Eleanor and Gertrude Smith papers

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Richard J. Daley Library Special Collections and University Archives
Smith, Eleanor, 1858-1942
Eleanor and Gertrude Smith papers
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ca. 1890s - 1930s
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Part of the Jane Addams Memorial Collection. Eleanor Smith was the director of the Hull-House music school from 1893 until 1935. In addition to teaching music, Eleanor Smith composed music for her students. She was head of the Department of Vocal Music in the Cook County Normal School until coming to Hull-House as a resident. While at Hull-House, she joined the faculty of the Chicago Kindergarten College as a music teacher and authored a number of books of vocal music for children, including the multi-volume, Eleanor Smith Music Course. The collection contains correspondence to Myra and Stanley Linn, Jane Addams Linn, Esther Linn and Katherine and Robert Hamill. It also contains newspaper clippings about Mary Rozet Smith. Finding aid available. Acquired from Barbara Shipps.

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Eleanor and Gertrude Smith papers, Special Collections and University Archives, University of Illinois at Chicago

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Biography of Eleanor Smith

Eleanor Sophia Smith was born on June 15, 1858 in Atlanta, Illinois to Willard Newton and Matilda (Jasperson) Smith. She was the second of seven children. Her father was a close friend of Abraham Lincoln and served as a campaigner for Lincoln in Southern Illinois. By the 1880s, Smith moved to Berlin, Germany to study voice with Julius Hey and composition with Moritz Moszkowski. In autumn 1890, Smith arrived in Chicago, and soon after began teaching music to adults and children at Hull-House.

Smith taught courses in singing, ear training, and reading and writing of music. The Hull-House Music School was established in 1893, the first settlement music school in the country. The music school was financed by Mary Rozet Smith. In 1897, Eleanor Smith moved into Hull-House, becoming a full-time resident. By 1924 she had moved into the home of Mary Rozet Smith, where she lived until shortly after Mary Rozet Smith's death in 1934. Eleanor Smith moved back to Hull-House and remained a resident until her retirement in 1936.

Smith's pedagogical methods were consistent with her contemporaries Francis W. Parker and John Dewey. Parker hired Smith to head the Department of Vocal Music at the Chicago Normal School for Teachers. Dewey invited her to teach at the University of Chicago's School of Education. Smith became a leader in introducing music into the Chicago Public Schools with her publication in 1898 of the textbook series, Modern Music Series. (The Eleanor Smith Music Series, the second series, was published in 1908.)

Early in her association with Hull-House, Smith instituted the annual Christmas concert, which featured a series of tableaux presented simultaneously with musical performances. Hull-House dramatics students, under the direction of Edith de Nancrede, acted in these performances, while Enella Benedict and her students designed the costumes. "The Troll's Holiday," directed by Edith de Nancrede in 1905, was written by poet Harriet Monroe and set to music by Eleanor Smith, the set was designed by Enella Benedict and included the cooperation of the art school, music school, dramatic clubs, movement and gymnasium classes. In 1915, in celebration of its twenty-fifth anniversary, Hull-House published The Hull-House Songs, which represented Hull-House's support for social reform including "The Suffrage Song," "The Land of the Noonday Night," (about unsafe conditions in the mines) and "The Shadow Child," (highlighting the agonies of child labor).

Smith retired from the Hull-House Music School in 1936 for health reasons and lived with a niece in Midland, Michigan until her death in 1942.

Her sister, Gertrude, an accomplished pianist who also taught music at the settlement, took over the direction of the School. In 1929, Edith de Nancrede and Gertrude Smith collaborated in writing a book of songs and dances especially designed for children, "Mother Goose Dances."

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Scope and Contents

This collection contains musical scores, sheet music, and sound recordings of music composed or arranged by Eleanor Smith. Words and music by Eleanor Smith unless otherwise noted. These papers also contain a Memorial program for Eleanor Smith and a recital program. Compositions by Gertrude Smith are also included in this collection.

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Richard J. Daley Library Special Collections and University Archives 2003-09-19

801 S. Morgan Street
Chicago, Illinois, 60607

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Materials in this collection were donated by Barbara Shipps, Jean Daugherty, and Don Wheat.

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  • Hull-House (Chicago, Ill.). Music School.

Personal Name(s)

  • Smith, Eleanor, 1858-1942 -- Archives
  • Smith, Gertrude Madeira -- Archives
  • Smith, Mary Rozet, d. 1934


  • Hull-House and Settlement House History.
  • Midwest Women's History.

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Alter, Sharon Z., "Eleanor Smith," and "Edith de Nancrede," in Women Building Chicago: 1790-1990, Rima Lunin Schultz and Adele Hast, eds., Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 2001.

