Community Involvement in Research Training

For Academic Investigators

CIRTification has been developed to assist in the delivery of training in human research protections to community research partners. This curriculum uses a train-the-trainer approach.

It is expected that community research partners will have limited research training and experience. Therefore, existing programs offered or required by your institution may not be quite right for them. (Seasoned community research partners have likely already completed some training, although some of the CIRTification activities could be used for continuing education activities.)

Although the primary intended audience is community research partners, we strongly recommend that CIRTification be attended by community-academic research teams, including investigators and academic research staff. Training research teams together demonstrates the university partners' commitment to human research protections. Team training can also encourage constructive dialogue and ensure that community partners are comfortable asking questions about the research process.

Click here for materials to promote CIRTification at your institution.

At this time, there is unfortunately no online or "self-study" version of CIRTification.