Russ Gilbert "New Left" Pamphlet Collection

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Collection Summary

Creator:Gilbert, Russ
Title:Russ Gilbert "New Left" Pamphlet Collection
Abstract: This collection contains papers, publications, and clippings that deal with various "New Left" organizations and their causes. The dominant areas of concern are opposition to the Vietnam War, social justice for women and African Americans, and the advocacy of the interests of rank and file workers in various industries.
Quantity: 8.25 linear ft.
Identification: RGilbert

Administrative History

The term "New Left" refers to the movement that emerged in the late 1950s after the anti-Communist tenor of the McCarthy era abated. One of the best known New Left organizations, Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), identified in 1962 two overarching conditions in the United States that required the movement's immediate attention:

"First, the permeating and victimizing fact of human degradation, symbolized by the Southern struggle against racial bigotry... [and] Second, the enclosing fact of the Cold War, symbolized by the presence of the Bomb... We might deliberately ignore, or avoid, or fail to feel all other human problems, but not these two, for these were too immediate and crushing in their impact, too challenging in the demand that we as individuals take the responsibility for encounter and resolution."

In addition to the two ills identified in this statement, members of the New Left embraced several causes. These causes included union democracy and workers' power on the shop floor, the rights of women in the workplace and at home, and opposition to the Vietnam War. By the late 1960s, the war provided a rallying point for activists. They drew on the Marxist-Leninist critiques furnished by several "old left" organizations, such as the International Socialists and the Spartacist League. They saw the war as an effort by the United States to subjugate the Vietnamese people who were fighting a war of national liberation against western imperialism. On the home front, the conflict in Vietnam served allegedly as a justification for the denial of services to inner-cities and the exploitation of working-class people and persons of color who bore the brunt of the fighting.

Scope and Contents

This collection has over 200 folders of documents pertaining to the New Left. The first 74 folders deal specifically with the International Socialists and include internal communications, reports, bulletins, and selected issues of their newspaper, International Socialism. These folders also include papers relating to the Revolutionary Socialist League, a branch of the International Socialists and the Socialist Workers Party in the United Kingdom. Folders 75 through 95 deal with the Spartacist League, folders 96 through 105 touch on the Independent Socialists, and folders 106 through 154 include a select collection of reports and newspapers that address various aspects of socialism, Marxism-Leninism, and Mao Zedong Thought. Papers dealing specifically with youth activism are found in folders 155 through 168, while information on anti-fascist campaigns and on social justice for women and African Americans are found in folders 169 through 182. Finally, folders 183 through 211 include fliers, newsletters, and selected newspapers of New Left rank-and-file workers in certain industries.

Index Terms

This record series is indexed under the following controlled access subject terms.
Anti-fascist movements --United States --Sources.
Civil rights movements --United States --Sources.
Employees' magazines, newsletters, etc. --United States --Sources.
Independent Socialist Committee --Sources.
International Socialists (U.S.) --Sources.
New Left --Sources.
Socialism --United States --Sources.
Socialist Workers' Party (Great Britain) --Sources.
Spartacist League of the U.S. --Sources.
Student movements --United States --Sources.
Women's rights --United States --Sources.
Chicago Political and Civic Life

