

The Intake Forms and Action for Survival Sub-subseries contains confidential reports of specific incidents - such as housing discrimination or police brutality - and might not be able to be redacted easily because they are handwritten narrative accounts, rather than a standard form. Included in this sub-subseries are referral forms for clients interested in services or assistance from the Chicago Urban League. These referrals may contain information about a wide range of programs at CUL, but they have been organized into one series. These forms are restricted. Each folder contains a set of standard forms related to a particular program that include client information. 

Box Folder

Legal Forms [Restricted], 1976 

II-207 [Restricted] II-2046

Mailings [Restricted], 1976-1977 

II-207 [Restricted] II-2047

Juvenile Forms [Restricted], 1977 

II-207 [Restricted] II-2048

Social Security Forms [Restricted], 1976 

II-207 [Restricted] II-2049

Public Aid Forms[Restricted], 1975 

II-207 [Restricted] II-2050

Miscellaneous Forms [Restricted], 1977 

II-207 [Restricted] II-2051

Community Development and Social Services Log [Restricted], 1977 

II-207 [Restricted] II-2052

Hotline Forms [Restricted], 1976 

II-207 [Restricted] II-2053

Financial Forms [Restricted], 1973 

II-207 [Restricted] II-2054

Financial Forms [Restricted], 1977 

II-207 [Restricted] II-2055

Mayor's Office for Seniors - Referral Forms [Restricted], 1976 

II-208 [Restricted] II-2056

Mayor's Office for Seniors - Direct Services Forms [Restricted], 1977 

II-208 [Restricted] II-2057

Mayor's Office for Seniors - Direct Services Forms [Restricted], 1977 

II-208 [Restricted] II-2058

Health Forms [Restricted], 1976-1977 

II-208 [Restricted] II-2059

Food Forms [Restricted], 1976 

II-208 [Restricted] II-2060

Housing Forms [Restricted], 1976 

II-208 [Restricted] II-2061

Services Forms [Restricted], 1977 

II-209 [Restricted] II-2062

Brutality Forms [Restricted], 1976 

II-209 [Restricted] II-2063

Clothing Forms [Restricted], 1976 

II-209 [Restricted] II-2064

Compensation Forms [Restricted], 1976 

II-209 [Restricted] II-2065

Consumer Affairs [Restricted], 1976-1977 

II-209 [Restricted] II-2066

Criminal Forms [Restricted], 1976 

II-209 [Restricted] II-2067

Donation Forms [Restricted], 1976 

II-209 [Restricted] II-2068

Domestic Forms [Restricted], 1976 

II-209 [Restricted] II-2069

Miscellaneous Forms [Restricted], 1977 

II-209 [Restricted] II-2070

Miscellaneous Forms [Restricted], 1976 

II-209 [Restricted] II-2071

Education Forms [Restricted], 1976 

II-209 [Restricted] II-2072

Employment Forms [Restricted], 1976 

II-209 [Restricted] II-2073

Financial Forms [Restricted], 1976 

II-209 [Restricted] II-2074

Miscellaneous Forms [Restricted], 1977 

II-209 [Restricted] II-2075

Voter Registration Project, 1976 

II-210 II-2076

Community Development and Services Hotline, 1976 

II-210 II-2077

Bicentennial Symposium, 1976 

II-210 II-2078

Voter Registration, 1975 

II-210 II-2079

Information Logs [Restricted], 1977-1978 

II-210 II-2080

Health and Welfare Forms [Restricted], 1972-1973 

II-210 II-2081

Health and Welfare Forms [Restricted], 1972-1974 

II-210 II-2082

Health and Welfare Forms [Restricted], 1974 

II-210 II-2083

Social Security Forms [Restricted], 1973 

II-211 [Restricted] II-2084

Housing Forms [Restricted], 1974 

II-211 [Restricted] II-2085

Health and Welfare Forms [Restricted], 1973 

II-211 [Restricted] II-2086

Health and Welfare Forms [Restricted], 1973 

II-211 [Restricted] II-2087

Health and Welfare Forms [Restricted], 1974 

II-211 [Restricted] II-2088

Health and Welfare Forms [Restricted], 1974 

II-211 [Restricted] II-2089

Health and Welfare Forms [Restricted], 1974 

II-211 [Restricted] II-2090

Health and Welfare Forms [Restricted], 1974 

II-211 [Restricted] II-2091

Domestic Forms [Restricted], 1973-1974 

II-212 [Restricted] II-2092

Domestic Forms [Restricted], 1973-1974 

II-212 [Restricted] II-2093

Teen Nations Forms [Restricted], 1974 

II-212 [Restricted] II-2094

Police Brutality Forms [Restricted], 1974 

II-212 [Restricted] II-2095

Housing Forms [Restricted], 1972 

II-212 [Restricted] II-2096

Housing Forms [Restricted], 1973 

II-212 [Restricted] II-2097

Housing Forms [Restricted], 1973 

II-212 [Restricted] II-2098

Employment Forms [Restricted], 1974 

II-213. [Restricted] II-2099

Employment Forms [Restricted], 1973-1974 

II-213. [Restricted] II-2100

Miscellaneous Forms [Restricted], 1973-1974 

II-213. [Restricted] II-2101

Miscellaneous Forms [Restricted], 1972-1975 

II-213. [Restricted] II-2102

Miscellaneous Forms [Restricted], 1972-1974 

II-213. [Restricted] II-2103

Legal Forms [Restricted], 1974 

II-213. [Restricted] II-2104

Survival Line Forms and Correspondence [Restricted], 972-1973 

II-214 [Restricted] II-2105

Survival Line Forms [Restricted], 1973. 

II-214 [Restricted] II-2106

Criminal Action Forms [Restricted], 1973-1974 

II-214 [Restricted] II-2107

Education Forms [Restricted], 1973-1974 

II-214 [Restricted] II-2108

Education Forms [Restricted], 1973-1974 

II-214 [Restricted] II-2109

Consumer Problem Forms [Restricted], 1973 

II-214 [Restricted] II-2110

Consumer Problem Forms [Restricted], 1972-1974 

II-214 [Restricted] II-2111

Consumer Problem Forms [Restricted], 1972-1974 

II-214 [Restricted] II-2112

Sub-Subseries 4.B - Voter Registration and Political Activism 

Scope and Content 

The Voter Registration and Political Activism sub-subseries contains records concerning Chicago Urban League attempts to register African Americans to vote and increase political engagement between 1965 and 1985. Some folders contain materials related to a specific voter drive. Others concern task forces and conferences intended to increase political awareness in minority communities. 

Box Folder

Reports and News clippings, 1964 

II-215 II-2113

Photographs, 1966 

II-215 II-2114

Voter Registration Proposal, 1972 

II-215 II-2115

Education Conference, 1972 

II-215 II-2116

Voter Registration Drive, 1972 

II-215 II-2117

Political Education Program, 1973 

II-215 II-2118

Black Voters Research Report, 1973 

II-215 II-2119

Legislative Support, 1973 

II-215 II-2120

House Bill 46-46, 1973 

II-215 II-2121

House Bill 2864, 1974 

II-215 II-2122

Voter Education 1974-1975 

II-215 II-2123

Voter Participation Project, 1974 

II-215 II-2124

Synoptic Outline, 1974 

II-215 II-2125

Miscellaneous Documents, 1974-1975 

II-215 II-2126

Photographs, 1974-1976 

II-215 II-2127

Voter Participation Project, 1974-1975 

II-216 II-2128

Objectives, Political Education and Workshops, 1974-1975 

II-216 II-2129

Miscellaneous Reports and News Clippings, 1975-1976 

II-216 II-2130

Correspondence, 1975 

II-216 II-2131

Report, 1975 

II-216 II-2132

Fact Sheets and Correspondence, 1975 

II-216 II-2133

Fact Sheets, 1976 

II-216 II-2134

Miscellaneous Documents, 1975-1976 

II-216 II-2135

Voter's Education Workshop, 1975 

II-216 II-2136

Miscellaneous Documents, 1976 

II-216 II-2137

Miscellaneous Documents, 1976 

II-216 II-2138

Photographs, undated 

II-217 II-2139

People's Coalition Community Voter Registration, 1976-1977 

II-217 II-2140

People's Coalition Community Voter Registration, 1976-1977 

II-217 II-2141

Overview, 1977 

II-217 II-2142

Committee for a Black Mayor, 1977 

II-217 II-2143

Building Illinois Legislative Lobby - Bill, 1978-1979 

II-217 II-2144

Summer Voter Registration Project, 1978 

II-217 II-2145

Election Reform Law, 1978 

II-217 II-2146

Congressional Black Caucus Workshop, 1980 

II-217 II-2147

Visitor's Log, 1985 

II-217 II-2148

Operation Big Vote, 1986 

II-217 II-2149

Correspondence, 1987 

II-217 II-2150

Administrative Documents, 1989-1990 

II-217 II-2151

Sub-Subseries 4.C - Law Enforcement and Police Relations 

Content and Scope 

The Law Enforcement and Political Activism sub-subseries holds material related to various conferences and task forces the Chicago Urban League sponsored or participated in between 1971 and 1988 related to law enforcement in Chicago, particularly racial discrimination and community relationships with the Chicago Police Department. Each folder generally contains material related to a specific conference, task force or research initiative, including materials such as meeting notes and correspondence. 

Box Folder

Community Legal Project Proposal, undated 

II-218 II-2152

Self-Defense Program, undated 

II-218 II-2153

Coalition to Retain Lou's Notebook, 1971 

II-218 II-2154

Citizens for Police Reform, 1971-1972 

II-218 II-2155

The Chicago Committee on Criminal Justice "Upgrading the Criminal Justice System", 1971 

II-218 II-2156

Concerned Citizens for Police Reform, 1972 

II-218 II-2157

Coalition to Combat Police Misconduct, 1972 

II-219 II-2158

Citizens for Police Reform, 1973 

II-219 II-2159

Citizens for Police Reform, 1973-1974 

II-219 II-2160

Citizens for Police Reform, 1973-1974 

II-219 II-2161

Illinois Law Enforcement Commission, 1973 

II-219 II-2162

Charles Jones - Georgia State Prison 57984, 1973-1974 

II-219 II-2163

Concerned citizens for Police Reform Rally, 1974 

II-219 II-2164

Legal Assistance, 1975 

II-220 II-2165

Youth Representatives, 1976 

II-220 II-2166

Turnipseed Case, 1976 

II-220 II-2167

Administration of Justice Program, 1982 

II-220 II-2168

Shooting Correspondence, 1988 

II-220 II-2169

Sub-Subseries 4.D - Community Organization and Education Departments 

Content and Scope 

The Community Development Departmental Records Sub-subseries contains administrative records related to the CUL Department of Community Development but not to a specific program within that department over a long period, between 1950 and 1990. Most folders primarily contain correspondence within the department but may hold other administrative documents as well. 

