Carl Sandurg Collection

An inventory of the collection at the University of Illinois at Chicago

Collection Summary

Creator:William P. Schenk
Title:Carl Sandurg Collection
Abstract: William P. Schenk collected a wide variety of material related to the work of the poet, Carl Sandburg. The Carl Sandburg Collection includes correspondence, memoranda, notes, clippings, published articles, books, book jackets, bulletins, photographs, poetry, pamphlets, brochures, broadsides, programs, stationary, song sheets, flyers, bibliographic materials, one handkerchief, periodicals, and a map of Galesburg, Illinois.
Quantity: 12 linear ft.
Identification: Sandburg

Biographical Sketch

Carl August Sandburg was born on January 6, 1878 in Galesburg, Illinois to August and Clara Anderson, Swedish immigrants to the United States. Son of a blacksmith's helper and the second of seven children, Sandburg worked from an early age and left school before graduating from the eighth grade. After a decade of odd jobs and a stint as a hobo, Sandburg volunteered for military service during the Spanish-American War in 1898. He then studied at Lombard College (now Knox College) where he joined the Poor Writers' Club, an informal group of students interested in poetry. Sandburg was deeply influenced by Professor Phillip Green Wright, a socialist, but left college during his senior year. Prof. Wright published the first book of Sandburg's verse, In Reckless Ecstasy, in his basement press in 1904.

Working as a newspaperman in Milwaukee in 1902, Sandburg honed his writing skills and developed greater awareness of the plight of the city's working poor. He married Ellen Steichen in 1908, the sister of the photographer, Edward Steichen. Sandburg was active in the progressive politics of his era, as an organizer for the Wisconsin Democratic Party and secretary to Milwaukee's socialist mayor from 1910 to 1912. Publication of his poems in Poetry magazine in 1914 exposed Sandburg to a national audience. With the success of his book, Chicago Poems, in 1916, Carl Sandburg established an international reputation and a career as a professional writer. Sandburg wrote several biographical volumes about Abraham Lincoln receiving the Pulitzer Prize in 1940 for Abraham Lincoln: The War Years. He published his first novel, Remembrance Rock, in 1940. Sandburg and his wife spent their later years in Flat Rock, North Carolina with their prize-winning herd of goats. Sandburg shunned conventional style and wrote passionately about the beauty and virtue or ordinary people and ordinary things.

Scope and Contents

The Carl Sandburg Collection is divided into three series: Series I: Sequential Folders, Series II: Periodicals and Published Works, and Series III: Oversize Periodicals, Excerpts, and Clippings. Series I includes correspondence, memoranda, notes, clippings, published articles, books, book jackets, bulletins, photographs, poetry, pamphlets, brochures, broadsides, programs, stationary, song sheets, flyers, bibliographic materials, and one handkerchief. Some periodicals are also included in this series. This series reflects the original order and content of folders as created by William P. Schenk. Series II consists of periodicals, books, and excerpts from published works stored separately from the sequential folders upon acquisition of these materials. Series III consists of oversize periodicals, excerpts and clippings including fragile newspapers that have been separated from materials in Series II for preservation and more appropriate storage, as well as a map of Galesburg, Illinois, poetry, a brochure, and photograph. Most material in this collection regards Carl Sandburg, but William P. Schenk also collected material about Sandburg's relatives, notably his brother-in-law, Edward Steichen.

Index Terms

This record series is indexed under the following controlled access subject terms.
Poets, American --Illinois --Biography --Sources.
Sandburg, Carl, 1878-1967 --Sources.
Chicago Political and Civic Life

