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The Use of Human Biospecimens in Clinical and Translational Research

A growing collection of human tissue, and other biological samples, centralized in the UI Biorepository is answering a burgeoning demand for readily accessible biospecimens including tissues, blood, urine and bone marrow. Clinical and translational investigators increasingly look to consolidation of such samples to facilitate studies involving proteomics and genomics, genome screening (sequencing) used in drug discovery and genome-wide association (GWAS), all of which have been made possible by new technology. GWAS can help researchers recognize patterns of disorders, which provide clues in determining individual risk of developing particular disorders or diseases.

The CCTS provides support for the Biorepository through collaboration with its Bioinformatics Core (BI) and use of the BI Clinical Research Data Warehouse, which consolidates data from a variety of sources that investigators might not otherwise access.

Biorepository services include:

Whole blood processing

  • iPrep genomic DNA isolation
  • RNA isolation
  • PBMC isolation
  • Serum separation
  • Buffy coat isolation
  • Whole blood freezing


  • Collection and preparation of fresh tissue
  • Approximately 50 types of frozen tissue are available
  • Tissue samples are also available through collaboration with Department of Pathology
  • Tissue processing available through collaboration with Department of Pathology

Protocols can be adopted on other samples, e.g., semen, saliva/sputum.

Learn more about the UI Biorepository at http://biorepository.uic.edu or contact

Lauren Walsh, Clinical Interface Coordinator - CCTS
Phone : 312-413-7316
Email : laurenw@uic.edu

Bernie Santarsiero, Associate Director - Biorepository
Phone : 312-413-0339
Email : UIBiorep@uic.edu

Klara Valyi-Nagy, Associate Director - Biorepository
Phone : 312-996-0029
Email : UIBiorep@uic.edu

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