Box Folder

General Information, undated 

II-221 II-2170

Memoranda, 1946-1949 

II-221 II-2171

Policies and Suggested Programs, 1947-1954 

II-221 II-2172

Correspondence - Cook County Board of Public Welfare, 1947-1949 

II-221 II-2173

Policies and Suggested Programs, 1947-1954 

II-221 II-2174

Community Workers' Monthly Reports, 1949-1952 

II-221 II-2175

Miscellaneous Reports, 1949-1953 

II-221 II-2176

Proposed Programs and Highlights of Post Programs, 1949-1954 

II-221 II-2177

Staff Advisory Committee - Agendas and Minuets, 1949-1951 

II-221 II-2178

Monthly Reports, 1962 

II-221 II-2179

Staff Advisory Committee - General Information, 1949-1953 

II-221 II-2180

Memoranda, 1949-1950 

II-221 II-2181

Annual Reports, 1951-1954 

II-221 II-2182

Budgets, 1950-1956 

II-221 II-2183

Memoranda, 1951-1952 

II-221 II-2184

Memoranda, 1954-1959 

II-222 II-2185

Correspondence, 1952-1953 

II-222 II-2186

Hilman Simpson, 1969 

II-222 II-2187

Correspondence, 1970 

II-222 II-2188

Miscellaneous Documents, 1972 

II-222 II-2189

Income Tax Clinic, 1972 

II-222 II-2190

Miscellaneous Correspondence and Reports, 1972 

II-222 II-2191

Correspondence, 1972 

II-222 II-2192

Daily Activity Sheets, 1973 

II-223 II-2193

Memos, 1974 

II-223 II-2194

Correspondence and Administration of Justice Program, 1974 

II-223 II-2195

James Compton, 1974 

II-223 II-2196

Board of Election Commissioners, 1975-1976 

II-223 II-2197

Records, 1975 

II-223 II-2198

Correspondence, 1975-1976 

II-224 II-2199

Miscellaneous Documents, 1975-1976 

II-224 II-2200

Record, 1975 

II-224 II-2201

Correspondence, 1975 

II-224 II-2202

Hotline Forms, 1976 

II-224 II-2203

Miscellaneous Documents, 1977 

II-224 II-2204

Miscellaneous Documents, 1978 

II-224 II-2205

Community Development Activities, 1974 

II-225 II-2206

Rumor Control, 1976 

II-225 II-2207

Report, 1977 

II-225 II-2208

Incoming Correspondence, 1980 

II-225 II-2209

Gay Rights Ordinance, 1979 

II-225 II-2210

Volunteer Program, 1983 

II-225 II-2211

Volunteer Program, 1985-1986 

II-225 II-2212

Free South Africa, 1985-1986 

II-225 II-2213

Sprint Discrimination, 1988 

II-225 II-2214

Black Church Linkage Project Contracts, 1990 

II-225 II-2215

Sub-Subseries 4.F - Leadership Development 

Scope and Content 

The Leadership Development Sub-subseries holds materials related to various Chicago Urban League leadership activities between 1965 and 1981. The CUL worked to encourage the development of leadership on Chicago's South Side and the formation of new leaders in the African-American communities. Each folder contains supporting materials for a different initiative or conference. 

Box Folder

Book - General Information, 1965 

II-226 II-2216

Reports and Photos, 1966 

II-226 II-2217

Consumer Action Program, 1971 

II-226 II-2218

Miscellaneous Documents, 1971 

II-226 II-2219

Leadership Training - Outline, 1972 

II-226 II-2220

Overview, 1973 

II-226 II-2221

Leadership Council for Metropolitan Open Communities, 1976-1977 

II-226 II-2222

Leadership Council for Metropolitan Open Communities, 1977 

II-226 II-2223

Leadership Conference on Civil Rights, 1979 

II-226 II-2224

Proposal for Leadership Development, 1981 

II-226 II-2225

Sub-Subseries 4.G - Illinois Minority Bicentennial Symposium 

Scope and Content 

In 1976, the Chicago Urban League sponsored a symposium of community groups and African-American organizations to discuss matters of race and community in Chicago. The Illinois Minority Bicenntenial Symposium Sub-subseries contains materials related to the organization and administration of that event, beginning in 1975. Materials include meeting notes, budgets and internal and external correspondence, as well as promotional materials for the conference itself. 

Box Folder

Tentative Advisory Committee, undated 

II-227 II-2226

Planning, 1975-1976 

II-227 II-2227

Evaluation Materials, 1976 

II-227 II-2228

Letters to and from Committee Members, 1976 

II-227 II-2229

Correspondence, 1976 

II-227 II-2230

Audience Evaluation, 1976 

II-227 II-2231

Bicentennial Activities, 1976 

II-227 II-2232

Audience Evaluation, 1976 

II-227 II-2233

Miscellaneous Documents, 1976 

II-227 II-2234

Letters to Affiliates, 1976 

II-228 II-2235

Film Maker, 1976 

II-228 II-2236

Advisory Committee, 1976 

II-228 II-2237

Address and Program, 1976 

II-228 II-2238

Miscellaneous Documents, 1976 

II-228 II-2239

Notes and Materials, 1976 

II-228 II-2240

Resumes and Session Profiles, 1976 

II-228 II-2241

National Bicentennial, 1976 

II-229 II-2242

Inter-Office Correspondence, 1976 

II-229 II-2243

Program Sub-Committee, 1976 

II-229 II-2244

Miscellaneous Documents, 1976 

II-229 II-2245

Publicity, 1976 

II-229 II-2246

Program Advisory, 1976 

II-230 II-2247

Advisory Committee Meeting, 1976 

II-230 II-2248

Event Planning, 1976 

II-230 II-2249

Transportation, 1976 

II-230 II-2250

Preparation, 1976 

II-230 II-2251

Miscellaneous Documents, 1976 

II-230 II-2252

Sub-Subseries 4.H - Race Relations 

Scope and Content 

The Race Relations Sub-subseries contains the Chicago Urban League's work in race relations in Chicago communities between 1972 and 1981. These records primarily contain information on task forces and conferences when CUL held either a leading or participatory role. Materials include meeting notes, task force information and external correspondence. 

Box Folder

Course Outline - Effecting Change in Racism in American Society, 1969 

II-231 II-2253

Black All Male Workshop - Sydney Johnson and Charles E. Parnell, 1972 

II-231 II-2254

E15 Race Relations - Memoranda and Objectives, 1973 

II-231 II-2255

E15 Race Relations - Program Objectives, 1974-1975 

II-231 II-2256

Program Objectives, 1974-1975 

II-231 II-2257

Discrimination Complaints, 1974 

II-231 II-2258

Program Objectives, 1975 

II-231 II-2259

Task Force on Racial Problems, 1976 

II-231 II-2260

Task Force on Racial Problems, 1976 

II-231 II-2261

Task Force on Racial Problems, 1976 

II-231 II-2262

Task Force on Racial Problems, 1976 

II-232 II-2263

PUSH Conference, 1978-1979 

II-232 II-2264

African-American Youth Society, 1980 

II-232 II-2265

Committee for Handgun Control, 1981 

II-232 II-2266

Sub-Subseries 4.I - Community Organizing 

Scope and Contents 

The Community Organizing Sub-subseries contains records on Chicago Urban League participation in a wide variety of community activities during the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s in African-American communities on Chicago's South Side near CUL's base of operations. Each folder contains information on a particular set of activities and while materials vary, they generally include correspondence and community materials. 

Box Folder

List of Community Organizations, undated 

II-233 II-2267

Camping Lists, undated 

II-233 II-2268

File Index, undated 

II-233 II-2269

Miscellaneous Documents, undated 

II-233 II-2270

Structure and Organization, undated 

II-233 II-2271

Mid-South Chicago Council, Inc. - General Information, undated 

II-233 II-2272

Federation of Block Units and Neighborhood Clubs - Constitution, undated 

II-233 II-2273

Junior Women's Auxiliary, 1945-1950 

II-233 II-2274

Schools - Lists of Schools and Principals, 1946-1954 

II-233 II-2275

Health and Welfare, 1947-1954 

II-233 II-2276

Cook County Bureau of Public Welfare - Minuets of Advisory Board, 1947 

II-233 II-2277

Block Clubs - Monthly Reports of Club's Membership, 1948-1949 

II-233 II-2278

"The Champions", 1948 

II-233 II-2279

Agendas and Minutes of Staff Meetings, 1948-1949 

II-233 II-2280

Evaluation of Personnel, 1948-1949 

II-233 II-2281

General Information, 1948-1955 

II-233 II-2282

Annual Reports, 1949 

II-233 II-2283

Correspondence, 1949-1955 

II-233 II-2284

Memo, 1949-1953 

II-233 II-2285

Block Beautiful Contest Program, 1949-1954 

II-233 II-2286

Westside Community Improvement Council, 1949-1954 

II-233 II-2287

Social Problems Cases, 1949 

II-234 II-2288

Automobile Expense Accounts - Forms, 1949 

II-234 II-2289

Chicago Department of Welfare, 1949-1958 

II-234 II-2290

Chicago Land Clearance Commission, 1949-1952 

II-234 II-2291

Block Clubs - General, 1949-1954 

II-234 II-2292

Federation of Block Units and Neighborhood Clubs - Miscellaneous, 1949-1950 

II-234 II-2293

Juvenile Delinquency Problems, 1949 

II-234 II-2294

Block Clubs - Reports of Activities, 1950 

II-234 II-2295

Federation of Block Units and Neighborhood Clubs - Agenda and Minuets of Federation Committee Meetings, 1950-1954 

II-234 II-2296

Block Club Reports - Abbottsford Council, 1950-1954 

II-234 II-2297

Block Club Reports - Central Park on Westside, 1950-1954 

II-234 II-2298

Block Club Reports - DuSable Council, 1950-1954 

II-234 II-2299

Block Club Reports - Parker Council, 1950-1954 

II-234 II-2300

Block Club Reports - Park Manor, 1950-1954 

II-234 II-2301

Block Club Reports - Snowdenville Council, 1950-1954 

II-234 II-2302

Block Club Reports - Snowdenville Council, 1950-1954 

II-234 II-2303

Block Clubs - Westside Clubs, 1950-1955 

II-234 II-2304

Committees - Special Committees of Community Organization Department - Minuets, 1950 

II-234 II-2305

Federation of Block Units and Neighborhood Clubs - Agendas and Minuets, 1950-1951 

II-234 II-2306

Federation of Block Units and Neighborhood Clubs - Correspondence, 1950-1955 

II-234 II-2307

Federation of Block Units and Neighborhood Clubs - General, 1950-1954 

II-235 II-2308

Block Clubs Awaiting Organization, 1950-1952 

II-235 II-2309

Block Clubs - Announcements of Special Events, 1951-1955 

II-235 II-2310

Block Clubs - Announcements of Special Events, 1950-1955 

II-235 II-2311

Block Club Reports, 1950-0954 

II-235 II-2312

Federation of Block Units and Neighborhood Clubs - Miscellaneous, 1951-1955 

II-235 II-2313

Block Clubs - Newsletters, 1951-1955 

II-235 II-2314

Block Clubs Reports - Westside's Central Area, 1951-1955 

II-235 II-2315

Federation of Block Units and Neighborhood Clubs - Lists of Federations' Executive Committee, 1951-1955 

II-235 II-2316

Federation of Block Units and Neighborhood Clubs - Newsletters, 1951-1953 

II-235 II-2317

Ministers and Churches - Lists, 1951 

II-235 II-2318

North Lawndale Citizens' Council, 1951-1954 

II-235 II-2319

Schools - Luncheons of School Principals, 1951 

II-235 II-2320

"Street Scene" - Block Club Newsletter, 1951 

II-235 II-2321

Chicago Council Against Racial and Religious Discrimination, 1952-1954 

II-235 II-2322

Block Club Reports - Indiana Avenue, 1952-1953 

II-235 II-2323

Block Club Reports - Princeton and Wentworth Avenues, 1952 

II-235 II-2324

Langley Avenue Improvement Association, 1952 

II-235 II-2325

Oakland Kenwood Planning Association - Minuets and Meeting of Ellis St. Neighbors, 1952 

II-235 II-2326

Southside Planning Board, 1952 

II-235 II-2327

Block Demonstration - 4800 Block on South Calument Avenue, 1953 

II-235 II-2328

Block Restoration - 3100 South Prairie, 1953 

II-235 II-2329

South East Chicago Commission - General, 1953 

II-235 II-2330

South East Chicago Commission - Minutes of Professional Agencies Committee, 1953 

II-235 II-2331

Southside Conservation Association, 1953-1954 

II-235 II-2332

Miscellaneous Lists, 1947-1955 

II-235 II-2333

Miscellaneous Reports, 1946-1949 

II-235 II-2334

Monthly Reports, 1949-1953 

II-236 II-2335

Monthly Reports of Social Problem Cases, 1948 

II-236 II-2336

West Side Women's Division 1953 Variety Show, 1953 

II-236 II-2337

West Side Women's Division 1953 Variety Show, 1953 

II-236 II-2338

Amalgamation of Park Manor Neighbors and Park Manor Civic League, 1953-1954 

II-236 II-2339

Block Beautiful Contest - Miscellaneous, 1953 

II-236 II-2340

Ken-Oak Improvement Association, 1953 

II-236 II-2341

Mayor Kennelly's Clean-Up Drive, 1953 

II-236 II-2342

Block Clubs - Lists of Neighborhood Improvement Clubs, 1954 

II-236 II-2343

Block Clubs - Mailing Lists of Park Manor Clubs, 1954 

II-236 II-2344

Adult Education Council of Greater Chicago, 1954-1955 

II-236 II-2345

American Federation of Teachers, 1954-1957 

II-236 II-2346

Chicago and Northern District Association of Colored Women, Inc. - Directory, 1954-1955 