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Collection Inventory

Series I: Eleanor and Gertrude Smith Papers 

Box Folder

"A Christmas Song" dedicated to Lydia Avery Coonley. [words by Christina Rossetti], undated 

1 1

"A Christmas Tree," "Fourth of July," "Spring Flowers", undated 

1 2

"After the Rain" [words by Lydia Avery Coonley], undated 

1 3

"Air Mail" "Down By The Sea", undated 

1 4

"Animals," "Piggly Wiggly", undated 

1 5

"Ariettes et Brunettes" par Albert Dupuis, undated 

1 6

"Autumn", undated 

1 7

"Autumn," "Winter," "The Christmas Candle", undated 

1 8

"The Baker's Wedding", undated 

1 9

"Ball Game," "Daddy Has a Boat," "The Fire Engine", undated 

1 10

"Ball Game," "Daddy Has a Boat," "The Fire Engine", undated 

1 10

Ballad Book list of Songs, undated 

1 11

"The Big Brown Crab," "Camping," "What I'll Do", n.d. 

1 12

"The Birds in the Christmas Tree," "Little Prince," "I Saw Three Ships" [English Folk Song], undated 

1 13

"Birds," "Spring," "The Circus Train", undated 

1 14

"Birthday Song for Mary", undated 

1 15

"Blue Jay," "My Burro", undated 

1 16

[Book of Untitled Musical Exercises], undated 

1 17

"The Busy Clovers," "The Postman at the Door," "The Valentine", undated 

1 18

"Caedmin's Hymn " [translated from the Anglo-Saxon by Albert S. Cook], undated 

1 18

"Caedmin's Hymn " [translated from the Anglo-Saxon by Albert S. Cook], undated 

1 18

"Caedmin's Hymn " [translated from the Anglo-Saxon by Albert S. Cook], undated 

1 18

"Caedmin's Hymn " [translated from the Anglo-Saxon by Albert S. Cook], undated 

1 19

"The Canary" [words by Rose Fyleman] "I Shall Be a Lady", undated 

1 20

"Cat's Eyes," "Tides," "Humming Top", undated 

1 21

"The Chow Pup", undated 

1 22

"Coasting Song", undated 

1 23

"Coronation Chorus," "The Golden Asp", undated 

1 24

"Couldst Thou Not Watch With Me?" [words by Algernon Swinburne], undated 

1 25

"The Cruise of the Spit Fire", undated 

1 26

"The Daisies" [words by James Stephens], undated 

1 27

"Dance to Your Daddy," [Mother Goose], undated 

1 28

"Dee Down, Derry Down," "Stork, Stork Fly East and West," "Three Little Kittens", undated 

1 29

"The Draper's Wife" [Old English]., undated 

1 30

"The Earth is the Lord's", undated 

1 31

"Easter Eggs", undated 

1 32

"The Eel and the Owl", undated 

1 33

"Fairy Folk," "The Robber Kitten", undated 

1 34

"Fairy Land" [words by Andrew Lang], undated 

1 35

Reviews of "A Fable in Flowers," an operetta by Eleanor and Gertrude Smith, and "Troll's Holiday," Eleanor Smith obituaries, undated 

1 36

"Five Songs", undated 

1 37

"Flying Leaves," "Over The Water," Gertrude Smith, undated 

1 38

"The Fire Lances" [words by A.M. Lord], undated 

1 39

"From Love to Light" [words by R. W. Gilden], undated 

1 40

"Gardening", undated 

1 41

"The Golden Asp" (Baritone Solos), undated 

1 42

"The Golden Asp" (Contralto Solos), undated 

1 43

"The Golden Asp" (Soprano Solos), undated 

1 44

"The Golden Asp" (Tenor Solos), undated 

1 45

"The Golden Orb", undated 

1 46

"Going to the Fair," "Fairy Folk", undated 

1 47

"Gray Goose and Gander," [Old English] "Robin Hood and Little John," [Old English] "Busy Folks", undated 

1 48

"Hail Mary", undated 

1 49

"Heigh-ho! My Lady" [lyrics by Lydia Avery Coonley, 1896], undated 

1 50

"Here Comes A Woman from Babyland" [Old English], undated 

1 51

"Hickety Pickety My Little Black Hen," "The Eel and the Owl", undated 

1 52

"Hickety Pickety My Black Hen", undated 

1 53

"Hiding", undated 

1 54

"Hoppers", undated 

1 55

"How Shall I Know?", undated 

1 56

"How the Baby Dances", undated 

1 57

"Hunting Song" [words by Rudyard Kipling], undated 

1 58

"I Saw a Ship A Sailing," "The Horseman", undated 

1 59

"I Saw Three Ships," "Here Comes a Woman from Babyland", undated 

1 60

"In the Hour of Trial," "What Sawest Thou Orion," "Resurgam," "Winter Song", undated 

2 61

"In Winter" [words by Frederic Manning], undated 

2 62

"Irish Cradle Song", undated 

2 63

"Joseph Dearest Joseph" [Old German], undated 

2 64

"Lie Still in the Darkness" [Old Moravian Hymn], undated 

2 65

"Lied" Gidicht aus der Heimkehr von H. Heine, undated 

2 66

"The Lost Dog," "The Desert," "Counting Game", undated 

2 67

"Love Me Love", undated 

2 68

"Lovely Lady" [words by Rose Fyleman] "Some One Came Knocking" [words by Walter de la Mare], undated 

