Research Education and Careers in Health (REACH)

Mentoring Best Practices

Successful mentoring relationships depend on the following best practices:

This section adapted with permission from the Oregon Clinical and Translational Research Institute at Oregon Health & Science University and the Institute for Clinical Research Education Mentoring Resources, University of Pittsburgh

UIC Mentoring Resource Guide

UIC Human Resources' Mentoring Resource Guide document at the MyCareer website contains many useful ideas to improve mentoring relationships. The following sections may be most useful:
What Role does a Mentor Play?
How can I improve Mentor Effectiveness?
How can I improve Mentee Effectiveness?
What are some Common Protégé Profiles?

This section is used with permission from UIC Human Resources

The William T. Grant Foundation Guide

The William T. Grant Foundation has a new resource for mentors jointly developed by the Forum for Youth Investment and the Foundation. Pay It Forward: Guidance for Mentoring Junior Scholars presents best practices gleaned from experiences with current and former William T. Grant Foundation Scholars and their mentees, as well as a review of selected literature. The guide is available here.

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