Sheli Lulkin Papers

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Collection Summary

Creator:Sheli Lulkin
Title:Sheli Lulkin Papers
Abstract: The Sheli Lulkin Papers cover the activities of Sheli Lulkin, a teacher, union officer, and women's rights activist from 1962-1978.
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Identification: SLulkin

Biographical Sketch

Sheli Lulkin Papers cover the activities of Sheli Lulkin from 1962-1978. Lulkin was a special education teacher in Chicago Public Schools and active member of the Chicago Teachers Union in which she served as an officer. Lulkin was also a founder and leader of the Coalition of Labor Union Women (CLUW) and served as editor of Chicago Education News. Lulkin also advocated for the Equal Rights Amendment and was active in various women's committees advocating the amendment. She was later President of the Association of Sheridan Condo-Coop Owners in Rogers Park and then Executive Director of the Edgewater Chamber of Commerce.

In December 1976, Lulkin was identified as an informant for the Chicago Police Department's "red squad," the intelligence unit founded in the 1930s and used against labor and later, in the 1960s, against critics of the Daley administration. Exposure of Lulkin's role forced her resignation as an officer from the Chicago Teachers Union, though she remained involved in the union's women's committee.

Scope and Contents

The Sheli Lulkin Papers include minutes, correspondence, notes, agendas, leaflets, legislation, broadsides, press releases, newsletters, reports, and political campaign ephemera related to her involvement with the CLUW, CTU, and ERA from 1970-1972.

Index Terms

This record series is indexed under the following controlled access subject terms.
American Federation of Teachers --Sources.
Education --United States --Sources.
Equal rights amendments --Sources.
Lulkin, Sheli --Archives.
Women's rights --Sources.
Midwest Women's History

Detailed Description/Box and Folder Listing

Series I

11Chicago Historical Society, 1976
2Personal file, ca. 1973-1976
3Correspondence, 1975-1978
4Correspondence, 1977-1978
5Progressive Caucus Agenda, 1972-1976
6Women Media Contacts, undated
7Women's songs and chants, undated
8Editorial replies, 1976-1977
9News Correspondence, 1965-1975
10Women's Campaign Literature, ca. 1973-1976
11Political Campaign Materials, ca. 1973-1976
12Professional Accomplishment Programs, 1964-1975
13Educon, 1971-1972
14Israel, 1965-1975
15Jewish United Fund, 1976
16Education, 1962-1978
17Mallory Millett, ca. 1970
18Chicago Education Association, 1964-1967
19Political Correspondence, 1975
220Lulkin - Illinois Vocational Home Economics Teachers Talks, 1976
21Women's Rights and Welfare, ca. 1972
22Women and Affirmative Action, 1975
23Title IX Guidelines, 1973-1974
24Women's Athletics - Higher Education Committee, 1976
25Political Honesty Initiative, 1976
26Illinois Commission on the Status of Women, 1976-1977
27Illinois Commission on the Status of Women, 1976-1977
28Illinois Commission on the Status of Women, 1976
29Illinois Democratic Women's Caucus, 1975
30Illinois Women's Agenda, 1976
31International Women's Year, 1974
32International Women's Year, 1975
33How to Organize Women, undated
334AFT-INY insert, undated
35Lulkin application, 1976
36Coalition of Labor Union Women, 1974-1976
37Coalition of Labor Union Women, 1974-1976
38Coalition of Labor Union Women, 1974-1976
39Coalition of Labor Union Women, 1975-1976
40Coalition of Labor Union Women, 1975-1976
41Coalition of Labor Union Women - Child and Family Services Act, 1975
42Coalition of Labor Union Women, 1975
43Coalition of Labor Union Women - CLUW Task Force, 1976
44Coalition of Labor Union Women - Founding Convention, 1975
45Coalition of Labor Union Women - National Elections, 1976
46Coalition of Labor Union Women newsletter, 1976
47Coalition of Labor Union Women, 1974-1976
48Coalition of Labor Union Women, 1974-1976
49Disability income sexism, 1975
50Women's labor history, 1976
51Women's Rights Conference, 1973
452Equal Rights Amendment, 1975-1976
53Equal Rights Amendment, 1976-1977
54Equal Rights Amendment - AFL-CIO Labor Studies Center Committee, 1973
55Equal Rights Amendment - Anti-ERA statements and Phyllis Schlafly, 1975
56Equal Rights Amendment, 1975
57American Teacher - Women's Rights Article, undated
58African American women, 1975
59Chicago Coalition on Women's Employment, 1975
60Chicago Women's Groups, 1975
61Women's Employment, 1971-1978
62Women in Education, 1972-1978
63Women's Share in Public Service, ca. 1976
64Lulkin - Illinois Senate testimony and articles, 1976
65New Dawn, 1976
66Rape, 1975
67Miscellaneous - Women's issues, ca. 1973-1974
68Women - politics, 1973-1976
569Day Care crisis, 1975
70IFT - Women's Rights Committee, 1972-1976
71IFT - Women's Rights Committee, 1974-1976
72IFT Convention, 1974
73IFT Convention, 1976
74Chicago Teachers Union - correspondence, 1975-1977
75Chicago Teachers Union - contracts and constitution, 1971-1975
76Chicago Teachers Union - contracts and manual, 1975-1977
677Chicago Teachers Union - history, 1976
78Chicago Teachers Union - House of Delegates, 1976-1977
79Chicago Teachers Union - Pension and Retirement Fund, 1975-1976
80Chicago Teachers Union - correspondence, memos, minutes, 1967-1978
81Chicago Teachers Union - Executive Board - minutes, 1966-1976
82Chicago Teachers Union - Executive Board - minutes, 1972-1976
783Chicago Teachers Union - miscellaneous, 1975
84Chicago Teachers Unions - Women's Rights Committee, undated
85Chicago Teachers Unions - Women's Rights Committee, 1972-1977
86Chicago Teachers Unions - Women's Rights Committee, 1972
87Chicago Teachers Unions - Women's Rights Committee, 1974
88Chicago Teachers Unions - Women's Rights Conference, 1972
89Chicago Teachers Unions - Women's Rights Committee, 1974-1975
90Chicago Teachers Unions - Discrimination Lawsuit, 1976
91Chicago Teachers Unions - grievances and correspondence, 1965
92Joint Union Board Committee on Inner City Schools, 1971
93American Federation of Teachers, 1976-1977
94American Federation of Teachers - correspondence, 1976
95American Federation of Teachers/Illinois Federation of Teachers, 1973
96Illinois Federation of Teachers - women's rights, 1976
897Chicago Education News, 1965
98Illinois Education Association - Chicago Education News, 1966-1974
99Illinois Education Association, 1963
100Illinois Education Association, 1962-1963
101Illinois Education Association, undated
102National Education Association - film, 1964
103Miscellaneous, 1973-1976
9104Film strip [National Education Association?], undated [ca. 1964]