Clinical Interface Core (CIC)

CIC Application

Application Process

Application Forms

Please follow these steps to complete the forms carefully.

Step 1:
Meet with CIC staff, finalize plan to use CIC services. Once your plan is approved by CIC staff, you can initiate the online CCTS Service Request at:

Step 2:
Complete and sign “Appendix G” and submit to CIC leadership for signature.

Step 3:
Submit signed “Appendix G” to the IRB with your IRB forms.
Please note: a completed and signed "Appendix G" takes the place of the previous memo of CIC approval.

Step 4:
Documentation of IRB approval is required before a study is initiated in the CIC. As soon as IRB approval is provided, a copy of the signed IRB approval letter and stamped consents should be submitted to the CIC.

Radioactive Materials Policy: Please click the icon below to download the CIC's radio active material policy.

If you have any questions, please call or email Lauren Walsh , Investigator Interface Coordinator at 312-413-7316 /