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Administrative History the Institute For Sex Education Records

In July 1916, Budd C. Corbus, Samuel Carson, and Roger Sherman formed the Red League, forerunner to the Illinois Social Hygiene League, to combat the spread of venereal disease in Chicago, Illinois. In conjunction with the American Social Hygiene League (founded in 1914), the Red League developed programs focused on sex education, and the prevention, research, and treatment of venereal disease. The Red League sponsored public education programs, published and distributed educational materials, established free venereal disease clinics, and conducted studies of public health and social welfare problems.

In 1917, the Red League funded a survey of Chicago hospitals: "To learn what the present facilities are for the diagnosis and treatment of venereal disease." After visiting forty-one Chicago hospitals and dispensaries Dr. Mary C. Lincoln, the author of the survey, concluded that most lacked the necessary facilities, funding, and personnel to properly address the problem of venereal disease. Lincoln's conclusions led the Red League to pursue the establishment of free clinics in Chicago aimed specifically at treating venereal disease.

During WWI, The Red League shifted its focus to address the problem of venereal disease in the military. The Red League was given permission to solicit funds for: "The control, treatment and prevention of venereal diseases among the soldiers and sailors in the Chicago vicinity." As part of their campaign, the Red League printed and disseminated posters and anti-prostitution brochures to educate soldiers about the symptoms and treatment of venereal disease.

In March 1919, after the corporate seal of the Red League was lost, President Robert Gault and the Red League Board of Directors voted to change the name of the non-profit corporation to the Illinois Social Hygiene League (ISHL). Louis E. Schmidt, member of the ISHL Board of Directors for several years, became president in 1926. During Schmidt's tenure, the ISHL reorganized and established working relationships with the Social Hygiene Council, led by Dr Rachelle Yarros, the Public Health Institute, and the School of Social Service Administration at the University of Chicago. Cooperating with these three agencies enabled the ISHL to operate free clinics aimed at treating venereal disease in lower income neighborhoods of Chicago.

Each agency in the ISHL family performed specialized tasks that allowed the ISHL to pursue its multifaceted mission of research, education, and treatment. The Social Hygiene League utilized connections with public health and social service agencies such as the Illinois League of Women Voter's, the Chicago Woman's Club, The Chicago Urban League, Children's Memorial Hospital, and the Juvenile Protective Association to pursue its program of sex education. Students from the School of Social Service Administration at the University of Chicago assisted the ISHL's Social Service Department. Social work students conducted patient interviews, compiled clinic statistics, and visited patients at their homes to facilitate: "Social and economic readjustments. . . .making it possible for them [free clinic patients] to continue regular medical treatment." The Public Health Institute, an established V.D. clinic and research laboratory, referred free patients to the ISHL Social Hygiene Clinic located at 9 East Huron Street, Chicago, Illinois.

Throughout the following decades, the ISHL enhanced their reputation by building alliances with universities, social service agencies, and government bodies. In 1942, the Louis E. Schmidt Foundation was established in recognition of Schmidt's accomplishments as president of the ISHL. The Louis E. Schmidt Foundation, operated through the Northwestern University medical school, permanently tied the work and activities of the ISHL with the medical school.

From 1942-1969, the ISHL continued to promote sex education as a means to stop the spread of venereal disease. The leaders of the ISHL during this period included Board Member, Dr. Jack H. Sloan, Director of Professional Services, Dr. Franklin R. Fitch, and President, Mr. Dean Duxbury. Under the direction of medical professionals such as Fitch and Sloan, the ISHL compiled curriculum guides, published educational materials to be used in Chicago public schools, and encouraged school boards and administrators to establish sex education programs. The ISHL also organized conferences, luncheons, and training seminars that brought together educators and the medical community in order to address issues related to venereal disease, sex education, and treatment.

In 1969, citing a desire to "clearly state what the League's function is," the Board of Directors voted to change the ISHL's name to the Institute for Sex Education. From 1969-1971, members of the ISE Board including Drs. Chester Watts, Franklin Fitch, and Jack Sloan, regularly appeared on television and radio programs and at high schools to deliver lectures on sex education and venereal disease. During these years, the Institute for Sex Education continued to publish studies, brochures, pamphlets, and curriculum guides, and generally worked to raise public consciousness about venereal disease.

