Many of the conference presenters have agreed to share a copy of their presentation or a handout from their presentation, which we make available below.

Keynote Presentations

Pieter Muysken - In Search of Stability

Maria Polinsky - Which aspects of language structure are difficult for heritage speakers and why?

General Presentations

Author(s) Title

Laura Bartlett, Shane Ebert, and Daniel Vergara

Linguistic competence in heritage speakers and second language learners: Evidence from code-switched wh-questions

James Bartolotti, Sarah Chabal, Anthony Shook, and Viorica Marin

CLEARPOND Cross-Linguistic Easy-Access Resource for Phonological & Orthographic Neighborhood Density

Mariška Bolyanatz

‘Nosotros no hablamos así’: Dialectal variation among Spanish speakers in Los Angeles

Emily Byers

Reduced vowel production in L2 American English: A comparative study

Agustina Carando, and Eva M. Fernandez

Bilingual production of shared and non-shared constructions: Evidence from structural priming

Chelsea M. Eddington, Katherine I. Martin, and Natasha Tokowicz

How meaning-based strategies and the generation effect influence German vocabulary learning

Rosa Guzzardo Tamargo, Giuli Dussias, and Chip Gerfen

Linking comprehension costs to production patterns using Spanish-English codeswitching data

Jeanne Heil and Luis López

Infinitival Insensitivity in L2 English Processing: Evidence from self-paced reading times of a learnability problem for Raising and Control

Bradley Hoot and Luis López

The I-language of bilinguals

Bradley Hoot

Narrow presentational focus in heritage Spanish

Maialen Iraola, Maria-José Ezeizabarrena, and Mikel Santesteban

Discursive features of overt pronouns hura and bera in child L1, child L2 and adult Basque

Martin Isleem

Virtual Bilingualism and Language Power Relations: The Case of Druze Websites in Israel

Bryan Koronkiewicz

Me, myself y yo: Pronoun theories and code-switching

Juana Liceras, Raquel Fernandez-Fuertes, and Aurora Bel, Cristina Martinez

The Mental Representation of Gender and Agreement Features in Child 2L1 and Child L2 Grammars: Insights from Code-Switching

Amaia Munarriz, Maria-José Ezeizabarrena,  and M. Junkal Gutierrez-Mangado

Asymmetric impairment in the syntax of a Spanish-Basque bilingual aphasic

Nicole Netelenbos and Fangfang Li

Speech productions of French-English Bilingual Speakers in Western Canada

Jenna Nichols

Indexicality and voice quality in a French-English bilingual

Sunny Park-Johnson

The Effect of Subject Person in Auxiliary Movement Acquisition by Korean- English Bilingual Children

Antonio Perez

The Effect of Classroom Writing Instruction on the Development of Writing of Heritage Language and Foreign Language Learners

Lauren Perrotti, Jorge Valdés Kroff , and Giuli Dussias

Grammatical Gender Processing in L2 Speakers of Spanish: Does cognate status help?

Shana Poplack and Nathalie Dion

Borrowing and code-switching in synchronic and diachronic perspective

Rebekah Post 

DP-internal Arabic-French code-switching: A comparison of community norms

Kim Potowski

Transnational youth: Linguistic and educational explorations

Rajiv Rao

Manifestations of /b, d, g/ in Two Groups of Heritage Speakers of Spanish

Uli Reich

Explaining accents. A case study on prosodic patterns in second language performance

Robert Reichle

Brain signatures of game play and language processing

Robert Reichle, Annie Tremblay, and Caitlin Coughlin

Working memory and nativelikeness in the processing of focus structure

Rebecca Ronquest

Staying connected: the impact of travel and Spanish use on heritage Spanish vowel production

Eleonora Rossi, Sharlene Newman , Michele Diaz, and Judith Kroll

There are no mental firewalls: fMRI evidence for global inhibition of the native language in bilingual speech

Katerina Rouzina

The 4M Model and Russian-English Code-Switching

Rachel Ryskin, and Sarah Brown-Schmidt

Contributions of Gender and Bilingualism to Spatial Perspective-taking

M. Christine Theberge, Rosa Guzzardo Tamargo, and Giuli Dussias

Processing costs while bilinguals read Spanish-English codeswitches: An eye-tracking study

Rena Torres Cacoullos, Catherine Travis, and Colleen Balukas

Spanish yo and English I in New Mexico: Together in code-switching, apart in grammar

Alba Tuninetti, Natasha Tokowicz, and Tessa Warren

Cross-language similarity in L2 processing: An eye-tracking study

Alvaro Villegas, Josep Demestre , Rosa Sánchez-Casas, and Giuli Dussias

Rapid access of verb specific information during monolingual and bilingual sentence processing