Detailed Description/Box and Folder Listing

Series I: Russ Gilbert "New Left" Pamphlet Collection

11International Socialists Convention papers, 1973
2International Socialists Convention, 1978
3International Socialist Organization documents, undated
4International Socialists, internal communications, 1969-1978
5International Socialists, internal communications, 1973-1977
6International Socialists, internal communications, 1973-1978
7International Socialists, bulletins, 1970
8International Socialists, bulletins, 1971
29International Socialists, bulletins, 1972
10International Socialists, bulletins, 1972
11International Socialists, bulletins, 1972
12International Socialists, bulletins, 1972-1973
13International Socialists, bulletins, 1973
14International Socialists, bulletins, 1973
15International Socialists, bulletins, 1969-1973
16International Socialists, bulletins, 1971-1973
17International Socialists, bulletins, 1973
318International Socialists, bulletins, 1969-1974
19International Socialists, bulletins, 1972-1974
20International discussion bulletin, c 1977
21International Socialists, bulletins, 1978
22International Socialists, general documents, 1970
23International Socialists, general documents, 1973
24International Socialism, 1968-1970
25International Socialism, 1971-1972
426International Socialism, 1973
27International Socialism, 1974
28International Socialism, 1975-1976
29International Socialism, 1977-1978
30International Socialists, internal reports, undated
531International Socialists, minutes and reports, 1969-1973
32International Socialists, reports, c 1971-1972
33International Socialists, national reports, 1972
34International Socialists, national reports, 1972-1973
35International Socialists, national reports, 1973
36International Socialists, reports, 1973-1974
37International Socialists, programs, 1973-1974
638International Socialists, transitional program, 1944; c 1973
39International Socialists, transitional program, undated
40International Socialists, "reorient" papers, 1970
41International Socialists, Forum, 1967-1969
42International Socialists, Forum,, 1970
43International Socialists, newsletter, 1973
44Revolutionary Socialist League, undated
45Revolutionary Socialists League, bulletins, 1974
46Revolutionary Tendency of the International Socialists, Newsletter, 1973
47Revolutionary Socialist League "Documents of Struggle", undated
48Expulsion of the Revolutionary Tendency from the International Socialists, undated
49Revolutionary Socialist League and steelworkers, 1974
50Revolutionary Socialist League and teamsters, undated
51Revolutionary Socialist League and United Mine Workers, undated
52Revolutionary Socialist League on the American Federation of Teachers, undated
53Torch, newspaper of the Revolutionary Socialist League, 1974-1979
754"Developments in Post World War II Capitalism," International Socialist article, undated
55Coalition of Labor Union Women, undated
56Coalition of Labor Union Women Conference, undated
57International Socialist Women's Caucus Bulletin, 1971
58Women's Voice, undated
59International Socialist Gay Caucus bulletin, 1971
60National Action Committee bulletin, undated
61Labor Fraction, 1969
62Theory Action Caucus, undated
63International Socialists on Vietnam War debates, 1969
64International Socialists on Vietnam War debates, 1969-1974
65International Socialists on the Peace and Freedom Party, c 1968
66International Socialists on the Peace and Freedom Party, 1968
67Socialist Worker, 1968; 1976-1978
68Socialist Workers Party discussion bulletin, 1971
69Socialist Workers Party, 1977-1978
70Marxist Current, undated
71Recent Trends in the Labor Movement, 1966-1967
72Strike at UC, University of California strike, 1972
73General Electric Strike and Boycott, c 1969
74International Socialists on the Cold War, c 1967-1971
75Spartacist League Position Papers, 1967-1975
76Spartacist League, Marxist Studies, 1970
77Revolutionary Communist Youth (Spartacist) Newsletter, 1972
78Revolutionary Communist Youth (Spartacist) Newsletter, 1973
79Revolutionary Communist Youth (Spartacist) Young Communist Bulletin, 1973
880Spartacist League, Marxist bulletins, 1969-1973
81Spartacist League, Women and Revolution, 1979
82Spartacist League, Workers' Vanguard, 1971
83Spartacist League, Workers' Vanguard, January 1973 - September 1973
84Spartacist League, Workers' Vanguard, October 1973 - December 1973
85Spartacist League, Workers' Vanguard, January 1974 - July 1974
986Spartacist League, Workers' Vanguard, August 1974 - November 1974
87Spartacist League, Workers' Vanguard, January 1975 - June 1975
88Spartacist League, Workers' Vanguard, July 1975 - October 1975
89Spartacist League, Workers' Vanguard, November 1975 - December 1975
90Spartacist League, Workers' Vanguard, January 1976 - February 1976