Scope and Contents

The Institute for Sex Education Records reflects the founding, mission, associations, leadership, and evolution of the Institute for Sex Education. The records consist of meeting minutes generated by committees including the Board of Directors, pamphlets, photographs, bibliographies, curriculum guides, newspaper clippings, speech transcripts, and educational material.


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Illinois Social Hygiene League.
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Materials in this collection were donated to the University of Illinois at Chicago, Main Library, Special Collections, in 1972. In 2003, the cataloger arranged the collection into three series, reflecting The Institute for Sex Education's mission and organization.

Detailed Description/Box and Folder Listing

Series I: ISHL Conferences and Board Meetings

11Board of Directors meeting, 1923
2Correspondence and Board of Directors meetings, Red League and ISHL, 1916-1924
3Board of Directors meeting, 1925-1932
4ISHL By-Laws and Board of Directors meeting, 1939
5Board of Directors meeting, 1939-1962
6Board of Directors meeting, 1942
7Annual meetings, 1942-1952
28Annual meetings, 1952-1953
9Annual meetings, 1953-1955
10Social Hygiene Executive Conference, 1959-1961
11American Social Hygiene Association Correspondence, 1955-1959
12V.D. Luncheon, 1959
13Board of Health-Blood Testing Project, 1957
14Annual Meetings, 1956-1960
15V.D. conference, December 1961
16ISHL Publicity, 1963
318V.D. conference, November 1960
19Northwestern University workshop, August 1960
20Northwestern University workshop, 1961
21Annual meeting, May 1961
22Finance Committee V.D. Conference, December 1961
23Board of Directors meeting, 1961-1965
24V.D. conference, 1960
25V.D. conference, 1961
26V.D. conference, 1961-1963
427Board of Directors meeting, 1962
28Correspondence. Mrs. Jack H. Sloan, 1963
29League notes on meeting, 1963
30Board of Directors meeting, 1962
31Developmental committee, 1962
32Northwestern University Health Education workshop, 1962
33League correspondence, 1958-1963
34Board of directors meeting, minutes and notices, 1963
35Albert Mckee, ISHL President, Legal File, 1964
36Photographs of Franklin Fitch, 1964
37Correspondence. Norman J. Rose Illinois State Department of Health, 1964
38Board of Directors meeting, 1964
39Board of Directors meeting, 1964
40V.D. conference, 1964
41Minutes from first V.D. Conference, 1964
542The Twig, The Illinois Social Hygiene League Quarterly, 1964-1970
43Conference applications, 1964
44V.D. conference, 1963
45Annual meeting, 1963
46V.D. conference committee, 1964
47Board of Directors meeting, 10 January 1964-13 March 1964
48Board of Directors meeting, 8 May 1964
49Speakers list conference, 17 November 1964
50Correspondence and personnel file. Dr. Florence Benell, 1964
51Sheraton-Blackstone Hotel conference, 17 November 1964
52Training conference, 1964
53Correspondence. V.D. Conference, 1964, Dr. Jack H. Sloan opening remarks, 1964, Conference applications 1964
54Conference applications, 1964
55Newsletter Committee, Hurlburd Wampler Chairman, 1964
56Annual meeting, 1964
57Photographs of conference, n.d.The Twig, The Illinois Social Hygiene League Quarterly, 1964-1965
658Development Albert E. McKee, President. ISHL, 1964
59Correspondence. Dean Duxbury, Executive Director ISHL, 1965
60Photographs of conference, 1964
61Correspondence. V.D. conference, 1965
62Correspondence. Reprint permissions, 1965
63ISHL personnel vitae file, 1965-1966
64Publicity-- ISHL, 1965-1967
65V.D. conferences, 1964-1967
66Conference reports, 1964
67Executive Director's Annual report, 1965
68Board of Directors meeting, 1965
69Annual meeting, 1965
70Mrs. Earle Hettinger Chicago region Parent Teacher's Association, 1965
71Legal file, 1965
772Board of Directors meeting, 1965
73Spring V.D. conference, 1965
74Planning committee meeting, 1965
75Correspondence and Board of Directors meeting, 1965
76Correspondence and notes. J. A. Rettig. V.D. conference, 17 November 1965
77Photographs of Annual meeting, 1965
78V.D. conference committee, 1965
79Conference packet, 18 November 1966
80Board of Directors meeting, 1966
81Conference planning meetings, 1966
82Belleville V.D. conference, 1966
83Annual meeting, 1966
884Newspaper clippings on sex education in Chicago, 1965-1968
85ISHL Board of Directors correspondence, 1966-1968
86Board of Directors meeting, 1966-1968
87V.D. Teaching Conference notice and packet, 1966
88Maynard I. Shapiro M.D., Board of Directors meeting, 1966
89Board of Directors meeting notes and notices, 1966-1967
90Jerry Lama M.D. speech: "V.D. or Not V.D., The Choice is Yours,", 1968