II-236 II-2347

Community Leadership Training Workshop, 1954 

II-236 II-2348

American Friends Service Committee, 1954 

II-236 II-2349

Block Clubs - Lake Park Avenue Block Club, 1954 

II-236 II-2350

Jewish People's Institute Building, 1955 

II-236 II-2351

Maxey, A.B. - Committee Memberships, 1955 

II-236 II-2352

Mid-South Council, Inc. - Annual Reports, 1955-1956 

II-236 II-2353

Block Clubs - Announcements of Special Events, 1955 

II-236 II-2354

Community Neighbors, Inc. - Correspondence, 1958 

II-236 II-2355

Project ENABLE, 1965-1966 

II-236 II-2356

Kenwood Oakland Community Organization, 1966-1968 

II-236 II-2357

Weekly ENABLE Reports, 1967 

II-236 II-2358

ENABLE, 1967 

II-237 II-2359

Miscellaneous Documents, 1969 

II-237 II-2360

New Thrust, 1970 

II-237 II-2361

Near North Community Advisory Board, 1971 

II-237 II-2362

The Concept of Coalition, 1971 

II-237 II-2363

Community Organizing Conference, 1971 

II-237 II-2364

Woodlawn Service Program, 1971 

II-237 II-2365

Near North Concerned Citizens and Woman's Board, 1971 

II-237 II-2366

Near North Concerned Citizens, 1971 

II-237 II-2367

Miscellaneous Documents, 1971 

II-237 II-2368

Conference - Photographs, 1971 

II-238 II-2369

Near North Concerned Citizens Committee, 1972 

II-238 II-2370

Street Happening, 1972 

II-238 II-2371

Home Rule Commission, 1972 

II-238 II-2372

Northside Community Organization Department, 1972 

II-238 II-2373

Northside Community Organization Department, 1972 

II-238 II-2374

Communications Workshop, 1972 

II-238 II-2375

Community Action Project, 1974 

II-238 II-2376

West Englewood Community Organization, 1974 

II-238 II-2377

Forum - Beverly Hills and Morgan Park, 1974 

II-238 II-2378

Community Development and Services Events, 1974 

II-238 II-2379

Chicago Lawn/Englewood, 1976 

II-238 II-2380

Chicago Lawn/ West Englewood, 1976 

II-238 II-2381

Midwest Community Council Report, 1976 

II-238 II-2382

Midwest Community Council, 1976 

II-238 II-2383

Community Development Advisory Committee, 1978 

II-239 II-2384

Coalition for United Community Action, 1978 

II-239 II-2385

Coalition for United Community Action, 1978 

II-239 II-2386

Byrne/Blandic Upset - Forum - Don Benedict Community Renewal Society, 1979 

II-239 II-2387

Sub-Subseries 4.J - Action for Survival [Restricted] 

Scope and Content 

Between 1972 and 1976, the Urban League operated a Survival Line that allowed community residents to confidentially report wrongdoing and racial discrimination in Chicago, especially the South Side communities. These incidents range from individual reports of housing and workplace discrimination to more systematic complaints about law enforcement or local government. The Action For Survival Sub-subseries is restricted. Each folder contains a standard form or set of forms identifying name, address and specific complaint, along with supporting materials if necessary. 

Box Folder

Photographs, undated 

II-240 II-2388

Ways and Means Committee, undated 

II-240 II-2389

Photographs, undated 

II-240 II-2390

Survival Line Complaint Form, undated 

II-240 II-2391

Meeting, undated 

II-240 II-2392

Survival Hearings Questions, undated 

II-240 II-2393

Workshop and Member Organizations, undated 

II-240 II-2394

Background Information, undated 

II-240 II-2395

Outline for Speaker's Bureau, undated 

II-240 II-2396

Meeting, undated 

II-240 II-2397

Survival Line Complaint Forms, 1970-1971 

II-240 II-2398

Apprenticeships, 1969-1972 

II-240 II-2399

Information, 1970 

II-240 II-2400

Meetings, 1970 

II-240 II-2401

Black Crime Commission - Members, 1970 

II-240 II-2402

Meeting Minuets, 1970 

II-241 II-2403

Newspaper Clippings, 1970 

II-241 II-2404

Miscellaneous Documents, 1970 

II-241 II-2405

Correspondence, 1970-1971 

II-241 II-2406

Meeting Notes, 1970 

II-241 II-2407

Meeting Minuets, 1970 

II-241 II-2408

News Releases, 1970 

II-241 II-2409

Survival Hearings Proposal, 1970 

II-241 II-2410

Correspondence and Newspaper Clippings, 1970 

II-241 II-2411

Police Brutality, 1970 

II-241 II-2412

Correspondence, 1970 

II-241 II-2413

Task Force, 1970 

II-241 II-2414

March Against Crime, 1970 

II-241 II-2415

Proposal - Background Meetings, 1970 

II-241 II-2416

Meetings and Minuets, 1970 

II-241 II-2417

Background Information, 1970 

II-241 II-2418

Correspondence, 1970 

II-241 II-2419

Survival Line, 1970 

II-241 II-2420

Proposition Papers and Meeting Minuets, 1970-1971 

II-242 II-2421

Newspaper Clippings, 1970 

II-242 II-2422

Newspaper Clippings, 1970 

II-242 II-2423

Ways and Means Committee, 1970 

II-242 II-2424

News Releases, 1970 

II-242 II-2425

March Against Crime, 1970 

II-242 II-2426

News Releases, 1970 

II-242 II-2427

Black Panther Case, 1970-1971 

II-242 II-2428

News Clippings, 1970 

II-242 II-2429

News Clippings, 1970 

II-242 II-2430

News Clippings, Task Force Committee, 1970 

II-242 II-2431

Western Union Correspondence, 1970 

II-242 II-2432

Black Sisters United, 1970 

II-242 II-2433

Meeting Minuets, 1970 

II-242 II-2434

Proposition Papers, 1970 

II-242 II-2435

News Clippings, 1970 

II-242 II-2436

Correspondence - Public Service Department, 1970 

II-242 II-2437

Survival Line Background Information, 1970 

II-242 II-2438

Workshop Information, 1970 

II-242 II-2439

Police Brutality, 1970 

II-242 II-2440

Black Crime Commission, 1970 

II-243 II-2441

Correspondence and Minuets, 1971 

II-243 II-2442

Black Crime Commission, 1971 

II-243 II-2443

Ways and Means Committee, 1971 

II-243 II-2444

School and Delinquent Facilities Report, 1971 

II-243 II-2445

Meeting, 1971 

II-243 II-2446

Black Crime Commission Meetings, 1971 

II-243 II-2447

Miscellaneous Documents, 1971 

II-243 II-2448

Miscellaneous Documents, 1971 

II-243 II-2449

Conference, 1971 

II-243 II-2450

Workshop Guide Sheets and Inter-Organization Coalition Model, 1971 

II-243 II-2451

Miscellaneous Information, 1971 

II-244 II-2452

Case of Claude O. Howard, 1971 

II-244 II-2453

Ways and Means Committee, 1971 

II-244 II-2454

Woodlawn Organization, 1971 

II-244 II-2455

General Documents - Taylor, 1971 

II-244 II-2456

Members, 1971 

II-244 II-2457

Conference, 1971 

II-244 II-2458

Case of Augustus Thornton, 1971 

II-244 II-2459

Correctional Institutions, 1971 

II-244 II-2460

Correspondence - Peter Bensinger - Sheridan School, 1971 

II-244 II-2461

Correctional Facilities, 1971 

II-244 II-2462

Conference Materials, 1971 

II-244 II-2463

Statement, 1971 

II-244 II-2464

Correctional Institutions, 1971 

II-244 II-2465

Corrections Facility Mistreatment of Inmates, 1972 

II-244 II-2466

Redacted Survival Line Complaint Forms, 1970 

II-245 II-2467

Redacted Survival Line Complaint Forms, 1970-1972 

II-245 II-2468

Redacted Survival Line Complaint Forms, 1971 

II-245 II-2469

Redacted Survival Line Complaint Forms, 1971 

II-245 II-2470

Redacted Survival Line Complaint Forms, 1971 

II-245 II-2471

Redacted Survival Line Complaint Forms, 1971-1972 

II-245 II-2472

Redacted Survival Line Complaint Forms, 1971-1974 

II-245 II-2473

Redacted Survival Line Complaint Forms, 1971-1972 

II-245 II-2474

Redacted Survival Line Complaint Forms, 1971-1972 

II-246 II-2475

Redacted Survival Line Complaint Forms, 1971-1972 

II-246 II-2476

Redacted Survival Line Non-Criminal Complaint Forms, 1971-1972 

II-246 II-2477

Redacted Survival Line Complaint Forms, 1971 

II-246 II-2478

Redacted Survival Line Complaint Forms, 1971 

II-246 II-2479

Redacted Survival Line Complaint Forms, 1972 

II-246 II-2480

Redacted Survival Line Complaint Forms, 1972 

II-246 II-2481

Redacted Survival Line Non-Criminal Complaint Forms, 1972 

II-246 II-2482

Redacted Survival Line Complaint Forms, 1973 

II-246 II-2483

Redacted Survival Line Complaint Forms, 1974 

II-246 II-2484

Redacted Survival Line Criminal Complaint Forms, 1974 

II-246 II-2485

Redacted Survival Line Complaint Forms, 1973 

II-246 II-2486

Survival Line Complaint Forms, 1970-1972 

II-247 [Closed] II-2487

Survival Line Complaint Forms, 1971 

II-247 [Closed] II-2488

Survival Line Complaint Forms, 1971 

II-247 [Closed] II-2489

Survival Line Complaint Forms, 1971 

II-247 [Closed] II-2490

Survival Line Criminal Complaint Forms, 1971-1972 

II-247 [Closed] II-2491

Survival Line Juvenile Complaint Forms, 1971-1974 

II-247 [Closed] II-2492

Survival Line Non-Criminal Complaint Forms,. 1971-1972 

II-247 [Closed] II-2493

Survival Line Complaint Forms, 1971-1972 

II-248 [Closed] II-2494

Survival Line Complaint Forms, 1971-1972 

II-248 [Closed] II-2495

Survival Line Non-Criminal Complaint Forms, 1971-1972 

II-248 [Closed] II-2496

Survival Line Complaint Forms, 1971 

II-248 [Closed] II-2497

Survival Line Complaint Forms, 1971 

II-248 [Closed] II-2498

Survival Line Complaint Forms, 1972 

II-248 [Closed] II-2499

Survival Line Complaint Forms, 1972 

II-249 [Closed] II-2500

Survival Line Complaint Forms, 1972 

II-249 [Closed] II-2501

Survival Line Complaint Forms, 1973 

II-249 [Closed] II-2502

Survival Line Complaint Forms, 1974 

II-249 [Closed] II-2503

Survival Line Criminal Complaint Forms, 1974 

II-249 [Closed] II-2504

Subseries 5: Education Subseries 

As part of its economic development focus, the Chicago Urban League continually concentrated on increasing educational opportunities for African-Americans as well as advocating increased civic engagement in Chicago's public school system. The Education subseries is a collection of CUL's engagement and activism. Beginning in the 1960s, the CUL worked to connect minorities to scholarships and internships. This role gradually expanded into civic engagement with the Chicago public schools over the next two decades. This subseries includes departmental correspondence, applicant information, materials on specific scholarships and educational opportunities, meeting notes and records pertaining to community activism. 

Sub-Subseries 5.A - Scholarships and Loan Committee 

Scope and Content 

The Chicago Urban League awarded various types of scholarships and loans for college and vocational students. This sub-sub series includes contribution information, correspondence, news clippings and photos, and spans the years of 1963 through 1989. 