Detailed Description/Box and Folder Listing

Series I: Sequential Folders

Scope and Content: Series I includes correspondence, memoranda, notes, clippings, published articles, books, book jackets, bulletins, photographs, poetry, pamphlets, brochures, broadsides, programs, stationary, song sheets, flyers, bibliographic materials, and one handkerchief. Some periodicals are also included in this series.
11Clippings, photographs, bulletin of the Abraham Lincoln Association, published articles, 1931 - 1943
2Museum of Modern Art "Road to Victory" exhibit - Brochures, bulletin, clippings, 1942 - 1943
3Clippings, photographs, negatives, postcards, correspondence, 1945 - 1949
4Clippings, program, polemic by Samuel Ball, 1913 - 1940
5Clippings, 1941
6Clippings, brochures, poetry samples of published works, 1941
7Clippings, pamphlets, programs, notes, 1940 - 1942
8Bibliographical materials, ca. 1941
9Notes, correspondence, and Carl Sandburg. Poem. Trans. E. Gustav Johnson. Chicago: North Park College, 1936
10Notes, clippings, 1937
211Clipping, 1943
12Lillian Sandburg (nee Steichen) - Clippings, correspondence, photograph, issue of The American Farm Youth and Dairy Goat Journal,, 1937 - 1944
13Edward Steichen - Clippings, issue of Camera Craft, 1935 - 1947
14Shostakovich - Clippings, 1942
15Sample from Carl Sandburg's Abraham Lincoln: The War Years, ca. 1940
16Stationary, undated
17Clippings, programs, 1939 - 1944
18Photograph, notes, 1938
19Handkerchief, notes, 1938
20Poetry, clippings, 1927 - 1941
21Clippings, issue of Inkling, 1938 - 1945
22Brochure for Poetry magazine, ca. 1938
23Trivia quizzes, clippings, 1938
24Notes, undated
25Clippings, 1926 - 1940
326Clippings, sketches, 1938 - 1944
27Clippings, brochures, book jacket, 1940 - 1942
28Literary reviews, clippings, 1934 - 1936
29Clippings, 1937 - 1943
30Correspondence, clippings, programs, brochures, catalogs, 1941
31Press releases, radio broadcast transcripts, clippings, programs, brochures, 1939 - 1942
32Clippings, 1942
33Clippings, 1940
34Harriet Monroe - Clippings, photograph, hand-written copies of original correspondence, issue of The Courier (University of Chicago library bulletin), 1936 - 1938
35Correspondence, 1940
36Clippings, 1942
37Clippings, 1939 - 1941
38Clippings, 1941
39Clippings, interviews, 1936 - 1942
40Introductions and forewords Clippings, catalogs, book excerpts, 1940 - 1943
41Book jackets, undated
42Brochure, issue of Knox Alumnus, 1942
443Lectures - Bulletins, broadsides, pamphlets, brochures, programs, clippings, 1938 - 1943
44Clippings, 1944
45Chikaming Goat Farm - Photographs, clippings, 1938
46Chikaming Goat Farm - Maps, clippings, stationary, train timetable, 1937 - 1939
47Clippings, 1941
48"The Common Man" - Memorandum, notes, clippings, 1940 - 1941
49Photograph, notes, advertisements, brochures, 1944 - 1946
50Clippings, 1941 - 1942
51Critical reviews, 1928
52Clippings, 1943
53Dance - Photograph, clippings, 1943
54Clippings, receipts, issue of The Publisher's Weekly, 1941 - 1943
55Abraham Lincoln: The War Years - Book prospects, 1939
56Family - Clippings, photographs, 1940
57Notes, undated
58Folk songs - Song sheets, brochures, 1926 - 1941
59Pamphlets, brochures, 1939
60Clippings, 1942
61Notes, 1941
62Clippings, correspondence, brochures, 1939 - 1940
63Clippings, 1939
64Clippings, 1939
65Clippings, brochures, 1942
66Notes, clippings, undated
567Bibliography - Notes, correspondence, 1936 - 1937
68Bibliography - Notes, correspondence, 1936 - 1941
69William P. Schenk - Articles, notes about Carl Sandburg, correspondence, 1940
70H. Champlain - Correspondence, photographs, notes, 1946
71Clippings, 1924 - 1942
72Clippings, 1938 - 1948
73Clippings, 1940 - 1945
74Clippings, 1940 - 1945
75Clippings, 1941 - 1945
76Clippings, 1938 - 1944
77Ralph Newman (owner of Abraham Lincoln Bookshop) - Clippings, correspondence, brochure, 1945 - 1950
78Clippings, 1940
79Chicago Daily News - Carl Sandburg's notes, 1927 - 1928
80Published articles, pamphlets, reproductions by the Chicago Daily News and Chicago Tribune, 1930 - 1940
681Poem - Parody of Sandburg by Don Morris, 1935
82Pamphlets, brochures, programs, catalogs, 1941 - 1952
83Correspondence, 1950 - 1952
84Clippings, 1939
85Correspondence, 1935 - 1946
86Notes, undated
87Correspondence, 1936 - 1937
88Correspondence - From William P. Schenk to Carl Sandburg, 1936 - 1943
89Correspondence - From William P. Schenk to Carl Sandburg, 1938 - 1943
90Selected Poems of Carl Sandburg: From Smoke and Steel, Slabs of the Sunburnt West, Good Morning, America and Home-Front Memo. New York: Armed Services Editions, Inc., 1943, notes, 1943 - 1948
91Clippings, 1955
92Clippings, 1954
793Clippings, correspondence, poetry, 1956
94Clippings, 1960 - 1963
95Clippings, flyers, programs, notes, 1920 - 1949
96Photograph, programs, brochures, NBC Meet the Press transcript of Carl Sandburg interview, ca. 1957
97Program, dedication to Chicago "building renaissanc, " 1957
98Issues of The Circle, The Book Bulletin of the Chicago Public Library, a published volume of columns from the Chicago Daily News, 1924 - 1950

Series II: Periodicals and Published Works

Scope and Content: Series II consists of periodicals, books, and excerpts from published works.
899Issues of the The Southern Review, The Southern Packet, and The Swedish Pioneer Quarterly, Little Journeys, and Moore, Annie E. Poems of Today: Verse for Children, Book One. Milwaukee: E.M. Hale and Company, 1936, 1936 - 1967
100Issues of The Dial, and Elbert Hubbard's Scrap Book: Containing the Inspired and Inspiring Selections During a Lifetime of Discriminating Reading for His Own Use. New York: Roycrofters, 1923, 1918 - 1923
101Issues of The Dial, 1920
102Issues of The Dial, 1920 - 1922
9103Issues of Du Pont Magazine, Marshall Fields & Company catalog, The Survey, Pulse, This Week in Chicago, Lincoln Herald, Popular Photography, and Saturday Review, 1920 - 1953
104Issues of The Bookman, 1921 - 1922
105Issues of The Dial, 1922
106Issues of The Bookman, 1921 - 1928
10107Issues of Current Biography, World's Work, Century, College English, and Two Worlds Monthly, 1923 - 1940
108Issues of the Journal of the Illinois State Historical Society and The American Mercury, 1924 - 1939
109Issues of the Journal of the Illinois State Historical. The Reader, Bulletin of the Abraham Lincoln Association, The English Journal, and The Courier, 1924 - 1949
110Issues of The Bookman, Sciences Selection, and Encore, 1925 - 1952
11111Issues of Coronet, Forum, and Done in a Day from the columns of the Chicago Daily News, 1926 - 1949
112Issues of The New Leader, New Republic, Newsweek, The Literary Digest International Book Review, The American Scandinavian Review, and The American Swedish Monthly, 1926 - 1955
113Issues of The Dial and Playboy, 1926 - 1960
114Issues of Saturday Review, The American Mercury, and The Nation, 1932 - 1950
12115Issues of Redbook Magazine, 1936 - 1939
116Issues of The Publishers' Weekly, Christian Herald, Popular Photography, Scholastic: The American High School Weekly, and Minicam Photography, 1940 - 1946
117Issues of Lincoln Herald, Time, and excerpt from Redbook Magazine, 1941 - 1948
118Issues of Etude: The Music Magazine, U.S. Camera, and The Knox Alumnus, 1941 - 1955
119Issues of The University of Chicago Magazine, Tomorrow, Confidential, Business Week, and Saturday Review, 1942 - 1949
13120Issues of The Atlantic, 1946 - 1950
121Issues of Newsweek, Inland Architect, Commerce, and The Friend, 1946 - 1957

Series III: Oversize Material

Scope and Content: Series III consists of oversize periodicals, newspapers, excerpts and clippings from published works, a map of Galesburg, Ill., poetry, a photograph, and brochure.
14122Issues of Holiday, Today, and Life, 1915 - 1947
123Issues of Look and Pictorial Review, 1925 - 1962
124Issues of Pictorial Review, 1925 - 1930
125Oversize clippings, 1926 - 1960
127Issues of Collier's National Weekly, 1928 - 1956
15128Issues of Fortune, 1934
129Issues of Christmas, Editor & Publisher, Friends, and U.S. Camera, ca. 1938 - 1941
130Issues of Collier's and Woman's Home Companion, 1941 - 1956
131Issues of Holiday, 1947 - 1956
16132Newspapers, clippings, ca. 1938 - 1953
17133Newspapers, clippings, ca. 1940 - 1953
Oversize Folder134Brochure, photograph, poetry, map of Galesburg, Illinois, 1923 - 1959