991Board of Directors meeting, 1964-1966
92Board of Directors meeting, 1966-1967
93Annual Meeting, 22 February 1967
94Sex education conference, 11 November 1967
95Board of Directors meeting, 1967-1969
96Board of Directors meeting, 1968
97Board of Directors meeting, 1968
98Photographs of Conference, 1968
1099Corporate Letter of Appeal, 1966
100White House conference, 1967
101Sex education conference, 11 November 1967
102Dr. Jack H. Sloan, Institute for Sex Education Conference, 1966-1968
103Correspondence and miscellaneous, 1968
104Dear Superintendent (ISHL form letter to high school superintendents regarding sex education), 1969
105White House conference, 1969
106Teachers conference release, 1970
107Proceedings ISE Conference, 1970
11108Dr. Jack H. Sloan, Board of Directors meeting, 1968-1971
109Dr. Richard Frank, Board of Directors meeting, 1969-1970
110David H. Finkle, Board of Directors meetings, 1965-1971
111Dean D. Duxbury, ISHL President, address list of Board, 1962-1964
112Maurice Fischer, Board of Directors meeting, 1968-1969
113Michael F. Charley, Board of Directors meeting, 1969
12114Correspondence. Albert Carriere, Management Information Counsel, 1968
115Correspondence. Dr. Jack H. Sloan, 1968
116Correspondence. June Adele Rettig, Chairman ISHL Advisory Committee, 1967
117Annual meeting, 29 February 1968
118Annual meetings, 1968-1970
119Newspaper clippings on sex education, 1969-1972Historical Notes: Sex Education, 1969
120Board of Directors meeting, 12 November 1969
121Board of Directors meeting, 9 July 1969
122Board of Directors meeting, 17 September 1969
123Board of Directors meeting, 14 May 1969
124Board of Directors meeting, 13 March 1969
125Board of Directors meeting, 13 March 1969
126Board of Directors meeting, 9 January 1969
127Board of Directors meeting, 1969 Education Report, February 1969
128Correspondence. Shirley Bryan, 1970
13129Illinois Legislation on Sex Education, 1969-1970
130ISHL Quarterly Activity Reports, 1971
131Sex education course materials, 1964-1970
132Statement on sex education, 1968-1969
133Statement on sex education, 1968-1969
134Charles Watts, Executive Director of Institute for Sex Education, expenses, 1969-1970
135Dr. Fitch's travel expense reports, 1966-1971
136Correspondence. Nancy Nollen, 1971
137Literature requests, 1971
138Inner-City In Perspective conference, 1971
14139Illinois Department of Health. Weekly Reports, 1971
140American Social Hygiene Association Program and Services Manual, 1967
141Correspondence. Reading File 1971, January 1971
142Correspondence. Reading File 1971, February 1971
143Correspondence. Reading File 1971, March 1971
144Correspondence. Reading File 1971, April 1971
145Correspondence. Reading File 1971, May 1971
146Correspondence. Reading File 1971, June 1971
147Correspondence. Reading File 1971, July 1971
148Correspondence. Reading File 1971, August 1971
149Correspondence. Reading File 1971, September 1971
150Correspondence. Reading File 1971, October 1971
151Correspondence. Reading File 1971, November 1971
152Correspondence. Reading File 1971, December 1971
15153Index to reading file, 1971
154Correspondence. Shirley Bryan, December 1971
155Correspondence. Nancy Nollen, 1971
156Correspondence. Dr. Franklin Fitch, 1971
157V.D. conference, 1971
158Field Foundation grant application, 1971
159Family Planning Coordinating Council of Metropolitan Chicago, 1971
160Family Planning Coordinating Council grant applications, 1971
161Correspondence. Norman J. Rose, Illinois State Department of Health, 1971
16162Chester L. Watts, Executive Director ISHL, Board of Directors meeting, 20 May 1971
163Board of Directors meeting, 22 July 1971
164Chester L. Watts, Executive Director ISHL, Board of Directors meeting, 19 August 1971
165Family Planning Coordinating Council Board, member data: Mr. Chester L. Watts, 1971
166Family Planning Coordinating Council Board, member data: Mr. Watts, 1971
167Miss Rae L. Kruglick, Board member, Board of Directors meeting, 17 September 1969
168Mr. Jerry Lama, Board member, Board of Directors meeting, 1968-1969
169Rev. Carl E. Giegler, Board member, Board of Directors meeting, 20 May 1970
170Evelyn Hettinger, Board member, Board of Directors meeting, 1969
171Hurlburd Wampler, ISHL Executive committee member, 1965-1968
172Correspondence. Albert E. McKee, Executive director ISHL, 1969-1970
173Franklin R. Fitch. M.D., Director of Professional Services,, 1967-1969
174Edward P. Saltiel, ISHL Treasurer, 1968-1970
175Edward Holmblad M.D., Second Vice President, Annual meeting report, 1970 Address list of ISHL Board of Directors
176Mrs. William Saphir, Secretary, address list of Board of Directors, 1970