Box Folder

Emergency Student Help Fund - Contribution Thank You Letter, undated 

II-250 II-2505

Information Packet, undated 

II-250 II-2506

EC Berry Emergency Student Help Fund Meeting, 1963 

II-250 II-2507

Correspondence and Proposals, 1966 

II-250 II-2508

EC Berry Emergency Student Help Fund Minuets, 1966-1968 

II-250 II-2509

EC Berry Emergency Student Help Fund General Correspondence, 1968 

II-250 II-2510

EC Berry Emergency Student Help Fund Correspondence, 1968 

II-250 II-2511

EC Berry Emergency Student Help Fund - June, 1968 

II-250 II-2512

Miscellaneous Photographs and News Clippings, 1968 

II-250 II-2513

EC Berry Emergency Student Help Fund - November, 1968 

II-251 II-2514

EC Berry Emergency Student Help Fund - October, 1968 

II-251 II-2515

EC Berry Emergency Student Help Fund - August, 1968 

II-251 II-2516

Scholarship - Youth Guidance - Photographs, 1968 

II-251 II-2517

EC Berry Emergency Student Help Fund - May Meeting, 1968 

II-251 II-2518

EC Berry Emergency Student Help Fund - Financial Reports, 1968 

II-251 II-2519

EC Berry Emergency Student Help Fund - Committee Lists, 1968 

II-251 II-2520

EC Berry Emergency Student Help Fund - Procedures, 1968 

II-251 II-2521

EC Berry Emergency Student Help Fund - Communications, 1968 

II-251 II-2522

EC Berry Emergency Student Help Fund - December Financials, 1968 

II-251 II-2523

EC Berry Emergency Student Help Fund - Grantees, 1968 

II-251 II-2524

EC Berry Emergency Student Help Fund - March Financials, 1969 

II-251 II-2525

EC Berry Emergency Student Help Fund - April Financials, 1969 

II-251 II-2526

EC Berry Emergency Student Help Fund - May, 1969 

II-251 II-2527

EC Berry Emergency Student Help Fund - June, 1969 

II-251 II-2528

EC Berry Emergency Student Help Fund - July, 1969 

II-251 II-2529

EC Berry Emergency Student Help Fund - December, 1969 

II-251 II-2530

EC Berry Emergency Student Help Fund - Correspondence, 1969 

II-251 II-2531

EC Berry Emergency Student Help Fund - Financials, 1969 

II-251 II-2532

EC Berry Emergency Student Help Fund - Agendas, 1969 

II-251 II-2533

EC Berry Emergency Student Help Fund - Financials, 1969 

II-251 II-2534

EC Berry Emergency Student Help Fund - August, 1969 

II-252 II-2535

EC Berry Emergency Student Help Fund - Applicants, 1969 

II-252 II-2536

EC Berry Emergency Student Help Fund - Chicago Area Colleges, 1969 

II-252 II-2537

EC Berry Emergency Student Help Fund - Thermometers, 1969 

II-252 II-2538

EC Berry Emergency Student Help Fund - Photographs, 1969 

II-252 II-2539

EC Berry Emergency Student Help Fund - October, 1969 

II-252 II-2540

EC Berry Emergency Student Help Fund Committee - September, 1969 

II-252 II-2541

EC Berry Emergency Student Help Fund - Miscellaneous Correspondence and Agendas, 1969 

II-252 II-2542

EC Berry Emergency Student Help Fund - Financials, 1969 

II-252 II-2543

EC Berry Emergency Student Help Fund - Fundraising, 1969 

II-252 II-2544

EC Berry Emergency Student Help Fund - November, 1969 

II-252 II-2545

EC Berry Emergency Student Help Fund - Correspondence, 1969 

II-252 II-2546

EC Berry Emergency Student Help Fund - Correspondence, 1969 

II-252 II-2547

EC Berry Emergency Student Help Fund - Correspondence, 1969 

II-252 II-2548

EC Berry Emergency Student Help Fund - Agendas, 1970 

II-252 II-2549

Scholarship and Guidance Association, 1970 

II-252 II-2550

EC Berry Emergency Student Help Fund - Financials, 1970 

II-252 II-2551

EC Berry Emergency Student Help Fund - Financials, 1970 

II-252 II-2552

Greater Lawndale Conservation Commission - Scholarship Program, 1970 

II-252 II-2553

EC Berry Emergency Student Help Fund - Memo, 1970 

II-252 II-2554

EC Berry Emergency Student Help Fund, 1970 

II-253 II-2555

EC Berry Emergency Student Help Fund - Minuets and Financials, 1971 

II-253 II-2556

EC Berry Emergency Student Help Fund - Correspondence, 1971 

II-253 II-2557

Scholarship and Loan Committee, 1971 

II-253 II-2558

EC Berry Emergency Student Help Fund - Warren Taradash, 1971-1972 

II-253 II-2559

Whitney M. Young Jr. - Scholarship Program, 1972 

II-253 II-2560

EC Berry Emergency Student Help Fund - Minuets and Financials, 1972 

II-253 II-2561

EC Berry Emergency Student Help Fund - Hugh Martin, 1972 

II-253 II-2562

Scholarships and Loans Materials, 1973-1975 

II-253 II-2563

EC Berry Emergency Student Help Fund - Will Farrow, 1973 

II-253 II-2564

Whitney M. Young - Scholarship and Loan Fund, 1973 

II-254 II-2565

Scholarship Reports, 1974 

II-254 II-2566

Whitney M. Young Jr. Memorial Award, 1974 

II-254 II-2567

Scholarship and Loan Committee, 1974-1976 

II-254 II-2568

Scholarship and Loan Committee, 1975 

II-254 II-2569

Scholarship Donations, 1975 

II-254 II-2570

Scholarship and Loan Committee, 1975 

II-254 II-2571

Scholarship Reports, 1975 

II-254 II-2572

Scholarship Reports, 1975 

II-254 II-2573

Scholarship and Loan Committee, 1975 

II-255 II-2574

Scholarship and Loan Committee, 1975 

II-255 II-2575

Scholarship and Loan Committee, 1975 

II-255 II-2576

Scholarship and Loan Committee, 1976-1977 

II-255 II-2577

Law Scholarship, 1977 

II-255 II-2578

Law Scholarship, 1977 

II-256 II-2579

Scholarship and Loan Proposal, 1988-1989 

II-256 II-2580

Scholarship Advisory Committee, 1988-1989 

II-256 II-2581

Scholarship and Loan Program Committee, 1989 

II-256 II-2582

Sub-Subseries 5.B - Emergency School Aid Act (ESAA) 

Scope and Content 

The Emergency School Aid Act of 1970 was passed with the intent of aiding school districts most impacted by racial segregation, discrimination, and race-based isolation. In light of this act, the Chicago Urban League proposed to help the Morgan Park educational community, using the funds to ameliorate minority isolation. This sub-sub series spans 1974 through 1978 and contains reports, forum information, news clippings, photographs, correspondence and flyers. 

Box Folder

News Clippings, 1974-1975 

II-257 II-2583

Correspondence and Fliers, 1973-1975 

II-257 II-2584

Proposal, 1973 

II-257 II-2585

Applications for Assistance, 1973 

II-257 II-2586

Miscellaneous Documents, 1971-1975 

II-257 II-2587

ESAA News, 1974 

II-257 II-2588

Final Report for FY 1974, 1974 

II-257 II-2589

Monthly Reports, 1974 

II-257 II-2590

Programs, 1974-1975 

II-258 II-2591

Miscellaneous Documents, 1974-1976 

II-258 II-2592

Budget, 1974 

II-258 II-2593

Offices, 1975 

II-258 II-2594

News Clippings, 1975 

II-258 II-2595

Correspondence and Town 76 Project, 1975 

II-258 II-2596

Miscellaneous Documents, 1975 

II-258 II-2597

Special Projects, 1975 

II-258 II-2598

ESAA News, 1975 

II-258 II-2599

Miscellaneous Documents, 1975 

II-259 II-2600

Projects, 1976 

II-259 II-2601

Correspondence and Fliers, 1976 

II-259 II-2602

Miscellaneous Documents, 1976 

II-259 II-2603

Proposal, 1976-1977 

II-259 II-2604

Proposal, 1976 

II-259 II-2605

Fliers, 1976 

II-259 II-2606

Letters, 1976 

II-259 II-2607

Project Report, 1976-1977 

II-259 II-2608

Miscellaneous Documents, 1977 

II-260 II-2609

Project, 1977 

II-260 II-2610

Miscellaneous Documents, 1977 

II-260 II-2611

Correspondence, 1977 

II-260 II-2612

Observations of Workshop, 1978 

II-260 II-2613

Coordinator, 1977 

II-260 II-2614

Computer Training, 1978 

II-260 II-2615

Sub-Subseries 5.C - School Desegregation 

Scope and Content 

The Chicago Urban League was involved in a Committee for School Desegregation in Chicago as part of the Emergency School Aid Act project. This sub-sub series contains information on the coalition, meeting notes, desegregation news clippings, conference information, reports, pamphlets, and spans the years of 1976 through 1981. 

Box Folder

Desegregation Coalition, 1976-1977 

II-261 II-2616

News Clippings, 1977 

II-261 II-2617

Desegregation Conference, 1977 

II-261 II-2618

Desegregation Conference, 1977 

II-261 II-2619

Reports on Education, 1978 

II-261 II-2620

School Desegregation Plan, 1981 

II-262 II-2621

Sub-Subseries 5.D - Youth Guidance and Back-to-School Program 

Scope and Content 

The Chicago Urban League worked to encourage youth to set high future goals both academically and professionally. The Back-to-School program, for instance, included a publicity campaign as well as community events and outreach. Spanning the years of 1962 through 1972, this sub-sub series contains photos, press releases, correspondence, and memos. 

Box Folder

Back-to-School Parade, undated 

II-263 II-2622

Back-to-School Kit, 1962-1963 

II-263 II-2623

Youth Guidance Project Photographs, 1963 

II-263 II-2624

News Releases and Yearly Report, 1963-1965 

II-263 II-2625

Englewood's Back-to-School Program, 1965 

II-263 II-2626

Stay in School Campaign, 1966-1967 

II-263 II-2627

Correspondence, 1966-1967 

II-263 II-2628

Photographs-Back-to-School Campaign, 1966 

II-263 II-2629

Youth Observance Week, 1967 

II-263 II-2630

Youth Guidance Project Photographs, 1967 

II-264 II-2631

Back-to-School/Stay in School Kit, 1967-1968 

II-264 II-2632

News Releases and Photographs, 1968 

II-264 II-2633

Back-to-School Memoranda, 1968 

II-264 II-2634

Photographs and Miscellaneous Documents, 1968 

II-264 II-2635

Principals Advisory Committee, 1968 

II-264 II-2636

Back-to-School Campaign - Photographs, 1969 

II-265 II-2637

Back-to-School Campaign - Photographs, 1969 

II-265 II-2638

Back-to-School Campaign - Photographs, 1969 

II-265 II-2639

Back-to-School Campaign - Photographs, 1969 

II-265 II-2640

Back-to-School Campaign - Photographs, 1969 

II-265 II-2641

Back-to-School Campaign - Photographs, 1969 

II-265 II-2642

Back-to-School Campaign - Photographs, 1969 

II-265 II-2643

E and G Committee Photographs, 1970 

II-266 II-2644

Back-to-School Campaign - Photographs, 1968-1969 

II-266 II-2645

Back-to-School Campaign - Photographs, 1968 

II-266 II-2646

Back-to-School Campaign - Photographs, 1969 

II-266 II-2647

Back-to-School Campaign - Photographs, 1969 

II-266 II-2648

Youth Guidance Project - Correspondence, 1969 

II-267 II-2649

Youth Guidance Project - Correspondence, 1970 

II-267 II-2650

Back-to-School Campaign - Fact Sheet, 1969 

II-267 II-2651

Community Youth Choir, 1969 

II-267 II-2652

Back-to-School Campaign - Memoranda, 1970 

II-267 II-2653

Back-to-School Essays, 1970 

II-267 II-2654

Directory - Guidance Department - Personnel, 1972 

II-267 II-2655

Sub-Subseries 5.E - School Board Activism 

Scope and Content 

This sub-sub series reflects the communication, collaboration, and feedback the Chicago Urban League maintained with the Board of Education. This section contains mostly correspondence, but also a good deal of statistics, proposals, and reports. These documents span the years of 1969 though 1990. 

