Research Education and Careers in Health (REACH)

The purpose of Research Education and Careers in Health (REACH) is to train the future clinical and translational science researchers.
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MD/MS in Clinical and Translational Science Degree Program

If you are interested in conducting research and transferring clinical skills from "bench to the bedside," "study to practice," and "practice to policy," then you should consider UIC's MD/MS CTS Joint Degree Program.

As the largest medical school in the country with over 2,600 culturally and economically diverse medical students and trainees, the University of Illinois College of Medicine provides superb scientific and clinical training. Combining this strength with the only fully accredited School of Public Health in Illinois, UIC offers a unique opportunity to its medical students to earn the Medical Doctor and Master of Science in Clinical and Translational Science (MS CTS) joint degree. Graduates of the MS in Clinical and Translational Science will have the skills to direct a broad range of clinical studies, including the translation of scientific knowledge into clinical practice, and will be able to interact effectively with all of the complementary disciplines with which clinical investigators need to collaborate. The MD/MS CTS Joint Degree Program is designed to prepare medical school graduates with the skills required to combine their clinical knowledge with the knowledge and skills needed to conduct research to prepare them for careers as clinical researchers. These research skills will enable them to conduct clinical research as residents.

Through didactic coursework, a series of workshops and seminars, and a mentored research project, the MD/MS in Clinical and Translational Science will help build a new generation of skilled clinician-investigators focused on improving patient health outcomes through research. Graduates of the MD/MS CTS Joint Degree Program will be ready to enter and capitalize on residency, and then fellowship, programs that provide research opportunities combined with clinical training.

The joint degree program allows students to complete both degrees in 5 years. Students interested in pursuing the joint MD/MS CTS degree are encouraged to apply as soon as possible, and no later than March 15 of their M1 Year. Students would typically complete three years of medical school and then take a leave of absence during Year 4 to complete the MS CTS curriculum. After Year 4 students would return to complete their final year of medical school while also completing the mentored research and thesis requirement for the MS degree. All incoming medical students are eligible to participate, because coursework is done during a "year out" between the M3 and M4 years (and some courses may also be taken online). UIC School of Public Health tuition and fees will apply for the MS CTS portion of the program.

Medical students interested in the MD/MS CTS Joint Degree Program may request additional information through the College of Medicine Special Curricular Programs Office or click here.

Jack Zwanziger, PhD
UIC School of Public Health

Jorge Girotti, PhD
UIC College of Medicine

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