Series II: Education

17177Newspaper Clippings, 1919-1937
178Annual report of the Illinois Social Hygiene League, 1928; Red League charter, 1920
179ISHL history file, 1919-1936
180Red League and ISHL history and clinic statistics, 1919-1936
181ISHL clinic statistics, 1935
182ISHL clinic statistics, 1935
182ISHL clinic statistics, 1935
183ISHL clinic statistics, 1936
184ISHL clinic statistics, 1936
185ISHL clinic statistics, 1936
186ISHL. "Guide and Reference Source for Clinic Procedures," 1935
18187Curriculum guides, lecture notes, and education statistics, 1930-1946
188ISHL clinic statistics, 1935
188ISHL clinic statistics, 1935
189Report by the American Social Hygiene Association. "Quackery in Relation to Syphilis and Gonorrhea in Chicago," 1935
190ISHL clinic statistics, 1936
191ISHL clinic statistics, 1936
192Pamphlets on teenage pregnancy, 1933-1949
193Chicago Syphilis Control Program Report. United States Public Health Service in Cooperation with Illinois State Department of Health, Chicago Board of Health and Works Progress Administration, 1937
194Chicago Syphilis Control Program Report. United States Public Health Service in Cooperation with Illinois State Department of Health, Chicago Board of Health and Works Progress Administration July 1938-30 June 1939
195Chicago Syphilis Control Program Report. Morbidity Reporting on Treatment Progress and Control of Venereal Disease By Mechanical Methods, 1938
196Stohlman, Mary Helen. Sex Education in the Public Schools of the District of Columbia. New York: American Social Hygiene Association, 1939Beatty, Willard W., Benjamin C. Gruenberg and Herbert W. Smith. Sex Instruction in Public Schools. New York: American Social Hygiene Association, 1936Education Committee of the New Jersey Social Hygiene Association. An Approach to Sex Education in Schools. New York American Social Hygiene Association, 1941Funk, Margaret Stewart. Integration of Sex Character Education with the Teaching of Biology. New York: American Social Hygiene Association, 1938
197Geitz, Nadine B. Social Hygiene Nursing Techniques: A Manual of Procedure in the Diagnosis, Treatment and Public Health Control of Syphilis and Gonorrhea. New York: American Social Hygiene Association, 1938
198Roessler, Madeline Hauser. "A Study of 2096 Children Registered at the Illinois Social Hygiene League," unpublished M.A. thesis, Loyola University, 1939
19199Illinois Social Hygiene League staff. The Results of a Study in the Epidemiology of Two Hundred and Fifty One Infectious Cases of Syphilis. Chicago: unpublished, 1941
200Pamphlets on women's health, menstruation, and menopause published by the American Medical Association and Reader's Digest, 1941-1959
201Dickerson, Roy E. Executive Secretary, Cincinnati Social Health Society, "Home Study Course: Social Hygiene Guidance," Lessons I-V, 1944
202Education reports, 1945-1963
203Education pamphlets, 1941-1961
204Newspaper clippings on sex education, 1954-1961
205Illinois Social Hygiene League, Annual Review, 1946
206Klemer, Dora Hudson. The Other Sex. New York: Association Press, 1946; American Social Hygiene Association sex education pamphlets, 1929-1943
207Sex Education pamphlets, 1943; Norman Rockwell. "The Facts of Life," Saturday Evening Post cover. 14 July 1951Photograph of Department of Dermatology, Northwestern University, 1959
208Richman, T. Lefoy. "Venereal Disease: Old Plague: New Challenge," New York: Public Affairs Committee, 1960 ; Fitch Franklin R. "Beginnings in Sex Education," Chicago: Illinois Social Hygiene League, 1960; pamphlets on V.D., 1959-1960
