Web Wise 2005 Teaching and Learning with Digital Resources

Conference Videos

Many of the sessions at the 2005 Web-Wise conference were digitally recorded, and these tapes are available for viewing via the Internet.

You will need the RealPlayer viewer, a free download, in order to watch the videos.


David Rumsey, Cartography Associates

"Open Content: How Online Digital Libraries and Resources Will Provide Access to Cultural Information in the 21st Century"

http://realmedia.uic.edu/ramgen/depts/lib/webwise/Rumsey.rm Length: 1 hr. 18 min.

David Lankes, Syracuse University

"Breaking the K-12 Crust: The Realities of Digital Libraries for Education"

http://realmedia.uic.edu/ramgen/depts/lib/webwise/Lankes.rm Slides: Lankes.htm

Nena Bloom, Colorado Digitization Program

"Using Digitized Primary Source Materials in the Classroom: A
Colorado Case Study"

http://realmedia.uic.edu/ramgen/depts/lib/webwise/Bloom.rm Slides: Bloom.htm

Session 2: Who Are Our Audiences and Partners?

Laura Strentz and Iris Taboh, Seattle Schools, for the New Museum of Contemporary Art

"Re-Presenting Race in the Digital Age."

http://realmedia.uic.edu/ramgen/depts/lib/webwise/Strentz-Taboh.rm Slides: Strentz-Taboh.htm

Marilyn Lutz and Laura Gallucci, University of Maine

"The Maine Music Box."
http://realmedia.uic.edu/ramgen/depts/lib/webwise/Lutz-Gallucci.rm Slides: Lutz-Gallucci.htm

Lynne Spichiger, Memorial Hall Museum, and Chris Sturm, Marlboro Middle School, Marlboro, New Jersey

"Digital Deerfield 1704: A New Perspective on the French and Indian Wars."
http://realmedia.uic.edu/ramgen/depts/lib/webwise/Spichiger-Sturm.rm Slides: Spichiger-Sturm.htm


Susan Sclafani, U.S. Department of Education

"Technology and Our Schools: Preparing America’s Future"

http://realmedia.uic.edu/ramgen/depts/lib/webwise/Sclafani.rm Slides: Sclafani.htm

Ken Kay, Infotech Strategies

"21st Century Skills: A Vision for Teaching and Learning in the Digital World."

http://realmedia.uic.edu/ramgen/depts/lib/webwise/Kay.rm Slides: Kay.htm

John Lewis Needham, Google, Inc.

"What is Google Doing in My Library?  An Overview of the New Google Content Initiatives"

http://realmedia.uic.edu/ramgen/depts/lib/webwise/Needham.rm Slides: Needham.htm

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