Box Folder

School Closings Statistics, 1961-1976 

II-268 II-2656

School Closings Statistics, 1961-1976 

II-268 II-2657

CUL Report on Chicago Public School Desegregation, 1963-1965 

II-268 II-2657a

Correspondence and Reports, 1977-1978 

II-268 II-2658

Correspondence, 1977 

II-268 II-2659

Miscellaneous Documents, 1981-1983 

II-268 II-2660

National Urban League and Chicago Board of Education, 1981-1983 

II-268 II-2661

Report to Legislative Committee, 1982 

II-268 II-2662

Education Task Force, 1982 

II-268 II-2663

Coalition on School Board Appointments Meetings, 1982 

II-268 II-2664

Coalition on School Board Appointments - Fact Sheets, 1982 

II-268 II-2665

School Board Editorials, 1982 

II-269 II-2666

Democratic Board of Education Clippings, 1982 

II-269 II-2667

Coalition on School Board Appointments - Overviews, 1982 

II-269 II-2668

A Better Chance Program, 1982 

II-269 II-2669

Coalition on School Board Appointments - Miscellaneous Documents, 1983 

II-269 II-2670

Coalition on School Board Appointments - Proposal for Nomination Commission, 1983 

II-269 II-2671

Chicago Panel on Public School Finance, 1983 

II-269 II-2672

Coalition on School Board Appointments - Mailing Lists, 1984 

II-269 II-2673

Coalition on School Board Appointments - School Board Nominating Report, 1984 

II-269 II-2674

Big Shoulders Fund, 1987-1989 

II-270 II-2675

Leadership for Quality Education, 1990 

II-270 II-2676

Leadership for Quality Education, 1990 

II-270 II-2677

School Reform - Equity Coalition, 1990 

II-270 II-2678

Correspondence, 1990 

II-270 II-2679

"Inequity in Public School Financing in the State of Illinois", 1990 

II-270 II-2680

Proposal for the for the Funding of Initiatives Sponsored by the Chicago Urban League, 1990 

II-270 II-2681

Correspondence, 1990 

II-270 II-2682

Correspondence, 1990 

II-270 II-2683

Miscellaneous Documents, 1990 

II-270 II-2684

School Democracy, 1990 

II-270 II-2685

School Council, 1990 

II-270 II-2686

School Financing, 1990 

II-270 II-2687

Sub-Subseries 5.F - Education Department 

Scope and Content 

This sub-sub series contains correspondence, reports, meeting notes, and budget information from the Urban League's Education department and spans the years of 1971 through 1982. 

Box Folder

Northside Office, 1971 

II-271 II-2688

Correspondence, 1971-1978 

II-271 II-2689

Kenneth Mines Meeting, 1976 

II-271 II-2690

Correspondence - Permissive Transfer Program, 1977 

II-271 II-2691

Progress Report, 1977 

II-271 II-2692

Correspondence, 1977 

II-271 II-2693

Meetings - Correspondence, 1977 

II-271 II-2694

Correspondence and Reports, 1977 

II-272 II-2695

Correspondence, 1977 

II-272 II-2696

Correspondence To/From Judson Hixson, 1977-1978 

II-272 II-2697

Correspondence To/From Judson Hixson, 1977-1978 

II-272 II-2698

Correspondence To/From Judson Hixson, 1979-1981 

II-272 II-2699

Citizens Coalition for School Desegregation, 1977 

II-273 II-2700

Miscellaneous Documents, 1979 

II-273 II-2701

Correspondence and Reports, 1979 

II-273 II-2702

Correspondence To/From Marilyn Epps, 1979-1981 

II-273 II-2703

Correspondence To/From Marilyn Epps, 1980-1981 

II-273 II-2704

Program Activity Report, 1980 

II-273 II-2705

Budget, 1980 

II-273 II-2706

Correspondence, 1980 

II-274 II-2707

Correspondence To/From Marilyn Epps, 1980-1981 

II-274 II-2708

Correspondence To/From Judson Hixson, 1980 

II-274 II-2709

Correspondence To/From Gwen Laroche, 1980-1981 

II-274 II-2710

Correspondence To/From Gwen Laroche, 1981-1982 

II-274 II-2711

Miscellaneous Documents, 1982 

II-274 II-2712

Sub-Subseries 5.G - Adult Literacy 

Scope and Content 

The Chicago Urban League ran an adult literacy program using volunteer tutors and state funding. This sub-sub series contains contracts from 1988 through 1991. 

Box Folder

FY 1988 Contract, 1987-1988 

II-275 II-2713

FY 1989 Contract, 1988-1989 

II-275 II-2714

FY 1990 Contract, 1989-1990 

II-275 II-2715

FY 1991 Contract, 1990-1991 

II-275 II-2716

Sub-Subseries 5.H - Miscellaneous Programs 

Scope and Content 

This sub-sub series includes information on various CUL programs and projects and consists of reports, conference information, correspondence, contracts, miscellaneous information and spans 1962 through 1992. 

Box Folder

Cooperative Education Program, undated 

II-276 II-2717

Citizens Advisory Panel Notes, undated 

II-276 II-2718

Back-To-School Campaign - Memorandum to Labor Leaders, 1962 

II-276 II-2719

Eleanor Roosevelt Internship Applications - NAIRO, 1965 

II-276 II-2720

Community Education - Media, 1967 

II-276 II-2721

Community Education Report, 1967 

II-276 II-2722

Principal's Advisory Group, 1967 

II-276 II-2723

Education and Neighborhood Action for Better Living, 1966 

II-276 II-2724

Principal's Advisory Council News Clippings, 1967 

II-276 II-2725

Community Education, 1968 

II-276 II-2726

Local Control of Schools, 1968 

II-276 II-2727

Women's Division, 1968 

II-276 II-2728

Principal's Advisory Committee, 1968 

II-276 II-2729

Principal's Advisory Committee Members, 1968 

II-276 II-2730

Youth Guidance - Annual Report, 1969 

II-276 II-2731

Miscellaneous Documents, 1969 

II-276 II-2732

Community Education Reports and Memos, 1968-1969 

II-277 II-2733

Essay Contest, 1970 

II-277 II-2734

Essay Contest, 1970 

II-277 II-2735

Essay Contest, 1970 

II-277 II-2736

Honors Student Program - Photographs, 1970 

II-277 II-2737

Community Education Report, 1970 

II-277 II-2738

Reading is Fundamental Program, 1970-1972 

II-277 II-2739

Miscellaneous Documents, 1971 

II-277 II-2740

Thrust Materials - Parental Involvement in Education, 1971-1972 

II-277 II-2741

Berry Internship, 1972 

II-278 II-2742

Interracial/Intercultural Communications: A Media for Mobility, Chance and Stability, 1973 

II-278 II-2743

Educational Thrust Program, 1973 

II-278 II-2744

Educational Thrust Program, 1973 

II-278 II-2745

Kenwood-Oakland Youth Service Program, 1973-1974 

II-278 II-2746

Education Program Planning, 1974 

II-278 II-2747

Suggested Youth Service Program, 1974 

II-278 II-2748

Educational Proposal, 1974 

II-278 II-2749

School Lists, 1974 

II-278 II-2750

Principal's Conference, 1974 

II-278 II-2751

Career Day Conference, 1975 

II-278 II-2752

College and Vocational Fund, 1975 

II-278 II-2753

Various Reports, 1974 

II-278 II-2754

Chicago United Principals, 1977 

II-279 II-2755

Black Education, 1977-1982 

II-279 II-2756

Fellowships, 1977 

II-279 II-2757

Beatrice Caffrey Youth Services, 1978 

II-279 II-2758

Administrative Manual, 1978 

II-279 II-2759

Boy Scouts of America, 1978 

II-279 II-2760

Youth Leadership Conference, 1979 

II-279 II-2761

Life Skills Education, 1980 

II-279 II-2762

Black Education, 1980 

II-279 II-2763

State Title I, 1980-1982 

II-279 II-2764

Youth Motivation Program, 1980 

II-279 II-2765

Schools Designated and Recommended for Closing, 1980 

II-279 II-2766

State Title I, 1981 

II-280 II-2767

State Title I, 1981-1982 

II-280 II-2768

State Title I, 1981 

II-280 II-2769

Panel On CPS Finances, 1982 

II-280 II-2770

Clergy Making List, 1982 

II-280 II-2771

Ministerial Luncheon, 1982 

II-280 II-2772

State Title I, 1982 

II-280 II-2773

Math Counts, 1984 

II-280 II-2774

Urban League Youth Initiative, 1987 

II-280 II-2775

Adult Literacy Program FY 1990 Audit, 1989-1990 

II-280 II-2776

Adult Literacy Program - Quarterly Financial Reports, 1989-1990 

II-280 II-2777

Adult Literacy Program - State Contracts, 1989-1990 

II-280 II-2778

Academic Enrollment Program Contracts, 1989 

II-281 II-2779

Cabrini Youth Options Correspondence, 1989-1991 

II-281 II-2780

SMART Program Northwestern University Contract, 1989 

II-281 II-2781

Anheuser-Busch Scholarship Fund, 1990 

II-281 II-2782

Principal Evacuation, 1990 

II-281 II-2783

Truant's Alternative and Optional Education Audit, 1990 

II-281 II-2784

Science and Math Teaching Career Program Contract, 1990 

II-281 II-2785

Parent Education Workshop, 1991 

II-281 II-2786

Cabrini Youth Options, Contracts and Administration, 1991 

II-281 II-2787

Cabrini Youth Outreach Contracts, 1991 

II-281 II-2788

SMART Program, 1991 

II-281 II-2789

Smart Program Northwestern University Contract, 1992 

II-281 II-2790

Sub-Subseries 5.I - West Point 

Scope and Content 

West Point had a contract with the National Urban League, using the Chicago Urban League to establish a West Point Admissions Field Office, which would employ qualified Vietnam veterans, who would in turn recruit minority candidates for West Point Military Academy. This sub-sub series includes contracts, admission information, recruitment material, memos, correspondence, reports, and spans the years 1969 through 1976. 

Box Folder

West Point Admissions Contract, undated 

II-282 II-2791

National Urban League Proposal and Contract, undated 

II-282 II-2792

Frequently Asked Questions, undated 

II-282 II-2793

USMA - Equal Admission Opportunity Program, undated 

II-282 II-2794

Fact Sheet - United States Military Academy, undated 

II-282 II-2795

West Point General Information, 1970 

II-282 II-2796

General Policy Statement, 1969 

II-282 II-2797

Slide Presentation, 1972 

II-282 II-2798

Cadet Public Relations Council, 1972 

II-282 II-2799

Fact Sheet - USMA - Economic Development, 1972 

II-282 II-2800

Uncommitted Fund Sheet, 1972-1973 

II-282 II-2801

Correspondence, 1973 

II-282 II-2802

Memos, 1973 

II-282 II-2803

Correspondence, 1973 

II-282 II-2804

Monthly Reports, 1973 

II-282 II-2805

Correspondence, 1973 

II-282 II-2806

Outgoing Mail - William Burke, 1973 

II-282 II-2807

Organizational Structure 363RD Civil Affairs Area B, 1973 

II-282 II-2808

West Point Thanksgiving Recruitment Program, 1973 

II-282 II-2809

West Point Brochure, 1973 

II-282 II-2810

West Point Brochures, 1973 

II-282 II-2811

Minority Recruitment - ROTC, 1973 

II-282 II-2812

Communications, 1973 

II-283 II-2813

Correspondence, 1973 

II-283 II-2814

Social Programs, 1973 

II-283 II-2815

Correspondence, 1973 

II-283 II-2816

USMA - Missing Data and Documents, 1973 

II-283 II-2817

Army ROTC Information, 1973 

II-283 II-2818

Army ROTC Brochures, 1973 

II-283 II-2819

West Point Affiliate, 1974 

II-283 II-2820

Monthly Reports, 1974 

II-283 II-2821

Letter of Nomination, 1974 

II-283 II-2822

USMA - Letters to High School Counselors, 1974 

II-283 II-2823

Army ROTC Packet, 1974 

II-283 II-2824

USMA Printouts, School Codes, ID Numbers, 1974 

II-284 II-2825

USMA Correspondence, 1974 

II-284 II-2826

Monthly Reports, 1974 

II-284 II-2827

News Clippings, 1974 

II-284 II-2828

Weekly Report, 1974 

II-284 II-2829

West Point Catalogue, 1974 

II-284 II-2830

West Point Admissions Office, 1974-1975 

II-284 II-2831

West Point Admissions Office, 1974-1975 

II-284 II-2832

Miscellaneous Documents, 1974-1975 

II-284 II-2833

Outgoing Correspondence - West Point Admissions, 1975 

II-284 II-2834

USMA Correspondence, 1975 

II-285 II-2835

General Information, 1975 

II-285 II-2836

Admissions Brochures, 1976 

II-285 II-2837

Subseries 6: Health and Social Services Subseries [RESTRICTED] 

Scope and Content 

Beginning in the 1970s and 1980s, the CUL initiated programs as a social service agency for minority communities on Chicago's South Side. This subseries contains records on specific programs, as well as departmental correspondence, the bulk of which focused on health issues for African Americans or for women in minority communities. These programs operated in separate offices and have been divided into discrete sub-sub series that reflect a particular program administered by the CUL. Records vary greatly between specific programs, but include correspondence, fact sheets and informational guides, client information, intake forms, staff information, minutes, and educational materials. The Health and Social Services Sub-Series spans 1972-1992. 