20209Correspondence. Louis E. Schmidt, Chairman of Louis E. Schmidt Foundation, 1942; Contract between Northwestern University and ISHL for the establishment of the Louis E. Schmidt Foundation, 1942
210The Illinois Study Office. "Illinois Study of Child Health Services of the American Academy of Pediatrics," August 1946
211Luehrs, Leslie E. The Venereal Disease Patient as Delinquent. New York: American Social Hygiene Association, 1949
212Cross, Roland R. M.D. "Manual for Suggested Procedures in the Venereal Disease Clinic." Springfield: State Department of Public Health n.d.
213ISHL Education correspondence, pamphlets, educational materials, ; Release, "Four new V.D. comics!": Sidewalk Romance: "Written in humorous verse form about syphilis," ; No Drug on the Market: "Deals with the self-treatment of gonorrhea," 1947-195419501950; Joe Wises Up: "Urges proper treatment of gonorrhea," 1950; A Straight Tip: "Deals with bringing in syphilis contacts for treatment," 1950
214Snow, William F. Health For Man and Boy. New York: American Social Hygiene Association, 1944
215McHugh, Gelolo. Sex Knowledge Inventory. Durham, North Carolina: Family Life Publications, Inc., 1950
216Popenoe, Paul. "They Call Them Crushes." Parents' Magazine n.d.
217Richman, T. Lefoy. "Is There a Morals Revolt Among Youth?" Distributed by the American Social Hygiene Association. Printed in National Parent-Teacher: The P.T.A. Magazine November, 1959
218Abstracts. Modern Diagnostics sponsored by Chicago Medical Society, October 17-21, 1960
219Sex Education pamphlets on marriage, 1939-1953
220Books and Pamphlets: Information, 1952-1955
221American Social Hygiene Association pamphlets on V.D., 1959-1960
222Newspaper clippings on sex education, 1962-1965
21223Pamphlets and reports published by the American Social Hygiene Association, 1956-1962
224V.D. pamphlets and reports, 1958; Benell, Florence B. An Educational Approach to Venereal Disease Control: A V.D. Education Guide for Grades 7 through 12. Chicago: Venereal Disease Conference Committee 1963
225Terry, Luther L. "V.D.'s Alarming Comeback." Re-printed from Look Magazine, 4 December 1962
226Welfare Council of Metropolitan Chicago: Annual Meeting, 1963
227Goodman, Mary Ellen. "Arming Teenagers Against the Enemy," V.D. Conference Talk, 1961
228Fitch, Franklin R. Syphilis: Resurgence and Treatment. Abbott Laboratories, n.d.; Benell, Florence B. "How To Set Up a VD Instruction Program in Your Schools," Chicago: The Modern Hospital Publishing Co., Inc., 1962
229ISHL publications list, 1964
230Journal articles and pamphlets on V.D., 1960-1963Brown, William J. "A Plan for the Eradication of Syphilis," Southern Medical Journal, Vol.56, No. 8, pp. 840-843 August 1963
231V.D. statistics, 1961-1963
232Committee on Maternal Health, American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. Sex Education is a Professional Responsibility. New York: Eaton Laboratories, 1964
233Photographs of Dr. Jack H. Sloan at conference, 1964
234Dr. Jack H. Sloan conference packet, 1965
22235Sex education curriculum guides, quizzes, pamphlets, reports, 1963-1968
236Summer Workshop and V.D. Education, 1965
237Education reports, 1965
238Education reports, 1966
239Dr. Franklin Fitch, Executive Director of ISHL, "Sex Education for Junior High Students,", n.d.