91Spartacist League, Workers' Vanguard, April 1976 - May 1976
92Spartacist League, Workers' Vanguard, 1978-1979
1093Spartacist, 1964 - 1974
94Young Spartacus, 1973
95Young Spartacus, 1979
96Independent Socialist League Forum, 1953
97Independent Socialist, 1967
98Independent Socialist, 1967-1968
99Independent Socialist, 1968-1969
100Independent Socialist newsletter, 1967
101Independent Socialist reports, 1969
102Independent Socialist Clubs, c 1966
11103Independent Socialist Clubs, bulletins, 1965-1969
104Independent Socialists Clubs, reports, 1969
105Independent Socialist Committee, 1968-1971
106October League resolutions, undated
107Unite!, 1975
108Proletarian Cause, 1972
109New Marxist Forum, 1973
110Class Struggle, 1975
111People's Tribune, 1974
112The Red Papers, c 1969 - 1974
12113Active Workers Conference, 1943 - 1946
114Active Workers Conference, 1945
115Socialist Voice, 1976-1978
116Anti-Stalinism Study Group, 1971-1972
117In Defense of Bolshevism, undated
118Subject index to Workers' Action and Workers' Vanguard, 1970-1973
119Workers' Action, 1971
120Socialist Action, 1976-1979
121Up Against the Wall Street Journal, 1972
122Workers Action Groups, undated
123Revolutionary Union Publications, 1967-1975
124Workers Action Committee, "A Call to Organize", undated
13125American Socialist, 1964-1965
126Socialist Workers National Campaign Committee, c 1968
127Socialist Call, 1960
128Communist International Group, "Fall of Allende", 1973
129Socialist Committees of Correspondence, c 1970
130Labor Today, 1970-1971
131Labor Today, 1979
132Labor Party, 1937-1958
133Radical Group Reports, c 1976-1978
134Livernois Five Defense Committee, c 1976
135Sun Distribution International Catalogue, 1975
136Economic Research and Action Program Newsletter, 1964-1965
137Harvey Swados, "Work as a Public Issue", 1959
138Portugese Crisis, 1974-1976
139Workers' Power Portugal Solidarity Fund, c 1975
140Spark, 1972
141Worker and Soldier, 1970-1971
142Rebel Worker, 1970
143Speak Out, undated
144Daily Calumet, 1979
145Miscellaneous labor material, 1970
146Miscellaneous New Left Writings, undated
147Wildcat Women, c 1970
14148Wildcat, 1969-1970
149Socialist Review (United Kingdom), 1978-1979
150Socialist Challenge (United Kingdom), 1979
151Trotskyism Today (United Kingdom), 1975
152Vietnam G. I., 1968-1969
153Miscellaneous New Left writings, 1970-1973
154Miscellaneous New Left reports, articles, and position papers, c 1971
15155Students for a Democratic Society, c 1969
156News and Letters (Students for a Democratic Society), 1972
157The Campaigner (Students for a Democratic Society), 1969
158Revolutionary Youth Movement, c 1969
159Young Socialist Discussion Bulletins, 1970
160Young People's Socialist League, 1963-1964
161Young Socialist (Young Socialist Alliance), 1969; c 1972
162Young Socialist (Young Socialist Alliance), 1970
163Student Peace Union, 1962
164Anvil, 1956-1960
165Worker-Student Alliance, c 1969
166Student Mobilizer, 1971
167Anti-Vietnam War, c 1970
168Revolutionary Marxist Committee, l971
169Anti-Nazi Rally at Blue Island, undated
170Workers' Defense, 1978-1979
171Solidarity Committee against Apartheid, 1977
172Women's Socialist Caucus, 1971
173Women's Liberation Writings, 1969-1971
174Women's National Abortion Action Coalition, 1971
16175Guardian article on black liberation and women's liberation, undated
176Black Worker, 1971
177Black Workers' Congress, 1972
178Manifesto of Black Workers' Congress, 1972
179Black Workers' Congress Publications, c 1972
180Insurgent Worker, 1972
181Unity and Struggle, c 1975
182Communist League Pamphlets, 1972-1973
183Fight Back!, c 1969
184Fight Back!, undated
185Modern Times, 1972
186Picket Line, 1971-1972
187Fifth Wheel, c 1970
188National Coordinating Committee for Trade Union Action and Democracy, 1970
189Arrangements Committee for National Rank and File Conference, 1970
190Health Policy Advisory Center Bulletin, 1970
191People's Free Medical Clinic Newsletter, 1971
192Taxi Rank and File Coalition, 1971
193Hot Seat (Taxi Rank and File Coalition, 1972
194United Action (University Employees), 1972
195Public Employee Press, 1971
196New York Public Sector Workers, c 1976-1979
197Postal Action, 1975-1976
198Postal Action, 1976
199TURF (Teamsters United Rank and File), 1971-1972
200Convoy (Teamsters), 1971-1972
201Larkin Bigprint (Phone Workers), 1971
202Bell Wringer (Phone Workers), 1972
203Revolutionary Steelworker, 1977
204Revolutionary Steelworkers' Caucus, 1974-1976
17205Revolutionary Autoworkers, 1976-1977
206United Justice Train (United Auto Workers), 1972
207United National Caucus (United Auto Workers), 1970
208Network (United Auto Workers), 1970
209Britannia Link (employees of Encyclopedia Britannica), c 1971
210Newark Teachers Union Strike, undated
211Miscellaneous Labor Fliers, undated