Regulatory Support , Advocacy and Bioethics Core (RSAB)

The Research Support , Advocacy and Bioethics Core aims to provide centralized, accessible regulatory support, advice and guidance.
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OPRS Frequently Asked Questions

The Office for the Protection of Research Subjects has posted "FAQs" that can help you as you develop your research. The FAQs are grouped into the following categories:
1. General Human Subjects Research FAQs
2. Community-Based Human Subjects Research FAQs
3. Appendix M Research Data Security Form-specific questions FAQs
4. General Research Data Security Questions FAQs

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Educational opportunities

RSAB staff members are available to speak about the Core to your department or research program, on request.

Open Research Projects at UIC

The OPRS website includes a directory of research studies at UIC that are actively enrolling subjects. The listing will help guide individuals who are interested in participating in clinical or social-behavioral research at UIC. The directory listing will contain the protocol title, enrollment contact information, and three keywords. To visit website for the directory click here.

If you have a research study that you would like to have listed on the website, please fill out the form entitled "Type 12: Research Directory Listing" here and email it to with the subject heading RESEARCH DIRECTORY. OPRS will verify the information on the form and will post the study to the directory. It is the responsibility of the PI to inform OPRS when enrollment is completed, so the study can be removed from the registry. PIs will also have the option of listing their study by checking a box on the new initial and continuing IRB application forms.

OPRS Tip Sheets

The OPRS website has posted "Tip sheets" which serve as reference materials for IRB members and OPRS staff during review for regulatory guidance, as appropriate. These provide a restatement of some frequently used regulations related to human subjects protection. This can be extremely useful when a researcher is interested in understanding the "whys" behind the questions a reviewer may ask. Click here for more information.