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ResearchMatch (RM) is a CTSA collaborative effort and a national partnership to create a centralized, web-based recruitment registry that will connect individuals who are interested in participating in research with researchers nationwide. The University of Illinois at Chicago has agreed to participate in this effort. Vanderbilt University houses and manages ResearchMatch. The Vanderbilt University IRB, in compliance with its Federalwide Assurance (FWA #0005756) has approved and will provide ongoing regulatory oversight for RM.


To describe the process for UIC Investigators who plan to use as a recruitment tool.


This SOP applies to UIC personnel who plan to use RM as a recruitment tool and the Institutional Liaisons who will manage the process.

Delegation of Activities

The Principal Investigator may delegate recruitment access in RM to a "proxy" (non-PI) at UIC, using the tools in the RM system. PI must approve proxy request in RM before a proxy can gain access.


Feasibility analysis
An analysis that allows the Investigator to view the ResearchMatch registry in aggregate. The Investigator specifies search criteria, views the number of registrants meeting these criteria within ResearchMatch and basic demographic data regarding the population of interest.

Institutional Liaison
University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) representative who serves as a gatekeeper, provides daily management of researcher access requests in RM, and ensures that the integrity of researcher access to is upheld.

Recruitment access
Access granted to an Investigator after he/she has been verified as a UIC researcher and has received IRB approval for the use of ResearchMatch as a recruitment tool.

ResearchMatch Researcher
A researcher according to ResearchMatch may be a protocol's Principal Investigator
(PI) and/or the PI's recruitment proxy (e.g. key study personnel at UIC authorized to recruit for studies in accordance to UIC IRB policy). Proxy researchers undergo PI approval prior to being routed to Institutional Liaison approval.







Requests an account in RM at:
Agrees to the online "Researcher Acknowledgement" in order to proceed


Institutional Liaison

Checks the Investigator's eligibility for a feasibility analysis: Must be UIC researcher
Removes access to feasibility analysis for anyone who is not part of UIC (source of info may include UIC phonebook or Net ID).



Conducts a feasibility analysis.



If interested in using RM in recruitment, prepares and submits an IRB initial application or amendment that includes:

Inserting ResearchMatch template language in the protocol and IRB Application

A recruitment message that will be sent to "matched" volunteers by RM (this would be similar to language used for a recruitment flyer). Click here for template language you can use in your IRB documents.



After receiving UIC IRB approval to use RM for the given study, the PI (or designee) will register the study for recruitment access in ResearchMatch. Registration will include:

Basic contact information
Details regarding the study



Upload the current UIC IRB approval letter into the RM database.



Provide RM with IRB-approved recruitment message to be sent to "matched" volunteers (similar to what might be used in an IRB-approved flyer).



Reviews the e-mail from RM stating that there has been a request for the study to be registered in RM



Confirms that he/she has requested the study be registered in RM.


CCTS Institutional Liaison

Reviews study information entered into RM
Sets the RM expiration date to mirror the IRB approval/expiration date.


OPRS Institutional Liaison

Confirms IRB approval for use of ResearchMatch in recruitment for the identified study.


CCTS Institutional Liaison

Approves recruitment access request in RM.



Sends the PI an e-mail approving recruitment access.



PI must accept access to RM for the study. Logs in to ResearchMatch as a Researcher and follows steps to select his/her population for recruitment.



Reviews the e-mail from RM stating that there has been a request to select the population for recruitment.



Confirms that he/she has selected the population for recruitment


Research Match

Inserts the study's recruitment content into the standard ResearchMatch electronic notification that informs possible matched Volunteers that a researcher has identified them as a potential match for their study.


ResearchMatch Volunteer matches

Replies yes, no, or chooses not to respond through a set of quick links available in the RM notification.



Accesses potential research subjects through the "matched" volunteers who replied "yes" to the RM notification. This information is made available on the researcher's ResearchMatch study dashboard. The researcher will be responsible for managing this contact information as called for by their IRB-approved study protocol.



Updates IRB status by submitting current IRB approval letters to ResearchMatch to document successful continuing IRB oversight for the lifetime of the study.

Click here for template language you can use in your IRB documents.

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