Sub-Subseries 6.A - Elderly Programs 

Scope and Content 

The Chicago Urban League ran advocacy programs for the elderly, seeking to provide social services, improve existing services, and empower elderly minorities. These documents span the years of 1972 through 1990 and contain reports, proposals, correspondence, funding information, clippings, and photos. 

Box Folder

Minority Aged - Report and Summary, undated 

II-286 II-2838

Minority Aged - Final Report and Correspondence, 1972-1974 

II-286 II-2839

Minority Aged - Miscellaneous Documents, 1973 

II-286 II-2840

Minority Aged - Proposal, 1973 

II-286 II-2841

Minority Aged - Final Report, 1973-1974 

II-286 II-2842

Mayor's Office for Seniors, 1974-1975 

II-286 II-2843

Mayor's Office for Seniors, 1974-1975 

II-286 II-2844

Advocacy in Support of Minority Aged, 1974 

II-286 II-2845

Office for Senior Citizens Grant, 1974 

II-286 II-2846

In Support of Minority Aged Contract, 1974 

II-287 II-2847

Mayor's Office for Seniors - Memos, 1974-1977 

II-287 II-2848

Advocacy in Support of Minority Aged - Correspondence, 1974 

II-287 II-2849

Advocacy in Support of Minority Aged, 1974 

II-287 II-2850

Mayor's Office for Seniors, 1975 

II-287 II-2851

Senior Citizen's Project, 1975-1976 

II-287 II-2852

Senior Citizen's Project, 1975-1976 

II-287 II-2853

Social Service Committee Chicago Planning Council on Aging, 1975 

II-287 II-2854

Operation Brotherhood, 1975 

II-287 II-2855

ESAA - Mike Cook Correspondence Consultant on Aging, 1976-1978 

II-288 II-2856

Senior Citizen's Project, 1977-1979 

II-288 II-2857

Operation ABLE, 1977 

II-288 II-2858

Staff Training, 1978 

II-288 II-2859

Home Delivered Meals, 1978 

II-288 II-2860

Operation Brotherhood, 1978 

II-288 II-2861

Mosc/h Information, 1978-1979 

II-288 II-2862

Legal Services, 1979 

II-288 II-2863

Casework Service, 1979 

II-288 II-2864

Office for Senior Citizens and Handicapped, 1979 

II-288 II-2865

Community Care Services, 1980 

II-288 II-2866

Department on Aging Community Care Program, 1979 

II-289 II-2867

IDOA News, 1979 

II-289 II-2868

Operation ABLE Network Task Force, 1979 

II-289 II-2869

Mosc/h Instruction, 1979 

II-289 II-2870

Mayor's Office for Senior Citizens and Handicapped Evaluation, 1979 

II-289 II-2871

Senior Citizens Project FY 1980 Operational Plans, 1979-1980 

II-289 II-2872

Mosc/h Program, 1979 

II-289 II-2873

Mosc/h Program, 1980 

II-289 II-2874

Mosch/IR Evaluation and Notes, 1980-1981 

II-289 II-2875

Senior Citizens Project Title XX Prescreened Information, 1981 

II-289 II-2876

Office of Senior Citizens and Handicapped, 1981 

II-289 II-2877

Office of Senior Citizens and Handicapped, 1982 

II-289 II-2878

Office for Senior Citizens and Handicapped, 1981 

II-290 II-2879

Senior Citizens in the Community Program Service Agreement, 1989 

II-290 II-2880

Seniors in the Community XI Contract, 1990 

II-290 II-2881

Sub-Subseries 6.B - Sickle Cell Program 

Scope and Content 

Between 1972 and 1982, the CUL coordinated a Sickle Cell Program in conjunction with the University of Chicago to treat African-Americans with sickle cell anemia on Chicago's South and West Sides. Most records in Sickle Cell Program sub-sub series are administrative records concerning the operation of two medical offices, including correspondence, patient intake forms and staff assignment sheets. 

Box Folder

Sickle Cell Project Proposals, undated 

II-291 II-2882

Sickle Cell Center Hospital Contracts, undated 

II-291 II-2883

Sickle Cell Center In-service Coordinators, undated 

II-291 II-2884

Parent Classes Pre-Test, undated 

II-291 II-2885

Football Classic Benefit, 1973-1974 

II-291 II-2886

Funding Application, 1973 

II-291 II-2887

Listing of Libraries, 1974 

II-291 II-2888

Staff Meeting, 1976 

II-291 II-2889

Correspondence, 1976-1977 

II-291 II-2890

Budget Modification, 1976 

II-291 II-2891

Proposals, 1976 

II-291 II-2892

Administrative Documents, 1976 

II-291 II-2893

Memos, 1976-1977 

II-291 II-2894

Miscellaneous Documents, 1976 

II-292 II-2895

Administrative Documents, 1976 

II-292 II-2896

Correspondence, 1976-1977 

II-292 II-2897

Administrative Documents, 1976-1977 

II-292 II-2898

Miscellaneous Documents, 1976 

II-292 II-2899

Job Vacancy Announcements, 1976 

II-292 II-2900

Correspondence and Reports, 1976-1977 

II-292 II-2901

Reports and Agendas, 1976 

II-292 II-2902

Miscellaneous Documents, 1976-1977 

II-292 II-2903

Office Lease, 1976 

II-292 II-2904

Budget Contract, 1977-1979 

II-292 II-2905

Hospital Screening Questionnaire, 1977 

II-293 II-2906

University of Chicago Materials, 1977 

II-293 II-2907

Progress Report, 1977 

II-293 II-2908

Contract, 1977 

II-293 II-2909

Correspondence, 1977 

II-293 II-2910

Correspondence, 1977 

II-293 II-2911

Shirley Warren - Sickle Cell Project Director, 1977-1978 

II-293 II-2912

Correspondence, 1978 

II-293 II-2913

Miscellaneous Documents, 1978-1980 

II-293 II-2914

Sickle Cell Breakfast Forum of September 21, 1978 

II-293 II-2915

Project Advisory Committee, 1978 

II-294 II-2916

Parent Class, 1978 

II-294 II-2917

Health Study Models, 1978-1978 

II-294 II-2918

Sickle Cell Questionnaire, 1978 

II-294 II-2919

Proposed Conference, 1978 

II-294 II-2920

Miscellaneous Documents, 1978 

II-294 II-2921

Illinois Nurses' Association Continuing Education Program, 1979-1980 

II-294 II-2922

Public Policy - Hemoglobin, 1979 

II-294 II-2923

Miscellaneous Documents, 1979 

II-294 II-2924

Illinois Nurses Association, 1979-1980 

II-295 II-2925

Test Questions, 1979 

II-295 II-2926

Administrative Documents, 1979-1980 

II-295 II-2927

Shirley Warren - Sickle Cell Project Director, 1979-1981 

II-295 II-2928

Staff Meetings, 1979-1981 

II-295 II-2929

Interdepartmental Correspondence, 1979 

II-295 II-2930

Correspondence - O. Warfield, 1980 

II-295 II-2931

Miscellaneous Documents, 1980 

II-296 II-2932

Interdepartmental Correspondence, 1980-1981 

II-296 II-2933

Minutes from Special Meetings, 1980 

II-296 II-2934

Interdepartmental Correspondence, 1980 

II-296 II-2935

Service Arrangements, 1980-1981 

II-296 II-2936

Research and Planning Collaboration, 1980 

II-296 II-2937

Correspondence - Shirley Warren, 1980-1981 

II-296 II-2938

Interdepartmental Correspondence - Shirley Warren, 1980-1981 

II-296 II-2939

Interdepartmental Correspondence - Shirley Warren, 1980-1981 

II-296 II-2940

Correspondence - D. Shavers, 1980-1981 

II-296 II-2941

Correspondence - Y. Williams, 1980-1981 

II-296 II-2942

Outgoing Correspondence - Shirley Warren, 1980-1981 

II-296 II-2943

Incoming Correspondence - Shirley Warren, 1980-1981 

II-296 II-2944

Correspondence - Mary Breckenridge, 1980 

II-297 II-2945

Activity Summary, 1980 

II-297 II-2946

Accounting, 1980 

II-297 II-2947

Proposal, 1980 

II-297 II-2948

Site Evaluation Report, 1980 

II-297 II-2949

Coordinator's Meetings, 1980 

II-297 II-2950

Miscellaneous Documents, 1980-1982 

II-297 II-2951

Correspondence, 1980 

II-297 II-2952

Correspondence and Reports, 1980 

II-297 II-2953

Photographs, 1980 

II-297 II-2954

Memos, 1981 

II-298 II-2955

Health Systems Agency, 1981 

II-298 II-2956

Correspondence - Shirley Warren, 1981-1982 

II-298 II-2957

External Correspondence, 1981-1982 

II-298 II-2958

Interdepartmental Correspondence - Shirley Warren, 1981-1982 

II-298 II-2959

Interdepartmental Correspondence - Shirley Warren, 1981-1982 

II-298 II-2960

Special Events, 1981 

II-298 II-2961

5 Year Extension Proposal, 1981 

II-298 II-2962

Administrative Documents, 1981 

II-298 II-2963

GED Workbook, 1981 

II-298 II-2964

Work Plan, 1981 

II-298 II-2965

Clayborne File, 1981-1982 

II-299 II-2966

Sickle Cell Evaluation, 1981 

II-299 II-2967

Incoming Correspondence - Shirley Warren, 1981-1982 

II-299 II-2968

Report, 1982 

II-299 II-2969

Budget, 1982 

II-299 II-2970

Budget, 1982 

II-299 II-2971

Brochures, 1982 

II-299 II-2972

General Correspondence, 1982 

II-299 II-2973

Miscellaneous Documents, 1982 

II-299 II-2974

Correspondence, 1982 

II-299 II-2975

Correspondence, 1982 

II-299 II-2976

Research, 1982 

II-299 II-2977

Year End Report, 1982 

II-299 II-2978

Activity Summary, 1982 

II-299 II-2979

Community Advisory Council, 1982 

II-299 II-2980

Correspondence, 1982-1983 

II-299 II-2981

Evaluations, 1982 

II-300 II-2982

Project Materials, 1982 

II-300 II-2983

Health Fairs, 1982 

II-300 II-2984

Sickle Cell Symposium, 1982 

II-300 II-2985

Sub-Subseries 6.C - Family Planning Program 

Scope and Content 

The Family Planning Sub-sub series includes information on family planning initiatives coordinated by the CUL in surrounding communities between 1970 and 1976. This sub-sub series includes correspondence, reports, minutes, newsletters, and evaluations. 

