Text Box: I use crack (or other stimulants).  What can I do to protect myself from infection?

If you smoke crack:

        Use a mouthpiece to prevent burns from the crack pipe.

o        de10112be.gif (2471 bytes)You can make a mouthpiece from a rubber spark plug cover/boot (available at local auto supply store), or rubber bands.Place either item on the mouth end of the pipe to act as a barrier between your lips and the hot metal or glass.Also, glass pipes are usually cooler than metal.

o        If you donít have a mouthpiece, let the pipe cool down before you take your next hit.

o        Using a longer pipe will cause less burns, as the temperature will be lower.

        Avoid using a cracked pipe, as cuts are a way for bacteria & viruses to get into your body.

        Donít share your mouthpiece/pipe or use anyone elseís.If you do, clean it with bleach or alcohol first.

        If you donít have a mouthpiece, use petroleum jelly to protect your lips when smoking.

        A pipe screen is the safest type of screen for your crack pipe.

o        If you donít have a pipe screen (available at local smoke shops), use a small piece of household copper scrubbing pad.Burn the pad a bit first to mold it into the pipe.

o        Change your copper scrubbing pad screen often to prevent it from hurting your mouth.


If you have sex while on crack:

        Use condoms.Ask us about getting some today.

        If you canít use condoms, use plenty of water-based lube to reduce your risk.

        Apply a drop of lube inside the tip of the condom for better sensation.

        Use condoms and dental dams / plastic wrap for oral sex:



If you inject crack:


If you use crystal:


If you snort cocaine or other drugs: