Text Box: I Inject Drugs:  How can I inject more safely?

If you are injecting drugs and are not ready or willing to stop, it is important to inject as safely as possible.

These steps can help you avoid infections.



o        Do not save/hoard cottons to use for later when you canít get any dope, as they can transmit bacteria into your veins.

ß         Your local syringe/needle exchange program is a good source for filters.

ß         Using something like a cigarette filter or a used filter can give you cotton fever.

ß         Keep your shooting & rinsing water separate, and do not reuse water containers without cleaning them thoroughly.








The best way to protect yourself from other diseases is to quit injecting. Ask us about treatment if you are ready.

If you canít quit, we encourage you to change one or more of the ways you inject drugs.

If you inject drugs unsafely, you place yourself at risk of getting other strains of HIV and other diseases, like hepatitis.

Pictures courtesy of CRA - See the full guide @ http://www.anypositivechange.org/bvcsi.html