Box Folder

Budget and Contracts, 1970-1974 

II-301 II-2986

Family Health Counseling, 1972 

II-301 II-2987

Miscellaneous Documents, 1972 

II-301 II-2988

Outline of Final Report, 1972 

II-301 II-2989

Recommendations for Family Planning Project, 1972 

II-301 II-2990

Family Planning Program Correspondence, 1973 

II-302 II-2991

Contracts, 1973 

II-302 II-2992

Monthly Expenditure Report, 1973 

II-302 II-2993

Correspondence with Various City Departments, 1973 

II-302 II-2994

Family Planning Program Report and Letters of Agreement, 1973 

II-302 II-2995

Contractual Agreement and Project Director Seminar, 1973 

II-302 II-2996

Health Care Plan and Position Statement, 1973-1976 

II-302 II-2997

Family Planning Outreach, 1973 

II-302 II-2998

Family Planning Council Approved Budget, 1973, 1974 

II-303 II-2999

Annual Report, 1974 

II-303 II-3000

Final Expenditure Report, 1974 

II-303 II-3001

Teen Services, Project Unicorn, 1975 

II-303 II-3002

Budget and Funding Information, 1976 

II-303 II-3003

Sub-Subseries 6.D - Young Parents Center 

Scope and Content 

The Chicago Urban League started and maintained the Young Parents Center, which was designed to prevent pregnancy among teenagers through counseling, birth control advocacy, and sex education, and also to provide services and referrals for pregnant teenagers and young parents. This section includes photos, reports, budgets, staff notes, school sex education workshop info, interdepartmental correspondence, and client information. The client information is closed until 2080. This sub-sub series spans the years of 1979 through 1992. 

Box Folder

Photographs, Undated 

II-304 II-3004

Advisory Committee Meeting, 1985, 1986 

II-304 II-3005

Comprehensive Report and Demographic Information, 1970 

II-304 II-3006

Budget Information, 1981-1988 

II-304 II-3007

YPC Fact Sheet, Undated 

II-304 II-3008

Teen Pregnancy Information, Undated 

II-304 II-3009

Handwritten Staff Notes, 1983, 1984 RESTRICTED 

II-304 II-3010

High School Sexual Education, 1978, 1982 

II-304 II-3011

Interdepartmental Correspondence, 1979 

II-304 II-3012

Chicago Urban League Report on Young Parents Center, 1979 

II-304 II-3013

Fact Sheet and Minutes, 1979 

II-304 II-3014

Budget Proposal, 1980 

II-304 II-3015

State of Illinois Department of Public Aid Documents, 1980-1982 

II-304 II-3016

Prevention Activity Reports, 1980, 1981 

II-304 II-3017

Group Materials, 1980, 1981 

II-304 II-3018

Handwritten Notes on Individual Cases, 1980 RESTRICTED 

II-304 II-3019

Evaluation of Prevention Program, 1981 

II-304 II-3020

Chicago Comprehensive Care Center Reports, 1981 

II-304 II-3021

High School Sexual Education Documents, 1981,1982 

II-304 II-3022

Prevention Program Evaluation, 1981 

II-304 II-3023

History and Mission, 1982 

II-304 II-3024

Adolescent Family Programs Proposal, 1982 

II-305 II-3025

Adolescent Family Programs Proposal, Continued, 1982 

II-305 II-3026

High School Sexual Education Surveys, 1982 

II-305 II-3027

Reports and Memos, 1982 

II-305 II-3028

Redeterminations, 1983-1985 

II-305 II-3029

Client Reports, 1983-1987 RESTRICTED 

II-305 II-3030

Illinois Department of Public Aid Applications RESTRICTED, 1984, 1985 

II-305 II-3031

Affiliate Directories, 1984 

II-305 II-3032

Title XX Social Service Applications RESTRICTED, 1984, 1985 

II-305 II-3033

Public Aid Information, 1984 

II-305 II-3034

Case Reports, 1984, 1985 RESTRICTED 

II-305 II-3035

Miscellaneous Documents, 1984 

II-305 II-3036

Prevention Groups-Attendance, 1985 

II-305 II-3037

Staff Meeting, Handwritten Notes, 1985 

II-305 II-3038

Illinois Department of Public Aid Client Eligibility, 1985 

II-305 II-3039

Food Share Program, 1985 

II-305 II-3040

Monthly Service Logs, 1985, 1986 

II-306 II-3041

Client Referrals RESTRICTED, 1985, 1986 

II-306 II-3042

Client Referrals, Continued RESTRICTED, 1985, 1986 

II-306 II-3043

Redeterminations, 1985, 1986 

II-306 II-3044

Performance Evaluations, 1985 

II-306 II-3045

Fiscal Year '87 Illinois Department of Public Aid Contract, 1986, 1987 

II-306 II-3046

Illinois Department of Public Aid Quarterly PTS Measures, 1986-1990 

II-306 II-3047

Army Wonderland Camp Outing, 1986 

II-306 II-3048

Registrar Assignment Sheets, 1986 

II-306 II-3049

Youth Events RESTRICTED, 1984, 1986 

II-306 II-3050

Memos and Letters, 1986 

II-306 II-3051

Miscellaneous Documents, 1986 

II-306 II-3052

Donated Funds Initiative, 1986 

II-306 II-3053

Staff Meeting Agendas, 1986 

II-306 II-3054

Lease Review, 1986 

II-306 II-3055

Client Intake Sheets RESTRICTED, 1986, 1987 

II-306 II-3056

Administrative Correspondence, 1986, 1980 

II-307 II-3057

Monthly Activity Reports, 1987-1988 

II-307 II-3058

Bi-Monthly and Monthly Activity Reports, 1987 

II-307 II-3059

Title XX Information, 1987 

II-307 II-3060

Monthly Activity Reports and Receipts, 1987 

II-307 II-3061

Program Materials, 1987-1989 

II-307 II-3062

Client Information RESTRICTED, 1987 

II-307 II-3063

Group Activities and Client Progress Reports RESTRICTED, 1987 

II-307 II-3064

Interdepartmental Correspondence, 1987, 1988 

II-307 II-3065

Group Recording Sheets, 1987, 1988 

II-307 II-3066

Parent Education and Involvement Project, 1987 

II-308 II-3067

Fiscal Year '88 DPA Monitoring Report, 1987 

II-308 II-3068

FY 1988 IDPA Correspondence, 1987, 1988 

II-308 II-3069

FY 1988 Compliance Questionnaire, 1987 

II-308 II-3070

FY 1988 IDPA Contract, 1987 

II-308 II-3071

FY 1988 IDPA Proposal, 1987 

II-308 II-3072

FY 1989 IDPA Proposal, 1987-1989 

II-308 II-3073

FY 1987 IDPA Final Close Out Report, 1987-1988 

II-308 II-3074

Title XX Day Care Directory, 1987 

II-308 II-3075

FY 1988 IDPA Final Report, 1988 

II-308 II-3076

IDPA Correspondence, 1988 

II-308 II-3077

Outreach Worker Contact Sheets, 1988-1990 

II-308 II-3078

Personnel Documents, 1988, 1990 

II-308 II-3079

Staff Evaluations, 1988, 1989 

II-308 II-3080

Accounting Responsibility Reports, 1988, 1990 

II-308 II-3081

Referral Forms, 1988, 1989 

II-308 II-3082

Interdepartmental Correspondence, 1988, 1989 

II-308 II-3083

Chicago Urban Youth League Report, 1988, 1989 

II-309 II-3084

Correspondence, 1988-1989 

II-309 II-3085

FY 1991 IDPA Application, 1988 

II-309 II-3086

IDPA Donated Funds Initiative, 1988, 1989 

II-309 II-3087

Young Parents Center Miscellaneous Documents, 1988-1990 

II-309 II-3088

Redeterminations, 1988 

II-309 II-3089

Group Recording Sheets, 1988, 1989 

II-309 II-3090

Group Recording Sheets, Continued, 1988, 1989 

II-309 II-3091

Parents Too Soon Project Evaluation Manual, 1989 

II-309 II-3092

FY 1989 Donated Funds Initiative Final Narrative Report, 1989 

II-309 II-3093

FY 1989 IDPA Budget and Contract, 1989 

II-309 II-3094

IDPA Correspondence, 1989 

II-309 II-3095

Employee Pledge Forms, 1989 

II-309 II-3096

Budget Allocations, 1989, 1990 

II-309 II-3097

Chicago Department of Human Services Publication, 1989 

II-309 II-3098

FY 1990 Ledger, 1989 

II-309 II-3099

Illinois Department of Public Aid Contract, 1989 

II-310 II-3100

YPC Correspondence, 1989, 1990 

II-310 II-3101

"Start Talking" Proposal, 1989 

II-310 II-3102

Executive Service Corps, 1989 

II-310 II-3103

FY 1990 Budgets, 1989, 1990 

II-310 II-3104

Interdepartmental Correspondence, 1989, 1990 

II-310 II-3105

Male Responsibility Contract, 1989, 1990 

II-310 II-3106

"Start Talking" Week, 1989, 1990 

II-310 II-3107

Bimonthly and Expenditure Reports, 1989-1990 

II-310 II-3108

American Male Education Network, 1989 

II-310 II-3109

Case Staffing, 1989 RESTRICTED 

II-310 II-3110

Families with a Future Consulting Agreements, 1989, 1990 

II-310 II-3111

National AIDS Minority Information and Education Program, 1989 

II-310 II-3112

African American AIDS Network Contract, 1989 

II-310 II-3113

Group Recording Sheets, 1989, 1990 

II-311 II-3114

Illinois Department of Public Aid (IDPA) Applications RESTRICTED, 1989, 1990 

II-311 II-3115

Illinois Department of Public Aid Applications, Continued RESTRICTED, 1989, 1990 

II-311 II-3116

Group Recording Sheets, 1989-1991 

II-311 II-3117

YPC Today Newsletter, 1989 

II-311 II-3118

Expressways Children's Museum, 1989, 1990 

II-311 II-3119

IDPA Reports, 1989 

II-311 II-3120

Government and Private Contract Expense Reports, 1990 

II-311 II-3121

Drug Education Prevention Program - "Making the Right Choice", 1990 

II-311 II-3122

Interdepartmental Correspondence, 1990, 1991 

II-311 II-3123

Outreach Worker Contact Sheets, 1990 

II-312 II-3124

Illinois Department of Public Health Budget Justifications, 1990 

II-312 II-3125

Department Planning, 1990, 1991 

II-312 II-3126

Monthly Service Logs, 1990, 1991 

II-312 II-3127

IDPA Redeterminations - March '90, 1990 

II-312 II-3128

IDPA Redeterminations - October '90, 1990 

II-312 II-3129

IDPA Redeterminations - November '90, 1990 

II-312 II-3130

IDPA Redeterminations - December '90, 1990 

II-312 II-3131

IDPA Redeterminations - January '91, 1990 

II-312 II-3132

IDPA Redeterminations - February '91, 1990 

II-312 II-3133

IDPA Redeterminations - March '91, 1990 

II-312 II-3134

FY 1991 Correspondence, 1990, 1991 

II-312 II-3135

FY 1990 IDPA Contract, 1990 

II-312 II-3136

FY 1991 IDPA Contract, 1990 

II-312 II-3137

IDPA Contract Amendment, 1990 

II-312 II-3138

Lease Agreements, 1990, 1991 

II-312 II-3139

Positive Youth Development Conference, 1990 

II-312 II-3140

Application for Funding, FY 1990, 1990 

II-312 II-3141

Legislative Audit, 1990 

II-312 II-3142

Donated Funds Contract, 1990 

II-312 II-3143

"Start Talking" Advisory Committee Meetings, 1990 

II-312 II-3144

Miscellaneous Documents, 1990 

II-312 II-3145

Consent Forms, 1990 

II-312 II-3146

Second Quarter Report, October-December, 1990 

II-312 II-3147

Fiscal Year 1990 Third Quarter Report, 1990 

II-313 II-3148

Fiscal Year 1992 Program Objectives, 1991 

II-313 II-3149

November/December Reports, 1990 

II-313 II-3150

Male Responsibility Program, 1991 

II-313 II-3151

IDPA Redeterminations - April, 1991 

II-313 II-3152

IDPA Redeterminations - June, 1991 

II-313 II-3153

IDPA Redeterminations - July, 1991 

II-313 II-3154

IDPA Redeterminations - August, 1991 

II-313 II-3155

IDPA Redeterminations - September, 1991 

II-313 II-3156

IDPA Donated Funds Initiative, 1991 

II-313 II-3157

IDPA Redeterminations - October '92, 1991 

II-313 II-3158

Interoffice Correspondence, 1991 

II-313 II-3159

IDPA Expense Reports, 1991 

II-313 II-3160

IDPA Donated Funds Proposal, 1991 

II-313 II-3161

IDPA Correspondence - Fiscal Year '92, 1991, 1992 

II-313 II-3162

Contract Agreement, 1991, 1992 

II-313 II-3163

Families With a Future Financial Overview, 1991 

II-313 II-3164

Partners for Youth Progress, 1991 

II-313 II-3165

Parents Training Tests, 1991 

II-313 II-3166

Mercedes Mallette Resignation, 1991 

II-313 II-3167

Sub-Subseries 6.E - Southside Infant Health Network 

Scope and Content 

The Chicago Urban League managed the Southside Infant Health Network, a medical and social service agency offering support to newborns and their families, through the Healthy Moms/Healthy Kids and Families With A Futures programs offered in the state of Illinois. The SIHN sub-subseries contains records of this program between 1986 and 1994. It contains correspondence, patient intake forms, staff reports and monthly compliance with sponsoring state social service agencies. 