2 69

Memorial Program for Eleanor Smith, undated 

2 70

"The Merman's Bride", undated 

2 71

"More Rain, More Rest" [words by Nancy Byrd Tumer], undated 

2 72

"My Bantam Hen", undated 

2 73

"My Little Hen," Gertrude Smith, undated 

2 74

"My Neighbor", undated 

2 75

"Nelly was a Shepherdess", undated 

2 76

"New Dress", undated 

2 77

"Night Song," [words by Martin Schutze], undated 

2 78

"Nocturne", undated 

2 79

"Now Must We Hymn the Master of Heaven," [words by Caedman, translated by Albert S. Cook], undated 

2 80

"Now Robin Lend to Me Thy Bow", undated 

2 81

"O Day of Days! Wedding March" [lyrics by Lydia Avery Coonley], undated 

2 82

"O Men from the Fields", undated 

2 83

"Oh, Come Ye Into the Summer Woods", undated 

2 84

"Old Mother Widdle-Waddle," [Mother Goose] "Sally's Shoes", undated 

2 85

"Old Tillie Turoeycombe" [words by Walter de la Mare], undated 

2 86

"The Old Woman Who Rode on a Broom, ""Two Little Men", undated 

2 87

"Pansy Faces," "Shadows", undated 

2 88

"The Parade," "May Dance", undated 

2 89

"Playing Circus, ""The Bird's Christmas Tree", undated 

2 90

"Poppies", undated 

2 91

"Prayer", undated 

2 92

Program of Original Compositions, 9 June 1938 

2 93

Pupil Recordings [3], undated 

2 94

"The Quest", undated 

2 95

"Red Shoes," "Old Mother Widdle-Waddle", undated 

2 96

"Sandy Beach" [from 15 Songs from East and West], undated 

2 97

"Saucy Robin," "Nelly was a Shepherdess", undated 

2 98

"Scamperings" [words by Rose Fyleman], undated 

2 99

"The Sea Horse," "Saucy Robin" , undated 

2 100

"The Sea Horse," "Stork, Stork Fly East and West," "The Birds in the Christmas Tree", undated 

2 101

"The Sentinels" [words by Ethel Talbot], undated 

2 102

"Shore Birds," "Black Shoes and Brown Shoes" , undated 

2 103

"Six Little Mice," [Mother Goose] "Going to the Fair", undated 

2 104

"Six Little Mice," "I Had a Little Donkey ", undated 

2 105

"Song of the River" [words by Sidney Lanier], undated 

2 106

"Songs in the Operetta of Daffodils' Wooing", undated 

2 107

"Spring is Coming," "Summer's Coming" [Old English], undated 

2 108

"Suffrage Song," "Hull House Songs," Chicago: Clayton F. Summy Co., . [Introduction by Jane Addams] 1914 

2 109

"Suky You Shall be My Wife", undated 

2 110

"There Was An Old Woman Who Rode on a Broom", undated 

2 111

"The Thieving Goblin" [words by Rose Fyleman], undated 

2 112

"Three Little Kittens," "Dee Down, Derry Down", undated 

2 113

"Tick Tock," "The Railroad Track", undated 

2 114

"To Africa" [translated by Eleanor Smith], undated 

2 115

"Towhee," "Hales," "Footprints," "In Summer," "Birthdays, ""Beach Primrose" [from 15 Songs from East and West], undated 

2 116

"Trains, " "Who Are You?" "Squirrels", undated 

2 117

"Tremulous Gray of Dusk", undated 

2 118

"The Trolley," "Teddy Bear", undated 

2 119

"Tryste Noel" [words by Louise Imogen Quincy], undated 

2 120

"Twenty Four Mother Goose Dances" Gertrude Smith, 1934, undated 

2 121

Two Empty Envelopes, 1 addressed to Jane Addams, undated 

2 122

"Two Little Men," "In Gorham,", undated 

2 123

"Tyke Wake Dirge" , undated 

2 124

"Tyrle, Tiri-Lee" [Old English], undated 

2 125

Untitled, undated 

2 126

Untitled, undated 

2 127

Untitled, undated 

2 128

Untitled, "A Fable In Flowers", undated 

2 129

"The Vegetable Man", undated 

2 130

"A Visit from the Sea: A Song for Sarah" [words by Robert Louis Stevenson], "Fairy Bread," Children's Song. [words by Robert Louis Stevenson], undated 

2 131

"Washing Day", undated 

2 132

"The Wedding," "In Gorham," "The Robber Kitten", undated 

2 133

"When Spring Comes Laughing" [words by Austin Dobson], undated 

2 134

"When Spring Comes Laughing" [words by Austin Dobson], undated 

2 135

"Where Go the Boats" [words by Robert Louis Stevenson], undated 

2 136

"Where Go the Boats?" [words by Robert Louis Stevenson], undated 

2 137

"White Boat Rocking" [words by Emilie Paulson], undated 

2 138

"Willie Wilkins Had A Wagon", undated 

2 139

"The Wind Blows Out of the Gates of the Day," [from The Land of Heart's Desire, words by William Butler Yeats], undated 

2 140

"Winter Song" [words by John Vance Cheney], undated 

2 141

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