240Bird, Robert S. "V.D. Is Still A Teenage Problem," Parent's Magazine, n.d.; Benell, Florence B. and Robert Johnston. "V.D. Rising Teen-Age Threat,", n.d.; Shapiro, Maynard I. "Teen-agers and Venereal Disease," The Journal of the American Medical Association, Vol. 194, No. 6, November 1965
241Correspondence. Dr. Franklin R. Fitch, Executive Director of ISHL, 1965
242Fitch, Franklin R. "What the Pastor Should Know About Venereal Disease," Pastoral Psychology. Vol. 16 No. 158, November 1965; Popenoe, Paul. "Four Reasons Why Girls Pet," Your Life Magazine, February 1940
243Sex Education Advisory Board, film list, curriculum guides, and course materials for K-12, 1966
244Sex education Advisory Board, curriculum project materials, 1967
245Education report, 1967
246Sex education quiz, n.d.
247Materials for brochures, 1968
248City of Chicago Board of Education. Grade 9-12 Resource Units for Family Life Education, 1968City of Chicago Board of Education curriculum guides, 1968-1971
249ISHL. "Methods and Materials for Sex Education in the Curriculum,", July 7-25, 1969
23250ISHL. pamphlets and Newspaper clippings, 1969
251Sex Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS) Study Guides. nos. 1-10, 1969; Fricke, Irma B. "Beginning the Human Story: A New Baby in the Family." Teacher's Resource Booklet, Chicago: Scott, Foresman and Company, 1967
252The Bobbs-Merrill College Division. Index to the Bobbs-Merrill Reprint Series in Psychology: A New and Comprehensive Guide, 1967-1968
253Sex education pamphlets and booklets, 1969
254Receipts for sex education books ordered by ISHL, 1970
255Sex education pamphlets, 1970-1972 ; Harrington, John. Marriage and Family Newsletter, September 1971Popenoe, Paul. ed. Family Life. Vol. XXXII, No. 5, May 1972; Simpson, Lawrence. Sex Discrimination in the Academic World. Washington D.C.: Business and Professional Women's Foundation 1970
256Receipts for sex education books ordered by ISHL, 1970
257Institute for Sex Education. "A Survey to Determine Priority Areas ind Developing New Films for Life Education and Sex Education.", 1970File contains completed survey forms and statistical analysis of response.
258Sex education questions hand-written by students, n.d.
24259Educational packet on menstruation, distributed by Tampax, 1969
260Golub, Sharon. "V.D., The Unconquered Menace," Washington D.C.: U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare. RN Magazine. March 1970Institute for Sex Education pamphlets by Dr. Franklin Fitch, Executive Director of ISHL, 1969
261Quizzes-Anatomy and physiology, n.d.
262Wilmette Public Schools, Cook County, Illinois. "A Proposed Family Life and Human Development Curriculum Guide for Parents,", 1969 ; Wilmette Public Schools, Cook County, Illinois. "A Proposed Family Life and Human Development Curriculum Guide Grades K-1-2," 1969; Wilmette Public Schools, Cook County, Illinois. "A Proposed Family Life and Human Development Curriculum Guide Grades 3-4-5," 1969; Wilmette Public Schools, Cook County, Illinois. "A Proposed Family Life and Human Development Curriculum Guide Grades 3-4-5," 1969; Wilmette Public Schools, Cook County, Illinois. "A Proposed Family Life and Human Development Curriculum Guide Grades 6-7-8," 1969; Correspondence. William J. Attea to Dr. Franklin Fitch, Executive Director of ISHL. 11 February 1970
263Sex Education Advisory Board records, 1967-1971
264ISHL Sex Education Bibliography File. Consist of articles, pamphlets, and reports, 1942-1972
265Sex education questions hand-written by students, n.d.
266Sex education questions hand-written by students, n.d.