Box Folder

Southside Infant Health Network (SIHN) Program Overview, Undated 

II-314 II-3168

Planning Notes, Undated 

II-314 II-3169

Chicago Infant Mortality Reduction Initiative - Planning Framework, 1986 

II-314 II-3170

Robert Taylor Homes Network of Services, 1986-1987 

II-314 II-3171

Robert Taylor Audit Report, 1986-1987 

II-314 II-3172

Robert Taylor Miscellaneous Documents, 1986-1987 

II-314 II-3173

SIHN - Robert Taylor Meeting Documents, 1986-1987 

II-314 II-3174

Fiscal Operation, 1986-1987 

II-314 II-3175

Service Providers, 1986 

II-314 II-3176

Miscellaneous Documents, 1987, 1988 

II-314 II-3177

Administrative Documents, 1987, 1988 

II-314 II-3178

CNCE/CEO, 1987 

II-314 II-3179

Families With a Future, 1987 

II-314 II-3180

IDPH Site Visits, 1987-1989 

II-315 II-3181

FY '88 Continuation Application, 1987 

II-315 II-3182

FY '88 Continuation Application, 1987 

II-315 II-3183

Quarterly Reports, 1987-1989 

II-315 II-3184

Correspondence - Public Agencies, 1987-1990 

II-315 II-3185

IDPH Reports, 1987-1988 

II-315 II-3186

Correspondence - Dorothy Holley 1987-1988 

II-315 II-3187

Correspondence - Useni Perkins, 1987 

II-315 II-3188

Community Needs Assessment, 1987 

II-315 II-3189

Community Needs Assessment, Computer Documents, 1987 

II-316 II-3190

FWF Housing Unit, 1988-1989 

II-316 II-3191

FWF Statistics and Report, 1988-1989 

II-316 II-3192

Miscellaneous FWF Files, 1988-1989 

II-316 II-3193

Southside Infant Health Network Meeting, 1988 

II-316 II-3194

Community Network Coordinating Entity (CNCE) Meeting, 1988 

II-316 II-3195

Bi-Monthly Report, 1988 

II-316 II-3196

Work Plan, Reports and Overviews, 1988 

II-316 II-3197

CNCE/CEO, 1988 

II-316 II-3198

WIC/MAC Reports, 1988, 1989 

II-316 II-3199

Continuing Applications, 1988, 1989 

II-316 II-3200

Chicago Department of Health Application, 1988 

II-316 II-3201

IDPH Monthly Reports, 1988 

II-317 II-3202

Letters FY 1989, 1988, 1989 

II-317 II-3203

Letters FY 1989, 1988, 1989 

II-317 II-3204

Interdepartmental Correspondence, 1988-1992 

II-317 II-3205

Work Plan, Statistics, Progress Reports, 1988 

II-317 II-3206

CEO/CNCE Meeting, 1989 

II-317 II-3207

FWF Media Campaign, 1989 

II-317 II-3208

Englewood Project Contracted Services Plan, 1989 

II-317 II-3209

CNCE/CEO Meeting, 1989 

II-318 II-3210

Families With a Future - Budget, 1989 

II-318 II-3211

FWF Mid-South Agreement, 1989 

II-318 II-3212

FWF Performance Review, 1989 

II-318 II-3213

CNCE/CEO Meeting Minutes, 1989 

II-318 II-3214

CNCE/CEO Meeting, 1989 

II-318 II-3215

SINH Monthly Reports, 1989, 1990 

II-318 II-3216

IDPH Monthly Reports, 1989 

II-318 II-3217

Case Management Statistics, 1989 

II-319 II-3218

Budget Summary, 1989 

II-319 II-3219

Correspondence - Dorothy Holley, 1989 

II-319 II-3220

FWF - SIHN Review, 1989 

II-319 II-3221

Community Needs Assessment, 1989 

II-319 II-3222

SIHN Data, 1989 

II-319 II-3223

Center for New Horizons, 1989 

II-319 II-3224

SIHN Statistics, Progress Reports, 1989 

II-319 II-3225

SIHN Funding Documents, 1990-1991 

II-319 II-3226

SIHN - FWF Fiscal Report, 1990 

II-319 II-3227

Organizational Meetings, 1990 

II-319 II-3228

CNCE Meeting April, 1990 

II-319 II-3229

CNCE Meeting May, 1990 

II-319 II-3230

CNCE Meeting June, 1990 

II-319 II-3231

Chicago Comprehensive Care Center, 1990 

II-319 II-3232

Infant Health Data, 1990 

II-319 II-3233

BRASS Foundation, 1990 

II-319 II-3234

Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Application, 1991 

II-320 II-3235

United Way Proposal, 1991 

II-320 II-3236

Interdepartmental Correspondence, 1991 

II-320 II-3237

Interdepartmental Correspondence, 1991 

II-320 II-3238

Healthy Moms/Healthy Kids, 1992, 1993 

II-320 II-3239

Case Management Information and Tracking System (CMITS), 1992 

II-320 II-3240

FWF - 10 Year Assessment, 1992 

II-320 II-3241

Medical Records RESTRICTED , 1993 

II-321 II-3242

Medical Records RESTRICTED , 1993 

II-321 II-3243

Healthy Moms/Healthy Kids Weekly Meetings, 1993 

II-321 II-3244

Healthy Moms/Healthy Kids August Meeting, 1993 

II-321 II-3245

Healthy Moms/Healthy Kids Screening Forms RESTRICTED, 1993 

II-321 II-3246

Healthy Moms/Healthy Kids Program, 1993, 1994 

II-321 II-3247

Healthy Moms/Healthy Kids Assignment Sheets and Notes, 1993, 1994 

II-321 II-3248

Healthy Moms/Healthy Kids Protocols, 1993 

II-321 II-3249

SIHN Daily Itineraries, 1993 

II-321 II-3250

CNCE/CEO Meeting, 1993 

II-321 II-3251

Healthy Moms/Healthy Kids Correspondence, 1993 

II-321 II-3252

Healthy Moms/Healthy Kids Case Management, 1993 

II-321 II-3253

Health Fairs, 1993 

II-321 II-3254

FY 1993 Correspondence, 1993 

II-321 II-3255

Token Log Sheet, 1993 

II-322 II-3256

Assignment Sheet, 1993 

II-322 II-3257

Workshop Evaluation, 1993 

II-322 II-3258

Request for Proposal (RFP) Questionnaire, 1993 

II-322 II-3259

Meetings and Correspondence, 1993, 1994 

II-322 II-3260

Employee Training, 1993 

II-322 II-3261

Internal Correpondence, 1993 

II-322 II-3262

Correspondence, 1993 

II-322 II-3263

Staff Notes, 1993 

II-322 II-3264

SIHN - Meetings, 1993 

II-322 II-3265

SIHN Staff Assignment Sheets, 1993 

II-322 II-3266

Staff Assignment Sheets, 1993 

II-322 II-3267

Staff Assignment Sheets, 1993 

II-322 II-3268

Completed Assignment Sheets, 1993 

II-322 II-3269

Staff Notes, 1993 

II-323 II-3270

Completed Assignment Sheets, 1993 

II-323 II-3271

Correspondence, 1993 

II-323 II-3272

Handwritten Assignment Sheets, 1993 

II-323 II-3273

Staff Assignment Sheets, 1993 

II-323 II-3274

Staff Assignment Sheets, 1993 

II-323 II-3275

Handwritten Memos, 1993 

II-323 II-3276

Staff Assignment Sheets, 1993 

II-323 II-3277

Southside Infant Health Survey, 1993 

II-323 II-3278

Staff Assignment Sheets, 1993 

II-323 II-3279

Staff Assignment Sheets, 1993 

II-323 II-3280

Training Program, 1994 

II-323 II-3281

Statistical Overview, 1994 

II-323 II-3282

Healthy Moms/ Healthy Kids Meeting, 1994 

II-323 II-3283

Sub-Subseries 6.F - Social Services Department 

Scope and Content 

The Social Services Department sub-subseries contains administrative documents concerning the Social Services Department at the Chicago Urban League not related to a specific program. The sub-subseries contains records between 1973 and 1992, primarily correspondence but also staff reports and miscellaneous memoranda. 

Box Folder

Financial Assistance Form Letter, Undated 

II-324 II-3284

Family Planning Proposal, Undated 

II-324 II-3285

Health and Welfare Program Materials, 1971 

II-324 II-3286

FY 1977 Proposal and Monthly Reports, 1974-1977 

II-324 II-3287

American Medical Record Association AMRA, 1976 

II-324 II-3288

Title XX SOS Project, 1978 

II-324 II-3289

Social Services 5 Year Plan, 1978 

II-324 II-3290

SOS Program #1, 1979 

II-324 II-3291

Jackson Park Hospital, 1980 

II-324 II-3292

Service Planning Objectives, 1980 

II-324 II-3293

Overview and Narrative Form, 1981 

II-324 II-3294

Advisory Council/Director Meetings, 1986-1989 

II-324 II-3295

Social Service Advisory Committee, 1988 

II-324 II-3296

Department Meetings, 1988-1990 

II-324 II-3297

McCord File, 1989 

II-325 II-3298

Inner City Liquor Association, 1989 

II-325 II-3299

Advisory Committee Meeting and Bi-Monthly Report, 1989-1990 

II-325 II-3300

Correspondence, 1989 

II-325 II-3301

Meeting Minutes, 1990 

II-325 II-3302

AIDS Education Workshop, 1990 

II-325 II-3303

Social Service Department Retreat, 1991 

II-325 II-3304

Correspondence, 1991 

II-325 II-3305

Social Service Department Planning, 1991 

II-325 II-3306

FY 1992 Program Objective and Budget, 1992 

II-325 II-3307

Sub-Subseries 6.G - Emergency Assistance Program 

Scope and Content 

In response to Public Law 98-396, the Chicago Urban League utilized funds for emergency food and shelter for individuals in need. CUL's efforts were concentrated in the near and far southside, as well as near westside, and near northside of Chicago. Files include funding applications, reports, correspondence, and guidelines, and span the years of 1970 through 1991. 

Box Folder

Illinois Emergency Food and Shelter Program Application for Funds, Undated 

II-326 II-3308

United Front of Cairo, 1970 

II-326 II-3309

Emergency Fund for Needy People, 1980 

II-326 II-3310

Emergency Food and Shelter Program Final Report, 1984-1988 

II-326 II-3311

Correspondence, 1988-1990 

II-326 II-3312

Emergency Service Program Guidelines, 1989 

II-326 II-3313

Case File - Hugh Thompson, RESTRICTED, 1991 

II-326 II-3314

Emergency Food and Shelter Certification, 1991 

II-326 II-3315