Biomedical Informatics (BI)

UICollaboratory Research Profiles

CCTS is excited to launch UICollaboratory Research Profiles, a networking tool to help faculty members and departments identify who is working in what scientific areas at UIC and UIUC. Our goal is to facilitate the development of new collaborations by providing a comprehensive resource of the university's research expertise across the entire health science spectrum.

The UICollaboratory currently includes profiles of research faculty at UIC and UIUC who have an affiliation with one of the health science colleges and faculty who hold a primary appointment in the bioengineering department. Each profile is built based on basic demographic information, MEDLINE publication data (PubMed), and NIH-funded grant information (NIH RePORTER). Researchers are mapped to their department within the university, allowing users to browse researchers by department, search by name, or search by topic to find experts in a particular area. In addition to highlighting individual research expertise, the UICollaboratory exposes connections among researchers and can assist in identifying potential collaborators both internally and at other organizations.

The UICollaboratory Research Profiles can help:UIColloratory

  • Build multidisciplinary teams
  • Find a potential mentor
  • Find investigators working in similar research areas
  • Discover faculty research foci
  • Find researchers at other Collexis Research Profiles institutions

If you have any questions or concerns, or would like to schedule a demo, please contact Melissa Garrett, Project Coordinator for the BI Core at
To learn more about UICollaboratory, visit our Help and FAQs page.