Series III: Financial Records

25267ISHL Audit Reports, 1936-1938
268ISHL Revised by-laws, Adopted at annual meeting, 25 April 1939
269ISHL Audits, 1939-1941
270Treasurer reports and financial statements, 1942-1953
271ISHL Audits, 1938-1942
26272ISHL Audit Reports, 1928-1935
273ISHL accounting ledger, 1937
274ISHL disbursements ledger, 1940
275Investment agency, 1937 ; Correspondence, bills, and receipts, 1936-1937
276Savings account memo, 1937
277Savings account memo, 1937
278Agency account: Northern Trust Company, 1937
279Northern Trust Company account book, 1939
27280Ledger. receipts, 1959-1960
281Executive Director meetings, 1965
282Ledger. personnel checks, 1938-1947
283Ledger. ISHL accounting records, 1935-1942
284ISHL PayRoll and Tax Record, 1946-1946
285ISHL PayRoll and Tax Record, 1946-1946
28286Ledger. Cash disbursements, 1938
287Ledger. Educational Check Disbursements, 1938
288Chicago Association of Commerce, 1947-1959
289Ledger. Receipts and expenditures, 1946-1948
290ISHL Fund-raising and Exhibit, 1946
291ISHL Financial Drive, 1948-1949
292ISHL Financial Statement, December,1959
293ISHL Financial Statement, December, 1961
29294Audits, 1953-1962
295ISHL financial reports, 1963
296ISHL financial reports, 1963
297Auditor's report, 1963
298ISHL financial reports, 1964
299ISHL financial reports, 1964
300ISHL financial report, 1965
301Audit report, 1965
302Audit report, 1964-1966
303Inventory of checks written, 1965
304Accounting ledgers tracking ISHL income and expenditures, 1965
305Accounting ledgers tracking ISHL income and expenditures, 1966
306Accounting ledgers tracking ISHL income, 1967
307Dividends: Mr. Saltiel, 1966
308Dividends: Mr. Saltiel, 1967
30309Audit report, 1966
310Financial statements, 1967-1968
311Financial statements, 1967-1968
312Fund raising, 1969
313Financial reports, 1967-1968
314ISHL financial reports, 1967-1970
315Playboy foundation grant application, 1971
316Ford foundation grant application, 1970
31. Oversize317Ledger. Journal of Cash Disbursements, 1938
318Ledger. Clinic visit statistics, 1939-1941
319unidentified photograph, 1941
320Sacks, Harold J. and Herbert Arbeiter. "A Method of Venereal Disease Education For Clinic Patients Based on A Study Made by The Illinois Social Hygiene League," n.d.
321Ledger. Cash receipts from patients and clinic statistics, 1942-1946
322Ledger. Cash receipts from patients and clinic statistics, 1942-1946
323Ledger. Receipts and expenditures, 1949-1951
324Ledger. Receipts, 1954