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Information for Genealogical Researchers of UIC Records

The University of Illinois at Chicago University Archives may have photographs and student records of interest to genealogists.

For students who attended the University of Illinois at Chicago less than eighty years ago, the University Archives can only provide basic directory information similar to that found in student or staff directories. Former students who need a copy of their transcripts should contact the UIC Office of Registration and Records.

The University Archives may have copies of student transcripts or class photographs that can be made available to the general public if the person was a student at the University of Illinois at Chicago or its predecessors over eighty years ago. A timeline is available to help identify the name changes that have occured in the history of the University of Illinois at Chicago.

View a list of graduates from the College of Pharmacy and the Chicago College of Pharmacy from 1859-1926 sorted by graduating class or last name


To learn if the University Archives has genealogical information on a specific individual, contact the University Archives with the following information:

  • Name of individual being researched
  • College attended
  • Year of graduation or attendance


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