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ResearchMatch Standard IRB Submission Language


The following should be added to your IRB submission in order to use ResearchMatch . will be used as one of the recruitment tools for this research study/protocol. ResearchMatch Volunteers will be contacted through Included with this submission is a study recruitment message that will be sent to potential study volunteers.

Basic information regarding ResearchMatch is a national electronic, web-based recruitment tool that was created through the Clinical & Translational Science Awards Consortium in 2009 and is maintained at Vanderbilt University. The Vanderbilt IRB provides oversight for ResearchMatch as a recruitment tool and this has been documented within the ResearchMatch IRB Letter of Understanding (available upon request). For more general information regarding ResearchMatch, please visit or contact the Program Manager at,

Researchers may use this tool for recruitment after registering basic contact information and details regarding his/her study with ResearchMatch and obtaining IRB approval for their study that contains ResearchMatch as a recruitment tool. A UIC ResearchMatch Institutional Liaison reviews the study information and evidence of IRB approval before approving the researcher's request for recruitment access.

After being granted recruitment access, the researcher will be able to search for appropriate matches among the non-identifiable ResearchMatch Volunteer profiles in the system.  Once a list of potential matches (ResearchMatch Volunteers) is generated, an IRB-approved recruitment message about the study will be sent to potential volunteers through ResearchMatch. The study's recruitment message will be inserted into the standard ResearchMatch electronic notification that informs possible matched Volunteers that the researcher has identified them as a potential match for the study and provide information about the study. The RECRUITMENT MESSAGE WILL NOT INCLUDE the STUDY'S DIRECT CONTACT INFORMATION (e.g. EMAIL, PHONE) in RESEARCHMATCH.

Potential matching volunteers will have the option of replying yes, no, or not respond through a set of quick links available in this recruitment message. By responding yes, the Volunteer authorizes ResearchMatch to release their contact information to the researcher. This contact information of the "Yes"-responding ResearchMatch Volunteers will be made available to the researcher on the "Managing my Study" dashboard in ResearchMatch.

For a standard format for Recruitment Message to Potential Study Volunteers Through please click here.

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